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^""* i«. <
Jtatarwl aa Mcnnd Dmr mat tar Jan I. ISIS, at tha peat of fir# at Clinton III.. un«tar tha art of Man h 1. IRYI
Get The Rapid Fire Guns
^ * j • I •»«••idling the climax, i apitali-ti. barban-ni arming at it- zenith M..t»n
^||<i(U i ling its laityotis with the ImmIk-s striking miners, and tin* .nni-**n r«*•! ir in
painting the Calumet di-tn-t of old * lav c ridden Mulligan At the request
*t tlM j \ j | K I \l ItEST* > I S, the steel bullets from the weapons of t I \\ I'll'I l) lu.M
M|l> tlu heart* of working men who dare to rebel against industrial tyranny
i t the • udition* without physical re-i-taiuc is extreme owardue When the
ow4,rr i ved it- army of destruction t-» your very door there i- in. turn f..r ballot
ictlll|| \\ mls ot human beings ar. being driven tr- ni their homes by powder and
* | afi. ' • d I" Co e starvatioft— then it is high tune that the worker* resort to IlL’L*
j. I^ 4 t i c - i-tum c ami I'HtJ l I'.t. I ION
\\,i< i • t* r- force- equipped pliy-n ally and nun ham. ally f•»r annihilation, it i- futile
j|j, i- m« . t them pea.null) W hen rcas**u has been exhausted and tnmm* n seu-e
,lnr « ■*.!,: the only i • urse open to the worker* i- to u-» the -.one weapons with which
ljJf. , ;,,iK 'h*- masters are equipped and -tut into the field «»i aitioti against them meet
I ( t j \\ I'lll M > \l M 11 > with haiul- up and no otlur means ««t resistance will serve only to
, „ .»! I \ uid el lit lent ly tertili/e the camping gr**uud- with human blood that the ma-ter*
mljl j ,| i in adju-ting their tun r. s.opu h u-cs ill search of other quarters where the
. ik• r- sh > tendency t<• demand more in return for their !al»*-r than common sewer rats
\\Ai \ i ' ink. - of today arc brought on by the masters' knowledge of the fact that the
*,rkc'‘ .Hi! t bring t • bear hi their resistance the powder and steel which are at the cotn
niJ(ll| ,., n . i nr- A* a result when the w- rk« r* hecotne dissatisfied with their j*.hs their
nvl, i • granted, l.*r it i- known that they lantiot I ILlli, as they have No WEA
PONS 1« 1 « I* *H1 NM TH
j |u i ,i i- w ithin the rea.h of the ma-t«r tl.»s-. armies .it. at its command, and the-e
|or-r% ,4f .nt I y he mg organized but. In w .»l»< ut the workers* 1 hey go t* war I’NTKK
,.\khh I; . 11 • • t coiueru them-elves with ar raiigem. ut - f**r the developments of tomorrow
Thr) u A* .in i live preparations t • defend tl.eir 11 < > M 1 > iroin the enemy’s gun
|, 0 w i king in.m would equip him-elt and the mature meinhers ot his family with the
1^.! ni, . i. ...ut- *t HI >ll<* * I h there w .uld in t be so many TIN HORNS in the
ni!jllU4 , r i .any adventurers in the army, t*»r they would fully understand that when they
*tre dc*; it*1 «• t ’in** s.r\u» they would have to Kiss the scratching edge* of Sl EMI. III’L
l.tl S fr- ni tii* hoy - b.n k h*.m<
q t,, t \ Inti* ii- <*t today aie real tight-, and s iclory will he the lot ni the worker* only when
they tight ’ lua-ter- with tlu weapons u-ed against thein-elve- When the masters cea*e to
hern t *'!• i -.1 the pine of human flesh it will he- time n r the workers to cease, and ii.it before
With retry h nn equipped with an agent of HE’S I Kl'lTlON that home will automatically bc
, nir IK' »I I.« II D and KESI’Ia I EH It you w-.ikers want t** make real I'ROLRKSS. back
your ballots up with powder and steel, and get rapid fire guns.
The Trend of Things
The rti utiu board ol the Kadway I>cpartmr111 ol the American Federation of Labor is
in coafereini at .Seattle. Wa-li . and among the many subject* being discussed is the general
sirikr A large army ol worker* throughout the country hare expressed themselves as in favor
nl another strike Hr In mg submitted t" the membership, and alter this Seattle conference we
will kie w n ihe Hallway liepartmeiil i* going t" meet the demand ol the army that has voted
tho expression
Frank I ..nil ilor.l. attorney for the striker*, i* also in cnlcreme with the International
officct- at Scatth Wash, for the purpose of making arrangements for a conference with the
Industrial t oiniiii>*gin t "mertord lias his plan- all laid, and alter the necessary negotiations
with the grand lodge officers and a inerting with the Industrial Commission has been arranged,
the desired re-iilt- can be looked for With t . merford on the jub in the interests of the strik
ers startling laits and ngiire* concerning l.i .ۥ elution ol today wttl he furnished the Industrial
The lU’O.mm imo loan w hich the Illinois C entral is searching the world s money markets (or.
should In- -util uni to convince the nin«l -irptical that the strike has cost that company many
millions ol dollars, and that it is today n the serge of a financial stringency. That the Illinois
Central s equipment has deteriorated to such a degree that f*0 millions are necessary for a
rehalnhtati n i. the statement ol W l. I’ark*. vice president and general manager of the road
Ikirra-C in net earnings on the Southern 1'antic of IJoo.nou f..r the month of October. t»13,
and a .inular dc ua-e in earnings of the Untim I'acilic, is self-explanatory that the strike of
the shop men is costing these fad- dear, and evidences their inability to operate on a paying
b4kit mitli >tdli Ub- r
Within the past two weeks two Illinois Central passenger trains have been wrecked on the
Waterloo dm i n. , m . i tin m being the Omaha aiirl Chicago train, and the other the Minnea
polis and 1 I.I Ig train Many pa-scnger- were maimed and crippled as these tram went into
the dlls li III! I. lint tin i end.me oi tin Illinois Central's failure to operate its trains with
a proper r.g.ird |..r the sai.ty ol the traveling public Broken down and worn out equipment on
the 1 lino i- t cntral make- it impossible for the company to operate trains without killing and
injuring it. patrons
The >ti.ki on the Illinois Central and llarriman lines, after 2ti months, ■- thoroughly organ
iced and w,l equipped to ■ "iitinuc o|| a fighting La*is until the railroad coiupailies ai e ready to
suriindtr 1 In nun ,.n the struik roads are lighting for the protection oi principles which arc
rs-rntial to th<ir future wdtarc and Hr their very existence, and there can he no surrender on
their part It tim-t lie victory with no compromise.
With the pi liability ot a general -trike vote being submitted to the membership in the not
lai di-tant nitiiri and with the impending investigation by the Industrial t oniim-stoii ol the
causes underlying tin- strike, the strikers all over the systems, with their many sympathizers,
are taking ,,u q timi'tic view ..| the situation, and can sec victory developing down yonder m
the 1HI NU ill I IIINt.S
From Sam Lostc&use
l au‘tu tin ille, I S \ . \o\ i. r*t •
Strikr I'. • hnt' ii 11!
Sir I , uni..|| tii.iii .u .| I .1 *>i\ month' aU<r >oitr 'trikt i.illc»| I i-.ml .» iiraml lodii*
i i , i (f} t % »»nt' jut til1 'lit li \tui 'iN 11 o »i»t Ii' ho t*"k < in .i". miiciiI <il. bo ,r.i*c il
)"0 fell.iH - ,1.1 T|..t miii th* 'tiikt in tin- nun ami with tin- m**m>. '« »* •» *
though I Ik , ii working Mt.i.hU. tin • --«iu*nt *.»' .4 hv*\\ hm.h u i tm .iml I tliti k it
*** a r.cik, ti • ftr - I n « t*» In* I • *r«t-«! I. • )>.« \ t lit - hi t ►’« .nn> unt • t nu-t • x t t!.«' vtrik» r - " it h« *ut l
Itttit attx • hi ms t*.r it
A 1 u Ihi f from Lan'th m\illc
S.itnml 1 M* -him
P - <j S oil I ..»i. an-. . wlul . p mill I you have to I «
much in. . up. ,, Hill pi unit ii- |.. mi.•• i.i v H tint tli’- ■ n.tpn.ii Im" 1 "i-. !l •"
. utii ai in i ,i kt..x- iltlii-i..n purtht t tu. i * . x . .it li.it i u* >1 ■' n.it i < 1 I mail. . x i ' i1 * un ii .■ i.
•Inli 1 ir x* appr..pnati.nl <*1 liltx h i.' . in ulii i -1 x Hi1 ■,’lti' ■ 'I I 1 ■ ' 11
dollar- x n xi.it. n.i, mad. Pi tile ur.in.l ! ••lx.- and ml 1 * flu xiitket* lh... r. um ,
>"U In.x. i, x i,|. .| III. x land l.'.lki- I" I'. - extent, .1.' ' i. i il 'I H. id-.i ll ' ' 1 ...
'•"■ii ,! xlliiiix; tor |hi' tin n on xlrikr ll x.'il had lu.l .in ..- r *'
lli. in..in, ..| I,., xt lu i n ,i nl t.i tlirm. an I lh" w." M "
' Your a-.i.-nn-iil wit t>>r tin jp '
Katn.n- | . mmli credit ix due you Imt ' m • 1 1 ...
Uic i" n im ii ix I|.< went nil strike i.n t!. I I'm. i - * ■ I • i u
"Ut fur -U , .,t tis | hey w • til mil to xi in' \- .1 tl « i ■ i ■ n n > »'" I
•he nun ink, ,|,,| ,, ,. r ,,i i ll" Inn put it on until the fittht was won'
l’1 •"« 'il. Ix ,. .nu ... t lit* men win. ... 'ii «i"k,
*'« "i. ■' t, ,i ,|„| |,,„ l ,u e yourself. I hex «• " i union men I . u •
traitors. , ik. x I, they turn. .I li.uk from ix » ll . i »l-"l. 1
i ri.ni-.-ly. They dry eloped a we. . U . atm !■-!. •" ' >mt "
of lln t x t ■ irinv .-I S'.ikrr-. just as yoxi did. And xx i
*""• « uif.n.f ilu -alllf lo.x as xxc did xih.tt we !• I '
VUn, Ik, fell from the ranks, the ra t .•«> x*... ,f '• I, i ■ . -
i || , niiiiiimtion line xx llh your jx.< ■ i . nl in* n
*r* ''••■. play lh, name fairly, i! i, our pa In' .'nl) I" H rnl "
•3^Ci. - 1 ‘ **r'1
•Xir.a', v ,'xVi 6 Jisfx ■>' 0U1
<IJ\ M i«» •i a I »ariville 111 i
* ‘ * •• fru ml* , r a I ♦•■*.: l«.»i I . »,* v ■ f..r . rime
III t»l| \ «mi the M' a ' i • lit ii if i g * . •. i a ■ • ^ < i • I | ||i«
I' I ft I M' N» W Of., a lift i. lir I i
I- th* *1*- ri i.«' 1 f<*r > lift m hi .1 aw.iv t»n >iup
N*xt al M>'« '••nh. M . ii j. ml i ••fin - t . ha rn!
of flat vs ||i • la *r»* 1 .- hi|* I ang. - ..ini Miii k* to
to a t I tu« ha ml
Then contra ol«l Vl< k*burg on i • •.» • • • \ r*| route,
•"“put -mil. In ft mil vs ■ . • k ••. alnl everything town
mml out
II grunt* If* in til.- o .| ||i.g ai Water Vail.)*
bull pel*.
Ml K * • to j.i . It that lit if tiUftln* ft* In about In
Markham n«! I.gar, r«» Menu* .* i ... in. u
o», a tour of i n -1 * . i Inn, hut vs i at g.iml vs a a it then’
It. port•* 1-11111.' fi oii Fulton .»f hail - r.l* r mr«,
of brok* n ih-vsi . ik-.ru « .itnt i • . i • • • ' . I r .t vs ha r ft.
A- iiiei.il. •« t I "a I . • i* lia.rift ar- 'lift* houia | ,li ,
\\ hat ft He phi. g*o ik t* *lo. vs ii thing ft In *uch
a elate’
• |» at filial • ". I v I.n one of the | C \.utn
Are no ««i» to haul if.al a vs a > f * • * ft i the fnlnen
A* Jtt'kfton T. tin . ei-ahft ar. gi ftp.g the Mo-ft.
Alnl Hie « 'III II- g loss |> gefttl.g tin heftf of the
e re vs *
t’ornllfioiift .«re even ss -in.- than r.-|Mirteit at l.uulft
\ Ille.
I.ik.vsi-. ii .ifiK »h* ||n> a•• far .tn Kv anm ill.
Then .loss n at r'atro, one ..f Cg.pt m oil tom rift.
Vie ft. rap pile* alt.l Inhhleh pl|e.| up aa far at
' a i l>..rnli 1. a*'-l lam Hi 1 ^ • «i a fejH.rt engine fall
Urea K « lot »•
They i in h* h.ar«l ml I**., puffing away with a
might v roar
r'etitfHllii . a r i -1 <*lih tg > me harelv Jogging
.i Ion g.
Where th. --aha are tnlig to f|* thing*, but it
all fttenift to !.»• wrong
|:o\n. one alt*I all Jnet keep uf> the fight.
For th!* in a go.it e.iuee. ami vse kfo.w we are
We Stayed on the Field of Battle,
Thstigh Others Had Turned Away
• My Frank Connor I
W.. tf praise for the world • past heroes,
l'*Ut here's to the today.
Who stand In the ranks of labor.
And fight for nie.tgrr pay
It s a bitter fight for a cause that's right.
And We live- In hope* and prat
For the time when our cause will triumph.
\nd we can look back and say
We slated on the field of battle.
Though oth»-rs had turned awav
\\ • (ought with a vim undaunted.
Through thti keel of all the fray.
All the *hot and shell of an earthly hell
Never cause*! o'tir hearts t«• sway
For we stated «»n the field of hattls,
Though others had turned away
It s east to claim the laurels
That others have h|ed to win,
Mut harder to brave the battle.
And fight it through thlrk or thin.
For the odds are great In this world of hats—
Where the street* are pated with sin,
Mut there* pleasure and consolation
To say to our fellow-men
We Stayed on the field of battle.
Though others had turned away.
W •- (ought with a \lnt undaunted.
Through the thickest of all the fray.
All the shot and ahell of an earthly hell
Never < a used our hearts to sway.
For w»- st*v••*! on the field of battle.
Though others had turned away
The Grave Yard Edition
la»*t week We put out th. tlHir Y M special
1’nfortunatelv in handling the bundle?, a few of
the addresses were torn off Those who did no:
receive their bundle should notify us. and another
bundle of paper* will he sent
I'uring a period of »lv months we have put out
tw-> editions of the (Irate Yard and furnished them
to subscribers In addition to the Bulletin for 2*
weeks, at th* small price of 2Sc If you are Inter
ested In the strike and realise that It can't he
won hv tenia, r ing on your kne«« and wishing
for returns if von realise that it must b« u bitter
fight all the time -tb»Ti we want your support
Furnish us with a suffh lent number of suh*<ribei»
to enable us to continue putting out the Bulletin
so t|al we m.iv at some future Mute (tin another
edition of th. tiiave Yard
As we h*'• said before we d'» Hot know the
newopapei business We «*nt give Villi . ■ 11 \ h‘w
« lass in iuii.il We cannot write arti* Irs that w i i
promote your mental development, for w. don t
know how *It»I* strike has slmph fund ns inu*
a position In which we do not belong "ur pi... ••
is shaking the handle of a hydraulic J*. k oil a
drop pit 'ol». and we are damn pool at that But
If \ou think the paper stink in ih« two »lr .\<*
> ard.- and the other 24 papers we huv. sen: u-u
In tin las’. si\ months I- w r h tw • hr then
continue to giw -i- % >»ur support Bight now. w.
would prefer that you send us a hunch sub
0. rib. r< rather than your svmpath , and in th
future the nil! O » «*• n t r a l win lln\e to pint iiliolt.ei
Uiave \ard Edition out of town for us.
J. |l Lu-\alle. an 1111 n - * ?» (Vnir.il brake" in. wno*.
hoitt. I* in Him »tt\ W4» |»*oba!•!v l.italU in un i
at iMihuque late Tur'-ln aft»rn"..n H Ill'll !. Hi*
run il"«n in tv ;»*.!» mar Houth Junction
(*?;•• |»-|i W.|4 *r \ i I e«l an-l the Other tifrtbl\
Panel'll Thi I" ure.l man w a* ru-h.-i > h< *•
|t'tHl at I 'll b l.| tie ami III* Hlfe H H * noil'll'.I at
Oil.I M - I\ .te left for I •! bmj U»- lift diKht
The tn urc'l limn i* In a ■«a mu» « *»n*lltion ami
hi* t nance* of r« » o\. r> are ■m ill
Mr l.e\a>l> h .* been Hnplmpt • *r» fh. Ill m i*
r,n' il tor u..»»| u > . »t* il» Ha* ti. i fi» I
at'o.it one )• 41 aK" Wat.rlo" I’t#**
t \\ i :» te»i for W • nan - S| ! • ?. to W ill . *n • •' o.r■ *
I it., ... ii f*l lllnan* o; 1 a« N ill* ark
I. *t|. bnii'o" * I a til*, hi.tiled tn Hi. 1 » k
i ,-t , ui.*k11l*-«t fl o:t'n n. it. I mi. n.er*
M,*ko (It e ii 11 k !: t > .lnM.nl ami tb. orphan*
teal w
• ' t \ • i ,ii. n;%i a* ii*m Ii • f a trail t n till u
i f»!C l»' , '
^.•11 li.iu- ). *..tknu t hl> ml tin t I
> 1 Whit
t \ n a* t .H '• m • !*t a" i it UH t! w!
» t n.ln tl * 1. 11.4 r * | • v Mfti, . i . 1 a l-‘\\ * tin 1
1 \ Oi; a--. "tn< nt* twcut( • x i* tid - aw af>
h> llnr tl • \ -tafti'l h\ k "ii *fnkt i furm
ft . 'i am! i t tha• t* a**tt hi. ft. r»
\ arc \« > I • itlftr I t" t ■ r e ? II • *' * t t? nm
uarit tin It' at ill txj 'ti-i • ' thi lt.lt’ .. t w ■'
Ulrsi’HloNa I »«wpr from «ert**u« li.jort ««f l'nu*ii
aerw \rmr l)?ers«ltle—liifwthr % |«»ne I* Kept
«» Track*—Derailed « uarbr* I »rtaaatel> Itid
\mI Over •“>-1 wul I MbaNknral.
PYKHSVII t.r |( Nov 5 A u r «. -
from a t •• r ri !»!• faiih'v in . r • • ■» thi» in rul'd
about ». ■ '» im <m|» w ' * i, f i « n V » ..( 11 , i ., i , I*
iVMimI • • f't*t M fit I I *• * 11 M I • I M ,«
• leralied about fu. titl - w.«t ..' I'w mville With
t h* r %• * Ion <>r I * • » ngir • • • it t. • r • t r«
)um|»e.| |h* *r. k aid tor, in t» . r- , u. I f..r «
distal.••• ..f 7 «»•» feet fiefi.re burning lt-»lf In I he
grawl right of-»r. »». «n upright t • Th
track at tt *• «dt, ..f th* »< • ufetii I- I .1 ..n
an embankment 2h f»et In height nr. I «. . m m
ilfi"'ii .« fnirui I.- tfi.it th** i »ra h i ».• • t to| ; • ,,y*-r
Into th** diti h with the r.sil'it.g !*•«' t I in
• 'll • d toll I ’f' 111 ft.* W r * • k "' g i r« w - «i 11 \ . | the
train hung at an anal* "f 4i degfet* w th the
roadbed and ditch
l ate ttHf **f W aterlMw.
Th*- deral'ed t r .•»r.. which I- due t * * l*.i\e Wt'.r
loo at 4 Ii .« m w*« ahuiit 7« minu'.-* behind
litn* and w.im tratellrig .«t a r*’» '.•* mile- an
hour in an end*ay or to mak. u|* tin.. Tto ’ min
W.»s mad*- lit* of fl\e roart.iM. .« el*eper, tw.. day
com*-h*-* a combination rittoldr .in! • »|i.-«- car
and a baggage n.,n h Non* f th. . ti* w . i «• steel
t ailsr Hraalnrd mm Traek.
The engine of the train pa-sed the broken ste,-|
in a Mat i *' a it i1 f \ n>ar n< r t • it the tender tumped
■ track pulling tht flvi it Kor
.1 dl»tan« * of nil f, . I the derail'd train f'.w down
the roit'lwav, le..\inu destruction in i»m wak* The
roH«ttod and rail- were torn up in a frightful con
dition. and the trucks w«-r* badly demolished Oc
cupants of *h* sleepers Were llif"Vl h headlong
from their berths and receixed a rude Jolting and
• *klng up Those riding In the dav coaches were
ilk* wise I.ruined and hatt* red h\ the mishap, but
none was seriously Injured There «. r*. but twen
ty flye pas-enger* an tiie train
The belief 1* that the rail* had suffered h shrink
age at th* Joints mm m result of the recent cold
weatfi* r. and that h brake-shoe or i"in* similar
contrivance dropped down n.-twe.n the crevjre and
tore out a hug.- pie*** of the rail.
All Tealsa llrlssrrT
Immediately after the wreck. the wrecking
crews were summoned from Waterloo and Dubuque
and upon their nrro.il set f«i work to repair the
track that traffic might be resumed Throughout
the day It h.is lo-en necessary to detour all trains
oy»*r the fJreat Western from Dvers\llle to Water
loo but bv tomorrow temporary trackage will have
been construct* d
The passengers were taken to a near-bf farm
house following the accident from whence they
were taken In automobllrs to Pversville There
were but three women In the entire party, and
they bore the mishap brayeD. without a particle
of d* rm»n*tratlon
The train t rew w as as follows Knglneer, I*af
Reilly fir* man. John Pi* hi conductor. .1 Mande
vllle flagman, Jack |tey«. baggageman. Rosell
All were of Waterloo
(MiMlllr* Hearn PrrtMfa mi rrf rWtnrs
and «• weals mi Ink# I'rsai Tell mi Sleep ■
lews klskts—Let) Mayer Hamm rim Klwtrlftaatlss
fr'taal Mstlsa •« Prsklea.
CHICAGO. Nov S—Illinois Pentral locomotive*.
Ion* known for their smoke-producing qualities.
Were declare.| to hr the noisiest engines In the
world at a meeting of the council antl-no‘lse com '
m It tee yesterday
Quests from hotels on Michigan avenue crowded
the commit tee-room and told of sleepless nights
they endure on account of the Incessant racket
The hotel-keepers offered to furnish front rooms
and service to the members of the anti-nolss com
mittee If the aid. run n needed anv proof that the
lake front between Twelfth and Randolph streets
is a bedlam of noise* throughout the night
Mayer's Paftearr KakaaatstL
Levy Maver appeared to speak for the hotel
keepers. and while he said he had no fault to find
with corporations, as they furnish his bread and
butter, he declared It had reached a point where
patience ceased to be a virtue. He said the smoke
from latlroaos cost the hotels llbO.OOu a year In
etcess laundrv bills and linnnao additional loss
through patrons driven away by the noise
“An official of the Illinois Centra! had rooms in
the It ackstone facing the lake." said Mr Mayet.
“and h* was compelled to move to another part of
Hie hotel If a railroad man who had b«ert in th**
business all hi* life couldn't stand the n< Is*- v-*,i
• an Imagine whit if mean* to other guests The
final solution of th«* problem Is electrification.**
Ch.vrVa Incklnson, who lives at the lUarkstone
said the noise of the railroad wa- ‘the limit
“Thev give the engines all thev can haul said
Mr Incklnson. ‘and they start off well 1 can't
describe the mus* . but if you ate nervous you just
go to pit « es
skews ( hleans Tolerant.
No other civilized communitv in the world would
tolerate tt for a month slid f.*i n F Smul-ki.
who »(tidied the subject as t member of a ohm.
mitt* ** of th* «‘M-ago \ss**r|atl *n of P.*n•in*-?. *
.1 It. I*rsk. of the Itlackston*. R I*' Mayer of
the Stratford. T II M s , w h.» I* one of ".*• «'oek
hold* ' Of the llhfloi* Vit al i til* »d. 11' ! V It
ltt< hardson were othe. who * >ntpla*• I -f 11 ••
\\ I. Park vi*. j r. si.tei r ned general manager
of l he ll'itods »>utr »' s«i I '• !!'■• ght pr-bahv
t i. ' • was- " * • the lake f i nt. as It was
rath*-*- difficult to i** * .* t a h.g iaiir«vad *v*t«m
noiseless!) The ►' *‘*h ti*-m Twelfth street to
Ran t* |j I, -tree* Mi Park sa.d. rawed him m*oe
trouble than .11 *1* »*-*t of llie system «*|-» fa* • g
t hi ag h tw.lv. *’ i' es
T* • tfgest w c* kl» s'dpn * nt of mill thst .-v.r
It? II I *1 I t •»> post of f|« . took P «* • “ ■ w . . k
w ' . • S* i ik. ft-. * t n a I d * h. ir *, .
ti.oi f t . liruvnar.i **p»«ial. a total *i» *n
• ft' '«• T tsl vv ighf twelve i»d » * half t ? *
This e ttiion vv a* rent |! r*oigh* - •
Mev . o I an.ll /on. .Ml 11* 1 . w. 1*1* • . u t •
, ' ! * M til! t Ctl f. . tt 1.1 i tl.ul IH-.dif*
* ! ' i •! wnt r t i * « r I «, • i k * 1
i t- «■!t ikt \\nt i ' v %!.*.••
M i \ 1 i ~ '
, t! n v. m< ».» M < I > I \ \« I P
.' s *• tr m |111*. *5f * *** -* f 1.. ii* : i : \ u
t V II. N \ M I • > P \ M

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