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The Brunswick times-call. [volume] (Brunswick, Ga.) 1900-1902, November 27, 1900, Image 6

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#Mbljine[spct&iij|& of< }£h}g
Solomon and; ftiff -QaEen pfiSheba. The newest; 6r
and Kichest Circus in America coming to >1 vt <*
Geatpo^t^n, 1 circuses in one. 2 ms^-
a hards- Bki)ha4r~wQ-cage*,-f brass ha an
•'hariML seasflß9iiained from
|^ me i\^'lf| ur #, w% static likq.
* a lioUborrfln captivity!
the only event of that kindthAWva .o.Qurped bi America r
An Algerian cow. tHe J 6 tffi f'eicPx frAm e v ie£%<V
inches high. A herd of Philippine water buffalos from the
—yjifaai*- - .. .. ;*a *k Mk >X
- •>
- TsWwVea-ad tljV* W Aocxi*
aiflWKoJ&nfifb' nuov *rvk>f* tHStBYib
white polar bears, 6 royal Jier.gal Heid oLsacred
cattle from India. .239n* SfllV/G VOflOlVl }£
mmdMm SiWet driven^ji
';bhWdf%^ind-Ht ,; Sß't ~51< I in'fitT
.Don’t fail to se/this
new and grand pro-^*ol|jj2SE|^^~2nljßjra
cession „ V/ ' '.
Two i-erfornunces^l^ESikjJHEj^BSSHjSaF
°**i ji ,u
111 I feral Popalar
1 WLaies Slarl
>i i-itte. dflilest.
toiboM bf!Ji_agiu.Cl -ujoO'J'
Tbe Times Call circus party 'torn
g § my;
sd|^o§ e afr nest. Testerdsj
mm’SWT* "tfSiitW
t. ..c wmiff
ma seen from tbe list of those
voted fur, some of tbe most popular
Mies Kellie WSbitit IStdS In tb >
first day's voting, bat she bss severs I
STnttWMP n
Hesttsring 8
oyfi>MOjirho msp
not have seen the proposition io Buq
tfayi'papw we retvrdiJiice.Tb* shine
titittit' i nuo ot eij*
nopoT(T%;oY isrihnlW j;
Cirous parties hsve long been popu
\(t |m|| Ul, and tbe
Times-Call proposes that there shall
fairadtb; tiw BJWawfi'4
tQjtowp onJDeo. 13, |
< th( Seal of SbAirooj4>ariy will
jbe |ne of tbe&na/y ladles
Xifftiß ofty orßrtrnsw&kV*
ermlne wETch one onbeiT Is*
tbe taSsf pAular.Jnd sbaiN
htdLr ed leadlngrtbJ|riMEsl
n votjng oopts^t
• iVakbw 4fckAlUj*t|w!o|,Otnßb.;
young lady who receives tbe most of
t#ffMgs.Mf>t will have jjttrjpwortibiiy
oufruiply thWj|h|r
a s legion, but the additional privilege
pt JPllfty
female', 'lo iccunpalTy heV iri,
show at the evening gierlormaoee, and
3- PfU?Vj?B&,
rea.wved issu, Wbiob Ig^wenalrvady
el *****:'X ;]r Srt Mi , - fro '
sap .
borne entirely by the Timaa- Call.
Begin voting at once for your favot*
lie, and let us have a little Hjcasurable
bompetitioii Lndiflght to,,tilt coming of
the circus. • •
I T *f% nt r 4 + > i , i u °*
in Brunswick,.and they ail.bave their
opportnni’y is now offered to kIUjL
and tbusbe tbe means ofgivine horT
%nH Ilia of J hVr fries' V at*
UrtWivs^B.wtt4 t A—ißkW
• rv .v/v m . \
TißaUdts mnltbacbt JfKtoMte Timi4<
i?f w
votnA for written in. the blank spaoe
ivioTuia vctj a! "
appearing thereon. Thero will be bq
limit t the number of ballet* that ns
P'rtoff n east, autjtoa saa vat* fo>
np , yeM|f Ufiy o* oea baK)f:
Votara need not aign thsir uaaos,
erybody isollgibla to ths soffrage. i®
Ballnte -nsent bn pet by maU, ad-
,*l!iqrTuai-CAti w ,, J
Votos will be received ap to p. ■„
Tuesday, Deeeinber 11. Ths resnlt It’
Che voting will bn announeed ia tha
T f^ ud l , Sctri l oWpfe-
Ws3% a se%cf’ l^UV'"Av: #H?eiisi* l tfwd‘f > <]
organ’izVher circtd pVtif as She OfioVs
'bea',' 1 * L * r •*? rt!s ‘* "* l '° * Lea
“S*or tie
in Brunswick,* I ititfe Iftr ' ”**
rt f-ottgU eyeti f av*jtoß 0
Miss. ,•■■■. a
- iV.vb..
UKcemboi 1® ' "t*
, Tp ray. Pnpu^^
Wberoa*. Tnere are p .number
houses in
pi jy A not.cppnejted with, Un- ( sewer
to*i and, A■ t I li * Vt * 0
‘ Althefeae, Tke tiiotte has expired^i
iss lo wsio sd: ,a- ' ;o
of dirt is prohibits.
by ordlnapoe,ftr otherwise vend, —•
Whereas, The laws ol the city re
quire that all houses la the
shall be connected— ff dj]
This Is, t^ere lfc r fi>l < WW > Jijit l | ll
pi. concerned,
are forthwith connected. <he owners or
(a mi JsaS 9131t.il
agents thereof will be subjected to.the
{i!od ai) iiHTi'A TBtfc
penalties prescribed oy law.
Jixi aJJ ii ;i. H B’bcl 'sev?
Done at tbe ciiy hall, this lOtbiof
OCMbFi Bv‘’.t9df>Oi)oC> ? jaO
November, 1900.
,isi>uO ,-aUuH .n!i. V. of ja t :
Dban D. ATKiaaos, Mayor j !
no-.\ 1241 to! -Xt .S-.r>tfJk ! I
'™" "" ■■■'■" ™ ■ —lj ■ w r
Don’t wait nntil the 6oof wave oomrs
before'having your overcost cleaned,
pressed or repaired by Jim Carter
8 nd it in now.
34-8. Blooowobth A Jonks. 1 -
(Trial TreatcMßHyigi jgm
blooa pur*? gre
[of it? S>> cu s or soratcm[s h- al
ly? l“e your <km hot or bn^W
Sores? y;Boil*7 Scrofula? Rbpums
tlsm? Koulßrestii? (Jttari-i,? Are
‘you pair? **T>gn H.VtI f jliil'.if
Blood Hal iff) W’ ij l iy >w foul tilln A
cvirjSi*., A
sineeeb, h-aithy sklo. Drep-sraird
ij i ftly ou-rd hy B-iiseic Bount Haim.
♦ I fi-t l v * ■ ft •> i . TrM Mo atmeot
tre- > gig BltiooBalmco„
I' rO'ih,- gS^fVo.sptfW*
In *M 'g' B wv n 1 jjl"* 1 * I T' 'M
'lfltg, gr'Jbl. u -l' O! jg.
Slunj- pop!* worry beC4iire yhry lelicve
ihsy have heart disease. The ebaneve are that
tlwir heart* are all rittht but i.hir umiaiha
formation of ga§ which trnkes tho Btemacb
proj-n against gk heart. It every
hififlAil ;
’’.Rainy DayjStsT
> fhe very bst of the mw f*Tr*d shapes ir
shows is oor aseorsmsst.
/■ ~ SOPXIOi’ I • r, iiii r Tn' 1 -
maaid usl&inßßai Felt SaU
is vsnsty of shapes, .tylss sad colon.
" , ‘ d * ‘h** S? Cos soil
Wsoo ore rtgSVhod pHrod I
A Mfe i.to '■
' HMory^3Kgit hasivery3^fe^SaiV.y "\
| 'vfheffe ftiariiodvtlae of ,iS4 YaHHH|
I teh.'-nj’i i h&jkn a^J*' ! *'
Lx> r , j y.
l iq *' * 3 * J *.
It;. . ... *”KIoS )tall buttled Beers,** l;sj ’ IT wa •/!£’• ,'
llt stands prc/enalomt as. thfe fifiest ** >* d\@
[ bottled beer brewed ia America, jfjr.i y „ iv/v’MBBH
I /■•-• !! ••... ifiNkllMlvDvO: , ” w<rs, ‘ * f\nm"
K -intpsivUit Wti'.rtkt '.Vint au4 Li ; l i?
U. Y,, , stEaa^g
fttu.mi sltfmtfH oi 'ibtu, si o 6
tM* itf Ban 9'±BietimiAi,st! a: - ,l ' • lai •* , “ SI ****%.'.'.
:::::■.*‘£V,*,„:vvF **f***?'T* r
io. >ssp w< i•ttWjifFWi g o mcm::
m'iiivifJbSt:& if,® ff VIfS^SSS::::
—nuMtopim SMm *&* a A^So*b iv I *fSr.'.tli *'"*
.:::::::::::!4jßii iiiiiiiiEL
jio oopm.. ar lubm„ Jr soOdit. ..
rlftl Vft|m r;lUo|i* ■
*-■ K 7& :*? s H*iA' W'AVdrtOis A MO3SITGOMKBY? **'* **'' nfr "
- ,-Wlt.l ■ . , M *. L *t\ ;' , IM| n
j J warn... tvA .veMiMwtck ari # dopes,.. 10am..|.... .. ..
? ST ||S” p ::::::
* j a.. i. {Main., tr 1 Jm
■ *44 am.. : 125 pm. Ar m&iam &tt ; t .i u .tat r <
- <”!>• ojlPJ#9 H Ar vfafthington Lr| *W am II
JSS jy
to "
Lv Port Tampa II 00 pm Mod Thura. Sat I Ar Port Tampa J Do am Tbur. Sun. aud Tue*.
ft Key West SO. pm Tues. PrUSun ...I I.vKey West lotto. . Wed. Sat, and M0n.....
•li K-Ct w eat *Oll pmjuea. Krl. Sunday jAr Key West SO sm Wed. *at. and Mon.. ..
JKliWlto 5 Ojto'n VWl.Sat Mon | hr Havana i SO pin Wed. Sat. aud Sion.. ...
§ HI rgnrifr j n !)rfl l u -
%v\sSNSvjl \j Wb jo th** Hc|al4a cono from our
; TWO Wm y t ’ach a fine line of
”*■ i'fii.—-rfwfi—“fr"" ,tin~rf ~'f ■'J
Tobacco,vFlour, Bacon and
‘t- r •*' I>i fJ/ it) mt -
:t w
-ilso fi SU.SYIO
Iq biXM 216 Bay J StrettioßruMwickyGreMgu. [
| i-. | w-,,^||")jn | ) ilh ’it • IJ . i ‘i.J*""‘i ■ -n.- ..ru i 11!i ■ | sftaKgggHßggagggsa
•r ■ ! ; r : ,;.T • ■ -y ~,r
• ■ • ■# . , ••• .. ~ '. -. "•* * j tn ** ff r ?,•,
• buiuders
- __
Of Stone* Brick and Frame Building
ii) 2 Vq n ryyf [J J r j
Mm of m t ti rrw>f. C ynsea L TOwfMfcgeArtflHui;et*R.

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