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See our prices for new and
tasty designs in Carpets
Matting and Rugs.
from.the manyjbeauiifuljmodfcls in our
display of
then ascertain the price. It will be less
than you think the bat is worth. Our
milliners got the inspiration from ex
pensive French models, but, the mate
rial and wirkmaoship are American
therefore much cheaper, but none the
ess good and artistic
604 6LOnCKRTRB Sff.,
For Asthma use CHE
Have jour furniture moved by expe
rienced bands. New Town stables.
Cheese Straws,
Butter Thins,
Philad’a Water Thins,'
Saratoga Cnips,
Bent’s Water Biscuits
Champagne Wafers,
Venice Wafers (lemon)
Crake Meal,
Uneeda Biscuits,
U need a Jin eer Way I er,
Tea Flakes.
W ilskmnt
Telephone u and we wol send for
clean, press and deliver jmr clothes
on shortest notice.—The American
Cleaning and Pressing Club, G. R.
Harvey, manager. Newcastle
St. Phone 142 3 .
Receive the best attention at the Brunswick
Cleaning and Pressing Company .
504 MONK ST. Phone 253.
It isn’t wise to take a chance
on a piece of
you want to be sure; when you
have purchased an article
of us you always have
have that comfortable sense of
! security that goes with just a
few things that are the best—
you cannot make a mistake
here whatever you buy, low
est possible price and money
back if you’re not satisfied.
Don’t be deceived or humbugged by people
who claim the discovery of some hitherto un
known herb or root iu swamps, or on some
mountain or prairie for the sure of kidney and
bladder troubles Any doctor, or druggist with
tell you that such claims or fraudulent. Foley’s
Kidney Cure simply contains remedissthat are
reoognised by the most skilful physicians as
best for these complaints, so don’t be credulous
r foolish. W. J. Butts.
Have you a sense of fultnesslea tbe region
your stomach.after eating? If so you will bo
benefited by Ming Chamberlain’s Stomach and
Liver Tablets. They also core belching and
sour stomach. They regulate the bewels too.
Price 250. Sold by Bishop’s Drug Store.
Conti actor and Builder,
119 South Stonewall Street.
Brunswick, - Georgia
Pepßin preparations often fail to relieve
indigestion because they can digest only
albuminous foods. There is one prepara
tion that digests all classes of food, and
that is Kodol Dyspepsia Cure. It cures the
worse cases of indigestion and gives in
Btant relief, for it digests what you eat.
W. J. Butts
Bears ths The Kind You Have Always Bought
This season there is a large death rate
among the children from oroup and lung
troubles. Prompt action will save tbe lit
tle ones from these terrible diseases We
know of nothing so ceitain to give instant
relief as One Minute Cough Cure it can
also be relied upon in grippe and all throat
and lung troubles of adults. Pleasant to
take. W. J. Butte.
Money to loan' Call and
see J. W. Watkins, 208 Bay
Country Pro.luos
—Vegetables eta.
Also Gontiicticnery.
Wall Paper
502 Monk St.
Senator Baton Appears Before Senate
Committee on Commerce.
Mr. Cbas. Daniel, the Washington
correspond :nt of the A’ianta Journal
telegraphs his paper as follows:
“Senator Bacon appeared before the
senate committee on commerce and
urged a favorable report on the bill to
pay Colonel C. P. Goodyear, of Bruns
wick, $46,000 for scouring rxeess
depths and widths in the Brunswick
outer harbor channel. Colonel Giod
yaar lost a great deal af monev on his
oontraot with tbe government for tbe
improvement of the Brunswick harbor,
and tba bill is designed to pay him for
isrviae to tbe government which mem
bers of the delegation and army engi
neers say be ia clearly entitled.
“Seyeral members of tbe committee
promised Senator Bacon they would
support tbe bill.”
War Vessel is La,, isg at the Feet of
Howe Street.
All of yesterday throegs of people
crowded the wharves In the vicinity of
ihe foot of Howe street to view the
Unitsd States molutor, AsDpUUrite. It
ia naid'ess to say that the sight Is an
Interesting one.-
Cj We offer One Hundred Dollars Re
ward for any case of Catarrh that esu
not be cared by Hal,’a Catarrh Cure.
F. J. CHENEY & CO., Toledo, O.
We, tbe undersigned, have known
F, J. Cheney for the last fifteen years
and believe him perfectly honorable
in all business transactions, and finan
cially able to oarry out any obligations
made by tbeir firm.
West A Truax, wboleaalejdruggiats,
Toldo, O.
Welding Kinnan & Marvin, wholesale
druggists, Toledo, O.
Hall’s Catarrh Cure is taken inter
arliy, aoting directly upou tbs blood
and rnuoous surfaces of tbe system.
Testimonials sent free. Pnoe 750, per
bottle. Sold by all druggists. Hall’s
Family Pills are the beat.
Tenons who sutler from indigestion can
not expect to live long, because they can
not eat the food required.to nourish the
body, and the products of the undigested
foods they do eat poison the blood. It is
important to care indigestion as .soon aa
possible, and the best method of doing this
is to use tbe preparation known as Kodol
Dyspedsia Cure, It digests what you eat
and restores ail the digestive organs to
perfect health.
A'l persons interested in the graves
in Oak Grove oemetery, located on the
west side of the proposed extension of
Cochran v- nue through said oerneteey,
are rtqnes’ed to advise the under
signed, so that selections of lots in
Palmalto c-metery may be promptly
mad*, as re interments will be id Pal
; ue-tio cemetery. All information rela
tive to removal of bodies will be give
by ma to persons interested.
C. G Moore, City Sexton.
Such little pills as DeWitt’s Little Ear
ly Risers are very easily taken, and they
are wonderfully effective in cleansing the
iv and bowels. W. J. Butts.
Aching in the small of the back is an
indication of Bright’s Dilease. The prop
er course iu such cases is to take a lew
doses of Prickly Ash Bitters. It is an ef
fective kidney remedy and bowel regala
tor. W. J. Butts.
The most soothing, healing and antisep
tic application ever devised is DeWitt's
Witch Hazel Salve. It relieves at once and
cures piles, sores, eczema and skin dis
eases. Beware ot imitations. W. J. Butts
Few Flags and Buutiug for tbe Oca
•ioa up so Far.
Everybody who can pe.eibly do so
should are flags aid bunting liberally
today. Hon. J. E du Bignou, acting
major, and Mr Frank D. A'ken, p-es
idsnt of tha Board ol Trade, rtqu sis
everybody who can possibly and) so te
Gat cn gala attirs and skow tbs dele
gates that we appreciats tbeir corning.
Came Down in tha Interest of Their City
in Gstting tbe New Road.
A party of AVayoross citizens reash
ed *Brunsw'ck Mondiy night. They
came ter tbe purpose of making a thow
iag to tbe projectors ef ths Brunswick
and Birmingham railroad with a view
of gettiag the line to past tbeir city
and like the many who! ware hers last
week weat aW|^Atisfled.
Wayeresi ia going ahead in lesps
aad bounds and is sure to become one
of Georgia’s largest and most’mpartant
cities in tbe near future.
Labor Uuion te Have Their Public
Meeting on February It.
At a meetlDg of the comiliitee i.n ar
rangements of the Labor Union bald
at their ha'l last night it was decided
that tbe public meeting should be post
poned until Friday, February 11 and
the place of meeting will be announced
in these columns later.
Some promiuent speakers will make
addresses and the cohesion will be an
interesting one.
FELL’ 75 FEE l\ 1
Athens, Ala ~ Jan. 29.—Sam Rich
ardsen, a pa nter, fell from the top of
tbe new cotton mill smokestack while
yalntiug it this morning, and sustained
a broken neck, death rrsnhing instant
ly. He bad a clear fall ef eeven'y five
feet. A high wind caused tbe scaffold
to give way. The smokest ck is of
A special to the Constitution from
Rr.laigb, N. C., says : Governor Ay
cock hss appointed /. W. Wnltehid
editor of the Milling Journal, of Wil*
mington.a delegate from North Cro
lin to the M.,ri Ime Congress at
Brunswick, Jen. 30th.
G. H. Hausan, Lims ,O , engineer
L. E. & W. railroad, writes.: “] have
been troubled a great deal with back
ache. I was induced to try Foley’s
Kidney Cure, vndone hottle entirely
relieved me. I gladly recommend it.
to any one, especially, m.y Iriends
among the trainmen, who are u ually
irmilarly tfllicUd.”.
When you have rheumatism. Muscles
feel stiff and sore and joints arc nainful.
It does not pay to suffer long, from this
disease when it may becureed so promptly
and perfectly by Hood’s Sarsaparilla This
medicine goes right to the spot, neutral
izes the acidity of the b'ood, which causes
rheumatism, and puts an en 1 to the pain
and stiffness.
Biliousness is cured by Hood's Pills. 25c
Fanoy work of all kinds, Embroid
eries at and everything in the embroidery
line at Miss. Kate Sisters.
GEORGIA—GIynn County
i will-sell before the court house door of said
county, to the highest bidder for ca-b, within
the legal hours of sale, on Friday, February a.'
1001, thoßrlgantine Tablo,” and alt the tackle,
rigging and all appurtenances, and two small
boats; said brigantine lying in the port of
liruuswiek, and in Oglethorpe hay therein; the
cargo now aboard said vessel to bo removed at
the charterer s cost, ami said Halo to be free
of any charter party or contract of affreight
ment; said sale being had in pursuance of an
order granted by bin Honor .I.l>, Sparks, Judge
of the City Court of Brunswick, Georgia, on the
Sth day of December, 19.fi, and an order aup.de
mented thereto granted .January Zb, 1901, to
satisfy an attachment pending in said court in
favor of lieulto l’adio.-il against i’abio Gonzal e.
This Janaary lhf, IPOI. W. H. BERiUE.
Sheriff, Wlvun County, Georgia.
...... ... Purl,,. ,n. 1... 11.11" ,1. . '11'.... H.nd.
♦ with Cuticura Soap assisted by Cuticura Ointment.
Millions op Women Use Cuticitra Soap, assisted by Cuticura Ointment, for beauti
fying the skin, for cleansing the scalp, anil the stopping of falling hair, for softening,
whitening, and soothing red, rough, and sore hands, for baby raslies. Rollings, and Irrita
tions, In tbe form of baths for annoying Irritations, Inflammations, and excoriations, or too
free or offensive perspiration, in the form of washes for ulcerative weaknesses, ana lor
many sanative antiseptic purposes which readily suggest themselves to women, especially
mothers, and for all the purposes of the toilet, bath, and nursery. No other rneaicatea
soap Is to be compared with It for preserving, purifying, and beautifying the skin, scalp,
hair, and hands. No other foreign or domestic toilet soap, however expensive. Is to be
compared with Cuticura Soap for,all the purposes of the toilet, bath, and nursery.
Thus It combines In One Soap at One Price, the best skin and complexion soap, and
the BEST toilet and baby soap In the world. 1
Co.nplete External andlnternnlTreatmentforEveryHumorsl.2S,
Consisting of CtmcuKA Soap (25c.), to cleanse the skin of crusts and scales and .often the
thickened cuticle; Cuticura Ointmrnt (50c.), to Instantly allay Itching, Inflammation, and lrrt.
tatl.n, and soothe and heal; and Cuticura Hesolvk.t (50c.), to cool and cleanse the blood. A
eiHSLI But Is often sufficient to cure the most torturing, disfiguring. Itching, burning, and scaly
skin, icalp, and blood humors, with loss of hair, when all else falls. Sold throughout the world.
Tbe Riflemeu will bold an interes’-
log meet ug tonight.
Manager Wolff t lus kind y rendered
ibe < ftiesrs of lbs Amuhi rite box-ta to
tbe coming attraction “Toe Man from
Mr. J. W; Tiinmas returned yester
day from a visit to Now York.
The Mallory eh p arrived about 11
o’clock yesterday in truing.
Fancy work of all kinds, timbre d
erus and every th'ngint b . ui broidery
line at Mis* Kate Sia'e'*.
Wichita, Kan,, Jan. 29, -Judge D.ls
of tbe district court, r, *dvy invited
that Mrs Mary E Leas* must p ><i
tively be present wh-e her petition
for a divorce is taken up. Her attor-!
cey s.uyb to have ’h" eou-t gnnt her
a divorce without puling nsr to tho
experse of a j lurney from New Y >t k.
When threatened by pneumonia or any
other lung troub'e. prompt, relief is neces
sary, as it is dangerous to delay. We would
suggest that One Minute rough Cure hi
be taken as soon as indications of having
taken cold Bre noticed. It cures quickly
and its early use prevents consumption
J. Butts.
make known their condition by frequent
Mr backaches, CHANGES IN URINE, and irritaele tenper^^
I prickly!tij b H?bb 1
m IS A SUCCESSFUL S& I H j B ||C) £§f
KIDNEY RE MFC Y Jllwl ePI B H Irf Gkvl Jaf
mL It cleanses the system of poisons and impurities, JV
i|§V conveys a healiny and strengihening influeuce MB
’Wjk to the suffering kidneys. PURIFIES THE. BLOOD,
stimulates Inc Liver, Stomach and B°we)s,ajfMr
and works a speech} improvement in
of the
AND E3l i? I CZ> SEI
Of Sterne. Brick and Frame Buildia^
Manufacturer of (Jjment, Tile an
•PHONE 254-4
a' base ball game.
Ampbi rite Men ar.fi Local Team te
Cross B,t".
An ini .resting game of base ball ba
ben arranged for Thursday, between
uiatnb'rs of the Atnphilri'e ersw and
a local roam.
S >ma very fine plo ter* are to bo
found amo igthe men of tbe Monitor,
and tan exciting game can be looke*
The ipoclal Washington correspoa
dent of tbe Atlanta CoßStitutien.
Representative Brantley baa securtt?
the discharge from the army of Fred
Kettener, of Wkycroa*, a young min
whit* army experience has b-pn some
what checkered. Ket ener enlisted aa
a private a*d wes seat to Fort Grant-
He git tired of this life and deserted.
Finding his only possible chaucs for
getting out of hie scrape was by giyiag
himself up, he-urrenderel to the aus
thoritiei. He Is a mere youth and in
eonsidera ion of thts fact, Mr. Brantley
succeed and in getting the arm/ authori
11es 'o giant ad echarge. It is of the
“without honoi” viriety end will pre
vent his ever enlisting again, but that
*s the oi l v irouble going with it.

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