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Woman’s J
Lite.... 1
is hard enough as /l
it is; It is to her that f \
we owe our world, / \\
and everything
should be made as
easy as possible for V
her at the time of W '/\ \
childbirth. This J\ ~ r ' f V \
is just what '
Mother’s yj cp
Fr id
will do. I; will make \Hj
Uaoy's coming easy
an i pa ini os, and that without tak
-lUK d„nc .r: ous drugs into the sys
tem. It is simply to be applied" to
i the muscles of the abdomen, It
P through the skin carry
* - strength aud elasticity with it.
It ttreagthmH the whole system and
prevents all of the discomforts of
The mother of a plumb babe in
.Panama, Mo., says: ’’l have used
-Mother s Friend and can praise it
Get Mother’s Friend at the
Drug Store, SI per bottle.
The Bradfield Regulator Cos.,
Write for our free illustrated book,
" Before Baby is Born."
3021 Newcastle St.
flip 111 ....
.... 11l Eli
All Kinds of Candy.
“Silver Plate that Wears* ■'i i. V '
The All Important Subject
Is the One of Christmas Presents. pRPE^
We know that this is a hard question to solve, arid vve are ready
f° Lelp you, There is nothing better, nicer,, more appreciated, or more lasting
For the Sideboard than JEWELPY and its kindred lines. -
Call and see the pretty things alrgady^ere, of the Xmas provisions. Looking
around involves no obligation to purchase; wtTare glad to have your present praise, we know you will
buy later- A halt hour in our store will prove a liberal education.in the latest phases ot the beauti
ful in art. Isn’t there anything in this line to suit you ?
Diamonds, "Watches, Jewelry of all kinds, Sterling and Plated, Flat, Hollow and Novelties in Sil
verware, clocks, Cut Glass, Leather Purses, Rich Fans, Gold Pens, French China, Statuary, Potte
ry, Opera Glasses, Spetacles, jnd Eye Glasses, Gold andSilver Headed canes, and Umbrellas, Fine
Lamps, curios Souvenirs, Etc. s
We are going to sell you our goods at the Very Lowest Prices that good goods can be
sold for anywheres, and at the same time we are going to give you FM.EE a chance in the
■ ■■■—"—"Grand Prize
\y i / Ist Frize-Fine Oxidized Silver Clobk * am-*-} at S4O Drawing from November Ist, to December 31st, 1906
2nd Prize—A pair of fine large Vases valued r sl6. FREE —A handsome calendar to all who purchase $lO
These expensive presents are given away absolutely worth
FREE, as a compliment to my customers, Every pur-| \A e give Silverware Stamps, Ask for them, and also SUSfc'
chase to the amount of SI,OO entitles you to a ticket FREE, your tickets,
Time Daily From Washington by wire, Inspector of watches For Southern Railway
Iwm troubled with severe female
weakness for over six month*. ljvas
treated by six wry pronaiaeut physi
cian*, without any marked.benefit.
My last doctor was a skilled"speoial
igf, and he told me the only hope lay
in an operation, I heard of Smithy
Sure Kidney Cure, and after using it
for one tnotitb-I find myself cured,and
even the doctor who last treated me,
now pronounces me well. Mu, J. R.
Fever, Atlsore, G. Price 60 cents
or s >l hf alt dra{*utr.
Money loaned on personal
property and real estate. Ap
ply to J. W- Wat Kins.
WODD—Most for the mon
ey:, Phone 31‘. Yard corner
Gloucester and Grant streets
After exposure or when you feel a
cold coming: on, take Foley’s Honey
and'far. It never fails to curs, and
will prevent pneumonia or ooatump
tion if taken in time.
Gentlemen like exquisite Neckwear.
We have eome to t uit all testes. J. H.
Heller & Bro.
Tax payers are hereby notified ttia
a!! taxes due tbe C'ty of Brunswick,
Georgia, for the year 1900, were due
and payable on or before the first Any
of Oecembcy. 190(1. In complUßte
with the tax ordinances of force, I
•hall at once begin issuing executions
vs. all delinquent asx psysrs.
City Clark.
Rheumatic pains are thet-He? of protest
and distress from tor'tiifcM muscles, etching
jditus and excited Serves. The bk>6dhss
beeu poisoned by pie accumulation of
waste matter in the avstem, and cap lio
U-mgStr supply thf pure and health sustain
ing toed they, require. The whole system
tlic efiect of-kbia. arid poison; and
not until the blood has been purified and
- baek to a healthy eomlkioii will
the achea aud paina cease. ,\ s V
Mrs. Jame.s Kc \ t ,of 707 Ni. n 'tTi street; >l. R.,
Warrington.. D. C., \vrites ns followsV W A few
taontbs-ngb I hjnl an attack of Scuric JOitum*
In its.wot6t form The
wd#sovhiten.se that I
becanve. Completely pros- • -■?'
I rated. The attack was on
I nuiunaTTv severe one, ami J
! mv coaditiou'was regard- JL
ca us being danger- ijcpf jBB*
; ous. 1 was attended by s. yXak
1 ojjc of the inoH able doc- x V&j*
loratn Washington, who ia *
also a iu|tnibcr of tlie ftic
aliy of (Heading medical
college here. He told me
to contlmie bis pics&rfi*- - ..V" 1
tronsahd I would gei.wtU,
twelve trniea wiGjoiit xeceTvinU, the slightest
I beuefit, 1 declined 16 ccYntiuue his treatment any
; texiger. Havhie heard of S. S.'S. (Swift's Specißc)
; recommended for RUeumatisrh, I decided,
Id despair however, to give the medicine a frial,
fctid a iter I had taken a few bottles I wapetjlc to
bobble itronud on tjrytches, atid sodti there,
alter bad no fur them at all, S. S.'S.' having
cured me unud and wen. All the distressing
paias liave left me, my appetite has returned,
and. I am happy to be again restored to perfect
preat vegetable
®L purifier arid tonic, is
the ideal remedy hi all
K Kg rheumatic troubles.
There are no opiates Or
minerals in it to disturb tire digestion and
lead to ruinous habit*.
We have prepared a special book on
Rheumatism which every sufferer from
this painful disease should read. It is the
most complete and interesting book of
the kind in existence. It will be sent free
to any one dejlring it. Write our physi
cians fully ana freely about yourcase, Wa
make no charie for medical advice.
the swift Specific co., Atlanta, g/l ’

*l l cjvflpjW-X 1 e, a n.rwdcffe It curvs psltitui,
ralic, nervous fei t and loumnliig nail.jvild
!\ist*ntljja*3 tlio snugout of oorv ami I'an
ion. 1 V tlie Ktv.tesl convtfre discovery .of the
aae. Atta* Foot- Kane mnkea t'alit or now
3kse I tl- a reitain ants for sweat
*-OK,callous and hot. Uiwl, aoMag feet. Try ;t
today. Sold y.v a'l and Bhoe stores.
By malt tor r.e in stamps, TriU ratckugu ; iea
' ' ——T—
When you wart prompt acting "lltfie pills
that never grlpoi use UoWiti’* Ultisaarl;,
Rtseiv. W. J. Butts.
M ' Our
.. .. ... vt>-'. • •;. ■
Aim is to give the public perfect saftsfactfon’-for' everythfog : ;b6ught- at our Pharmacy.;
The people have been very goHcrpus. in ; '.giving u£a- liberal share of theii patronage for
which favor we'shall make i*eiiewed effoits to please; tkeui .- ;
The prescription department and our general business has grown to such an extent as
to demand the services of a first class assistant. Mr. .Tamerson, who is now with us,
comes well recommended and will take Mre in serving you in any
Gur stock is now complete, includihgbest lines of Toilet Articles. We handle the best
std£k of Soaps, from any imported,to the cheapest American brands} YVe can satisfy
m I,rf" 10,-. O. wt on, ih, mo, ;om[,].r, .amrlm.ot..fo.oi

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