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! Typhoil Ferer Experience
| Is not desired in your own per- |
[ son, A Doctor's Observation j
if is Valuable to Ait.
Read what ona sari about
l Mnson’s Chill & Feyer Tonic j
\ “Last Fall we had a good deal of ]
j Typho-Malaria, or perliaps Ty
> phoid Fever. Some patients died:
> some recovered after six or eight
l weeks. .After trying regular rem
> edles two weeks, i gave Johnson’s
5 Chill amt Fever Tonic. In no in
s stance had ft been given more
> than 24 hoars, when fever eooied '
> down and /lid not return, patients 1
£ regained good health rapidly**
l J* F. Kin on*i.or, M. D..
\ Conway, Ark.
| the first symptom, and
S A. B.Girardeau, Savannah, da,
-*L Sole Manufacturer.
The complete Election Re
turns will be received over n
private wire. In addition
an interesting program will
be given cousistiug of
Prices only 15c up stairs;
orchestra reserved s>c; boxes
50e: seats on the stage sl.
302s Newcastle St.
.... U Ills
la Orsiffi fad E?t:? Sit, Milk Sk&kt
Soda Watsr Etc,,
Al ♦ f Oaudji
Our Greatest Specialist
g'DFor 20 years l Dr. J. Newton Hath
.way has so sucdeosfnlly * rested chronic
diseases that he '£ ackn u vledgeti today
to stand at the bead of h i profession in
this line. His exclusive trethod of
treatment for Varicocele ana Stricture
without the aid of knife or cautery
cures in 90 per cent, of ail cases. In
the treatment of loss of vital forces
nervous disorders, kidney and urinary
complaints, paralysis, blood-poisoning,
rheumatism, catarrh and diseases pecul
iar to women, he is equally successful -
Dr. Hathaway's practice is more than
double that of any other specialist.
Cases pronounced hopeless by othei
physicians, readily yield to his treat
ment. Write mm today fully about
your case. He makes no charge for
consul'ation or advice, either at his of
fice or by mail.
25 Bryan Street, Savannah, G&
Rice, the stove dee or, repairs
kinds or cock stoves smi ranpee, buy
and sells second band stoves, 414 Bav
Throw a way Cosmetics.
American Women throw
away aeventv-flvo million
dollar, annually tor fac
pow lera, lotions, etc., mo
whlcn arc made > t pois .non* sobatancea an
stray the rkm. To .ecm e a Natural, Bos
Healthy r< m> Vsi* n pet a
I BeCoree ori Inal contour, permanently re
moves pim .lea. freckle- ' lackhe da, and all
oemplcxlanal mperteetmua.
Aba 'nien falnalol. Beeulta guaranteed.
Write ior parties lan. Price gs.oo by mat
Gloves *S 00 and V.X)
Brow” Drug Cos., Sole Agt3
Brunswick, Georgia.
SISTjfl PARKE firs
tht" x? f to*!*:.'! 3W
Bryan stuck is gaining daily, and
wher# a f?w weeks ago it seemed t
walk over tor McKinley, the reauli i.
now io doont, and tte comipg electior
' cresting- ,|oint s ruijefc in'erest a,
the one of ’96. i’be * mtion return,
wM be received at the opera house on
'hs night of the 6‘h. A d>e' , t wire
wilt be ms in nod tire rcssesg-a will
be taken by au experieioed operator
ar.d ttey will be given to the andience
as so. n as received. In addition *
program consisting of mus'O an 1 b x
icg win be givtn-' The buxmg bouts
between tbs colored lads last fair
crested so mucbUmusement that eev
eral will he polled off with 8 rt
gloves. Seats are now on esle at
Butt’s drug store, and those who want
[desirable seats should pngage same
on,?, as there is no extra ohargefor
reservt f seat..
'•Ten Nights IL, a'Barroom” will
not be here on the Vj, prox., but
may oocse later, an acciVnt to their
scenery caused the cancellaf, ,n ,
The Savannah News gave Chss.
Hanford, in Priva'eJobn Allen, n,.
4tialifled prn*e; the Atlanta Journal
gave him a terrible roast, and tbera
you are.
The ladies of the I'resbyteriao church
will give an entertainment at the
opera house, the latter part of next
A Great Remedy.
-I have Colic Col era and
Dlasrhoea J**mody and .find It to bo 11 great
medidiae," says Mr. E, 8. Fhlppi, of Poteau,
Ark, -It cured me of bloody flux, I cannot
speak too highly of it.” This remedy always
wing the good opinions, if not praiao of those
who nse It. Tim cures which It eSTeU
even in the most severe eases make It a favorite
everywhere. For sale at Bishop's Drug Store*
The pr *s advertisement of M>. J.
B. Abram*, published in the Timks-
Cali, ‘unday, brought in afxty-'wo
answer*. Out of that number,,even
wore currec’; e gltfeen wl'h or- word
f ‘tig, aod-ttlrry with more than ,> o
w. r ! wrorg Mr Abrams pr ite 1
to is iter,'*fibg qu slions it) geort
pby, and rbiy w-r. very hard fo.ari
sw- r. The fleet pri2e wss wiu*by
Mgy O J. Orr, and the second by
Mias Casslls, Five nttrers
were correo', bu f , according to th
terms of the puzzle, the first answers
got the money.
Remember that jrour kidneys act as
the cesspool of tee human body, into
which all the impurities of the system
are continna'ly dumped for purifica
tion, and when the kidneys fail to
properly perform their functions, it is
a sigma) of fur'her complications. The
lliver becomes clogged, the blood is
tilled with uric acid poison, the heart
becomes involved, and unless the
proper remedy ia applied, your esse
will soon be beyond the reaob of hu
man skill. Smith’d Sure Sidney Caro
will care in less time, and at less ex
! pense, than any other medioine in the
world, and it is guaranteed. Price 50
oenta per bottle. If you cannot obtain
it from your drugglsr, write direct to
the company. For asle by all drug
Officer Dan McCatkill returned frrm
St. Simon featerdey, where be trreel
ed Jaok Hartley and Jeeae Richard.,
colored, charged with atealibf lumber
from the Hilton & Dodge Lumber Cos.
at their mill. It eeema that the .feel
ing bee been g ng on (nr #number of
year*, aid Mr. McCtaktU did a good
piece of nork in cafcfainff them.
When von fp<’l t l life ia hardly worth the
candle take a dole of Chamberlain'! htomeeb
and Liver Tablet.. They will clean., your
■tomach, tone n(i your liver and regniatc your
bowcla, mnkinif you feel like a Dew man. Lor
sale at Bishops Drug Store.
This ia the aeaeoo when mothers are
ala.'xed on acconut of oronp. Ir ia
quickly cured by One Minute Cuogb
Cure, which children like to take. W,
J. Butts.
Work On Aiken Oyster
Plant to Begin
By December Ist the Facto;
ry Will Be In Op
Fitly men will bs put to wo k tods,
on the plant of the Aiken Ca r*”,
Company, and lie cl bu Idi g
will be ru-hed a? rgr-d. y ■ -• p.j-'b ! e.
Secretary and Gem-rsl ’-a ,g , .1
B. Abrams told a rep,rt r jea’erda)
that he ■ xpected to 1•. ,v the plant in
operation on or be tore Dec. Ist, and
when the new ina-;h terj- is isstalled
the plant will have e capaoity of 14,000
cana daily.
The fo.ee winch b gins today will
nearly aO work on the main building,
which will binrSO feet wide and 200
• ■ •
long. Sipie of the old machinery will
ie used, but a number of new canning
in?.ntion* will be installed. Tfeyfr-**-
* r * will be new, and will be of Jhe beat
make. * 7^
A W* wharf will niJ> be bu'kTat
onoe, that will be over 200 feet long.
Tbe Sot.nd of tb? j,w and the hammer
in the v,cioity of the factory will be
sweet tabjio to those who, love Bruns?
wiok, because ft means the beginning
of an industry which will bring thou
sands of debars to tbis efty. ‘ ’
Manager Abram., tt)o direct repre-
sentative of Owner Tatum, fg a busi
ness man ability, and that be
will m.ke a incoeßg of Ihefactory frnfcß
ivirhou NffyfVg.
Now ia when tbe small
boy fills hiohi-lf green
which invariably to cramps,
diarrlooi or Ff. parcute
i are prudent, ?t?py will h?*vp a bottle of
j Pain-KiiJer, rtkfiy for such summer
! emerjrencieft. Avoid substitutes. There
j is but one Pair-Killer, Ferry LMvife’.
Price 250. and >oc j
Hrfve p ur a inter - taken
by .Jim Cir er. He represents the
leading taiio'e of America. Atl fits
Dr. \V. H. Lewis, Lawrehcev.lie,
Vs., writes: “I am using Rcdol Dys
pepsia Core in my practice among se
vere esses of indigestion, and find it
an admirable remedy.” Many hun
dreds of physicians depend upon the
use of Kudo) Dyspepsia Cure in stom
ach troubles. It digosts wbat you eat.
and allows vou to e.vt a'l the good food
you need, providing yon do not over
load your stomach. Gives instant re
lief and a permanent cure, W. J.
Jim Carter has just returned from
Savannah, where he has made ar
raogemente with the leading steam
dye works there, to represent them in
this city, Brunswick will not afford
a first-class steam dyeing estalisb
ment, and all persons desiring first
class work in this line can see Jim
Carter at the Brunswick Cleaning &
PresjingCo. Dyeing in colors spe
cialty, Alto coloring lsce curtains .
Chamberlain'e Cough Kemedy in Chi
Hlegen Bros., the popular South Side drug
gill. corner Wth atreet and Wentworth avenue
say: “Weaell a great deal of Cbamherlain’a
congh Remedy and find that it give.! the reoet
anti-factory reanlta, eapeclally among children
for severe colds and croup.” For ini* at Biah
op’a Drag Store.
mmi mi cm"agh
Civil - .nd criminal cases attended to
islnesa strictly confidential. En
q tires conducted with secrecy.
L. G. leavy
For the g urpoae of collecting the State and
Couu'y 1 aa for i3*v>, I will be at the following
district pi'tcincts on da cs rained, to*wit:
St Diet. Oct. iiT, Nov. ID and Dec.
27 Dirt, Oi tSO Nov. til and Dee. 4.
l:vm Diet. net. it. Nov. II and Dm. S.
)1 'j ri t. Oct. 24, Nov. it and IC. 7
Hi li.s . Oct. 211, ijO. 81. Nov. 18,24, in. am! Doc.
a 10, ii, H. J. Read,
T. C. Olynu Cos,
if' >•>
| PyayPectoral
l A Qvic:; .Ct'KE FOR
l coughs And colds
> \ r
fc . \ ery ’ rile in i*M
> r •’
iril?7. “ cr I.L'TIGS
8 • . ..
J I>AV: :: 1 "' 1 ‘ lv<i,
7 • •'"-■UKr.
Triaht’s Dis &.
High liviug. iutemporance, exposure nn'd
many other iliings bring on Bright’s diseas,.
Foley's Kidney (biro will prevent Bright’s dis
ease and all other kidney or bladder disorders
,f taken in time. Take nothing else. VV. J
Blsodworth & Jones
New Liverv Stables
New Buggies
Fine liorsesl
Prompt attention given ah
orders. . Drayage a spec
Phone 24-3. >, E St
■ " " —i i<* iHI ' ■
State of Georgia—County of Glynn.
Under atd bv virtue of the power of sale
contained In the deed to secure debt from
Am and a A. I>avU to the Brunswick TUJe
Guarantee and Loan Company, made.executed
and delivered on the 24th day of FftbAuary, IS9&
and u htetf iaid deed to seoure 1 duly re
corded ori pages 411, 442 and 44% of .VoL 5 of the
general records of Glynn (county, .J&fcrgif,, ref
erence theretQ being had, the BrutiewietfTitlo
Guarantee and Loan (Company will expire and
offer foraal fio the highest and best blAra.for
cash, before the 04>Uiki house door of Glynn
on the first? TiiegdUy; in a^vamber*’
L9QO, nil of , that certain . tract, lot
or parcel of la*fd; with the buildings
and improvements thereon situate, lying and
being in the Old Town of the Ojty of Bruns
wick, Glynn county, Georgia. fiWtown and do
scvjmedasthe northeastern 3bs9o feet of Old
Tow n itH,numlk‘l" twelve (if), bounded on the
north Wthe eastern one-halt of old.town Jot
number eleven (tl) 90 foer; east r>y Oglethorjie
street 3U feet; south by the remaining eastern
pore ion of said lot number 12 90 feet, and west
by ttat-nffrin western portion of said Old Town
lot number 12 ffOfeet. aid Old Town lot num
ber 12 being identified upon ihe map of said
oi v made by George It. Baldwin A. D. 1887, to
which reference isJbareby had. for the purpose
of liquidating the ifiaebtednesa due said com
pany by the said grantor, namely. SOOO.OO prin
cipal debt, fteideaiutC*reßfc fmto the first Tues
dav in November, J9OO. amounting to $417.33.
anti the further sum 0f.59.60 as costs of adver
tising this saw.
BRi Nswjcictitle Guarantee & loan
By C. V. GOODYEAR,President.
l*ure Wbiakey Harper’t*. Perfect
WhPk-y, Harper’s, livery bottle
guaranteed Harper’*. Sold by T. Ne>-
rjoan, Brunswick,. Oa.
Southern Railway Cos.
Office'pf General Agent, BrvnsVFick. Ga
,—.——:J——- , :
For a&vuuuah, Waybill{?ton and New Y ark.
Lv JriftifrwrA . (HO am 9 or> pm
Ar Fa v at* nah .10 8Q am 13 50 am
At Wngbuigtoj) 7 SG v am •* .*0 pro
Ar New York 303 pm H 563 aco
F©r Jacksonville,
Lv Ri unawick .ft 0 am 825 pm 005 pin
Ar Jacksonville U 26 ain 74u pw JOO am
For Macon. Atlanta, Ltnfliville and Cincinnati
Lv Brunswick G4oftori 006 pm
Ar Macon ... 1 1-d pm :!0(;..u
A r Atlanta .. 3 60 pm r. s*o am
Ar LotuaYllle 7 60nm 1 •> |*.n
Ar Cincinnati . 745 am 740 pm
From New York, WaMngtfn and Bataanaii
Lv N*w York '0 pro 12 15 am
Lt Washington., t 'Spin 1115 am
Lv Savannah ... 3 pin 520 hir 500 urn
Ar nrunrwick ~ 0 56u m 805 am 886 pin
From Jacksonville.
Lv Jacksonville 1 86,pm
Ar Brunswick t 25 pm
from Cincinnati, Louisville, A Gama and
M aeon.
Ly Cincinnati 8 0 axn 8 00 pm
Lv Louiaville 7 45 am 7 46 pat
Lv Atlanta . 10 45 pm 12<5pi.
Lv Macon . 100 am 2 ;/> pm
Ar Brniibw ck 71C am H 36 pm
Pleasant to the taste.
Effective, reliable.
Eliminates uric acid. The best
remedy for Rheumatism end
diseases of Liver
end Kidneys.^
SI a Bottle, at druggbfa.
THe 08. i. U- McLBAN MEOICINe CO.,
ST, touia, mo.
W. jifJTTS, TIiF;D 'Ugff Ist,'
GK< >KGIA, Glynn County.
Will be sold before the courthouse door in
4uid county, on the first Tuesday iu November
1900. the same being the ftth day thereof, wlthic
the legal hours of sale to the highest bidder foi
cash, the followingJproperty to-wit: One rodei
top desk, six (6) oak mantels, three (3) large
tombstones, five (5) small tombstones, one Mo -
Icr iron safe. Levied on as the property of the
defendant, Keed E. LaManee, to satisfy an exe
cution issued from the City court of Bruns
wick, county of Glynn, at the March term, 1599,
in favor of Swlngler & Falconer for three hun
dred ju*d eighty-one dollars and four cents
($381,041 principal, with interest thereon from
December 14, 1890, at 6 per cent, per anumn
uutil paid and all costs. Levy''"made and re
turned to mo by K. b\ Tay or, deputy sheriff.
Also at the same time and place, tht
following described property to-wit: That cer
tain lot, tract or parcel of land, situate, lying
and being in the city of Brunswick, county oi
Glynn, state of Georgia, and known and de
scribed on Baldwin's map of said city made in
the year 1837 os the southwest one-sixth (1-ti) of
Old Tow'n lot number 64. Levied ou as the
property of the estate of J. J. Door under and
by virtue of an execution issued by H. J. Read,
tax collector, for state and county taxes due for
the year 1899. Amount of tax s2i>.oo with inter
est and all costs. Levy made and returned to
me by U. S. Pyles, deputy sheriff.
Also at the same -time and place
the folloAvfng w dj^crilßf tow it: 'those
certain of land situatev
lying and the ty of Brunswick, coun
ty of Glymtf . Atc 0 [ . Georgia, and known and
map of said city, made
in jiabefsham park lots num
bers . jw?, between Lee and Gordon
K. Babei aml by virtue of an exe
state due for the year 1899.
Amount of takes SSO with interest and all cost.
Levy made and returned to me by R. 8. Pyles
deputy sheriff. / • f iW
Also at the same time and place, the
following described prop&wy towit: That cer
tain lot or tract of land ultuate, lying and be
ing in the 27th district G. M.. county of Glynn,
state of Georgia, and known as a part of Colo
nel’s island, containing two hundred (200) acres
more or less. Bounded on the north by lauds
of the South Brunswick Railway Cos., on the
west by Fancy Bluff creek, on tbe south and
east by lands of the Brunswick Dock Cos, Lev
ied on as the property of said Brunswick Dock
Cos. under and by virtue of an execution issued
by 11. J. Read,tax state and county
taxon due for the year 1899. Amount of tax one
hundred aftd twenty-five dollars ($125.) with
interest and all costs. Levy made and return
ed to me by U. s. Pyles, deputy sheriff.
Shi riff Glynn County,Ga.
administrator b sale.
GEORGI A—Glynn Countv.
By virtue of an order of |he Court of Ordf
narv <*f said county, I will bcII at public outcry
on (he first Tuesday iu November, 1900. at tbe
court house in said county, within the legal
hours.of sale, the following doaenbed lands, the
property of the estate of Bridget Minehan. de
ceased, situate iu tbe City ot Braunawick, in
said state and county, to Witt Lots numbers
twelve hundred and thirty-seven (1287). twelve
hundred and thirty eight (1238), twelve hundred
and thirty-nine (1289), twelve hundred and
forty (1240), .ix hundred and forty-two (042),
and six hundred and forty-three (013), respec
tively, each of said lots being iu that portion of
said city commonly called “New Town,” and
designated upon the map of the plan of said
city us made by Geo. R. Baldwin, serveyor, A.
L. 1837, auri-of the addition thereto,by the num
bers nbovo described, and to which map and to
the order of said court of ordinary aforesaid,
refereime is made for all purposes of descrip
Also, the unexpired leasehold interest in
and to Hie follow ink lots or parcels of lnndjail
uate in the city of Brunswick, and in that part
thereof commonly railed “Town to
wit: Thai portion of lot number seventy-five
(75) fronting forty l40) feet on Amherst street
and ninety (90) feet on J street, the leasehold
therein expiring upon March 21, 1907; lot num
ber one hundred and thirty-five (185), bounded
east bv Albany street, south by L street, weat
by Wolfe street and north by lot number one
hon'd red and thirty four, and having A front
upon A'bauy and Wolfe streets respectively of
ninety (90, feet and a depth between said streets
of hundn and and ei hty (180) feet.
Also, that portion of I<h number one hundred
and thirty-four I.M) bounded cast by Albany
street, south by lot number one hundred and
thirty-live (185). west- by Wolfe street, aud
north bv lot number one fi and red and thirty-|
three (133;; and the remaining portion of said !
lot number on-< hundred and thirty-three (134,.
the same fronting twenty-nine (29) feet upon I
Albany street asd ninety (9)) foot upon Wolfe
• tieet, the interest tbe rein expiring
March 2,19*)r, fii:d the description ol^'each af said
Town Commonh lot * and parts of lots being
made with reference; to the map of what :s com
'moldy called the ‘-Hughe* Survey” of the Town
Lorn in on aof said city of tile iu the oflbre of tha
mayor and council thereof. Terns* ol sale cash, i
ThiF October 8 ibno. TORRAB,
Adm In i*' j-atur de bonit nop etp. Bridget M ine
ban, deceased. i
Dyspepsia Curt
Digests wfiat you eat.
It artificially digksts the food and aids
Nature lu wtrerigtiheuiug and recon*
stiucting the exhausted digostive or
gans. It isthe latesVdlscoveifcd digest
aat and tonic. No Atlier preparation
can approach It in efficiency. It in
stantly relievesand permanently cures
Dyspepsia, Indigestion, Heartburn,
Flatulence, Sour Stomach, Nausea,
Sick Headache, Gastralgia Crampsand
all othei results of irtfperl er t and igestioo.
prlctßOc. nnd *b Loresf/ilni2s4 times
sumliiizf. .. .. .• :ti..> nLul> -1 i.ni.edfree
Pntn.+rt - 'aVMTY " cr'cfiQo,
Why Suttei
From Cold*, t oughn, Khcumatism
ami other ills that come from cool
and chilly nights. Keliof, if not cer
tain cure wiihlu easy reach. Our
iftoek pf
Contains all the M ill Crrowr. specifics
lor What yoii or
yonrdocto;■ wa ••mil; sup
plied at
Service By Publication.
STATE OF GEORG I A--County of Glynn.
John Rogers, 1 In Glynn Superior Court. AAmt
Vi. J Term, 1900. '
insic Rogers. ) LIBEL FOR DIVORCE,
t’o the Defendant, Susie Rogers:
You are hereby commanded to be arid appear
xt the December Term, next, of Glynn Superior
Court, to be holden at the court house in
Brunswick, Glynn County, Georgia, on' the
First Monday in December, 1900, and by Ten
(10) O’clock of the forenoon of said date, then
and there to answer the complaint of the plain
tiff in the above stated case in his Libel for
Witness the Honorable Joseph W. Bennett,
Judge of the Superior Court of Glynn County,
this the 10th day of July, 1900.
Clerk Superior Court, Glynn ounty, Ga.
GEORGIA—GIynn County.
Mrs MaryC. Ueppard vs. Jefferson Levy,
The National Hank of Brunswick anti the May
or ami Council of Brnuswiek.—Petitiou for par
lion of realty in Glynn Superior court, De
cember Term thereof, 1900.
To tbe Defendrnt, Jefferson Levy:
You are hereby notified that the petitioner in
the above stated case will apply for a parti
tion of that certain real property in the slate
of Georgia, county ot Glynn and City of Bruns
wick, described as follows: T e Northeastern
portion of what is known as and called the
"Thirty Acre Tract” or “The Wells Tiacty’
having the following courses and distances, to
vvU: ■ Coimnemvug at the centre of the South
ern line of Union street and running thence
Southwardly l,oio feet; thence running East
ward ly 810 feet; thence running Northwardly
Rib) feet; thence running Wostwardlv 855 feet,
e*cpt three certain small tracts heretofore
sold by the owners; such application for par
tition of *aid land will bo made at the next
term of said couit to lie held on the first Mon
dao In December next.
This notice given in pursuance of an order
granted September 28.1900, by Hon. Paul E.
Sea brook, judge of said court presiding, the
Honorable Joseph W, Bonnet being disqualified
in said case.
Witness the Honorable Paul E. Seabrook,
JUuKSO* sHid court presiding, this October 1,
. .. .SteE? SuperiorOourt, Glynn County, Ga.
Petitioner’s Attorneys,
John M Steele Application for re
vs. . ,
Janie Hndler, formerly inoval of
Jauio Steele. disabilities.
Notice is hereby given that on the oth day of
October, 1900, the undersigned filed in the office
of the clerk or the Superior court of Glynn
county bis application for removal of the disa
bilities resting upon him under tha verdict and
judgment rendered in said court May 21, 1900,
in thc| suit of his former wife, Janie Steele,
vgainst hitnfor divorce, nnd that, said applica
tion Will be heard at the term of said court be
ginning on the tlrat Monday ip December next.
This October 8, 1900.
UKORQIA—GIynn County,
To whom It may concern: H. J. Read hawing
in proper form applied to mo for permanent
letters of administration on the estate of
George McArthur, late of said county, this is to
Cite all and singular, the creditors and next of
kin of George McArthur to be and appear at
my office within the time allowed by law and
show cause, if any they can, why permanent
administration should not bo granted to H. J.
Hoad on George McArthur's estate. Witness
my hand official signature this 12th day *ol Oc
tober, iyc<k HORACE DART,
Georgia--Glynu County.
31 rs. Fannie A, Smith has applied for exemp
tion of personality an<! the sotting apart and
valuation pf homestead out of tho catato of H
v* Smith, deceased, late of said county and
state, and I will pass upon the same at ten
o’clock a. m ,on the 22nd clay of October, 1900,
at my office in the court house of said county
and state.
Ordinary Glynn.Connty, Ga.
GEORG 1 A—Glynn Connty.
Whereas. Kilft J. Jentiinga, administratrix of
George W. Galvin estate, represents to the
court in her petition, duly filed and entered on
record, that she has fully administered George
I W. Galvin’s estate. This is, therefore, to cite
all persons concerned, kindred .md creditors,
to show cause, if any they can, why said ad
ministratrix should not hr di charged from
administration, and receive leiters of dismis
aion on the first Monday uln eernboi, lfiOO.
HORACE DART, Ordinary.
Georgia-Glynn County.
Hire. Mary Mahoney having made applica
tion for twelve mouths’ guppoit,out of the
1 estate of Timothy Mahoney, and appraisers
, duly up ported, to set apart the same having
tiled their return, all persons concerned arc
hereby required to show cause before the court
! of ordinary of said county on the lliat Monday
! iu. Noveuibeivl9ou, why said application ah- uld
not be grMMftd. This 4th dav of Novein' er,1900.
< lIOR AGE b A KT, Ordinary,
.. citation.
G E<tk6lA—Glynn County
- =. 1 banufl Dari, of Glynn county, in said State
-■has applied to the Ordinary of snid county of
Gtj'nn fw exemption of personelty and sotting
apart and val 11 cUiun of homestead, and I will
pass upon the s *nie JO o’clock a. m. upon the
*‘>th day of <>ot(ber, 1000, at the court house in
said county of Glynn This September 22, JUOO.
Judge CDv Court of Brunswick and pro hac
vice irdinary Glynn County, Georgia.
Administrators Notice,
VI person-buying claims against estate of
G. Gamp* ell \vH present them to the under
signed, and ad owing said estate will lease
pay their a< vnuts to J. J. SI’EARB,
Adm’r. Fatate J. G. Campbell.
i te of Geo gut —County of Glynn.
The co-pat tnertliip heretofore existing. under
the firm name an! style of Taylor, Cook & Com*
pauy engaged in the saw mill business, in the
iminufncture of cypres;, lumber, ..nd otherwise,
at bruits wick, Git., having served ito
purposes, itie* mutually agreed by alt
of the undersigned members of said firm
that the said jr.rtnerslii, be and the
•ume is hereby dissolved by mutual consent.
The business heretofore carried on > tint said
company will hereafter be conducted by the
ooiporauo. duty created b.. tb H poii ,i ourt
uf Glynn oennty, Georgia, vitb ts principal
office m Brunswick, Ua., luow as and called
the Taylor-Cook C,y press Conipan. . All debt
ors, creditors and other parties dealing with
said co-partnership in the pa*t and ;•!) persona
otherwise interested will take nonce. Thin Oc
tober is, ’9ou. Respectfully,
O, N. Taylor. T. 11. Cook.
W.Il 8. Taylor. J. li Cos rk.
Mrs. Hattie J. Hogg. A. ' << Ov.
M is. Rebecca A. Cook. J. W . Cool..
Alia I M. Calvin
At a. Clyde Freer.an L cl for Divorce, K*
tinnabl to December
v* ’i erm, >m> .of Superior
Court . i Ci nr . oun
t). J 1 reeinan, ty, Geor fa.
To rlie arid defendant. O. .1 F<* man .
You are hereby reouireu |> • onally or by
attorney, to h-*od am cur ii the next term of
the ttuperil* tof said fount), convaninx
n the first .*. ay in .December, 1000, then an
there to answer t'm lai . :ttr. Clyde Freeman,
upon the merits of her petition for llvorce filed
againet you ; an f" defiul' of Much apresrance
the Court wxl p occen as lojus t eslu.il aoper
t mu. .VilneMtbn Ho Jo -, 1 V/. Hen net,
•lodge of said >u**rJ u Court, t’ * f?d day of
August, 1 WO. A. G.TOWKSBND,
Deputy Clerk Huperlor Court, Glyph Cos., Qa,
1) W. KKAIC S.lVfiV Auy. .
: -W -d. "
pv iha ' *.,/ .MM
V ’ tf ‘ ' 1 <>■ pla ,( t.l>\ -Uck roi.itaohs.
i digestion, Conbtiputi* ?• or C -Uvenesis we
wverrfu, ti. I p.to-Data
idtH* fdrer Pills whitt the directions are
‘"'ietiy ( /piled with. They sro purely vega-
Jubh jr-i neve iall to give sutiafactiun. 1 c
boxer < Mrn lob pills, .j boxes cent tin 40
puli-, i‘ ir.-j. too. tain i,O oil!*. Bwaeo. sub
.itittiteftand imtiations. Bv i by mall. Slampg
taken. M.dVii A MCDICAI, CO., cor. Clin
j * ly ™ Cos. Branawtck, Ga

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