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MM \i lie Bay of
n Was Among the Small
Number Who Beoaped—
Sixty Drowned.
Halifax, Nov. 10.—The news of a
terrible marine Oleaster hat just reach,
ed here, steamer “Monteoello,’'
belonging to To the Yarmouth Steam
ship line, found red in the Uiy of
The loss of life le appalling. Tbe es
timated nutn ner of persons reported to
have p rUbd is plsced at sixty three,
Some of the bodies have already wash
ed above from thi 111-fated seam
ship's wreck. Captain Hardin, the
ship’s commander, was eved.
Law in Regard to Sewerage Will Be
To The Puwh: t
Whew*, There an { number of
houses in the sewerage dlstriot of the
oity not cooneofed with tbe sewer
And wbereas, Tbe time bas expired
in which tbe diggiogof dirt is prohib
ited by ordinance, or otherwise;
And whereas, Tbe laws of the olty
require that til booses in tbe said dis
trict shall be conoeoted—
This is, therefore, to ootify all peo
ple concerned, that unless such bouses
are forthwith connected, tbe owners
or agents thereof will be subjsoted to
tbe penalties prescribed by law.
Done at the city hall, this 10th of
November, 1900. "
Dean D. Atkihson, Mayor.
Bryan Turns Down a Ten Thousand
Dollar Job
Denver, Nov 10.—Bryan declined an
offer of an editorial position on the
Denver Post at a salary of ten thous
and dollars per annum.
Yesterday s reporter bad tbe pleas
ure of viewing; some of tbe work doc*
by artist Andreas Jena ,of Srenbarg,
Denmark, at tbe borne of Capt- and
Mrs. 0. Jobannesen, and nothing so
bsaotifol in that line has been
seen here before. Althougfanquite a
young man, Mr. Jensen is aeoond to
none, and be will name in
Mr. Ado Miller Out of tbe Race For
Second Lieutenant of Riflemen.
Sargeant Ado Miller yesterday
withdrew from tbe race for seoond
lieutenant of tbe Brunswiok Riflemen.
This leaves only one candidate for
the place, Sergeant Harry Miller. It
la not thought that anyone else will
offer for tbe place now .
Sargeant Miller has been a good and
'faithful m*tuber of tbe Riflemea, and
will no donbt make tbe company an
excellent officer. It is not known
whether or not the nomination will
take plsoe on next Wednesday night.
Brunswick’s Pioneer Tug Leaves Here
For Jacksonville.
Mesei-. Coney & Parker yesterday
sold the little steamer Ruby to Broad
street & Coleman of Jacksonville, Fla.,
and the boat is now on the way to Tt
new home. The Ruby was built on St.
Simon for Capt. U. Dart, and for many
years It was the only steamer in the
.< church notice.
First Methodist Cburcli—Preaching
by the pastor. Morning service will be
especially for the ladies, subject, “Wo
man’s Work for Humanity.” Evening
service at 7;30 o’clock, Special sermon
to young men; subject, “The Choice
Young M'qp.” Rev. Qatnes, pastor.
Brunswlok’s Fast Running Horse Pur
chased in Wsyoross
Bay View, the fast running horsa
owned by Mr. T. Q. Fleming, of this
eT!fl , *frt!!Td in Waycross yesterday.
The Timbb-Cali. understands that s33s
was tho amount paid for tbo fast ani
Tbe eervioes at tbe Presbyterian
today will be unusually interesting.
Tbe pastor will preaob at the usual
hours, 11 a. m. and 7:30 p. m. The
music will be conducted by a chorus
oboir. Tbe Sunday sobool will have a
“Rally Day”exercise, wbiob will oon
alst of short addresses, recitations, and
special mueio. This service will be
gin at 3:15 p. m. A special effort is
being made to gel all tbe children, and
a large number of adults and parents,
to attend. Go to any one, or all tbe
eervioes, and brlDg your family or
At tbe Baptist church Sunday nigbt,
at 7:30, the pastor will preach a ser
mon especially to youDg men on
'‘Things Worth Saving,” Usual eer
vioes during tbe day at 10:30 a. m,, 11
a. mi, and 3 p, m. Ail are cordially
The Epworth League will hold a
rally service at McKindree Methodist
church tonight at 7.30. A special pro
gram has been arranged and tbe public
is cordially invited.
HE WILL rtteflT.
New Y.'tk, Nov. 10.—Jeffries posted
a forfeit this afternoon offering to fight
any mao in tbe world,
TheJTiuas-CAU, job office is now la
full blast again and those who desire
to save money should let It bid on
tbeir work. Beet # workmen and best
Use Clark’s Msgio Tonic for dan
druff; sure cure.
Fractal Who ittmtoi
to Kill the Czar.
And Boldly Told the Court
That He Was an
‘ Anarchist,
Paris,-Nov. 10.—The trial of Francois
Salson,. a French mechanic who ats
tempted to assassinate the Shah of Per
sia, last August juet as the latter was
leaving in slate, his palace, located on
the famous Avenue dea 'Champs
to attend ceremonies gotten up* for his
benefit at the be
gan hero this afternoon. ' The court
room was orowded with spectators, tho
corridors and exits of the palais do jus
tice, were well guarded-by gendcarmes,
while outside, a company of the garde
republican were held in readiness Id
quell any disorder. •
Upon of the reading of
the indictment the defendant arose and
in a defiant and dramatic bravado man
ner exclaimed “hun an anarchist And
am guilty,” and after a short pause
yelled “vive l’anarchie,”
Riot In the Hungarian House of
BndajPest, Nov. 10.—A riot occurred
in the Hungarian house ol deputies this
afternoon led respectively by Ugram
and Polony, who disagreed over a bill
under discussion, which, after a hot de
bate, ended in personal abuse being
hurled at each other, the culmination of
tbe whole matter being a dissraccful
fight, ten party deputies poundiDg each
other In regular bruiser fashion, when
the session adjourned, police finally suc
ceeding in clearing same.
Miss Mary Anderson and Mr. Tbos.
Causey to be Married.
A pretty borne wedding will occur
tbis evening at tbe residence of tbe
bride's mother, Mrs. Wm. Anderson,
when Misi Mary Anderson and Mr.
Tohmas W. Causey will bo united In tbe
holy bonds of matrimony. Rey. J. B.
Game will conduct tbe ceremony and
only the immediate family will be
present. Miss Anderson Is one of
Brunswick's fairest daughters, a young
lady of many graceß of character. Mr.
Oaucey, who, fot several years, baa
been connected with the Brunswick
Bank & Trust Cos., has won for him
self quite an enylable reputation in
business circles. Both young people
hays many friends who wish them every
happiness in their new lire.
New York, Nov. 10.— Secretary of
War Root sailed tbis afternoon far Cuba
on the liner Morro Castle.
Dead Hnstiantls
- . ; .
v . ' • ,
As Many as Eeight Hundred
Thousand Widows
Burned 1 .
Previous to the occupation of India
bv Great Britain and up to 1839 the
Brahmsnie custom of satteo or burning
alive of widows upon their husbands’
funeral pyres was a common occurrence.
Even up to the time of the Sepoy rebels
lion afijs of this kind were not iufre
vuet>£rid to this day, in fact, an isolat
ed Instance of this horr|ble practice is
now spd then reported, despite the con
stant 'alertness Of government to
prevent its occurrence.
J In some year* as many as eight hun
• s,
fhed,thousand widows were thus dis
posed of. ,
This custom was also prevalent in the
early day* among our own Natchez Ins
and ans and those of Guatemala, but never
to the extent practised by tbe Brah
man* of India,
White certain religious ideas were un
doubtedly the basis of this peculiar cus
tom, a number of writers have not hesi
tated to say that so far aa the wldowa of
India are concerned, a awlft though
painful death was preferable to tbe dally
lifo.of degradation and even torture
which widows in India bave to undergo
even to tbis day. Nothing is too low
no task too bard, no act too violent to
be imposed on a widow there.
Other writers have urged that, while
certain religious beliefs surely were the
fundament of the suttee practice, the
ceremony assumed the proportions it
did because It afforded an easy means of
riddance of a widow who probably
would become dependent on her nearest
kin, and thus, under the cloak of a re
ligious ceremonial, they were only too
willing to despatch her.
While human civilization has doubt
less made progress In many directions,
the lot of the widow Is still a hard one.
She Is not burned alive at this time, it
is erne, but If she is left in circumstances
of need, her daily task is often made
fearfully hard, tha more so if a family
of children must call her father as well
mother, breadearner as well as house
No wonder a life insurance policy Is
the refuge of bo many men and families.
No wondor thousands, yea, hundreds of
thousands of homes look lo it a* the one
sheet anchor of safe'y in the day of
greatest trial, when the wife is trans
formed to widow, when the home is
without Its natural protector, and when
the income which his skill or business
capacity has produced is cut off for
The new form of policy issued by tbe
“Old Phoenix,” the celebrated L. E. A.
policy, not only provides for tbe family
after the death of the father or hus
band. but provider for, the old age of the
family is he lives. Ca'l on or write to
J. B. Abrams, General Agent, for a
e P*Sib2iL copy at your age, before In
From the Brunswiok Humane So
I am requested, as secretary of the
Brunswick Qumaoe Society, to make
an earnest appeal to all members of
that society who hare Dot responded to
the last notification of their Indebted
ness, which was served on them duly,
regularly through the mail, to send in
the amount at the earliest date.
. I regret to say that very few have
made the full jspyment, while mauy
have Ignored the notification absolutely,
T.he sum off 1.00 per year, with a quar
terly payment of 25 cents is surely
and cannot be weighed
In the balance with the privilege of
helping on such a noble cause.
Without active and earnest 00-opera
tiOtt any undertaking languishes, and
without funds to carry on the work it
.v 1
, The slender Balary which Is given to
ftie agent, or which, at best, yery poor
ly remunerates him for the time and
trouble entailed on him by the work,
be paid regularly, and it is a self
evident propcsitlqju that there will
soon remain no funds with which to
meet this obligation if the members
fail to pay their dues.
Surely It would remain ever an In
eradicable blot on the history of this
. j' y
oity, should her citizens allow this ef
fort to relieve the suffering of the help
less to fall through, surely because
they fall to meet their obligation in the
matter of paying their duse, and be
cause they take oo Interest in the work.
It Is impossible to accept the inference
that presents Itself, and we decline to
believe that Brunswick will proye
herself so lacking in humanity.
Frahobs do Bigwoh,
Secretary and Treasurer B. H. S,
A slight attack of cramps may bring
on Diarrbcei, which is, lo many oases,
followed by inflammation of the stom
aoh and other dangerous complaiota.
All such disorders are dangerous, and
should in their infancy tie treated with
the best known rsmedy. Tbe merits
of Pain-Killer are known, and it i*.
reoognibed as the standard speoifio for
oramps, diarrhoea, eto. Avoid substi
tutes. There ie but one Pain-Killer
Perry Davis’, Price 353. and 50a.
To the voters of the 26th Diatrlct G.
M., Glynn county! ,
1 hereby solicit the support of the
voters of said district at tbe election to
be held for justice of the peace on the
first Saturday la December next. If
elected will endeavor to perform the
duties of said office faithfully.
Jas.'T. Lambrioht.
Many of your friends, or people
whom you know of, bave eontraoted
consumption, pneumonia, or other fa
tal diseases, by negleot of a simple
cold or cougb. Foley’s Honey And
Tar, a safe, sure and pleasant oough
medicine, would bave saved;tbem. It
Is guaranteed.
1 MM
Allies Will Sejeiitei tie
They Will All Receive Adequate
Compensations for Boxer
Cologne, Germany, Nov. 10.—The
Gazette today, In a seuti-offloially ins
spired note, state* that the power*
have at last reaohed a final and definite
understanding in regard to the Chi
nese embroglio. The entente mutually
agreed upon is ae follows :
“The allies will the pun
ishment to be meted out to the Chinese
offioers implicated in tbe Boxers out
rages. Each government at interest
will be fully and amply reimbursed
for all expenditures and outlays caused
by expeditions sent to China. Mis*
sionaries and private individuals will
reoeive adequate compensation for all
injuries sustained. Troops drawn
from the different foreign contingent*
will be kept in Pekin permanently, for
the future protection of the legation*.
All the forts of Taku will be demol
ished and rased to the ground. Pekin
will be oooneoted with the sea, tbe
waterway* leading to that oity being
improved to the extent of allowing
iron-olads to steam up to its wharves.
New Company is Now Ready For
The Empire Coal & Wood 00., Mr.
A, H. Leavy, manager, will he ready
for business tomorrow morning. It
will be some days yet befors tbe coal
arrives, but tbe wood is here now and
ready for delivery. This oompany
struek a bargain in tbe purchase of a
large supply of wood, and oan afford
to sell it cheaper than anybody in the
oity. The offloe of tbe Empiro Coal &
Wood Company is at the Timbr-Call
office, Gloucester street. Telephone 31.
Work of art has just been issued at aqi
outlay of over SIOO,OOO, for which tbe
publishers desire a Manager in this
county, also a good solicitor; good
pay to the right party. Nearly 100
full-page engravings, sumptuous pa
per, illuminated oovers and bindings;
over 200 golden tbe Morooco
bindings; nearly 50 golden roses ia
tbe cloth bindings. Sells at sight;
presses running day and nigbt, so
great Is tbe sale, Christian men and
women making fortunes taking orders.
Rapid promotions. One Clrlitian wo
man made dear S6OO in fonr weeks,
taking orders among her church ac
quaintances and friends. Write ue.
It may lead to a permanent position
to manage oor business and look after
our large correspondence, wbiob yon
loan attend to right at your home. Ad
dress J. A. Knight, Secretary, Cor col

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