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I FnurMl aa eerond rlaaa matter Jan. S. l*l|. at thn mat office at CStatea. III . under the act of March 1. Ill*
You Railroaders
Ii . \ ■ ii * ..ill. ...I m.n ..n th< II l.fNOIS < KVTRAI. AVI. HAKKIMAN' I.INKS lint »<•
|rr ullm.- !■ |||<I «*' arr talkiiiK I" you in liartimlar linau.r thr strike the SIIOI' MKN
,n tin** line* .«ti«l ye*ur relation t• • tlie*e men o railroad employe*
A .iff •• ii'panirs have hern l N I* A IK to the turn now on strike ami they will accord you
thr same t' -at incut when thr opportunity t« • «l« * »o arise* They have no more respect for
you than t«*r iln *he»p men ON' SI KIKE, hut in order to pmeure a* nnnh of YOl'K assistance
a* porRil'h »hil* the- strike i* on. you will hr told at various times about your gemd prospects
i,.r yr«*nioti‘-i» special mention will hr nuelr of your life time job, and the inability of thr
cofitpante * t r.«ilr• »a«l without you III fait, they would like- t«• have you believe that if you
yet K11 I ID • 'ii >"tir next trip out. every trlrplmne pole along thr line will be drapeet ami
thr *t«*ckh*‘h|«-t* *• i the road will vail a special inerting to provide for your wife and habie*
|U | d* n t let them overestimate your importance The y will build engines and cars and
run train* ♦ •'<* the- division l.ON’t* AI T KR A Ol' ARE DEAD AND hUN'E, ami if a com
pan> tit • oil* on y«*ur \\IDo\\ ,»t all. n will hr only because you had tw* weeks’ wages
Ml tn the . inpaii) s treasury and he will br there to try and beat her out e.f it.
The repairing of engines ami ear* wa* the work perfetrmed by the men now on strike, but
*UH< the ‘trike much of thi* work ha* gone b> elrfault ami minor repair* have been left tor
•h<i> men win are on strike had jurisdiction over all repair work. rrganlle*s of it* in*igiufi
camr. I*ef re the strike, therefore, any work of tin* nature now performed by you, is against
the int*r«*ts ot thr striker* and tends to nullify their effort*
It i* eiilv a lew- of the company’s *tool* in your rank* whe* will and have lowered them
»rhr* t«. the level of the scab, ami are performing work for the- companies that does m t come
• ithm their jurisdiction This *ma!l army of scab* i* dangerous material have in ye»ur own
orgini/alioi** t« r if they will scab • -t» the shop men white they are on strike, they will also scab
of! the' r <"*i r gam/at i* *«i* when the time arrive* that you are precipitated inti* a strike
Hrt*-re ll « trike V * •«» eliel ne*t have to take HAD ORDER eejUIpnillit over the roael .is >*u
t< .! i i.iv lii fact, according to l.AAA ami the re guiuti. n* «»t the safety appliance or
dinan«rv v ii * .ititu t be cottipellcel t«* handle thi* had orde r equipment HL’T A Ol ARE
|H 11 \ I • 11 .n il you e|e • ViT *re ill t«. kliow how to ge t out of it because you are t«*1«1 that A Ol
|i ..i, nr next trip. >«»n *hottld take the hail • nler car* in yeiiir train anil kick them over
the harh win truce* along the right of way and continue t«» do a* long as they give you
ha«l order ear* hamlle. then you could loeik for a remarkable change HI T. a* long a* ye»u
DU 1 A I» \ I I A. patch tip ami nurse the had order* and as lung a* you continue to get them
. vtr the r* ad vou may re*t assured that you are going to |»e given the hael order ei|uipment
\> hail!
Ii you would let thr work on y«»ur engine alone, ami let matter* take their natural o-urec,
t i* mginr will strip it*e|t bep.r* you get very tar from your terminal Then thr pound that
V'.u have reported *»* often will receive some attention Hl’T. a* long a* you can get the
! engine . vrr the road by driving down the h«dt« the companies will l»e delighted ter see yim
MDDI I \l < >NO
A-u have .» federal law governing railroad equipment and it state* that HAD ORDER
equipment mu*t not be operated It belong* mi the strap pile The remedy for your condi
tion is To IT I IT THERE I HINT AVON R A about the bad orders in YOl R TRAIN Eet
them alone , and let them make KINDEIND \VlH)|) out e.f the entire train If they want to
send that engine out m a defective condition, let her take her natural course and go into the
ditch. *trip h«r**lt «*r explode AA hat should you iare* And WIIA SHOL I. A t )L WORRA
Eng in * ami . ar * will fee built atol trams will he run long after the death e.f A Ol' RAIL
10 ADI R>
The War of Today
I hi Nssocutrd I'rr-. lame out in bo* cat letter* on the moat con-picuou* page of tile -licet
• ilh an arlit’Ir mtrirr thr caption •Big Railroad Strike Threatened in the West—Krutachnitt
hat left hit Filth Avenue Office for Frtaco, Seattle. Portland. Salt Lake and Chicago, on a tour
of intpei non and investigation over the atrfke-threatened territory.”
Firry bode wa- in a -late ol anxiety a- to future development-, including HI LI. SMITH,
thr peft-tnii-t However. whin thr extra edition came out -tatmg that I.AItuK l.K MlKHS
xrr n Krut-ihmtt » trail with the pro|H>-ed ultimatum but that krmt-ihnitt had e-i atied into
the I 4.1 again and the pre-iimptioti wa- that In would -ail iut Europe before he would submit
to a mnlireint with the representatives of latu-r utitotis. then the fighting ipialitie- in all the
cun-ltturnt-. all the way down to Sleepy Hill Smith, the (>e-»ltlll-t. wrrr developed
Such were thr developments two year- ago which led up to thr -trike now in progre
Thr re-iilt wa- a -trike of some .l-.iwxi worker-, and hnau*r of the -tubhornne-- on the part of
thr railryad plenipotentiarir- tt w a* the uttaiitmnu- opinion of all worker- in the railroad indus
try that the men on the Illinois t rntral and llammaii line- -h.-tilil -trike to force the con
crs-inn* a-ked and to maintain their dignity
The is ihhi men went on -trike but the lalyr movement of which thi y were a part, tailed
to finance thrill to an extent which would enable them to -tax on the job and tight HI I. the
Illinois t rntral anil Harriman lute- wrre member* of a union whose financial resource- are in
exhaustible and the 5x railroad- of tin* uni u. better known a- thr firneral Manager- \»*• ••
elation were a--r--ed gMI.000 per month to ereatr a -trike fund for the Illinois lentral and liar
rintan road* In other word*, rai h road a* a number of the t.eneral Manager- \-sociatmn.
ha- turn a-.r-eil in the U month- of the -trike a total of gl.KNI.OM. anil the total amount paid
in by all the is road- during this time ha- been PHMWO.OOO. e*elu-ne of loans and donations
made to ihi a—onalion to the -truck roads Th«*« assessments and payment* to the Ulinoia
Central and Harriman line* have been uacd for the purpose of annihilating organued labor.
! Thr-I -tati-tics are authoritatise and show condu-ively that the Managers' \*.ociati«>n o far
•aperior to anything in the line of organisation ever developed within the lalmr movement It
the labor movement ha- financed this strike to an extent that MW of the ts.imn men who went
rm -trike haie received the tnea-ly wage oi tlttUI per week -ince the incept.I the strike
no one know* anything aluiut it
Thr financial resource* of the Manager- \--nciatton will Ik iiie*hau*liblr ju-t a- l t'g a
thr men oil thr other roads which Comprise the a.-ociation, remain at work and grind iHI
profit* for their respective companies so that they will lie able to pay their a-se--merit* to
thr lltincii- l entral and Harriman line* It it were po-.ihle for the men on the othir road
to become imbued with -uch modern union principles that they would take part m the tight and
enter into general strike, then the General Managers' Association would arrive at a very crit
ical point
The manager*, however, are not going In arrive at this l KITIl U I '• »I N I. it it i- in
thru power to avoid it They are able to estimate the danger of I IIK liENEKM SlKIKF
anil therefore all available machinery t» tiring placed in motion to frustrate the plan, and a- tin
arr good mi-ihanirs. when they place their machinery in motion within the lalmr movement, it
nioif, with remarkable rapidity ...
It'- the y,|p anil the howl of HIM. SMITH, th. pe-tmt-f. that ntanipulatrc the V Al.v r.
MO||U\ 111 the interest of thr MANAGERS' VSSOt I AT ION He ha- been on the job and
ha* Stoked thr TIKE IIOX OK ENERGY (nr them -nice the inception ol this -trike Ihiring
the preliminaries he wa* with thr YA YA HOYS with blood m hi- eye- for ailion. but when
ttctnry I a i It d to arrise within the first J 4 hours In set out to chisel off the d.-llar assessment
that had been welded to thr eause, and pnicrr.lril to d- everything In eoi.l.l t-- further the
inti re-i, of the GENEKM. MANAGERS Mul today hi i- -nil then ■" »hr
ready t * * -crew a bushing on the expansion pipe of a tiENEKAI. SlKIkl
Ym who are working and »h.. have no other atm ut life but the p. rpttualion of the■unlit.
Ittal army it „ you who should act together with all the other worker* m a MASS MON l.
MFNI I i i|< \ GENERAL STRIKE and DIAIWD a ci—atnm "I the tyrannical rule and id
Till \\ \k UK T< >I)AY
'• 'I Wilnu, <11 \ talon n«-hrral f«»rrman of I hr
*hi'-aK". Indiana a Soulhrrn an*l Ihr Indiana liar*
bof Hr|t, hu* Ifrn ap|Miint«H| dltlalon grnprai f*no
uf thr loafer Hhurr al Ktiftlr* o«»d. Ill, \ tor
••rora*- Thotnaon, mad«* nia«trr tar builder at ihai
I M I'aar ha* In appointed atgnal iu|M-rU»or
of 'hr i’hl« hk" * Alton at Hlnomingtnn. 111. In
Pla* • of |{ |t Iloynton. rralgiinl
Harrr ..1 h»» f<>" ■
nun .•( ih. i'iiii llmall lUmilum * l»«»ton
4iiiiiaiH.il. "a * * In M..|.li> I- mail, "malar b.ill.r
ni.kir a. Ih.l mint. I-’.
a...,il alliulai wrili. »Hll <»>* H«n*..r A Arui.a
tiii.k «l Mllu Ji‘i ■ Mi
I I |ial,\ baa I.. a,i|n'ln,a.l iMilmaalir uf ,*m
Oregon Hh»M I.",'. »' k.mm. "r. W>o. »Ua J«'>»
MiUrrrVt-v. re*l*n*«1
When \ oil g« 1 «t I w« oil raged dl<*hea»tehed and
h| ur wliHi V oil ft-el I hut 'our Imp! friend ha*
Ih t ra\ e«l vou when vour mnfidem • in humunitv
I* shaken. whrn hope la d« ad whrn v*»u ar« weal.'
with the pi rife and turmoil of our prrprat dsv
«iv tlnatIon. jiiat rrad thi* aoul inspiring poem by
Joaquin Miller. th* |HU I of the Slet'UP. who
died Horne time ago tit <iak>an«!. t’al This Ip an
inle to < 'olutnhUP and every one who reads thi*
Pltould rut H out and parte It In hlr fiat to read
when h* g* t* it yellow ptreak
« »|.| MHI «.
Hr hind him lav thr gia\ Aiorrr.
He hind him the gatep of ||er< t^le*
liefor« him not the ghopt of sharer,
Hefore him only rhorele*p peas
The good mate Paid "Now rnilPt we pt a .
Koi |o' the verv rtarr are gone
Kras* adm r I apeak what rhall I *a\
Why *a\ Sail on* Sail on and on’
M v rnen grow muttnoua dav by da'
My men grow ghartly. wan and weak
The rtout mate thought of home a rprav
* »f ralt wave washed his swarthy «heek.
What shall I Pay. hrave adm r I. say.
If we right naught but pear at dawn*'
Why. you phall ray at break of da'
Sail on’ Sail on* Sail on and on’
They palled and railed, up winds might blow,
t'ntil at last thr b|un* bed mate paid
Why now not even (UnI would know
Should I and all my mrn fall dead
There verv w ind« forget their wav.
Kor <*<m| flom there dread a*a» |p gone
Now ak hra'r adm r I. rpruk and ray—’
Ilf raid Sail on’ Sail on ami or.’
Th* -a I* d Thev pa t .l Then Ppake the mat*
Thi* mad r« a rhowr hi* teeth toMgt.t
Me • uil* tils lip. he Her In wait
Mt lift* hlr teeth, a* if to hit* '
ttrgve |i!m r ra' hut nil* good Word
VA -.at *hal we do when h«q»e i« gone’
Tie ids I* apt like a flaming rw..rd
r*a. "ti S«|| «.n‘ sail on and on
Then pale and w orn, he |>a< e.| h|p de<k.
And peered through darktiep- Ah. that t'ghl
i* • *f all dai k nights And then a -p* «k —
» light A min' At laat a Il«hl
It grew a starlit flag unfurled
III grew It* t*e timer burst of dawn
Me gained a world he gave that world
Its grandest le*r**n on' Sail on'
urftrtr'a Rutf-WlWtM (llraflt# ta
RmM trtM la Haaa* ml III tffato.
HI I.I.KTIV—#iiilnalrl>-n dla-.l at . »'■ <> • la» h lint
Mf tei noon.
I JAtKSoN Tenn. Aug 25. »*11— In an attempt to
r«al*t arrest at the hands of offlttr T A Harrison
[ gjid resulting to vbdrnt no ans. W C*. •*hln|lrl»n,
Has W i' I'asoii. an employe of the I i* shopa.
was shot and fatally wounded last night in a house
of III fame on Mhannon street. coi»4u< t*d by a
1 iM'giess Xhlngleton struck tOfficer Harrison sev
| era I blows on the bead and in the face, on* of
whli h rr-ulted in breaking the officer's nose
Hhingleton lies In the I’hic league hospital at
i the |H»lnt of .leath. and official statements issued
i from that sanitarium this afternoon wete to the
# ffe« t that ihete was absolutely no <hsn<e for
r*«o\ery on the patt of the patient and that death
1 would Ilkelx come bef or e nightfall
• officers Newman. Alre«l and Uarnson were called
to the house on Shannon street, occupied bv Mamie
• llall a negress last night shout 1« o c|o« k real*
| dent* in that neighborhood having enteted «om*
I plaint.
When the officers arrived on the •« ene. Police*
1 man Harrison was stationed at the rear door and
.officers Newman and Aired made read* to enter
| at the front Pushing open the door thev found
! .*h Ingle ton and the negn>* in the room. Mhlngleton
being entirely nude lie tan to a room in the rear
I of the hous*. the negiess Jumped out of a window
and was pursued »•' officer* Newman and Aired
[ orfher Harrison then entered the house and took
| charge of Mhingleton Horn* words passed between
i them when Hhlngleton began to show fight, strik*
lug at the officer several time* Mr Harrison re
ceived a severe blow on hla forehead, and upon
1 tea* hlng to get hla pistol he was struck a hard
. How on the nose. When officer Harrison d‘d get
I flit his pistol he fired at rfktngleton. the ball en
> ter lug the neck Hhlnglt ton fell to the fl«mr and
j the officers summoned medical aid Immediately
I Ins Prank Hamilton and J T Barbee arrived on
I the scene, and ministered to the wounded man as
I best thev could under the ctrctimatagreg.
The ambulance was « ailed and thev accompanied
I Shmgleton to the «*tv lc league hospital where they
j rendered all |*oss|ble medn al aid Prom the outset
the physicians entertained verv little hop** for his
I irtoveiy. ami I*r Hamilton stated Malay that he
! >i« no chance for Pklngleton now
Shlngletoil lias been employed in the I «*. shops
| bet* for the past two vears He has be. n g.vlMg
| bis name here a* W t* *’as«»n and tie wa“ known
j to many of his associate* bv that title He >s a
I test.lent of Parkersbuig W Vs and he stated to
I nurses this morning that lie lias a brother w ho I#
cashtei of a bank In West Virginia
Hhlngleton was arrested on Mar«h 4 1*12.
(charged with disorderly mndui t and was finest in
police court III* nsrne wa« entered upon the dock
I ri o W *' r'ason
Ills relativ # » In Parkersburg are being lommun
icgted with ami some of then will atrive as early
MS possible
T« war brwibrra wwrkloB la ailirr >k«o« aa«l la
all argaalaed labor:
\\ * air oc•»tvior to hold our Hr* on«t *Stand \nnl
VInm Mulliif on Hun«la\ Attunmin and
avfntnir. s*o»pt Jtth Our program will «onal*t
«»l k "o«l *|n uhr*. and man' of mu frtrnda who
at. with UN lit fhl* 1 ahi. a-* w.ll a* our own off
» ♦ • will hr |u rarlit
lirfrrahmrtit* an«l lumh will I*, to ahundam r
Motion pl.tui** «.f thr *tiik» and oftirr auhjr. t*
will hr olu*w n .%l»u (iiitiiu a of t' . I *' a ml I la i •
riman tin. tin ki pout fora*t th* dat»- s " -d.*\
H*-|.t»-mh«r ,’Mh. nflrmtHin ami ••wulnit Hrtua
.1 |.o« k*l hook «n*l hr l|* mak* it a futil *u«
*« - « for th* «tilk*-r* Wr hopr to I au to • ’. * t v
lti« h nidi nit to ntakr room for you
I \ I. k nUiii k l*t I
• I. Kl\ln and It \ Mulln. th* t wo youuic
whit.- turn who *• i m \.«l up m ihr llintou tuor«t* t
». Hi'.1. |..«t tlirlr |.. i* 111 till ■ a i thr \ A VI \
m I road ahop* a* a tr*ull of Ihrlr r*» apadr Thr'
arr undr r lo.nd of lino rjih to app* ai hrrr in
I'm rmhrr a* wlfnr***-* In It. .»•>«• Mullrr I*
fr«>m la< kaon, M *"• and KIttn ftotn II it ngton
Railroad Notes
1* «* >tuart -ignal rtig.neer c.f the -
I'm* fI« a’ Houston, Te* . has resigned
W T la Vile II, master mechanic of ttie Mini ca
pe*.IS A St la* ns at Mar-halltow n. lias resigned.
«’ M Hoffman has resigned as super intendent of
motive (cower of the St lamia. Brownsville A
Me \ |ro and 'he offoe in uholishcd
NS •' ‘iroenlng ha** been appointed master me
I hanlc of the I’ele Marquette, at Ijratid Rapid",
Mil li . vi-e .1 E II" hey. resigned.
I If Ilinkens general foreman of the Halti
n'* *r*■ Ac Ohio at Pittsburg l*a . has been mad* a-*
sistant master mechanic at that point
I (* Mill, assistant signal engineer of the (’hi
• ago Milwaukee A St Paul, has hem appointed
signal engineer at Milwaukee. Wis, vice A Hn.su,
W (isborne has been appointed engineer of
maintenance of may of the Atlantic Southern, for
rnerlv the Atlantic, Northern and Southern, at
Atlantic, la
M E Wells has re-.gned as assistant master
mechanic of the Wheeling A lake Erie and i<
cepted service with the Wahaah. headquarters at
I'etroit. Mich.
t* I.. Mcllvalne has been appointed master me.
• hanlc of the New York. Philadelphia A Norfolk,
office at »’ape Charles Vs., vice J U Cun
ningham resigned
Hugh Montgomery has been appointed superin
tendent of motive power and rolling stock of tha
Itutland railroad, office At Rutland. Vt.. vice F. C,
Cleaver, resigned
W T Cousley, chief car inspector of the Elgin.
Joliet A Eastern, has been ap|»ointed master car
builder of the San Antonio A Arkansas Pass, office
at San Antonio, Tex
J I! Mcguiilen. master mechanic of the Santa
Ft a' s:l*bee Te* . lias been appointed mechanical
superintendent, headquarter * at ‘ laburne. Te* . v |. e
I T 1 mnlop. resigned
J E Hood has been appointed super* iaor of
bridges and buildings of the Northern Pacific at
I'uluth. Minn tier H E McFarlane, granted leave
of absence fn» s*x month**
H c Van Husklrk. general foreman of the Santa
, Ee at t’leburne Te* . has been appointed master
tm-c hatm- of the Beaumont division at Sllsbee. Te* .
'vice I K M* gulllen. promoted effective Aug IS
John W hite ha* been made roundhouse foreman
of i he Cinc innati, Hamilton a I'ay ton. at Indcana
! poll*. ' ice (’has Nash, resigned to a* cept a similar
* position on the Bangor A Aroostook, at M to Jit.
1* E Barton, bonus supervisor of the Santa K*.
, has been transferred to the eastern lines and the
Topeka simps, office at Tcqieka. Kan. vice Erne«r
(’ordeal, resigned I'atrld Hosa has been made it*a«l
I foreman «»f eriglnes at Cleburne. Te*
T F Fellows, tend foreman of the Penns* Ivania
shops at Renova. Pa. has been made foreman of
I the lathe department at that point Samuel Ker
• -hlner has heea made foreman of the erecting dr•
I pertinent Vice J T Berkley, deceased
John T West, passenger agent of the Seahoaid
Air Ld»e St Philadelphia teas been appointed di
vision passenger agent at Raleigh N C. vice H
S l.ea'd. i esig tied to go to another com pan* I,
E Mann, traveling passengei agent at New Yorh.
succeeds Mr Weat and C S Cannon oiireeda Mr
Mann W It (Iresham. traveling passengei agent
at Ac|ftitM. '»a . has bem appointed district |Misaen
ge* agent at Birmingham. Ala. v Ice Jack W John
Jeon deceased If K dra>. traveling passenger
agent at Tampa. Fla. succeeds Mr (Jresham R I*
James, cM> ticket agent at Tampa, succeeds Mr
firs', and (ieorge C Mf> rover succeeds Mr James.
H c liov l st on. Jr. and K A Oarvln have been
appointed passenger agents at Jacksonville Fla.
C If Webb has l*een appointed assistant gen
eral freight agent of the South Trvas and latuls
tana lines of the Frisco. Including the St. Louis.
Brownsville A Memo, the Beaumont. Sour Lake
A Western, the ('range A Northwestern, and the
New Orleans. Te*as A Me*ic». office at Houston,
Te* J v Brown, assistant general freight agent.
an*l (* W Strain, assistant general passenger
agent of the St Ia*uis. Han Francisco A Te*as.
j F«»rt Worth A Kin (Irande. have resigned, and their
|(M»sii|ons are abolished, but the* will retain their
present positions with the Soulh Te*aa lines of
the Frisco s S Butler, heretofore assistant to
the vice-president. *n charge of traffic, of the
Te*a« ar.d Louisiana lines of the Frisco has been
appointed passenger traffic manager of that road
arid th* Western Pacific office, at Denver, Oolc.
E L Lotna*. passenger traffic manager of the
Western Pacific, has been appointed assistant pas
senger traffic manager of that road and the Hea
ver A Rio (Irande. office at Han Francisco A H
; Hughes, general traffic manager of the l»en%er A
Rio tlrande. will have jurisdiction also over the
Western 1‘artfu. headquarters at Heaver H. M
, Adame, freight traffic manager of the Western
Pacific. ha« had his jurisdiction e*trnd>«l over the
Center A Itlo (irande. headquarters at Han Fran
• i sc-o J \ (Ilihens. freight traffic manager of I he
Missouri Pacific and the Iron Mountain, has been
appointed assistant to J M Johnson, vice-president
in charge of traffic of those roads and the l>enver
A Rio (Irande and Western Pacific, office at Ht
( lauds (* E Perkins, assistant general traffb
manager of the Missouri Pacific and the Iron
Mountain, succeeds Mr (llthens as freight traffb
manager, and the former poaltion >s abolished
W I June* assistant gennai freight agent of
the Missouri Padflr and the Iron Mountain, has
Iceen appointed assistant to thr general traffl*
manager with headquarters at Hr Loins
Hay you. this Is to remind you that you have
now got your lamps on an ad-less paper We
«arr> no paid advertising, tlie few ads tarried
being «omplimentarv. That la to aay. the struck
roads have been so genernua to us in the past
that we have just let their ails remain standing
However, we tan get all the fake medicine ad*
w* want and set our own price for the spate, anil
, w e rould get b\ to sut h an extent that we wroultl
ht .tide to Int rease the salaries of everybody from
the hTINK himself down to the t'anadian clrcula*
I t Ion manager, but we have «tmplv refused to tak**
tins monev because we know damn well that
I'nde Jerry s |*tnk Liver fills won t take those
dark spots from under your lamps after you have
spent six nights on the Itowery. nor will Oswego
t»il t ure the rheumatism whbh vou . ont ra< t*-t|
when your proposed father-In law but ed his num
b«r tens a* ro«n vnur dropsy If v ou ate ever roped
n on this dope (he spat •* lit this rag w .1 never
b*> the cause of it
Hut vou know it tosts monev to get out a r.tg
tk« 'his. licit Is the produi t of f *«t • lass work
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