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Miss Autchfield, a charming yoaaft
lady of Fredericksburg, Is ytsiting
Mias Baeney.
„ . ___ ..<■
Dr. D. D. Alkicaou and 11-Me son
Frank, are both ill to the regret of
many friends.
Miss Virgin a Boyle is much lm~
prored from her recent illness and
will resume her school duties on Mon-
Mrs. J. A. Butts leaves next Week for
Montgomery to attend the grand re
union of the Daughters of the Con
y_rs. G. P. Smith and little daughter
Sara Louise left Friday for Thomas
yille, where Mr. Smith is located for
the winter.
Mrs. Brewster Phillips, of St. Sh
mon, will spend smmral days of this
week in the city, of Mr. and
Mas. L. A. Robinson.
Mrs. W. F. Pennlman had the mis
fortune to fall down several steps of
the staircase at her residence on Thurs
day night, receiving several painful,
though not dangerouß Injuries.
Miss Lizzie Doming, who has been
ill, is muefr-Improved and her many
friends hope she will be able to‘re
lume her position In school next
Misses Lucille and Leslie Butts
leave shortly for Jacksonville to visit
their sister Mrs. Ed Fleming, after
which they will leave for Thomas
ville to join a house party.
**Mieß Bettie Dablgren, after a pleas
amd visit to her sister Mrs. J. 8. .Ray
mond at the Oglethorpe hotel, left on
Friday for her home in Yarmouth.
Miss Dahlgren made many friends
dnring her sport stay to the southland
and they pope she will ropeat her
An intresting event o' the St.Andrew’n
Brotherhood of the Episcopal church
wilt occur on Wednesday evming Tb>
entertainment will be literary a:.d s
portion of the evening i 1 bj spent
ir a debate; “Resolved, that circum
stances make the mao.'' This organ
isation is composed of quite a large
number oftnwe men ana their meet
ings are very enjoyable as well a.
br aeficial.
The teachers of the public school
met on Saturday morning to attend
the normal class. These meetings are
proc uc ive of much good in' connection
with the study of pbysolcgy which the
teachers are now engaged In, an Inter
change of modes and
ing W usually effected and the resol e
are rbo tn in the splendid acquirements
of pedagogy which characterize the
ye r ) efficient teachers of our public
Mils Fannie Gru, Nightengale en
tertuimdai a bouse party on Thursday
n ght which was tb" beginning of a
se ies of pleasant sooial func ions
am ng ;he young society Hlx
tables were played, euchre beiug tho
chi sen en.snamment. The rooms
wer baiuJui iy decorated in palate
and cut flowers and after the delicious
refreshments wereserved by tbecbarm
ing young hostess assisted by several
friends. There were no prizes given
and the evening was one of thorough
enjoyment and coming only too swiftly
to a close.
New York, Nov. 10, —Fashion de
crees that eveiy Woman shall have a
boa this winter. This does not mean
that the boa must be of fur, although
fur boas, bedecked with many tails,
will be popular. But the ruffs of silk
chenille and feathers will he most con
spicuous. Chenille is par excellence
the docoratlve feature of the winter.
It is used in po'Elole combine
lion, and will add richness to toilets for
house and street,
Some of the new boas are made ens
tirely of chenille, short loops being
used to form the ruffle around the neck
and extremely long for the finish
in front. More frequently, however,
tho chenille is used to trim boas made
of silk or other delicate materials. It
is oven combined with feathers as a
The ostrich feather, bcas are by no
means out of date, but they have been
replaced to a great by the more fanci
ful and novel effects Introduced this
season. Aside from black, the light
colors, frequently shaded in the deli
cate tones of pink, blue and gray are
most in evidence. Fancy feathers of
all kir.ds'wilffifused for neck gsrni
urcs, loosely made up to secure the
light fluffy effect so much desired.
Ribbon is used much as chenille is,
with short loops for the collar and long
ones for the front finish, Sometimes
only cnly one collar is used, ibut more
frequently there is a combination of
two or even three. Black and white
are used together in this and other
materials. All tones of gray, brown
and frequently more striking colors to
be sceu in elaborate designs.
In the majority of caae-> tha collar
simply encircles iboncik and is flu ;-h
--td witn an elaborate garniture falling
over the b> dice, often to .hr k> ecu.
, Moussoline de sole, tullr, chlffo ■ and
b .her ma'orials in ligh shade?,
of en bright ned with gold embroidery
are -how for evening wear aod add a
certain eumptuoueness to the toilet
-— m
The profit of a gold mine depends, not on the
amount of rock crushed under tho stamps but
upon the amount of gold wh ch can lie extract
or from ihe rock In asimil r way the value
of food which is eaten and a not depend ou tne
quantity vrhico is ta’kdn Into the to mac h out
upon the amount jt nmu i-hment extr&c ed
from it by the organs of autr tion and digestion
When these organ * are diae ithey fail to ex
t-act the nourishment In suflleienl quantue* to
supp'y tbe needs of the several or/sns of the
body and these organa cannot work without
nourishment. The result Is heart troub'e, liver
'.rouble and all item*. Dr. Pierc s
Golden Medical Discovery, acting on every or
aaof tho digestive anti nutritive system, re
orcs it to health and vigor. It cures dl. ea-es
remote from the stomach through th stomach
in which they originated. Guidon Medfcai
Discovery contains neither alcohol,nor-nar
croup you can realise how grateful mothers
are for One Minute ('ough Core, which gives
relief as soon as it is admlnis'ered. It quickly
cores coughs, colds and all throat and lung
troubles. W. J. Butts.
For t±l*x<ider Troubles
un e STUART'S GIN and
“I have always used Foley’n Honey and Tr
cough medicine and think it the best in the
world,” says Chas Bendery newsdealer of Erie
Pa. Take no substitute, w j Urnt*.
The editor of th** Fordville, Ky., Misoellan
eouß. writ is a postscript to letter:
*1 was .ured of kidney trouble by tak i ng Foley’s
Kidney Cure," Take nothing else. W. J. Beits
An sotiseptio aftsr shaving. Clark,
tbe barber
Trial Treatment Free,
Is your blooa pure? Are you sure
of it? Do cuts or scratches heal slow
ly? Does your skin ueb or burn?
Have you Pimples? Eruptions? Aob-
Ing bones or back? Eczema? Old
Sores? / Boils? Scrofula? Rheuma
tism? Foul Breath? Catarrh? Are
you pale? Then B. B. B. (Botanic
Blood Balm) will purify your blood,
beat every sore, and give a oiesr,
smooth, healthy skin. Deep-seated
oases, like ulcere, cancer, eating sores,
Painful Swellings, Blood Poison, are
quickly cured by Botanie Blood Balm.
Cures when all else fails. Thoroughly
tested for thirty years. Drug stores,
fl per large bottle. Trial treatment
free by writing BLOOD BALM CO„
Atlanta, Oa. Describe trouble-free
medical advioe given. Over 8,000 vol
untary testimonials of oures by B.
B. B.
A Night of Terror.
“Awful anxiety was felt for the widow of tho
brave Sen Burnham,of Machlra, Me., when the
doctors said ihe cAild cot live till morning,
writes Mrs. S. H. Lincoln, who attended her
that fearful night. “All thought sho must
toon die from Pneumonia, but she begged for
Dr. King's New Discovery, saying it bad more
than once saved her iUe and had cured her of
consumption. After tUroosmall doses she rested
easily all nigki, and its further use completely
eared her.” This marvelous medicine is guar
anteed to cure all Throat, Chest and Bung Dis
eases. Only 90c and $lOO. Trial bottles free at
all drug stores.
Rice, the stove doctor, repairs all
kinds of oook stoves and ranges, and
buys and sells seoond-hand stoves. 414
Bay street.
Stops the Cough
and works off tiro Cold.
Laxative Itromo Quinine Tablets curs a cold
in one day. No Cure, No Pv. Trice 15 cents
s£>oo Reward.
We will psy the above reward for any ease
of Liver Complaint, Dytpepsia, Bick Headache,
Indigestion, Constipation or Uoattyee we
cannot cure with Liverata, the un-to-Dato
Littfe Liver rule, when the directions Ere
strictly complied with. They are barely vege
table and never fall to give sstftfactiou. Ssc
boxes contain 100 pills, lUe lioscsn contain to
pills, 5c boxes contain 15 pills. Beware of>nb
eututes and imitations. Sent by mull. Stamps
taken. NKKViTA MEDICAL CO., cor. Clin
von and J ickspu Sts., Chicago, 111. Tor sale by
Brown Drug Cos.. Brunswick, Ga B v,
Sanvannaii, Ga.,'Elks’ Grand Carols
val and Street Fair, Nov. 5-17,1900.
One' lire for the round trip, dUi*2s
cents admission to the Carmyal. For
military companies .and lines bands
in uniform, $l.OO for the round trip
per ospita, 20 or more on o”e ticket.
Tickets on sale Nov. 5,7, 9,12,14, 16,
with Anal limit Nov. 18, inolusive.
Biuinswick, Nov. 8,1900.
To the Voters of 2C:h Piet. G. M.,
Glynn Councy :—1 respectfully solicit
(he votes, and ask tb< support ui my
friends and frilnw-oitizeua o( the 20tn
Dii. G. M., of Glynn oounty, for >he
flloe of JnatLie of ’h ’psauc for said !
D'oriot, it. t>e L-lfotiu* .to beheld
next month, Deo mbxr, 1900.
A. W. Coukeh,
I, urn he I DHpeCipr.
For the set iuu> riitease* that attack
the kidneys, I'riokly Ash Bttteni is
nofallingremedy. Rel.evisbuca-ct ,
swelling of the feet, end persistent
b.-adaobe—ejmp'oms whi h indicate
kirtoej ' roubl“. W J. Bur,-
Jim Carer wi'! - , ei*d for year old I
clothes and mik< them new, and
oharge you rou>paraMv“)v nothing.
Second hand household
furniture bought and sojd,
also pianos, organs, trunks,
mirrors, carpets, etc, J. W,
Shav* at the only harbor
Bfiop Ip to-vu nning R icbeeter sterilizer
charged wiih Boro Phenol.
For Backache use
Kl-n Rl-ne.—quinine m a 'eet dew form,
without affecting itemedioina ra ue, combined
with uetanUM and Iron. Ju • t.e thing for
children. to take. He nUI For
1 by W. J. Butte, the diog' t t.
Cbrmherlein’e Bu much and Llrer Tablet*
cure bllioasnew, constipation and headache
They are' ay to take and p' aaant In effect
I for wile at Biabop’n JUrng Store.
7‘tn Carter recognize* no ,oompeUr
{tton in oieaulng and pressing cloths*.
Hill} |||J||| mu
Pill! Jjllll PllIC!
—————— - —-—~^—' ..——-
Perfumes and Tollet Articles
We have just received anew supply of a well selected stock of Perfumes and
Toilet Soaps, and now have on hand most of the special odors in both imported and do
mestic goods from the very best manufacturers.
It Will Cost You Nothing.
lo examine our stock before making your purchases. We will always give you our
very best attention and will take great pleasure in showing you anything in our store,
whether you are ready to buy or not.
We Have Just What You Want
In Drugs, Perfumes, Soaps, Patent Medicines and such other Sundries as are usually
round in a modern drug store- If you should want anything not to be had in our mar
ket we will be more than glad to get it for you in our next order. We are here to serve
you at any time.
Our Prescription Department
Is filled with a fine assortment of new and fresh medicines for doctors’ prescriptions.
You need rot hesitate to send us your prescriptions to fill, as we give this department
ouf personal attention. Uur experience dates hack for about one quarter of a century.
Perfect satisfaction guaranteed. to every lady. Why not call and see us.
The Cash Druggist,
131 Newcastle, Corner Monk.
All kinds of Fancy Cakes
fresh at “The City Bakery,”
corner Monk and Newcastle
F. J. Doerflinger.
L. A. Miller
' ceilWoiiii Flooiiiig
Large iStock Just Received.
Corner Da. and Mansfield. PhoJ7T
Only pUr.i; iu loan wiirre ki'D dricG
~nj' er can bf bought
PUtiLIO 8 'vLB.
Georgia—County of Glynn.
Under a power of h.. 1 contained in that cer ;
tain deer? :o p.eonro dobt frr m t, V C rroß to ;
Mrs. M. L. '..rker, raid Tied !>• ug n corde*! in |
Vol. 9of moi tg.tg . folio &4:i, there will b“ * and
before the, door ot th• C mrt b us- o* 8flf? •
count .in Dr.mswick, Gcorgi . ou :h, llr>i
Tuoda, iu Decrmbor pi >xi ,b< aeon ue j
legal h->urn of; alt w he u ghes. rd * si, hi
dor, fo v c *b, fill of t’ it cer/ali* U set, or (
uarcei of la r S v tua *a and cou tt n.u at ij, f
bout h x miles no* n f*f tin- C’y o hr-iu*-wrick |
•n he #h distuVt r. M.. f iai 1 <;*.u it/,d®
rerd'ed ir i in *i E, M. Turn* v. 4r sail j
0 irrrdl*an T ac etof I .id, hivin.f f*je f ilow- I
iag coi ihc<, and ' cesan i admeasurements to j
•%> ; (*.>rn iic.i'-iug at * p { n> few ru. th pul>- !
i<c io id e Uinic tioi’i *• m.t I a . a-* vn Ue ’
Old Lhnpf 1 t ho '• <i u ilboail P' uie. and .
i u on ing thence an" i h '¥i < we* L 'ins
a...! 4J lT k ox h* •> *' n ;c run ‘luu M i
- ..grooH v*t, 7cb *in srdf>ol|uka tr* p. nine *
tree: thei.-<j nn ng n r k n!t7 i nreescaH 84 I
chain'* ana l oin n Mf- gum tree; then e 1
niunin/. aoukii /0 logrcea caH, 7 ch .tea and jit f
Ur k 14 to the initial p dntjealo beuuded on i
the north *>*/ lan 1* of eiaUJ ;f H.G. %’ar, on *bs |
emit by aaidprMlc .oHd from o*o ha y.l to
said ftoude f ' -odor' ad Plnco, on tho .m utb by
public roed and Undn of Hnsan K. Miller, and
on the west by lands of said estate of sal Dnv;
being the pl .ee whereat tbe haul Gar roll op’w
r*M h a small eouotry farm, known as Carroll e
Farm. vl'' that certain other tract of liud,
n id coruty vnd Jlst lc , contain ng * acres
of wn :, adjoining the tract ab<>v#j d<**cri
end be ng pa< tlcularly descril>ed as U , coorscn
ai’i di daces in de*tl to sccuie debt from
said Carroll to Mnb Parker
r aid two tracui of land to be sold as the
roi ©i ty f -laid L. V Carroll to aivtisfy the In
dcbltdm ss nan od In said act'd to secure iel't.
that is f5 )0 principal with and nsr cent,
thereon fro •* March Ist, JtWO, until paid, he
sl.ira all costs of th-s salo aa provided for in
said deed to seourn debt. Purchaser pays fo
Hues Ihm flovenibar flth. IfOU.
L V. ( AKKoLL, Grantor,
By MRS* M* L, PALKJfeIK, fi * a e.i*, and at
torney tu fr<d under ao power of sale afore
•.aid* CVK BH ai.. 9.*
M-PiiN'S ixßim
doctors find
■;'A • . * *•- v/
A Good
'a . ' . . - ' '
Pres crip don _
Js** *s* Dmitri, TMn,
W Sr*. '--rr rrf ,mU. . MB. V,-
tr h. —U, rt., wLi Crt
V Tf mmplr, w* nA . -
6itefea3^s.s: l ss im
p*iiy to their Innjtne bv esrriing n
C'.mni.ilrn, lod tlo *n epp 'rturD.
to shn • it onr disttitm'fon •£ $17,600
in ossii, njr tsk n übsciptioti tor
thf Dali ieet' -, No ou flt t
C'luts oiilv f portti o ir(J ri mahie voii
r ..*■. A lil'e.l Bit 'ft': Pohlli binjf
Ci.-, Dpt. D, 17 Wfilßtn r ~ New
York Rn/treocea: Ai bank tr ex
pr *8 sgrn
Many pfopie.wor.jr her vise Ukjt belt ivs
they iiav.’ b.mrt (it mass. 'l'll, cliSOC*' 're ih>.
their ho >rt arn ail rixhl but tlulr .tomaob.
ar nimblo to dlgmt foofi. if.xlol Hyy.,r. ~a
Cura divest* want you ni r > th'-
formation of giw whirl' iiako.i the .tinsel
pie. szslnst the uesu. I* M ciuj ver;
form of lutli(nation. Vf. J. Laita. ..
saatr Proifuci
—Vegetables ate.
A : ?o Oon^ctionarw.
Contractor and Builder, ’
119 South Stonewall Street.
Brunswick, - Georgia.
| O tc C) ik'c Magio Tonic lot dan
druff; puis uure. , — 3

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