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Thursday, Nov. 21
A Righ-Cla-s
MuMoal Organiz iVion.
Benefit Naval Militia.
Prices'. 50, 75 and SI.OO.
. .. L- *T . J
Consumptives, we know that you have
Mien diisappoi ited many times, but make
one more effort no be oured. Gooch’s
Mexican Syrup has oured thousands and
It will cure you. Consumption is the result
of the food material that should go to sup
port the body and sustain life being ab
sorbed and thrown off in tubercu: ous mat
ter, To overcome this waste of vital force
and restore the nourishment to the system
la its natural course, is to cure. This is
accomplished by Gooch’s Mexican Syrup,
It eontrols ooughs, night sweats, spitting
nf blood, soreness in chest, inflamed throat
and lungs, aiffiiulty of breathing, heavy
soughs accompanied with expectoration
and parched lips. We know you have been
lifsappointed many times, but make one
mors effort to save yourseii. Von can buy
a bottle of oooch'e Mexica i Syrup tor 25u,
It attrep a wimple cough as if by magic, an'l
's M\e best emedy for whooping roug h
may result from m'-msi or exterr al
causes botwtntev-r >he sose dr iff ft
the remedy is here. In our stook of
there is s c <nple'e line of all skin
emoluments and purifying med oinea.
Amongst these our proportion for
obenped hands stands at the brad. It
ia a posi ire relief for this and other
irritations of toe skir,
Whole wheat, graham, rye and
buckwheat flour, at G, W. Harper
’Phone 158,
There is no rest lor those tireless little
workers—DrJ King’s New Life Pill;. il
lions are always busy, ouring torpid liver,
jaundice, billiousness, fever and ague.
They banlßh sick headache, drive out
malaria. Never gripe or weaken. Small,
taste nioe, work wonders. Try them. 25c.
stall druggist.
Cold Wave Coming
And now ie the time to get your
stoves put up. Don’t wait until the
wave gets here and everything is in a
rush. Moss Danibl,
’lVione 25, 315 Newcastle street,
fiar Infants and Children.
li Kind You Have Always Bought
The Southern Railway has inaugurated
Pullman sleeping car line between Wash*
ington, D. C. and Atlanta, Ga , on their
“Atlanta and Express,” trains Nos. 33 and
84; first oar south bound leaving Wash
ington November 3rd; first oar north
b und leaving Atlanta November sth.
This affords Pullman service on these
trains through from Atlanta to New York,
the Pullman cars having heretofore been
attached to the Atlanta & New York
Express at Charotte and no Pullman
service between Charlotte and Atlanta
“I stuck to my engine, although every
joint aohed and every nerve was racked
with pain,” writeaC W Bellamy, a locomo
tive fireman, of Burlington, lowa , "I was
weak and pale, without any appetite and
ail run down. As I was about to give, 1
got a boft'e of Electric Bitters and, after
aking it, I felt as well as 1 ever did m my
life”. Weak, sickly, run down people
always gain new life, strength and vigor
from their use. Try them Satisfaction
guaranteed by all druggist* Price 60.
Now 1 t i*s >ime to have Jiau Oerter
clean tod repair your overooat. Uw
are the colter and ltniugf
To quickly introdnoe B. B. B. (Bota
nio Blood Balm), the famous Southern
blood cure, into hew homes, we will
send absolutely free, 10,000 trial treat,
menta, Botanio Blood Ba'm [B. B. B.)
quickly cures old uloers, scrofula,
eczema, itching skin aod blood humors,
canoer, eating festering sores, boils,
oarbuaolea, pimples or offensive erup.
tions, pains in bones or joints, rheuma
tism, oatarrh, or any blood or akin
trouble. Botanio Blood Balm (B. B, B )
neats erery sore or pimple, makes the
blood pore aod riob and stops all aohes
aod pains. Batanio Blood Balm (B. B.
8.) thoroughly tested for 30 years in
hospital and private practioe, and has
oared thousands of oases given up ue
hopeless. Sold at drug stores, $ l per
large bottle. For free treetment write
to Bio and Baim Cn„ Atlanta, Ga. Medi*
oene sent at oooe, prepaid, Deeoribe
trouble and free medical advice given.
Botanio Blood Balm [B. B. B.) gives
life, vigor and atrenth lo the blood.
The finest Blood Purifier mads. Bo
tanio Blood Balm (B, B, B.) gives a
bealtby Blood supply to the skin and
entire system.
For Sale Cheap.
To wind up Building & Loan Asso
The Soranton plaoe, oontains 283
aoree, four and a half miles from oity.
One bouse and lot No 904 Bay street
One house and lot No. 906 Bay street
One house and lot No, 906 Oglethorpe
One house aud lot No. 907 Oglethorpe
Library building and lot on Rich
mond street.
Tbe Cbas. Morris reeideuoe, 916
SouMi Am’ ursf stret.
House and lot 1117 South Woif St.
Small tract of land near tbe Cbapel,
known as tbe Perrin plaoe.
A| p y to N. Emanuel,
President of tbe A lantto Investment
And all diseases arising from In
digestion. They will purify your
blood and make yourcomplexlon
as FAIR AS A LILY. They are
gelatin coated. PRICE 26 cents.
i~i . ■ -1 - ■
M. G. Arnbeater, the up-to-date
butcher, is prepared to supply his
patrons with the finest of dressed tur
keys for their Thanksgiving dinners,
having arranged to get them direc
from the Sobwarztchild A Sulzberge
Company. He will also receive
dressed duoks and geese. To go along
with these be will have a supply of
Blue Ribbon Celery from Kalamazo.
Mioh. and a full line of the ohoioest
Dewitts,* Little Early Kisers se&ron the
remotest parte of the bowela and remove
the impurities speedily with no disoom
ford. They are famous for their efilcaoy ■
Easy to take, never gripe, w. J . Butte.
stryijws "
in price so it is good polioy for you to
place your order now, aDd get the advan
tage of present prises. We have a com
ptete line of moulding, mill work, etc., all
seasoned woods.
Kiln dried flooring and ceiling always
in stock. Phone 197.
Lang & Wood
Planing Mil],
Money refunded if it ever fails.
£ eed Rye at
Burnett’s Feed
Enoch Arden Tonight,
Strauss himself has called it “A
Melodrama for tha Pianoforte," It Is
in reality a series of demriptive tone
piotnres knit together by the wording
of Tennyson’s poem. Its barmonio
richness and intensity are such that
under the bands of a true artist it may
be given an rffeot well nigh deceptively
orobestral. At the same time the
themes are of a dearly defined melodic
□atnre, intffaby sweet and penetrating
like tbe atmopbere of the story,
Ti'e listener catobes first the unmis
takable roar of the sea dashing spray
against tbe oliff lines of Eaooh’s village
Even now furely may be heard tbe
overwhelming sadness of En-eb’s fate
swelling ont from the at the
first mention of tbe pom of Enoch's
name. One oatohes also the charm and
gentleness of Annie, first in daintily
playful oadenoe, then more deeply,
portentously, as loneliness and poverty
press close Bbnut.
Perhaps the two most beautiful pio.
tares are Annie’s dream; with thp
sweep of harps lightly flashing as from
a vague golden dawn; and, long efrer
Eaooh’s death when tones melt into
tones, rise into tbe soaring fervor of
rennnotlatton, sink to
tbe speech of wrecked lips and glow
into heroic suggestions as tbe life is
set free.
Mated with these tableaux uf tone is
the eleoutionary rendition of portions
from the original poem so seleeted as to
give the story entire. At times tbe
voioe of the reader is alone: at timte
the music only is heard; and again,
the reader’s half- chanted oadenoes and
the sound-snggestion are blended each
to eaoh. The reading explains the
music as tbe music interpret! the read
ing—tbe one being tbe perfeot oom>
piemen t of tbe other. Interwoven
with these two the soft strains of tbe
violin and soprano are beard at times,
thus making the entertainment a per
fection of art.
testify to the merit of Banner Balve is out
ing piles. It. immediately relieves and
quiokly cures. No other salve so healing
wj J, Butts.
Charts tide tables and
other publications, U, S,
coast and Geodetic survey
for sale by
C. W. Deming,
Phones’ 1?2 or 31,
Dove hamß, Gold Band hams and
breakfast baeon just iu, at G. W. Harp
er’s. Phono 158.

Savannah Speoial via the B. &B. R. R.
to Savannah in 183 minutes. No change
of cars and no delays. A pleasure to
answer questions and ticket; sent to your
house upon application. Call on or phone
Ben J. Ford, oity passenger and ticket
agent B. & B. R. R , corner Newcastle and
F streets; 'phone 204.
WA NTEO—Business manager at Bruns
wick; salary *ISOO yearly; S7OO cash and
satisfactory references required ; oppor
tunity to Increase income' position perm
anent* commercial reference furnished.
Address Mr. Chamberlin, Manager,
1020 Race St. Philadelphia, Pa,
Is the title of a very neat and attractive
folder just issued by the Southern Rails
way giving complete information regard
ing the various winter resorts of health
and pleasure on and reached by its lines,
with rates of board, capaoity of hotels,
names of proprietors, eto.
This booklet is in a very oonoise and
attractive form and will prove valuable to
any one contemplating a trip for the
winter. copy may be bad by applying
to C. I. CANDLER, General Agent
W. H.TAYLOR, Brunswick,Oa.
A. U. P. A., Atlanta,Ga.
The Play Last Night.
Hoyt’s “A Day and A Night" Com
pany held the boards at the Grand last
nigh’, will be termed an all ’round
"warm number.’ Tbe male portion of
the audienoe applauded the various
specialities vigorously and all the ris
que situations and side remarks receiv
ed ronnds of applause.
For a Brnnswiok andianoe composed
partly of ladies it would perhaps have
been better If it bad been trimmed.
It waa noticeable laat night that
every man who went out between aota
waa back in hia seat before the onrtaln
went up. They didn’t want to miss
The various parts were well oared for
and if the performance was repeated
tonight it would ba aafs to predict a
crowded house.
Judge Canley Has a Number of Case*
Before Him.
Yesterday was a busy day with Jus
tice of tbe Peaoe Conley, He bad be
fore bim a number of negroes obarged
with various crimes and bound them
over to tbe higher courts.
Marlon Walker, the man who shot at
a negro woman the other day was bound
over to the City court on a charge of
carrying oonoealed weapons.
Jim Kelly, who shot tbe Walton
woman in the arm, was bound over to
the finperior court on n charge of as
sault with attempt to murder, and a
batoh of seven negro gamblers were
eaoh pnt under a S6O bond to answer to
tbe charge of gaming in tbeCi y oonrt.
British Break up a Column of the
London, Not, 20.—A dlapatoh from
Lord Kitchener, dated at Pretoria to
day, says that Lieutenant Colonel
Irander’s column bat rounded up Bey
er’e and Badenhorae’e Boer commands,
neß*‘Pratona. The troops killed three
men, wounded three, and oaptured 54,
including two Held cornets. The column
also captured much itook and munU
tlone of war.
Oorrsotsd Daily by Oapt. Otto Johezmsssn
Port of Brnnitviok, Nov. 20, 1001.
Bob. Jeremiab Smith, Paraon, New
SS. Navahoe, Joboatone, Boston,
FOR SALE.- Balg an bares. Apply
oorcer London and Grant Streets,
Another shipment of that new Geor
gia syrup just In at G. W, Harper’s,
’Phone 158.
The Little Word That Was Lost.
“I lost a very little word
Only the other dav;
Only a very naughty word
1 had not meant to say.
“But then it was not really lost
When from my lips it flew;
My tittle brother pioked it up.
And now he says it, too.
“Mamma is sad papa looks grieved—
Johnny has said it twice;
Of course, it is no nss to me
To tell him it's not nice.
“Lose other things, you never seem
To come upon their track;
But lose a naughty little word,
It’s always ooming back.”
This Is to notify my friends, patrons,
and the publto generally that Mr. Phil
Keller now in charge of the Arcade
saloon. B. HirtCh.
For Whooping Cough use
,k it
Asthmalene Brings Instant Relief
and Permanent Cure in
All Cases.
Write Your Name and Address Plainly.
There is nHh.ng like Asthmalene. It brings f*s " a i r
instant relief, ev.i, in the worst esses. Itcnres u . " . 1.3 r- D)
when all eueUll*. *“ IMM ‘* *■* “•
The Ret. F, Wsi s, of Villa Ridge. 111., ■PE’PI
says; “Your t <*l 'x-< rte Asthmalene received Ir Wat BBa few
in good conditio*. i iaiinoi 11 you how thank- - clrM -rv,
fill I feel for the goo ' toriv- 0 from it. I was a V mk tW !■
slave, chained with ■> • ’d sore throat and • anS"B*<ww
asthma for ten years. I ’< spaired of ever being SilidV--.-
cured. I saw your advertisement for the cure fj r/ /-. ,/%,
of this dreadful aud tormenting disease, Asth- , \W I! A” j ,
ma, and thought you had overspoken yourselves, v Lt>- fUAjL I
but resolved to give tt a trial. To my astonish- /RjfeAßJ v
mont, the trial aciod like a charm. Send me a J)Jy\ tflTt 1 x '%//'-/
full size bottle." U\jV f \ 'o%^
Rabbi of the Cong. Bnai Israel jffif ’* \ / g \
New York, Jan. S, ItOl. ' , '
Drs. Taft Bros.’Medicine Cos.: ( 4 V jf
Gentlemen: Your Asthmalene is an exoel- l jmSrjr '
ent remedy for Asthma and Hay Fever, and its Vf f F\ I
composition alleviates all troubles which com- , I J 1
bine with Asthma. Its success is astonishing yvvu /
and wonderful. fe/A! /
After haviug it carefully analysed, we can A ZmV i I
state that Asthmalene contains no opium, :t>
morphine,chloroform or ether.
Very truly yours,
Avon Springs, N. Y., Feb., 1,190 L
Dr. Taft Bros. Medicine Cos. m
Gentlemen: 1 write this testimonial from a sense of duty, having tested the wonderfuP
effect of your Asthmalene, for the onre of Asthma. My wife has been afflicted with spas medic
asthma for the pas* 12 years. Having exhausted my own eklll as well as many others, I chanced
to see your sign upou your windows on ISOlh street. New Yogk, I at one obtained a bottle of
Asthmalene. My wife commenced taking it about the first” f November. I very soon noticod
a radical improvement. After using oae bottle her Asthma has dissappeared and she is
entirely free from all symptoms. I foes that I consistently recommend the medicine to all who
arc afflicted with this distressing disease. Yours respectfully,
O. I>. PHELPS, M. D.
Dr. TArr Bros. Medicine Cos. Feb. 5,1901.
Gentlemen: i was troubled with Asthma for 31 years t have tiTniFiumcroua remedies
but they have all failed. I ran across your advertisement aud started with a trial bottle. I
found relief at once. I have since purchased yeur full-size bottle, and I am ever grateful. I
have family of four children, and for six years was unable to work. I am cow In the best of
health and am doing business every day. This testimony you can make such use of as you so
fit. Home address, Bfs Rlylngton street.
3. RAPHAEL, 67 East 129th st., City
nut mu situ absolutely mss on receipt of postal,
Do not delay. Write at once, addmaing DR, TAFT BltOS.’ MEDICINK
CO., 79 East 180tb St., N. T. City.
Special Attention to Crowe
and bridge work.
Office. j,
5022 GHou’ster St.
Mr. F. D. Arnold, Arnold, la., writes: Ha
was troubled with kidney diseases about three
rears. Had to get np several times during the
night but three bottles of Foley's Kidney Cure
effected a complete oure, be feels better than he
ever did and reoomraends it to his frlsnds. W.
J. Butts.
Miss Mamie Smith. Middlesboro, Ky- writes
“My little sister had the croup very bnd. I gave
her several doses of Foley's Honey ahd Tar and
he was ldstantly relieved, It saved her llfa.
W. J. Butts.
in tht most fatal f all
mmeotj adwMi, CcMftafef
itmcdies vecofnlscd W
sent physicians a th* M# far
KJdnay and Bladder tnullha
HPfSI Seek Relief!
HfHmMkijC' | '| The great proportion of women who suffer
■ sever make a serious iffort to benefit them-
Hf-iPߧiWßw£y HhHBII selves. The most of them go on aybt;4 no at.
BUB test ties to their little menstrual disorders, be.
J9My| having they will eventually wear off. They
grow worse and worn every Uy. At the
period at menstruation a woman Is peruMsrly
n IBuBI susceptible to cold end other external influences
and it ie also the most favorable time for the
flf/fiNv&’VHW AH development of hidden disease germs which
H/AuVMiHtf /M may be lurking In the system. Any physician
HnUl ffkruY AjUB knows that disordered seeiutruatien. falling of
HvmnnK n Ihe womb end leueorrhnea ere blijjhtiag lives In
almost every home. No woman should neg
,ect herself e moment after she sees indfcstioiis
of female diseases. Almost instnnS #eis*f cos.
7£ ~ B be secured by the use f
It will relieve you right in your own home.
Will you accept the testimony ol Mrs. Beigler
HB and thousands of other worn* n and really seek reW today 7 Ml dnijiuta
IHI sell SI.OO bottles of Wtac of t'-ardul.
lifl 100 Chicago Street, Fort Wayno, Ind., Maroh V, 1900.
Yonr Wine of Oardui has .done a world of good Mu roe. I have used 6to
HB bottleeof tbo Wine and one pstolmuo of Thedford’s niak- Draught. And einoe
I have started to uit 1 wilt not bo without It In the house, it helped ray
3s* aistijr in Toledo. Who did pot rauiUStraato as she ought. She was sixteen
years of ago and nobbing else helped her. I was in a very bad state myself
:■ m fore I used yontr ■wdirapoa, but I found relief in torea days. And noir l
DB feel like a now woaoon and do all tar honsosrork and washing, wnlrh i ooold
H not do before I ton* Wine of Cordaf. f would be vrsw glad to write any poor
JEW woman and tell bur how I suffered httfera I used W Cm tlr> . l aa
Fall and Winter
hats have never been ex
celled in any previous display.
These hats are all of very
artistic conception and are
developed in goods of excep
tionally good quality and
beauty. Perhaps no suoh
value has never been offered-
"Our little girl was unoonsoious from
strangulation during a sudden and ter
rible attaok of croup, 1 quiokly secured a
bottle of One ninute’.Caught Cure, giving
her three dose*. The crouD was mastered
and our little darling epeedly recovered’
80 writes A. L. SpafTord, Chester, Mioh
w, J. Butte.

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