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- vfl^V.
f Afc:3oM®S^
40 •
l-W. >' '/.. - ;'■'.'
ActsfAwj/if/y asidffompt/y.
Cleanses the System
Gently and Effectually
wlien bilious or costive.
At s *?* At Ate most acceptable/arm
the laxative principles of plants
An own to act most beneficially.
_f or s * f * by druggis/s - price 50* per botfly.
Civil and criminal cases attended to
business strictly confidential. Fn
q liras con ducted with secrecy,
IVlfi neor
—■■ in ■—— ■ ■' ■ ■■■■ ■ ■"■■■ "W ■_. '■'■ ' 1 "
L. J, Leavy Cos
Auctioneers, Commission
Merchants and Gener
al Collecting Agents
Consign ments Solicited and
Prompt Returns Rendered.
special Attention Paid to
CeG >ction of Want®
fßi cyles
YSeiltSf 1 , Keating, Repairing,
■ A . Messenger Service
We sell Cleveland, Monarch, Crawlord,
Elk, Dixie,
Best c Wheels for the
Least Money.
Dyspepsia Cure
Digests you eat.
It artificially digests the food and aids
Nature in strengthening and recon
structing the exhausted digestive or
gans. It is the latest discovered digest
ant and tonic. No other preparation
can approach it in efficiency. It in
stantly relieves and permanently cures
Dyspepsia, Indigestion, Heartburn,
Flatulence, Sour Stomach, Nausea,
SickHeadache.Gastralgia, Cramps,ana
all other results of imperfect digestion.
Preoared by E. C. DeWltt ACo. Cljlcajo.
W ,t. Batts, the Druggist.
New milled rice meal, best
milk producer and feed for
stock on the market.
Ben Borehardt & Cos.,
Wtylesale Grocers and Pro*
duce Dealers.
Young Men'
>lcur jwicbcai j
*nT '-^^S^Busiiiess^iJrsß
Of “7;s?*r |
ficollege: (
ill HI
Foil Democratic Ticket
ProMbly Electei
There is No Doubt About
The Election of Mr..Up
church to Senate.
The Times-Call received very er
ooursging news from Csmden oouoty
last eight, and it the report is true,
Camden has roiled upa large majority
for the democratic ticket.
Charlton county was the scene of a
warm fight, but it ib safe to say Up
eburoh will gel a good majority in his
home county. With Glynn’s vote, the
repub.ioan candidate for the senate is
defeated overwhelmingly, and in the
other two counties as well as this one.
Scrofula, Ulcers, Old Sores, Bone
Pains—Trial Treatment Free,
First, second or third stages posi
tively cured by taking B, B. B. (Bo
tanic Blood Balm kills
or destroys the Syphieilio Poison in
the blood and expels it from the sys
tem, making a perfeot cure. Have
you sore throat, pimples, copper col
ored spots, old festering eaiingIsi>res. 1 si>res.
ulcers, swellings, scrafula, Itching
skin, aches and pains in bones or
joints, sore mouth, or falling hair?
Tbek Botacio Bicod Balm will heal
every sore, stop the aches and make
the blood pure and rich and give the
rich glow of teal hto the ikin. Or r
3,000 testimonials of cures. B, B. B.
thoroughly Jested for 30 years. Drug
stores sl. Triel treatment of B. B. B.
fres by writing Blood Balm Cos., At
lan'jpCa. Dtscribe trouble anl free
medical advice given. Don’t despair
of a cure as B . B, B, cure? when all
else fails.
A Minister’s Good Work.
“1 bad a severe attack of bilious colic, (jot a j
bottle ot Chamberlain - . Colic, Cholera and !
Diarrhoea Remedy, took two dose* ami wat en
tirely cored,” taye tier. A. A. Power, o/ Empo
ria, Kao. “My neighbor across the atieet was
aick for ovei a week, had two or three bottles o
medicine from the doctor. Ue need them for
three or four .lays without relief, then called in
another doctor who treated him for some days
and gave him no relief, ao discharged him. ]
went over to see him the next morning, Ue
said hie bowels were In a terrible fix, that they
had l-een running off to long that it waealmoet
bloody flux. I asked him If he had tried Cham
berlain's Colic, Cholera and Diarrhoea Remedy,
and he said, ‘No.’ I went home and brought
him my bottle and gave him one dose; told him
to take .'another dose in fifteen or twenty mln
ntca if be did not find relief, hut he took no
more, and waa entirely cured. 1 think it the
best medicine I have ever tried " For sale by
Dr. Bishop’* drug store.
J. W, Watkins will loan
you money on personal prop*
erty and real estate.
Bean tbs _/) 1,13 Kind Vod Hare fJwap Bongtit
“I have always used Foley’s lioney and Tar
Cough medicine and think it the best in the
world,” says Chan Bender,a newsdealer of llr.e,
Pa, Take no substitute. W J Butte.
Jnen and
delicate organism of woman. What
thq sufferer ought- to do is to give
a fair trial to
Female Regulator
which is the true cure provided
by Nature for all female troubles. It
is the formula of a physician of the
highest standing, who devote/ his
whole life to the study of p’Viils
tinot ailments peculiar to
ers, wives and daughters, it ts made
of soothing, healing, strengthening
herbs and vegetables, which have
been provided by a kindly Nature to
cure irregularity in the menses, Leu
corrhoea, Falling of the Womb, Nerv
ousness, Headache and Backache.
In fairness to herself and to Brad*
Field’s Female Regulator, every
suffering woman ought to give it a
trial. A large $t bottle will do a
wonderful amount of good. Sold by
druggists. i m
9 Send foe . nicely lli.filr.ted free book on the (object.
The Bradfleld Regulator Cos., Atlanta, Ga.
Service By Publication.
STATE OP GEORGIA.?-County of Glynn., ,
Jolm Rogers, 1 In Glynn Superior Court, May
v*. S Term. 1900.
Susie Rogers. ) LIBEL FOR I>l Vt)RCR.
To the Defendant, Sutfic Rogers:
You are hereby commanded to he anti Appear
at the December Term*next, of Glyfiii Superior
Court,to he iiolden at the court house in
Brunswick, Glynn County, Georgia, on the
First Monday in December, 1900, and by Ten
(10) O’clock of the forenoon of said date, then
and there to answer the complaint of the plain
tiff in the above stated case In his Lloel To*
Divorce. ...
Witness the Honorable Josefm W. Bennett,
Judge of the Sup- rior Court of Glynn County,
this the loth -tuy of July, 1900,
Clerk Superior Court, Glynn < ounty, Ga.
CiEOUGI A—Glynn Couuty.
Mrs. Mary C. Repmird vs Jefferson Levy,
The National Bank or Bruiiswidk and the May
or ami Council of Brunswick.—Petition for par
lion of realty in Glynn Superior court, De
cember Term thureoi, 1900,
To the efundrnt, Jefferson Levy :
You are hereby notified that the petitioner in
the above slated case will apply for a parti
tion oi tluit certain real properly iu the state
of Geoagia, county ot Glynn and city of Bruns
wick, descrilnwi a* follows: To Northeastern
portion of what is known as and called ih*
"i hirty Acre Trad” or “The Wells Tract;”
baVinetiH 1 following courea and Distances, to*
wit: Conunerrc'ng at the centre of the fcoutlr
urn line of Union si reet aud running thence
fsouHnvarritv feet; thence running ,Fuat
wordly me reel ; thence running Northwardly
BJOfeet; thence running Westward!? 655 feet,
except three certain small tract- heretofore
*old by the ownera; Mich application for par
tition of Faid 'and will be male at the next
term of Mini com t to bo held ‘ on the ilrst Mon*
dao iu Docember next-, ,;*.**, , r
T'hHknotlcC given m pursuftnoW' of an order
granted fSeptenß*** 1900, by FTon. Paul Jfi.
feeabrook, ylivlge. of *ai<t court presiding, the
Honorable JotH-pii W, Bonnet being disqualified
in 'id
WHues- tin: Honorable Paul K. Sea brook,
jmigeAif said court ta-esidiwg* ihia October i,
1900. a I
, C lerk buptrloi-'f'oiin!
.SPAHK* isrirw jttv,
Pctit4onr*.v Attorneys
(*tn(e of Georgi ti~ cbfifity uf.uivue.
Wra.Ulia Markham Libel fordivorcc; In the
Superior eonrtof oiyng
VS. comity,May term, fiKifi,
Marti* B. Markham IgraiS&a auala teric^ 8
TANARUS, the Defendiltt, .Merlin 11. M-irkA* .
Vou are hereby required. In person ort.y at
torney, lo be and appear, at the Decdsbur
erni, WOO, el Glynn Superior court, to he In,id*
en in ami fur said comity's! the court liOuse.ut-
Brunswick, Glynn count',Gowgf*, oh theflm
Mondnvin December, - *WV, and you will >„•
there by ten in ocluck,ot Uie f.u>tno,,no,f ij
day. then and there to answer I lie fomtdidßtvjf -
the plait,til! Mrs. Ella Markham, in the niiet'e
stated ease, in her libel for divorce, ■
vvituesa tlie Honorable Joseph'W. Rennet,
Judge of the i-mpt-iior court of Glynn county,
this the rltb day ol August, Iv-00,
„ , , A. O.TWJIBENO,
Deputy Clerk of the Superior Douru GI .nn
County. Georgia,
Attorney for Plaintiff.
state of Georgia—County of Glynn.
Mrs. Edna Wylie Libel for divorce; In tbe
Superior court of Glynn
vs. county. May term, fwo.
order to perfect service.
James W ylie. granted at ald term.
To tbe Defendant, Jamas Wylie.
Ton are hereby required, in person or by at
torney, to tie and appear at the December
term, 1(UI, of Glynn Superior cou-t,to he hold
en In and for said county, at the court home,
in Brunswick, Glynn county Gotrgla, on the
Aral Ity day In December, JISJO, inti you will
bn tin’l l iy teu (10> o'clock of ih forenoon of
Bald (Jay. .ben and thine io an wv.r the coiri-
Plaint of bo plaintiff, Mra, Run a Wylie, In the
above stated cage, iji her libel lor ivorce.
wiinegg the Honorable J-sephW. Uenmt,
.Judge of the Superior cubit of Glynn county,
this the li b day of August 1900.
Deputy UJerk of the Superior Court, Cuycr
County. Georgia.
KRNKpHT dakt.
Attorney for Plaintiff.
Mrs. Clyde Freeman, Libel for Divorce. Re
turnable to December
vr. Term, 1900, of Superior
Court of Glynn coui
O, J. Freeman, ty, Oor ia.
To tbe said defendant, O. #J, Fireman:
You an; livrebf nqui ■ it Houally or b>
attorney, to be and appear at the next Jafcm > i
the Superior Court of anid * untv, * otijShn ,
on the flr .t Monday in Di e* n> •. MM), tnm\ and
there to answer G e plaintiff Clyde Freeman,
upon the merlin of her petition f<r divorce filed
HKamst you; osludefaur of kucli appearance
the Court will proceed an to justice shall apper
tain. Witness tbe lion Joseph W. Bonnet.
Jod*o of said Superior Court, ibis 22d day of
August,J9oU. A. O, TOWNSEND,
Deputy Ole* Superior Court. Glynn Cos., Ga,
I>. W.KttA(7S9,FltffV Alty.
gtaterof Georg!a—Coanty of Glynn.
Mrs. Lizzie Long Libeldivorce; In the
Superior court of Glynn
VB, county. Mav term, 1900.
Order to jierfect service,
Thomas A. Long, granted at said term.
To the Defendant, Thomas A. Long.
Yon are hereby required, in person or by at
tornevvto be' mod appear, at the December
term, JiHJo,of the Glynn Superior court, to be
holden in and for said county, at the court
house ill Brunswick, Glynn county, Georgia, on
the first Monday m December, 1900, and vou
will lie there by ten , io> o’clock of the forenoon
of said day, then ami there to answer the com -
plft*ntof the plainti il.Mrg, Lizzie Long in the
above stated case, in her libel for divorce.
Witness the Honorable Joseph W. Bennet,
f U i >e f °,‘ court of Glynu county,
this the 24th day of August, 19( 0.
TANARUS, , , #ll a. o. Townsend.
Deputy Clerk of the Superior Court, Glynn
County, Georgia,
Attorney for Plaintiff.
Notice is hereby given that the following bills
Will be introduced at th • next session of the
General Assembly of Georgia, towlt .
A hill to be entitled
An Act to amend an Act to create a Board of
Commissioners of Roads and Revenue in the
county of Glynu, passed in 1870, and the At ts
amendatory thereof, so as to provide and fix
the compensation of the chairman of such
board; and for other purposes;
Also a bill to be entitled
An Act to amend the Charter of the City of
Brunswick, and lor other purposes:
Also a bill to be entitled
An Act to amend an Act to estabish the City
Court of Brunswick, iu and for the County of
Glynn; to define its jurisdiction and powor; to
provide for the appointment of a judge and
other officers thereof; to define the if powers
and duties, and for other purposes, Approved
December the 9th, 1895, si as to prohibit the
judge of said court from practicing law, and to
fix the salary of such jndg'e, and for other pur
Also a bill to le entitled
An Act to amend the Charter of the City of
Brunswick, and for other purposes.
This October Ist, 1900.
GEORGI Glynn County
Orbapus Dart, of Glynn county, in said State
baa applied to the Ordinary of said county of
Glynn for exemption of personalty and Betting
apart and valuation of homestead, and I Will
pass upon the R ime at 10o’clock a. m. upon tho
isth day of October, 1900, at the court house in
said county of Glynn. This September 22, 1900.
Judge.Cltv Court of Brunswick and pro line
vice ordinary Glynn County, Georgia.
GEORGf A —Glynn County.
Lofeila Tumor, u ife of Alfred Turner, has
applied cor exemption of personality and ecu
ingxjiart uiul valuation of homtigtuiul out. of
his properly and I w ill pane upon the aaim at
10o’clock a, in., on ihei*n-l.Uy of Oeiotjer.liaKi,
at my ottleo. Tbii Bepctnuber 2Ht!i. Kimi
- Ordinivry Glynn ( ounty, Gn.
Georgia— Glynn County.
Miij, tannle A, Smith has applied for c xprpi)-
tfon or poraooatlly and tlm souing npait anti
valuation ,-f homeatead out of the oatate of 11.
C, Smith, decea-ed, late of eahl county and
statu, and I will paaa upon tho hhiuo at ten
o olOcl a in., on tho 22nd day of Ocioboi, lilco
at my office in the court houauof said comm'
and atatc. }
Ordinary Glynn County, Ga.
GKORGIA—GIynn County.
\\ hevoas. Ella .1. .fenniuga, admlnlatratria of
George V\. Calvin estate, renreaenta to the
court In her petition, duly (Hod and entered on
record. that aim has fully aduilnlstered Georgo
tv. Calvin's eatate. This ia, therefore, to cite
all peraona concerned, kindred and creditors,
to show cause, if any they cnn. why raid ad
unu .tratrix Bliould not bo discharged from
administration, and receive letters of diamia
aion on the lirat Monday in December, Woo,
HORACE DART, Ordinary.
The public i hereby notified that n I.IU ' ; Bsfi
lie offered at the next session of the lea■l^tatolT ,
amending the charter of the city of Brunswick
K, 11. HOI KINS,
Brunswick, Ga„ Sejjt. 2;, mo.
Administrators Notice,
All persons having claims against estate nt
•> G. camotgill Will present them to the under -
signed, and all owing said estate will 1 lea c
pay thcl 1 accounts to J.J. BREAKS;
Adin’r. Estate J. fa. Campbell.
C n be found in nnr display
Trimmed BAth,
or quickly developed in our work
rooms from The large and heauniol
assortment of Millinery Goods -nour
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flngvra produce hue which equal in
style and aitract’ver esa roat j of the
high priced imported rnodeinr
Our prices are no’ me least pleasing
part of our offerings,
B#e til for unnatural
uischaff ißJofikiiiDiatloini,
iintatlous or ul< .rations
of iuu'.om* ni*-uibr r..;#,
I*ttinb’Fs, uri'l not astriu
0t gent oi :* ivui,
3 ftoid V/.r PIIL-gUto,
"or erut in plain •.* raj.po.
by r’repairf, fot
tl.f-i, Olt.'tflo*. 92.7 ft.
tjirculfir !(, <*i ravni(.*f
Real igstgiG for Sale.
We have lo’.jHer 176 on A street
nine lota on Wro[ gale cheap
B. H. Daniels & Cos.
810 NewM.aU bt,
How a Woman
Suffers. — J
Howell, livd., Not. 28. /
I will always praise Wine of Cardul. It / T
has done me more good than all the medi- / Ii / 1
cine I have ever taken in niy life. Please / \ * I lr 25
send a book about female diseases to the / V Lj
ladies whose names I enclose.
MneTcir^ 1
It Isn’t necessary for a woman to give particulars. When she says
she has “female troubles”, other women know what that means, it
means days and nights of endless suffering. It means headaches which
no tongue can describe. It means that terrible bearing and dragging
down in the lower abdomen. It means agonizing backache, and shoulder
ache, and arm ache, and aches in the lower limbs. It means nerves on
edge—the blues — despondency and loss of hope. It means debilitating
drains that the doctors call leucorrhoea. It means martyrdom—some
times even death seems preferable. And still Wine of Cardui will utterly
putthose diseasesand pains to rout
It has cured thousands of cases
n oaftes requiring special when nothing else on earth would.
To the budding woman, to the
Chattanooga, icnn. bride, to the wife, to the expectant
■—— ’— 4 mother, to those going through
the Change of Life, this Vegetable Wine is a blessing.
Druggists Sell Large Bottles for SI.OO.
jm%v4V EH DR - MOFFETT’S ■ Allays Irritation, Aids Digestion,
.|f girrTll I1! fVi Regulates the Bowels,
ItLB IS I N Makes Teething Easy.
®* s afl6 - i JL (TeethintS Powders) X-E. TEETHINA Relieves the Bow*
Costs only 25 cents at Druggists, Troub ANY age**" *
■°U 2-1 Ceuta to C. J. MOFFETT, M. D..ST. LOUIS, ff
Con ey& Parker
Coal and Wood, Brick,
Lime, Cement, Plaster, Hair, Shingles and Laths.
Phone 18- 525 Bav St.
Kindlonlns"l^ 0r * Primary. AuaU-tiiio, M unio. Art.
and Busuipas oonroen. Small olaooen. In.Lviduai w„rk. New
iVJt.rfu , Ruptls enter Vmr, Wellenlcy find K,n<l Ipb-Maooa
Ne*t oeooion bsgino Saptnmber oth. For illustrated catalogue
Mrs. W. t uamiler. Principal, Llewllyn D. Scutt, Areooißte Principal
Groceries, Tobacco, Flour, Bacon and
Street, Brunswick, Georgia.
j • - v
CHUE hhALL, Proprietor
Youjean get the beat the market affords by eatimr here
Wall Paper
502 Mouk St.
SSOO R*%'rfi . 5
■ will pay the above re\MKl,. ~ y ~H KC
of L ; .er Complalat, > ’ -pnpaiaTW ;t s*ch u '
Indigestion, ctmatip ion or ■ M *
cannot cure with TJreraai, the t,;1.t0 D-,c ■
IJtMt Liver I ills who* the rtire-’lo num,
strictly complied v itli. They urn n.uvly ~.d“
la'-lea .. ntsvei fall to give satisfaction. V l '-
boxes contain 100 pills, uslboxea coniata *
pill , Ic i oxesc .ntaln I6llls. it,ware oi an(>■
elitute* au-i imitations. S tby no 11. Htanma
taken. KBit VITA MB Dl< I GO., ,;or. Clin
lon and J'ckon sta Glue i.-d. 111. Foi sale by
Brown Dreg Cos. Bram vie
Rice, ibe stove doctor, m airs . t
kir.ds or cooJt stoves snd rauiros, buy
and sells second hand stoves, 414 Hoy
Southern Railway Cos
Office of General Agent, Brunswick, G .
i'or Savannah, Hah igton aud New Y;>rk.
64ocm 9 05pna
Ar Savannah .10 ft* am J‘i 50 am
A r \v aehwgton 7 86 inn h 50 pm
Ar New York 2 0:i pm 6 23 am
For Jacksonville.
Lv Brunswick .. r. oo am 8 :r* pm 0 o:> pm
Al* Jacksonville.. 92 am 740 pm JJOain
For Mccon. A anta, Louisville and Cincinnati.
I.v Brunswick ( '<o.irn 905 pm
Ar M icon . i .. r < p<u JOcain
A r /itfanfu 3/>o pm 520 am
Af 1-ouinville 750 nin 7 pm
A/Cmclnn •• i ir. am 7 40 pm
Vrono /vew York, i-.Whg' n .tod Savannah.
N'.w Vo pm '* kin
kv Oh-Kion.. v -5 1 m 11 lf> am
-f? { >*?<n ifiah .a. pm 620 am 500 pm
*r Brun*wicb . o2c *n sO5 h 35 pm
From Jacks rnville.
IjV Jacksonville i
Ar llrun^w;
* Atlanta and
Ar 11 run.wick ./ b*i{J£

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