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Beaflii Ooipanr Is at a
Women Attack Non-Union Italian
Miners—The North Frandin
Collery Is Also
Philadelphia, Oct. s.—Confirmation
baa been received at the offices of the
Reading company in this city today of
the closing down of the North Franklin
colliery in the North Schuylkill region.
This closes every one <rf the 39 Reading
collieries and not a pound of coal is be
ing mined by that company. The nor
mal shipment from the mines to tide
water points Is from 25,000 to 30,000
pounds a day.
Attacked by W men.
Hszeltou, Oct. 5,— -Eight Italians, em
ployed on the night shift at the Calvin
colliery at at
tackedin'tih#' I ?i!Urroad this morning
by 25 women who had marched from
Milnersville. The women waited to at
tack the men working in the Lattfmcr
mine as they passed along the road
which leads to their home at Holly
wood. A few of the women wero armed
with clubs, but most of them carried
stones ot all sizcß in their aprons. One
man received a severe cut on the head,
while several others were struck by
pieces of rocks, but were not injured.
St - Ike For Principle.
Owensboro, Ky., Oct. 5. —The strik
ing miners at Bankett won their strike
for the recognition of their union,
but took with it a reduction of their
WBges. TANARUS, C. Blair, a former owner
of the mines, never recognized the
onion, bo* paid wages averaging 50.
mhre than the union schedule. The
union baa been reoognized and the
Pittsburg scale signed. This is prob
ably the first strike ever made for
tower wager.
Another Shu's Down.
Shenandoah, Pa., 0c'.5.-The North
Franklin colliery at Trevorton, oper
ated by tbe Philadelphia and Reeding
foal Cos., is idle, the employees buvmg
/ailed to report for work, ,•*
No Change in Situation.
Wilkesbarre, Pa., Oot. There is
do changs in tha stsike situation in
the Wyoming valley.
Tacoma, Oot. 6.—A new boundary
demarcation post was didfovered to-
By in tbe disputed portion of tbe
Bint Baker district, by railroad sur-
Decreased Population, A'ooording to
Census, Shown in Interior Towns.
Washington, Oot, s.—The vast in
crease in the industry, population, and
resouroes of our* American -shipping
seaports, consequent upon the expan
sion of Amerioan commerce, is exhib
ited in the figures of the Federal cen
sus as they are appearing.
With the exception of Cbirleston,
S. C., which has suffered from the di
version of much of its mercantile busi
ness to neighbors and rivals, every
Amerioan port of the Atlantic sea
board, tbe Paoiflc, great lakes, and
Gulf of Mexico, shows a large growth
of population sinee 1890.
For instance, in the ten years, there
has been an increase in the population
of Portland Ore., of 94 per oent,,Nor
folk 33, Boston 85. New Orleans 18,
Fall River 40, Mobile 23, Providenoe
32, Pawtuoket 41, and New Bedford 63
per oent.
The ioorease of the population of
New York, tbe chief shipping port of
the oontioent, is due in part to its vast
maritime interests, for it is also the
greatest manufacturing city of the
United States.
The group of American cities which
show the largest increase in population
since 1890, is on tbe great lakes . The
in &£*>• -*-
towns seem most surprising; Toledo
61 .per cent., Duluth 59, Cbioago 54,
Cleveland 46, Milwaukee 39, Detroit
ArtTHKld Buffalo 37 per
WESTCornS-AAPsa of memory.
Said Witnesses Who Testified*in Some
Instances Were Liars.
New York, Oot. s.—The cross exam
ination of Robert Weatoott in tbe pro
ceedings for tbe removal of J. K /E
M., and W. R. Gaynor and B, D.
Greene to tbe jurisdiction of tbe Uni
ted States court of Georgia, was re
sumed today before Commissioner
fields. Counsel examined witness on
testimony given before the United
States court in an inquiry prior to the
courtmartial of Captain Carter, The
evidence given by several persons
there was in direct contradiction to
the testimony given by Mr. Wes’cott
in tbe present prnoeedings, and coun
sel questioned him on the discrepancy.
Mr. Weatoott insisted that those wit
nesses were mistaken and their state
ments untrue. One of the witnesses
was Mr. Westoott’s soo, Robert F.
Weetcott. To further questions, he
•aid be did not discuss the pending
trouble with Captain Carter when be
went to Washington. He could not
remember wbat they talked about.
Carter was out of spirits, and said b>
wanted sympathy. Mr. Westcottooul
not remember where he talked wia
Carter, who was present, or
first learned that Carter was in ! ju
Rev. Walter M. Gilmore, astor;
Services Sunday, at 11 a, m. fid 7:30
p m.; young people’s meetig, 10:15
a. in ; Sunday sobool, if P- “•
prayer meeting, WeSoea*, 7:30 p.
m.; Saored Literature clafThursday,
7:30 p.m. All ara cordis/ invited.
11 ini
A M Hot Figjt in tlo
Capital City Yesterflar.
Mims’ Majority Over Rice Said to
be About 432 —All Wards but
One Heard From.
Atlanta, Oot. 6,—[Special]—One of
the hardest fought politioal battles ij
Atlanta’s history was held here today .
It was for tbe mayor and oouoailmen
of the city for the coming two years.
Early this morijgWg,,orpwds were
around the polls working {“or thjU re
spective candidates, and',
was kept up from the minufeTOjgjpoli*
opened until the time oame foroloslng.
The raee for the hadesf,>\
There were four oandidssSj*3jpij<>r
Livingston Mims, Mr Abrank time, and
Messrs. MoCull High and MifobeU.z-lt
bftWeffi'wTmb nd Ric*, andThe sup
porters of these two^wii rfrep
Up to 12 o’olook, all
heard from except the fifth.
Major Mims leads by 432, and although
the fifth is conceded to he for Rice, be
oan hardly get enough tntiv’erifbtne
■ ~ f
Mina’a majority. g
.. -t
H -<e* - •? r T v • .v
He Wins $100,900 Fpr a Yellow Fever
, Sern&fh ’ / >
New York, Oot. 5-—A Herahjl fecial
from tnedDity of Mexico aayi.(' ; :-
“Ono hundred" thousft®L4ilar is the
priemwhich Dr. dfftSl Bellinzatrhi. a
young Italian
discoverer oi- fFu/ii which cures yellow
fever. iJf - _■ | ■ >'■
yi° Ike Mexican gov
ernment afped to give this’ amount to
the diSOT'Jfer of a remedy for yellow
fever vnh evdVy year ia epidemic in>
the lover gulf ports. Many eminent
pecs|ut* baye'experimented under the'
ausplus of the of
heal a* This commission h 8 just re-
favorably to Dr. Bellinzaghi and
par*of the priae will be paid him at
o te. Their action is based on the mar
ious results attending the use of
/rum in the case of A . W. Patrick, an
Atlanta, Oot. 5.—J. Mclntosh Kell,
adjutant general of Georgia, and fas
moos as a man with Admiral Semmes
on tbe old Confederate gunboat Ala
bama, is dangerously ill at Sunnyside.
He may not live through tbe day.
Washington, Oct. 5. —Tbe bafetSfeßbip
Alabama will be commitaioned on Oot.
16, aod will be attaobad to Admiral
Farqnhtr’s squadron.
I ■ ■
my ■
fflirtli itt idfiißiypt
■ Fell Sway at Miff.
The Al. G. Field Minstrels Gave
an Exoellent Performance
Last Night.
The Al. G, Field Greater Miostrele
toon the city by storm yesterday. They
aroused it from its lethargy at high
uoon when they made their appearance
on the streets’ftad in light suits, each
heating a whiWsan ahhde. The aggro
gktion tts Hue band uniform
§ iu resplendent with gilt
WAid, atjs by ton Arabs on
local livery stable steeds^
w kieuwas highly en
joye&by a yait ttiowdgthe opera house
wa* ‘•foon filled wiWa Urge audience,
wiich thoroughly enioyjed a line per-'
—. I.— ...
Clever ‘ , h;is^ BM s ucd{ , a himße)t
company thjs season.
"jThe opening, spectaoular first part,
night la Haris during the ex*
potion,” revealed one of the most gor
geous Monery ever placed oh the boards.
Its aiifital colonnades, frescoecLii rich
v a £ f,.
and .1 ftistioal’y blending"
vatjl ting nuances with nttiLtMuH
el'.dlTi ed Interdices, froqj whiph rays of;
elect* ' lights streamed, adding to the
piOldr rqueness of the ensemble as it
towjl h the Louis XV. costurfos of the
rnUJ (Is vocal corps, on the Arabs with
mi ’white catlio uuques, red jackets
aispchrlet zouave trousers,, on the
btdut cork end men in purple satin claw
hiusme' '-nits.
The tjjfeieary pageant, “The Man Be
hind tho Cjin, “ got a frosty recaption,
/oh Wlioeler cannot be burlesqued difWn
he4s, ditto Dewey. The applause which,
greeted Roosevelt’s appearance was evi
.dootiy not relishe<T'bV 4 few, who show
ed their displeasure by strident hisses.
“Ai.” qut thatjaut.
Another unpleasant feature of the per
formance was the bungling manipula
tions of the scenery by employes of the
house. The same thing happened dur
ing the “Sorrows of Satan’’ night, when
the whole side of a house threatened to
crush those that were then en scene.
All ten old favorites were well re
ceived. '4, '
Tommy Donoliy’s song, “Ain’t ion
My Lula,” was enthusiastically receiv
ed, and as an cacote he gave “Every
thing Coming My Way,”
Reese Prosser, the sweet tenor, was
greeted with an outburst of plaudits
when he completed his “For Love.
Alone,’’ for which he showed his auJ
predation by singing “My Little Bdlwj
Creole;” !
The only Frank Berry amused ti e
audience with his “Every Race has a
Flag but the Coon.”
Arthur Bigby sang "Pliny,’ with mer
ry grotesqneness.
Arthur Yule’s “Holy City' 1 was well
The only Al, G. Field was given a
very llattering reoeption when be
emerged frd'm behind the oolonsdes,
in bis typioal obeokered suit. He kept
tbe house in a constant fit of laughter,
a* be spun oat his comioal curatives
of recent experiences wbiob had be
fallen him.
J m Devlin, Billy Cawley and Vey
non Phelps, gave a olever exhibition
in danoing. Their act was brought to
an end by the exoratl.ngly funoy'Doc
Quig’ey, who with hie ootnedy legs
was made to dande out of breath by
the speotators.
“Tne.Front Porch Campaign” served
as a vehicle to introduce happy bits
on the presidential o&mpaign, avd on
the leading quartette now in the pub
lic eye, viz : Hanna, MotCinley, Roose
velt aud Bryan, Jones and Stevenson.
Pasoatel captured a large share of
the evening’s honors io his wonderful
aerial oontortion aot on trapeze.
Frank Berry and Jack Hughea, mus
ical comedians, deserve special men
tion. Old reliable Bob Keys was again
On band to tbe delight or his old
An excellent performaoe oarne to a
grand II ciale with the sensational in
troduction of a “Fete at Mecca,” by
H- tribe gt - Moorish Mamelukes,
reniaHtafel(opening oils 'CHa'pTfT"
with iiiet’alic* <ffiVtguete,, energetically
handled, oreated an ear splitting den
now and then punctuated by exclama
tions of the other Arabs as they went
through their exhibitions of strength
by ope tnan at. a time, holding up a py
ramidof humanity.
P&aotiful Conditions Prevail, But the
Wily Old Chinaman is Watched.
t . >;VvV '
Tien Tllu, Qet.*3, via ShaDgltSl, Oct.
P—Li Hiitig Chang and M, do (Hom
the Russian inlnistc^Mß
lengliiy cojafmw^P
’..,was ' f '
tb#railway;to Pekin is causing talk
. ■ -
among the commanders of the restora
tion of the line to English owners for
reconstruction and operation. ‘
The tick among the Americans are
being sent io tbe hospital sbia
Maine, which will
gas&ki u i
I,! li ,r,g l .'hang vsmk
by Hi" Russian nfigßlß
guard, anil h|MMßjj§Oj
.s\' >' ‘! t f
II • MwiJm
France Siifls Powers for
Peace io ctife
The Culprits Will B
Punished—The Import of Arms
Into China Will Be
1 arie, Oct. s.—The folluwing offi
cial note was issued this afeernooo:
“The foreign mini ter has instruct
ed the representatives of France to
sound the powers whose troops are oa
operating with ours m the extrema
east regarding the proposition fora
oommon program for the negotiation,
with China. Our representatives ao~
quitted themselves of this mission***?
>£ y, ; <M the various foreign minis
ters a copy of fhe following note :
“ Tu sending their foroes to China
the powers proposed, first of all, to
deliver their legations. Thanks to
their union and tbe valor of their
troops, this aim has been attained. lt
is now a question of seouriog from
the Chinese government, which has
giyen Prince Cbing and Li Hong
Chang full power to negotiate and
treat in its name, suitable reparation
for the past and serious guarantees
for the future.
" ‘Penetrated wi/h the spirit whic^
verifloat uii
“Fir-: Toe punishment
principal culprits, who
natrd t.y ttie

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