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I* i||||j||f|jj The Kind You Have
'f ■ iJBI Always Bought
J; AVeelabte Preparation for As - _ _ £
ftyi similatingfheFoodandßegula- Hfifl'TS t.Tlfi M . \
Si g JJOajA ° £(\/
Signature /Am
Promotes Digestion,Cheerful- £ Mm B
R nessandßest.Containsneither nf
Opium,Morphine nor Mineral vx JiVi.l#
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tl MimpJn'n S**d - i \
frj A.W \ 1 St B
K, RoA'lUSvHs - I 1/i _
jy jhu'M- I go_ I _
# } (\ i ]\* ■ n
•It,- e i° r f* dSu si; J \ \ JLr n
0 Wmkrgntn f favor / ■ ■
A perfect Remedy for Constipa- /"W Ml 9 if §fi
lion, Sour Stomach,Diarrhoea, I ■
s*o Worms,Convulsions,Feverish- I lif
Jjtfl ness and Loss OF Sleep. I m g.rtg*' Hy Of
Tac Simile Signature of
Ssl Thirtv Ypars
QC The Centaur Company. EIII! if lUUI O
NOSuaranteed under the Foodaiij P ||JI |1 §| If Jlf|
Exact Copy of Wrapper. thi centaur company, n*w york oitv.
wnim iHifimiiti'ißi mmuw hii m Wil Uhl I u\m hi,
“Father,” said the small boy, “what
Is a demagogue?”
“A demagogue, my son, is a brilliant
and convincing speaker, who wanders
away and gets ideas with which you
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Use Doan's Kidney Pills, a fine rem
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A Maine Case
Mrs. J. H. Ben
nett, 59 Fountain
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hed four months
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Farmer Most Cleverly Outwitted, and
Then Insult Was Added
to Injury.
Two large orchards, side by side,
brought much profit to Farmer Tur
mut, and much trouble. For the or
chards were considered fair game by
the youth of the village, and two
orchards are harder to watch than
One day, looking from one orchard
to the other, Turmut saw a small hoy
shin down a tree, and uttering a word
of warning to another imp still up
among the apples, ran off.
Turmut reached that tree in record
“Got yer this time!” he roared to
the boy almost hidden among the
leaves. “Come down!”
Getting no answer, and not being
in a hurry, he sat down and waited.
Time passed, and still he waited,
until a servant brought him a note
that had just been dropped through
the letterbox. He did not wait after
he had read it, as follows:
“Some peeple as apples, some as
sence. You bin watchin a pare of
trowsis stuffed with straw, and we
bin gettin’ your apples from the other
orchard. Grate victory for sence!”
He’d Called Seventeen.
Jim was a new porter in the hotel,
and he was putting in his first night
at his new and responsible position.
Tt was five in the morning, and so far
Jim had done all he was told and was
getting on splendidly.
“Call 17 and 4,” commanded the
night clerk, as he lo'olted over his call
sheet. Jim obeyed. After he had
l been goine for a considerable time, the
clerk went up to see if he had called
the rooms designated.
“Well,” sighed the new porter whom
he found on the third floor, “I’ve got
seventeen of ' ’em up, but I haven’t
started on the other four yet.”-—Na
tional Food Magazine.
The Necessity.
“I’m going to leave, ma’am.”
“Good gracious, cook! What will
we do for bread in the morning?”
“If you want bread, ma’am, you'll
knead it, that’s all.”
The largest cement kiln in the
world, operated entirely by electricity,
recently was put into operation by a
Pennsylvania plant.
Husband Finally Convinced.
Some people are wise enough to try
new foods and beverages and then
generous enough to give others the
benefit of their experience. A Vwife
“No slave in chains, it seemed to
me, was more helpless than I, a coffee
captive. Yet there were innumerable
warnings—waking from a troubled
sleep with a feeling of suffocation, at
times dizzy and out of breath, attacks
of palpitation of the heart that fright
ened me.
(Tea is just as injurious as coffee
because it contains caffeine, the same
drug found in coffee.)
“At last my nervous system was so
disarranged that my physician ordered
i ‘no more coffee.l capitulated.
“Determined to give Postum a fair
trial, I prepared it according to direc
tions on the pkg., obtaining a dark
brown liquid with a rich snappy fla
vour similar to coffee. When cream
and sugar were added, it was not only
good but delicious.
“Noting its beneficial effects in me
the rest of the family adopted it —all
except my husband, who would not ad
mit that coffee hurt him. Several
! weeks elapsed during which I drank
Postum two or three times a day,
i when, to my surprise, my husband
said: ‘I have decided to drink Postum.
I Your improvement is so apparent—
! you have such fine color —that I pro
■ pose to give eredit' where credit is
due.’ And now we are coffee-slaves no
i longer.”
Name given by Postum Co., Battle
j Creek, Mich. Read “The Road to Well
i ville,” in pkgs.
Postum now comes in two forms:
Regular Postum —must be boiled.
Instant Postum Is a soluble powder.
A teaspoonful dissolves quickly in a
cup of hot water and, with cream and
sugar, makes a delicious beverage
instantly. Grocers sell both kinds.
“There’s a Reason” for Postum.
Stutesman’s Proposal That Remains
of the Discoverer Be Carried
Through Canal Involves State De
partment in Old Controversy.
Washington.—ln the chapel of the
government’s Naval academy at Ann
apolis there are supposed to repose
the remains of John Paul Jones, the
Scotch-American naval hero of revolu
tionary days. As everybody probably
remembers, the admiral’s body was
found or thought to be found in a
French cemetery and after as conclu
sive identification as was possible had
been made it was brought to this coun
try, accorded high honors, and buried
beneath the Naval academy’s chapel.
Now it seems likely that the state
department will become involved semi
officially in the same kind of trouble
over the identity of the remains of
Christopher Columbus which the naval
department had over the identity of
the bones of John Paul Jones.
An Indiana man —James F. States
man of Crawfordsville —must shoulder
advance responsibility for the state
department’s future troubles. Mr.
Stutesman is the commissioner gen
eral of the United States to Central
America and the West Indies, In the
interest of the Panama-Pacific expo
sition. It was at a dinner given in
Santo Domingo by the president of
the Dominican Republic that the Indi
anian suggested that the bones of the
great navigator be taken from their
resting place In the Santo Domingo
cathedral, he placed in an appropriate
receptacle at the prow of the battle
ship Oregon, that will head the proces
sion of battleships through the Pa
nama canal and be taken to San Fran
cisco for exhibition purposes.
What Bryan Must Decide.
The Dominican Republic has a diplo
matic representative in Washington,
Senor Dr. Don Francisco J. Peynado,
who voices, his government’s desire
that this government shall sanction
Mr. Stutesman’s plan. The Dominican
Republic is urging the carrying out
of the transportation and exhibition
plan is attempting apparently to se
cure not only the sanction of the Unit
ed Spates for the proposal, but with it
what will be tantamount to an official
state department decision that Santo
Domingo has the only “well-authenti
cated remains” of the voyager and
discoverer which are in existence. Mr.
Bryan therefore may be called upon to
decide between the claims of Santo
Domingo and the claims of the Span
ish city of Seville, which asks the
world to believe that the only real
bones of Columbus are in its keeping.
The controversy over the final rest
ing place of what is left of Christopher
Columbus began many years ago and
it is an exceedingly lively controversy
to this day.
Christopher Columbus died in 1506
at Valladolid, Spain. In his will he
asked that his bones be taken across
the ocean and buried in Santo Do
mingo. For a long time this wish re
mained unfulfilled. Finally, according
to accepted tradition, his bones were
transferred to Santo Domingo-—prob
ably between 1539 and 1549 —and
placed in the cathedral, together with
those of Diego, his son.
Story of the Controversy.
Nearly two centuries and a half later
—ln 1795 —the Spaniards, about to
abandon Santo Domingo to the French,
resolved not to allow the remains of
him who had given them a new world
to fall into the hands of the newcom
ers. So they took from the cathedral
a coffin supposed to contain his bones
and sent it in a ship to Havana. No
body seemed to harbor any doubt that
the transferred bones were indeed
those of Columbus and the resting
place to which they were consigned in
Havana became a shrine and one of
the chief “sights” of the Cuban city.
But in 1877 Santo Domingo gave
Cuban and Spanish confidence a rude
shock. A Dominican priest named
Billini, wishing to open a door long
walled up in the cathedral, uncovered
one end of a metal casket in a for
gotten vault. He lost no time in no
tifying Bishop Cochia of Santo Do
mingo, who, in his turn, informed a
number of notables of the city, includ
ing several of the foreign consuls, of
the priest’s discovery. Before them
all workmen dug into the vault and
uncovered the coffin. In it were found
a quantity of bones and dust and two
inscriptions. One of these was deci
phered and declared to be an abbre
viation of the Spanish words meaning
“Discoverer of America, First Admi
ral.” The other inscription was read
as “Illtre y Esdo. Varon Dn. Cristoval
Colon (Illustrious and distinguished
gentleman, Don Christopher Colum
-bus).” This seemed to show beyond
all doubt that the remains of the dis-
Cat’s Instinct Told Her of Danger Two
Days Before the Disaster
A friend sends us this interesting
cat story: “Tabby had seven bright
eyed kittens about a month old, for
which we made a cozy nest out of old
gunnysacking and fine rags id the coal
shed. But one morning the nest was
found empty. We searched every
where m vain. The mother and her
whole family had utterly disappeared.
“Our home was on the river bottom.
Half a mile away, and a little higher
up, liver Peter Siegler, our nearest
neighbor; a mile away, on the crest of
the bluff, lived James Dawson. We
were all good neighbors, and the hoys
of the families, who frequently visited
hack and forth, knew every pet dog,
cat, rabbit or guinea pig on all three
“That night the river began to rise,
and the next morning our house was
separated from the Siegler’s by a low
swale which the river had filled. . By
night we had removed the family and
coverer had never left Santo Domin |
go. The natives of the republic took
that view without hesitation and cele
brated the find with great enthusiasm
Spain and Cuba made an investiga
tion and declared there was nothing
in the Santo Domingo story. Mr.
Bryan probably will he called upon to
settle this matter of state and he will
have no easy job.
Filipinos May Have to Wait.
The senate of the United States
has confirmed four native island
ers appointed by President Wil
son as members of thr Philippine
commission. It is the expressed in
tention of the administration to give
as many minor offices as is possible to
capable Filipinos. The direct promise
of President Wilson has been that
ultimate independence for the islands
is the Democratic intention.
Members of congress think that
these things already done for the Fili
pinos in the way of encouragement
mean that the bill of Representative
Jones of Virginia to give the islands
actual independence in 1921 will not
be pushed for some little time. The
appointments to offices and other
things are taken by some members
as sufficient acts of encouragement to
the Filipinos that eventually the
Democrats can be trusted to give
them full liberty.
It was the set intention of the
Democrats to pass the Jones bill or
a substitute for it either at the special
session now drawing to a close or in
the early days of the regular session
which will begin in December. The
administration seems to have taken
the wind out of the sails of congress.
Mr. Wilson has heard some things
from men who have made Philippine
conditions a study and it seems not at
all unlikely that he has been moved
by what he has heard to oppose im
mediate consideration of the Virginia
representative’s measure.
The reports of the officials of the
bureau of insular affairs are not alto
gether cheering to men who would
like to give a large measure of free
dom to the Filipinos immediately.
Interest in G. O. P. Convention.
Members of congress apparently
are taking a much keener inter
est today in the forthcoming meeting
of the Republican national com
mittee than they are in the currency,
anti-trust or any of the other legisla
tion under consideration or to come
under it within the next six months.
Democrats, conservative Republicans,
progressive Republicans and Progres
sives all are either gossiping or talk
ing seriously, and in some cases ap
prehensively, concerning the outcome
of the meeting of the committee
whose duty will he to call the repre
sentatives of the Republican party to
gether in extraordinary national ses
Republican leaders who are inclined
to progressivism and those who are
inclined to extreme conservatism have
written on the subject of the gather
ing of which they hope much and fear
more. The fear of the conservatives
concerns itself almost wholly with an
attempt on the part of the delegates
to the convention to make a declara
tion of principles. Progressive Repub
licans in Washington say that the con
vention will consider only changes in
rules, but they seem to feel that an
attempt will be made to put the dele
gates on record as in favor of policies
which the Republicanism of the old
time did not sanction.
Among the progressive Republican
leaders there seems to be sincerity of
desire that nothing shall be put over
on their “friends of reaction” when
the national convention assembles.
From what these leaders say, how
ever, it is apparent that they believe
it will be almost impossible to pre
vent the delegates from taking mat
ters into their own hands and making
attempt to secure the passage of reso
lutions or the giving of some o’
an intimation that the party intends
to cut loose from some of the policies
of the past and to take up those which
the Progressives have made present,
and which the progressive Republi
cans hope to make future policies.
Change of Rules Not Enough.
Politicians of all parties in Wash
ington are asking why it is necessary
to have a Republican convention if
the only thought is to make certain
changes in the rules which it Is
known definitely would be made at
the regular convention two years from
next summer. It is known that the
only reason for the convention is the
hope that something will be done
which will induce the Progressives to
come back into the fold. No one
seems to think for an instant that the
Progressives will come back simply
because of an action of the conven
tion which will change the basis
southern representation and give ap
proval to the presidential primaries.
Neither Mr. Cummins nor Mr. Borah
nor anybody else of progressive Re
publican tendencies, it is said, would
have urged an extraordinary conven
tion of the Republican party if it had
not been the thought that something
would be done at the gathering which
would make the Progressive party
men feel that the old party had set
its face to the future and that they
could come back into the ranks with
out any sacrifice of principle.
all the stock to higher ground, for
the water surrounded our home and
was rising rapidly. The Sieglers also
had to move, and both families went
together to Dawson’s.
“ ‘Tabby and her kittens are already
here,’ said William Dawson, as we
drove into the yard. ‘They have been
here for two days.’
“That was the fact. The mother
had carried her seven kittens a whole
mile and made journeys that aggre
gated 14 miles in a single night. How
did she know that the river was to
rise? And how did she know that it
would rise higher than Siegler’s?
Surely animals have instincts quite un
like ours.”—Youth’s Companion.
Nothing on Him.
Teacher —Thg camel can go eight
days without water.
Freddy—So could I if ma would let
The loquacious friend is sometimes
more dangerous than the silent enemy.
A romantic young woman is an easy
mark for the fortune teller.
I The girl who knows she has shape
ly ankles thinks she has some figure.
Dr. Peery’s Vermifuge “Dead Shot” kills
and expels Worms in a -very few hours.
Many well intentioned persons at
tempt to build a skyscraper on a bun
galow foundation.
Avoid Dangerous Nostrums. Take Dean’s
Mentholated Cough Drops. They have real
value —5c at all good Drug Stores.
On the other hand, n. lawyer is mind
ing his own business he pries into
that of other people.
Mr.. Winslow’s Soothing Syrup for Children
teething, softens the gums, reduces inflamma.
tion, allays pain,cures wind colic,2sc a bottle.Adr
Ever Thus.
Tommy—What are the seats of the
Father —The end ones.—Judge.
Be sure that you ask for Wright’s Indian
Vegetable Pills, and look for the signa
ture of Wm. Wright on wrapper and box.
For Constipation, Biliousness and Indiges
tion. Adv.
Incorrectly Designated.
“Is this the bureau of information?”
“No,” said the weary young man as
he wet his thumb and riffled the pages
of the railroad guide. “This is a
time table library.”'
Many Children are Sickly.
Mother Gray’s Sweet Powders for Children
Break up Colds in 24 hours, relieve Feverish
ness, Headache, Stomach Troubles, Teething
Disorders, move and regulate the. bowels, and
Destroy Worms. They are so pleasant to take
children like them. Used by mothers for24 years.
At all druggists, 25c. Sample mailed FREE.
Addiess, A. S. Olmsted, Le Roy, N. Y. Adv.
Criminals’ Finger Prints.
Dr. Heintl recommends a very good
method for taking the finder prints of
criminals, this not relating to finger
print records in an anthropometric bu
reau, but where the record is to be
taken on the spot where a crime oc
surred, such as on a wall or any ob
ject which cannot be moved and where
the print is impossible to photograph
on account of lighting or other reason.
He makes use of a very fine color
powder so as to dust it over the prints,
which are of a more or less greasy
nature, and In this way the powder ad
heres to the finger print and takes all
its gradations. Then a specially pre
pared paper is pressed upon the print
and the powder adheres to it so as
to give a good copy of the original.
Such paper is prepared with a mixture
of beeswax and paraffin, adding a few
drops of gylcerine.
1545 Aisquith St., Baltimore, Md. —
“My children were afflicted with what
they called ringworm of the scalp
contracted from a house-cat they were
playing with. The ringworm formed
on their scalps about the size of a
silver dollar and their hair fell out,
leaving a round scale or crust on their
scalps. Their hair fell out in round
spots. There was terrible itching, and
they scratched till the blood came.
They were very fretful and could not
sleep at night, and they were very
“They were treated for several
months with no improvement whatso
ever. I was told they would never
have any hair and would always be
bald. Then I began using Cuticura
Soap in connection with Cuticura
Ointment and the first week I could
see the wonderful remedies were do
ing all they were claimed to do and in
six weeks’ time they were entirely
cured. They all have a beautiful
growth of hair.” (Signed) Mrs. Sadie
Pollock, Jan. 1, 1913.
Cuticura Soap and Ointment sold
throughout the world. Sample of each
free,with 32-p. Skin Book. Address post
card “Cuticura, Dept. L, Boston.”—Adv.
Britain’s Naval Plans.
The navy of Great Britain will be
growing during the next eighteen
months as follows: A torpedo-boat
destroyer once a week for the next
nine months, a light cruiser every thir
ty days for the next twelve months,
and a superdrea,dnaught of the latest
type every forty-five days for the next
eighteen months.
sufferers find instant relief in
Sloan’s Liniment. It pene
trates to the painful part
soothes and quiets the nerves.
No rubbing—merely lay it on.
Kills Pain
For Neuralgia
11 1 would not be without your Lini
ment and praise it to all who suffer
with neuralgia or rheumatism or pain of
any kind.”— Mrs. Henry Bishop, Helena,
Pain All Gone
**l suffered with quite a severe neu
ralgic headache for 4 months without
any relief. I used your Liniment for
two or three nights and I haven’t suf
fered with my head since'” — Mr. J. R.
Swinger, Louisville, Ky. .
Treatments for Cold and Croup
*My little girl, twelve years old,
caught a severe cold, and I gave her
three drops of Sloan’s Liniment on sugar
on going to bed, and she got up in the
morning with no signs of a cold. A lit
tle boy next door had croup and I gave
the mother the Liniment. She gave him
three drops on going to bed, and he got
up without the croup in the morning.”
Mr. W, H. Strange, Chicago, lIL
At all Dealers* Price 25c., 50c. and 51.06
Sloan’s Book on Horses sent free.
DR. EARL S. SLOAN, Inc, Boston, Mass.
more goods brighter and faster colors than any other dye. One 10c package colors all fibers. They dye in cold water better than any other dye.
You can dye any garment without ripping apart. WRITE FOR FREE booklet, calendar, blotters, etc. MONROE DRUG COMPANY, Quincy, 111.
This Is Vital to J
of K
Made at Tarrytp
New Castle, Snd|§
Also to all Owners of Stod
Columbia Gasoline and BBb
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Sampson andßH
you should have your car
overhauled now and worn
parts replaced. Hffln
FIRST: The garage man ||
can give you better service ffijffl
—and you can spare the nmr
car better now than later.
No matter whether you are TOW
going to keep the car, or |hJ|
sell or trade it in on a new fljjflfflf
one—it will pay you well
to have it thoroughly over- B
hauled, worn parts replaced M
by new ones and body re- hH
painted. MM
SECOND: We are able to |jjl|
furnish replacement parts
for all models of above
makes of cars within 48 Bin
hours from receipt of or- Mja
der. ) Have concentrated
this branch of the business BBS
at Newcastle, Ind. (center H3B
of population of the U. S.) Hfi
Here we have a $1,750,000
investment in plant and
stock. 45,000 separate bins BBS
of parts. HffiK
THIRD; And perhaps the fll
best reason why you should H
secure your requirements Hg)
now —we must increase |B|||
price? 20% January Ist,
when the new parts price MB
lists will be off the presses.
before in the history of this Mp
industry has a new con- Mm
cern, having bought the HJS
plants and assets of a bank
rupt one, taken upon itself Ml
the obligation of furnishing BS*|
replacement parts for the
cars it never made.
Write for onr booklet. “How ri/i
to Make Your Car Lire Twice 'mam
As Long.” In which we set
forth the Maxwell policy to
ward owners of the above
mentioned cars. Address
Note: For quicker service those JM
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San Francisco. Huffi
"“is nmm
' '3§ Baby’s bowels must bc^^RHj
Jlgit Dr. Fahrrll
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American homes
y'ir” plaints. Cures Colic
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Pain In Bask and RheumafisnjH
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fectually cure these troubles you must
move, the cause. Foley Kidney Pills begiSjmM
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ert so direct and beneficial an action in
kidneys and bladder that the pain and
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The demand for qualified Tl rSj| ■
Commercial Artists by En- \\\A C JS. ■
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ply. This profitable bust A\Y\\ :\\H
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Enlarged 15th Anniversary FurLiat—awoiiderful price-liat.l
will give you the higheot prices on fur, to be sure . but it wil
do more. It will post you to the minute on price and grade
It will show you why Corry can pay you more for fur than anj
other house and it contains letters from delighted shippers Si
every State and Canada io proof of It. One of them tour fc*
your next neighbor.
Setter Returns and Sooner
; is the slogan of Corry. No matter where you hav
>4? . Boldlor are soiling your furs, you shouk
V Bend for Comi's price-list. You never saw
! - anything like ft. A postal will bring it
V ?3 fc even turn this page till you sen<
® L' b^Cr*f or ,t * And y°u oend for it now we’l
1 i C you P° s tea the whole season free ol
B S'jQgSR-U, charge. The price-list is held here ant
KB®!; * ElftgflSgra ready.waiting for you to write for It
COnBTHIDE&FURCO., B2777,Carry,Pa
CONWAY’S Cigar Chest FRE
with first order of ioo Conway’S Gua
antee io cents cigars which we off)
for#s to get you acquainted with oi
goods. Sent prepaid upon recei]
of New York Draft or Money Orde:
Write for particulars.
H,L,Conway & Bros,, Rochester, n,y.
(Established 1875)
RET A n ET D O °f this paper desiring
b M LJ b n O to bay anything adve£
tised in Its columns should Insist upon having what
they ask for, refusing all substitutes or imitations.
Dr. H. H. Greens Sons, Box 0, Atlanta, Ga.
A Our puzzles are rapid sel-
AII I*. I l ers * Bven Boys and Girls
make big money. Sample 10
cents. Circular free. P. T. LANNAN, 1733 8.
Co., Va.; near town, 14 a, cult., bal. timber
pasture, small house, 4 large barns, apple or
chard. $3,600. A. H. Trear, R. 3, Farmville.Va.
ITPTITM A Cheer up. Send for FRBB
Enrecasol Chemical Co. G’t’n., Phlla., Pa*
W. N. U., BALTIMORE, NO. 49-1913.

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