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A Wife Says:
“We have four children, With the first
•itee I suffered almost unbearable pains from
C to 14 hours, and had to be placed under
the influence of chloroform. I used three
bottles of Mother’s Friend before our
child came, which
is a strong, fat and
healthy boy, doing $1
my housework up V*• W
to within two hours . _
of birth, and suf- S\\ • ■• \
fered but a few hard \\J t" /-w
pafijs. This lini- /[■ 'IEm, V*
mentis the grand-/ /Aim/ A f//
est remedy everW
1 ™
fwjfi do for every woman what it did for the
f Minnesota mother who writes the above let
ter. Not to use it during pregnancy is a
ni~ ake to he paid for in pain and suffering.
Mother's Friend equip* the patient with
strong body and clear intellect, which in
turn are imparted to the child. It relaxes
the muscles afld allows them to expand. It
relieves morning sickness and nervousness.
It puts all the organs concerned in perfect
condition for the final hour, so that the actual
labor is short and practically painless. Dan
ger of rising or hard breasts is altogether
avsided, and recovery is merely a matter of
a few days.
Druggists sell Mother's Friend for $| a bottle.
The Bradflelil Regulator Cos., Atlanta, Ga.
Ssnd for oar free Illustrated book.
* " -—a-- . j.j ii
t The profit of a gold mine depends, not on the
amount of rock crushed under the stamps but
ion the amount of gold which can be extract
ed from the rock. In a similar way the value
of food which is eaten doos not depend on Rhe
quantity which is taken Into the stomach but
upon the amount of nourishment extracted
from it by theorgans of nutrition and digestion
When these organs are diseased they fail to ex
tract the nourishment In sufficient quantities to
supply tho needs of the several organs of the
body and these organs cannot work without
nourishment. The result is heart trouble, liver
trouble and many other ailments. Dr, Pierce’s
tiolden Medical Discovery, acting on every or
anpf the digestive and nntritive system, re
ores It to health and vigor. It cures diseases
remote from the Stomach through the stomach
in which they originated, tiolden Medical
Discovery contains neither alcohol nor nar
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Fur the serious diseases that attack
the kidneys. Prickly Ash Bitters is an
unfailing remedy. Believes baebaohe,
swelling of the 'feet, and persistent
headache—symptoms which indicate
kidney trouble, W. J. Butte.
The editor of the Fordvllla, Ky„ Miscellan
eous, writes as a postscript to a business letter:
“I was cared of kidney trouble by taking Foley’s
Kidney Cnre,"„Take nothing else. W. J. Butts
Stops the Cough
„ and works off the Cold.
Laxative BromolQulnlne Tablets cure a cold
in,one day. No Cure, No Fay. Price iE cents
Sufferers from this kerrible malady
nearly always inherit it— not necessarily
from the parents, but may be from some
remote ancestor, for Cancer often runs
through several generations. This deadly
poison may lay dormant in the Mood fot
Jtoftrs. or until you reach middle life, then
the first little sore or ulcer makes its ap
pearance— or a swollen gland in the
breast, or some other part of the body,
gives the first warning.
To cure Cancer thoroughly and perma
nently all the. poisonous virus must be
d.iuinated from the blood—every vestage
if It driven out. This S. S. S. does, and
s the only medicine, that can reach deep
seated, obstinate blocK) Iroubles like this.
When all the poison has-been forced out
of tile system the CancerVbeals, and the
disease never returns. >.
Cancer beginsoften ittasmallnvay, as the
following letter from Mrs. Shirer shows:
A small pimple eamebti rny jaw u‘>out an inch
below the ear on the left side of my face. It gave
me no pain or inepuven- _
and have
eon, in ur 1 for -'‘me lime, ''
end it was ic-markable ' T
what a wonderful effect ‘ ' ■
It had from the very beginning; the sore began te
heniaudafter taking a lew bottle* disappeared
entirely. Tbi* was two yeart ago ; there are at Hi
no signs of the Cancer, and my general health
contniugood.-MRS R.Siuana, DaPlata. Mo.
A |is the greatest of all
Ik ’ blood purifiers, and the
k only one guaranteed
IkaJS fejp k, W purely vegetable. Send
tor our free book on
Cancer, containing valuable and interest
ing information about this disease, and
write our physicians about your case. We
make no charge for medical advice.
Alien’s Foot-Huso, a powder. It cnics painful,
smarting, nervoua foct and ingrowing nailannd
instantly laces the sting out of corns and bun
iona. it’s the greatest comfyrt discovery of the
age. Allea’e Foot-Ease makes tight or new
shoes feel eaep. It la a certain cure for sweat
ing. caUouaand hot, tired, aohtng feet. Try it
today. Hold by *ll druggists and shoe stores.
By mall for Stic in stamps. Trial package Free,
Address Allen 8. Dims toad, Le Boy, N. Y.

Rice, tho stove doctor, repairs '
kinds or cook stoveß and ranges, bay
and seifs second hand stoves, 414 Bav
Jtraet ■
When you want prompt acting, tittle pill*
that never gripe use DeWltt’a Lit We Karly
Rise™. W. J. Butts.
* Our
Aim is to give the public perfect satisfaction for everything bought at our Pharmacy.
The people have been very generous in giving us'a liberal share of their patronage for
which favor we shall make renewed efforts to please them
The prescription department and our general business has grown to such an extent as
to demand the services of a first class assistant. Mb. Jamerson, who is now with us,
comes well recommended and will take pleasure in serving you in any
Oi|r sock is now coinple, includihg the best lines of Toilet Articles. We handle the best
stock of Soaps, from any imported to the cheapest American brands] We can satisfy
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