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What Miflafu! pec the city hold?,
And thankful mothers eay
Once more Unit school (end safety) folds
Each little flock away;
To flying earn no anxious looks
Turn now; there’s comfort when
Thoe daring V>oye with lunch and books *
Have gone to school again.
No Indian war whoops pierce the air.
No tortured shocks have led
{detracted women to declare
Some child Is nearly dead;
King in, ye blessed bells of nine,
A reign of quiet, then
Then these noisy boys with sigh and whine
Have gone to school again.
The neighboring cats bask In the sun,
A feathered chorus sings
“Birds, aren’t yon glad that school’s begun
For bojs with deldly sllnga?'’
But at my door lies Hover auinb
With grief beyond my ken,
liis master, nay, his friend and chum,
Ha gone to acboo) again.
Trapeze aud bars deserted wait
That busy sand-lot oorph
The swinging, squirming, squealing freight
Those rings and ropes upbore,
Hits silent, caged (you might lielieve)
W ithin some prison pen.
Those athletes,(meekly though they grieve),
Have gone to school again.
Young eyes that smile at sun sky,
Frown hard at black and white,
As hours like days golaggy by.
While four walls spoil delight
Of outdoor fun, of merry noise
Of glad vacation, w hen#
Life’s happiest creatures were these boys
Just.goue to school again.
At seven (.’clock yesterday evening
Ibe wedding if Mr. L. A Robinson
to Miss Sophie Morton oocir..d at
S'. Mark’s Episcopal churoh.
The rhanoel was decorated with
pslms and cat flowers, and soft lights
oast a lustre over (be many friends
Malt '
Whiskey No Puml on.
has no equal. PrneribOd by leading doctOtf tar
hair a century a* the only absolutely pure,litvliroratM'
Stimulant ana tonic. All druggists and grocers or atgget
#I.OO a bottle. Write for our free medical booKfat.
mnrrra malt whisket co., Rochester, k.t.
Page* of talk on our furniture *
stock would give but half an idea of 'L
the beauty and economy found here-
Visit the Store
and let the goods do their own talking and the
prices their own saying? More than an entire
train load of suits and odd pieces have been placed
on these doors since last you were here. See about it
Never were the prices on these'high
ticles so low as at present. Never have the pat
terns been so beautiful, the qual’to so excellent or
the price so attractive. *>
Each new season finds this departmeriikn better
condition to fill your wants. The princifwp&reign
carpet and rug centres have represenkfetion here.
Wo are quoting
Lower Prices ThafiMSver.
nr m & M
assembled to witness the sacred cere
As the alraioa of tbs wedding
march 111 ed the air, the bride entered
the church accompanied by her father,
Mr. John It. Moro-, and preceded
by lbs maid of honor, Mi-s Carrie
Bailey. At (he chancel they were
met by the groom and (be best man,
Mr. 8. C. Littlefield.
There is the beautiful servie a o( the
Episcopal church tbe sacred words
were pronounced, uuitiug forever
'he lives of these two you g people
in tbe bond wb cb can never be brok
en in this life.
During the ceremony the organist,
Miss Helen O’Cooor, played softly ths
sweet and cltsaio a'rai is of “An
The bride’* dress was of white silk
with a bodioe of chiffon and she ear
ned a large boneb of brides’ ro*ee.
Her vc l , whiob was of real lace, is a
b-irloom and was worn by her
grandmrttier aud her mother when
they were married, was fastened
with a diamond pin, 'be gift of the
The maid of honor wore white or*
gand e over while taffeta silk ard
carried a bouquet of white cams
Immediately after the oeremony the
bridal party drove to ths residence of
the bride’e parent’, where a repast
w.is served, the young ocuple leaving
at once amidst the congratulations
and beat wish,s for a tour through
the East and North.
The ceremony was performed by
R-’V. W. H. Uaeney, and ths uaher.
were Mr. E. L. MoGougan and Mr.
E. L. Htepbena.
On their return Mr. and Mrs.
Robinson will reside for a slidrt (line
with Mr. and Mr*. Mor on.
Misses Nelli* and Lola Calvin left
yesterday afternoon, to spend some
time viaitirg in Hu rlb Georgia
Mist Marie I),iVoe I* Improving
from her recent illness, to the del’ght'
of her many friends.
Masters Tuumasand Ford Fuller and
xjE S . _ • m #fc\'
Frederick I’enniman have returned to
orter college at Charleston. * . |l
Mfs. Moses Hirsch left last week
position Jjmm
“My position is a
trying one’’ was
be reaching and JU
after hour from
morn until
niglit. And
is a very meager UVI Mr ll
outline of a busi- ™ '
ness woman's day. With many such
women tbe ordinary strain of labor is
intensified and .aggravated by a diseased
condition of the delicate organs, aud
they become victims of that terrible
backiulhe, pr blinding h -adache; which
is so common among business women.
If you are liearing this burden, bear
it no longer. For the backache, head
ache, nervousness and weakness which
spring from a diseased condition of the
womanly organs there is a sure cure
in Dr. Pierce’s Favorite Prescription.
Half a million women have been per
fectly and permanently cured by this
wonderful medicine.
/“ My niece was troubled Wills female
weakness for about four years before 1
asked for your advice,” write’s Mr. J. \V.
McGregor, of 6ad .St and Princeton Ave.,
Chicago. Ills, ” You advised her to take
Dr. Fierce Favorite Prescription which
■site did faithfully for nine months, and now
we must acknowledge to yoa that she is
a u/elt ivoman We cannot thank you
enough for the cure."
Sick women can consult Dr. Pierce by
letter free. Address, Buffalo, N. Y.
for Dillas, Texts, which will be her
future home.
Mr*. K. E. L, Burfortf sml little
daughter, Liis, cima op from Quaran
tine on Monday, and will remain per
manently, •
Mi* Blanche Forsyth, of St. Simon,
has returned from a pleasant visit to
friends in Brunswick.
Mr. Burden Brantley has accepted a
position a* salesman at Krause'
Mr. and Mrs. H, M. Robinson, of St.
Simon, oarne over yesterday, to at
tAod Hip Robinsoo-Mortun wedding.
Davenport has return
ed to Washington, to attend school.
Mr. and Mra. R. M. Stevens and lit
tle daughter, of Wtllaooochea, who
hive been tbe guests of Mr. and Mrs,
j. R Morton, leave today for a trip
Tbe condition of Mrs. J. L. Beach,
who is seriously ill in Atlanta, is re
potted to be a little improved.
Mr. and Jtos?fl||w-aUr
ohildran, of hV Simo, cirne oirr
to be present at the Rub*.
Hi MSn-3d orton wedding.
Wat tbe ball that bit G. B, Stead*
man, of Newark, Micb., in the Civil
war. It caused Inrrible Ulcen that
no treatment help for 20 years. Then
Buoklen’s Arnica Salve cured him.
Cures Cute, Bruisps, Burns, Boils,
Felons, Corns, Skin Eruptions. Beat
Pile cure on eartb, 35cte. a box. Cure
guaranteed. Sold by ail druggists.
Money loaned on personal
property estate. Ap
ply to J. vf. vVatKins. _
I There Is no kind of pain l
| or ache, Internal or eater- 1
Jnal, that Pain-Killer ;wll|i
'not relieve. i
.STITUTES. the genuine botM
Corrected Daily by Capt. Otte Johanneses
Port of Bruns#iok, Oct. 3, 1800.
Schr. Samael B. HubbarJ. Coverdell,
New York,
Vie'ime to stomach, liver and kid
ney troubles, as well as women, and
all feel tbe results in loss of appetite,
poisons in the blood, backache, ner
vousness, headache, and tired, lutless,
run-down feeling. But there’s no
need to feel like ibat. Listen to J. W.
Gardner, Idaville, lad. Be says:
“Electric Bitters are just tbe thing
lor a man when be is all run down,
and don’t eare whether fce lives o
die*. It did mors to give me near
strength and goed appetite than any
thing I could take. I can now eat
anything and have anew lease on
life.” Only 30 cents, at all drug stores.
Every bottle guaranteed
The editor of the Port rills, Ky„ Jtiscallan
eoos, writes u a postscripts a business letter:
“I wascuysd of kidney trouble by taking Foley’*
Kidney Cure, ’’ Take nothing else, W. i. Uni is
Our Oreateat Specialist
For 20 years Dr. 3 Newton Hath
away has ao successfully 'reated chronlo
diseases that he is acknowledged today
to stand at the head of his f rofession in
this line. His exclusive method of
treatment for Varicocele ana Stricture
without the aid of knife or cautery
cures in 80 per cent, of ail cases. In
the treatment of loss of vital forces
nervous disorders, kidney and urinary
complaints, paralysis, blood poisoning,
rheumatism, eatarrh and diseases pecul
iar to women, he is equally successful’
Dr. Hathaway’s practice is more than
double that of any other specialist.
Cases pronounced hopeless by other
physicians, readily yield to his treat
ment. Write him today fully about
your cash. He makes no charge for
consultation or adviev, either at his of
floe o'r by mail.
26 Bryan Street. Savannah, Oa
CAN vor tkLl why
Yon have constant headaches, are nervous and
sleepless at night and feel tired in the morning?
Your blood Isn’t carrying the right materials
to your nervoe and other organs.. Begin taking
Rood’s Sarsaparilla, the great Wood enriclx r,
and you will soon realise a change. You will
feel better #ud stronger, will relish 1 yotii food
wl enjoy refreshing sleap.
Nanraa, indlgcstinn aro cured by Hood’s Pills
Poisonous toaostoobr resapiblmg umsbroonn
have caused, triaiucnt deaths Unyo.(r. it* sure
to use only tho genuine, ohaone tlio same care
when you ask for Ito Will’s With- Masrl Sal**
They are [lelsnnoue coumerfrits. D Witt’s is
the only original TVitch Il4zl Shtvo. It lirsafe
and cci isin ruie for ptles enit all akin diseases
w j nutts. -j
- ; "’ T." -
Large sun spots, agyotmirupi say, caused the
extreme heat this summer, and (looters destnre
nearly all Uiept<*tration were induced by dis
orders of the stomach, ttjjbd biutltli follows
good digestion. KodblOyapapsia Onre diteals
what yon eat. tf yon haCa HBWgistlon or dye
pepsiwit will q >l. kig islieve sad permanently
curt-you. W. J, liuUi>.
I, . *
For Hackachc se
The teiWwifig njiliable building lots,
charmingly situated m the resident
pcrUnv&ttfc* city, are for sale on easy
133x180, .Union a’.reef, running
baok to RVyholils atreet. Tbn piece
of property oan be diTided into aix
lots, 45t90 each, tbxee fronting on
Union and three on Reynold* atreetv,
and ia situated immediately north of
tbe residence of Mr. Glauber. Lot on
the east aide of Union street, opposite
tbe residence of Mr. John H. McCul
lough, 90xlS0 feet, oan be divided into
four 10t545x90; two fronting on Union
and lwo on Kllis street*. Lots ISOxISO
feet, cornering on Albany, Albemarle
and Amberet streets,.can be divided
into eight lots, 15x90 feet each. Also
lots on Gloucester street, between Al
bany and Amberet streets, and lots on
Albany, between Gloucester and F
streets; and on Amherst street, be
tween Gloucester aud F streets. To
anyooe wishing desirable building
lots, either for their own residence or
for rent, cannot fail to be satisfied with
these locations. For further Informa
tion apply to
J. E. dcßignon.
With a fine effervescence and rich
I’nFH Cr< ; a ™Y oam: combining perfect
■fffl lffpl| brilliancy with rare keeping quale
fW * flHf ities ’ having a most excellent hop
MSB# HU taste and aroma—
■ ■ ■" Botttodß * r ”
I has proven a benediction alike to
I ’"Ywif budding youth and declining age,
■ a revelation to every critical
B To hundreds of thousands of
I ■ families it has become a household
Ii • *fl nCCCSsit Y' Ordar from
* •
A Good
r -s9
Pres cr iption
for mankind
CM, At ftnogfigt* Or****, tettesrar^,
g . f"** General Storm ami Botrfoem
Pm rmEmil Km metter wht*t tW autCar. u will
F* Tm mnplm utrf <m rinf trH-
kSadl down ‘ ~ SladiUp i
no. 8t 50.89. Time oable . * no.'o.
Paaamcnr! Mixed NO. 35, r-aenger Mixed i.;::;"""
Di!v. Dally. ' Da,l y Daily ’ !•••••'
I Sropm... It IJrungvr • k X r - 10 lr.a . t
9 W*® —s oo pm. m WaycrcwH j< t q r.oi*ir. 7 i-,J
....... J 45 fVTO .10 SO prrt... It Waym** at 1 7 4Sptr>... !fi ton *t .
J2ilt... 145 a-w r TfU>ft lv &|5p0.... 2 16. u..
. 12 fti* am }lO HO pm. Jol kHOBTille It 74‘>prH.. . u (Oa - .
"v”: ; Ii J __ . _ Jl'’
T 16pm ... 720 am... ar St.Lcuis Iv 928 a m b 65 pm
| 15 am. 5 lib pm . fLv Brunswick - * Ar ill 30pm lO lS am
I 4 S*" 1 • 1* 10 am :Ar Savannah Lv 000 pm I lsam
| ' am.. Ar <.harleat,,n Lv 'll Upn
* sm. 7 2Sptn Ar Richmond Lv 848 pm 906 am
1 151 m 853 am |Ar New York Lv jSMamj 925 pm
n'iijeej connection made at Wavcrosa with thronan Pnllman Bleeping Car. for Savannah
Charleston, and all points North; also for Montgomery, Rirmingha ■, Naalivllle, St. Loui
ud all point* West,
Heeling ©baircaa* between Weyeross nd Montffonaery vie TbomßeTilfe.
Between Port Tampa. Key West and Havana.
Lv Port Tampa 11 00 pm Mo*. Thurs. Sal. |Lr Havana JiwpmMon.Wed and Bau
Ar Key West* 01 pm Tut. p’rl. Sun. |Ar Key West OO pm Mon. W*d. and Sat.
I.v Key w eat 9 00 pm Tuea. Fri, Sunday . | Lv Key Wcat 10 0-. p m. Mon. Wed. and 8at.....
Ar Havana 5 00 am \\ ed. Sat Mon | Ar Port Tampa 2 30 am Tues. Thur. and Bun..
General Bupt Division Pass. Agent. Pass Trafflc Mgr
Savannah, Ga Brunswick, G. Savannah.A

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