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What Georgia Newspapers Ba v of the
Myrkle & Harder Or ra’iMny,
Beginning Monday anil continuing
all the week the Myrkle and Harder
Company b ids th boards at the
Grand at popular prices,
This attraction i said to be the larg
eat and best now playing at the prices
10, 20 and 30 cents. Their plays are all
new and are all New York tried suc
cesses. For each one they ps7 to the
owner tor Its exclusive use In this ter
ritory a big royalty. Their opening
bill Is the -‘Princtss ot Patches, suc-
cessfully produced In New York by J.
H. Wallick over2oo times; for this
production alone Myrkle and Harder
carry four complete sets of scenery.
The cast includes twenty capable ac’ors
with Miss Emma Myrkle in the title
role and Will Harder In the comedy
One of thb special features of the
Mjrkle and Harder Company’s per
formances are their specialties. Mon
day night the following will appear
between the acts; Emma Myrkle and
Will Harder will be seen In their cele
brates sketch. “The Fortune Teller;’’
the musical Macks, manipulators oi
every known musical instrument; Wil
lis Harrison, Philadelphia’s phenome
nal baritone in Illustrated popular bal
lads; Joe Doming, In topical topics;
and the Edison biograph, with life mo
tion pictures, all new subjects.
Manager Wolffe guarantees this at
traction to be one of the best that will
be seen in Brunswick this season.
Brunswick Will bo the first place they
have ever used what Is known as the
ladles’ ticket, but Manager Wolffe has
arranged w'th the company to admit all
ladies lo the parquet for 15 cents that
buy tickets before (5 p. in., on Monday
Myrkle and Harder will present dur
ing their engagement “The Knobs O’
Tennessee,” “Dangers of a Great City;”
If you wonld like to see something
real lovely tu the way of Floe Choc-
A olute Caudios, oeiure to coll hy and
tako a look at onr new display'
Th ere i nothing to oompare with it
this *ide of New York, and it* Quite
a treat to see. We’ve hundred* of
new kind* now in stock, and mak
ing end resolving more dolly.
Fancy gift packages in till sly Ism
and price* a specially.
1 ’PHONE *55-
M (Next door lo Fleming & Waff)
De Wilt’* Utile Early Riser* are the beet
liver pills ever made. o*y to take ond never
gripe. W. J. Batts.
“Princess of P.tcbeh” and the "De
faulter,’’ none ol these eyer having
b cn seen in Brunswick at 10, 20 and
30 cents The Knoxville Dally Senti
nel say a the Myrkle and Harder cirri
panyieibs best that has ever visit-d
Knoxville, Tenn., at popular prices.
Monday’s Angus's Herald says:
“It Is the unanimous verdict that the
Myrkle aod Harder company is the
best ever se> u at tbi
prices.” '
Jim Carter is bsving aland slide in
dyeing clothing. He represents the
leading dyeing establishment of Sa
vannah, and the Brunswick people
are catoblng on, for they always grab
t good thing when they see it.
George A. Points, Upper Sandusky,
0., writes: “I have been using Fo
ley’s Honey add Tar for hoarseness,
and find it tba best remedy 1 ever
tried. I( stopped the oungb immedi
medfstely, and relieved all soreness.”
After exposure or when you feel a
cold coming on, take Foley's Honey
and Tar. It never fails to oure, and
will prevent pneumonia or consump
tion if takSn in time .
Yes, August,, Flower (till has the
largest eale'.of an; medicine lo the civ
ilized world. Your mothers and grand
mothers never thought of using any
thing else ifor indigestion or billons
ness. Doctors were scarce and they
seldom heard of apendicltta, nervous
prostration, hean failure, etc. They
used August Flower to clean out the
tystem and stop fermehtatlon of until*
t-ested food, regulate the action of the
liver, stimulate the action of the ner
vous and organio system, and that is
all they took when feeling dull and bad
with headache and other laches. You
only need a few doses of Green's au
gust Flower, In liquid form, to make
you satisfied there is. nothing seatons
the matter with you Sample BoSles
at Butts drugstore or Brown Drug C
Should be In every household roede
oine chest. It affords certain relief
“I have slwsye used Foley’s Hone; end Tar
Cough medicine and think U the best in the
world,” says Chan Bender,* newsdealer of Erls
I’a, Take no substitute- W J Butte.
The editor of the Fordvllle, K;„ Mlicollaa
eous, writes ne a postscript to a business letter:
-l was cured of kidney trouble b; taking Foley’s
Kidney Core,” Take nothing else. W.J. Units
An antiseptic after shaving. Clark,
the barber.
Jim Garter recognize* no competi
tion in cleaning and pressing clothes.
To Savannah, Ga., for the Elks’
Grand Carnival and .Street Fair, No
vember sth to 17th. One fare for the
round trip. Tickets to be sold Novem
ber sth, 7tb, 9th, 12th, 14tb and 10th,
with final limit to 18th. A splendid
program of attractions has been ar
ranged. Plant Sjstsm ticket agents
will give full particulars.
B. W. Whknn,
Passenger Traffic Manager,
Savannah, Ga.
For Backache use
Ki-na Kt-na.—v/utntne in s tasteless form,
without sleeting Its medicinal value, combined
with nsctanllid and iron. Jum) the thing for
children. Pleasant to take. a bottle. For
asle by IV. J. Butts, the druggist.
Chamberlain’s Stomach and Liver Tablets
core biliousness, constipation and headache
They are easy to take and pleasant In effect
For sale at Bishop’s Drag Store.
_____________ ..
For Bladder troubles
use STUART'S GIN and
Jim Carter will send for your'old
clothes and make them new, and
•barge you comparatively nothing.
Second hand household
furniture bought and sold,
also pianos, organs, trunks,
mirrors, carpets, etc. J. W,
Shave at Clark’*, the only barber
shop in town using Koebester sterilizer
charged with Boro Phenol.
Oomoted Daily by Capt. Otto Jshaaasssa
Port of Brnniiviok, Nov. 10,1900.
Scbr. Charlotte T. Sibley, Norwood,
from New York, arrived this morning.
Lost both anchors and 45 fathoms
chain north of Brunswick bar.
Brig C. C. Sweeney, Miller, Savan
Schr. Geo. M . Grant, Felter, Bangor.
Schr. Nimbus, Stabl, Boston.
Schr. Harry Prescott, Gray, New
Schr, Josephine Elllcott, Rage. Bos
Schr. Geo. H. Ames, Mo’.ts, Nas-au.
Schr. Wm. H. Summer, Ycaton,
New York.
Both makers aod circulators of counterfeits
commit fraud* Honest ■ men will not deceive
yon Into boying worthless counterfeits of De-
Wilt’s Witch Ilksel Salve. The originel is in
fallible for earing piles, sores, eczema and all
skin diseases. W. J. Butts.
Have yon a sense of fullncsaton the region
year stomach after eating? If so you will be
benefited by using Chamberlain's Stomach and
Liver Tablets. They also core belching and
sour stomach. They regulate the bowels too.
Price Mo. Sold by Bishop’s Drag Store.
Don’t be deceived or humbugged by people
who claim the discovery of some hitherto un
known herb or root in swamps, or on some
mountain or prairie tor the euro of kidney and
bladder troubles, Any doctor; or druggist with
tell you that such claims or fraudulent. Foley’s
Kidney Cur* simply contains remedies that are
recognized by the meet .nkliful physicians
best for tbeso complaints', so don't be credulous
or foolish. W. J^htttb.

An aoUseptie after shaving. Clark,
the barber.
DeWltt’s Witch Hazel Salve will quickly
heal the wont burns and scalds and not leave
a soar. It can be applied to cuts and raw sur
faces with prompt and soothing effect. Use it
for pilot and akin diseases. Beware of worth
less counterfeits. W. J. Bntta,
For Diabetes use
Dr. M. Harris, of Chicago, will test
your eyea free of oharge. Be will be
at my store for two weeks, A. Kocbild.
For Infants and Children.
The Kind You Have Always Bought
For sprains, swellings and lameness- there
nothing so ood as Chamberlain’s Fain Balm
Trv It. For sale at Dr, Bishop’s drag store.
Violet eud Lilac Cream after shav
ing Is soothing. Can only be had at
Clark’e barber shop.
Half ike World is in Darkoata
as to t eause of their Hi health. If they would
start to treat their kidneys with Foley’s Kid
ney Cure, the weariness of body and mind, back
ache headache and rheumatic pains would
disappear. W. J. Batts.
Money loaned on personal
property and real estate. Ap
ply to J. W. Wat Kins.
most fatal of all dis
EHI CV*O kidney cuhe is*
bULL I 0 Guaranteed Remedy
or money refunded. Contains
remedies recognized by emi
nent physldans as the best for
Kidney and Bladder troubles.
PRICE 50c. and SI.OO. O
W. J. Botta. the Drngiet.
To StOf • Bold.
After ex|xure or when you feel e cold com
ing on toko a dose of Foley's Honey sad Tar.
It neVTYf flUt to atop a cold if taken in time. W
J. Butte.
Violet nod Liltc Cream after shav
ing la aaotfaiog. Can only bp bad at
Clark’s fiarbar shop.
Every woman in the country
ought to know about
Mother’s friend
Those who do know about it
wonder how they ever got along
without it. It has robbed child!
birth of it3 terrors for maqy a
Swife. It has preserved her
figure and saved her much
suffering. It is an external lini
ment ana carries with it therefore,
absolutely no daager of upsetting
the system as drugs taken intern
ally are apt to do. It is to be
rubbed into the abdomen to soften
and strengthen the muscles which
are to bear the strain. This means
much less pain. It also prevents
morning sickness and all of the
other discomforts of pregnancy.
A druggist of Macon, Ga., says:
“ I have sold a large quantity of
Mother’s Friend and have never
known an instance where it has
failed to produce the good results
claimed for it.”
A prominent lady of Lam
berton. Ark., writes: “With my
first six children 1 was in labor
from 24 to 30 horns. After using
Mother’s JPriend, oy seventh was
bom in 4 hoars.”
Get Mather** Friend t the d rag
•tore, 91,00 j*er battle.
Wrtt*fr out trm lU(urtnet*4 Hoot* “BKFOftX BJLBT
IS fiO&Jf."
oa Jtohia.
Bean the 1I Kind Yds Have Always BotigM
The Plant Syatem will eel! round
trip tioketa for tlie .-annual fair, Way
cross Fair Association, t one fare
from Thomasville, Albany, Savannah,
Brunswick, Jacksonville, Lake City,
Mompioellu and intermediate points,
* A spl'iodid program of at'raatloas
has bees arranged and visitors wilt
be well entertained,
B. W. Wems,
Passenger Trvfflo Manager,
Swaoaah, Ga.
Rainy Day (Hats.
The very best of tb- in M' favored shape* are
shown in our awcftnv nt.
Triamsd and ’JaL'isri Felt Hi
In variety ot shapes, styles and colors.
Wh have bought and made them np to sell
to those who desire something serviceable, yet
pretty; good, but low priced.
These are right and priced right.
Money to Lend
on Improved Real Estate.
Apply to W. Merchant, Secretary, or
F. E. Twitty, Attorney, of the
Wall Paper
502 MonklSt.
Allen’s Foot-Esse, a’powder. it cures painful,
smarting, nervous feet and Ingrowing nailaand
instantly Lute* tho sting out of corns and bun
ions. It’s the greatest com f vrt discovery of the
an. Allen’s Font-Kaae makes light or new
shoes feel rasp. It is a certain cure for sweat
ing, cations and hot. tired, *cbtng feeu Try it
today. Sold hy all dregglst* and shoe store*.
By mall tor Me Is stamps. Trial pack age Free.
Address Allen 8. Olmstoad, Le Hoy, N. Y.
Shave at Clark's, the only barber
•bop ia town usieg Rochester steriliser
•barged with Bere Phenol.
J* 1 w&W** He
w §1
mj y
1 > ' Hiißl
kaaD down ‘ aazniUp ‘
.r :r . no. 87 ho. 80. Time I&ble *o.B. 0,0.
Effective ocu.mw.
Passenger Mixed Peeeenger Mixed
:—t _ ~ Daily. Daily,
[ Dally. Daily. J>
gCOsm.... 5 45pm... lv Bruntwiek r 000 pm....
...lit 40 pm... tOOam.. lv Tiftton or 100 am
ISSOnro... 1145 pm. ar Valdai::. lv 4 30am
i. 946 am... 8 00pm... ar Wayoroer lv 4 15am... 7 80am
II to pm. 810 am... ar Montgomery lv 745 Tin..
IS JSpm ... 90am...ar LouHvllle lv i55 at. ...
f ltpm ... 780 sm... or Bt.Lcui* • lv* 866 pm..
sod am.. Krunawick Ar 600 pm lu 00 am
..... 640 am.. 90S pm lv Brunswiek ar iStypm.. 885 pm..
' 806 am.. 10 80 pm.. ar Jeeup lv 500 pm., 855 pm.
Direct connection made et WavcroM with Pullman Bleeping Carp foi all points.
Between Port Tampa, Key West and Havana. 0
Lv Port Tampa 11 00 pm Mon. Thar*. Bat. Ar Port Tampa 1 80 am Thur. Sun. and Tu*.
Ar Key Weatß 0t pm Tues. FTL Sun Lv K*y West 10 OOp. m. Wed. Sat. and M0n.....
Lv Key Wet 9 00 pm Tnes. FTI. Sunday Ar Key Weat 9 00 pm Wed. Sat. and Mon..
Ar Havana 5 01) am VTod. Bat Mon Lv Havana 2 90 pi Wed. Bat. and Mon
' MMH i iNBt
When lh , > liquids <SO me from out
- * t °°' r "
AxC . M'*''* - ' \ that it is impossible to find a brand
WLf J vt \ ; a which Is not pleasing in aom? point,
X'W \ iJJmWI These goods are fully matured.
have a fine rich body and mellow
-ft Excellent for family or any use.
& 11% * 20618ay Street.
Groceries, Tobacco, Flour, Bacon and
■ Provisions,
216 Bay Street, Brunswick, Georgia.
. ANDI bunders]
Of Stone, Brick and Frame Building
Manafaetwers ••CdMent, Wlfnd;Artiflolal Stone
A C/iartm'Dglndividm/Ity
most welcome to the connoisseur—
nch, dainty and sparklingly brilliant
"EMrTMI Bottled Beers.”
Brewed from the $Mk <*jwtarq n
and Minnesota barley and the
choicest imported Bohemian hppf,
this beer is a nourishing drink ol
unequaled purity and
Order fan
Bruns wick. Wholesale Wine and Liquor Cos.

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