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Miss Elizabeth McDonald, of Buffa
lo Mills, Pa., is visiting Mrs. Thos.
G. Dillon. • 1
Mrs. Edward Einklehor, of Pitts
burg, is visiting her parents, Mr. and
Mrs. Jacob Tuvin.
Eouis A. Tuvin, an attorney of Bal
timore, is visiting his parents, Mr. and ,
Mrs. Jacob Tuvin. .
Miss Eydia Bradley, of Salunda, S.
C., is at home here with her parents, j
Mr. and Mrs, R. E. Bradley. (
Misses Alice and Helen Fuller were ]
visitors during the week to Mrs. Clar- ,
ence Bierkamp, Keyser, W. Va. 1
Miss Jean E. Eoar, of Baltimore, is 1
a holiday' guest of her mother, Mrs. 1
Wesley Eoar, Hazlehurst Farm.
Mrs. T. G. Dillon is at home from a 1
visit of two weeks to her daughter, 1
Mrs. John Salb, Washington, D. C. 1
Mrs. Edward Finkelhor, of Pitts- J
burgh, is the guest of her parents, 1
Mr. and Mrs. Jacob Tuvin, Ormand '
street. s
B. T. Schofield, one of the town’s
oldest citizens, has been seriously ill *
several weeks at his home, W. Union 1
street. J
Prof. A. W. Scott, Principal of the
Accident public schools, in Garrett 1
county, is with his family here for the |
Wesley E. Schofield, steward of the
Miner’s Hospital, was also quite ill
last week, but his condition has since
Miss May Armstrong, of Brooklyn,
N. Y., is here for the holidays, visit- (
ing her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Robert .
Miss Helen Duffy, daughter of Mrs. ;
William Duffy, a student of Fort Eou- 1
don Seminary, Winchester, Va., is ]
home for the holidays. 1
Prof, and Mrs. F. E. Metzger and 1
daughter, Miss Margaret, are holiday ;
guests of Mrs. Metzger’s father, Jo
seph B. Thomas, Eckhart. ■
Prof. George Metger, of the Wind- ;
ber, Pa., high school, is here for the '
holidays, visiting his parents, Rev. !
and Mrs. George E. Metger. <
James Willison, a student at Con- :
way Hall, Carlisle, Pa., is here for ’
the holidays visiting his parents, Mr. 1
and Mrs. George'S. Willison.
Miss Rhoda Neal, attending school !
near Roanoke, Va., is home for the 1
holidays season visiting her parents, 1
Mr. and Mrs. Alexander Neal.
Miss Katharine McKenna, of Balti
more, and Joseph McKenna, of Cum- !
berland, are visiting their parents,
Mr. and Mrs. Henry McKenna.
Miss Inez, Johnson, of the Baltimore
State Normal School, is here to ‘
spend the holidays with her parents,
Mr. and Mrs. James T. Johnson.
All the saloons in Mt. Savage are
closed today for the entire day and j
night, by mutual agreement of the >
landlords and the saloon-keepers. ,
Miss Gertrude Stewart, teaching j
school near Baltimore, is a holiday \
guest of her parents, Mrs. and Mrs. ,
John M. Stewart, West Eoo street.
Cecil Carter, attending the Staun- 1
ton (Va.) Military Academy, is at
home for the holidays with his parents '
in Eckhart, Mr. and Mrs. J. J. Carter. 1
Mr. and Mrs. James Sleeman and
little daughter, Margaret, of Echkart
Flat, are enjoying the holidays with
relatives in Vanderbilt and Pittsburg,
Roy Wiseman, telegraph operator
at the Western Maryland station,
went to Chicago, a day or two ago, to
spend a vacation there of about three
Prof. Raymond Grim, of the Stras
burg (Va.) high school faculty, ar
rived Friday evening to spend the
holidays with his mother, Mrs. Wil
liam Grim.
Mr. and Mrs. Daniel M. Wert and
their five children, left here on Mon
day for a visit to Baltimore, Washing
ton, Pocomoke City and Princess
Anne, Md.
Prof. Victor W. Bennett, principal
of the public school at Flintstone, this
county, is with his parents, Mr. and
Mrs. W. S. Bennett, Maple street, for
the holidays.
Mr. and Mrs. James T. Johnson, of
Ormand street, are expecting their
son Stanley, of New York to arrive
here Saturday for a week’s visit at
the parental home.
Messrs. Bernard Gehauf and War
ren Walker, students of Carnegie
Technical School, Pittsburgh, Pa.,
are visiting their parents, Mr. and
Mrs. John F. Gehauf, and Dr. and
Mrs. A. R. Walker.
Miss Ada May Eancaster, of Eck
hart Mines, and Miss Mary Weimer,
of Avilton, were guests last week of
their unele, Curtin Chaney, and his
family, at Salisbury, Pa.
John H. Kemp, foreman of the
Stanton mines at Short Gap, is out
again after confinement to his home
by injuries incurred in a squeeze be
tween two cars, about two weeks ago.
Wm. Gunter, Jr., who has been at
tending a law school at Carlisle, Pa.,
arrived here a few days ago to spend
Christmas with his parents, Mr. and
Mrs. Wm. R. Gunter, of Hotel Glad
Miss Marie Ehm, daughter of Mr.
and Mrs. Charles Ehm, of this place,
has reached home from an extended
tour as solo violinist of the Ithaca,
(N. Y.) Conservatory of Music Con
cert Company.
D. R. Scott & Co., of Einton, Ind.,
have The Spirit’s thanks for a new
subscription for a year, with check
and' expressed wishes for the paper’s
success accompanying it. D. R. Scott
is a son of Robert Scott, of this city.
Word from Hahnemann Hospital,
Philadelphia, has it that the surgical
operation undergone last week by
Kearon Manning, son of Mrs. John
Manning, of this place, was success
ful, and that the patient’s condition is
Miss Minnie Eivengood, a student
of the Western Pennsylvania School
for the Deaf, at Pittsburgh, is home
with her parents, Editor and Mrs. P.
E. Eivengood, to spend the Christmas
vacation. She will remain at home
until Jan. Sth.
Miss Pearl Nickel, who left here
last May and has been spending most
of the time since in the employ of the
New Bone Corset Co., of Cory, Pa.,
returned to Frostburg, last Saturday,
to spend the Christmas season with
her parents, Mr. and Mrs. C. F.
Miss Katherine McKenna and
brother, Joseph, of Baltimore, both
telegraph operators, are guests of
their parents, Mr. and Mrs. Henry
McKenna, Ormand street. The latter
will not return to Baltimore, but
enter his company’s (B. & O. R. R.)
service in Cumberland.
Frostburg has a musical genius in
the person of Virginia Folk, the five
year-old daughter of Mr. and Mrs. C.
B. Folk. Kittle Miss Folk appeared
at Piedmont, Tuesday evening of last
week, and sang a number of difficult
solos which were much appreciated.
The house was packed and she re
ceived much applause.
W. S. Eivengood, editor and Pub
lisher of The Meyersdale Republican,
was the guest of his brother, the edit
or of The Spirit, last Sunday after
noon. The visiting brother reports
the newspaper and job printing busi
ness booming in Meyersdale, and in a
recent issue of that paper there were
57 columns of advertisements. That’s
“going some,” for a town not over
half as big as Frostburg, in which
there is also another newspaper that
had about half that many columns of
advertising the same week.
The editor and wife acknowledge
receipt of an invitation to be present
at a reception to be given at Windber,
Pa., Dec. 31st, by Windber Council
No. 1796, Royal Arcanum. Music,
elocution and refreshments will be
features of the evening. The editor
is a member of Council No. 1796, and
he yvould be delighted to meet with
his brethren at the place and time
stated, but it will be impossible. Said
council is one of the model councils
of Pennsylvania. In fact there is no
better Royal Arcanum council any
where than that at Windber, Pa., and
as a fraternal insurance order, there
is none better in existence.
A Wonderfully Interesting Serial
Story that Begins This Week
in The Spirit.
Don’t miss a single chapter of this 1
intensely interesting serial story.
Thosewhoread “Holton of The Navy,” ,
which was continued in The Spirit
from Sept. 11th to last week, when
the closing chapter was published,
enjoyed a rare treat, but “The Time
Dock,” which bWgins in our columns
this week, is even more interesting.
Read it and learn that there is more
than one variety of bluff. The author,
Chas. Edmonds Walk, tells how an in
ventor brings a multi-millionare to
time by a clever fake. A strange
murder, a mysterious disappearance
and a succession of unusual adven
tures will keep you interested from
the beginning to the very last chapter.
Greetings from Citizens National
One of the neatest of New Year
cards we have yet received, has just
come to hand as we are making ready
to go to press. It is an exquisitely
beautiful embossed and steel-die
printed card from the Citizens Na
tional Bank of Frostburg, bearing this
“To wish you all happiness at
Christmas and prosperity throughout
the New Year.”
A basket filled with holly, printed
in red, green and gold, adorns the
card, and the design is most beautiful,
as is also the printing. All in all it is
a high grade piece of work from a
very high grade and ably conduted
bank, and the message it contains is
appreciated by the bank’s large num
ber of patrons and friends.
The Heap Big Indian Chief at
Store of Davis Bros.
Davis Bros., the well-known Frost
burg tobacco merchants whose adver
tisement appears elsewhere in this
paper, are constantly adding new at
tractions to their store. The latest is
a “heap big” Indian chief in a strik
ingly peaceful attitude, and nicely
described as follows in
Evening Times:
“Chief Manito, regarding the store
as his hospitable wigwam, will stand,
and motionless and noiseless play con
tinuously the part of footman, not
only during the Yuletide season, but
every day for many future years.
“He does not appear in war paint,
but in the many varied colors of his
tribes, and hence, is symbolic, at this
moment particularly, of “Peace On
Earth, Good Will To Men.”
“He holds in one hand the “Pipe of
Peace;” in the other a bunch of to
bacco, and to him may be happily ap
plied the well known lines of Kong
fellow: '
‘ “From the red stone of the quarry,
With his hand, he broke a pagment,
And molded it into a pipe-head,
From the margin of the river.
Took a long reed for a pipe stem,
Filled the pipe with bark of willow,
And, erect upon the mountains,
Gitche-Manito, the mighty,
Smoked the calumet—the Peace
pipe.” ’
1 pYonCanDependonthe QuaDtyl 1
X | if you seledt a present* :
f Genuine Parisian Ivory ~1
K Is Expensive x
| We havefit, open stock, and you can buy a j
X | Comb and Brush now, and a Mirror at some j X
| future time. Any of the little Toilet articles j
€5 f can be purchased as convenient. ! X
1 Let us have your order |
| for Johnson’s |
u Most* Famous Candy
\g We will receive a large stock, but you will
V have a better selection if you leave your order V
X ; We have all of the very latest and popular X
X Books on sale now. We also have many
X Books for Boys and Girls, X
recent copyrights, such as Ben Hur, Mistress ej
X of Sheniston & Co., at 40c. cS
X Those who are helping the contestants in X
X Great Piano Contest*
X are here reminded that four times the regular X
X amount of Certificates is given on all purchases X
X of Stationery, Books and Candy. i
I g. L Pearce Drag Co. §
g jjj
i Do Your Christmas Shopping |
o o
o At the Big- Store in East Frostburg-. Every de- o
o partment is fully stocked with new goods. The o
O prettiest line of dolls outside of Baltimore City. O
O All kinds of fancy and staple articles for the O
o Christmas season. Just the place to buy ma- O
O terials for the gifts made at home. O
° R
g Headquarters For D. M. C. o
° ’ R
g 117-123 East Union Street, Frostburg, Md. g
o 0
a step in advance
You should give attention to your sole. If you expect to have
good health you must have comfortable scientifically made shoes.
Beacon Flexibility assures old fashioned, custom shoe comfort.
Every advanced, scientific method known to shoe making is
incorporated in Beacons plus that touch of smartness that makes
®them so attractive. .
fruits of our long exper- /W l
ience as shoe makers V
Beaconize Your Feet. Jyiy
J. B. Shannon Si Co.,
Christmas Savings Club
Bulletin No. 1
In addition to the 1, 2 and 5
cent Glasses, we also have a 50
cent and SI.OO Glass*
In the 50 cent Glass, you make
a flat payment of 50 cents a week
for 50 weeks and receive a check
for $25.00 and interest at 3 °Jo\
In the SI.OO Glass, pay SI.OO
a week for 50 weeks, and, receive
a check for $50,00 and 3 °Jo inter
Our Savings Club Starts Monday,
December 29th.
The Citizens National Bank
Of Frostburg
[l|es=i ll IT- II =acaU
1 ■■
I ' -
DAVIS BROS., Proprietors
J. Alex Davis James S. Davis
, We Offer for Your Inspection j
Cigars, Heavy, Medium and Bight Bowney’s and Schrafft’s High Grade
~ , , -n . Chocolates put up in attractive
Meerschaum and Briar Pipes. seasonable packages.
Smokers’ Articles a Specialty
1 Our fine cigars, handsome and high grade chocolates make ideal Christmas
presents. The chocolates are put up in 1,2, 3 and 5-lb. packages. We also
have a full line of Novelties for Christmas or any other time, and you will al
ways find the best in Cigars, Pipes and Cigar Holders at
Davis Bros. Tobacco Emporium
| No. 20 Eleanor Building. End of Car Line, jjjj
|B|r~n —=-,!■ ~n —=tr 11 ii ii_ifjjj
The Spirit wishes a merry Christmas and a prosper
ous and happy New Year to all, and returns its grateful
thanks to its patrons for favors extended during the year
about to close.

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