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Strike bulletin. (Clinton, Ill.) 1913-1915, June 17, 1913, Image 2

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V\ .-.!** to i • lllir. • *#nfr»l
Pi ft ti *r» i
1.4 *• Me B ?e»r Bil BOA hs Ike
• •
- I .r» K-- *rn 4 F>#-.a#ost#iis It <U
* \ III. K I'KRH* N Rilttor
I t l * • r I
Clinton, Illinois, June 17, 1911.
1 • :T , ? I rf. ! k : ►
! ’ ' ■ •* it ot !
' t t .i I ;
! lilt • ir..
» . I * * t t
it . t \ I lit mp ifu
• ' \ I * . - t
i > > w i liav * t • x
I •■•-*» ! - * * • I ' • ' • -V -
w.t- - licit Jt iii le- : in I'ulm ah i ! i ’•*
th * i. i h r« -t in * !u- kt ti , -p* ;it
• * I'll* v t • t want t • t ik <
n th, * ,imi mu \ rtruk •* * ii r» *1
v • • - ni-1 i 1- x , if .1* 1 > ah «• vu t ,
• i 1. r* 1 In *. .1 it the hull pi n
.*1* llttlllC hei.tll-t tin • inpall) i* drtvmc
flu *'i f » hard I In v huv i t.*<* i t turn
th. k- '-lucky division opit.il i*ur I * tin j
i - -in; > .4 ft > but the transportation men .it tir-t
* • 0.4.I t -icn tin *!•• nun nt l’lu v wer«
f 1 that it they th- ucht any tlime "f their i !•*
ft . \ 1 , i better -icn it .m l i* they re*p.»t
th * p »*iti«>u* a - tin hi*t ..ii f artli. tin > re i I ,
i!v -icne.l the petition \ -i.ih and In* wilt
'•> t » n..me o| 1 illn w« r. up before tin- ,*•*
1 v. , iirt t-.r mi-tnatmc th- r three year • Id
. h I he woman w.i- uucii ‘ill day* in Mil.
ll*. *. ,tb w t- reh.i.sed. and tin child w.i* *. 'it
to tit. hotni of tin truinll." 1 Tree private
ear- bt arinc seven *»i the - ftnial*. h.iv« b n
lie:. t-*t three .lav- and the w.-rst th. y , uld
th- v\t>- pull oil tW" *witeh ellKirn - I ’n
f - p ■ t a 1 a mini lane, i* d--mc -t rush-tic l»*i i !
in-- Henry Harris a former »..n«bi,t i *n
th 1 * received jinlcnn fit t**r *7*.u igain-t
tin roul l»«cail*e tin otnp.iny - *tip nut I 1
. it I can -land, red him >umininc tip the
-.ttt «t.*»ri at I'.nhlt T w . can * t> tha’ it t- *11 (
t" tl,.* *{..,1.1 t«»r the -tnkers
Kindlier wretk wa- avert'd her* w i- n pa*
*• ncer tram IJt w »* b .t\mc th* station li-t
i- th. train wa* puilmc «»ut t-.r tin north tin
hrak* netting fell from tin mail * ar Had the I
tram tt'*t started at any rate ot *peed. the j
pr>-babilittes ar* that there would have been]
another serums wrcik This all happened at j
t-r tin train had hern m-peetrd by “Pat Rich
ardson’s international scabs."
\ C‘*«.d many ot th* eneuncr* rumnne out
of here have th. ir kid- -. ibbmc at the bull |
pe? I In kid* .ir*- n-*t there !»«• iti*e they i
want to be. but Im « ait** tin I >ld Ib'cc.r*
<lriv« them t*> it Tin* «h ition*trate- tin
imi.»ni*ni <>t engineer- I <■ them, the word1
uun*n mean* ti>*thiitc It i* a kind of union
t1 *.41 itnpbr- no priiiciple I hesr kids h-*w
rv r can produce tn» m-*r. for the company
than the rr-t of tin ba-tile imp- I In tr.m
crestion i- worthy -*i special niention only h*
. ii-. tiny a r« th. p -ferity .*1 an tmprm-i
p!rd .icc-wt' n i it ' si!. <1 union nun
V h- ? 1-1- .* - lie -• I 'v th d -I! II
•• , k- tl it th v a! -.a these unfortunate parts
of thrillselvc* t*. be p -tit ' 1 the IH i tn -i -
Irani -erv tin pa- - ; c» r d- partltlefit
I- »*\ iff. c U ' if-! but V*r\ few people ur«
f r , . ’ *.. \ * r : I ■ - V *tI * a to speak
’ l»emc it in th. ir.'fc! » d partuu-fit
,* -1 t i* . vuhet tli.it rf•« •■•mpmv will n -t
b. t-- piv divnbnd- *uc*lm-r fr*-in tin
ttb b-s me . in tin n-1 the I ..111
tr V
"* • • nr i.i-t rep t tl*i? ? 1 inui-e 1 i
, I f. tHl'f but it * n ’ the 111" • •
• . \ t • burn I In - tb are c tt u .
•iik i d a* a - ttv look me ‘ t I r »m»
in.I 11 tw een i <1 cneme failure*
1 : I h- ir • ! '.fl b.id »ri|er . .*r -
• t
*' . 11 .f i• n I In r •• is i*. po w • r I err to d •
f * * w ith >! ■ bn *!;---!■ • <|o even tl
« ni,I hr I 1 . \) Tippers are yet
• i., th*- • »ld ll--c SutnnmiK up tin
• flu . rnpi"\ h *lropp«d nto a very
,r |h • * iff» • r id i* Mr »- the strikers
*• rued th» v wi! t •> w tb the battle
* • t’ ' t -« ,ib is »• eternim it.'il
i ;•. . < p< • . • the same ser
\n. .c the recent prn
*i it tin bull p* a was Scab A|»
• of bvn My**r >vl . * - to Mgters t •
v% k t< * f w r j 11 y ref ts ati li-uir as a handy man
i f iitic i h a* *tv hours late
- i caid ng on the
He w c'* t* kf ir at the hull pen.
ih*-* i * 47 *!< i 1 cm* - I inn bail order
■n the i }. .• n*l v .r-i- lore Many cases
I i\ * ti 11; titrti I ... mi i ti e company .11
. t 1 >111 1 1. t ti t pa-- mm r -t.it' ti
• t t, , lat« I.. . him the tugger- dl-C"*t
r -« ' m t It. iif 1 ipi .tiul I
' ! w t • 1 in . t it 1 In * e I *ad» d
•\ • lit t ■ ; * t • in 11 < \ a 1.1 *
• ss i- All k d .it I* 11 1 till- n, t> r
'. !t ,i. k .Ilid .Ii lav mg p.i- * 1
1 ■ . 1 ui - I he ■ tnpau\ 1
•i . »l»- .411.1 i; 'mu- 1’ r
. . 11. - . • -IV. t
' • I fit.. \ - .|1> J i ' t
•l -If A h., - kt
\ .si t v ii 11 b * itl-e t l.e
tin \ -- 1 1
' !* i ^ i Is" - 11 b 1 • .ft I u • t
' •• 1' i i . .iiip.iiiv ; t- t
. - * v it. . .»'<•! i.. -ii ■ -
i; I M i Ilk >IU 2 ti*.l
' 1 \ 1 .»■! km . .‘ii t
1 1 . iik.«i- tmniber about f.*ur t«» ca* li
1 It 1.11 m » ■ .1 i n
t .1 1 . »tli 1; • . v limb r In .-I
kiu-eked ut ami pi-t 11 bi . t 1 in 1 inpaiiv - ,
,i . .■ • k * a!’ tin bid .nl« » ear-.
i.i \ 1 <! up ami «I• \s ft the t. . |
? t . t • > t ■ 1 1 • ut .it turn - \t .iv rate i
t • be ,.t tin ' 1 i i-t pull
\* f 1 tlie bum It iti thi- hi t ss 11, s mi . .hi
' 1 them t r a hutidr* .1 per « « 111 uutd |
• . Sr 1 .\. t .1 • .I judging tri'iu local e.
. ! lln- .Ii- m t -i i in t.• bi \ 1 ry tar • •'J ,
1 '. T*• 1. ssbnli belong- t • tin Spring! - II
iso m. i» getting - -me dope b* tore -In g- -
bilk l ln -1 ab- inad* .111 attempt to vs I ,
thi tratm 11 \ I'e.vi nut made a bum job j
it 1 it s- tni ot the old -\\it. b »ngiii -
base been pljee.l 111 road -crvicc I'hc pilot
a- torn ott \o p.H»2 It wa- so low that it,
1 aught tu the road iro--mg Tin- 1- some
• • then safety first I'.t-Miiger engine
• hr- ki the mam dnvci and t• • r« thing- tip
. gie,it -tyle. di laving train- n 1 five hour*.
I In i ngim had t-> h» -knbhd into Indiana
. Ii- \ I li \ |> boiler maker at Hlliey
- reported a- having mrkol up an I • en*
„ me
I tlie cvetilug a -triki r dropped nit* • A 1
\| m ion - gr .ary -1• -r« am! bit .1 Grave Yard
Special mi In- counter \- - *••11 a- the gr.*. r
• ss what it sea- hi g >t madder than a wet
In u, t..re it up and kicked it under the counter
I In- matt 1- a member >t the It ot I I t
tin Min 1- 1 eutr.il. and when tin hull pen
is. 1 - in it- gl *r\ In -old large ipiautlttc- ot
groe.ru- the -.ah- “lit all right; the
strikers will be there when the scabs are sleep
mg under the willows, far. far away, and fur
tln um ri tin -Inker- ss ill be lu re to givi the
scab-loving merchants the chilly shake," and
tin- will take place in tin* mar future when tin
-trik. ss ill Im a thing ot the *pa-f
East St. Louis.
1 lie value deplorable condition* c\i-t lure
l.ngun * 1 *i had an air pump failure. Engine
.MNKi tailed at 1‘iiu ktiey v die, the throttle he
coining disconnected Engine *211 tailed and
re.n h rod wa- broken Engine *.t:t failed. Cor .
in r of mud ring blown -ut Engine ftlll tailed,
pi-t 'ti broken Engine 102 1 faded, valve -tern 1
gland broken
I hr company 1- giving the engineer- regu
lar engim - again, but at that they can harly
nuke two trips with the -ante engine En
gme -22. just troni llurn-ide-, threw a tire
hi the uc\s yard- and 1* in the -hop for an
• 1' • r I ink overhauling Engine **2J failed on
tram *.„• Engine 'j1 ran into a Southern en
wnnr at il.t > uthcru crossing 1 he Southern
eiigi bad ti" ro*-ing and the I i . engine
ss .1 — S till! k dowi. lilt traik 1 he etigtnecr
ippbrd tin hiakes but they ss »uld n*»t set,
and the 1 l elign . went ah--lit 200 feet
int-.tl Ninth rn.ngn.e i\iitiy 1 ir-1 » Hud
Mull, otitic-ry i- having hi- trouble- He could
• t get .ib-iig with the burr head- and ll*»w
In ■ - having tin sani< tr«*uhb w th the ss hit.
tr.i-h II- wa- -m 1 e*-1 ill in getting one of
hi- near r-litis. - t-. collie and go to w«» rk
i r h tu
Ih« •* rap pib- jrtitn ^Ibirn-ide- wiiuli art
irnving Ih 1 • or g *• •*! tv ittiple- • I -- ab work
nian-lnp I ngn • .0 one «»f the products
that w av all d led up by the abs a( Hum
-nb-. 1- laid up lure "-h» ha- lo-t the K M
1 Iming win el .ml that a -rrioti- wreck did
mi t or* ur ss.i- . miracle. Engine l'*21. juvt oft
! the drop pit. :* baik again because • f h*»t
bt.xr- ( barley Hrossti, the -cab who ha* been
i. ha-ed « v* ry place he ha- gone, got vanned
Ih 1 r'• He ha* -t». seeded in getting hack to
w rk and now has the drop pit job with a
negro helper l hi- fellow has worked at *cv
t ra! place- *>n tin- 1 C. during the la-t year
and from all mdn ations lie is now at the end
*•1 In- rope
1 In 'itti.itioti lure 1* more favorable than
t \ * r I here are plenty of scabs ami had order
mar- line, but about the only thing the scab
! are doing 1- 1 haning them 'I rani* are run
•ling late and -cab- are bu-y puking up the
svreeks Iso id men are knkmg becau-e of the
1 -.million f the et|inpment. and the striker*
j .re as firm a - e s e r
, . , t .1 alt
other we ek of rai’i hug
u ui l
l .1 • • • t
, . ,l' . ■ : r . U
. . )\ ' i ■ : I ' •' M ' -1 "
, , .. , t i. * . i
l. '.! t i , ' I !
.1 .mi. ami the I ; : ' * !l”
.. . ,i ,,t« . • .-ad t" r. g
, . Il , .1 di -it - ••
.. * t» tarun r • I t oil N • df pp» *1

i: i ' r« pi» ting 11
.rg.iMi/.itmn-, ware In re and gaxi
,.. \- ir ns "Vi r the Ism-, ai d
, , • (lit Ii \ - I M* * .-M i' f* newx »t
th< ■ d.iitn; ■ i! s’ t.< tight t ■- -triki > 1 a
,,,* . - - ml i rii'in ,ii.'i!. regard!* - - • » t * buig
it t ik• - i arm* at tin- rod
Ogden, Utah.
\m tik tdi manx tiling- of mti t« -t t t •udni
vn wi-lt t - inform x u that «nn Jo-eph Vim,
an ill ifoiiml dead l" at. w lio -c.ihhed here in
pit :, and I.itx r lelt. luatifsg hi- h.-ard lull, ha
r« iiiriml m. iitlv with the t ainphell ‘ artuval
• I■ inp.iux with whuh company In ha- a joh
!•• sling a tom-tom. IP vxa- looked up by tin
• Iln t-I - .iisd torn d t'• pax In- hoard hill. S* ah
(ifo \llen wit • paid a tine here and did lime
..ii (hi rock pi - lor attempting to take the
III. I I- In. tint 111 lavx aUo returned with
tin i.unn.i! *« iiip.inx ll» xxa- mixed up III
a gsu pl ix dtiruik* lr- -tax In r* and the good
"• igi kax • him 'Mi dax - ni..r« «-u tin roi k pile
and t * mi mu
I a ■ k kohls.-ugh tin -.ah P-r* man in the
. .Ii departim ut. vvh.> rt tnaiiied Io>.p t • * the
. nip.nix xx In n tin* .all xxa- nude tor the lore
nun i • • i.'tut out. has had hi- troubles I he
in-t hat.I link la k had wa- when III- wife
i ia- i t- ixi wuh him 1 • • .*»!-« In w.i- a
-eali \t\t he wa- discharged with a warning
never t- -how tip again around the company *
premise* Il happened that Supt. Man-on't
car wa- -cut to the -hops and ftiOUO.UO appro
priated l<>r it- rehabilitation, hut alter Jack
and hi- hull pen imp- were through xxith it.
tin x had o\xrdrawn the appropriation to -uch
an « Mi nt tliat tin -cah labor and material
. Isargi d up t" the job amounted to on
lln re-ult wa- that Jack was told that his
relation with In- pax check wa- amputated.
Ur--ther K hert Mx< hesmy, a member of the
m. i.hiiu-t- No 1-7. ha- departed P*r the land
w In ii. * no traveler return- In his death we
h >-e a ta it HI ill and dexoted worker Hr leaxr
. win and four children to mourn In
tis* I h xV 1 divi-mn had a -ennui wreck
at tvkm ill I he road- from the south am
• a-t . ii.’ I’xoria run oxei the -anie
tr.uk- and tl ah> I- the aecnlelit mi urre*|
tin |! 1 iri a « xM; p. < ,gcr train had a hot
I* -a and on. i : t •. • 1. i t . ext • ut and
I uk it I hen xx »- i .m hi • nt ami the
tolidtP! •: xx.i- oil ♦ !•• • .! d • tin tv a ill
\ I'.ig I vn 111 ik'ht ^ md -latntm d
■ u to tin pa»• * iik* i Ira n I he t ondlix tor
jumpi I and tin p i - ng* r- in de all unsueces
miI «ii it I - nt ■ nt I In ii• .ght train, how•
«VXI. w.i- Ml.Mil in s g down so that
it xxa- mt going \er> r a ? xx Inn it hit the
pa» • tiger train ami !« . .ns-• ..i tin- m-bnd>
k. id I hi- . aim | • • t \ i . ,i r being .up
• •lln r M-.nl/ uiia.r
I xx milling i- h-vely m tin I'mver-ity I ity
I1:' 11a■1 • * an running kit* and ti e - ah- are
riirimn ’ tm trying to get the w-rk nt t. r
m.c . -in, an>, Init judging it.mi the I dux* printx
of time the only remit of the .r rt:-rt- . ?
Id * x|" n-c P the cotnp.iux
I In -.ah* Ink. It. re i- y matter >.| mu (i
amu-iim-nt I ii. It it..,., mil that k.,..
Slfilihi.u-i'. .hi- .lc-.rtrr tr. i ..ur rank*, wa
line.I l>. ti.r mailer me. bum. i i iiu.>m|irlrt.
l y III. life time j.»b wa* |. rnmiaie.l ti.n.c
, " li-«t •mlil' iiiy. am! Sun ; 1 I’. tr v.4» iavure.
1 ..ill. tin- t>.ItI..1, .if ti.nm.in Hill* ti.a.le varant
| II"’ trait.T Sti'iiih.ni*.. Ii..wc.. |, ba.l . >■<.uul
i mtlmtiee with the re-t ..f th. hull pen utin
t.. pull them ..ut in .ink. lb. *eal.-, ..
e."ir.e. |«i*.e**et| no 'ticking .pulitu *. am
alt* r tbe) ha.l 1114'I. their grainf't.i'nl p!,.)
'they rleparted t.. .1., the -.ah art el*e*lirir
line tie.i. K St.me. ., my him.t ir< in Pat. r
I ...ii N .1 . formerly w ith the navy. ,bh*<
I lu re f..r three day*, jii't lug enough p, K>.,
I .cqiumtrd with ...11 <• III the *cal>- ||e want
, , it, Ii) the tutua g*H|
I to l.nor him
.i i i ••thing doing for StimjH
thing -n that mrniaf SI
I . i 1 •- g.dd wall h and -th« fl
. | • , in . • .. g- Id watch helongA^H
• • and all told he deparu(9|
!„ , i - .. « 'tli . i mkIi property asg*j
- mth i.'in win n lie travel*. I'atty 4' I
I ,. |t.. i, itmU - I In was relieved of fcM^H
, rtV and i- Hung I" drown III* >nrt«l|H
i.n.ii lii\,i v mining up the mechaaialJI
I, |. W, I, mi I, . Iioiuue (pace hy tnfung^H
, il.it i dttioii- as far a» the , - inpagymB
,. . ,,iirii*d an -imply awful, and the nWl
-'.■'king tfic tire- of the ttvolMW^|
a ■ if,, -.,im un-wrrving effnrt*. m
Tracy, Calif. : 1
In, ■ ■ 11,1II > i — Up agaiu-t it here a- badly fl
. Etigtiti lltn -tripped her-clf on oe,H
-di and ,1, lavi d her train I lie engine OU s*
pa*-i i.ger tram du d and delayed the triitH
II. i tram t arrii d a I t of people who wcee 5*
g. mg i" a lull! game, and needles, to mcntiwH
tlu \ — 111.w i • I tlum indignation because ol thl jl
,ii.ilulit\ ol III! I . nipaiiy to get them to the# fl
1^ t arc > n tlx move, and train* art I
ruining very late >witih engine 1090 ii f[B
j. •uiflixk 1 ».i<11 > ili.il it x* k««pmg the native*
iwdkt night* and di'turlnng thr peace durtag ifl
tlx <la\ \ '* ah bv thr name •»( Flower*, flpH
hail' in in l.'i'g.i't*"* w lit re hr had a
ran* h. t.iiiii' to 'how I racy how to break tip
%tnkt lit put mi In** l.i't 'how when he tri*4^9
t knotk p.i"«nger tram \«» 6 «df the trae^j^B
I , i\ l»otit m tii' hotly w i' broken and kl^^B
I tatinly ' now mourning hi' loss, but the itrilNS
it- not If he had 'tayrtl on the riad^B
where hr belonged, everything would
to. n w i ll tor hint iM
Princeton. fl
l,.i -iiuatn'ii remains about thr same
• "•pi 'I’-'t pa--ettger tram, are running lll^i
than m thr past Engine 731 has been out
ti . I’adttcah shop, tor a couple of wmH^H
I U Inle m the -Imp thr scali- gave it a IMVfl
: tine -lie, t. .,n.| le w thr -fleet IS leaking all
l»a> around thr -earn Engine 873 is out
I the I'aihtcah -hops and the driving boxes af6*i
j running hot Engine 673 burned off a pillfl
['d tank w in 11. 1 in- public in general
'■ ry nun It rt luted when engine 856 was takflg^P
[•lit oi -witihitig -cr vi, e a- they had to ka^^fl
tin hh wer mi all the time to keep it alive, aM^i
it made all kinds of noise 'fl
I ngii 622 lost an e*h pan and .el a saalfl
hndge . ii nr. lint the damage was sma&^i
I .mu 6iit , ante m dead \ wreck took plaCt^i
I'lwi'ii here and I entral t'lty, delaying pat-^|
1 Mc‘ r tram in: thn e hour* and 20 minutes. IIS
Jackson, Miss. I
« \tra« rditury change' in the situatiolk^B
I fx inp.iny i* .1^ b.itlly cripplrd in thi* *C^j^B
. n< ti "i thr •untry as ever Train* are nUK 9
xi g l it* , and engine* are tailing down. TlMjF,9
x f l.t't long when they get hrre alter ha^ Jfl
n in thr 'hops for a *cab overhaul!^ 9
m the w.«\ thr "tiirial* arc losing out, fcj
k' *'ft -fx tlimg wrre going to happtfl^B
«x ir tutiMe S*.ine literature ha* be0^9
"it*1' l-rfr that the company doe* mla
! .,ixl tie of the local paperi SlB
< mmrnte I on it by stating that the strike «sB
I ft I. but troin the way they are kicking VS^B
► d i* ao'ii t . believe that they are fft^B
fact that thr re i' a strike
Council Bluff*. J
llx * »i'l ll' g i, making strenuou* effort* ISjH
xavig.iir with her deteriorated hull pen facfll^^fl
"x* ihe genii' that have infested it, MlB
" past they are tni'ticccssful. The fmB
h.iins that arc running are in a disorganifi^M
••f affairs and one g<H>d reason for tBfl
*s the fact that they cannot indttil^B
"k Ii p.»' iiuer* ri'k their live* on tlMKw
xgh weight mi them to Mll^H
'ti .‘ordinary development* have takiS^B
'•ut ti., i -iiipaiiy can look for them moslfl
y turn i lur men are as firm a* ever. a«fl9
* * ‘,in ',;ind thi' just a* long as the cott^H
;miiv • .r wr ir« out to win I
* OR
I |J

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