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F" M«ctm>
Roterad a« Mooad clam matter Jan 3, 1913, at th< pmt ofTW it CUnton, 111., under the act of March *. I8T9
^ I CUNTON, ILUNOUt. OCTOBER 21, 1913 N„. 43
in1 • i n>tt ft.*I President anil 'ieneral Kircu*
T® ’ ' International Association of
H«e n*'*"
Ha« hlntsts
QaitlHrm ^ 1?.niie of pur Journal, under
•* **, it/..I Circular*." appeals the
* * l i . . in ulai Issued by Carl K l*er
I,,, | . | .- li iatlun. with the object of
•®n*> ' like vote. Is unauthorlle.t by
i t.-nt and (ieneral Kxecullxe
■**** men' r "oo«l lawn la»dge No 4»2 are
• . T. ..... ,,f k what right the International
r»j Idrr1 a' I I • ral executive Hoard have to
*Y* ' . I II t • K a 1.1 to this circular letter
*1 out hv i ' c.»il I. Person*. Inasmuch as Itro
pTraon* was • king f«*r the expresalon *»f the
w . ||(4j *,|, , ,the International President
y*xc. ut*'- 1 ' * sent out a referendum ballot
asking f,,r * *' '* strike
U'r bell. '» ' .lemur ratlc management of
r as***,*'!" 1 ' *'* * f, w (he Individual
... r„ • citing their salaries from
th rank and f f u»is association. and that the
Eltnui-—1 1 ' »"d ,i,,n'r«l K«». uii»r
■luard »h«ul.l • ■' will '!-*
mt,r»l'U> * ,r' *•• -ul' H will. Ih«-lr
aut<M-ia< ' ,.r • • advance their own Individual
Idea* Th*" ' v% -ilawn l-o<|gt No p.»2 thinks
tkat the Ini*1 •»! Preablent arid (Ieneral Kxe
egllve Board i 1 severely censured for tli«
bast* I® try in* tis. **«irage the brothers w ho
^,1,11 (.r, i fit ng ling of the Illinois Control.
Harr i mat. lit* • 1 *,,r Marquette and those
war km* "h ’ ■ "I* who ate of the opinion
that nothin* 1 -• *:• total strike will bring the
sending sit i • successful termination, be
cause It ha- a11v shown that the Inter
national I’re- • I'd ‘ieneral Kxecutlve Hoard
kave argle. ’* t I -vide the necessary finances
by mes'is -if * nta or otherwise, to ««>rr>
aa thi» atrlk*
We insist t <• w have the right to get an ex
preaai"" «*f "t ' -md anv method which stran
gles a» old1 ' !" *(•» so must reault in a
great Injur * tn. tubers hi any struggle in
Which thrv f - ' • • t.gage.l
\l> are s. i. . o|»y of this l. ttcr to our
laternatlotisl I •* ' « and Cent ral executive
Board. th>- I th. Strike Hulletin. I.iberator
and the I'm ••
Other |.h a I * 1 "."f the same opinion, please
take action
\\ Vl.TKKS. President
t •» St* tiller. Ite« Sc
Fred Ha-k i I Id. her. John Kgerer.
(FKALt Mm htnl-t laolgt- No 1*2
KAN Juki: to Kuli for Cn.non fur th.
death of hi* ’ \«.«t-old »iiii In an a< < blent
on April 27th .xi* filed todax In the superior
court by I’ l. N !*!••» .uulnat the Southern I’a
rifle rompat x H II t’onnor. an engineer In
tie compsnx -
Uttlc lift * • Nipper, son of the plain
tiff, was n<li* k *h» Snell road in an auto
■•bile with J l: H< . ’-urn at the time of the a< •
ctdent and a i •> i-"in«i train hit the machine,
throwing the la 1 l Hepburn nut and so Injuring
lbs former t .*• r. die.I on the same day The
accident harlot* i a* the Snell roa<| crossing near
■dantale Nipper iil.ge* that the train was ei
seeding fortx f « t*iil.-* an ht»ur in speed and that
■•warning *»f n approath was given by whistle
m otherwise
Tk* demand f o freight cars has breumr so In
••steal during ih> last few days that the ratl
iwds though «b x mg the ealatence of • car short
age. admitted themselves herd put to supply
agllpSMftt to lake • are of the enormous crops of
hags, grain, dried fruits and canned vegetable*
Id! IN fsirlx < lamorlng to be marketed He
mUf tk# Mouthern Pacific found Itself unable
•a th* Instant t«. supply earn for I’nlon Pacific
liadlag tn a number of Willamette Valley |»olnts
•bd tk# Osrvalll* A Kastern region, where prunes.
aaC grain are tailng the warehouse factll
trains five weeks late.
KAl.hM. *»n Sept |!* i»f (hf> s.’.iwk trains run
In Oregon during the month of Julv. 1.13* wet#
on «n uverag# of 44 4 ininulg* behind time The
total delayed time of the train* amounted to
So.:.** minute* or “42 76 hours. 35 11 day*, bring
a little more than five week*
The*#- figure* m# taken ftoin ttie report of the
atat#- ralltoad < ommlaium, whi«h i* investigating
th# 1 au»ca of delayed train* In addition to the
rep##rt fur JmIi the 1 •>iniiil*»lon ha.- a mini
m*f> «*f train* operatsd m the *tate from Feli
ruary to Jun*. Imluaive l»unng that time 26.*36
train* w#re run. of whl< h numt*er 5 607 or 20 i»
per cent were late Till* percentage #»f late trains
I* a fraction greater than f'*r July 1'urlng the
f|ye month period the ayerage time of delay to
train* ***** 55 7 minute* The largrat percentage
of delay I* • <tu*e«! I#y waiting for connectlona
The report '1'ifMi t sav what «auaed the delayed
conrieitlon* hut any on# of the men on ntnk#
heie know* the cause, | e. poor equipment
Ttii* l**ue of th# Strike llulletln |* only half
M* regular wise We were forr e.| to nit down the
else hetauM* «»f Ihe fa* t that re# « Ipta for auhwcrtp
tlon* ti a y e Hot been *uffi< tent t«» pay the « oat of
If you agitator* will send u* from |5uo to 2000
new *ut#*< rtptlona every month w #• will put eyer\
tent of the money into the prmtuction < f (lit* paper,
amt give you an up l*»-date ItKY' ‘I.I’TI* »N.\ It Y
HHKKT It 1* up t*. you agitator*. tioweyer.
forward the suhnr rlptton* for we ran giye you m
I'd" r of only th# *lxe wht#h the receipt* will pav
With tti#* fii*t w k Iri November w «■ will mail
«»ur *dave Yar#l edition, an t**ue put up on ftr*t
• la*-* paper. arti*ti*allv lllu-trated amt In Itaelf
worth 25 «eni* to *iiv one win# i* lntere*ted In
the etrlkt- J11 *t mh *«»##n a« w* tec.dver the nerca
*ar\ numt'ei #»f *ut>*< rIpt|##n* w. will put ttie Mul
let In out III It* regular *!*•-. aid ttie sooner We
receive tli»* auh*< rlptlon* tIt•• *oon#-t till* will be
If \ on are a CKNKIMt. HTKIKK advocate ..ml
aie out for FKI »KItATI« »N w ith n*» comproml**
von DHr It t • • yourself amt l<* Hi#- movement to
wend u* enough *ub*cription* »<• #*nable us to prop
erly arlvertt*# the wink* th#- *• ah*. arid the rotten
condition* e\i*tlng on ttie *tru< k road*, a* well
a* anything el*-. ttiat 1- not in compliance with
Federated law \ou « an u* 1 *oIom 111## r* if y*#u
will g-* aft* r tt»«-m. iiii<l that 1* what you will do
If v 011 are with u* in th*- fight f*#r th* r*-al . au«*
NKVN YORK ' *« I lo Robert S Lovett. «hair
inaii of ttie boat'! «.f director* of (he I’nlon Paciflt
i a Hr made it |di!n lodui that If at any tune
tin director* saw fit t-. distribute all ut part "f
tin- loi.iiuo.oiui surplus n w on hand, such distri
bution would be at 'Otnpanled b\ a t Ut In the com
pativ s r. k ulai dlv bleu-I
•The I'nlon I’a* if!*- dlrei tors he said at no
tittle * ontemplated a distribution of a*»et«. either
lu cash or set unties, wu limit a corresponding re
duction III tegular dividend
S\N Pit AX<*IKC\». t’al Oft 15 A masked bandit
rotdied the mall ear of Southern Pacific train No
25. near llurllngame, Pal. rifled the registered mall
pout h and escaped.
WASHINGTON, <hi 11—James W tirr of Atchi
son. Kas . has been appointed by Attorney General
51- Reynold* a special attorney to prosecute the
government's pending anti-trust suit to compel
the Southern Pacific to give up Ms ownership of
the Central Pacific.
l.uke Thornton and wife, Paralee Thornton. Tun
'day filed suit against the Yasoo A Mississippi
I Valley railroad, asking for 110.000 damages to
i cover Injuries received on Sept 21. 1013. when
I they were passengers on a train from Dundee.
1 Mlaa . to Memphis The train waa derailed accord
| Ing to the bill
H»llrM4 Hmm Mira l.platoa la lllaaalr Hrlawa
* **. mm4 li«|tar,ra.
-- ■
The of mediation at present holding see
so.n* in the l'a>lf|< building for the purpose of
i adjusting the dispute hrtwten the H<iulh<rn I'a
I i ifli company arid its enKlnemen mark- the first
| '•■sort to New land s law for mediation and t on
'filiation at least In th« West Th* law is
yarded as an Important step m adjusting labor
I disputes
The present hoard consists of Judge I It |»avls
I appointe«| from Washington. I» i' W It H< ot t
j general manager «.f the 8outh«rn l*artf|t, and M
| I Montgomery, r* presenting the • nglnemen
j The purpose of the investigation Is to determine
I the difference between suburban and street car
i all w a \ «*e i \ Ice \ t the time «.f the elect rlllAat loll
I of the Southern I'ariflc service from the Mali land
I arid Alameda motes M number of mm who have
been in it,*- employ ,.r tin rumpan) .luring th.
' of steam locomotives were retained In the s»rvn«
| and allowed to keep their seniority rights and
I'dher advantages, a* < ruing from prolonged etn
i p|o\ merit
When the line Was established between the HI*
1 teenth street Station III * 'a k la rid to Matitedu th*
, '"tnpanv decided that It was not a suburban line
but a street car tin* and that th* men employed
• hereon should h. rated the same as street car
j employes The men objected, their contention he
| "** that ttie > mis operated by them ran over the
s.,me tracks as the regular suburban trains and
w.re govern**! bv tin same operating rule# an*l
• ..loin |**ns \|*o that HieM' <ars w»r e in eki*ss
«*f the regular street *ar ► and w«-ight
It is to determine the merits of these points ami
" establish ju«t wrhat <'institutes street car aer -
v I* e ai*d suburban s* i \ n e that the board *>f m*-d
l.«t|**n has b* ell ap|>olnted Its *l*.|*|.-t, will to
an im|...i rant or.*
t:a«la»e mm I. 4 . Faaseaner Trala «• l eave* ike
I ra«-k \ear trewla.
| \n .*< • i.|»m wb|« i* will go down 111 the history
f ih»- Illinois Central railroad ua one of the most
1 "iir.i-wloU" escape* from .1 had win k. occurred
,•»»!' \ • sterda \ morning between Hum bed! and
m<" .• when th. engln* on passenger tialn No. s
imp*.| th. tra< k while going at the rate of tu
mile* mi, hour and was brought to m standstill,
after going aluin't a quarter of u mile without
.» ach having le ft the tra« k
The -trar.gc part about th* engine being dr -
! 1 * 11* d Is that the pc*n> trucks did Hot leave the
iia.ls and It is said that three drivers on thr right
j -id*- «.f the engine also kept on the track The
. • ids of almost e very spike- on one sole of the left
1 alls for lengths wer*- cut off by the flange*
I'd the dilvers and the rail* lay loosely fastened
t » the tie* while the coaches passed over them In
It I* th* statement of local railroad authorities
that had the engine broke loose from the train
nothing would hav.- kept It from overturning, with
the probable result that the coaches would have
been piled In a heap of wreckage along the stretch
• •f un«afr track
Just what the feelings of the pasa«-ngeie Were,
when suddenly jarred out of their sleep. Is moat
likely IndeSc riba hie. but there Is little doubt that
cerv fe w of them realised the narrowness of their
•*»c ape from death
Tom Mann, the well known English labor agl- (
tator. who Is making a lecture tour of the I'nlted
States, will apeak at t p in Friday. November *
14. ms. at tYntral Trades and latbor I'mon Hall.
2ZZ* Olive street. Ht Louis. Me*
Tom Mann 1/ one of the best orators that tbe
labor movement has produced He la an ardent m
advocate of revolutionary unionism and solidarity
among the workers Everybody Interested in the
labor movement In Ht Loula and vicinity should
avail themselves of the opportunity of hearlug
Tom Mann and atttud the meeting on Nov 14

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