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* fnteHl Fetet Eipsrieics
Is i*ot desired ia yrxx own par*
eon. A Doctor’s Obssrrattoa
Is Valuable to AIL
Bmd rhst on* nfi nonwt
Mnson’s CMP & Fern Tofe 1
"Las t Ka.il we had a good SwU ot
Typho-Malarla, or perhaps Ty
phoid Fever. Homs patients died:
some recovered after sis or eight
week*. After trying regular rem
edies two weeks, I gave Johnson's
Chill and Fever Toole. In no in
stance bad it been given more
than S4 hours, when fever eooled
down and did not return. Patients
regained good health rapidly"
J. r. KmcHKook, M. £>.,
Conway, Ark.
the first symptom, and
A. B. Girardeau, Savannah, Osu
Sole Manufacturer.
1# pfljlllll!
lues., Thurs, and Sat.
Matineetoices 10 and 20c.
Night prices 10, 20, soc.
LADIES will be admitted tor 15 cents pro
vided they reserve seats BEFORE 6 j>. in.
The biggest 10, SO and 39c worth oyer offered to
a theatre going public,
Four Cos no pie ie Sel of Special Scenery.
302* Newcastle St.‘
All Kind* of Oaody
Our Rrcatv.st Specialist
For 89 years Dr. J Newton Bsth
away has so successfully ’rested chronic
diseases that he Is ackn- vledged today
to stand at the bead of h t, rolession in
this line, His exclusive' irethod of
treatment tor ana cHrieture
without the aid <t unife or cautery
cures in 90 per cent, of all oases. In
the treatment of loev of vital forced
nervous disoitiers, kldfuy am ir:. : ,.ry
nompiaints, fitful v is, bib 1 poisoning,
rheumatism, catarrh and diseitses pccuT
iar to wonseu, he is equally successful
Dr. Hathaway’s practice is more 'ban
double that of any ether spscmli §
Cases pronounoed ;jo,cUs by othff
physicians, readily yield to bin treat- j
ment. Write hm today fully about
youi case. Ho makes no charge for
consultation or adviee, either at his of
fice or by mail.
2(5 Bi.su Street. Savannah, Or
Rice. tfce stove dec or, repairs
kinds or cook stoves and ranges, bur
and sells second uand stoves, 414 bay
stre t
tioaa FACE
is your roOTmni.
Th rogy war('om- tle.
Amr an Worn*-* thro "
t, -r %y -aveu'v-fl 9 ml ill a
■. .1 */, •’ svaliy for fc
p w ieis, lotion*, eve.. ho
Which art mao e of p'*js ■ ggpi. < au
•iro-T thaßVin. To © J- •• * i . Ros
Ess It by Com Sexton, get *
Ksetore* original ••onr/>ir, pormai*e*iy r*~
matm pimp ©a, frecklee. aad aU
ftvnplexioaal imperfection*.
Absolutely harmless. Result* gar ABtesrf.
Writ# for particulars. Prise lk.it by aiti
(Usve* 9100 aad 12.50
TIRaiB HUBBUB CO„ Bo West 14* Si B. Y
Brown Drug Cos., Sole Agts
Brunswick, Georgia.
Second hand household
furniture bought and sold;
also pianos, organs, trunks,
mirrors, carpels, J.
W‘. Watkins.
Resolutions Adopt'd Complimenting
thsjßoard of Education.
The tsaohers of the publlo sohools
held a meeting yesterday and tbs fol
lowing resolutions were adopted:
“Whereas, Tbs present Board of
Education of Glynn county and tboee
who have composed the said board
during the past two or three years
hav*, in our judgement, manag'd the
schools in a most successful manner,
and hsve again pltced the finances of
the board on a sound basis, eo that the
salaries of the teachers and other ob
ligations of the board have been
promptly paid when due, and
“Wbereae, This condition of affairs
bad not existed for several years pre
vious, and
“Whereas, We leaiise that to ac
complish this very desirable result it
must have required a considerable
amount of time and lador, on the psrt
of the members of the beard, therefore
“Be it resolved, That we, the teach
ers of the public schools of the City o’
Brunswick, in norma! class assembled,
do hereby express it as our opinion
that the good work of the Board of
Education, under the adverse cironm
atanoes existing during the period
above mentioned, deserves the hearty
oommendation of every good citizen
of Brunswick.
“Be it further resolved, That we de
sire to express our sicosre apprecia
tion of the very courteous and consid
erate treatment accorded us as teach
“Be it further resolved, That a oopy
of these resolutions be published in
the Timbs-Caix and a oopy presented
tlTflWwWPflfose who were members oi
the Board of Eduoation during the
period above mentioned.
“Unanimously adopted November
10, 1800
Burnett’s Bpsolsl Mixture is un
equaled as a milk producer.
A Hohi'er Devil Fiji
Destroying it* victim, ia a type of Consump
tion. The power of thus murderous malady ia
•it on organ# and nerves and nmscies and
brain. .There}# no health till It’s imrcomc
But Dr. King’s New Life t'jl’s are a caff'ami
certain cure. Bum iu the world for BWmach
Liver* Kidneys and Bowels. Only % cants at
all druggist*.
-g=- — ’ :
jl-iio ylos
, Belling, Henting, Repairing,
Me-.setiger Service
We sell Cleveland, Monarch. Or* tvford,
Bogle. Elk, Dixie
Best or’Wheels for thf
Least Money.
IS. Eli!
Millincn [sltteiil
JOJ Newcastle Street
Wi‘ w ts iaf*m the lad-ei
•f Bmn.wiok that thy will find
the largest and Itet uoTeltHff in
Hats, -Matr-Can,-Bifo*,
A Specialty.#
iris BRUNSWIOK >B£R U, iyo<X]
Messrs. H. M. Miller A Son to Furnish
-a Handsome Jekyi Home.
Fir many years members of the
Jekyi Island club have had their house
furnishings snd furniture generally
ehipped from the north, but this
practice will now likely discontinue.
Messrs. H. M. Miller & Son have just
received an oider to furnish one of
the handsomest houses on the island,
and they will begin at once. This
en'erprisiog firm has one of the beet
stocks in tbe state and they deserve
the great suocess which has been
theirs since the opening day.
G. H. Hsusan, Lima, 0., engineer
L. E. &W. railroad, writes: “I have
been troubled a great deal with back
ache. I was induced to try Foley's
Kidney Cure, and one bottle entirely
relieved me. I gladly rsn'mmeiid it
to any one, especially my friends
among the trainmen, wb. tre mually
similarly affi oted.”
When you want prompt anting little pills
that never gripe use Dovvlh’b I.lttlokarly
Risers. W. J, Butts.
hows this?
We offer One Hundred Dollars Re
ward for any oase of Catarrh that can
not be cured by Hall's Catarrh Cute.
We, if under iigueU, have known
F, J. y for the las' fifteen years
and belle.a him perfectly honorable
In all business transactions, and finan
cially able to oarry out any obligations
made by their firm.
West & TruiSt,- wholesale;druggists,
Wilding Km nun & Marvin, wholesale
druggists, Toledo, O.
Hall’s Catarrh Cure is taken inter
ally, aoting directly upon the blood
and mucous surfaces of the system.
Testimonials sent free.Q Price 75c, per
bottle. Sold by all druggists. Hall’s
Family Pills are the best.
Today take Foley’s Honey and Tar
It positively prevents pneumonia, or
other serious results from colds. It
may be too late tomorrow.
Mrs. T. Briddleman, of Parsballville
M'ch,, was troubled with salt rheum
for thirteen years and had tried a
number of doctors without relief. Af
te- two or three applications of Ban
ner Halve, her bands became batter,
and in a short time ahe was entirely
is thk line of
ii ill Ms
which I now have on
Tli. F. Winter,
- .! . - ’
; 311 Newcastle St.
| There l no kind of pain
.or ache. Internal or exter
[nal, that Pain-Killer will
’not relieve.
Bright’s Disease.
High living, Intemperance, exposure and
many other things bring on Bright’s
Foley's Kidney Cure will prevent Bright’s dis
ease and all other kidney or bladder disorders
1 1 taken in time. Take nothing else. W. J
Bloodworth & Jones
New Liverv Stables
New Buggies
Fine Horses
Prompt attention given alt
orders. Drayage a spec
Phone 24-3. JE St
Civil and criminal cases attended to
business strictly confidential. En
quires conducted with secrecy.
" tVfrtear
Southern Railway Cos.
OtHte of General Agßnt, Brunswick, Go
Ffet 1 SttYautiali, Washington and New York.
Lv Brunswick 6 40 am 05 pm
Ar Savannah 10 30 am Id SO am
A.r Washington T am Sto pnu
Ar New York * os pm 6 its au?!
For Jacksonville.
Lv Brunswick .. SOO am 8 2fipm 905 pm
Ar Jacksonville.. 25 am 740 pm 1 ilO am
For Maeon, Atlanta, Louisville and Cincinnati
Lv Brunswick 6 40 am 9 05 pm
Ar Marun. ] 15 pm 5 00 um
A "Atlanta 3 50 pm t so am
Ar LomsvUle. 7 10 am f So pm
ArCincinnati : 7 40 am 7 40 pm
From New York, Wa liiagton and Savannah.
Lv New York ... 811 pm 1! ir. aw
Lv Washington., i's pm I lie am
Lv Savannah .3 pin 050 urn 400 pm
Ar Brunswick... OZi. m 8 05am BHi pm
I’iom Jacksonville.
I.r Jacksonville.. iWpm
Arßrunswl -k Jy. pm
rro’i ' nclu.iati, Louisville, Atlanta and
Ha, s.
Lv Clucinnalt 6 SO aw JOOpm
Lv Louisville 7 46 ..m f 45
| Lv Atlanta 10 4t pm IS I 0 tin.
I r Macon. ■ • .. ' lrt:n 230 uni
I Ari.ru-JMV tk TIC am 8 Mum
DEoRGI /\. Glynn County,
Will Ihi old before the courUionßn door in
Bruimwick, on flivt Tuemlay in Deeumbor,
Uimtlrd, the leunehoid onfatu *xiir
ii k dant.arv lHtw 107-, fn t Vih.wiug part-eia
of land in Town ( Vnitnon# of Brunswick; M t
n 1 1 liufAr-n fiordm aid John Hon
•tre-ets: n->d t:*o quarter or lot
number 11 1 bet vcmd Johi.g and Hw*t w
rflreeis. Solil poj *t cf ■* Mof\ i\
Prtmira, n-ider e xecution iru i; bj ho rax
eol!(;ct r of said c *• nty A. T. Pi tnarn,
f or itau> aiiit conruy iokoh.
W. H. HE.; lUE, 81.. riff
Goor^la—Glynn C.iuniy.
To whom It m, y concern: Take notice, that
(;h.rl(, <>, J nca h npplied for perm, ent
admuiiatration .u the o,t' of H. P. Junes,
lain.fna-d county, deceaaed, ami if there tie
any oh,lection -r> the aratii: of .aid applicailon,
:,, M' o* p.Crientoil mi the firrt Mouth yin fln
; wnber next at which time the omt wii' come
on or hearing in the court of ordinary of .aid
"• -ty at the neu'-l hour and p'auc for holding
•aid court. Given uud rmv hnd undcfßcial
r gi alnro thU l?th of Soplemher, 19i)0,
iiohaor iiart,
Ordinary Glynn County.
Georgia—(Lynn County.
Wfcerea John J ftprare, admlntrtretor 6f
D, B. Knihry eat .te, re|ir.wenß ti the court In
hia petition, duly filed ud onleie-l on and,
that ho ha, fnilr adtaim-ter dean D.B Km
ory eatate Thir i the efnn t cite ad pereni e
concerned, kin :red and c dp r*. to .how
canae, Ifanv hey can, why aaid adminii.irtor
ahonld not be di.rhaiged from hie admini,tra
tlon, and receive l.'lcrK of di.inra.ioa on the
flr.t Monday la krbruary. !901
llOHac* I>aRT, Ordinary,
Oar a penial mixture D the
Best Mill Predorer.
Ftou' 18, m-il Nowotiitl* S'.
J.ut Carter 13 tbe ib to have claaa
jo ur clolb.
of cod-liver oil is the means of
life and enjoyment of life to
thousands: men women and
When appetite fails, it re
stores it. When food is a
burden, it lifts the burden.
VVjjcn you lose flesh, it
BrtSgl'the plumpness of health.
When work is hard and
duty is heavy, it makes life
It is the thin edge of the
wedge; the thick end is food.
But what is the use of food,
when you hate it, and can’t di
gest it?
Scott’s emulsion of cod
liver oil is the food that makes
you forget your stomach.
We*H send you a little to try, If you like,
£CQn & BOWNE, 409 Pearl street. New York
Pleasant to the taste.
Effective, reliable.
Eliminates uric add. The bast
; remedy for Rheumatism and
! diseases of the Stomach, Liver
l and Kidneys.
II a Bolt la. at drwooMa.
► •?. loum, no.
Y- J. rtUTTH,.The;Drugtfiar.'
State of Georgia,) To the Honorable, the See-
County of [ rotary of State of the State
Glynn. )of Georgia. v
The petit ion of C. Downing, F. IV> Aiken. M
Kiiißer, E. 11. Mawon, N. Emanuel, T. Nowman,
J. J. Ij4tl, L. It. Aiken, E Brobston and W, G.
Brantley, respectfully allows:
I That each and all of said peHtiofiers, ex
cept L. R. Aiken, reside in the City of B> uns
wiek, County of Glynn and State of Georgia,
and that petitioner L R. Aiken lesidesat
Mount Pleanan', County of Wayne and State of
II That petitioners desire to obtain for;
themaolvei*, their successors and arsigus, a
charter tor a railroad company t< be known ns
l;h* Brunswick So irmincbai ' Railroad Cojii* I
pany, and they seek to be, incoruonited under
aurb names* a corporate b-dy, for i he purpose
of b-.i Id in operating .1 railway line under
rahl charter*
111. That,the length of the railroad proposed
to b built, by salu romp an > will be about four
hiinored and fifty ,160 y tnilet, ns near Hscan be
esibnatedat this time, an ' that tlio general di
rection ot same will bo amitimast to nortnw^sl.
IV. That said promised rai bosd l>egilining
in the Oity of Georgia, wl 1 proh
aU) run through the counties of lynn,Wayne,
Fierce, ppbng, Coffee, Irwm. Wilcox, Do >ly,
S'tn'e ,\V bsie and Fie wait, in the State of
Georgia, to a point on the boundary iinebe
t wet ii,G*mr*jia and Alalmnia withl.* the county
of Stewart, in the tale of Georgia, and from
aaid point to the cities of Montgomery and Bir
■uingh n m the Stste of Alabama, and toe
priticip -i pluces from which an t< which it is
pro osed 1. construct said railroad arc Bruns
wick, Georgia, and Montgomery amt Bir ?i s;
ham, AI-lmm a.
V That it is proponed to iraue capital stock
in siild railroad inponp to the am mntof fif
teo thousand (sls (M ) for each mile of said
proposed railroad, irmVingaloudcnpitalizati' 11
of six million seven hundred n .id 11, y ihousand
dollurs , $t',750,0 0), nml all of tbo eupithl stock
Is to he commoii stock and none ot it prefeiTed
Vi. Thai petitioners desire that the charter
f tr said railroad company, Obtained under this
ptfUiion, shall continue in force for the full
pei iod flxml by law, towit: One hundeed and
one (101) years#
VII, That it is proposed to locate the princi
pal office of said railroad company in the City
ot Brunswick, Georgia, aad petitioners show
that ''h‘F do intend in good faith, immediately
upon the g 1 anting of th© charter herein prayed
for f to gdtoi ward wiihont delay to secure sub
U rtptions to the capital stook, const met, equip
ms ml in *nd operate a id railroad: Where
lore petitioners pray that they, their successors
and assigns, may be ineoiporated as such rsil
road company, under the MUd corporate name
of tbe Brontwi’* tk. Birvi iugiin.i' Railroad
Company, under the laws of the Btiite of Geor
gia, with all tbe rights, powers p ivileges
Tnccdem. asd psrtin nt to sin ilar railroad cor
poratioss aid as arc B red sad <t#flned by the
lawsef aaid Skate, aad petitioners will ever
C. Downing,
F. Aikea*
M. Kaiser,
B. 11. Masoa,
N. Bmnnaal,
T Newmai,
J. J. Lott,
L. K Gk a,
B, Brobstoa,
W. G. Braatley,
J. W, Watkins will loan
you money on personal prop
erty and real estate.
/ /
Service By Publication.
State of Georgia—County of Glynn.
John Begers,) In Glynn Superior Court, May
va. > Term, 1900.
*o the Defendant, Susie Rogers:
You are hereby commanded to be and ftppßflr
at the De*cemer Terra, next, of Glynn Buperi<®*
Court, to bo holden at the court bouse to
tf'unswick, Glynn County, Georgia, on b
First Monday in December, 1900, and by Tea
(10) O’clock of the forenoon of said date, thou
and the “e to answer the complaint of the plaixte*
tiff in the above stated case in hia Lioel Ear
Witness the IliE'orable Joseph W. Bennett*
Judge of the Sup' PSor Court of Glvnn County,
this the 10th day of July, ItXX).
Clerk SuperiorjCourt. Glynn 1 ounty, Ga.
GEORGIA—GIynn County.
Mrs. Mary C. Repnard vs. Jefferson Lev*.
The National Hank or Bmnswidk and the May
or and Council of Brunswick.—Petition for par
•ionof realty iu Glynn Superior court, fcito
cemher Term thereof, 1900.
To the •>efendi-nt, Jefferson Levy:
You are hereby notitted that the petitioner tu
the above stated ease will apply for a parti
tion of that cortalu real property in the state
of Georgia, county ot Glynn and city of Bruaa-
described as follows: T c Northeastern*
portion of what is known as and called the
•‘Thirty Acre Tract” or “The Wells
having the following courses and < wtances, to
wit: Commencing at-the centre of the South
ern lire of Union street and running thence
Southwardly 1,610 feet; thence running KaaS*
wardly 810 feet; thence running Northwardly
1010 feet; thence running Westwaidly 855f0l
except three certain small tracts tieretofo*®
s<)ld by the owners; such application for pe
tition of said land will bo made at the uex®
term of said eouit to bo held on the flrßt Moa>
dao in December next.
This notice given in pursuance of au ordat
granted September 28,1900, by Hon. Paul Jj.
Seabrook, judge of said court presiding, ttw
Honorable Joseph W, Bonnet being disquallilefl
in said case.
Witness the Honorable PaiiiE. Soaliroofc,
J””Beofsaid court presiding, this October!,
* , H. F. DU BIGIfOU,
r, w . Ste vk - Su l lerlor Oourt, Glynn County,
Petitioner’s Attorneys.
John M. Steele I Application for rt-
JanieHudler, formerly | moral of
Janie Steele. J disabHitiea.
Notice is hereby given that on tbo 6th dar of
October, 1900, the undersigned filed in the ofllfi
of the clerk of the Superior court of GlyiS
county his application for removal of the diMo
bilities resting upon him under tha veroicl li®.
judgment rendered in said court May 21, lf&
lu tno| suit of his former wife, Janie SfceejE
ugainst himfor divorce, and that said appliaaT
tion will be heard at the term of said *ourt to
ginning on the first Monday in December aA,
This Ofiober 8,1900.
GEORGIA—GIynn County.
To whom it mav concern: H. J. Read hattoff
in proper form applied to ine for permaaS
1 letters of administration on the estato A
George McArthur,late of said county, this ia 6
cite all and singular, the creditors and next 3
kin of George McArthur to be and appear S
my office within the time allowed by law au
show cause, if any they can, why 1
administration should not be granted to h7l‘
Read on George McArthur’s estaWl. Witod
my hand official signature this 12th day of (jK
tobor, 19C0. HORACR DART,
GEORGIA—GIynn Connty.
Whereas, Ella J. Jennings, adminietretoto T
George W. Calvin estate, represents to w
court in her petition, daly filed and vnter&d to
record, that she has fully adiuinlsfcred GeonjS
Tl. Calvin’s estate. This Js, thore/ore, to eito
all persons concerned, kindred and sreditoato
to show cause, if any they can, why said adT
romistratrix should not bo dli-charged froa
administration, and receive letters of disasii
sion on the first Monday in Decem?>er, 19(k).
HORACE DART. Ordinary.
Administrators Notice,
AH person, having cialniß airainst eal.M tt
J Ci. Campliell will present them to the uniler-
Blgnoii, and l! owicif said ostatr will < lease
pay their accounts to J. J. SI'K ARS,
Adm’r. Katato J. G. CauipWl.
j Mr*. Clyde freeman, | Libel for Divorce. Re
j tumubl -to December
. v *- I Term, J9OO, of Superior
1 , ... Court ol Glynu couu
-1 O. J, L reeman, | ty^oork'ia.
| To the naid defendant, O. J. Froeman;
Yon are hereby required* pe noi ftlly or by
attorney, to h** aid appear at the next term of
, tho Superb’ iol said counts convuning
on th© first Di cpinl.'er, 1900, then ana
there to answer t -e piainiiff Clyde Freeman,
upof. the merits of her petition for <li vorce filed
againffc you; sk in defaok of Hueh appearance
the Court will proceed a* to Justice shall apper
tain. Witness the Hon Josoj h W. Bonnet,
Judge of Hftid Superior Oonrt, thiN 22d day or
August, 1900. A, O, TOWNSEND,
Deputy Clerk Superior Court. Glynn Cos., Ga.
D. W. KRAUSS,riIfFa. xUty.
For the purpose ,f -ol c ing -he state and
County Tax t)o’. l ill‘eat toe following
tiisirict pieoun-u <.n (Aa*. a r amixl. to-wit:
26 Dn t. Oct. 27. Nov. 19 amt l *er 3.
J 7 List. Or:t2tt. Nov 20 and I) - 4.
IkSSDist. Oct. 25,N0v.21 and Dee 6.
M<9 Dist Oct. 24, Nov, 2? and 1 eo. 7
2b Dist. Oct, 29, SO, Ba, fTov. 28,24, 2, and Deo.
8,10,11. H. J. Read,
T. C. Glynn Cos,
OhamV>erltin’tt Cougi. Eemedy in Ohi-
Hisgea {Bros., the popnlar South Side drug
gist, corner toth street and Wentworth svenae
say: “Wesell a great dial of Ch”. nberiain’a
Cough Remedy and find that it g.v the oat
satisfactory resells, aepeciaily r.aoEg child re*
for severe colds and croup.” For sale at Binh
op’s Drg * tors.
GEORGIA—GIynn County
'lowiwm it may concern: lllrani J. Read
haying in proper form applied to me for per
•uKsent letter of nd -'inii tratiun on the es
tate of Lou Stafford, late of said county,
this is to cite ail and singular the creditors
and next of kin of Lou i-tnfford, to ha and ap
pear at mjr office within tbo time allowed br
law and show cause, if any they can,why
penman nt sdmiols- ration *hould not he
granted to liiram J. Head on Lou Staffoid es
tU wane-, my offleial hlgn Htur. thU M*
day of November 1000.
Holt At: E DaBT, Ordinary .
J. Ort; of FrosiUurK, M 1.. writaa:
“I übd a. foff bad atiaoK of kidney
•omplaiot and tried Kol-y'* Kidney
Cor* wbiob gut me immortlaiv relief,
and 1 wai perfeeily cure! attar taking
wo bottle*. ” Taka ao sobitltata.

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