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... tnents and the
delicate organism of woman. What
the sufferer ought to do is to give
a tnal to
71 Fenta!e Regulator
k,, is * ho , true cure provided
by Nature for all female troubles. It
is the formula of a physician of the
fcighfet standing, who devoted his
to the study of the dis
tlnci ailments peculiar to our moth
ers. wives ahd daughters. It is made
of soothing, healing, strengthening
herbs and vegetables, which have
been provided by a kindly Nature to
cure irregularity in the menses, Leu
corrhcea. Palling of the Womb. Nerv
ousness. Headache and Backache,
.in fairness to herself and to Brad
Held’s Female Regulator, every
suffering woman ought to give it a
trial A large $t bottle will do a
wonderful amount of good. Sold b*
druggists. . m
• Send Cor * nicely illustrated free book on the *•*,}*#.
The Bradflcld Regulator Cos., Atlanta, G*.
Brunswick,’'No*. 8, 1300.
To the Voter* of 26th Di*t. G. M.,
Glynn County 1 respectfully solloit
the votes, and ask the support of my
friends and fellow-oitiiens of the 26tb
Diet. G. M., of Glynn County, for the
office of Justice of the Peace for said
District, at the eleotion to be held
next month, December, 1000.
A. W. Corker,
Dumber Inspector.
J. W. Watkins will loan
you money on personal prop
erty and real estate.
In consequence of tremendous purchases of Holiday Goods we are competed to 1 1
For the time being, in order to give room to show this magnificent stock. Worth will not be consider
ed during this sale, to move the goods is what we want, and we say candidly now is your chance to e re
Bargains In Every Line
Monday and Tuesday Only., Monday and Tuesbay ONLy
Don’t wait, come now and look at our stock. The shelves are teeming with new and stylish
Dry Goods, Dress Goods, Clothing, Notions, Etc., Etc.
everything in the store will be sold during this sale at Money Saving Prices.
WHMNHKMIs&xX. Tliese Trade e:rss#illl*
Millinery—We arPshowing the swellest and most up-to-date Hats in the south.
Give us a call.
A big line of boys all iftfol Caps. Solid colors and plaids, worth 39c, a bargain at 25c
Ribbons —A fine assortment of Satin in all colors; special, yard . 4c and up
Hats—We are showing the largest and most complete stock of “Ready-to-Wear” Hats
in the city- Correct styles. , 65c, up
Neckwear—Just received full line of Ladies’ Stock Collars, fancy Ties and Chiffon
Boas, new and pretty styles 15c, up
Petticoats—A big assortment Mercerized Petticoats, with wide plaited flounce, All
colors and black, Special $1,39
JVC [email protected] m: . ISAAC,
THE LEADING ©RY [email protected](D©3 EMPGRIHM. 208 -208 J NEWCASTLE ST.
Mncl merest is flow Be
ll Tatail Circus
Part Coates*
■ '
Miss Claudia Lucas .199
Mias, Madge Young 157
Miss Janie Symons.. 79
Mile Oolite Tisou 71
Miss Addle
Soatteriog *0
ToUl oast . . . 596
The Tihks-Cai.i.’s oirous oontest ft
creating a great deal of interest in the
city, and the younger folk* are work
ing bard for their favorite*, and as a
result, all of the young ladie* in the
rice took a big jump, the bandied
mark being reaohed and passed by two
f them. Miss Claudia Lucas is still
in tbe lead, but baa several close com
psticors. The race bas only begun
and many surprises will occur btfore
it reaches tbe end.
Remember that you must vote to-
Tbe kidneys are small but important
organs. They need help occasionally.
Prickly Ash Bitters is s successful
kidney tonio and system regulator.
W. J. Butts.
For the aarloug diseases that attack
tbe kidqggjggdokly Asb Bitters ts an
unfatllogremedy. Relieves backache,
swelling of tbe feet, and persistent
beadaohe—symptoms which indicate
kidney trouble, W. J. Butts.
I Hfhftlk thA accompanied by
wnen me s-asesj:
IMP Falls
colored Splotches,
Asif swollen glands, nchtng muscles
and bones, the Tlisease is making
rapid headway, and (or worse
symptoms will follow unless the blood is
promptly and effectually cleansed of this*
violent destructive polsoy.
S. S. S. is the only safe and infallible
cure for this disease, the only antidote
for this specific poison. It .cures the
worst cases thoroughly a,ud permanently.
HI COliM I contracted B 100
Bfiie Been No Worse. tlrfee doctors, but I
, , • tbe It treatment
did t?e n6 ij.sod • I srasjjettjui! worse alt the
tmie May hntreftiue out; uTce.ts appealed In tnv
Uwpptaml mouth, my.botiy was ahhoet covered
with copper colored ip’.otches find, offensive
Kira. 1 su.icrcu severely from rheumatic nalna
tu m shoulders and arms. My condition iould
hale , con no worse; odtv those afflicted ns I wna
%dersiaud my sufferings. I had about
lost r.U hope of ever being welt again when
I uvested to try S, S. S.,
b"' • b
of tlie disorder; I have l* JrYg&F
l>ee!3 strong and hsnlthy ever since
Iv. W. smith, Lock Bo* tffi, NoMesville, Ind.
Aft is the only purely vege
table blood purifier
offered for proof that
it contains a particle of
mercury, potash or other mineral poison.
Send for our free book on Blood Poison;
it contains valuable information about
this disease, with full directions for self
treatment We charge nothing for medl
cal advice ; cure yourself at home.
day’s ballot today, as It will not be
sounted tomorrow, and be sure and
drop it in before 6 o’olook, or mail
them to the “contest editor” before 8
o’olook. SSv
For the Most Popular Young Lady
in Brunswick, I Vote lor
November 29.
Jk-v .swAs-*’
ills pis,
“HI ' v
u I 0
ntf flgt iisf
THANK. IVl 3 IST 1=" CSIV'Eir s sl
enjoy th^r UgS &nd Medicines for restori "g health to many and permitting them!to
unlimfted su ® ering s * loul( * avail themaelves*of the advantages that our
Offer We can fill the physicians'Jprescriptions or supply a remedy from'the' manv
popnetary articles, - *•
Plains BShnis
in nm. m iron
Is some where on our shelves. Jar Stock of Drugs and Medicines contains that which
yout ills, give you strength and restore you to health.
Whether yog prescribe for yourself or get a
We can fill it. Our compounding department is in competent hands and we use the
purest drugs obtainable at
Skirts—Just received a large assortment Skirts. Correct styles. A leader.
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worth $7.00. Special
Suits—One lot Tailor-made Suits, new and correct styles. Jaeket lined with Taffeta Silk;
In castor, gray and brown. A bargain $8.96
Ladies Undershirts 17c Best gingham, per yd 44c Best Calico, all color, per yd 44c
Ladies’ Jackets from $\ .25 up Boys Waists from 15c up Boys pants from 20c up
Boys Suits from $1.25 up Men’s pants worth $1.50 at 85c
A special sale on Men’s Clothing and gents Furnishings

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