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I Memphis.
__ i. nothin* ■" «* '•>* »lrlh. Iln. hnm at
sy ,, mm null, and rnglna fallurna. and
S***!"", n«ar to tl •' "" u on lh« llna Thay ara
ini.- 11*I*i along, trying tu gat
S'*? doon until n-> have all good a< aba
IM PM ruuiidii 'ini other Improvement*
*^*tg,*>nir-1 ' ‘ '■« "• Ul« »l<‘nll» of M-in
*5*. are progressing * "«ly.
P*1- w |j ..•* i.**p» .»re going to he quite
if *hm«wr w* • I hem completed. and tlie
***hlfie shop • 1 ' ,,4nip 1,1 |,,p building for
•** jl,r tii * - ilieie will he no lienvy
Ji, ml , i ■ »» "•••» not tha room
wm-“ ... u , o ni for the acaha.
•'a?"..' ■ • '•* ... Tha,
ri j pi i • i mo nt and they were not
***** . | j *t tiicni gu to cut down
pgf il c* * '
••J*""*,, ... I UK In til" illy alnra wa
™ f , | • * have not decided yet
p*«lr •- i' k that occurred here a
•""a"..' I.► of tna I «• ..aba wa.
^ „ .... , I it» Hama tn und out of
||er» *rr ‘ "
j \ |t . *• *.'» • out in minute* late.
rril|lf. i with « are. 2 hours and
, j • i.gine lukk, out rw mlnutea
\h . H out I hour late This
S3; t* . • «• rm\nml and they have
j f|, . living to gat the train out
C iini# Tlf ive to get out another new
“aw <«rd i‘ ' ’ ' ' k-«- ,h* on "">«
a I,, a are n>.*d»
>ii <1 II It s m with h box
: . • tiers engine I if 3 out north
|n j, ' ns That Is the amount of
frelfkt ti.it 1 *hd north out <»f Non< onnsh
•_ j , * I'M* . ii No 4** In 26 minutes late
j \ i g iim 111»3. out 36 miliute* late
j#fl o \. it.girie llol. out 1 houf la!*- No
IS •itglne . •'* nilnute* late
1 . .. i . s are all late In getting out
the joh ' 1 ' money to pa> the . r« w s
IU# jh»-) . " iitlng for the engine to com# out
,ha> ' *ib . 1 *'"*
.,,r tiding <ar* and cut* of cars
•fttbeut H • i • i per* entsge of air In op« ration
In the list.' • ' they are not keeping up the
gafet) app >d iim * onductor* are lisndllng
„r, m ..I > h ml "f '•"fldlllun
Ijrl us k» ■ : i the good wrork that w* IcsVe
been d'dns ,f* lift two year* and more snd
»r ins' g* ’ * f the putdlcity that the pre*s
l» giving n.e -*■ ker« In Ml* hlgan and Colorado
Publicity I- t • greatest weapon the workers of
today |i,c'* ' billing the corporations for the
uecesflt )'* f* There will l*e many inter
eatlnjt f«. t** «i* out wlienever they make
an invest k.*: f th* strike* that are no* in
yrogres** It 1 idled Htatea Yet uti tlie other
hxnd. the i < ss rii' ii «»f the la*g< rifle* boost
tbeir bust' ' i Hu- amount of work that is in
the vlclnif- I ti> to get the country flooded
vtth u 11 * ’ ■ ' • 1 so they tan for* • the worker*
wage d>iw: l • railroads all over the • "utitry
are laying f n f**r no other reason than to
try and f< * non to work on *tru« k road#
trying t • >t the federation. They have all
got to ge t « r •. - 11.•• job, for the equipment on all
th* roads I Memphis Is not tn first * lass
condition . • -I can expect nothing but mote
wrecks and | .»*-*ngers kllh-cll for they hav • got t*>
k«v« a«»n* | '.i regardless of Uie cost
I have t ml* more dop«* to report on tio *■ ah
who has »•*’ going urider the nance of Jones lie
quit here .i t ten day* ago saying that he was
going h.e k mm to H«-attle. W ash lie went in
stead to c ig ti Ctah He la sslll sc abbing on
the RID him**!* Ih* re *nd u neighbor ha* received
word from his wife saying that Jones la not their
right nano tfhr is going to send her s'ldres* so
that Mi* r * k hor can forward her pet dog on to
Ogden Tt ia man weighs about 136 pound*, ha* a
wife no children. clean ahav#n and dark cog
pleH*r.**l .<nl wear* a hard-boiled hat. He makes
the boast tl at he Is a scab, alwaya has been and
I* proud <*f the fact Th# foreman waa about to
. tie the < .111 to him. »n he cjult and heat the night
foreman t 11 You bo># in Ogden watch out foi
this skunk There I* another scab whoa# name II
Meeham He and a nigger ar# th# only two that
refused t<* come out with u* when wo struck. He
Wa* arc r* t.,iv *»f the car repairers lodge here and
Stole fin* «.f the lodges money He to now car
foreman at p.ckerefleid Cal Hoys, he I* a bad
oo«* so k* y| an eye peeled on th* skunk He has
S Wlf* .i d About four or five children. He was
canned a#»* • w-irking here about flv* or six y*»r*
J M Ci who was promoted to master me -
chant'1 :»“• t ree month* ago, failed to put u}<
th* dessn I c ■■••!* rthd w is set hac k t*» general
foreman \i engineer wa# the mesna c»f Inform
ing me tii w<*uld have lost out entirely If it
h*d r I f f.tr I».«v I son !>a\laon I* superin
tendent t live power I have been informed
that Ci v h hern doing hi* lust to persuade
•ome of - apprentice* to scab lie fold them
•hat * • t letter from headquarter* telling
h*n> ' . < ? . apprentice* 36 cent* an hour. I
M ••• with our apprentice* *ti«1 told
*h»b no attention t«» their lino of saiv**
•nd l «• d to re port that rte failed t«» per
*'iade ,t n„ m to go hac k Passenger trains
•c** •!' m H»lt lug their old regime of arriving
hours t. > • t iim from two to eight hour* late
The verv i f t! . f passenger N" 1!» • an do »* is ■
■°brs r •! she ha* t#c*n c-omlng In from t»"
hu r-* ! He For a long time- now No *
limited • * n i omlng in late Two dav- ago
*h* ah t hour* late It tike tw«* etigln* s
,n I’ d ■ -a* he* nowaday*, a* I ohserv* I
onr S ' • tii the other day. when !»efc»re the
•,r,h* ir int*l|rllurn day*. It wa* a fn-'jiic-nt
*WY,,rr,T "• e one engine pulling fiftnn
r,%*< 1 • * • freight train* come an.I go any o I
tlm*- nn*t • n«>t uncommon to see a log freight
■#nr-’ t.. |«iiily*tffo foi a
'h»-r offlc'iaj came through frevm !.*»"
Ane< h - • Milford, and f have l»* «*n tc»ld that h*
■•'d ti i \ nil *|,e *« ah* at the big shops ct
leas V. ' - n. v . and also cleaned out the >-kunk*
*t Cn i. • V»-\ If 1* rumored that the company
*• •*,t '. • d of the undesirable* with a view- of
•«*ttMiui with tlie unb>n boy* 1 hop# that th'«
ls tr'" ' •! I think that It will take a g*ner*l
•trlk* h« f ■we get Federation, so get *»ut and
Ptln*t f r Yours f«»r Federation, with n*> «om
tim tin vKnnonn ox train proti:«it
Mor* , spore of passenger* on the W It A
N ■ f'. which arrived at Huntington
JAturdsv fight, have filed a complaint with tie
*' '• id Commission, declaring th.t they
- • s*arlly held at that point an*l that
•**vi*. ft, engine wa* dotached from the co.i.-he*
nay w* r# made to suffer na#dle*a I noon venlenc#
I 1 nd exposure. When th# train ar
'ed *» i cin111'a on Hunday a committee of pa*
/■nc*^ , a telegram t«» J r O llrlen, vice t res
ent n i general manager of th#. coospan,. enu
♦rating C t gr|. nvances and praying f r relief
I'm teat I# Telegraphed.
A I »*eng#ra suffering, women and * • H
n.rn. waa the message sent to Mr
ail *‘n rr,ln prr,Vr<* »• Huntington last eve
* on time Held ther# ten hour#—elev. n hours
•roin n »•«t..n to Fmatllla 1* It poa*lh|e for
li.I1 # K,vr l<# 11 r+Wtr Here follow* . long
p , “‘Mhature* <*f passengers Train arrived at
^rtiant n.nrly ONR I>AY I.ATK While the tram
• " nt Huntington the name committee framed a
aln ff|, f 1 1 “* 10 the Plate Railroad Comtnls
bosli ! V'r'r>K by nearly every passer . * r on
Pnm'1 ' ' following wa* sent to the It.ilroad
Pi' *'wp. the undersigned. VtOOTR 't'MhY
*Trwt the manner In which the O W R A
t'1' ‘ e« I issenger trains going west ft *m
. ngtl n f< Portland, and request that th • om*
mmim* rt ‘in rhy the company's pair o * are
ar m N " Sf Y IUT from one to t* hours
®°r* at Huntington without apparet.t »ause.
i ' »«*«•*» *'-!'• I~ l.k.a
!Iv ii. " ' r,,,r"t lmi.«.ition un tfc*
.. " «“<■»> Mil-* -ml rr«ul«.
U..n. Ih. rnfor. U..| ».i| .. nnlma.l
...mi-njr m .. ,i. t,.,,,.. , , i, ,,,1,,^,..,,
......,,.1.1, ,.n "TI..,. ... "V,*
rit . V "" '•>• ' *■“•< Mr Fr.i.k
H„,l III,..I II,. Ill 1 l,11,1,1.,,,..,I |,|||, rl.. Mil,,
»..m.i, and rtiliitrrn «... ,... ,n. .i 1.. .1, if. in th.
eold coach.<1 al. nlifht. Soma of th,,„ orobat.l*
.1.1.1 ti.,1 .«(f'.r.l 1., |,|.,.„i, n.it,,, 1, ,| 11,,
SI.KFI KIiS H i nt. ITIM.I.V «»
!»«•« ti la*, h. I Ifi.l the Ml* atn HUpl-l) flit .. f f •• The
Jt.llr.iH.I . |.,i„n Kill imh. an i.n. .1 iKaii..n
11.. .. full. «. 11,1 ,,r 1,1. ,, , n„ „.,,, ,, | whi
11.. 1 |,rn,. II, . nil,.. TI,.. 1 II . from
t W .» to • IK I t holll d I • I.
■ in N«w V. .1 « ,1,, ..,a . .. nahi
"hie *1 Im *n ' • « t • •! | i« f ; | # », kr 11 . , (, |* |(
for S" fl Joee it '! .« j
kll.M k* *1 out both • xliioler ix-id* in.| vx.ts re
turtle.I t •» It II
W* h«T< . 1 • x tim. tabu « . i a. , ( into ef*
f».t Honda \ J ** *1 I Ih. . ton. f r ..in <»nk
land us. .1 to |... 1 hours .n il n,inuf.e to Fresno.
H has 1.. en attended to H mil -
N*»s . and x lais An. b h i i i» w lion, time from
I r .0 \ to ) .it k 1 .t li <1 H .1» ! li< > 11 r * I 1 fri e I tended
to .! hour- and 4m iuifiut<s. and -.till t ,% *rr i„|,
It.ev hav. IfUt one bo! let make r on I Kills Mini one
da v * .it Fre*n«»
' «-«ter d. \ . Iialrie ‘tins I. fl the um|. light and
Mil hour after No 3.1.1; ||Mhl Nuf sefl
The follow Inic Is fioin rt s.»r. Fran. Is. o pM|»er and
It l» rt< h
“A I* retrenchment cuts size of snail*. l.ut NOT
TH K PKH'K • *oiliinutet n *t-1 only s. -efl lutes
where formerly th. r. wie lut- •. * Hproule t»*
hlame” Those eoniniuteru wti.i e.»t breakfast on
ttie Houtbern I’a ifn lornpanv ferrv boat* aie a-k
In* a question II* r. it is Is there any • onne< -
tion hetwe.n the rumored r. s.gnatn.n *.f I'resl
dent \N llllam Hproule of the Hoot hern I’a* ifi. com
patty ar.d the reduced -,*e of snails* Not animal
snails hut pastry snails In tie last week they
hav. shr unk from tw. l,. g I bit.* to ie-s than
•even lutes with the prh e the sain. Now tt.e
. ornmuters know that u tteri rnent i« tin ..nt big
won! with the railroad < -•riipanv these davs
Th.refor. thev argue that ,(s long as President
Hproule Is not it'di.K to r« - gn and sax. the « .un
ban y that ft*. OftO .1 year «i ,1 « must suffer lit
avoirdupois And th« x haxe
I am very sort r r* port a de*. rtlon Pat
Kearnet a boil* r maker helper w o . .•til* out oil
strtk* has gone to *■ abbing in t «* shipy ard II*
had a Job with the p fl A K ‘las company and
• ■ante out on sink, ther* I . annot itn-iKitie what
influen* • w.is brought to l>. at that got him to go
scabbing, but such Is the case It is reported that
one \V .1 Haw kins ha* K'0»» f«* «. aht.iiig at Mina
Nevada Thele is great turmoil in the Flood l.utld
ink In H.»n Krum Is* o T i er. at. two factions
striving for the mastery It is a question who Is
going to be the victor Hut we wl!l keep our ears
to the ground awaiting With int.i.st 11 * out
' OtllC 0
Hempstead, Tex.
Freight engine No 310. In passenger service on
Rust In and Llano branch. Is not fit for a work tram
It arrived the other day with driving brakes wired
up and Is always late, and the other passenger en
gine* can't cut the buck The general manager
Jacked up the superintendent of motive power and
machinery about not putting other engines on the
passenger train" on the branch lines and he told
them that he did not hav# them. Still they holler
normal business. Freight trains are tying up on
account of the sliteen-hour law. conditions of the
engines and R. O cars, because R. O. cars are In all
of the side tracks. I gueaa that we can look for
aome B. O. trains In the near future Hot boxes,
flat wheels U. A aafaty defects In service. Hemp
■taad yard awltch engine No. 14. which arrived
about three wee ha ago with a new coat of paint. 1
eoo lying up at the roundhouse. No. 44 la An her
place. TM roundhouse foramen seem to be having
the riot net read to tham for failure to eatract the
desired work out of the scabs. Two scab carmen
were sent to Chappell Hill to chala up two cars
for the local to pick up, but when tke crew arrived
tkey were obliged to chain them over again, aa the
scabs' knowledge of chaining cart was about aa
efficient aa thalr other scab work. Passenger
trains, due to engine failures, are from ten minutes
to fit# hours late. Freight trains art tying up over
a division of 130 mllea on account of engine failures
and B. O. cars. 1 see from th# Bulletin where the
Industrial Relations commission la going to take u|>
the strike and also where Frank Coiner ford is In
the game We are with you and aie out to WIN*
We need the help of our brothers on the othei
lines for this, your fight, as well as ours. Where
a ould y our federated contracts be If It were not for
the”Voya on the I. C. and Harrlman lines standing
h> the guns f«»r the last tw.» yean*. Federation
in.I no compromise is t pass ward Two It m
trains passed through here o nthe main line of
th» II a T 1*. FFe «i« •*>! engines in these train*
and forty-five R t» nr* n'l lad ! H safety de
ft-, 1s one of the ctigln* * it- on* of the traln<*
dropped a bar or a brakehcad while passing the
passenger depot and tore down the water stand pipe
about l.'t'M worth .f ilaniae* Where at. th.
better-fhan-evers they bon*l about” Th* se two
trains were the ia»d. *l i<>< k.ng a. rap piles !
■ xer focused ni) lamps • h Itoost f«'t a ISI'N
Kit \l. 8 I'll I K I'
H.»f*tv first on the "H 1. k Line' V g.r.tlemai
step|«d up to the ticket window in th* depot
Omton. 111. about I** .» m. .L»n T and asked f*
t ticket to Weldon and return, received *- »'*k.t
,nd tske.I t lie agent of the trail, xx .* .-n um*
I'h* agent replied th at he could n> ea' as tP.•
,x ire on ft. ‘ I la. k Lin*' had r «»t »•. .n xxoiklng
for a . .Mip'e of d ixs aid fh*v >"uMi. t t. I Jus*
xx l.ei e she w aa
I'nglne 107'.' has he* n t.*L• >ff of f • 1 * 3 ai l
*. pot being aide !■» , it • . niusMrd tl'e 11.1
lias l.een Sent to tuk* hi r |i. • Th* 1 x engln* «
, 1 showing th« eff< ts of s >' • itmeni
Kngme 147« had to give up h» : train a» \*»o a
on account <>f flues leaking
H. ab Machinist Hastings and Its ! .n. «'*• r*
turned from the P «»f ! where lh* y 1 nlster* I
1 tie scab treatment the •• x Scab Rom*, was the
first to fry his hand on the 9*-i hut fei. down, s ■
Hastings was given • m. e to see what h.
ould d*». w ith th* assists* <■«• . f 8. ah Korrnut
It* id* man.
Pxssei ger trains are r innlt'g late
Fnglne 1*» x is out of t>ass«nK»r s. rxne nnd on
• al now No 10' ' has been pu’ling f-• *. » als
The switch eng>r.' s are thx* n» vt in line for the
passenger runs
1 nairw ?»"7 pull \ into IVe.itur -u * *Jay las!
xx . »k w nh I* ft x a’x e stem Mow t* '..id that
j X oil rot 1 Id l >t • e t ■ train the U ft aflltig b«»\
: xx a* bfok• u d ti- tram w . rf in .-n . «t tmg and
•»id th. i thr- o ' o-irs until Hie "djs fron
i’ltnt.1 i" tak ‘lie train out Fx.-. ediugly nor
nthI business Ti e t *ltnfon vnrds ate l l *• k* d air
t Kht owing to the fillure of ti-e Fre* 1 - r' ilvlsloi.
to ». ,nd'e what lit tlx business Hn old ll-g ha*;
h. . ?! fortunate enough to nceum date h*> fifty j
s. yen varieties of s.-.ihs at Freeport sc - t h*x
so very Imlte.l knowledge of the u -nom of
the n* vv «upe- heaters that they are uahie f 1
Keep enough *f th* m in condition * 1 Ue wh -
few ears **f company eoal the 4V..I lT K T'e.Hls st
her Northern points
Fnglne on th. Ht Ieoils *'HL • g Maulfe* ,
V*> M arrived one right some thi • t*> irs lat
I The engine was tn such shape that ! night fire
several tim* S Home <af. ty First, r * Fnglne
1430 on the ev*n!ng of Jan 4 w * t Into the dlte’
near Winona with eleven ars of bananas nnd si»
ears of coal.
■er— _ 1 ” r?
Council Bluffs.
There Is ft farmer from Glen wood, la . scabbing on
the boilermakers at the Union 1’aclflc shops and
one from South Dakota doing the act on the car
men on the I. C. rip track by the name of Walters.
It le possible that some of their respectable friends
will find out through the Hulletin that these fel
lows have fallen so low as to Join the ranks of the
s« aba We notice that Ia»uIs llaum. the scallle ear
foreman, falls to get along very well with the scal
liet. We often hear from the company's emissaries
that the strike on the 1 C. Is a thing of the paal
Now If some of thin* good people only knew, would
only take the trouble lo Investigate the true condi
tions on the OLI> Hot} ROUTE. they would soon be
forced to acknowledge they were In the wrong
Brothers, this sort of thing ought to make us feel
a greater determination to fight them when we
think of making one of the greatest railroads In
two years’ time ask for Il2o.000.0o0 How are
they going to pay the Interest on this single
amount alone** la t us all work together ami put
them in the hand* of re**»v. r* |«et our slogan be
The si abs on th* I R. rip trai k tried to get into
the Intel urban « ar workers, but w.re informed that
that organ i vat Ion didn't take #. ah* The effort
ass made for the purpose of getting rid "f their
S«ab car for*man. Louis »• Baum, and they ar#
now fighting among themselves and hav# r* fused
to work under Itaum We striking car men of
< ounrii Bluffs are certainly amused t.. *#... th!
chief scab and deserter from our ranks a *>• at
who was honored three times, liefor* the strik# 1
with the presidency of our lo* al lodge* M«t whs
is certainly coming to him lie will have to pm
another coat of paint on his house »<• that be can
sell It quirklv. for he certainly will be blowing
*oon Again, after two years of strik#-. the com
panv Is advertising for men here In Round! Bluff*
—blacksmiths, machinists and boiler makers Thlr
certainly shows the condition the company Is In
Keep up the good work, boys we have got th*-m I
going Get the Hulletin so that we can keep uj
»ha fight Let's advertise them—put them b*for«
•he public Stan.I out boldly and firmly for FED
Last Saturday night, as Frank Lee. one of th#
striking blacksmiths of the U. I* who is now work
Ing in the str»et car shop* in orrlaha. was coming
home on the street car between Round! Bluffs am
Omaha, he was met by a big burly scab, mhos*
name we could not learn, who Invited Bro. Lee
to get off t ite < ar at 27th street. Bro I^e got of
and found himself in a bunch of scabs He ha
a hard lima keeping from being beaten to death
I but on account of his great phvsPnl strength, h*
finally came out victorious One of the scab
rushed at him with a knife, but Bro Dr> landed
on him This proved to be the notorious nub. So’
Spaner. the scab who is so well known by all ■.*! >
men In this locality 8o the public 'an s»e V11vs !
there Is nothing too low or degrading for the cum- I
j pany an*] It* bunch of scabs to do.
i All g#wid union men should sympathise with Hr*.
Person in his fight for life Every union nisi '
working should be willing to contribute to th#
assistance of this brother In hia trouble |»on
I turn him down now after he has fought v mi
■ battles for two years, but stand by him, and le«
i the rank and file send In money to aid him it
nts defense
i " "
••ere Margetfe %«prrl»r «er*|ee
Recently art unfortunate travllng salesman had
to make the town of Fostorla Ml* h.. and took
ihe Huckleberry flyer from Flint No 2#*7. «
mined train, due to leave at 4 j.'. p rn was thirty
minutes late. It stopped at # very station to un
cnid and load freight \\ h*-n about oti»- mil* past
the station of Otlsville th* train was brought to a
stop and backed up to the depot to a • commodate
a lady and her daughter who were so engrossed
n wat l.ii.g the train crew unloading freight that
they failed to get off. The tired passengers were
r» Iteved to see the lights In the town of Fostoria
after traveling for three hourg and only getting
twenty-four miles from flint
t Signed t NEVER AGAIN.
This versa appeared on some Fere Marquette
Hot cars:
The road la had.
The engines are worse.
And still the officials holisr.
"Always safety first '* ,
Recently a Fere Marq* utte passenger train was
without steam heat while going between Grand
Rapid* and Raldwin The traveling engineer was
unable to get the steam-heat valve to work
Needless to say that those passengers will patron
l*e some other road In the futtir#
At (Aldington train* still continue t*» be late
and the engines are being f. *1 bran to stop the
l*-a ke
Fort Dodge.
We are all to the good In the Gypsum city and
feeling fine after the good tlma we had through
th* holiday s and hope to give th»* old hog a* g.>o#l a
fight In the ne*t two years as we have done In the
paM. If she can stand the agony that long, but we
hardly think that she will be able to atand It two
months more from the deplorable condition that she
has fallen Into, and. as some of the engineers told
tin recently, that the company has had all It want*
•f it and are living In ths hops of a stampede from
the ranks of the strikers to save them They ad
v Med all of the boys all over the system to stay
with them and it wouldn't be very long until it was
all over Every day there are several engine fail
ures and dead engines on the division out of her#
The limlteds are in no better si.ape than the wa>
freight! The big superheaters on the limited* at*
a failure; they have only two of them at this point
'.129 and 1129, and they have not made a s . * t ssful
trip in the last two months No 1129 gave up th*
■ ghost yesterday and the train war* three hours late
into Sftoua City. No. 1129 died turning Last ant
I the) got the engine off the local and it went tht
; same route, so they had to send for a third «-ngip«
j t.» get them to Fort Dodge. A traveling man ot
j the train asked the conductor what was th* mu
t» with the old pike that the) could not get •:
'he toad any more and he was informed that tlu
shopmen's strike put the road on the hum Ho also
said that they woud have to recognise the shopmen
pretty soon or go out of business altogether
Jackson, Tenn.
i‘h* situation at thin terminal is si' * g
(■ th* strikers We must k< • p up the g *t i '•
f vi rk started bv ltrot « ■ 1* * a* 1 # t • j • *
h it boys on the Old H**g route *»• • (Ml i ea . j
if there ts a striker at ev.rv tern.ln.il w
on the Job to report to the public the * wt . •* i* . -
0(4 Hog and t he 11 is * I
arc.it IPinol* Central railroad wit
*ni ylng of scabs ami In* »»mp* t* r t r 1 »* ,
'•« rn gradually reduced !•* a big s raj* j Tt . •
»r* running from fifte»n minutes to t
late. The scabs are going and *n a l*h. v
«,i>m to realise that their Ilf* t.nts Joi * «*> >'
.»n end. Ths B O. cars have n*-arR »1. t **M
up * he line. They have been hau.rg
t forth to mislead the public Int • * v • g thev
«r»* hauling heavy trains The fi< t f ■ »*e i»
•• «t there Is Very little freight being hi j . ! T •
. » gli.es look like a house afire. s'*-trn I ' g
from every Joint Keep Up the g< 1 ftc’ * U . j
'nve them beaten, and they realire
Mat toon.
Our bat la still In the ring till the * * *
no matter how long It takes No . *-e « »ug.
tie working conditions for th i ,r * i.nef1
re that can be noticed Scabs t *k. and ; tit
' wn and Inspect and that is n I t . I * T
hu gest part of the work Is don* »■> * , pencil j
•it'd paint brush.
No 759 la In for some of the v 'x tnf otif
. la o« the I ght »
.r to the high-dry for the trave tig «ngtr.“r *
p 1 a v with, a a she Is a lemon up here.
s it* Boilermaker Ferguson put a grit* i n
ITU's water tank. It would not hold water. Tbsy
tried to send her to Lincoln, but she balked.
No. €7** Is l*m k front Burnside* after a general
overhauling I supposed-to-be p No 6*0. another
victim, w* nt through here south disconnected In
a freight The scutM fa*e v»D* seats witi. the
valve sent facer all the tim*. and the way they
« ut the seata down is .» <aution In ttie o d davs
before the war the o.d KUard w.»v told It took tos
rnt*« h time to p t 11>• f >»• • r n|> us It w.i* u><l< ker
to fils them. I We should worry ) Keep on facing
them, you goofs
No I9». tor* up I r br.tke rigging No 477 la
Out of the peat h" V> :*7 Will be out this
year if nothing h «|*| • i
I'l'T I a »\\ N Till * *\ I. It l I M I. ta t»- cry at th*
shops, a- th. money I*, no' •••til lig ill very fust.
If any of th*- gn k« I •* v -ff tw.. days If gets him
nis pay « I . k We r*«-d i • n that w .J work. .s
th*- by w orl
The turntahle m-»t».r -* stH. ..n the good list
Itoy Mur»*'*n tFre*p.»rt* i . -t air btak*- man')
was l.otne to sp« r. I N* w ) • »r a with hi** parents.
It**> dldn » s av long for h* bad t" g*t ha- k to
wor k
We are ail to the good h* r* M' t 'tet* ru.l* ed |»»
• ta\ that wav anti tin* I I' is still ,n bad st.aje
and getting worse every day.
One night last week when the g Id boom
freight tiaiii w • * r* a«ly t«* g<. tt,* engine t.» t.»k»*
her • am*- «uJt of the rout dhows* and w !.* n s . m <*
In front of th* train t»a*lv t.. . •. ij 1* *.n she »•
fused *•» Mi-'V* t V mOfe Uld th*> had t*» (all her
ba<*k In the roundhouse with a sw it. n engin* A
rOUple of nights ago they had three .ars <?f t*.e
tr.i-k and in t • •• tin-h at Hturgi* Ky T • s »ni
the cars g- r «»ff ti.e tr.i. k and tan > h «r ..f the
right of way and the • w r s behind f • ■ 11 • • w »*d the
engine aritl « 'Mlpb <1 I h* ri,«e|\*■- »o |li»- . faif e .«*!
ns If the cars hat! not been there at nil !.a«t
night one of ti«< switch engines was swift hu g
• ars ai the mine and on the t» it end there got off
the tra* k b o- king all the trglfls g-dng soutli no
It was to *ss..r\ to detour over the I, s N tracks
to Howell If It had not been for th** L.
A N trains Would have been laid out for several
hours I'• < ars are ju*»t as • otispl* uous as ever.
We are vours f«-r a g*-neial sink*
Everything In and around Cairo Inks good for the
Strikers, who for two long years have been rapidly
deteriorating *he hog to the extent that she will
soon be glad to yell ENOUGH Two scabs by the
name of l.«<uls It Allen and son. working in passen
ger service, went out to Bridge Junction to meet
No 4. which left Fulton. Ky , with the whistle and
sir hose cross, d between the two rear coaches
When she reached Bridge Junction the above men
tioned s< ahtt chang'd the engines and crossed the
hose between the engine and first coach When
the engineer set the air he could not release It.
Th* two wise better-than-evers opened all tb« drain
cocka on the coaches and left then, open, and when
No. 4 went to *t«»p at Anna for water and the en
gineer pasted her up half a rnlle the two scabs lost
their lifetime Jobs The officials have raised the
funeral train rates from S45 to |100 from Cairo to
Villa ItwJfe* That show’s that they are getting
hard up to haul the dead people out of town to
the cemeteries. Htlll they cry NORMAL BUSI
Central City.
Engine So. Jumped the track at Williams
Mine*.tearing off the pilot This engine was on
I the north < oal run They brought her into Cen
tral City f.>r a new pilot. *a they did n*»t have any
with which to rep!a< e (or They ran her out in
this crippled condition without a pilot Five ex
tras left here on Ik-tsmltrr 29 for I’aducah. A
hr .\ kebesm fell fiom a c owl oar «»n the second
extra, blocking the mam lie, causing a delay of
four hours and forty minut«s The three crews
behind th* wr*ck were ordered back to Central
City and annulled until next day. Ham Whltmer.
the acah car inspector, is sllowed to wear kid
gloves while Inspecting the tars, something un
usual. This Is a sample of the work being don*
hy the scab* at this point It was reported to me
that all surrounding mines were blocked with I.
C. company coal, which they have no power to
move. Train No 71. out of tamisvllle. Ky was
annulled avery day this week on account of lock
of power.
l*ere Usrssrifr M«lln*s4 4«mw|»*b«, Frisk W.
Illair, Dsdley IT. Water*, I. N. Psilss,
N reel vers.
Detroit. Midi.. Dec 2*. Itlft.
! To A.I ( !> :ks of tte |Vr* Marquette Railroad
\ Mr Forrest- r -f Kansas City. Mu s* nt out
; i ni tlr.it d Kapils .i dnular letter dated t*it. 29.
!'4l '• addressed to nl. cl* rks employed by the I’ere
Maiquett* Bailr-ad This letter, am. r g other
things contained the fed. owing
H*gi> e ► t*uid any * ne call upon you and try
and secure that Information Just side step" the
i * *tlot give th**m an •vaM\« answer or In some
•r maner m;s ead i* - m I wi-unl . »n aipi«\e
» *•■»• of .nr tt • rr*>»-rs *b*n>ing that they an mem
*» l• w«- hav* »n> r «an do so wltv>ut inter
• me fioiij their cons, lent *
l»e<-. l.. 1913. a »Ir.ular » ■* Issued by the
... tks g* netal comm it te* > I by II F Bald
win. > bull min an ' \ ft I i d r n* . • • ary. a>l
•I’ * »*• «1 t»* all < ■ i ■ ' t; . IVt. Manpiett« •>•*
• * a \« tb ■ - left - i «i ;■ ’ * s fr .it. •1 , Viler of < let.
191 . . f M i‘.»: • • *t. r. \..u wii »* . that the
•■mmitt* ipp- • • >! ’ . * - c a* • 11-■ *f I'., r Tester
-• *'• m.titi- n i Tu* tit** ! i btVr of i . com.
"‘•tie* t - vtuj >* m .-hi ♦! * .t a igg.NtS
that v oU can tempi railly withdraw from the serv
« oi n * lon i'.ac .. - that the eomtnilt«t d>**-s
t b. .... * . • , • • W u I rM’.lt s Itrik'-,
• t l ..tv ..f I . Fete Mat juvtU Ttai *
•<ud ..\« i greater Inter* st in tl.elr »
r th 11 ; •* br !(«->:> n\, *hd tl.er*-f.>rt
h.-v this .-pp rtitn'tv of j ; : .» r.g t..j *he
.•■■■• | he Set
of the company w ll not be recognized, thit with
• ir.«wa; from ’ *• service .it t i m«*ans permanent
M tlulr iw . t . ti.i *t Vitluab:,. ass* t of any em*
t e of ’ - ■ •••nt It \ IS !i « > eat s of service ir d
record " t f * C 'mjany Do nt»t nl ow yourselves
■ be n -'ed by th- u f* of outsiders or utheis
»hi « it. rest ate purely ** Iftwh
Aft r tb. *•- tetters wire s* nt out Mr Forrester
ct.d* *vor.- ! to scure an audience u ith m at d
f .Hit g t». lb's, tailed upon Mr Blair, wh » also r. -
' used ttt *♦• e him. whereupon be stif.-d to Mr.
Flair that If he did not chnr.ce bis j ..sit n b
i Forrester) would «.< the withdrawal ft.-, f •>
<wrv!ce of seven or e ght hundred men will -n
f. rt\ *» ght h'»urs
The ompsny believes that • Is entir- ’ wl’ldfi
•v right and Is performing * H> c
known to you. t-srs.»n»'' t • .•■?; -dr
..try further negotiations w ? * . * ,
renting the Brothe1 1 * I • 'w t 1 •!»* •!
t at It h is served t -• -n * • *-■• 'tt*-«t o? t e
nce’atlun of • m *.. >*s
• rmv 1 BANK H ' Fit> I».
O. n« r.*! M e* t H* . i. e* -
Swd all money for Perton Drf.nw Fund
lo Cart E. Pawn, Boa D, Clinton, Illinois.
Use cheeks, drafts, or express or dm. DO

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