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The Brunswick Times.
Zatabliabad 1818.
The Brunswick Call.
Zntablithed liE
Tk Brunswick TimesCail,
fiJtYHUS H. LEAVY - - - - - Editor
KOI.AND A. OTLIIKS, Bnniceiß Manager
n.wTow l In Oglethorpe Block . 211 IT Street
y riou. J IBL.Kf'HOMIC NO SI.
BahrOTflirni nre requmgalJ. notify the office
Wtuta they (all logit of the Tlroee-
OarL AUentiou iv tl*to iiiSHcr will be eppre
iwd by the |>uliliticra.
The Timea-Cull will 'be Delivered by
earner or tr ail, per year. 85.00; per week 15
Mute Correipottdecce on live subjects
aeUciuMl. Beal name of writer ehoold ac
eempany eame. Subscriptions payable in
advance, Failure to receive paper tkonld be
reported to tbe buiicett cfl.te. Adtlren all
•omtunnication* to
Brunswick, Ua.
Hereiftc* a’l le;al sdverti-e
--rnenU must bo paid f..r atte* the
first insertion. Th management
has been put to a great de-,1 cf
trouble ami delay In collecting in
the past, hid in futur j must lake
advantage of the Oe..rnin lav on
this subject Oot. 10, liiOO,
Bimstritic Ticket
- <o^
For President,
William Jennings Bryan.
For Vice President.
Adlal E. Stevenson.
For Electors of the Preaident and Vioe
President of the United States:
For Electors Stale at Large,
Augustus DuPont
Fulton Colville,
For Elector First Onrgrußional Dißt,
\V. W. Sheppard.
For Elector Second Congressional Diet
G.W. I’ulwood.
For Elector Third Congressional Dist
W. C. Nottingham.
For Elector Fourth Congressional Dist
13. F. McLaughlin,
For Elector Fif'.h Congressional Dist.
Edgar Lat hatn.
For Ejector Sixth Congressional Diet.
J. M. Strickland.
For Elector Seventh Congressional Dist
J. P. Jackoway.
For Elector Eighth CongresslonalJDUt
A. G. MeOurry,
For Elector Ninth Congressional Dist.
J. ,1. Kitney.
For Elector Tenth Congressional Dist.
T. E Massengale
For 4 Elcctor lllh Congressional Dist,
A. E. Cochrau.
For Representative tn Fifty-Seventh
Congress, U. S., From Eleventh
Conginssional District,
William G. Brantley.
Georgia in the scene of fairs an 1
Wore fairs.
Money versus wanhoiJ, Which; is
the most powerful?
After Tuesday the “I toid you so’
will be abroad m the land.
Senator told a party < t
politic'ana in lndiHuopolis tome days
•go that bo feared It would he a Rrysn
landslide. Cumin,: from a rank re- j
publican, this ia indeed encouraging. i
It is the patriotic duty of every
democrat to go to the polls today and
cast a ballot for all the nominees of
the democratic party.
Ae M*. Brantley’s home county
!t e democra's thould lave a larger vote
In proportion to po.utalion than any
other conn y in the district, and we
can easily get this t y a lit le work to
day end .hereby getting out. tur full
st eag’h.
Laying a. Me tbe n .Atonal issues we
must woik from a local stundufflnt to
day on ‘h’s Krauilsy m j ti v end,
make it one cf which ell ci'. zeng chuuld
fee! proud.
We are looking :o our coigressman
for many thiots amour the tiener te
log an kcre.sel ep,,roptia!ioo for a
public bu'ldlng and money for iur bar
fa r, and let It not bo caid that the peo
ple tf bis Up in 3 coun'y wer s Isx In h a
i e-elec lon.
Show that we have confidence So him
by & largo vote. . •
Both ths great political parties ate
confident cf vie ory t day and if tboae
wboare in position* to know are at var
iance what can far ia,ected of sople
who on'y have the newspapers to guide
them. A deraoerat'o journal will show
that Brian b.yond a doubt Laa th ;
election woe, aul t a republican paper
will cla m victory for McKiulev and
g.ve ju*t as good riavcoi as the ether.
Chalman Jones is c n'ldeat and
Cbalrmon Hanna is su: e.
But the vo:es today will toll the tale
and wo now have only a tew hours to
wait for the truth.
11 money took no part in tie elea-
tion, it would be an easy Biyan victory
but as this seems to be the power, the
democrats must work to land
their candidate. Money it very power
ful, especially in a polltloul campaign.
This little remark ot Senator Scott
will make many votes for Bryan:
“Right here I want to sav that 1 be
lieve tn trusts; they are a good thing.
The Standard 0,1 Company put in its
pipe lines to all the small towns where
oil is produoed, aud if it was not for
the Standard Oil Company this pros
perity that We have woijjd upt bo there
The Brantley rally la-t night was a
£t>ii one end we want to thank the peo
ple for their attendance. Mt, Brantley
appreciated tbe large audience which
went tnr hear his lget speech of ‘be cam
The Ti.us- Cali will have complete
returns tomorrow and Brunswtakkns
will not have to wait for the out ol
town papers to get the lesult state by
state and arranged in good reading
Chicago is yery much worried be
cause a large number of the society
women drink; The Woman's Chris
tian Temperance .Union should send
o Jt an army of invasion.
It Is a wonder the republicans are not
claiming Georgia and Texas. They are
trying to take everything else in
The question la: Men or money.
Tuesday will piove which ia the most
j Betting on the Cleveland. Blaine
election was three to one and the lit
,tle end of lb-> bet won.
Many a woman dresses to go out, feel*
irresolute, sits down, and falls into a fit
of despondent musing. Ask her what’a
the matter, and ahe'U probably answer
"Just the blues.” Ana what are the
blhes? Only another name, in general,
for a disordered liver and a diseased
stomach. Cleanse th liver, heal tlur
stomach, purify the blood, and there’ll
be no more blues. It con be done by
tire rise of Dr. Pierce’s Golden Medical
Discovery. This medicine puts the <B*-
eased organs of digestion and nutrition
into a condition of sound health. It
eliminates from the blood all Impure and
poisonous substances, and cleanses tbe
clogged liver- It contains neither al
cohol nor narcotics.
I hd liver complaint for the past fifteen
year*, complicated with .lyapepfft and gilt
•tones,", wriitJ Mra. N. Bernier, of f.i Him be.
Oshkosh, Wle. "I doctored with seven of one
prominent doctors, and not one or alt of them
nave done me the good, Wot began to do what
your medicines have. I have used three books
of Dr, Pierce’s Golden Medical Discovery, one
vial of Ilia • Pleasant Pellets,* and one hotair of
Dr. pierre*s Favorite Prescription, arid’ has
gained about eighteen pounds since I Bret twma
to take these remedies."
Dr. Tierce's Pellets cure biUoupucss,
■Kjfsr * r
The following is a list of letters re
mslulng lo tbe postofflee at Bwin B
... V s Jf ’ .**!
wick, Gi., unclaimed, for the *0
eudyjg Oct. 85, 1900.
A- Mrs. Arms^jpg.
B—Livziipt Bivens,
Collin BrwWi;' ’ . . 'P |
C— Charlio [email protected]
ius. " >.
.<* * Sy?
D—Miss Grace Duval.
G—Mias Sarah F, Granr %
Gaddy. * f.
H-W. K.Hill, Mrs.G. E. Hander
son, C: 11. Haratber, Miss Virginia
Holmes, Miss Minute Homey, Willis
Hill’ Mias Julian Hicks. w,
it .■'w*
J—Gus Jobnaoo, vVe*ley jonaf, las.
Johnson, Mrsr'Celia Johnson
K-W. W. Kizer.
L—Jessie Lemon, 2; Will Low, Miss
Dianna Livingston, Israel L'ndsay,
Mrank Lyons.
M—Oscar Matthews, Martha 51c-
Done, Adam Mclntosh, AVillie Mo'
Frank Glxon,
O—D. Y. Omen.
E—Week Alford Peilos.
li—James Ross.
B— Elias Sciutcfatnv, Mrs. M.o&ie L
T—Miss Doshla Taylor. Charlie
■td - iC’
Thomas, Mrs. Ko-a Thorton. *
W—H. U, Williams, Mrs. Lon Wil
liams, Kdilis White, Richard Wing,'
Miss Georgian Wallice, Edwin Wil
liams, Elisham Watson.
Don't fall lo give us proper notice I
when you move.
Don't expect us to keep up with your
clange of address without notification.
Don’t oome to the city arid accepts
position and expect u* to send your
mail around, or put it in your employ-
We Receive^
By every steamer new and up-to-date goods,
comprising the latest styles in
314: Newcastle St-.
Between C. McGarvey's and|Thomas Keaney.
er’s box without giving us notice.
Don't expect your mall delivered by
carrier, and be In a box at the same
■ .-nr 7 ■ -
time. ;
F. McC. Bkown,
*' i.i.. , a ’ ... " •
Election returns by wire at the
PnoeoixClub tonight.
Mrs. L. L, Reese.of the liecker-Jones
Jewell Company will arrive in the city
this morning for the purpose ot show
ing the ladies of Btunswiek the excel
lent goods of this company. Mra.
Heese will be at J . K. Cornelius’ groc
ery 118 A sweet, opposite the Ogle
thorpe hotel all of today and all the
ladles are invited to call and eat flap
jack cakes made from Heckeis prepara
Election i eturns at the op
era house tonight.
Trill Treatment Free,
! ( Is yonr blood pari? Are you suie
‘ef it? Da cuts or soratobes heal slow
ly? IktW yonr skin itch or burn?
Have you Pimples? Eruptions? Aob-
Ing bones or back? Eczema? Old
Sores? /J Boils? Scrofula? Rheuma
tism? 'Foul Breath? Catarrh? Are
Syou pale? Then B. B. B. (Botanic
Rfood Balm) will purify yonr blood,
heal every sore, and give a clear,
smooth, healthy skia. Deep-seated
sspa, like nicer*, cancer, eating sores,
Swellings, Blood Poison, are
jjuickly cured by Botanic Blood Balm.
purea.when.all else fail*. Thoroughly
W*m* thirty years. Drugstores,
~|l perjSffrge bottle. Trial treatment
free by writing BLOOD BALM CO„
Atlanta, T Oi. Describe trouble—free
medical advice given. Over 3,000 vol
untary teaiimontaU pf cures by B.
returns at the op
era house'tonight.
i a=w
_ My ;v : ' . . tf* w
if m is Ms
which I now have on
Tli. i Winter,
311 Newcastle St.
ling the Stomachs and Bowels of
Infants/( hildrln
Promotes Digestion,Cheerful
ness ahdßest.Contains neither
Ojiium Morpluae norMiuexai.
Not Narcotic.
/at?c afOUfirsutmiPtraan
HmqJcM Scul- \
Mx.Swut * i
AUfJUir- I
Atue S*fl t f
YSmta* \
ApcrTecl Remedy for Cons lipa
fion, Sour Stomach, Diarrhoea
Worms. Convulsions, Feverish
ness and Loss OF SLEEP.
Facsimile Signature oF
Alb monlhs r*ld
J ) Dust s- CIN IN
H. . KILLER & fa
steamer will bring
us a line ot Oriental Tapestries,
Screens, Couch Cover, Cur
tains, etc. direct from those fa
mous importers of Orienta]
goc ds of
■■———— , , .
Also a lot of muslin and
Bobbinet Curtains, Cut Glass,
Silverware, Rugs, etc-
How si Woman
Suffers. —/
FTowsll, litd., Not. M T
I will Always prills Win® of C*rdnl. II / \ r_j
has dons -ae more good ;han all tbs raedi- / If \ I
doaa 1 htT over takaxi in mj Ufa. tflaasa / \ I y --1
•end a book a'x>o* female disease! to tha / \ I
ladiaa whoso oamu X enaloue \tr^^
Mrs. msona stodohill
WneTonH 1
It Isn’t necessary for a woman o give particulars. When she say*
she has “female troubles", other women know what that means, tt
means days and r.ighti of endless suffering. It means headaches which
no tongue can describe. It means that terrible bearing and dragging
down in the lower abdomen. It means agonizing backache, and shoulder
ache, and arm ache, and aches in tbe lower limbs. It means nerves on
lge—the blues— despondency and loss of hope. It means debilitating
drains that the doctors call fcucorrhnea. It means martyrdom- -tome
times even death seems preferable. And still Wine of Cardui will utterly
putthose diseases and pains to rout
viSORV otfARTHHT.. 11 cured thousands of cases
• cr.!ntrinßwcui when nothing else on earth would.
To the budding woman, to tba
ch.ttMoogm. Tnn. bride, to the wife, to the expectant
.. „, „ ... „ ~, mother, to those going through
the Change of Life, tha Vegetable Wine, is a basing
Druggists Sell Large Bottles for SI.OO.
For Infants and Children.
The Kind You Have
Always Bought
| Bears the / t ,
; Signature
\$ J
Yyr* J|se‘

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