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The Brunswick Times.
Established I**B.
The Brunswick Call.
Established Im.
The llrimswick Times-Call,
< ■ ————
ASTHffB H. USAVY - - - - - Editor
BOLAND A. XOUUtS. Bmiaess Manager
Snbecriber* are requested to notify the office
When they fail to get any Issue of the Tlmes-
OaU. Attention to this matter will be appre
ciated by the publitbera.
The Timea-CaU [will 'bet Delivered by
carrier or mall, per year. $6.00; per week 16
cent!. Correspondence on lire subjects
■elicited. Seal name of writer ehonld ac
company came. Rnbasriptiona payable in
advance, Failure to receive paper ehonld be
reported to tbe.buineea office. Addreee all
aommnnieaUone to
Hereafter all legal advertlic
mente must be paid for after the
first insertion. The management
has been put to a great deal of
trouble and delay In collecting in
the pant, and in future must take
advantage of the Georgia law on
this subject. Oot. 10,1900,
YT ANTED, AT ONCE.—Two print
ers—usk-up and straight type-setter.
sc —u-ionbr
The Times -Cam. force bat as much
to ba thankful for as nioct other peo
ple, and there is no reason why wc
cannot observe as other folks do. Tba
management bac decided not to issue
•ny paper tomorrow, in order that the
men who make the Times-Cai.t. may
•pend the day with their familiei, and
aooompany them to tha houses of wor
ship; The paper will bo out as usual
IBaturday morniag.
The Tnißs-CxLi. is glad to say that
quite a large number have oonnec c l
their premiaea wI.L th< sewerage sys
tem, hut there ar* Itili many who per
sist in vlola’lig ihe cuverage ordi
nance. Mayor Atkin.mi ih making
every effort to enfurcs the law and
bis successor will do the same thing.
=—■ —
Courage is so common a trait among
railroad men that examples of bravery
attract only passing mention.
Duty is as big a word to the engi
neer, conductor and brakeman as it is
to the soldier. Men die beoauss of
that word. They have been burned,
mashed and mangled in wreoks be
cause of it, and every year, tbe rail
toad mao, aa a type, stands higher
among men.
SBHMPRie, switchman, and 8. J.
Anderson, engineer, saved many lives
•a the Southern railway, near Ciocin>
aati, last Saturday. They pursued a
runaway engias that was traveling a
mile a minate towards tbe fast mail.
While Aodcrsoe struek to the throttle
Of tbe pursuing engine, Malone climb
ed over the pilot, fell, caught himself,
fell again, but nabbed the long soupl
iag her and pulled himself upon tbe
runaway in time to stop it and avert
a disasterr
At tbe same time, Engineer John
Ferkinc, on the Central railroad, near
Batavia, N. TANARUS„ caught sight of a
string of ruaawey freight cars, oom
ing- with tha speed of a wind taward
bis train. He didn’t jump. Every
man in the train erew stuck to bis
poet. John Perkins stopped bis train,
backed, and when the crash came lit
tle dsmaga was done.
Rev, Myron Heed, a noted evange
liet, once addressed a gathering of
railroad man. “1 want to pay you an
honest tribute" he said. ‘‘Supposing
aoyooe of you ware oaught under a
wreck, and, crushed and bleeding,
knew that you oould live to Bpcak bu
eight words. Would they be a prayer
for tbe salvation of yonr soul '( No
Would they be a menage to wife or
or mother, No*
“You would ssj: ‘Put oat a flag to
the train following.”’
Tbe general tone of the letters of
acceptance of tbe candidates for mayor
end alderman, nominated by tbe Good
Government club, ia to be oommended.
These gentlemen have tbe absolute
confidence of those who know them
best, They are all known to be men
of tbe highest integrity, deeply and
sincerely interested in tbe welfare of
Each of the oandidates pledges his
earnest support of the policies and
principles set forth in the strong plat
form adoptid by the club. The people
are aware that tha city owes a consid
erable floating debt, and that the ten
per oent discount allowed by tbe may*
or aod oounoil caused tbe payment of
a Urge portion of the taxes in the sum -
mer which have ordinarily been payed
atjthe oloee ofj the year. Tbit will
necessarily deprive tbe incoming ad
ministration of the usual revenue tbe
first of tbs year, end will be snj addit
ional embarrassment. It will require
three or four years, with tbe most rig
id economy to pay off the floating debt
and the expressed determination £of
those who vote eonetitnte tbe majority
of the new board to make heroic ef
forts to put tha city on a sound finan
cial basic, should receive the suppoit
and co-operation" of all the citizens
*nd ix p*vers is wait as those who
wit hold over for another year.
Tii#*eaalidatei nominated by tha
o ub r# ospable and sincere, and the
pu ’ Ho can rest assueed that their in
ternals wilt be faithfully guarded.
The Tuns -Call job office is now in
full'blast again and those jwho desire
to aavo money should let it bid on
their work. Best workmen and. best
Prices. II
Just in by expre** ;
Florida Orange* 100 dozen.
Ripe Banana* 100 to 200 doz,
Hard New York Apple*.
Well bleached Celery
'PHONE 255-2
0 (Next door to Fleming A Waff)
. - -v*.,. . . . .
House work-
Ssema easy to a but there as a
great deal of lilting and reaching to do j
a great many trips up and down stain to
make in the course of day’s house Wk.
It’a hard where a woman is we3t For
a woman suffering with some form of
•female trouble ” itr—-
is daily torment. ra&aA ■
There arc thousands pyjEpk f j J
of such women .
Struggling along, day y
by and ay, in increasing {BSaP\, Jiff
misery. There are Xjß
other thousands who feSr
have found a com- r 3
plete cure of their Sb
disease in the use of %.//
Dr. Pierce’s Favorite Ja/[ j I yvf&ffj
Prescription. It LSLa fCfIH
stops debilitating ufiTTjS /**SSh®
drains, cures irregu- [Sgjm
lsrity, heals iufUm- ..Ilf 1 / ,
nation and alcera- *Tfrf j
tion, nourishes tbe j—i NJfgSiiSJ
nerves, and gives L
vitality and vigor.
It makes weak
women strong and i/' I
siak women well. It / IJ
contains no
cocaine nor other / BK
•For a Dumber of // H
nat trouble they ever h 4. I decided U> write
te you for help I wd>id a very antjqragW
reply, and cohuaKVWa treatment at o#e. I
had not used reef* Favorite Preecripttoß • a
week before I beMn to feet better, a<L a* I
Eitiuned, my heaUh gradually uuytovec. it U
proving every day.'’
Dr. Pieree’s Common Sense Medical
Adviser is sent fret an receipt of tamos
to pay cost of mailing only. Send it
one-cent stamps for a book in paper
covers, or 31 stamps in cloth, to l>r,
tL V. Fierce, Buffalo, N. V.
Don’t wait until the cool wave cotaes
before having your overcoat cleaned,
pressed or repaired by Jim Carter
Srnd it in now.
Ovd jtohia. ...
Bei the _y> 111* Kind Yoti Haw Always gji:
Signature Sy?* - -
- -|fc|l —— r py ?
HHEitiKrff salic
GEORGIA, Glynn County.
Will be sold before the courthouse door ta
Brunswick, on first Tuesday In December,
nineteen hundred, the leasehold estate explr
ing January ut, m. In the tollowtog parcels
of land rn Town Common* of Brunewiek: tot
number lit between Gordon ass Johnson
streets; and tbs eontheastcra quarter of lot
number 111 between Johnston and Bartow
streets. Sold as property of eel ate of A. TANARUS,
I’atnam, under elocution issued hy the tax
collector of said county against A.T. rutnaaa,
tor state and county tan*.
W. H. BEEHTE, Sheriff
To the voters of Ike 26th District Gk,
M., Glynn comity! *- .4,
I hereby solicit the support of tbe
voters of said district at the election to
he held for justice of the peace on the
first Saturday in December next. If
elected will endeavor to perform the
duties of said office faithfully.
Jas. T. Lambright.
Burnett’s Special Mixture is uo
vquiieu es a milk produc-r,
Ves, AugustjjFlowrr stiu h M the
la -.'re*, ealejof any mudlciue is theolv
•’*! world. Your .. 'thrr-
moths, a never thoufc hi oi any
thing else Ifor indigestion or biliooe
oe*e. Doctor* were soarce. and they
seldom heard of apendlcltia, nervous
prostration, heart failure, etc. They
used August Flower to clean out the
system and stop fermentation of undi
gested food, regulate tbe action of the
liver, atimulate tbo action of the ner
voji* *nd organic system, aod; that is
ail they took when feeling dull and bad
with headache and other (aches. You
only need a few doses of Green's Au
gust Flower, in liquid form, to make
you satisfied there is. nothing Serious
the matter with you Sample bottles
at Butts drugstore or Browu( Drug Cos
Should ba In every household naede
oine obest. It afford* certain relief
Gents Furnishings
is nw compuktg.
New Goods Arriving Each Week
314 Newcastle St.
Between.C. McOarvey’s and Thomas Keaney.
Advertisements ia this column will be insert
ed at the uniform rate of One Cent a Word for
each insertion. So advertisement, however
mall, less than 50 eenta. Cash in advance.
Morphine, opium, laudanum,cocoains
habit; myeelf cuted, will inform you of
harmless, permanent home cure. Mary
8. Baldwin, box 1212, Chicago.
Hustling young man can make (60
per month and expanses, Permanent
position. Experience . unnecessary.
Write quick for particulars, Clark A
Cos., 4tb fc Loous Streets, Philadel
phia,-Pa. ; :
Hiw ; wXH ED~M AL E.
Manager.—Old established mercan
tile house wants honest, capable man
to manage branch. Salary f 125 mootb,
extra commfaaiona. No soliciting re
quired,-but most take general direc
tion and be ambitious, Good refer
ences aod *Boocash required. Experi
ence as manager not necessary, if
qualified in other respects. “Opportu
nity,” Drawer 74, New Haven, Conn,
This well-known rice plantation, sit
uated on the Altamala river, opposite
Darien, containing 1,200 nnder bank;
also, summer residence on tbejsalts,
with amall house, fire miles from Da
rien, containing 17 acre*. Price for
whole, *II,OOO, For further particulars,
apply to Mr. B. T. Sinclair, Darieß,
Mclntosh county, Ga.
1.1 n'—III
FOB BENT.—Seven-room bouse,
near the hospital. Only *lO 00 per
month. W. W. Brockington.
~ HAY FOR SaLk.'—FivTcar loadsoif
choice Bermuda hay, a* §16.00 per toe,
laid down in Brunswick, Ga. Sold
only in car load lota *t this price
iplfeD. Brown. Jr.. Greensboro, Ga.H
ISLAND, ’containing 6,000 aores
Good game preserve—deer, ducks, etc.
besides beat fishing,en tbe eoaat, with
hard beach of several miles in extent.
Excellent nyiter bed. Price, *20,000.
Also, Canon’* point, on Great St.
Simon’* ttland, containing abont 680
acres, directly opposite Little St. Si
mon’s Island. Good tabby foundation*
for a nlvr bou*e. TH* property i
sixty Jgffrs from Havannah, fourteen
miles from Brunswick, with both of
which place* there is daily connection
by steamer, It it on the Island next
to Jekyj, aod suitable in every retpect
for a hunting and fishing club. Price,
*IO,OOO. For further particular*, apply
Mr. J ames T. Dent, Evelyn, Glynn
county, Georgia.
FOR RENT.—Furnished or unfur
nished room°, 003 Mansfield street.
Mrs. 'W. H. Anderson.
* : . *-
Fob ?Aj.p-Cah register and iron
safe, Apply at this office.
For Asthma use CHE
L. A. Miller
Kiln Dries Mr Ming
. selling nni Filing
• -.
Large Stock Just Received.
Corner Bjr sad Mansfield. Phone irf
Only place in town where kiln dried
lumber can be bought.
900 Drops]
A\c ; •• , '\~
ting the Stoaacte andikrwels of !
Promotes Digestion .Cteerfuf
ness and Rest Contains neithef
Ophim,Morplune nor MiueraL
lior Karc otic .
Apedect Remedy forConslipa- I
lion, Sour Stomach.Diarrtioca
Worms .Convulsions ,Fe
ness and Loss OF SUEEKp
Facsimile Signature of
\to ut IH old
l) Pom s-J'jti ms
Mondayifi#eamer will bring
us a line ot Oriental Tapestries,
Screens, Couch Cover, Cur
tains, etc. direct from those fa
mous importers of Oriental
goods of
Also a be of muslin and
Bobbin ct C urtains, Cut Glass,
Silverware, Rugs, etc-
Laiuts, Bavros Cos. Am* , Aug, 4.
lam *9 years old and bava baen tuflarliic with S|LjA\ ) 17" JB
Ohanga ot Life J had fioodloe epella o baa that ,
•one thought X could lira. My huebasd got m*
wise ot Cardal and ft saved my Ufa. lam Ilka ' *■
aaoUier penoa ainca taking it. W
Mas. B. B. TOWNSEND. ® 'Tgi ft
E b the devout wish of nearly all people to five to s ripe old .age.
None of us want to die young. This universal desire can be realized if
car* be taken of the health tn early and middle life. A l.ttie precaution then
will add many years to our existence. Death can be kept away a long
time. Happy, healthy old age wifi b tbe lot of the woman who promptly
corrects the ailments which sffiict her sex. hi youth, Wine of Cardui will
take the female child safely over the dividing line between girlhood and
womanhood. Asa wife she needs ft to help her through the trials of
pregnancy and childbirth with as tittle discomfort as possible. At the
Change of Life it will help her over the dangerous place that appears in
her pathway between 40 and 5a Then will corns many years of truly
blissful existence. She will grow old slowly and gracefully. To tbe last
she wifi preserve that charm and beauty which are always characteristic
C- - . of perfectly healthy grandmothers.
Mtiis* savisesi exiAirntiiT. <°r women alone to decide
roradvice tn com* raqabing vpeciai whether they will be healthy or
*•, Th remedy for their sick-
KiiHmif (o„ (;hatt&Doog&, Term. ocss is close at hand.
I For Infants and Child ran.
The Kind You Have
Always Bought
j Beam the / a
l Signature /To#
For Over
| Thirty Years

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