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Page 4.
They tell me I was false to thee.
They tell me I was false to thee,
But they are falsa who say it;
The vcw 1 made was pure and free,
And time shall ne ex betray it
kid rry heart on virtue's shrme,
I loved truth honor, kindness;
I love them still, I thought diem thine,
Too soon f wept my blindness.
Tis thou wert false to them and me :
My worship still I cherish
"jIy love, siill true, his urnl from thee,
To find them or to perish.
Barry CornwalU
If life be ever pleasant,
'Tif in merry hours like this,
When the wind is old and sound,
And thelanghis running Tound;
When each maiden mouth discloses
Buds of pearl in heds of roses,
Roses that we fain would kisa.
If life be ever gloomy,
' Fis as when we, long ago,
Raw the friend we loved so well
Sifiiy borne to debtor's cell;
And not one of us could lend him
Gold or 6ilver, or befriend him;
bcarca had time to s joth his wo
Ah ! life has many changes,
bunny seasons, winter rains:
f?o let's piuck the summer ll wer,
Bravely front the frowning hour.
Cherish ail whod fain befriend us.
W hether good or ill attend us,
1 ong as life remains.
ing. The word -wife does not, in ' ern manufactories, as labor of another
tmr opinion simply mean, as Walker i description. A Mobile piper says the
lias it, -a woman that has a husband;" ship Seine is now daily expected to ar
for some women have husbands, and rive at that port, with forty young wom
good ones too, who are not wives accord-1 eu from France, to be employed at the
mg to our understanding of the term,
W ft does not mean, a woman nor a la
dy only, nor a slave nor a mistress, a
Hi) Her nor a nurse, a teacher, nor a
s par-
co npanion, a tool nor. a plaj-thin"
fhe is all these things united toge
in oiu beautiful and transparent whole
. In society she is a woman, m the par-
Inr n. l:irl in tlkArnrorv ;i J ir ir thn
dmmg room a mistress, in her chamber
a mother, in the sick room a nurse, to
her children a teacher, to her'hubband
a companion, and an equal; but in no:
Siaiafion whatever vim sho be a politi-
chn, a preacher, a lawyer, physician, or
pniIoq)hcr, without becoming a litem-i
rvbiar.fiftfHikincr. tho. nntlnodra ni' f,, '
e7 w... Vfc - - - J
aim me most contempuoie nciug
. The office of wife, therefore, is tho
hannief. vof mnt. 1 Wn- h',.A,
pic8t, yet most laborious, the high- y-; I'-' -;V'na, c m
, yet most humble portion that fVail n'ed to the geographical Society
rtality can occupy. ior is there any f 1 .ans thff rult f ."?mC Ivo"inal 'in'
' rll:iMnJ of (.thin n-ki.. . 1
station on oavth. in urhw-fc tAl V
creation" can aspire, the duties of which
are more responsible, and the faithful,
or imperfect discharge of which will be
rewarded with more intensity, than that
of thx vrifi Tehinh K.,i; i...
of the consequences of a violation of tl,-
bi.rl, trnatc r.inii,;nn.-i A r . 0
in the garden of Eden, that she should .
be "an helpmate to Adam."
To society she is an indispensable
racmber. Tothcpatlor, the most im-
portant personage; in the nursen' the
most abject slave; in the dinin- foom
the most absolute sovereign-la U, -
chamber, a guardian an-elin the sick
room, the best physician to h-r chil '
dren, the wisest priest to her husband
the most vl,Wa 1
oheinost cnnnollni. k i , ;
cneapeat counsellor, the most loved and
lovins companion: in a word . tbn f
to home" is eveiy blessin- the mor al
m.n.l ,. tlie?al;in
lnmd can conceive, or heart desire
Jilmie Without n. wifo
1of . , , 7, ' oti,i"o"iles&. The lioussas massacred the great-
lariil. a lion A vet -,-. V. i ! . P
i uiams, -1 er part of the tribe; among the bodies r" "-aiiiy, v inmngion, ls. lw
mout a conscience, a ship withoutiwere gQme female9 with the sameapJ(, Wm. Bryce&Co,New York, articles of ready-madeelothing of his
wifil? Ci-ai? W1, wavCS' . rld I pendago. Both sexes were entirely na-! Bateman & Rudderow, do. Mallett own manufacture. Cutting done at
... ijjmjjj a uunvuu wituuui ked
M'$. Stcisshelm on Dancing. The
following remarks are from the piquant
e of Mrs. Swisshclm:
"One curious fact we have observed
Vith regard to dancing. This is, the
more deeply a church or individual pro
fessor is steeped in the spirit of money
grabbling, or intemperance, the greater
their abhorence of dancing. This ap
pears to be a kind -of convenient scape
goat on which the sins of the congrega
tion arc laid, that they may be borne in
the wilderness. Let the preacher at
any time submit to a gag which shall,
on some special occasion, forbid his
opening his mouth for the dumb, or re
proving a wealthy distiller, or fat usu-
Ter, who grinds the poor to pay pew recv.
and forthwith wo get a fresh anatheniu
Show us a wealthy dea-
cons's wife who will haggle with a wid
ow to get washing done for twelve and a
half cents a dozen, and then pay her in
trade, or give two dimes and four cop
pers for twenty-five cents, and we will
show you one who will take a spasm
over the iniquities of a cotillion. We
never knew the rule to fail, and have
watched its workings so long that when
ever any one begins a lecture on danc
ing we suspect him or her of boing a
worshipper of mammon. Old Chris
tian, in his long journey, danced for
joy, but the man with the muck-rake
was too busy. Nothing appears better
calculated to contend with the hard,
money-loving spirit of our age, than mu
sic and dancing. It tends to melt this
hard crust which the dust of ledgers
forms around the hearts of our people,
and there is no place to which wc should
go with a subscription paper for a char
itable object with more hope of success
than a social party where all were danc
ing to the music of two good violins and
a trombone."
on dancing
is in full vogue here. Governor Young j on the P'lrcha?e rnone 1 have
is said to have as many as 00 wives. ao several town lots in Ooldsbo
Ile drove along the streets, a few days j ro which I would sell, I would sell
since, with 18 of them in a long car-any, or all of said property, and
riage 14 of them having each, an in-1 tuke in payment likely Young Ne
fant at her bosom. It is said that ne- oes yomis Moles, or would sell
lJl1tt C 1 11 A r I1TV1 lltr WITH QVifOlTl
ben U. Kimball, one ot tlic inbune:
.. . ' . ,
Council, and the second person in the
trinity, had almost an equal number; j
amou'i them, a mother and her two 1
Aft mylitnrsi 1!:p1i min mh li.iw na tun.
ny wives as he can maintain, that is, af-,to parents to educate their children
ter the women have been picked and! There is at present, in thy vicinity7
culled by the heal men. The Judges as 00j a school Mr. Robinson's
and Secretary of State had the honor of ; as lhe St ltp allt)rds, and a buil
being introduced by His Excellency,' i- - n . i i -hi
? . i r i ding for a collegiate school will b.j
the Governor, to several of his wives; , - r in
i., t. TT.a. n i.-- i ...n , commenced in a few weeks. I heso
al of his. Raleigh S'ar.
Frcncli Girls awl South rn Facto-
rics. For some reason it appears that
the service of slaves is not considered as
desirable by the managers of the south
i Dog llivcr Factory.
Customs. When Kcshcn,
A ii n . i i i
inc ninese minister tell into had o lor
r?,I !,,is frnP tjie Kng -
hsa devils, the Lmperor, m Inspder-
n il tenderness, spared tne functionary s
live but bani.hcl him to tho f,rhor
live but banished him to the farther
. c ni .: . 1.-1 .i 1 1 . '
of his titles and decorations, cinficatod Crtk hn U
hi, good,, pulled down his house, aud"3"'1 coUon-lhc :t or pinev wood
sohl his urives at awion! We should h:,vo ro,,nl, P"-s enough to cul
call that "winding up bu.sincs.4" prett from 15 000 to 20,000 boxes. The
thoroughly! above will be shown by the Over-
; scer on ,he promise?, or'by the Stlb-
, Jr: , . , , , . l,.-;, v.;n
. " """"".' v 3 car or iwo ,
since, some French travelers in Africa
reported the existence of a negro tribe
.-'tl. t,.'l. T t . n i i .i
wmi uc uistei-
mR lu" cspiorcr oi noutli Alnca, com-
nVlQ at ahia, which seem to con-
" Icast gU' a coIonn f truth
T The Count 84-V8
; fs,und L,I in the midst of
a of nc6 ves, and thought it
Possible to obtain from them informa-
tl0U ot tiiC Kiiown parts of the
i AfrUi
!',T1 C 'iitincnt. He soon discov
tllC Mobamian natives of Sou
. werc Illucl1 Urthcr advanced in
minJ than the idolatroas iukabitants of
tlie coast Several blacks related, to
him tkat tliGy had taken part iu CXp"
ditioas aainst a nation called Niam
Nlam8 who had taiR The' traced
thlr r0Ute' n which thy encounterfd
U&ST gimffes elephants, wild camels.
Nine daJS WGrC consulrun(:d m e"11
immense forest. They reached at
length a numerous people of the same
, . , i,ia !
1 : . 1 oa f ll otn aol Viu
with tails trom ten to ntteen incnes
lencth. This organ or excresenco
. .
Some lived in straw hovels, but i
the greater part lived in caves The
only article of furniture seen amon
them was a wooden bench, pierced with
a hole for the accommodation of the tail.
A Definition. are at last ena
bled to answer a question frequently
propounded by our country correspon
dents. "What is a Bloomer?"
"One who pants for notoriety."
once promised never
again to call for liquor at a certain bar.
A few days after, he went into the tav
ern with a friend, and approached the
bar. His friend, then (according to
ugreement,) whispered "What did
bavid kill Goliah with?" Looking at
I aloud "A slimj."
uiu uur-Keeper, tne teUow exclaimed
" . , 'l2" A,u1' uMiingion, i. o., i,eo.
Valuable Property
THE Subscriber offers for sale
the plantation with the improve
ments, whereon he now lives, con
taining about 200 acres, about half
of which is cleared. The improve
ments consist of a good two story
building containing 6 large rooms
with fire places in every room, nd
all necessary out buildings; this'
tract lies on the Eastside of Golds
boro', adjoining the town.
One other tract known as the Bor
den & Hooks land, situated on the
South side of Goldsboro'. adjoining
the said town, containing about 400
acres, a good portion of which is
equal in point of productiveness to
any land in Wayne county, or, I
might almost say, in the State, and
would, if rented and well managed.
, . mnnonnnrk ,: Mn
on a credit, lor any reasonable time
Plie flourishing state of GoSdsbo
is well known. Among; other
'advantages, it afford
rare facilities
considerations, and the intrinsic v;
lue of the property offered for sile.
ought to make a residence and faun
near Goldsboro' a desirable object,
esnechllv to parents.
For other particulars, apply 10
IV m B. Rrfmiindson.
Goldsboro', Nov. 19.
Land fr sale.
THE Subscriber wishes to well,
on accommodaMnn terms hs Farm :
Iving in Nash County, on the noith
sjie of Swift Creek, above ind be-'
bw nilliard's mills,
Coittaillilisr 611 Acre.
Containing G 1 I Acres.
- -
17th, T1.
THE subscriber being well pre
pared to do
Jintl Commission Business land in Nash, and have no doubt when properly applied, all ctirable . mcnts cannot be surpassed for corn
is the town op Washington, that the farm will yield this year diseases. The proprietor of these ort arK convenience, and no ex.
Respectfully solicits the patronage'
of lhp nubiic in rarboio its vicini-
i i
ty, and Elgccombe co. generally.
He has ample and safe room for the
storage of Naval Stores, Grain, and
other produce; his charges are mod
erate and quick dispatch invaria
bly given to all business entrusted j
to his direction.
Macnair & Hrother, Tarboro' N.
William Hernard, Greenville,
TT' 1 1 T I . T L! . IfcT
ft Brown & Brollier Washington
n , . ur.u: xt r.
B. J. Parmelee. Washington, N. C.
Hnn An Aero Manlir VowKarn W
r a o.t,. htm ? . .t
& Paulmin, do.
Washington, N. C, April 2.
TAKEN UP by the subscriber,
living on the Raleigh road, five
miles above larboro . on Thursday
it.w w.i.. a auiail nil 1111 3 tJJ ,
short mane and longMail, about 5 or
6 years old, he has a black streak
down his back bone, and some
gray hairs where lhe saddle works
The owner is requested to come
forward, prove property, and pay
charges, or he will be dealt with as
the law directs.
John J. Killebrew.
Nov. 6.
tko Qmli nil a cmiii niv 1 1 n o c tr
Land for Sale.
. .
HAVING joined a club whose
object is to buy land and settle a
whole neighborhood in Texas; I
have determined on selling the land
on which I now live, if I can get
any thing like a reasonable offer,
nd will furnish the purchaser with
one hundred barrels of corn at three
dollars and fifty cents per barrel,
and fodder at 75 cents per hundred
I conscientiously believe that to any
man willing to buy land in North
Carolina, I can sell as cheap a bar
gain as can be bought within fifty
miles of my premises, and were it
not for my children alone. I would
not exchange my residence for any
other whatever.
This tract 1 offt-r containi
ih ml TOO feres
more than half cleared; and now in
a good condition (or cultivation
there is on it a meadow worth at
least fifty dollars a year ior grazing
or cutting hay. It lies immedi
ately on
thirteen :nih" fra n i n Wilmington
railroad and live from 1 1 illiardston,
where then is an excellent female
school, and within a mile and a half
from my resilience in a male school
inferior to few, if an in the S:ate
that prepares young men for Col
lege By clearing and manuring, I
have so improved my farm, that
n 1 1 y good farmer with five ploughs
md eight or nine hands can make
two hundred and fifty barrels of
corn and forty thousand pounds of
seed cotton A good deil of the
fresh land is said to be first rate for
tobacco and of course good for s r.ali I
grain There is a small Mivamp!
runninc thmuirh mv nlantation on i
which is ji ifnt abundance of mud
a good deal of which is thrown
out for composting. There is .1
comfortable two story dwelling
house, and a tolerable sufficiency of
necessary outhouses; and within
forty steps of the door is a never
failing spring of most excellent
watr. j
v . m , . .
1 'vo frequently known Ian.! lo
sell ire Edeecombc where I was
raised for eight or ten dollars per cottages, public buildings, chureh
acre, far inferior to this I ofllr. and os &c- &c in a style and finish to
the land generally in this vicinity, s de0T compelition. We will cither
for it is here as elsewhere the land contract by the job or by the day.
is good on the waler courses but1 THOMAS OB ERR V.
come and sec, as I am jnxious toi 'T'arboro'. Dec 2.
igct off to take a view of Texas.
Robert D. Hart.
Spring Hill, August 4th.
The undersigned being acquaint-
ed with the above premises, and j
having recently rode over the same
have no hesitancy in certifying that
there is not a more Valuable tract of
eighteen or twenty bales of cotton,
hesides a- plentiful vsupport. i
fi. A T Ricks,
fVm. . Hilliard.
August 2nd, 1851 .
James Mehcgan,
ilierthant Tailor,
Has just received his fail and
winter Goods, consisting of a hand-
some variety oi articles ior
cnilcmcil's Wear. j
which he is prepared to sell on ac- !
commodating terms, or have them
made up in the latest style. He al-
the shortest notice.
Tarboro', Oct. 9
$5 Reward.
ft ANA WAY from the subscriber
on the first of July, negro boy
JIM. The said negro is about 19
years old, of a light complexion
and about five feet five inches
high He is supposed to be lurk
ing in the vicinity of Tarboro'. I
will give the above reward to any
person or persons who will bring
him lo me, or lodge him in any jail
o I get him. All persons are here
by forwarned not to harbor or em
doy said negro under the penalty
d the law. Coder Abrams.
Hamilton, July 2
Don't you want to
THE subscriber keeps constant
ly on hand, a large variety of vehi
cles comprising.
Buggies, Barouches, 1Y.
of every style and finish.
He also manufactures to order
any description of vehicles, from an
ox cart to a fine carriage, in a style
not surpassed in this country, and at
prices as low as can be iffjrded any
He also carries on a large har
ness manufactory sets of harness'
from 12 to $50.
Vehicles of every description re j
paired at short notice and on rcas -
onable terms
The subscriber will attend the
Courts of Edgecombe, and be pre-
a 1
pared to make contracts a above,
on favorable terms.
Greenville, Pitt Co. July S.
Thomas L. Liridon,
INFORMS the citizens of Martin Wholesale and Retail, Afo 3f
&, the adjacent counties, that he has East Bay, Charleston, So.Ca.
Vnd i fully prepared to execute all THE subscriber. Agent for the
jobs in his line of business, that mav SuthVarolina Shoe Factory, at
be entrusted to him. He has compe- n lIcslon So Ca., and the C hemic
tent workmen in his employ, and Factory Cheraw,So. Ca. will of
can give satisfactory assurances. er fov sale 4,1 th,s marliCi ilie
that all work entrusted to him will fi,st SePlembcr a lare pph of
he execmnd evned a,wi Southern made Plantation firo-
j- . j uuu tit cl
workmanlike manner.
Jo?. IValdo, I Jamil ton,
fFm' Krjleetn Tai loro,'
lA'er AVffw' Ewombc Co.,
Hamilton, April 3.
HAVING associated with me Mr.
no- V. Saunders, of Petersburg,
v d an experienced workman in Hie
V3rious sl)'lt,s Architecture. I
would announce to the public, that
, . . . c .
v-., prepared to contract for the
XT ? t l
Dunning oi plain or ornamental
John ih Smith's
icenoVfifiH? Ointment and
THE author of our existence has
caused to grow up spontaneously,
throughout -the world, such vegeta-
ble properties as will at once cure.
truly valuable medicines might fill
a volume with Certificates 'and tes-
jtimonials in favor of his articles;
Ibut, considering such puffs wholly!
'useless, since they are so readily !
manufactured, and made use of lo
such an extent to palm off some use
less trash upon the public, I shall,
tberefoff stafp at nrv xrirlmie
(li8ea,es that can be speedily cured
by these tn valuable Horse Reno-
hidebound, and horse Distemper. '
11 a,? cames all gross humors,
and Pur,fies the blood It is also a
fdie na corwin cure tor tne heaves;;
a . a .
airo cieanse, at once, the
stomach and maw from bots, worms,
fcc.and again restore the stomach and
bowels to healthy action
Smith's Renovating Ointment
Is an invaluable remedy for horses,
in tne cure oi the follow n disea
scs: Fresh wounds, Galls, of all
kinds, Sprains, Bruises, Kingbones, en years old last spring, and lis
Poll Evil, windgalls. Spavins, Swee- proved himself to be a suie foal get
ny,Fistula,Stra ins, Lameness, foun- Qft He covers well, gc's i)r&c
The above articles are to be had
in most of the Cities and principal
Villages throughout the United
States, and the Canadas.
For sale, wholesale and retail, at
John H. Smith's Depot, No. 123
Fulton street, (2d floor,) New York.
Price, 25 cents per box for the
Ointment; 50 cts for the Horse Reno
vating Powders,
For sale by Geo. Howard.
Cash Advances,
THE undersigned will advance!
Cash, three-fourths () of tne
ket value here of Corn, Cotton,.
Naval Stores, deposited with
for shipment to his friend J. G. Vi
liams, Esq., New York.
W. H. WILLard.
Washington, N.C. 7th Nov.
75 bbls. mess and prime Pork"
for sale by V, H. WILLI ft I)
Nov. 10, '51
50 bbls butter, sugar, arel s0rj3
crackers, for sale by
Nov. 9.
! 35 hhds W. I. Molasses
15 bbls. N.O. do
for sale by W. II. WILLARD.
Nov. 9.
' " i ii
65 bags Ilio and Laguayra oodec,
, for sile by W. II. WILLARD.
Nov 9.
Southern Made
Plantation BrogansJSomc
Servants Shoe. &e
gons and House Servants Shoes t
together with a general assortment
:of Boots and Shoes, which will be
! sold at the lowest lnarket prices
for goods of similar quality.
R A. Pr ingle,
Dealer in Hrogans. Boots and Mines,
August 7. No SO East Bay.
Irs. E. A FOttD,
WOULD respcctfaUy inform the
public, that she has taken the House
lately occupied by Mrs. Swarm, ai
a Hoarding-House, and having had'
it thoroughly repaired, and filled
with new and handsome furniture
throughout, she will be enabled to
accommodate a number of transom
or permanent Hoarders r. the best
manner. 7'he ll ouso is as pleasant
ly situated as any
in WflminstfiMi
and a number of her bestroomswil!
be reserved for the accommodation
of transient visiter She can con.
C,denlly bpcak the patronage o
those desirous of obtaining a Board
ln House of the first class, assh.
flalters hrself that her arrange
ertion will be spared calculate w
3(1 J t0 ,he happiness and content-
nient of her guests.
The IIouse is now 0pGn for -he
reception of permanent or day boar
ders. For terms,apply to Mrs. Ford.
Nov. 7.
Cotton Yarn.
THE subscriber has just rccei-
f r.rfi.n Yarn.
different .umbers, which he wifl
sell very low
Far Cash or barter,
pmfln, fcsir0us of purchasitij
m m
, . Trt,i tn mil and sec.
Feb 4. c'e0- Howard-
Jack John Bray
THE subscriber offers for sale h
known Jack John Biay
'.nlte an1 Khrttvix rt advantage
will sell him on reasonable terms, if
aDnlied for soon.
L.B Whitehead.
A u g. 25, 1651. ,
Nails and Coffee.
Nails, by the keg, or retail-a
Coffee by the bag, or less quantity,
For. sale by Geo. Hoipcf.rd.,
Tarboro', No. 4-
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