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f There I* another wreck to report on the Y. A
mV at II' • 11 wood, Mine A passenger train ran
• a switch and crash**.! Into a freight train
ahh a.*- -landing «*n the aiding The fireman
‘ hr ,,, .. ng. r engine w as killed and the eri
•* r . i. .rt I’ssscngfri were badly shaken
The l ' ' •»**•r does not atop at Holly
"eod ant *' Itierefore running at a lively clip
* ,i st i k 11»• freight The paaaenger engine
nt Clear • !• » Hie freight engine, demolishing
IT,h #i.gH”- •••*' v ral ears
*The ar.'K- was called aouth for a sm,ill wreck
j fa, || .lied north a few hours later, ao
g, pi i.t busy Irving t«» keep the track
clear I*.' 11 ! “r*‘ *«» 40 minutes
**The nun.»• r f •** wheels and sharp flanges Is
I creasing *'• • 'I*' and It Is almost Impossible
•a report .11 * Hietn Tin • ars are In the same
alanidat* •* it i"ii. sim h ms doors planked up.
’■ •'* roof*, hot Imxea, etc Hlxty
TZt ,„r ... of the .ara are foreign
We not» • '* 1 *Tiglnes have to In* used
push . • . : mH freight trains out of the north
Miid •' ' tins are only of moderate sUe
L th*' \\ t • ’ * i* •- winter blasts begin to blow.
o will take »« wit. Ii engines to get them out
k As we a • writing our bulletin, a » rowd was
g,, pj«-it - i the str.st with a man on a
at rate her investigation w .• found the tllan
waa m I 1 ' «k, man w ho had had fils right arm
gaautat.d • railroads ..juipm.nt lie was
brought »t..« . i .sponger train 34 from up about
Her field. M - wlo." t»»e ac.plent happened, and
was tak. n * 1 •s|-i».»| here
fray I nr I*1’ !"• al . rtglne between la< kson
and Gw In. »* * 1 1 ff ,hr •••ft main .rank pin
gaturdav n •»* - »*n»tng t».e engine up i-onsld
eraldV on t» • 'ft aide and the rods on the right
\ tank ■ ar was -«-t out at r'lton. Miss, nn ac
count of a broken flange A new wheel whs put
on by the e* .*»— •* I lt..n. and the car was taken
to Jackson Mi— and |.u! In the t’anton train
The rar ran !••• h t in this train and the Journal
was badlv i' that several trsliLirewi refused
ts take l« o .t .-.l so it was left at ('anton for
ibaut II h.oi»s Finally the car was picked up
lit put In a th r I train, but this tlrne the draw
Iwad pulled •*' arid It bad tr» be set out again
TH# Hag* • ■» • k Walla..- circus was billed to
jkew here To* s,tax. • ** t 7th, but the I <* f a 11 •• I
ta yet the ■ r .* tier.- In tlrne hh,| go there was
no performs * This is aonie more of the normal
business Tin *s la hilled to show at It rook
kaven. M.s* tomorrow, arid we will have our
pickets on the *oh to advertise the strike We
bare a nice h-t of hait-l bills witti appropriate
gdrcrtisltig n them and will hand them out to
th* circus • row.U there
Ruaines« «"i th. I ll» vi ■ • A as tVnlral I* fur from nor
mal f'»r this time -.f year, and the partlahtv
shown yogte • the road men In ttie matter of
rails Is causing grumbling that will r. suit In no
good for the I •* ..*ni|»anv
A derailment . f several freight .ars near ren
ter Grove made it i.e. .-ssary to detour over the
An echo «»f ttie . "sth fruit train wreck near
Independence l» being hear.I, and It Is reported
that the niin.-i* Central lias sent statements to
a number of ln>!> pend.-nce people for fr uit alleged
to have been t.ik.-n hv them from the fruit train
which waa »i.< hcl near W ise Siding several
weeks ago I ighteen <ars of choice fruit w.-re
Wrecked and j . fr.uti miles around visited
the scene and h* Ip* -I themselves to some of the
fruit The Illir,. iM t *. n t ral has hum rend, red state
ments and r. | > -■ settlement* The company Is
certainly hai l up for money, and aa a further evl
deacr of this f ■ t th* company doesn't even offer
to pay f--r *. |. t•!.messages announcing the
death of * mi'll ' e* ki!.-d by it out on the road.
Tba goveintn.-nt ln*p«« t*»r is here and Is condemn
tag I «* • ngines hut ttie company ts an hard up
forpow.r that the Inspector, after pronouncing
yggtpe *t»5 to be unsafe, allowed It to be used for
t limited time It se*-rua Impossible for the 1. C,
ta run Its pass, ng. r trains anywhere near on time,
*ad freight trains *%•« rn to run on anything except
the rails
We feel more certain every .lay of victory for
• tke Federation and are determined to fight It t«i
A successful finish
New Orleans.
Busin#** in this town la picking up M1l the time
and very few ..f our men are loafing now ('rope
•re ready to ».#• moved and merchants and busmens
***? kicking for « are. The Illinois Central
••4 Southern l a-if;, are trying ,«» tell them that
they have an abundance of motive power and
rolling stock In mtvlceable condition, but such
does sot appear to t». the case from the way they
•re railroading out of thin terminal Very few
scab# *»f the floating element are coming In here
•t present Neveray of the local animals are doing
time for reaching f.,r something that did not be
long to them
M*fvahan »r«h« are going to lose Hcah
I»olgn. and several ..f them will follow him up as
soon as they . *r. learn his new address We un
Vfbi1 . ,h*! *••• • » to be master mechanic In a
HIk #4 I*r> H** mmvm that h#1 H-Ill tend for hit
friends it msovi at he «.«n Imuk them onto
< ratlv* poslilotit Some of the merchants here
fne K?r' and ate making special prayers
m *° I**' *h*t lie owes them before the
ptfkls concern m,* him
h* Moategui it suing the Illinois Central for
•"vp>« he perf .rmed in the Monts wreck The
_ “**** ,,"»r»y passengers from death In the
wrsrk. but *<» far the III!,...Is Central has refused
,# ky blm f• • r . t.ls ter \ Ir es
of1cJ Bou;bern l’a< Ific is going to hold an auction
tbWI tH fTl' '* 14,1,1 ,,M,f frH«*»t This goes to show
ntm h*V4* 1,1 reach their
Los Angeles.
.gain fav.ira you »Hh a grnrral
Ths f<in,llll"n* tka*r appear si this point
®v*r ii.^"^ *" "t*1* having the same old trouble
•v#r r * n*"* •" I*ef4»re Trains are as late as
•M'rua»i*,n* ’ *rr "•‘i* •'“•king, and those that
kalra ,vl i l*,,‘ **r,*a,,V In need «>f general re
the, espei Islly There are rumors
Work Is* .! '* * *° 000 ■hort. and the repair
Tiler# °l **' "K mc* °»”pllshed as It was before
and saLv**. :i>0 m#n t«<aba> l^t«1 off Thursday
P bolt, h >•**» Friday at the s
klUiIi #?* .*r*’ "l**1 0,1 •*** )«*•» at this point an I
tra.r.1 .. ll,l"l tfil« .Irik, la orttlr.l nr .
It k" ” '“'"•‘■I »ff
to work r“n'"r"1 '•>«. Iho boto w.r. going bjrk
round,.,I an t . U lM>1 n*• but thla rumor wa. un
b.rt f„r i r'*i'' Thnrt* ha\a born no .lr.rrtlona
4U H >,Mr »n,l lo.o than *0 in. n
W, C"m " ,1*v' 'l-»orl.nl olino lh» an Ik.
tor> louro f,*r tire rauoo aiul for labor'. . u
Hempstead, Tex.
V* T 7“' Orrltory boro ar- oil
are running late, and th- car
•ft the mt?" .i ‘ 11 • Mr*°us stage lUllros.llng
dutch of i in Texas has become very
Maainr hi,r,- . Th* ‘,,v,*,on superintendent Is
Balata on ,tl *f,,1‘M“*- He Is visiting all the petty
*• the «>o n, / ',,n* try,n* to <rmln the *«*ttt
•f them “•‘t1*1* «ome productive work oil
•aknsis m. 11 •» nothing doing, for th.-se
doing any ' ' 11 J°k t°f the purpose of
BMpertv "V*' if1, r*‘* • catise.l some damay.
have s i'n i •' -tnt|ior tallon men tin the t* I*
Hag ,iig>11 rtn' f"1*- an<| the workers are v<
kop^i lh . ’ “ * “ver the country It is ,
tfighting ni i * • ra,|..„ is for the purptt .f
Nations ’ f' r folding unday Si llOOl II
•Waken th*J , '" W dlrett action Is neetlrd
•Ml sir|k( » ^ ,/*‘l 1 ll«" campaign for it i.
•Nldsnty M,"i the agitation ,-r
r T</*/V ON'
OUB £x£ Ton N ON ff
N££OS £ j>M JM*P£Hf#6
, o— Y°“ l
) />
• j,' c*
There la not mm h stirring lu re on the • »l«| ling
route Passenger trains are running a* late as
usual The 15»uu « lass pnss* -nger engines are get
I Ung on the bum and winter Is looking over the
feme at tham Knglne 75» has been turned In
t w,«e for repairs and to have the front end exam
ined for leaks Kriglne 213 «lle«| at H'rtlPsn. on
a« count of t«o» mu<h s<ab treatment Knglne 33V
a strap pile front some other division, started for
Peoria with a train, but hud to come bark to the
' bull |»eit for some ginger Knglne 172i Is in for
; the stabs to get in time on b> giving her a general
ibdng up
John W ise, a scab boiler maker helper, got one
of his fingers mushed A new Job l as been t re
Iated here, that of night store room man, and all
of the oils are to be draw n by air The company
is also going to put pn another night watihinan
, Knglne 704. a llurnsldes stab painted output, went
| through here dead-headed towards the south.
The situation here Indicates that the company
will have to give up the right In the near future
If the Illinois Central attempts to buck the winter
with Its present bum h of scrap piles, there will
be a whole lot of funerals along the line A
notorious home made scab by the name of Tom
Clantln has been transferred from Mounds, where
he was gang foreman over a herd of niggers lie
was not worth kicking out of a mavhlne shop be
fore the strike Uood scabs are as acarce here
as hen s teeth. A home made scab by the name
of John (illliaple tried to drink all the bug Ju!<*e
In town and when he came home one night after
being canned, he found that his wife had run
awa>. Later he told hia tale of woe. saying that
the company wouldn t let him work, that his wife
hail left, and that the union men wouldn t notice
him at all No doubt he la in a serious condition,
but such Is the natural result of scabbing.
This finds the company aa badly pinched as
ever. Conditions on the road are unbearable On
the ith passenger train 102 was two hours late,
anil No. 136 one hour late A bailer maker scab
who was engaged in heating flues on engine 731,
lost himself and to-at a hole through the flue
sheet, which laid the engine up for some time
The company hs* sent s new switch engine here
Molioy. of the uia< hlnlsts, < ante through here
the other day
The company's business at this Juncttou Is not
In a Vei) healthy condition
Ml—Issi—I W III Maks Ns l will Nall
rwag mm Iwowrai ml Prapecfy.
JACKXON. Miss. Oct Kallr.,a*l Commissioner
tleorge It Kd wards today gave out the following
Yesterday a proposition wu* submitted to the
llatlroad Commission, coming direct from the pie*,
i i,.i , ,.f \hi lliln »l« « • i.i ■ * i .i.i ■ ompany,
looking to a compromise of the litigation In the
federal court of the assessment of in# pro|*ertv
of the Illinois Central Kali road company In Mis
sissippi I do not tare to state what the proposi
tion was. hut we refused to accept It
In the trial of the case at Hirnnnghatii last
week the aigument was made by the attorneys
for the road that the railroad property was as
sessed at a higher rate than other property in
Mississippi Their contention was that the census
report shewed that property In Mississippi Is as
sessed at shout IS per cent of its real value I
submit that nobody on earth, not even the l ulled
Mates government, know* at what per cent of tt*
leal value property In Mississippi or anywhere
else la assessed
The Mlssisslpid Kail t oad Commission assessed
the entire property of the Illinois Central hi Mis
slsslppl, , oitiprlslng kSJ X3 miles, at a total t
II. Ion* in»o on an average of approximately f.i" 0
per mile for each mile of the road In the suit
Forty pel -•in “f $13,#6# is I ,-uu pel mils
• | have determined, so fur as 1 am Individual’'
• oneerned. that I w II not agree to any sort of
. ornproinise In this tax assessment iitlg.it ",
whh h would *••• m to to an abandonment ot th*
position of the Itallroad Commission, an.I which
aould mean comparatively no raise In the assess
ment of the Illinois Central Itallroad company.
In fMct .»> tut tbs only sort of compromise i will
,grce t. and I so stated to President Markham's
I i epi eseiitat lv e vcsterduv. was a eomprotnl-* wh*"e
| i» * th* railroad «onipang would withdraw it* s t
and pav the lave* on the ass»-siu« itt whh
.mad, by the c**m*m»*lon. 1 really believe the a*
■ *, **tiicnt stiould bi high, r tha • It !•*
I __
| J.diu A 1 »! • «<• has been ma le gciieial super.n
teiitient W* Stern C.iand divi.i n. N W N i k. New
j Haven a llaitfoid. at New Hav, c..m. c \
II Mot |
. h Y *»r k
'* i" be* ,me* |
, at N. *% j
tit al * ups i • |
d* i.‘ at
• e a* ,*? I
i be* i in* * !
I “*
Railroad Note*.
P •' Womhle ha* been made soliciting freight
agent of the Santa Fe at Waco. Tex
A J Anderson has been ai»|»olnted contracting
freight agent of the Baltimore A Ohio at Chicago
II I* Attwater has resigned as Industrial agent
of the Sun*et-tYntral lines of the Southern Pacific.
F It Ornate, general agent, has been made as
sistant general freight agent of the t'nton Pacific
at Denver. Polo.
F It Htllehrand ha** been appointed commercial
ag*nt of the la-hlgh Valley at Toledo, Ohio. Vice
II T Jenney. resigned.
W. II t nderwood has been made assistant to
the passenger traffic manager of the New* York
Central lines at Chicago.
H F Kern ha* been appointed general agent
of the Southern Pacific at Denver. Polo, vice W.
K McAllister, deceased
N W Hecor has been appointed commercial
agent of the Michigan Central at Toledo. Ohio, vice
W t\ Thomas, transferred.
W. A Morrow, city passenger agent of the Mis
souri. Kansas A Texas, ha* been appointed district
passenger agent At Waco, Tex.
F J Burke, division freight agent of the Texas
A Pacific at Dallas. Tex. has been appointed as
sistant general freight agent.
P If Jasper ha* been appointed district freight
and passenger agent of the Houthern Pacific at
Fresno, Pal . vice J. F. Hlxon. dec eased.
P. K Wharton has hern appointed contracting
freight agent of the Illinois Central at San Kran
cisco. Pal. vice J. II Cosgrove, resigned
K D. Moore has been appointed traveling bag
gage Insfiector of the Houthern Hallway at Wash
ington, D. P. vice II If. Little, promoted.
Clarence P Ware has been appointed soliciting
freight agent of the Georgia Houthern A Florida,
at Cincinnati, vice Phaa T Dabney, resigned.
H II Dare general western freight agent of
the Atlantic Coast line, has transferred his office
from Plncinrvll to Chicago, effective October 1.
A. D Ifeaphy has been made westbound con
tracting agent of the Wabash at Phlcago. vice
W J Flaherty, transferred to New York City as
contracting agenr.
A. J Anderson has been made commercial freight
agent of the Baltimore A ohlv at Omaha. Neb.,
and L It Dimming ha* been made traveling freight
agent ai that point.
Alvin T Stein* I has been appointed general Im
migration agent of the Hoc k Island lines, at Chi
cago, vne P. It Schmidt, retired under the pension
rules of the company
L M Brown, chief clerk In the general passen
ger agent's office of the Denver A Hlo Grande,
has been appointed assistant general passenger
agent at Denver. Polo.
The traffic offices of the Denver A Hlo Grande,
the W• stern I'a* lfl» and the Missouri Pa< iflc sys
terns have been consolidated, and traffic officers
represent aM three systems.
Charles o llsra. superintendent of the* I'nlon
Hefrigerator Transit company, has been appointed
general manager, and D .1 o Connor succeeds Mr
O'llara, office at Milwaukee.
P M. Havens ha* been appointed soliciting
freight agent of the Cincinnati. Hamilton a Day
ton at Indianapolis, Ind., vice D. It Ha relay, re
signed to engage in other business.
V A. lllewett. traveling freight agent of the
Ho. k Island lines, lias been appointed commercial
agent at Los Angeles, Pat. v t< e It F. Coon*, re
signed to engage in other business
J H. Hitchcock, acting general superintendent
of the Santa Fe Coast lines, lias been appointed
superintendent of the la»s Angeles division, vice
J. It. tialv In. assigned t*» othe r duties
H. M Ills. *oe baa been made vice president of
Hie V'W \ ork cYntiai litre* in charge of the Bos
ton a Albany, office at Boston, v ice J It llusils.
r. signed to become v- . president of tire New
Haven road
.! II. Taussig has been appointed superintendent
o' t r msportat ion of the T« xas a Pac ific at Dallas.
Texa*. vr. e I *nge Harris, r. signed to become Vice
I e*id» nt of t' c National cieosote « ornpati) al
lious.ou, TeXAs
M \l Kriowd has t*«. ti mad. trainmaster of the
Hants Fe at Tcttiph Texas I. H Ta.lol becomes
t, nnniust.T at »*..!'• -ton. vice J. I‘ Cowley. tran*
ftiied to lleauniolii. Texa* b succeed J J Doii
n* 11 v. translcired t * Temple.
Georg* \\ llanilltou. . hi. f . b rk of the gen. ral
freight department of the t tilon Pacific at omaha.
ha* been appointed assistant geueral freight ag> nt
a Hist place, v i. .* II.-w aid Hi nei. appotut.d chtet
c .« k to the dir..tot of traffic, ai Chicago.
I . P Gardner has b* »n made .. >tant general
fieight agent of the Boston a Albany, .trice at
|i. - t • • ti. Mas*. II V I axis ha* been made ioUi
n.-iiial ag. nt at ln-sl <ri, and \\ c .**. ..uildt be
(olio s coinin'i dal agent at Pi *»v ldence, U. 1.
tallies J law i* lit < lia* been appoint. J assistant
a i ai pa*s« ng« i agent of the Ttuuty A Ura*o
\ ffice at liotistt l. \ . \ • Sydhot J.
T A* r, res.amd to a *p a j o*n. i wi.li \N tl.,am
I I Yu bright .v > . N.w I k. cff'ct.vo ' t 1.
I •> Tel Tell, assistant gen* i ai freight an 1 pa
s' m r agent of t i I'i'S.o 1 s in i.* *iana ar i
T va . has btd! tel i*«*l|.l'd gdu ial ag.nt o. the
f i • „;.t drpi.itm ‘ 11. •* N.w Orl» ns, Texas A
Mex .1 lino a N.w dr leans, la. and Mark An
t i v has be. n •pp .i tc t district pass ngci agent
a mat puin .
W. H. Kllapairkk A fa, Oft (aatraft fiwz taatb*
era PsHfk MiUmi
W II. Fltspatrlrk A Company have been given
the contract of selling for the Southern Pacific
llallroad company one of the largest assortments
of rejected and unclaimed freight ever brought to*
aether at one time In tha South. The concern
has handled before Southern l*ar|flc freight from
1 Louisiana points, but the present sale Is to cover
| the rejected and unclaimed goods from all over
I the state of Texas for the past year
“Nothing like It was ever seen here before.'*
! said Mr Fitzpatrick, “and 1 believe It Is a matter
I of Interest to every one whether contemplating
‘ purchases of this character or not The freight
• omprlsrs 5.* carloads, and ts distributed over a
j square In the St. Ann street shed. Thara are
i automobiles, pianos, cases of dry goods, boxes and
, barrels containing article* of every conceivable
I character It was collected from Abilene. Kl Paso
and San Antonio on the north and west, to Hous
ton. Galveston. Iteauinont and Port Arthur on the
J south and east. It repreaer%ls everything unclalm*
ed or rejected that waa shipped by tha Southern
Pacific or allied lines."
} The sale ts to start Tuesday. It has bean ad*
verttsed extensively not only In Texas but all
o»er the South. The Southern Pacific has had Its
agent* at every point In Texas and Louisiana noti
fy the merchants In their territory of the date
and character of the sale Similar sales probably
util ha held every six months.
Asserting that he had attended more than Tl
I Injured peraona during the wreck on the Yatoo
| and Mississippi Valley railroad near Monts about
a year ago, and that he had never received any
, compt nsation for such. l»r Hidney M**ntegut filed
! suit in the civil district court Monday morning
i Against the railroad company for IlSOO
The phvstclau sava that at 12 30 o'clock on the
night of the wreck he was called out of bed by
Andre T Pertlloux, agent at I-a Place. I at and
hurried to the scene of the wreck There, he says,
he gave aid to many of the Injute<l and on account
of his quick work saved the lives of titany which
navel Would Have lived until I o t 1>*. k. when the
relief train from New Orleans arrived. Prentice
I K Kdr»ngton Jr Is the attorney for petitioner
i The* following !s clipped front the Boston Trsv
1 •• |er It is supposed t*» be funny, but Is It * It is
I t tie < Spltallst system In a nutshell t
borne young men from Boston applied to an
j old fisherman up In the country to see if h
< oil'd s:et some bait He thought he could, and
started off Three hours afterward he appeared
with a ten-quart pall full of angle worms The
i hoys were nlarnicd lest there should not be money
enough In the party for such a wealth of bait,
but they put >*n a bold front and some one ask* 1
•‘How much do we owe V U
Well 1 don’t rightly know.” answered the old
| nun. the ground Is kinder •did and the worms
is far down, and ’• * been hard on my buck to
!>!,g . m but l'e h;tlf » mind to go f.shln mvaelf
! 'omotrow. an* If you 11 g.ve me half the bait well
all ll square.”
p •Walton, formerly • - * - »nt superintendent
of the bt I.onis ltr< « x Mcvlco. has been
a!*!*■ • filed superlnti n !• » I >•' ihe F.rt Street Fniol*
I», I .*t f l* • t Mnh. In • of
.p. IH . Tl T.IC eft e -f manager h Id by tl 1
Will, jo * ia a bolts • d
T ’V \|draw ■*: master f th Se ’os rd Mr
.tt bavannah • !. .» !*• * »i appointed supetin
•••ill* * j t f the >.c * ,M Term* t' division, re
. t»* v t i.att .l T i fti. e of ll B. Grliuhaw,
sup. ni. n fent th* Ala - an..* ' . si. has been
| tr.i'i.-c, m 4 o \ i.. r Gj

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