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'**ri*^ ,^5 - •. A */ i AJ^rV|‘ . 1
Fight0 Over Eight-Hour Day at . F. of L. ** nvention
1 "“lOn nEW j i
a rtBumq house for mponrAirr news_ ■•
—IM._ CHICAGO ILLINOIS, DECEMBER 4, »1S Om PolUr A Y—r, Slnffa c—*- IC—M
Settle Wilkes-Barre Street Gar Strike
nk Walsh Demands a Square Deal for Labor
pt Endorse Proposed
■ Enactments
Not. **.—The Amor
four hours, refused hy s clooo
■h Is Mono State ud Federal leg
BlM^ar tho eight-hour day. Proo
jjfc ho declared that tho Socialist
jKjhe Federation to indorse tho
ElMn Fitzpatrick of Chicago.
BMgntee of the United Mine Work
fcdltewT and tho International
Blpowerful organisntiono'aflIUnted
B*S Federation, procipiutod tho
Biwhon an administration measure
BjMidiag sanction of legislative at
B* to oecutu tho eight-hour day
B **"d I* tho eonvsation for
B*— Iho resolution committee.
Bi—Mtteo favored ths use of eco
BJ* Meuure only to shtaia shorter
bs committee's report finally pre
PjMhy a vote of MM to fi^Pfi, with
BMph (jerstor, national executive
Bjhtoemoa of tho Socialist party,
^Mnipera'^attadL ^Itoth^he and
ftoten etruggiod far recognition
B Compere oat down perapiring,
p1* shonted down hy criee for
m Ho report tho convention nrver
B* favored OMh legislation for
P in accordance
■ participated la
■Mdag fight to “request" tho In
■ Marter of tho MunidpuMDock
bn’ Union of Now York City
Jack London Was
a Good Witness
for His Sister
Touched Human Chord as
He Told Judge Why
He Gave money
Santa Roan, Cal., Dae. 1—Jack Lan
dau, tha novelist, on the witncae stand
this morning in tha divert* suit of
Jamas H. Shepherd against his wild,
Mrs, Elisa Shepherd, London’s sister,
tsnrhid a humaa chord whan ha told
why ha had given Ids aiatar maaay
from Um* Is time.
T did it hocaaaa, whan I was a
little ragged chap rnaaing .bant tha
streets ad Inal Oakland without a
cant. Mm need to give me maaay*
said I, widen. -If aka had a dollar ar
a dollar and a half she weald give
me half. .
-Tea know, Judge, I waa practically
barn with a cigarette in my month,
and maay times whan I was a pear
lad. striving to get along at writing,
soma of my sister’s gifts provided me
with cigarette tobacco, f took a eal
ema oath to myself that. If I aver
waa abi*. I would repay my sister a
thousandfold, and I am doing it and
moan to," continued tha author, who
owns a big stack farm in this county.
St Louis, Mol. Dec. 8.—Ike Mis
souri public service commission has
grnntsd tha railroada of Missouri in
creases in freight and passenger
The commission granted increases
of > par cent ia freight rates and
granted the railroada permission to
a mil* on round trip tickets, and a
Axed rata of 3 cents a mil* on mile
age books far >00 or 1,000 mile*.
The new rates are to be affective on
Jan. 1,1010. The railroads asked for
a 3 cent passenger rate and a larger
increase ia freight rates than was
FJUR kuukkh
San Diego, Dec. 3.—The San Diego
Exposition has Just balanced books
for October and announces that Oc
tober, like every other month of the
Exposition's operation, has yielded a
profit. Attendance for October to
taled 133435. with a daily average af
4401. Attendance Musa the Exposi
tion cyan lag, January 1, ranched 1.
7374*7 an October 31. Winter travel
has started to California earlier thia
year than avor bafara and already the
influx ia being ibosrvid at the Expo
sition. Tho special railroad rates,
which will b* In effect until November
SO with a return limit to December
31, coupled with the return of proa
parity. io^ stimulating travel far be
Industrial Commission
i Chairman Is diet
Washington, Doc. I—The recently
dtoaolmd industrial rotations commis
sion, appctotod to tooootlgato tho
caaooo of friction between capital and
labor, will not km triad In onto, if
tho plans now contomplntod bp ooo
oral former oOeora of the organise
tion am carried to completion.
Frank P. Walsh, form so rkairmnn
of tko commission, to tho cktof pro
moter of tho campaign to crystallise
dan into foitorol h^leloHna Ho be*
Homo that tko rngkrt of tko commis
sion should not be kMood to "go bp
tho board"—that to 10 k* placed on
tko shelf among tho storm of gvr
Md’akoilnr'taptoa!* Ho thinks th^
Chairman National Industrial
port poos. vitality and dynamic
force for tho improvement of economic
conditions, and that congress will
show a favorable ronrtion to its ree
ommondaUona if it be given the op
Tho committee also will touch upon
tho campaign for pnpmlsiii and
national dofoaao before congress by
urging that so far as tbs snisrgmrlss
allow, aU munitions, nr ships and
war suppUoo should corns fkem gov
ernment plants. It also believes in
the demeoratiaatioa of tho militia sys
tem, so that those without money may
militia toes Id ho enhul to the par
pooos of national dofoaao aad should
never ho assd for —ppwmlng ddbn
Attorn p's Clash
at Los Angles In
The Schmidt Case
Prosecutor Has An Army PI
Witnesses Prom East
At Large Expease
Lm Angeles, Calif, flee, t—Tms
day witnessed seats Hvsiy flashes ia
the Schmidt trial.
Seme of the praoesutfaa’i —mini
seemed eager to “get wards la edge
wise," aad were ahas* saahhsd by
Ua feet
Sharing his Anger at tha witaaaa,
The witness waa sihasaished by the
court far going bey sad the gaasttsaa
ashed by the gresscatisa.
admitted that he had raided "tbs oBkam
of the Intarnatieaal Bridge aad Strue
taral Iran Worhees at IsiHsasgiHs
aad “took everything they had td
value except the ahsieogi”
He adasitted he made this mid with
out a warrant.
The witness told the District Attor
ney that his visit ta the dhe ad the
iron workers was met with rssistaars
When Defease Attasney jhjggh
questioned Kuscher, the fsneer dep
uty sheriff admitted that "tha resist
ance they had amt with was a dosed
Star Witness.
P. H. Dugan, eae of tha star wit
nesses of the prosecution, tsM • tang,
leag story of alleged relationship with
the McNamaras.
Dugan tipped his hand when Sen
ator Coughlan brought from him the
information that in ISOS he was fore
man of a job ea which a strike was
declared aad that he was expelled
from the union because he used non
union men on hia Job.
On the stand Tuesday several East
ora witnesses testified that their fare
had been paid to California, but that
they were given no funds for suste
nance here.
"If those witnesses are paid the
regular state rate per day plus their
railroad faro a whole lot of the peo
ple’s money may be going for
naught," said Defense Attorney Na
than Coughlan.
Pram Bah Lake.
“Several days ago Mrs. Chaa. Mc
Carthy of Salt Lake took the stand
and testified for five minutes. The
state accomplished nothing ia the case
by her testimony. Using her ex
penses as a basis, she cost the state
•llfi a minute, according to figure*
All the witnesses called to the stand
to date fron Indianapolis and other
sections of the East may be of no
service to the prosecution.
They were called to testify in con
nection with the so-called Eastern
dynamiting conspiracy. The defense,
it is understood, will make a giant ef
fort to bar all evidence of the Eastern
conspiracy on the ground that
Schmidt had no connection with it If
this evidence is ruled out, defense at
torneys eay, the huge expenas of
maintaining Eastern witneaaea hero
aril lhave been of no avail.
Rrst Meeting Between
Company and he
WUkao-Borre, P*., Dae. 1—Par the
Arut time since Um attest car strike
waa inaaguiatod representative of
tka street car BMa aa wall aa traettea
ram pan/ ad Jointly to-day and
talked ever Um strike ritoatiea. The
moating waa held ia tka rites af
Coteael Price ia tka Miaara Bank
Bnlidlng at tka ream* af tka asrea
mwahere of the Chamber af Cam
maiea, which coeamitUe wee also ia
etteadenre at the gathering. The ses
sion waa called to order this morning
at 11 o'clock. Thom who am faaUI
*er with the situation kopa that gaad
moults will he derived from this mut
lag aad that the way will ha paved
which will eMmatoly bring abmt a
Hope far Settlement.
The East Market Street Bariaam
Maa’a Association committer, which
want to Harriabarg aad waited upon
the Governor ia aa effort to bring
about a eetUemont of the attest car
strike, ia still hopeful of accomplish
I lag goad results which may bring aa
cad to Um struggle.
At the inquest held late yesterday
afternoon to inquire into the death of
George Haskins of Now York, one of
the imported asm brought boro by the
' Traction company, who died at the
City hoapital Nov. A, Dr. Chae. P.
Long testified that ha had examined
Hoakina at tka hospital following
death, but found no marks on hie
Coroner Mar ley received an as
signed letter, evidently from one of
the imported man, one whom it is be
lieved was ia the employ of the com
pany and was discharged, which stat
ed that Dineen was looked upoa aa
the "head slugger" and that Dineen
knew all shout the facte in connecUoa
with the death of Hoskins. The com
munication also arcuses Dineen ef al
most killing another man and that a
physician had to be secured to render
medical aid to the man, due to the
beating he had received. It was also
stated ia the letter that beer and
whisky are sold at the power houae
to the men at the rate of 25 cents a
Washington, D. C.( Dec. 1. —the
Ant mention of coal ia the canopy,
which afterwards became the UaPed
States, was made by Joliet aad Mar
quette in 1A74 fat the records ef their
voyage of exploration. Joliet's map
iImvi Um UriHni of coal utr Um
promt dtp of Utica, IU.
The first shipment of tllinoM coal
waa mate ia 1A1*. in which yoar a
Aatboat land waa amt to Now (Means
| from Brownsville ia Jackson county.
A Mew Wireless
Relay Is Invented
by Michigan Man
Dgrke Will Increase the
Efficiency of Electric
Am Alter, Hick, Dae. 1.—Dr. lay
K. Hall, laeeater at tha Hail wireless
la 1HS Dr. HaU again taraad hie
atteatica excloafoely to research ia
electricity aad physics, with the idea
of derslepiag ia a practical way cer
tain tiieenes ia these sciences that he
had prarieaaly thoaght sat freer a
theoretical standpoint. Alai set hnare
diately (ha wirelcee relay aad lacarder
■m late i esi rile existence. h
peeved to ha a valuable ariaatile tool,
which, aa a basis, has aaads paaeMe
Washington, Nov. M. — Alleging
that 600 men who have grown eM hi
the postal service have been dasM
<m grsaads ef economy la a year, *A
cere of the National ftsssrlstlm ef
Letter Carriers are preparing a vigor
ous fight. At the coming session sf
Congress they will ask far a pension
law for superannuated city aad ratal
letter carrier*, poet office clerks and
railway mail cleiha. If a pension
law were passed st this time, it ia
claimed at least 1,600 man weald take
advantage of it
Washington, D. C., Dee. 1.—On Au
gust 90th the Arbitration Based in
the case between the railroads west
of the Mississippi River aad their lo
comotive engineers and firemen, ren
dered its final decision. This Beard,
which was composed of Judge J. C.
Pritchard, Chairman; Charles Nagel,
former Secretary of Commerce; H. E.
Byram, Vice President of the Bur
lington railroad; W. L. Park, Vice
President of the Illinois Central; P.
A. Burgess, of the Brotherhood of
Locomotive Engineers, and Timothy
Shea, Brotherhood of Locomotive
Firemen and Engine men, begun Its
sessions on November 30, 1914, and
after bearing evidence daily for more
than four months, rendered an award
on April 90, 191k The railroads and
I their employes, however, were unable
to agree relative to the interpreta
tion and application of many points in
the award. The Board, was, there -
i fore, reconvened on August 17th, aad
after sessions lasting two weeks.
Anally pasatd upon all the points at
Tim Hundred Kacto
ists Strike sPrs(st_
Against taw
Friday. Anrording to thaw apeecbao,
na demands have bow made af tba
carporatiea, except that tba
iato be given an oppactanity to arbt
Uvae af tba eeaapeay. Thia daawi
tba wanbara ate tod. waa refused by
praaaad Friday night, no nqwt fan
a conference will mm from the mb.
hnt if the Stadehnher mrparaliw
givw them n eh Mae to atale thair re
quirements, the union will ha glad to
arbitrate the diaputed question*.
Wagao Below Average.
Mr. techier in h<* address pointed
out the fact that wag** paid th* ma
chinists here were halow th* avurnge.
In th* New England states, ha MU,
machinists are getting m ovoeM* of
for the middle moot waa cleoe'to'thLt
4m, although slightly lower. Ho
alM atatad that plants all evar tba
country wore looking for machinists,
tbo (apply of this kind of labor being
leas than the demand.
A meeting waa held Friday morn
ing in Carpenters' hall, which was at
tended by ninety of the aaen wbe
walked out. At this meeting, it km
stated that there would have been no
lockout bad the Studebaker officials
given the workmen a chance to ar
bitrate several matters.
Tails of Events.
F. E. Maher, chairman of the
grievance committee, was chooM
chairman of the Friday morning
meeting. He told of events loading
up to the walk-out. Asked M to tba
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