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Strike bulletin. (Clinton, Ill.) 1913-1915, June 10, 1913, Image 4

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J A Rutledge and Duncan Sinclair Store
keeper and Assistant. Respc*. tive'y, of
the 11 lino is Central. Admit the
Forgery of an Order.
A b n ’g .i- ! ! * i* ,»i» Vm.1 *, t rr
a- r -t,» t -' *■ * < p r, re -. ■ t v V
I : I > I * •• d R I ; .... tm-*.ir%
«! ' ’ I la* ' i I eti ') » hett
a \\ • nt ; li 1 ,r -t
t t . I • • .«t 1 * • • *. t . ! • r * r >
‘1 \ w • !! i l • 'S!;HI' 1 >l trict
1 * un !*. r .. I • * d : ;!** h.
\ . t . 1 t \ • * ■ e> I nberg
in* ■ n- wi.i ! 1 .ig.»:n-t ' th ac •
iv * • t ■ h" ,! tt. d w it! j uhlt-h
i . * . • ■. • 1 . • w t chat g
* v t ’ . • w I t "a ci ry l re the
A • -A • -■ I ' ’ •> up T *’•!!e
tn t i- h\ • \%!; w.1% arre - ! when
I .•* ■ . Te : t • M * it* rri the • *iJr ad
U a - I .* \ • ' '• : in I !•■ Ill tin llalllf . t
•- • * ci !/r 1 by the clei k
. and a • ! ■ can led » • the pa)
1 . r it w.i- » . •*!■ • t tliat • sw Hid e
w ; • • * * 1 Me - .; I that Rutledge
•'till ■ r, and it w under
* .* " • . * w.i* t■ * c Act th*
ti v ■ • !. r t . • i : l ay l< <r Sinc’ait
* 1 I *4 • '• r t!t:r nauie
w ’ j • v. 1 *.! .! • ■ 5 t> rUs of the t »m
putty h.« ht-M !' i by him and Rut
!« !_ c \ • w t U lean $ i 'r i - •*
«***pev t • I'lie Item )
‘ - 2 W
c' t . t’ n a ! ■ $*-, -r maker-, carmen
ar ! •*! • • t me* >. w *k- • an itn reuse in wage
at: ' r * t • ev- r il t ; and d h ir* l av e
! - u ; a * . ’> - ■ r It' ugh a • Men • *•
' Supii.r.rend * - I Flanagan ui the
\ i u r»; • ' -iiig Prc-idfnl D D
■ . i • I N ■' -1
er-. A i . ! \ k-burg and \i k-burg,
M ri • ; rt a- ! !’ it :.» !r* ad-, and the t m
v ** • - :• tn the \ar u- • rg.itn/ati- • affect
• \ . *
igr- • v • • w! i a i- r . !■ -ihject t the ap
; • 4 ■ t tilt geiu I a. ■ : tue- . t t!,e talir i I
I l in a w . grmt- the machinist
and b h r n iker- an increase uf one cent an
In ur C armen and -licet metal w- rker> rc
cci\r an it . rea-e . i tw » . tnt- an !i ur. ami
blacksmith - nceive an •* crc t-c thr.-ugh al
justrneiit- ■ i tw.» and a Iialt t-. three cents an
Mi nd er- « ! the labor organization are m-«re
than gratified at the new wage -cale- and de
clare that perfect harm nv cxi-ts between the
railroads and employe*
Superintendent Flannagan returned to New
Orleans with the s des submitted and the la
h< r ricani/iti- n> expect an early ratification
• •f the -•ale*, m part, a- submitted—New Or- i
leans Pres-.
Many - ! the -triker- arc w iking at place-1
wh**re u • .i-Af -ment ha- been le\-ed to help
n i ti!a ii the -trik»v and ther- t re they are
d -mg i th:r c m ?lie ■ terc-ts • f tlie strike .
and m thing t- ht'p p.iy the freight «*n t! cir
. wn baecage.
Y . part ft f oement. > ur v t*
in fas r « s a -tnk- i uiit* • 1 just as much a
t* » t« • ! any ne el-e Y- u nder-tand
th.It t i li.e-'arv * • l*ep. uj> an 'rgani/a
ti at ! an efte ?i\c f-glit until w force the
t ; t • i - i ti e tn. which you
■. t* ! t • tight i r \ n ar*- under m ral ami
r- fti-e • beg y : t r anyt’ ' g - r to a-k you
l r n ’ ■ ' ia» rs. \%< -imply say, "Pay
your ■ pa
a- • - - XI.* 1st. u> watlt > u to Send It t »
tr - ! • •* r \ ti in d■ • tin- e\. ry
n. t w» il i p iv .t ! •• ally ^ u
w . r i ; * r a ni i • > sent m l
th- • * \ w 1 • 1 it t . -ervi- e t. r
the s*. ft k-* t *1 • -. t .*r < ■ dde t r the
1 ‘ • ‘ • ** il Ii y *1 u an { pay mg the
.. » • :.t ’ y -i w 1 ««e t it that y u
* t it tl r k*n tn ft! - trik^ ha.e
i * ' ’e y u 4.:: *.v
‘11 < ira\* Y-. ’ * * ? ti e l ulletin ha
: cu r e i?i.** 1 nr expre if
1 S an rb-r * It wa- impossible to
• -.it* the week we rxpei t
e ! 1 is*- tlnre vs* re •» many of them
t ! :. e. and then fo»e s me »f them were
- nt • . t a v r* k !.ite
• , er a re < n l and to fill all
1 . .
* ’ r *■ nr it »f th s edit) n will be run
f \ ’ ! i\< n> t a yet re« eived y -ur bundle
order, it w il 1- t - var ied a* s * n as it is
po--ib!- t hr e • thrr c • r. -ignment of the
paper puM^d li weser. if y" *i <’id n*»t get
ur f rilrr in f r a bur-lie we can fill your
- rder in th future when the next order is
printed If the papers have not been distri
cted -n your community, get a bundle of
ti cm for distribution and help keep travelers
away from the struck roads.
I’assenger train 123 in the ditch at Ospur. Ill A brake beam fell trom the tender truck while the tram was running *0 miles an hoar, ;
ditching the entire train. Twelve passenger* were injuied and like some ol the other wreiks that are ta mg p ace. it **• a m rac j
many were not killed.
v r> hr»s r well»
i • - ..it'- • t! • : '• I ■! I
\\ i 1 w • • rK« * 1 r .. r -md I use -n the F
i .s %
1 ! -er w.•k - • • \ i u 'th i hunch on the S i*
’ ’ t tl s n tiit11new
\Y! 'i the n v tlu r .i-l are doing no T /.
' 1 » ; t i'i w a \ - < \ pt I > t • git 111 - ,
1 !a. I .irt d r I w hat tl ry did,
i • I \s.. • rI• i'c hut a an fret kid,
l >a- t vr : ti- d mg hot w rk • n the
\ r - ! w ’ • tJ ! lie-' -ho kid up they laid «!t
tW ,
Mav * I htheve vt it ti e time,
i 1 • • . t V haj ; • i t 1 .*u I 1 g* t mine
A- 1 \t t ’ 1 > t ! . • r• I I hut ope F >at t »
r • av,
! drift- ! ! i *• till I reached Chi ca go, 1
In that 1 * tut tv ti Michigan I ike.
\Y.t- where I decided my vacation to take
I r. .tmrd o\t r tl t , ity ami went t" the world s
,a,r. |
Ihitry and scurry wa- evident everywhere;
l \cr\h dy appeared t<• t»e busy, not one in
clined t-< shirk.
Mill the country wa- lamenting, "two million -
w ithout w tk
Since then, our t- il has created
Millionaire*! by the -core;
I'.y their power- f exploitation
They've rendered us h uncless anti poor.
T ■ combat their attack- we decided.
To increa-e «»ur Union Dues;
Hut all the c urt- and judges
T he masters control as they choose.
We resort t> the -trike to gain pennies
c >ur wive- and babies to feed;
Then v te to $ni.| grafters t » Congress,
To perpetuate millionaire greed.
I!i p -T m\ent machinery,
Product! n then increases;
! 1 v -h uld claim tlieir full product, 4
! :t ti- tore their wi-dom ceases
F r the privilege f producing wealth,
!’• ur-tiith- a- toll they give.
\u ! when -t rc liou-es overflow,
I \ r» lenied the rig! t t • live
In t". • decades, the unemployed
Have claimed four millions more.
\ tin ttsand- fr* in the middle class
ranking with the poor
I tn . hr-,ti ers . : the working cla-s.
Tin- tv w -hould he "nuff said;’*
\ . I si relv felt the -truggle
I r belter and f- r bread.
Yow buckle r*n your armor,
Y i brave men, staunch and true;
« r twenty millions of our posterity,
Will starve in 19J2.
In order to make a paper of this size self
sustaining without advertising matter, it is
’••C'Sary t> have a large circulation, and a
’.-irgc circulation is al-n necessary if we are
to have any success in advertising the cond
iti t s prevailing on the struck roads. If you
are interested in winning this strike, we ex
| pect you to get on the job and send us a
'hunch <f subscribers.
The Minni, Central ha, given notice that I
it will diaeontinue paying It) per cent eommi,
su,n for the ,ale of ticket, for immiin'*t,ls
| The commit,ion, have been paid to the Tran,
Atlantic »team,hip company agenti. the bua
' ine,« being divided between the trunk linea on
| agreed per cents.
25c for Six Months
sign tuw orr Hint mail
O, CUMn, IN.
Send nir the Strike Bulletin six
months for the enclosed <5c.
Same ...
Street .
City.. ..
State 11
I !!»> O f m s. in Life )
i tf r unetnpl >ed!"
I <1 W Ii.it a »!. spiritless. »*d
' ! «>ktig ci->\vd they are, to he sure Can
ii t ' mething be done for their relief. O
"Mod a-Miredly something can he done for
(heir relief (ait. a- you well know, to do the
‘Misilde thing w -uld in t he desirable."
I kn- w nothing < f the sort. The -enable
thing i* t > put them at work at reasonable
wage*, and l can think of nothing more de
stable than that men who wish to work
should he allowed to work.”
"I atn surprised at your ignorance. The un
employed are absolutely necessary to civilt
iati n.”
1 am sure you are wr- ng f«»r once. O Sage.”
"Let u*. -ee. If all men were employed,
then there w uld he no unemployed. Am I
right ?"
"Ob\ iou-ly.”
And if there were no unemployed, there
w-uld be no -trike breakers when men went
out on strike I> it not so?”
ft is.”
"And, accordingly, when men struck, the em
ployers would either have to concede tlie de
mauds • i the workmen or close their plants.”
"Yes ”
And 43 a fmall profit is better than no
I,r -t -»t all employer* would not clo-e their
'Ii ! e\< ej t a a very la-t res rt.”
“Surely ”
“And *>• > employes would become a* arrogant
as «mj 1 \«rs are now and employers would
he* no a* ine.-k as empl yes are now. Do
you follow me.”
"I th ■ k I do That would be a terrible
statr i t affairs, wouldn't it ”
“Y»-s, for the employers.”
u « pp« -e child labor; so d* *% organized
\<'U demand life sjving devices; so docs or
ganized labor.
Non yearn t r wage and hour equality of the
• exes; s< .! -es organized labor.
Y-.ii want free schools and free text books;
-o docs organized labor.
You want employers' liability laws; so does
organized labor.
^ "U want to stamp out sw-at shops; so d -es
organized labor.
You want the thing* that make life worth
living; so does organized labor.
You want Industrial Freedom and the full
fruits of your toil; so does organized lab rr.
And organized labor needs yon; it need*
every clean, manly man: it cries nut f«-r your
•‘"I—come on in. Don't let the false informa
tion of an interested press deter you; don't
let a grievance against some certa n individ
ual keep you out; don't put if off a day long
er. Now is the time.
Let us get together. We will all be better,
the world will be better, mankind will be
nearer to the perfect day, when, united, we
achieve the end at which we aim —Exchange.
Stirring and Startling §
Sterioptican Slides of the 1
W recks on the Illinois Central I
and Harriman Lines. |1
See the San Antonia ||
l:\plosion and Luneral Parade I
of Monti Wreck Victims. I ]
See the Graveyard at I j
kinmundy, Illinois, where the I
Illinois Central killed 1'
Px • President Harahan. I
See the Soldiers and the 11
Machine Guns at I *
Port McComb and many II
W recks that have taken place ||
at the price of human blood. I]
For lartii'glui writ* »o HI
Sink-- S«'ivi»rt H>\ :i*. riiutea, QL jO
When Yon Are Ahoit I
To Travel I
Bear in Mind I
that the I
Illinois Central I
is the I
Grave Yard Line I
The Illinois Central I
Killed I
Old Man Harrahang
At Kinmundy. Sj
Where Will They I
Kill You? 1
landslides delay train.
Westbound Illinois Central train No. It,
hr'r at V 2ii a m , was several hours late
morning. The heavy rain last night eansi
landslide at Scales Mound, III., and the I
wa» held until the dehns could be cleared
the track.
T-.tr tubs rip. ms will tttir* wksa it
Ibr l»p.r rbrrttwte* wttk tfca
t'ISrttt |f f9m VM| jw
nulittit. rtrwtre rttt ntnti
i.tt ngns us ska wrltka*

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