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The 'inniswfc Tme>|
Established 188 b
The Brunswick Call.
Established 1802.
The Hranswick Tiraes-Cali,
The Ttnun-Call will l>e delivered by carrier
or mall per year, per week 15 cents. Cor
respondents on live subjects solicited. Real
name of writer should accompany same. Sub
scriptions (lajnble in advance.
.Uhlres. all communications to
Subscribers are requested to notify the oßloe
W hen the? fail to yet sny Issue of the Timcs-
Chl). At ontion to tliia matter will be appia
riated hy the p iblisheia.
Everyday on one streets mty ha
seen young uien wtio nro floundering
aliout. Ignorant of a trade of yr fusdon
and no b sinisi training. Most times
these are men eminently capable of
le .ruing wbateve they -ouldset iir
h.ads to learn, Rut they ace throwing
their time a ay, stu tiog their mental
capacities b> and susc u..ii 1 they will find
thenauelvi s adnit It a ousy world with
no fenowlclge •! business, aud tl eir
only support for a iivn g will boa
chance day’s labor. Parents who nog
leot their boy’s buine trainlug and
f..il to prepare him for an active plain
in the world, aro laying up for thorn -
solves a heavy .hare of blame. A boy
rjallyeujhl to be but to work the '1 up
he it twelve years old aud bo made to
reuliz i the va'us of a dollar. Habit is
lecond nature and if children are
taught to be industrious early in bfe
they will have a fondness for
i.— MuUtta .lourr.nl.
I.ivl polit -.it h w l' ba Interna *d
l i uh I. 1 oni' It If in M tn.lli New :
l l I tiPVt-Ot itl lion. John D
L li e f Mu-0 )j{BJ ill no’, he no nut;
date for r> l-<c*i hi m ept alter of the
next house of r. prfSO'i .utiveH of Ge tr
ait, tntr-* tv 11 no duo Id, be h lively
contest for t h • logit and t.oncrable oflioe
by a mini >er of ambitions anti I rilliaut_
<1 orgians, vvlio are members of llio
present house and will s’and for re
eleotion as representatives from their
respective oouuties to the legislature,
anti if successful in the race at home,
will be oaiid'.da’es for the speakership.
Of tliu members ol Hie present house
wlO are e tnsidered to a-pire to be
speaker, art! who have taken premie
ent pare in debates ami parliamentary
batiles in the legislature, are the fo -
il) wing:
A. O Blalock ol Fyit'e, Bryon
Bower of Decatur, W. it, Burnett ol
Clarke, F. W. Cop. land of Walker, M,
I. Johnson of Bartow, Foodrrn Mitoh
ell of Tiiomas, N A. Morris of Cjbb,
J. M 3 aton of Fult in, W. JK. Steed of
Taylor, W. M Toomer of Ware, K L.
Wight of Dougherty, Clarence Wilson
of Clay.
la the b ne list are line pmliamen
triaas mid experienced legislators,
him who iv'iu'd honor the speaker's
obatr, anil presid j wi'h ability and
15at oibor geotleiunn who are not now
memb is of the legislature may be
eleotid to ibe next house, aid become
camiiiUt%s for pesker. A name thus
prominently spoken of ia Hon. R. W.
Freeman of Coweta, who was one of
the most prominent members of tho
legislature of IM)S-I*9,and deoliued a re
el otiou to the present t ouee.
T e contest for the speakership of
the next house promise i tubs full of
intere>r, provided Speaker Little does
not become a candidate to succeed him
self. It is doubtful if nv of the above
named gen'U nt-n would oppose Mr.
Li tie. There seems to be considerable
uncertainty as to Mr. Little’s political
iufei.tiote, Th a doubt will probably
clear away, however, during U>fl ses
sion of the la;.‘isltiture whion convenei
on the 231 dav of next tmntn.

Col. E. C. Macbea’ well known to the
people of this city paid a beai’Mful
tribute to President McKinley in a let
ter to Editor Miller of the Harrison
burg, (Va.) Fres Prats 8i much was
Col. Machen’s tribute appreciated, M'.
M Her used if. oo ihe editorial page
of the c irrent numb°r cf the Free
Pres-i. The letter follows:
Niw Yoik, S“P’. 14 1901
Mr. H B. Miller,
Harrisonburg, V*.
My Dear Harvey.—While It is proba
ble lbat the melancholy death of Mr.
McKinley at Ihe hands of a miserable
assassin may bo turned to good account
in wiping out anarchy, which ol course
would be a partial recompense for the
aact lice, to my mind there oocu-red at
once & more profound, a more far
rsaobing, a aublimer aid irflniUly
mere valuable les o".
It will lively result io to.ting forward
the hands of Chria'ianity in every
civiliz'd land ami even beyond the
present limits of civilization itself.
All the agencies of Christendom wiil
Le alrengtliooed in their efforts hy
pointing to tbo “peace of God which
paiseth ail understanding” as exhibited
on that death bad.
This exhibition and the lack of feai
which was attested by hi a appeal to the
dootors to “.it me die,” will have a
world of meaning to people who have
heretofore given but casual or no
thought to the one great suhj ot of a
hereafter. II s last public U tcanoe
called a halt to tho*c who are supposed
to stand fo wntl.ily accumu'a i*n as
Up; conic id mu uf life, f r i-: re toed
10 indica’e mth the iyo of prophesy
‘ton i far \ h ii sti 1 i; , and no fart per ’
As if ;o emphas * it more sir >rg'; h*-
■ii lij aii ok which name the v >r > m x
11 i> cal ed up lin pillan ot li ill-1e with
ft round ten, and it rxjuirud i| i ck,
ouiioeriid, mid exiraordicary fltorts
to avoid sperulaflTC tun.
Mr. McKinley stood conspicuously
for tenderness and morality m privat*
life, As tho gulf between virlue and vice
is worldwide it. canaol bed übted that
the universal applause of thß former
attribute which -was so pronounced Id
him wiil be a lower of stren'b to those
who advocate, believe in, aud practioe
purity in the home.
Aocording to that Christianity which
I he professed in life and relied on in
death, there is no ocoaaion for us to
linger long around his sspulchre, but
raiherto r>j iioe that he has fought
thu good tight, that he has passed frim
cires and sorrows over to that ba&utifnl
beyond end that he now rests “in that
city whose maker and builder is Gjd.”
Sirc-rsly your friend,
Giondesi if til liie flge—
’l ln St.tr I‘hotn Compa* y will ma v o its
iiia*nl I'iitial Opening Thursday, Sept. 2f>tl, at
60 j 1 -2 Gloncoster Kti*ec‘t,olcl GartleM place.
\V* wi I maU> the untold and unheard of
offer for the short space of two we eks on y.
K< member this means U ami not 10 ilayg. We
will make you PJ of our fau.ous k ‘So Kate"
photo’s for *yv, ami oof those beautiful Daisy
photos for .v)o. For prices and *>t> lea of cabi
nets, cull and mo us. Wo make a specialty of
high .tirade work tlnished io Artiste Flatiuo
and Plat mini.
We are especially equi peil fr lntkirj? baby
pictu es an 1 have an expert at the Camera.
Come ami be convinced. Itcnnmhor the day
and place, come e iriy and avoid the rush.
Hrlngyour money in your hand and get $-.00
in photo's for $1 .ID, and SI.OO worth for 25c.
Wo apply alt the modern methods in Pho
Como one, come all;
t ome rain, Como cloudy;
Como sunshine and get your money’s worth
Your* for business,
me Sitif fiii lip.
FOUND—O e h(ih' b'ii“ serge cast
Owner can have by calling and
paying for ail. ’
Women are Like
f t i/fi f* ar- Healthy andstrong
D ECrW X~ I they blossom
and bloom. Sickly, they wither and
d : e. Every woman ought to look well
andfeel well. It'sberright and duty,
but she might as well try to put out a
fire with oil as to be healthy and at
tracUve with disease corroding the
organs that make her a woman. Upon
their health depends her health. If
there is Inflammation or weakening
drains or suffering at the monthly
period, attend to it at once. Don't
delay. You’re one step nearer the
grave every day you put it off.
Women can stand a great deal, but
they cannot live forever with disease
dragging at the most delicate and
vital organs in their body. You may
have been dece.ved in so-called cures.
Wo don't see how you could help it—
there is so much worthless stuff on
the market. But you won't be dis
appointed in Bradfield's Female Reg
ulator. We believe it is the onemedi
cine on earth foi womanly ills. There
is as much difference between it and
other so-called remedies as there is
between right and wrong. Bradfield’s
Female Regulator soothes the pain,
stops the drains, promotes regularity,
strengthens, purines and cleanses. It
does all this quickly aud easily and
naturally. !tis for women alone tode
cide whether they will be healthy or
sick. tadfield’s Regulator lies at
hand. &. pi r store.
for booklet.
Tnr ijhaOFUID REGUU IDS CJ., Atlanta. Ga.
Scliowl ttolices.
The Eohool of the Sisters of St,
Joseph will open on Monday, Sspt.
30 b, at the corner of Richmond and
Fowe streets.
The private echool of MiseF. O.
Nightingale wji] open on Al indsy Sept
30 th at her residence on Carpenter
Mieses Gale school will open Sept.
30th, 1901, a' 708 E street. This echool
has a graded oourae of study in the
primary, preparatory and ecademio
departments. They me every endeavor
to promote the hes Ph. to (rain the
miod and to educate the judgement,
and the morals of the pupi’e
FOR SALE—Anne lady s R cycle
I veiy ch p AdJre s, “Blryole,’ care
Times Call.
Fi.-R S M.K-O le Rui Bho type
writer. As g.od as new. Wlf) sell
f.ir two th'rds ost. C neon Hard
ware Cos.
TO RENT'—A nicOy fnrumtnd room
oentrsliy locatid wit) heard for <wo
.enißmeu or gentleman and wife. No
children. Address B, this t flics.
FOUND- Ooe bunch of beys. Owner
oar have the same by oalling at this
< 111 os and paying for this ad.
Mr. F. D. Arnold, Arnold, la., writes: [email protected]
was troubled with kidney diseases about three
vorfrs. Had to get up several times during the
night but three bottles of Foley's Kidney Cure
effected a complete cure, he feels better than he
ever did and recommends it to his friends. W.
J. Butts.
This Is to notify my friends, patrons,
and tho publio generally that Mr. Phil
KeUer is now io charge of the Arcade
sftloon. B. Hirech.
of modern times Is consumption. Many cares
and disOoverlcs frog) time to time arc published
hut Foley's Honoy and Tar does truthfully
claim to cure all cases in the early stages and
always affords comforl and relief in the very
worst cases. Take no substitutes, w. J. Butt
fVfam cure
mmm !
Tbegreit Black Patti Troubadours
re to appear at the Grand opera house
Friday, 27th Instant.
Tcose who are fortunate to he fibie to
attend the performance may confident
ly anticipate a genuine treat. The
company is, without exception, one of
tbe best of its kind organized in thisor
any other country. The two score art
igie who oomprise the company have
been selected with rare judgment and
they offer superb support to Black
Patti, who ranks among tbe great sing
ers of tl e day.
The performance they render inolades
oomedy, vaudeville and opera, pre
sented with magnificent and costly
costumes and appropriate eoenery. All
tbe popular dtrkey songs and buck
danctrs are introduced in tbe fl'st part
-ke ch—'‘A F.llpiro Mia-FP,” Toe
great op ratio olij and a beautiful
vocal arrangement oall-d “Songs of
Dixie” in which Black Patti and her
glorioua vosoa are important faotorr.
There are ten big acts in tbe olio, in
cluding monologues by John Rucker,
the Alabama Blossom, and specialties
by the Stokes trio of whirlwind dare- 1
era and singerr; Mack Allen, wire
wonder; Ver Valins, musical wizard,
aud others. A grand champion oake
walk oontest open to all oomers will b*
a speoialevent. Many looal cake walk*
era haveentered tooompe’e against tl e
Black Patti oake walkers for valuable
gold medals. Tbs andienoa is to judge
tbe merits of tbe cintes’ants aid en
exciting oake walk is assured.
Entire upper floor reserved for ool
ored people.
Prices—s 9 and 75i all over tbe house.
ftcnaoTO* all Coras, Bunions and WasU JE&
without pain, speedily and permanently ££B
f ?3 isL _ All Dropouts Mil Abbott*# m v|
jJVXgk / lm>i an Cos* Paimy.
W. J Butt’s.
If yon are troubled with kidney or bladder
troubles, such as dropsy, Bright’s disease, ca
tarrh, gravei of the bladder, albumen in nrlne
and unhealthy depositing, or too freyuent dis
charge of the urine, pain In the back and blad
der. dropsical swelling of the feet and legs, etc.,
etc,) we guarantee that by using Smith’s Sure
Kidney Cere, a complete cure will be effected.
Prloe 80 cents. For sale by all druggists
Call on Hoyt Bros., for
lowest prices on plumbing.
We use only mate
rial and do oup own work, so
therefore we can guarantee
all our work. We make a
specialty of repair work.
Give us a trial and be con
vinced. Don’t forget the
place—2o7 Grant street
-.- ■■■ ** ''
Preparation For As
- (lie Food andßegula
ling the Stomachs andßowels of
In n., -
Promoles Digestion,Cheerful
ness and Rest .Contains neither
Opium,Morphine nor Mineral.
Ts t ot TJ ar c otic .
famplun Seul m a
A'lx. Senna * )
ftoclieUe SrJIS “ i
Jtnise Seed * . \
fl&fyeimbtb - )
Bi CurbofiUi'FSoda * I
lion* Seed - 1
Ctcnficd Snanr
VXntayr'?* Flavor. )
Aperfecl Remedy forConslipa-
Fion, Sour Stomach,Diarrhoea
Worms .Convulsions .Feverish
ness and Loss OF SfJEEP.
Facsimile Signature of
r) Posis-|3Ci .MS
CHUB HALL, Proprietor
You can get the best the market affords by eating her#
snm orant §rr*
P $. —Orders taken for O K- Laundry.
Fall and Winter
hats have never been ex
celled in any previous display,
These hats are all of very
artistic, conception and art
developed in goods of excep
tionally good quality and
beauty, Perhaps no such
value has never been offend.
“Our little girl was unconscious from
strangulation during a sudden and ter
rible attack ol croup, I quickly secured s
bottle of One Minute Caught Cure, giving
her three dossa. The croup was mastered
and our little darling epeedly recovered'
Bo writes A. L. Spafford, Chester, Mich
w, J. Butts.
For Infants and Cliildren,
The Kind You Have
Always Bought
Bears the i i
01 W >
hJv In
nj‘ Use
\J For Over
Thirty Years
for a builder to m kc good wok out of
bad lumbar, but it is a problem none of
our custcmers ever have to contend will),
is all building material which we supply
s guaranteed to be of the quality and
is always equal to specifications ard Is
exactly what is otderid. You t now what
cu are getting when you order here, and
our prices are the lowest for reliable
! umber. Kiln dried flooring and ceil
•ng always in stock Phooe 197.
Lang & Wood
Planing Mill.
“1 bad a running sore on my breast for over
,-ear,“ fays Henry R. Richards of W illee,ville
“7, Y., “and tried a great many remedies, but
got no relief until I used Banner Salve. After
■lsing one- half box I, was perfectly cured. I
can’treeommend it too highly." w. J. Bntts.

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