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Republican Harmony Banquet
[Continued from First Page.]
disregard the rights of the chief execu
tive of the state. They were describ
ed as a cftss who must destroy the
power of state government, or it will
destroy them.
Senator Zihlman paid tribute to the
great Republican leaders and spoke
eloquently of McKinley as the indus
trial savior of his country. He was
warmly congratulated upon the close
of his speech, which commanded un
divided attention, notwithstanding the
hour of one had already arrived.
Mr. Ramsay then closed the meet
ing, expressing regret that it was too
late to hear from other able men who
were present. The assemblage join
ed hands and sang “Auld Lang Syne, ”
the meeting adjourning with cheers
for Mr. Ramsay, the host of the “Har
mony Dinner.”
List of the Guests.
Cumberland—John E-. Edwards,
George M. Perdew, John J. Stump,
Howard J. Brinkman, W. W. Brown,
James A. Conway, Charles W. Don
nelly, William Montignani, Judge
Robert R. Henderson, Judge Robert
Macdonald, J. Philip Roman, Thomas
B. Finan, C. Edgar Keller, Dr. George
L. Broadrup, A. A. Doub, Ernest L.
Huth, Louis H. Stein, D. P. LeFevre,
W. H. S. Law, Wm. A. Huster, C. J.
Herpich, Chas. E.-Rosenberger, Tas
ker G. Lowndes, Walter C. Capper,
Benj. A. Richmond, David A. Robb,
George Henderson, Thomas H.
Smouse, Col. John W, Avirett, Harry
Irvine, Dr. J. M. Weller, Henry Bach
man, C. H. Holtzman, D. L. Sloan, C.
N. Wilkinson, George L. Eppler, A.
Taylor Smith, Mayor Geo. G. Young,
Lloyd L. Shaffer, A. P. Gross, Wm.
P. Rizer, Henry S. Smith, J. Walter
Sills, Lawrence L. Shaffer, Howard
Buchanan, Herman A. Nolte, Wm.
Conway, Joseph Zihlman, John M.
Rank, Gustaves Knieriem, Albert
Grant, Earnest Yates, Walter Palmer,
Humbird Hite, Charles Briggs, Albert
Reuschlein, E. T. Storer, Charles
Stark, Warren White, Peter G. Cow
den, J. Homer Wilson, J. J. Robinson,
Geo. Stark, Wm. McLane Somerville,
.Frank Keyser, F. L. Geary, F. Brooke
Whiting, Walter W. Clay, Wm. Arm
bruster, Daniel Annan, E. Lee Shaw,
Thomas Footer, Henry Shriver, D. F.
Kuykendall, John G. Lynn, George
E. Jordan, Charles O. Roemer, F. S.
Deekens, Robert M. Hutchison, Sena
tor Zihlman, Henry Shuck, Angus Ire
land, R. S. Bell, Thos. Leonard, Jos.
Sell, Barry Footer, Charles G.
Holzshu, H. R. Donnelly, Dr. J. T.
Johnson, Darlton Hope, J. S. Mc-
Cauley, John Schwarzenbach, Mark
H. Schuler, C. P. Kalbaugh, John
Minnick, John Mays, John MacFar
lane, James Pitzer, J. W. Steiner, John
W. Heck, Thos. Morgan, J. B. Hum
bird, W. W. Russler, D. P. Miller,
Harry A. Manly, Jesse K. Goodhand,
Allan Speir, Chas. E. Metz, M. H.
Sloan, Lee Carl, Max Kamen, Rev.
W. C. Hicks, Jas. R. Bell, Dr. J. E.
Degge, Chas. Lambert.
Lonaconing—Duncan Sloan, James
M. Sloan, J. McAlpine, Sr., Lloyd
Durst, Thomas Smith, John Somer
ville, William Thompson, Robert Jack
son, Allan Thompson, Thomas F.
Fisher, Robert Todd, Nicholson Eil
blck, James B. McAlpine, John Ham
ilton, Peter MacFarlane, Arthur
Price, Wm. Fulton, John T. Dobbie,
Alex. MacFarlane, Fred Nippenberg,
James Schuyler, John MacFarlane,
James Holmes, Andrew Smith, Wm.
Love, C. D. Laird, Peter MacFarlane,
Dr. D. W. Skilling.
Midland—James Stevens, David
Shearer, R. H. Williams, Walter Ba
ker, Robert Eussell, John Carr, Jos.
Robinson, Edward Muir, J. L. Ort,
Jos. J. Robertson, Thomas McFarland.
Eckhart —Fred Dudley, Hillary Lan
caster, Joseph Radcliff, Simeon Duck
Westernport—Grant Hayden, Mat
they Dowling, H. P. Whitworth, Geo.
Seymour, Charlet F. Peters.
Mount Savage Howard Herring,
William H. Yutzy, Howard Aldridge,
W. K. Lambie, William L. Hamilton,
J. J. Gardner, Peter Boyle, Richard
Uhl, H. A. Pitzer, Thomas Machin,
Theo. Morgan, Fred Best, John H.
Maser, John Neder, William Crowe,
Andrew Ramsay, Geo. Lutz, James
Jenkins, Frank Hughes, Wilfree Cole,
Wm. Hapkins.
Washington County—Thompson A.
Brown, Dr. J. McPherson Scott, Sen
ator Samuel Emmert, J. C. Roulette,
F. W. Wagaman, Chas. D. Wagaman,
Henry Holzapfel, Judge Martin J.
Keedy, Vernon N. Simmons, H. A.
McComas, A. R. Hagner, Hagerstown;
A. B. Bingman, Weaverton; D. A.
Rohrer, Trego.
Garrett County—Andrew Gander,
Geo. W. Legge, Bert Ashby, W. H.
Smouse, Thos. Gander, J. E. Kelly,
W. A. Ravenscroft, Oakland; W. J.
Werner, Finzel; J. S. Meyers, W. W.
Savage, Friendsville; Jacob Eckard,
E-. E. Friend, Mt. Lake Park; C. A.
Ashby, Deer Park; G. A. Gunger, C.
A. Bender, Grantsville; Senator H. H.
Speicher, Accident; Dr. Ravenscroft,
Baltimore, F. A. Thayer, H. H. Sin
cell, J. C. Reminger.
Miscellaneous —W. S. Smith, Hoyes;
J. B. Gunning, Cresaptown; Lee
Haines, Oldtown; Samuel Brown, Gil
more, Chas. T. Norris, Little Orleans;
Wm. Davis, Shaft;. Lloyd Lowndes;
F. M. Huster, Rawlings; J. B. Robin
ette, J. W. Robinette, Flintstone;
Thos. Galloway, Robert Smith, Allan
Luke, Luke; Anthony Harvey, James
Chapman, Midlothian; Dr. J. C. Holds
worthy, Wm. Walters, Midland; Jona
than Sleeman, W. T. Parker, Vale
Summit; A. P. Stallings, Spring Gap;
Ben. Middleton, Hiram H. Little,
North Branch; Wm. Donaldson, Pekin;
Claude .A. Robertson, Ocean; C. B.
Strains, Long; Geo. Hoover, Wm.
Wright, Wm. Mole, Luke.
tEllerslie —F. H. Buckholtz, Critch
field, Thos. E. Buchanan.
Miscellaneous, outside of the coun
_ ty —James Campbell, Baltimore; Dun
can Sinclair, Fairmont;Josiah L. Folk,
Cambridge, Md.; Wm. T. Warburton,
3 Elkton; Walter Miller, Salisbury; John
j H. Cunningham, Westminster; Sena
tor Frank E. Williams, Henry Mac-
Cullough, Elkton.
' Baltimore—Mr. O. E. Weller, Col.
W. B. Lowndes, Col. E. C. Carring
ton, Jr., Mr. Chas. Schirm, Jos. Y.
3 Brattan, Howard I. Harmon, James E.
McEvoy, Galen L. Tait, Oscar Leser,
Robert Garrett, Wm. Stone, Geo. W,
Padgett, John J. Hanson, Robert P.
Graham, Raleigh C. Smith, John H.
Owens, Morris A. Soper, Harold E.
3 West, Felix Atrus, Daniel R. Ran
dall, Mr. Deßeeves, Annapolis, Md.;
, Governor Goldsborough, Senator Jack
son, Chairman John B. Hanna, Albert
G. Towers, O. S. Metzerott, Robert
Burton, David M. Newbold, Theodore
P. Weis, H. B. Wilcox.
Frostburg—D. Evans, Olin Beall,
, Olin Gunnett, Geo. W. Richardson,
, George Jones, Geo. W. Taylor, John
, Yungerman, Owen Price, Jr., Alex.
- Davis, James H. Fuller, Jos. Lindauer,
; Dr. Timoth Griffith, W. E. G. Hitch
t ins; Ulyssess Hanna, Herman V.
5 Hesse, Dr. J. Marshall Price, Wm.
* Hanna, James W. Lewis, Chas. A.
. Stewart, Frank G. Metzger, John J.
, Price, Wm. R. Gunter, John Farraday,
. David W. Griffith, P. L. Livengood,
- Rudolph F. Nickel, Henry Fisher,
, Walter W. Wittig, Wm. Harvey,
, Charles S. Jeffries, Harry Boettner,
. R. Annan, John G. Meerbach, Uriah
r Jones, Ike Guisburg, Hugo Rempel,
- Andrew Dick, Edward Kight.
Barton —Harry Schramm, Thomcife
. Campbell, George Frenzel, Thomas
, Mowbrey, Thomas Wilson, Samuel
. Bradley, Wm. Rogan, Wm. Russel,
• Rev. A. Scarpati.
I Much of this write-up of the big
, banquet is taken from the Curaber
. land News, and it is a correct size-up
: of what took place. m
, The Spirit can truthfully add that
: it was a yery great pleasure for its ed-
£ 'OR. g
M y
X We Guarantee
| All Our Work
we will sell at cost. (J
F. J. Nairn Bro.
Try This Flour——
■“Golden Sheaf Patent.”
You can’t get better bread from any
brand on the rftarket, no matter
what price you pay.
per sack.
For sale by
Leading Grocers,
Next Door to Postoffice.
X the lumber resources of the country. X
w Every property owner can help this work by Cj
saving the lumber in his own buildings. **
X Good paint, renewed at proper intervals, X
X preserves lumber indefinitely. X
X Use good paint on all exposed wood work X
and renew it at frequent intervals; you will W
X n °t only help to conserve the country’s national X
X resources, but you will save money yourself. X
k Frostburg Is An Up-to-date Town fs
in most things, but very much backward in the
j* use of paint. IP your house is one of the houses
X that need paint, call and see us. NOW, is the X
time to paint.
itor to come in contact at the banquet
with so many of the prominent people
of his native state, to which he re
turned during the present year and
launched a Republican newspaper for
the purpose not only of making a liv
ing, but also to do what he can toward
getting Maryland back into the Re,-
publican column, where it naturally
No Intoxicants Were Served.
Everything pertaining to the big
banquet and harmony meeting was
delightfully arranged, and at the
tables workingmen, captains of finance
and industry, farmers and men in all
walks of life were indiscriminately
mixed up and rubbed elbows with
each other. It was indeed a feast of
reason and a flow of soul, as well as a
feast of good things in the eating
line. At some banquets there is more
confusion and a “flow dsf bowl” than
anything else, but not so at this big
Republican dinner, at which not a
drop of anything intoxicating was
served, much to the credit of the
“braw, bricht” and genial Scot who
arranged for the splendid affair.
There wasn’t even a “wee doch-an
doris” before adjournment, and there- .
fore each guest upon reaching his
“but-an ben” was able to say “It’s a
braw, bricht, moonlicht nicht,” and
so they were “a richt, ye ken.”
Annual Transfer and Appeal Ses
Notice is hereby given that the County Commis
sioners of Allegany County will meet at their
office in the Court House, Cumberland, Md.. on
Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday,
January 5,6, and 7, 1914.
for the purpose of hearing appeals, making trans
fers the county assessment books, and trans
acting such other business as may regularly come
before them.
All persons desiring assessments corrected are
hereby notified to appear at this session, as no al
terations in assessments will be made on said
books after the adjournment of the ensuing regu
lar appeal term.
By oyder of the Board.
12-11 12-25
? The First National Bank X
\ a y
Capital and Surplus - - - - $125,000.00 \
Assets (over) ------ $1,350,000.00
t {
i Depository of the United States y
Depository of tie State of Maryland
W Officers Directors W
ROBERDEAU ANNAN - - President Henderson Duncan Sinclair
OLIN BEALL ..... Cashier Timothy Griffith Daniel Annan \
Roberdeau Annan
jj The Hltchins Bros. Co. jjjjj
| 25 PER CENT. OFF |
1 ALL |
| ' DRESSES, |
1 FURS. j
‘" ; j.": M1) - j|

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