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('lie situation in Memphis i- mo-t c-m oiirag
mg Wr are lighting with tin '.mu *let»i
■ilineil effort at this turn tfi.it we ha\* di
played since the inception oi tln> strike '*1 hr
high water has receded Ini) 111« r• li t In en
no improvement in tram service. a* tin 'trik«
is the underlying caiist the -c condition ,
ami a* long as it is m progress tin company
will be unable t•» gis« the shippers .tint public
adequate *rrvi* e
llrotlier Horn. «*1 tin lilac ksnutli' arrived
from the South and t• .1*1 hi a I ederatioii meet
mg i I tin many dittic iiltiis th< company i
c xpeririicmg ill the South, ailiolig these bring
tin* inability to move the strawberry crop We
arc also very utile li pleased to note tlie deter
muted spirit prevailing at Water Valley and
the- aggressiveness displayed by the brothers
there lor a dean victory
Xniohg the many failure « of motive power,
wt- might mention that the I*niton accomiiio
elation had an engine failure before it got
out of the terminal lugiue 111? value m
elcad. ami the motor car has not made a *iii
cessful trip since it has been here It i* in
the shop all the turn where it i« being sub
jected to the crude *«ali treatment I he yards
here are seriously congested i'atry Todd,
the government attorney, has filed some more
suits against the company tor violation of
federal laws governing hours of employment
in the transportation department XV r are
holding the usual inte resting f ederation meet
mgs here on Sundays, ami nothing luit the
I edrrated agreement for which we went on
• trike will do for old Memphis ami her stern
army of strikers
X man was killed m the Moncoima yards
recently, by engine »iifT The engine wa* work
mg m the yards without any headlight They
started t » couple t** a car which was minus a
draw bar. and the mail on the footboard of
the engine was killed Safety firat is the cry
of the Illinois t eutral. but this and thousands
of other accidents do not demonstrate any
sincerity on their part The t*ab* got mixed
up with their work m the yards, and one of
them lost his foot, and another his arm I he
injured ones are T I. Ilrown and John Xvers
They were working on track No. IT iti the
car department without having a clanger (lag
up. and a cut of cars wras kicked in on them
The scabs haven't enough s**nse to protect
themselves, mi how can the traveling public
expect protection from them*'
Central City.
The *c»b machinist seem* to have lot, of
trouble in keeping the rod brasses from run
ning hot out of here. If he understood hi,
basinet* they would not l>e running hot. Kr
ger train IN. was Men helping the scab ear
men fix the ateam hn,e. We would suggest
that he apply for • job car knocking so that
he can get all thr experience in this line of
scab work that he wants.
Engine 1040. on passenger train 102. killed
a negro in the yards, and thi* will cost thr
company another little piece of money En
gine 16X0 had an air failure, hut made it, run
without air The mines hrrr ha\e changed
their contracts with the Illinois (rntral and
in the future the railroad will have to furnish
them 10 cars every four days instead of 10
cars every day Passenger train UK came in*
10 hour* late one day Other trains are very
late, and everything at thi' point indicate, a
victorious end of the war
Engines 104U ami s.V.i came in ilrad. and ni
ginc I.Vttl jumped the track at firaham En
gmr HKs hit a wagon south ol I'uwdrrly St.i
lion, the wagon being torn up and the driver
seriously injured Hr wa» brought to l rntral
City. The scab machinist and boiler maker,
who were fired, hair been re instated, after
telling Scab Foreman Prttie that they would
willingly do whatever they were told to do (a,
all scabs dot and so they were re-mstattd
The Illinois Central i- trying to ring in thr
bluff that there i- in* car shortage a- tar a
the berry shipper- art concerned. yti the
grower- are letting their l*rrric- rot in thrir
fields, at they do not lare to go to the extra
rxpruse of getting them picked, and then ha\«
tin in rot tin their hand- became of the in
abilit\ til the llluioi- ('rntral t<> furnish them
with car-. The berry growers had a meeting
with company offieial- the other da> at In
dependence. La. hut they got the -aim old
«iitig We will handle your hu-tm-- all right
in the future, ami apologize for previous in
\ wreck took place at Magnolia. Mi-- ami
-lx car- were overturned when an attempt wa
madr to hack some coal car- into a -idmg in
time to get in thr clear of a pa--enger tram
Vobod) wa- injured, but traltn in thr pa-xen
gee department wa- tied up for -ome tune V
-ale-man U*f the (human Shoe Co, of St
I a *ui-, whose name i- Frank II Fox. and whose
home was in Jackson. Mint , wa- killed by the
llhnoi- i rntral between Fernwood and Mag
india Passenger train 13 wa- late and lie de
tided t<* walk to the next -tation, ax hr hud
bmmexx there and figured that hr could make
l*rtter time by walking than by waiting for
thr late train- i*fi the llhnoi- t rntral It wax
while he wax walking along the track that a
freight train came along and killed him \
Com on
• IT
wreck took place north of Canton. Mi**., where
-even loaded car* went into the ditch in a de
railment. and traffic wa* tied up tor *<»me
time Tht lllinoi* < rntral *trtfik a farmer
im.tr v ry*tal Spring*. Mi**, injuring him *er
ji"U*ly The l.adie*' Xuxiltary of the II I. I
\ K gave a hall recently and. needle** to
mention, it wa* a social anti financial sneers*
fine r.nmitt Ley. a scab who i- working
night*, decided to lay tiff ami participate in
the light fanta*tic with McCombs fair dames,
but dolly boy wa* precipitated from the center
of jollification with order* to brush away in
J> itTgri nsrrrf has receded! Itdl r.ih“ tV
ducah is »till on the map. Damage done to
t^e lllinoi* (.'rntral by the water on its visit
to thin section cannot be estimated Freight
yards are congested with shipment* that have
been delayed here for a long time, and tlu
Old Hog i* now making an effort to pres* all
available scrap piles into action in an effort
to move some of these shipment* •
Three wrecker* were employed in picking
up the wreck at Gravel Switch, and one of
them wa- turned over into the ditch while
trying to lift some of the coaches Whisky
Dick. a pa**eMgrr tram between Paducah and
Hopkin*vdie. jumped from tht track into fivi
ft t t of water, and one of the crew had to
,*wiin t" a place where he could telephone for
a--i-lance Switch engine and a flat car
w t re -cut to rescue the pa**enger*. ami after
a temporary trestle was constructed t* get
the pas-enger* from the coach t<» the flat « ar
| they enjoyed an open air rule to tht citv X
pa*-t tiger inquired of the agent as t.» tram
i connections for Chicago and was informed
that the fait Panama train! hail been pulled
| oft because bu*inc** did not justify running
them \\ e assume that tht little red -In ker
have tulIfillt tl tht ir mission in warning tht
]»as-enger* Scab* are leaving tht city, and
quite a few of them are walking the street* ,
with a ton*picuoii- look of anxietv on thciri
lace* In conclusion we might mention that
tin rebel force* have the situation well m
hand at tin* place, ami that the company i
ta*l approaching that ca*t iron mile |x»*t of
• apitulatioii
Jackson, Miss.
j Lite situation i* all that can be expected at
tin* point of the Illinois Centra! (Mute a few
ot tin -cab tar men have been laid of# here
within the I.i-t lew dav- X -cab be tin name
of FHwikmI who performed the tritk on the
iltrk- here, left tor X icksburg. where he is
going !«• continue in the service ot tht I III
tuns Ventral lie leave- with a police retard,
a* he ha- been up at tht altar- of ca-ut-try
charged with gambling ami peddling whi-ky
\\ . *uggt-t that the good peopb ot Vick*
burg keep an eye on hitn
Hie scabs held their regular monthly jolli
fnation after pay day by filling up «>n eni
'•alining fluid* Xmong the many that partici
patt-d extensively were Chief Yard v lerk Hot .
Galvani Hunter Kimball, the big society
player, is going around, but hi* head look- a
if some one had a weight on »t. for hr prom
ewadrs m deep meditatitm because hi* friends
have all deserted him. and give him the ru*ty
glare when he approaches The fruit* are -till
on the same old strike -chedule. ant! pulling
empty coafhe* over the road hour* late
Everything remain- in the -ante encouraging
omiiti’ii at till Fort Dearborn tine of the
-beet- lad an item in it the other «la>
tat ng that there wa- u » -trike, but thi- wa*
n’\ t* e I owl of thr enii*-ary
Scab Machine Foreman Miller i- having
-ome time in hi* vain effort* to drive hi* cat
tle He went after one of them the other day
ami after the inferior *cab had worked on hi
-uperior. Miller wa* badly tftne up and the
other fellow had to donate ten dl>Har» to the
city. Miller ha- about gone the limit with the
hull pen imp*, at they arc leaving the pen in
large drove*. Ten of them left on one day
^n^ twelve on another The hullpen j* pjfvl
i p with dead engine*, and there it nobody to
make the nece»**ry application* They have
to new -witch engine- *tnred away. Thete
have been lea»ed. but for -ome re**«»n they
cannot u-e them, a- they are unable to com
ply with the term- of the lea*e. They are
having about a- much luck getting motive
power a* they are having in breaking up the
»yttem federation.
Train* are running a- late a- ever, and the
car *h rtage i- ju-t a* intense a- in the pa-t
Suburban engine 1419, out of the pen with a!
paint brn-h overhauling, faded thtee time* in
trying to make one trip Engine* 1440 and
MHO came m dead Intense excitement devel
oped the other day when an engine on a -ul>
urban train -truck the derail at rtTth -treet.
and jumped the track l>a**euger* were fright
ened ami it i- not known ju-t how many wen
injured, but no doubt many weft jolted into
a realization of the fact that they were riding
over the -cabby old lllinoi* Central Brother
lame- Rubmoml of the machmi*t% gave u- ;•
fine, humorou* talk at our recent Federation
meeting, and vo»i can take it from Janie- he I
•- right there with thi wit. mtere-t. rnthti- 1
•..-iii ..I'd alt tin otlur wrap' n- of a platform I
oral' *r
r rcfpon.
Ih« Pretzel t ity army i* in 1 li« nglit t*» a
fmi-h and ir..m .ill indication- tin i-m-li per
lod of tin tight will be reached in the mt f.»i
d'-t.mt future Main wreck- in » •njunction
with all the other roiiceivablt ob-tacK - are
wh.it the lllmoi- t entral i- experiencing out
of here The romp.my t- unable to keep the
t r. i. k cb r with the in wrukir that »- -t.«
tt* 'fed It r, It nice --itate- thrir r tour of
then t ktip thi r.-.ol m a trafficab’e v- tidi
t Mir Fd Rippln rg« r ha* gom t-• w -rk in
t |i * N\ i ’ bo e % .1 r d» llo- mcbi'i * thi wlnlt
fa* uly on thi job with th» ' \n , tin *f thi
vvoint 11 t* k- and it would not be much « a
fttupri-' i ihrv w *ul*! al-o get on tbe job and
heb c'v« the dying lb g a lot « *u i ar'
Reg i .» -i al» who w •* w •» * « i ■' It •< t
Sh I
flu -i .ib— merha b i| j boiler .beck • *ti si
Paul tiign o affi ■ 't w • • t • »ai!i
\ w n k fiMn plat * In-tween \N mi- \
Vpp’i R < r .m<! trailn io* ’ml i, \ • • I - •
wret k • tiirr-t! m thr yard- when Kngif - "
Wilkin- w hi * ha* lien boarding 11 li
ra* hi* engint • » on th« r. •! n ugmg b th «•*
gnu iti.! k*i i king a • abo , .! imv . .« if
i f * 11 it
w here don mu' : hr* nfc
I it to i 11 " ! If ' h* 'lit I V br V f b .i'll * t pi '
fr. m a oar. derailing the cara'aa they were
running over the bridge. Traffic waa ticH if
for many hour* Two wrrckrg* were on tW
job Still another wreck took place at Sub
lette. tying traffic up for wmr time. In con*
ohi-hoi will -ay that the company la rgpMljr
appr aching a |>en«Ml of financial ruin.
* -*»• ■ -
Tin Oakland Wolves are carrying on their
iight with more effectiveness nos than cs’cr
id it One of the strongest point* of adver
ti*ntg that we arr putting over at thi* time it
the mats picket line. The hull pen imp* do
rot tare to *ee thi* large army of pickets, or
meet them .1* they depart from the pen. Mar
ty n. the government in*pector. ha* been on
the job here ami tied up several scrap pile*.
One ot the rat- who lost hi* arm while he
via*, doing the ait in the shop*. ha* *ued the
company for f25.ono.00 Later he accepted a ^
compronn*r ot $3.000 00. and the lawyer got
$1 ihnmni of thi*. the court fee* were $.»onuo.
who h left the *cah $70000 tor the arm he lost,
with hi- time and hospital fee* *til! tv* pay
Whoop her up. hoy*, the war will soon be
"\<r lor the way they are working )U*t ii"»
wi’i put tin r< ad in a position where it will
not pay any dividend* thi- year 01 for year*
t 1 me
New Orleans.
Mro our )a*t report. Old (granny 1'ark*
.1- ; I'd 11- a vi-ii ti« tame down the luu
to 1 **k "V* i thi levee- ami get a view of his
!• mi imp- t -atm time lie arrived
I • ri .pof! tin- levee* -afr but thi* »>
rr fi than h« % .so *.»\ 1 *r In* e>)inptnent and
• ttiti r ;.i f> I una Lrsscps, who
* sg eate» 1- *k.»bbing on the
I at tl to* -t.»t! »n What he don't
.1 v.it w Id fill .» hiHik the s'.*e
.1 ' v.i» It 1* turn- red that the piece
l * 1 *t1 ■ 1 j iv 1" I.» u 1 igur.ited at the Hat
.«I shop*. rr.Mi*« are a* nuti h as seven
r *ue* late . » ngint * and ear* a e sh.-t \ »
p - 1 - <• • !• w ic the dear pub!*o
a -tarn* • t l h- t am rep 1! f.-' th e
v. • > !i 1 .itr* thit v» a trai .* .ire ar
! - • 4 horn - ’ate n , • . . n-’ the ir .i f
hi hile 1 df*"»s 1 ' v< it surely
..! 'h M ( »• ■ i!|.
The Oliiiois Central
j Killed
Old Man Harrahan

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