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Abysmal Brute
■ Cpumn mi »y Tba Cestan Ca. »
— —.«■— ■ ■ ~ig today have
the forao and directness, the
ragged strength and vitality of
style of Jack London. This new
novel is one of his best. It Is a
story of the prise ring, a ram!
man’s story, big and vigorous
and thrilling Behind the tense
life, the eacitemant of Ihe fight
Itself, one can see in reading
it ihe crookedness, tks devices
ereys of tks keen willed men who
etsge Ike big fight and reap the
profits. More than this, ons cam
sst Into the eoal of the Abys
mal Brats himself, one of the
etrangeet. most ha man and fas
cinating characters London has
over drawn, a hr miser who io a
scholar «• emit, who Is honest
end clean and innocent up to
the moment of hie disillasion
ment—a veritable cross section
of e strange phaee of American
SAM ITl'BLNEK ran through bia
mail careless.) auil rapidly Aa
bream* ■ manager of prtle
fighters. be waa accustomed to
• rartona and blaarra correspondence
Every crank, ni-ort. near sport and re
former seamed lo bavs Idem to impart
to bun
Kruin dire threats against bia Ufa U>
milder threats, aucb aa puahlng In tbe
front of hia fa<*. from rabbit fool
fetishes to lucky borseaboea, from
dinky Jerkwater bids to tbe quarter of
a million -Hera of Irresponsible nobod
laa be knew tbe whole run of tba sur
prise iwrtlon of bia mill In hia lima
baring r,« elved a rator strop mad*
frum the akin of a lynched negro and
a Unger withered and sun dried, rut
from the body of a white man found
to I leu i L valley, he was of tbe uplnloa
that nei er again would tba luatmaa
being bun anything that could startle
Hut thi* morning be otwned a latter
that hr read a aeeotid time, put awav
la hia pocket and took out fur a third
reading It waa iioatinarkrd from soma
uabeard of iwst dBoe In tUektvuu isua*
ty and II run
Moor Mm You d<*ri t »no« mo eirept
my regulation You com# oftor gy t|jne
and I've boor* out of I Fit |im« a .«>ng litre
Bet toko it from m# I om t boot! aa’eep
r%. followed tho wI.ole gome and r>o
followed >oo from tho time Hoi Aufman
knoebed you out of your loot hand Mr-4 of
Nti (teuton and I toko 't > ov, re t'i ntfti
owt thing In tho IWie of rranagere thet ever
oojt# down tho pike
_j_ fd k progogltlor for ><»« i got tho
great wt urktiuor thn * over r.ap|**nad
Thta ain't ro*. (t o tho at'eight goodo
"hot do you think of e tiunky that ttpo
tho ocakao ot El> pound* fighting weight,
lo twenty-4we vea'o old ond ran hit o
kick tew* ao hard •• my bent over*
That o him my boy, fr-eng Pa* U'rden
there tho no 'no hoTl fight undo r I've
ptofinod N oU out. Bow tho hoot thing
Yb* mm Bn to hit tho flret t»aie or.d came
ug bora
I bred him and I trained him All that
I over had la ot need I've hammered late
Mg Aad aaorbo too won t bourne It. but
m‘» added to !l H# o o bon fighter Me •
0 wonder ot time erd 4 let or. re Mo }uot
kaewo la the ee* end and the Inch or d
ke dor t taro to think ebuM tt at o!.
Mk et« lacb yolt to mere the re*' • eep
mod trine then tt e full arm ow rg . f rreot
Talk about the » ope of the unite re.-e
Thke lo him * ..me and tase * ;-eep
Whoa ye* woo managing Jaffna* you
woe crawy about huatlag
Come along and ril give you eowie real
touting aad Anting that wm moke your
moving Piet are n r otr.go keek like to raata
Ml eend Yeung Pet out with you I ala i
able to get around That's why Twi ownd
lag for vou
1 way going to manage him myooif but
tt ain't ao uee Ira all In and likely to
paea out arty time Bo get a matt on l
want you to manage hint There'a a for
tana »« H far bot# of you but ! want tn
draw up the contract l.r. truly
•tubvMr ... I>u.t.d It nmil
m tbo fuo of It, • )*ka—tbo mi ki
tb** Cgbtldg «»»no war* notorious >ofc
•rb and bo trl.%1 to dt»ron lbo lai
bu ;k! of Corbitt or tb« big frlaudiy
paw of KHtdu-uwiio n tbo »< r««d bo
fora LI in kiut If It ««ro ganulaa. bo
know it was worth looking Into.
Cat <i!OTidon w m Uforo bla tlmo.
though ai» A full, be bod unci mu
Uiil t'At *|*ar at the Uuotit for Jack
Umpar) K'**n thou bo «ai -ou«d
"Old" I'At Mud bad Ut-u out of tbo
ring for year* ll« bad an todat ad dub
Utan in tbo otd London proa ring
ruioo. Uknui:h ula la»t fadmo miiu
Md D**d pul up under (lie Incoming
Marquis of yusrualwrry rules
yy'lil ring fellowcr did ’t know of
|‘BI Htrislon'’ though few *eie alive
irbo bad seen uiui iu lie prime, aud
tbera were not many moe who bad
aero him at all
Yel gig gauie had com* down In the
biatoO of the rtug. aud oo *|«ort ng
writer* lellceu * aa conipleta without
tt Hie feme waa paradoxical
No uian waa honored higher. and
j*» be bad uever attained champion
eblp honor* lie hud been unfortunate
and bad t>een kuown aa the uuiuckf
Four time* be a. but w. n tie heart
weight cbamplouablp. and cu* li tune ha
bad deserved to win It there «*»
the time on the barge In > n I ran
j claco hay. when it the loment he
j had the champion*' Ip g a. he anap
I |md hie own foraaron at I 01 (be la
land In tb* Tti.me* ahwl. rg .bniit In
all luchea of rising tide ho : r *e a
eg ,t a aim lar atnge I a winning
tight In Tent. t.vo. there "a* the
oever to be forg tten day » ' on the
idle* broke In Ju«t a« ho had b.a mau
going In a! certainty
And Bnelly, there w a t * flg't In
the Met hi idea patriot! In sun Fran
daro. when be waa *• Mir J blsal
from tbe Unit by a gun ’’ghtlug ba I
■an of * referee halted by a small
ay edict to of l>etlor« Fat <; end. u had
feed no accident* In t; it light. but
that be bud kn.a ked Ida mau Co I
with a rigtit to the Jaw ai ! a eft to
tbe aolar plema. the refrre* aln.lv
dl.qusiltied him for f >u • g Ferry
ringside Wltneaa every a; rilt g n
pert and the w li ■ e *p rung word
knew there had been no fou;
Vet. like all tighter*. Fit iHendon
bad agreed to abide hr the do. s n of
tbe referee. I’at alibied a' la. • 1 t-l It
aa In keeping with the re*t of Ida had
Thl* waa I’at Olerdon What t-.th
ered Btubener waa w hether or ted l’at
bad written tbe letter lie oarrie’
downtown with him
••Wbat*« become of Fat 'Her
flues was hit greeting to a!’
' that morning Nobody teemed t
B*.ine thought be must be «h
bon# knew lavaltitely The Pght »*!P«»r
of a morning dally locked up the rec
orda and waa able to stale that hit
dew tb bad not been noted It waa from
Tim rt norin tbat be got a . ew
“Bure an’ he ain't dead.” aa .1 Pobo
ean “How oould tbat be-a man of
bit make that nerer booie.1 or ew
btmawlf? lie made money and what a
more, be sated tt aD.1 Invested It
iMdn’t he bar* three eal<» t.a at one
Ume? An wnau t be makin' a at hers
#f money with them when ho »o d out’
“Now tbat I'm tbtnkln that waa the
last time I laid eyre on him-when he
aold them out T waa all of twenty
year* and Dior* ago Itla wife had Juat
died I met him headin' for the ferry
•Where away old aport’’ taya I It's
me f.>r tbe wood*.' aay* be. Ft* quit
Uoodby. Tim. me boy And Ft* Deter
aeen him from tbat day to tbla Of
course he ain't dead ''
“Ton aay when hi* wtf* died-did t*
bar* any children?" Btut-ener queried
“One. a little baby He waa iuggln
It In t.'a arm* that very day
"Waa It a boy T
"llow abuuid I b* kouwln'f
It waa then that Sam Btubecar
— ij 1
TK* lk't«r Wh A|i« f# lute
Tte«t M ■• Otat* HA* Noi §•• Nfft*4
rvarlunl • iah,u and tt«t night
fu«M) Wtiu ib a Pui'fiMi .. ^
»bfd Iter wt da <jf north- rr \ * lf>*ra.«
Htubwowr waa dropj-rd ff Utr - ?*r
• ud • l l>wwr Lte*k a thr o' » u;er»
1te« «iKl tter kakrO rti . .« * for au
hour before (L« a* .« i prned iu
No thr aa.oou krr; » t !i, t kb«'W
anUbli.* aU>-t !*ai <»* u«d hr*
•r *warj of Moi iDd ' i r »*%
P*rt of It * r-otintrt % *t t.» , ,f
beyond aomewber* s*.‘i.rr \n \ the
on* h a**-* ob #»rr lui' » p ,f «,|*j
Ai llr bofel f hr • Ah .i- t # oti
tjiir.-t a if*] i Ani i|(> at<>r*
ke*|rf NO<] ,, uj r^Al
a*.r , » t* «,* <r«*
f*At If.t'hllOL It V«] .1 i Vd’l
tu*-K tbc #U|t At * waa
f'*rtV Ifiilr* UJui whl* It .s « »4»*‘!*4
ramp From Aip h* t, i-»•!*<-k.
jou ml* up Auleloi* 1 »i «*> i d er,.*a
h1 thr divide to IU- r«*>k pat
lileudon Ur«d w.turwl,. re ?»>on1 i,(..t
I he iieoplr of Alpltir * > -| know
'***• there at* y tuui,4 |«t llu
btorckfwpcr bad M*n him kl« uac
k*ern into l»eer L.rk two tear* ba« k
»>u I at b»d u«»t pul lit an apiteuraocs
ror fit# )rim ||« |k.«igbt hi* supplies
it the store and si way a paid by check.
• nd be ana a a hit* Ualr,«d arrange old
mai. That a as ail it.* storekeeper
knew but the folks at Alpine could
Kite him final dlrwrUona
It Wetted good to Htul*enet lie)«>od
doubt (her* aaa a young I'at *Jl**s
dot, an wall an an old ooe firing out

That tdgbt the waai n«f et**f»t at the
logging camp of Atptrt. s*hI early tha
following morning be rod* a mous
tain ray pee up AMeWtpa r allay Ha
rude war tba dirtda and down Basr
creek 11* rode all day through ths
NtD aim ai sunset turneo up nil#
valley ou a trail so stiff and narrow
that more than uoeo be elected to git
«>ff and w ti.k
It was II o't loch when be dismount
ed before a log cabin and was greeted
by the baying of two huge deerhounds
Then Pat lileodou opened the door, fell
on hl« neck and took him In
-| kuew yed rotue. Sa:u me hoy.'
•eld Tat. the while he limped about,
building a fire. boUtug coffee and fry
tng u l-ear steak "The young un aim
n. tue (be night We we* gi-ftm hbort
.■r meat, and he went out alwMit sun
d >w n to pick up a deer Itut 1 H say
i., .re V\ nit till Je see Ullti llell
u* I .ie In the morn. and then >ou can
tr> him out 1 here’s the giofea but
u .i11 t. je *ee hllli
- As for me l uj Mulshed Light* one
, * y pretty n I fur
m y\ M*r lint I ne'er wasted m**
f. s..iu. nor sept late hours un burn
ml the >and.e at iff ends 1 had •
,,| g . - and »• mule the most
f j| a* . . grant it u*ok n . t m<
\i.d I 'e taught the aortic t » the >• ung
What do you tb nk of u lad of
twei t> tw that a never had a dnua In
bis dfe nor ta*l«d tobacco? That •
N# fk*#sX^
•J9*' 99 cewi4 ’9* wernea th# young we
9 kit.**
Ilea a giant, and be a liked natarmi
ail h.a da} a Walt ti.l be rate* you
out after deer lie'll break your heart
tratrUo light, h'tn a<%arr*!n tbe out
fit and a big buck deer be .»«*. ilea •
cbi.d of the open air ao winter oor
an miner haa be a ept under a roof Tbe
o|wn for him. •• I taught him.
’The one thing that worries me la
bow he'll take to steepin' In b<>'ij»«e am
bow Le i! stand tbe tobacco smoke la
the ring 11a a terrlbie thing, that
•moke, when you re fighting bard ao'
guspln for air But Lo more ham. me
U.r You're tired an' sure should be
».ee| ti. NY alt till you aee him t bat's
al Walt till you see him."
But tbe garruioasoeos of age waa os
oid Pat and !t was lung before t.« ter
milted Hlukom eyes to Clo^e.
“lie « an run s deer down with bis
own legs, that young an.- be broks
out again Tls tbe dandy tralnln
for the lungs, tbe hunter's life. He
d**n t kn<*w mu« b of else, though he •
read a few books at tlrnee an pootry
•tuff He a Juat plain pure natural, sa
}"U 11 see when you Hap eyre on him
Hr s g -t the old Irish strong In him
H- metluiea tbe war Le moons about
it * tMnkl:. strung 1 am that be be
!•*«•* In the fairies and such like l!e a
a nature lover If ever there waa one.
an be • mfear 1 of rltiee lie's read
• (■out them but the biggest be was
e»er In »m I *«s-r Lick He ml silk ^d tbe
n.hn* p*e>j.le and bit re(K»rt wii that
they d stand w-edo out That waa
two years ngone— the first and the last
ti . e he's *een a lo* u motive and a train
of • are
i* netime# it a wroog I'm tfclnkls' I
»an b^r.gin Mm up a natural. !t*e
glv^ ''m wind #nd stamina and the
strength of wild bulla No city grown
man csn bav# a took tn against him
f in wiltin' t«> grant that Jeffries at Me
'-eat ou d a worried the yvang un a
bit but '»t» v a bit Tbe young un
«»Utd a broke aim 'Ike a straw An'
he 1 a t iwk it That's tbe everlasting
wonder of it Ha's eaiy • r#e seem
vour:g husky: bat Its the quality
of Lis ui'iw e that's different But wa't
till ye see him that's sit
“A strange liking the but Las for
;*ie!e« *r lithe meadows a btt of pine
with the n.Q<>o beyond wind* aunaefa
wf tke iun o’ morna from the *«<* of old
Baufy as he t.aa a r um.-nn ror the
drawin o* hers of t.nga. k±i of
• - ig a it Ca bight* from
t‘ •• -wiry » g»*l fn»fw tbe red
besd«sl a t«-« l.e
It t 'la on!) bla y-.ung -«a He'll
• ♦ tt:e d«W r. t j !li« grime • e w# get
Mu. started but wsb b out for
gtoUr heO when It fin-i «otnes to llvln
u a city fur Litn "
•' A g
r -
.‘"HI* .*Ml M l | at
II** can t bring nit: ^*!f to
b. 4<mi tlt»* *r**atiir»- m< f»» .(
Mn*m ln« Ur -fill at Ihat ’I »jt lti«
<» hooltv** hr' tiv»*r ai >»« n a I- at
i**a» ,■ t th* atuff u lita
*?ir hii rtr*n o **r lit*, frying
>ia an La u*»ver a
\ Marin l.aif**^ gf.i abt* uo !»«■( a
•unia'.i* girl, but from *l«*uu In tba
fiat *n«ia nu a* Um«* m**u» lit abr
• A* fair <t**Af**ra'e, an (fir an) *li*
aant aftrr blm aham*:*•*». An
wnat <l)w Wink lit# boy <1 Ml » b«*D b» I v
UuiUmI Ui It? II* «aa *'urw 1 a* a I 4
}arfcrat.bti ||« biaoktu an atu ' i
tnar,hn>n an bibml for tall t1tDt*r I
• •oolb did 1 lay ry*a on
b»oi. an tb«« b« auMikad tn aft*r dark
and waa gotta ta tba morn Nor would
ba aa murb aa paap at bar lattarn.
Burw am. b. MIL u w» am |
Twtra aba rada aaar on a raywaa
aU tba way from damaow'a rial. na' |
waa aorry for Um yoang rraatara. Ska
waa fair hungry for tba boy. and aka
Igoknl tt in liar far* An' at tba and
off tbrva mouths aha cava np orbital
• n want hark to bar nwi rouotry, an'
titan It it. that Ilia boy rarna boma
t ta tba «h.t. ti m lira am In
(Tn ka continued.)
l>aila*. Ttx. Soy. M (by MailV —
The *tat«* of Texu* l«*»k a it.-am* h» .ul
• »,iT >e»tenla>. \»>t with the clean.
-*harp Ma*!e of i iruillotit c. nr w;th
I an executioner * ax . but it w.»* pulUnl | (
| otT, a> a fowl ik execute*!.
» My«rs ha«i a
* .*•• dtH ; e* A' '■ 0
o’clock h# a*cen<lMl tk* *» aff" «i A J
• Mi** D'lux-i ai ue*i h.- n*-vk *
,i l a* k * ap < o r h*« hea<;
'Are \ou rea*l>
"Ye*, let it iro."
A? il Mnctk ilr«'P|Ntl When the ctv!
1 . ** th* ro|* u.*-» ?- acheti ni* b***ly die. j
not *»top W ith a jerk it plumbed j
• w. f.*e! b* .'W, with blot*] •j>urtinjr
1 from thr stump -»f his i eck Hi. head |
was li ft r. thr black cap in thr nsott.
tnrr llit. Officers
H ...»i splashed all over thr encloa
urr anil thr witnesses* I be wit’ esses,
p.k<sl mm. gran, har-iened lUcrrs.
were sickened Many of them fainted.
His body in, harried!.' taker away,
i a- 1 thr urti.vr* and witnesses •ashed
; for the fresh air w.th 'he r , loth, s
reeking with Myers' blood.
A M\srs sho* \ Montague. *
superintend*, t of •mini a - for the I
■ Texas A Pacific railroad at Fort
| Worth, on January 20 The grand j
| jury was reconvened by oi ler of the
1 .iintrut judye. and My.-r* *:u, fmrne- |
•bate v indicted and h»« • 4»‘f
U-cn diacharjced b> 'lontatf o* ■••veral |
month* b**f r*- He wrr * ?•• work for |
joth'-r roads and gav,‘ Montague as (
reference. aa«l was discharge,! !**, aUss* 1
' his application was not approved by
Montague He left Texas and went
to Kansas fity and t-t l.ouis, but
..oh time he got a job hr lost it us
soon as Msrtague was heard from.
He came l»i k to Texas and asked
Montague for work. He got behind
with his rami rent ami hoard bill and
w as entirely out of money. He begged
Montague t > put hirr. hack to work,
but Montague told him he “could not
work for the T. A P. nor any other
road as long as he was superintendent
of terminal*"
Myers made up his mind to kill
Montague, and on January 20 he took
a pistol and went to the T. A P. yards
and asked Montague to put him back
to work. Montague i.-fused and My
»*ri »hot him -
Kept Pram A|iinit Him.
In the face of strong prejudice, of
threatened mob violence, of violent
newspaper articles against Myers, he
wa. denied a charge of venue and
placed on trial within five days, with
public opinion lashed into fury by a
pres, that always stands ready to
serve the railroad interests. The ease
was appealed and affirmed and the
| day of execution set.
Ju.-t a few minutes prior to the time
of the execution Myers' attorneys se
, cured a writ of habeas corpus and a j
! trial to test his sanity. He was ad
! judged sane, and the governor refused
to commute the sentence. The day of
esc, ution arrived again, and the trap
w as sprung w i thits ghastly results.
I Th> bootlicainf pres* that yelled
; f. - Myers' b ood at the time of the
true s now horrified at the “mishap”
I of thr rniose jerking hi* head off They
I say that it will make for the abolish
! ircnt of capital punishment.
The \-»tmnal Industrial Traffic 1
league, which met last week in Chi- |
i cago. w I throw its wvight in favor.
! of a gcvern” ent owned merchant ms
nn< as *he most practical method of
j contributing to the upbuilding of the I
Retention* were passed and re :
! 'erre-i >o the legislative committee to 1
tie brought before the coming session ,
•f 1 ingress
F J Me Vann, director of the
1 Omaha • ommercial (*1ub, argued for !
■ the adoption of the bill.
<j. M Freer, manager of the Cham
ber of < ommerce of Cincinnati, was
I ejected {tiident, H. Chandler,!
; rnaj ager of the Bouton Chamber of j
| Commerce, vice-president, and O. F. j
H* ;, tr:»f!i< manager of the Crane!
< '»mpan> Chicago, necretary and
I * Wa* i,«-, Ind . 1 >«c. 10.—When he
| fell backward* off a bridge and turned
j a ‘ flip flop. ' alighting on his feet
twenty feet tielow, Hrakeman J C
Wi*e, of the (J. R. A I., escaped with
a dislocated ankle and bad shaking
. up. The accident happened at 9 HO
, o'clock Friday night at Winchester,
*n<1 Mr. Wtie wu brought to this city
yesterday afternoon on paaaenger
train No. 7t and taken to hia home,
1111 Idllie street.
Thinking that he wu on solid road
bad, Mr. Wise jumped from the front
end of the engine of Train 54 to throw
a twitch. The train atill was on the
spanning White nver, however,
w'*a* he stepped onto the bndge
and Wk from the tram, he fell back
ward!, turning completely over in the
(fall to the dry mer ^ Conductor
j \ 'nomdon wu in i harge of the
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Newark. N. J.—The Splitdorf Klee
tnral Company ha* ailopteii plana for
additional factory facilities in the
shape of a new building MOO feet long
by .'>0 wide and sis stories high, to be
crested adjoining the present main
factory. It will be built of brick, and
will increase the present plant space
75 per cent, or about 100,000 square
The Court of Criminal Appeals, at
Austin, Texa*. has upheld the Texas
eight hour law a* constitutional on the
ground that it is similar to legislation
declared valid by the United States
Supreme Court.
Unions of brewery workers of Cin
cinnati. Ohio, are preparing to ask an
increase in wages for the next four
years’ work.
A movement for a six-hour day has
been started by the American Federa
tion of Labor. The plan ix to start
with the building trades.
The city council of Aberdeen,
Wash . has fixed a minimum wage of
all city employes of 12.50 for an
eight hour day.
Trade unionists are preparing to
present a bill forbidding convict-made
brooms in Italtimore, Md.
Holders of patents from the United
States have just been told by judicial
authority that their monopoly right is
subject always to national need. If
their patented device is necessary for
any arm of the national service, the
government ran take it and use it
willy mil) and on its own pecuniary
terms, which supposabl) will be fair,
but may lie arbitrary.
The government has given permis
sion to the Alaskan Knginertng (u>. to
cut R5,000,000 feet of timber in the
I’hugach national forest, Alaska, to
lie used in building the government
I’hilndelphia.—All previous records
t of earnings for the month were sur
I ju»s*ed in October by the Pennsylvania
I railroad system. The statement shows
gross revenues of $M6.2O4.904, as com
pared with |M5,470.009 for the previ
uua month, and an increaae of I5.24H,.
191 over the earnings for October,
Pittsburgh, Pa.—(Garment workers
• empolyed in the Nat hanger tailor
■hop are on strike to enforce a 60
hour week, increased wages, sanitary
1 workshops, pay for overtime, and ree ■
' ogmtion of the United (iarment Work
t era* union. Thrw* demands have Imcn
agreed to by about 50 other em
e ployrrs.
Wilmington, Del.—Machinists em
* ployed by the Hilles & Joins Company
r have returned to work on a 51-hour
e week schedule, which will be de
creased to 48 hours on March I.
Directors of the American Express
Company have declared a quarterly
dividend of fl.50 a share, against a
previous quarterly payment of $1 a
November net earnings of the West
inghouse Electric and Manufacturing
Company are expected to croaa the
f l,000,000 mark. October net was
over $860,000. There ia not much ex
pectation of an extra dividend at the
end of this year.
Gross earnings of the I'niled States
railroads making weekly returns to
Dun's Review continue to show steady
expansion, the total of all roads that
have so far reported for the first two I
weeks in November amounting to
$18,460,006, an Increase of 1&.9 per
cent, as compared with the corre
sponding period a year ago. Ona or
two roads in the west and south treat
continue to report smaller earnings
than last year, but the loss In every
instance is very small.
A Kenosha. Wi», firm, at an ex
pense of $20000, has solved the prob
lem of making dyes for "fast black”
color, supposed to be a German trade
Danville and Kankabee. Illinois,
both have decided to ofTer no more
bonuses to factories.
Atlantic City, N. J. — District Court
Judge Shinn has lined several shop
keepers for violating the stats law
prohibiting a work day for woman in
shops and factories of more thaa 10
hours. This is the first Atlantic City
conviction under this law. Complaint
was made by labor Commissioner
Washington. — November revenues
of the 60 largest postofflces of the
country, producing approximately one
half of the postal receipts, show an
increase of $2,0lt?I,l.‘t8, or 17.96 per
cent, for those offices over November
u year ago.
*iannum, mis.- {Striking machinists
at the Steinle Machine company*
plant hare returned to work. The
management ha* promised an eight
hour day with ten hours' pay after
April I The union has increased its
membership nearly Un-fold within the
past few months.
Cheyenne. Wyo. — The eight hour
•lay attracted bartenders in this city
and they began agitating the ques
tion. As a result their employer*
have signed an eight hour agreement
with the ItarUmlers' union.
Kan Francisco.—Five days a week
during the winUr season is the new
rule announced by the Varnisher*' and
Polishers' union, which is atUmpting
to equalise work. The PainUrx’
unions of this city are working under
the same rule.
union has
ntrnrt with
condition* aiu
or hours and
Public Schools
about to .000
returned to
work after Jaa.
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