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The Brunswick Times.
XitablUhed 1889.
The Brunswick Call.
Established 18M.
The Brunswick Times-Call,
AJMTHUR H. LEAVY ..... Editor
BOLAKS A. MULLINS, Basins.. Manager
offics }
Bnbsoribors are requested to notify the office
Whan they fail to gct.jany Issue of the Tlmea-
OaiL Atteotiop-to this matter will bo apprs
■lMeU by the publishers.
The Times-Call ‘will .be Delivered by
barrier or mail, per year. 98.00; per week lfl
■ante. Correipondanee on live subjects
solicited. Beni name of writer ehonld ae
eompany same- Subscription, payable in
advance. Failure to receive paper should bo
reported to the bniinose office. 'Address all
•ommnnication. to
Brunswick, Ga.
Hereafter all legal advertise
ments muat be paid for after the
first insertion. The management
baa been put to a great deal of
trouble and delay in collecting in
the past, and In future must take
advantage of the Georgia law on
this subjuct. Ont. 10, 1900,
Coffee la one of the two countiea in
Uoorgia which gave republican major
The full lug, ae well aa the full din
ner pail, cut quite a figure in the recent
Bryan, without his free silver fallacy
•would be the heat man in America lor
Carlisle was proniHiom on the Boose*
Felt reviewing staidfi some dayi. s.p . and
bow he la one of the itadu for reorgnn
ialng the democratic party.
When the deru icrrtlt; party U reor
ganized such men as Dm M Dickerson
ad .Tames 0, Carlisle ehonld oe left
out. They belong with the republicans.
The Sun, Vaitiosta s paw paper, her
reached our sanctum, end It iu a near
sheet. That hustling oily is ablo to!
support a daily and the Times-Call |
hopes that the new paper will lie sue- 1
if Vlll REGAIN.
The Times Call i> very .lorry thet
the Brunt.*!. t 1 tbnary As oclatlon has
vritlidrawu its r quest to the city coon'
!1 for the brlok, store, etc., ia the oM
market building. Wo uo ’ rstand that
this action was decided upon a,ter a
lengthy discussion of the matter by the
boaid of
l>erett that council gave the matt rial to
the association at their mcettug Thu--
i%y night, with tbs understanding that,
It would hae to be remuVod within 80
days. Since the action of council sonic
f onr c.Wrens hays seen fit to criticise
tittm, and autholl 'ta'J" association docs
hoi' .1 re to be tho cause of this erttl”
cl m, tlid’-awn he -erne t ar.l
old eye-sure will remain.
* • ate Indeed sorry tha' some people
liaTii so* tit *o i. 'Ddernn conn'd) for thJs
rotion, for *hev did the cost thing p.*.
•ibis. This old baif-CutshAd butidiug
'haw been standing on mr orine' pal
•ttoet fr a number of ye* 4J> Xu* w ity
has not been able to complete it, and If
had been, we all know that Bruns
wick la too email to support a market,
and what would have been the result?
Simply the taxpayers would have their
money tied up in a structure from which
there would be so benefit to come, .Next
to our churches and schools the library
comes, because it is a little of both, and
we think everybody should encourage
any movement looking to its iAjgtisA
Bishop Stephen Elliott.
Beloved, I must warn you agaios
the very appearance of evil. When a
Cbriastjan 1* peroeived to be lukewarm
in all that concerns religion, and gets
earnest and busy about everything
else; inattentive to the publio duties
of tbe ohurcb save when it is entirely
convenient or agreeable, yet ready to
be present at every occasion of civil
Interest; finding no time to read bii
bible or say his prayerlk yet finding
abundant leisure for novels or news
papers, or magsxines; to snob a one
I must put the question on God's part
“Have I been a wilderness unto Israel?
a land of darkness ?” Is there nothing
to intereet an immortal creature In
spiritual things? Nothing to oeoupy
the attention of a Christian pilgrim
in the wondrous things of God’s law?
Must he run to the world for all bia
pleasures,and oome to Christ only on
Sunday, and then only when he oan
find no possible exouse to keep away?
s there no Ilfs in Christianity for you?
No reality, no joy, no hops of diving)
mediation? Beware, my hearer, lest
you not only wreok yourself, but be
oome tbe oauee by whiob other* shall
be kept from Christ end His aalvatlon.
The judgment whiob has been record
ed against a lukewarm oburob is recor
ded also against, a lukewarm Christian.
“Because thou art lukewarm, neither
cold nor hot, I will oast thee out of my
mouth.” Wlut utter loathing tble'ex
pieisusontbe part ol Christ. What
danger it insinuates upon yours. To
bs cast out of Christ’s moutb, and tbit
for no striking or positive sin, but
simply for beiog lukewarm, indiffer
ent about spiritual tiling* I How many
there era who think nu barm of this;
who satiety themselves with tbe posi
tion that they are doing nothing to
d.i>graoQtbeir Christianity, even while
they are d< ini' nothing to mauifest!
| A more hateful stale of feeling tltsre
■ ts not in tbs whole olrole of Chrlstisn
exporienoe, (or it srgues the absence
of almost every Christian grace.
There can bn no faith where there Is
such a spirit no butnlliiy, no bop*.
It presents one flat expanse of utter
•nd'fferapce. Anything in bst’er than
that; hrst or oold, burning xesl or ut*
tor deadness—but this indifference
Christ abhors and utterly repudiates.
1 auffsred from kidney trouble,
which dually b> oatne so aggravating
that I was obliged forgive up my post-
I I'm. whloh was paying me SIOO per
I laontb, and I ettne to th* city for treat*
merit, nut after several thumbs I was
worse inrtesd of better. lai advised
or Smith’s Sure Kidney Cure and I
bought buttle, and lam now so w* 1
thairi shad return to take a better po
i' on. My cur* I regard as almost
"•> houlous, My wife w* eleo aiiff-r
tug, and one na born i skl< g your ms
dice f< r a short lime, and ia ao much
improved that she already regards a
oure for her as certain, J. H. Wright,
Clarksdal , Mias. Trice 60 oenta. For
a*;s by ad droggtats.
Violat and L lac Cream after sbsv
"{•' suoth og. Can only be had at
Olti u hji her jt„p,
■. , ’■ •• t.-- -■
“ I have been thinking of writing to
yon for some time,” writes Mrs. w. D.
Benson, of Mart on, Robeson Cos., N. C.,
“to let yon know what a wonderful thing
Dr. Pierce’s Golden Medical Discovery
did for my little boy. He was taken
with indigestion when he was a year
and a half old, and he was under the
doctor’s treatment for five long years.
We spent all we made for doctor’s bills,
and it dit no good. He could not eat
anything only a little milk and cracker,
and sometimes eves this would make
him sick, and he got very weak; could
not sit up all day, and I gave up all hope
of his ever getting any better. Looking
oyer one of your books I noticed Dr.
Pierce’s Golden Medical Discovery rec
ommended for indigestion. We bought
some and gave to our boy. Two bottles
of Dr. Pierce’s Golden Medical Discov
ery cured him. He is wall at can be,
and can eat anything that he wants ana
it does not hurt him. He has not been
sick a day sines, and it has been three
years since he took your medicine. I
pray that God will always bless you and
your medicine.”
Farmers, provide yourselves with
Pain-Killer tt this season of the year,
when oolfo, ebolera morbus, dyeeute
rj, diarrhoea, etc... may disable jour
u * it iaijwery esse of the
kind, but be sure that you trust to no
other rem.dy but tbe old, lofig tried
Pry Dayji Paio-lftler whiob never
railed. Avoid substitutes. Huge is
but one Paln-Km,,, Parity MyU'.
Price 260. and 80c.
ht For cord wood, oat orpine,
Telephone No. 24-3. Blood
worth & Jones.
By using Smith’s Sure Kidney has
made a radical oure for me. I suffered
severely from bleeding piles seventeen
year*, and although I tried every well
roeotnmended, failed to receive any
relief other tban the most temporary.
Finally, I commenced tbe use of your
medidioe, and a very abort oourae of
treatment with It has cured ms. g.
Lehman, Memphis, Tenn. Price 60
cents. For isle by sll druggists.
In the field of medicine I# Hood's Sarsa
parilla It possesses actual and unequalled
merit by which it cures all diseases caused
or promoted by impure or impoverl-hed
blood. If you have rheumatism dyapep*
tin, scrofula or catarrh, you may take
Hood's Harsaparil!a and be oared If you
are >un down and feel weak and tired, you
may be sure it will do you good
The favorite family oslhartic It Hood’
Perfectly healthy people have pure, rich
blood Hood's Kaisaporitla perifie* and
enriches the blood and makes peop e
low rates-via. tue plant
To Savannah, Ua., for the E'-a’
Grand Carnival and Street Fair, Ni
vernba*- 6th to 17(b. One fare for r|i>
round trip. Tiok- f* tube a ,id bVem
br 6th, 7th. 9th. 18th, 14' ’nrt 16 u,
with dual limit to lSib. A pisi.d and
program of attractions big hen it.
ranged. Plant S>*'em 'ioke agents
will give full particulars.
B. W. Wuxnn,
Passenger Traffic Manager,
Savannah, o*.
An antiseptio after shaving. Clark,
the barber.
our IvXne: of
Gents Furnish mgs
New Goods Arriving Each WeeK
314 Newcastle St.
V' Between a -McGarvey’s andiThoinas Keanoy,
Advertisements la this column wiU be insert
ed at the uniform rate of One Cent a Word tor
each loserilon. No advertisement, bowevei
mall, less than £0 cents. Cash in advance.
Morphine, opium, laudanum,cocoaioe
habit; myself cuted. will inform you ol
harmless, permanent borne cure. Mary
S. Baldwin, box 1212, Chicago.
FOR RENT,—Two story house, 114
Amherst street.
NOTICE.—This to certify that 1
have appointed Coney & Parker agents
for tbe sele of my brick in Brunswick.
J. S. Morris.
Colored man, who reads and writes,
to prepara for traveling ssomonthly
and expenses, Bend self-addressed
envelop*, President Moßrady, 366
Dearborn, Chicago.
FOR BALE. —One fine piano—as
good as new—oheap for cash. Apply
to L. Goldsmith.
Wanted.—Two young mn. Ap
ply between 9 and 12 o’clock at Iltw
Loudon street.
STRAYED.- A Mexican parrot, hav
ing a green back, yellow bead, red ano
purple wing feather*. Finder will re
oeive liberal reward by returning same
to Mu. Dr. Hatcher, Newcastl.
WANTED—Services of intelligent,
reliable, permanent man. Office and
outside work. Enclose stamp and re
ferences. A. TANARUS, Morris, P. O. Gen.
LADIES!—I make big wages at
home, and want all to bave tbe same
opportunity. The work is very pleas
ant, and will easily pay $lB weekly.
This is no deoedtion, I want no money
and will gladly sand foil particulars
to all sending stamps. Mre. H. A.
Wiggins, Bentop Harbor, Mleh.
MALE HELP WANTiivlftelinble
men to sell ohr line of high grade lu
bricating eUe, geaaes, paints and var
nishes. Salary or commission. Ad
dram, Mutual Refining Cos., Cleveland,
Ohio. wi*
Hustling young man oan make 160
per month and expenses, Permanent
position. Experience unnecessary.
Write qniok for pertlculars, Clark A
Cos., 4th A Locos Streets, Pbiiadel
tablished mercantile bouse, extending
business in this section, wants to ar
range with capable men, of curreot
habits, to manage branch. Salary.
01600 yearly. Extra oommiasiofis.
Must furnish SBOO and satisfactory
references, “Opportunity,” Drawer
74, New Haven, Gunn? 11-M
M irrager.—Old established mercan
tile house want* honest, oapuble man
to mar, sgb anch Shiary $136 month,
■x r* o min.'iioi No solttvtirg re
quired, hu mu-i. fske general duyo
iton aid !>• ambit (Uis. Gaud refer
ence'. aufl SBOO e ,*h r-qtlired. Expsri
eno* a* ra- ager nit nece*>, if
qoahfl a motor re-peo’s.' VOpportu-
I't’,” Drawer 74, Nett fiimi, Conn,
hOR SALE,—Hillery l*!nd, eit
hated on Turtle river, containing 82>j
acres of high lend, suitable for truck
log or p.hltrv raiVng; about 15 acre *
oieared; good fishing and ny-tar r>“da
ariiuml the Island. Alao, lelm t Vie v,
oontaii g 60 acre*, more or lets, c b
afed'.ii Gibson and Per. ises rreek
mx *cra of whloh is order cuw wir
tci oe; 7* to 100 pear trees, and i*n
prov meets on same. Fur further jo*
forma'ion, apply to F, Joe. Doerflin
g*r,£l6 Union elreet.
For cord wood, oak or pine,
Thone No. 24-3. Blood
worth & Jones.
9 oo Drops'
3- iso* '% V* Mi* $4
XVegetatile Preparation for As
similating fee Food and Reg ula
ling (he Stomachs andßowels of
Intan is/C hildri.n
Promotes Digestion.Cheerfuf
nessandßest.Conlains neither
Opium. Morphine nor Mineral.
not Narc otic .
n*v>c oroujutsinvaptram
-favr W r I
ISllSgmw )
A perfect Remedy forConslipa-
Tlon, Sour Stomach,Diarrhoea
Worms .Convulsions .Feverish
ness and LOSS OF SLEEP.
Tac Simile Signature of
Alb iiumlhs old
) ) l)tSl S- Jy<l MS
H. in, MILLER & SON,
Monday’s steamer will bring
us a line ot Oriental Tapestries,
Screens, Couch Cover, Cur
tains, etc. direct from those fa
mous importers of Oriental
goods of
Also a lot of muslin and
Bobhinet Curtains, Cut Glass,
Silverware, Rugs, etc-
How a Woman
Suffers. >
Hows:j,, liri., Kov. as. T - r~-rf^~~
I will always pralawOTine i ttjfcrdai f /
a*s Cone me more aouu tl> ,u „,i tut metl. / Iff I II
•does I uao tvii-lekei tr a its rises* / (l{ \ II
send * book abort iitMitf to *i,* I \ | |
Usgiaa wkosa mu..i 1 eur'Ose t ■
Mrs Ml-nJtg amUAHLLL A •
R Isn’t necessary for a mma to give parti cutara. When she nvt
•b has ' female (roubles'*, oiiin tv< men know what that means It
means day* and of ndkss suffering. It meat beada-bes which
•o tongue can describe It meaia that Uniblr bM-mg ard dragrlng
ln . tn# lom '? r *bdomen It means sgoniring back- che, and Ahoclde
ache, and arm ache, and aches In the lower Mn.bs m*-m* n -rv*s m
"x* *° < bupe means debilitating
*s* “tforrVra R nears nuri rd n, -
s*e n prefeiablr And st'H Wine of rardui will u.ttrly
p-*. r itti ose dtv ises and yakw to rout
utils’ asnsMT (raiTgm. “ bs cured thousands of rises
a' T ' 1 “ I‘ ltn noihlns <be on earth would
; To the budding to the
aaauauoo, Venn. J bridt, to ‘he wife, tr- the u c-aut
o. a,, m. mi. v,b. wEitfi
nrugjlsis Sell Larne Sollies lor SI.OO.
Tot Infants and Children.
The Kind You Have
Always Bought
Bears the JLI \
Signature /
ApT Use
For Over
Thirty Years

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