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tie Best Toilet Goods.
Are the cheapest. They
give results which a'enot ob
tainable with inferior goods.
Our Soap. Toilet Waters,
Sponge, Nail and Hair Brush
es, Etc., are excellent quality;
will be doing service when
the other articles, costing
nearly as much, are beyond
usefulness. Give us a trial
and see how cheaply we sell.
dose o Boris Bins
from the many beautiful roodele.in out
display of
then ascertain the price. It will be lest
than you th nfe the hat I? worth. Ou>
milliners got the inspiration from ex
pensive Preach models, but the male
rial and wirkmanahip ..re A.merioan
therefore torch obeaper, but none the
e3s good and artistic
Tasty ha Fo: Particular People.
I handle only the best grades of tea and
drinkers know that the best ia always
the cheapest in tbe end. You will find
tea here that other dealers do not han
dle, and if you have been hard to suit
I want your trade.
Agent for Chase and Sanborn's fine
Ceas and Coffees.
215 Kraft Si.
We buy and sell second
hand furniture. J. W. Wat
kins, 208 Bay street.
Such little pills as DeWitt’s Little Eary
ly Kisers are very easily taken, and they
effective in cleansing the
iy and bowels. •J. Butts.
HA U |\L * ■
is fun for the boys and not particularly
injurious to lumber; but “nee-sawing" a
to quality or prices of lumber will ruin
any dealer. We steadfastly maintain a
standard price for hard and soft woods
whether for building or cabinet making
purpose?— that price the lowest consistent
with the furnishing of well seasoned lum
ber and making an honest profit. ’Phone
Planing Mill.
Dyspepsia Cure
Digests what yon eat.
It artificially digests the food and aids
Nature ia strengthening and recon
structing the exhausted digestive or
gans. It is the latest and iscovereddigest
ant and tonic. No other preparation
can approach it in efficiency. _ It in
stantly relievos and permanently cures
Dy spepsia, Indigestion, Heartburn,
Flatulence, Sour - Stomach, Nausea,
Sick Headache, Gastralgia Cramps and
all other results of imperfect digest ion.
Price.so". and sl. Large size contains 2H times
small size, he ::al .iboutdysperwia nciiieafree
Preoared b p c.oeW'v. *CG„ Cb'cago-
Trnrv Copyrights &c.
Anvone pending n sketch and description may
au’okly ascertain our opinion free whether an
invent ion is probably patentable. Comniunicr.-
uonsHtrtctlvconfidential. Handbook on Patents
' jent fiee. oldest agency for securing patents.
Patents taken through Munu & Cos. receive
iP' Clnl notice , without charge, in the
Scientific Jfm?rica.
A handsomely illustrated weekly. Largest cir
culation of any scientific journal. Terms, ft a
year; four months, fL Sold by ail newsdealers.
JVIUNN Oo. 3e,Broadwai New York
Branch Ottlfip, G 25 F St., Washington, D. 6.
When you feel that life is hardly worth the
candle take a dose of Chamberlain’s stomach
and Liver Tablets. They will cleanse your
stomach, tone up your liver and regnlatc you*
bowels, making you.feel like anew man. For
sale at Bishops Drug Store.
Toe foßowin# changes have been
effected on the Sjuthern railway:
S -a! hern leaves Brunswick at 4:50 a,
ra., fur Jesop, wiui Jacksoi vi’le con
nections; 6:50 a. m., for A'lanta;
9:55 for Jesup; 1:45 p in ~ for Jesup
with ftavennah connections; 9:06 p.
m,. for Atlanta.
Train arrives a' 7 :15 s. in., from At
lanta ; 7 50 a. m., from Jesup; 1 p. m.,
Jesup; 6:10 p m., from Jesup; 8:35p.
in., from At anta
- ,
Telephone u j a; :1 we wi l send for.
clean, press ar and deliver >< ur clothes
on shortest notice.— The American
Cleaning and Pressing Club, G. R.
Harvey, mansg-T. 310}£ Newcastle
St. Phone 142 3.
Don’t forget when you
have furniture to sell or
want to buy to ring up ’phone
131-2, J. W. Watkins, 208
Bay street.
For W T hooping Cough use
For Infants and Children.
The Kind You Have Always Bought
W. J. BLirX'K, JJrugiat.
We offe. One Hundred Dolbrs Re
ward for any case of CFarrh that ea - '
noL be cured by Hal’s Catarrh C >re.
F. J. CUV.N' EY A CO., Toledo, 0..
W- 3 , the und r.-igeed, hsvo known
F. J. Obeuey foi the lis i.f ; ran 3 ■
and believe him perfesrlj honorable
iu nil business transactions, and Hnsu
’olslly able to oarry out any obi
made by their firm.
Wart & Truax,
Toldo, O.
Waidicg Kionan & Marvin, wbol. at!
druggists, Toledo, O.
Jttail’a Catarrh Cur is taken inter-
Rliy, aoting directly upon the blunt
ana mucous sur aces of the ?ysteiu.
Test ini jni&ls s n* free. Prior 750, u r
bottle. Sold by all druggists. Hal ’s
Family Pills are the best.
Mre. T. Btiddleman, of Parshal
Mich,, was troubled with salt rbcvi
for thirteen years and had tried
number of dootors without relief. Af
ter two or three applications of Ban
ner halve, tier bauds bectnle better
and in a short time ebe was entire:}
Don’t wait until your child
is burned, then come tioti n?
to us top a Nursery Fender, ;
Get one now* Feed lx La
lvlance, manager,
Mardi Gras Celebration Pemsaoola,
Fla., Feb. 14 to 19, 1901
Fur above occasion the Piaut 8y ; >;a '
sell tickets from Brunswick to IV"sa
cola at rale of $13.10 for round trip.;
To be sold daily, commencing F- ,
12th up to and ine uding Feb, ISO
with final limit March 11th.
Mardi Graa Cel-brat ion Mobiie, Ai
Feb. 14-19, 1901.
For this occasion the Plant 8; stem
will sell tickets from Brunswick to
Mobile, Ala., at the rate of #18.40 for!
the rouod trip. To be sold February \
12cb to ISth inclusive, wiili final limit j
March 7th.
Mardi Gras Celebration New Orleans.
La., Feb. 14-. h to 19 11, 1901.
For above mentioned cot sion Plan* J
System will sell tickets from Bruos- j
wick to New Orleans at rate of $19.69 '
I for tbe round trip. To be sold daily, !
commencing February i2 r .h to 18
with final limit March 7th.
Geo. W, Coatss,
Division Passenger Agent
: By Alderman McGarv-y
Be it and it is hereby r solved ' y the
I mayor and aldermen 0? the city o"
j Brunswick in council assembled Tbs'
the clerk of enure lis empowered t<
allow any owner, ag rls or re prase - -
| tativea of the owner, to redeem &r,-
j property now owned and held by the
J city for faxes, the ci’y to quit claims
on the following confipione; that ail
costs, together with all taxes clu\ b
I paid with intci est, at t!,tea^
| cent, on or before tbe first cl> r oi Juh
1901, and that the ci y printer is hereby
instructed to keep this resolution'
publi.hed daily during this p ried,
provided ho wever, that said rederap
tion is made rn cr be fore the first day
of July, 190 L. Adopted.
Person who canrot take ordinary pil'e
find it a pleasure to take DeWltt’a I.itt!
Early Risers. They arc the best little i
pills ever made. W. J. Butts
They are hem. Tho e Port
able Crate Baskets, that
I burns coal in the open fire
I place. Get one, Reed 10
jLaMance, manager.
I Millions of people are fam ill r v. ii De
! Witt’s I.ittle Early Riper?., and those v ; o
| use them find, them to be famous little
* liver piha. Never gripe. W. J. Butts.
Cl .GT O >~v. X ,-A. .
j Bears tie S} ■ -
Every Exertion a Task
Every Cars a Burden
There is failure, of the strength to
do and the power to endure; there is
-'eakness “all over” that is persistent
constant. .
The vital functions are impaired,
food does not nourish, and the whole
system is run down.
A medicine that strengthens the
stomach, perfects digestion, invigor
ates and tones is needed.
What Hood’s Sm-. ,:pai il a did for Mrs. L. E.
Garland, b.hady. Toon., it “ .s dooo fur others.
Sho took it when she via all run down—with
out appetite, losing lie h, and unable to do
her work. It restored h :• appetite, increased
her weight, and made tier well and strong.
This is her own unsolici. td statement.
Mi %v '':f t>csiariifa
Promises to cure and keeps the prom
ise. The earlier ! eatment is begun
the better begin it today.
Constipation leads to liver trouble and
torpid liver leads to Bright's Disease.
Prick W Ash Ritter, ii a certain cute at any
;.ge of the cl'.'.', le ( " J. Butts.
. qu: ; k bALE.
I min eti I be fcllnwing prop
erty. and to realize quickly, will take
- 550 00 c r < ! . • . no’s Ih ng—6ox7o
1 , m;.i v.*o b- use-, fronting G
brtv ; all and Ij--( ;
• *,nd 48x80 va a ; let, iro .’ing Cochran !
avenu , uex to J street; and 75x200
fee'-' on Oof'ii a uveuii-'*, 75 feet from j
L I, Will r. 11 OOf p rr. Soeme, J
or cai; ca Brob., ot ,Ft .:-j* & Go. j
’J’. E. Owbns.
a ’ -c* 3 ' ,12 . tom boose wit!
, on ami ou.„.,iib, a, wit 175 acre
<1 1 <u ■" •" r Uti’h ihiir’
in# dumb land Island, Foi
. .. apply ti
G. I Baitzkli.,
2 12 F ruandias, Fla
:li3DDb ,SITiONS 1
't!>^,sr® £CURED
i* ( i adi.e ,t!ijalj
its t+'i & : | , \ m v t
1 'Ssj
: F
p --- : ; - . - :•••? ourf.:3tf.ica! j
I y~- if 'J-Sr- ' r-y v A.
a- iUsifissS (odrsß
k .: ' ■ I
' ggj.__ ' ;
P''-nt 8y .1: will sell tickets from j
Brim wick to W; shii-gton, 1> 0., sril |
retu;n, aooouo: above ocOHSion, al fot- ;
low'Dg *&. .♦ : For civil'an's rate,!
%1 Si: lot oUiiliUry companies ond
hi,nils', <; nveliug iog*th< rm um
t'l.rtn Oi. coa Rci.c.*, of $14.10.
Have you ri sense of foFnesslon the region
yon • *tomoh aft r eating? If so you will be
oenefltet-' r> r- m • its.-. stomach an;",
jjver Table :s. They also cure belching and
rour ? oi’.ach# T- *v the bowels too.
Price 25q Store.
ft * Pr> r;ch;ti, CL Ills, Coughs.
I Colils, Dyspepsia of v hat
ever form, quickly cured by
Sti: .S£ WHISKEY A tsblespnonfuT
'a - j P> ••mterihi-riimcsr
i* '■? -9f%V J.iy.
F® *<•**-# JJ Beware ut fsita'iane.
1 W ■ Me, Met; Mr.de Liquor Appear
OKler Than I Was.
Mayavi.lv, Ky., Feb. IS —Diviiiot
Deputy Wyatt Insko has tutned up la
harreia of whisky of ona firm, and
three barrels of another, doing boai
his city wliob ,i'c liquor
deafer*, where th y ch ng; and the (later
• a wiiiiky and ina.'a it appear older
1 arrcl.
Dy special request the
curtain will not ling up un
til 8.45 to-night.
Jerome It, Jerome’s ecmedy, “Tbe
Oouuo llor’o Wife,” w hicb Eric Hope
(Ear! of Yarmouth) will p-esent iu
th s c. y to iight was first produced in
nis country by Charles Frchmao’s
stock company at tbe Empire Thta're,
's ' ; v 1
.A&. ft l%a,
■ i--. •• ■ fW?
, t Ivv/I'.'' -tyf
v ; ■ ly
. \ fiV.-'
\ ' ’. V
New York it scored an immediate
success and abounds with mioy ex
oruciati ugly funny siiuations. Is
deals with tbe expeneooes of an ad
venturer who tas a happy faculty of
separating tbe unwary from ibeir
iWi all b, causing sacrifices and real zu
j lions that are usually characteristic of
! happy endings. Mr. Hope is sur
rounded by a>i exceptionally wall bal
’ auced company of players and a bril
j “an' audience is sure to welcome his
- appealance.
Hermann, tbe Great, presents a
number of new and rtartliug feats of
legerdemain ai the opera bouse on
Sa'urdsy afternoon nd night of Feb.
23rd., beside* several new illusions,
including rbe wondeifnl “Cremation”
n which a young Isdy is burned alive.
Seat? for both the matinee and night
-srli rmances will be placed on s e
on Wedtieedsy. Matinee prices are
25./50 and 75 cents, Night prices 25,
| "0 and 75 and sl.
The curtain for the first
i act will not rise until 8.45
! to-night.
Herrmann will give a matinee uu
Saturday; special prices will be made
for the little ones; seats for tbe mati
nee can be reserved ahead,
Tbe advanoe sale for Eric Hope i&
quite large arc! no doubt quite a large
and fCKbionable audience will witness
this attraction.
For .Asthma use CHE
*” j. j ’X' :> TiiA..
Boars the Kind You Have Alwa/s BoajM
%i r
Only a few more left. Those
Wire Nursery Fenders that
will keep the children out of
the fire, need E. LaMance,
Burn coal in your open
tire place- Our Portable
Crate Baskets wiU do it,
Reed E, LaMance, manager.
jli bumtin Treatment of An American
Washington, Feb. 18.—Gen. McAr
thur, in b mail report to the War Do*
; pirlsufiiit, announce, the sentencing
of Cap*. N( vicio to life imprisonment.
Hew:.; found guil y of having buried
tv've e ii!or n'mtd McDjnald, a mem
| her of Lieut. Gilmore’s pry After
describing the ii humanity of the bu
! i'ai ftpiad of Filipinos, MacArtbur
j of McDonald’s treatment:
'T/.o living man asked fdi wa er,
! was able to drink when it was
g n to him. Shortly afterward ho
w.is j laced in the grave beside his
three < mradee, tit J the native who
aa- . Hiding in the whole began cov
r. rh to lowly from the feel, so as
■ o (■ t'in time to dlo. In this way
t> r .. covered to the n ok, and
a i in' gr v digger nailed out,
t o this rim ’! He la alive
i. • ■ u-mJ replied i‘Go od bury*
. ii and it was done, ’
i; ■' -. \ - I SB*
“O, if my mother were only alive.''
How frequently youn iression!
All through her life she has L , . a mother’s watchful
She is now a mother herself and gains iu strength but
She would givo w orlds to do 07 .ything for her precious
babe, but cannot.
That tiny babe has unfolded in the young mother’s heart
new emotions; she b .s a living ivsj>utiriliility, and requires
strength to enable her to perform a loving duty. At such a
time too much caro cannot bo taken, and the greatest
assistant that nature can have is Lydia E. Pinkham’s
Vegetable Compound.
The birth of tho first child is an especially trying expe
rience and nature needs all tho help it can get. *A happy,
healthy young mother is a delight to herself and all who
know her, and Mrs. Pinkliam's medicine will build her up as
nothing else can.
Read Mrs. Johnson’s Letter for Proof.
~ il ‘ Dear Mr rsomotimel have
If thought Oj wniiii. 1 you to let you know of the
() ffivat hcnciit 1 lor . i L ived flora the use of
tf' - 1 * t.'i E Pinkham / . * Compound. Soon
|j a fter the 1 uTh of my : •!. cJiild I commenced to
~ •' ave trouble. i‘b. ■-y in i 4 h T jrrew worse, and at
m || 3ast became so bad i hat ! found I was gradually
-• ' -‘cd mo for fe
j | male trovibh-5, bet : > j. better. One doctor
\ § told me that I weld 1 insene. 1 was advised by
'•&£ | a friend to give your n. t; : -.'no a trial, and before
\ f I had taken all of tin* h. t, bottle my neighbors
noticed the change in in *, i have now taken live
bottles and cannot tied Vvoru -, sufficient to praise
lC * i advir * any woman win* is suffering from any
H female weakness to give it a fair trial. I thank
Imps oekirudc mjo hid on 1 y° u f(,r ffood medicine.” —MRS. (vERTRUDE
1 M. JOHNSON, 503 E. Walnut St., Hillsboro, Tex.
sam rah HPUU AHA ■ome skeptical
K S?’ §s'® W effSß fip|da P f ' •! •' 'foin time totimequeitioncd
P if m S laftU off tin: g< rii ’> ic.s >f the testimonial letters
HB |I HI v ' r arc ci.nAtaßily publishing, vve have
fe W deposited with the National C;>* F ,•t l.ynn. Mass., ss,Odo,
K MKK Im I which will be paid to any per.-on who will show that the above
BLJv RJB ■LB testimonial is not genuine, • sj. ind before obtaining ihe
\'.y WKr "**•.. ••' writ t * special pern ’ i f/inf Cos.
By Advertisers Wko Use Tline Golnmni.
Ouaniity usd jualty of Cinalaiioa'"grvss
faultily and quality to Adraiiisrs
And We Give Both
When you can get .1. nr mine for the
same pi ice and besia _. a save the cost
of freight and drayage.
and a message will receive prompt attention.
We don’t mind call ng an talking the matter
over with you and giving you our estimates,
and if we fail to get yom orue that is cur fault,
not yours.
-OG and 208 (bone •ste-i Street.
1. Vt.Jlvrper whld-sv is s porfeut
distillation. ll strong, lien* you ami ,
nlps n sit cold tel ui < 'v.e. Trj it
I 1 hitter than i> .!.,• • r. T*'a kind
.>our graod father used! .'iold Iy T.
|Ntwuiiii, Oruuawick, t>a
ko'-p i children out of
• i id lii • '.Sir Wire Nursery
f : eni ■. :;tv the thing. Reed
li. L tMiuce, manager.

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