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Spirit Liijers
Wanted, For Sale, For Rent,
Lost, Found, and Miscel
laneous Notices.
RATES —Five cents per line for
each insertion. No advertisement
accepted for less than 25 cents.
Another carload of Old Virginia
heavy draft horses. Unloaded Feb
ruary 21. M. W. Race’s Eivery, Frost
burg, Md. lt-
at Shearer’s,, successor to Stern’s, will
commence next Saturday. The pub
lic is urged to read all our advertising
matter relating to this sale. Some
great values are to be offered. It.
All the vehicle and automobile paint
ing we can get. We are especially
well prepared to do your work in this
line in first-class style and at reason
able prices.
Frostburg Paint Mfg. Co.,
l-29tf. 10 South Water St.
Men and women. Call or write to
Frostburg Paint Mfg. Co., E. S. Kight,
Secretary, Frostburg, Md. l-29tf.
~~ • s
Owen Price, Sr., of Eckhart, is
/ housed in his home by illness.
Andrew Speir, ill at the Miners’
Hospital, is rapidly improving.
Mrs. Mary Fegely, of Reading, Pa.,
is visiting her sister, Mrs. Raymond
Walter, Tern Terrace. 4
Mrs. Samuel Shearer, of this place,
left yesterday for Baltimore, where
she will visit relatives and friends.
Mrs. P. O’Rourke left Tuesday for
New York, Philadelphia and Balti
more to purchase her spring millinery.
Mrs. Clara Pyle Ewing and Miss
Edna Marshall, of the State Normal
School faculty, are ill.
D. B. Carter, a patient in the Min
ers’ Hospital several weeks, was tak
en to his boarding house in this place
yesterday, very much improved.
Walter Powell, candidate for the
Republican nomination for Mayor of
Cumberland, was a visitor in Frost
burg yesterday.
Mrs. Daniel J. Betz, East Union
street, was a recent guest at the home
of Mr. and Mrs. Rodney Pierce and
family, Pittsburg, Pa.
Henry F. Cook, who has been un
able to work for the last five weeks,
owing to a severe attack of la grippe,
is again able to be out.
Miss Metzner, telephone exchange
operator of this place, who has been
ill for the past week at her home on
Mt. Pleasant street, is much improv
George Dayman, who has been visit
ing at the home of Mr. and Mrs. John
Dayman, Graham’s farm, for the past
six weeks, has returned to his home,
Newell, lowa.
Mrs. David Morgan, of Flintstone,
formerly of this place, was taken to
the Miners’ Hospital on Tuesday to
undergo an operation for bone tuber
Jack Hart, always genial and jovial,
is slowly recovering from a nervous
breakdown and other complications
that have kept him from work for
some weeks.
Gladys, the four-year-old daughter
of Mr. and Mrs. Evan Evans, Spring
street, who died Tuesday evening, was
buried Wednesday afternoon in the
Allegany cemetery.
Mrs. Dlewellyn Thomas, who was
injured in December by being struck
with a sled, was taken to the Western
Maryland Hospital, Wednesday, to
undergo an operation.
John T. Hoover and John Clark, of
Uniontown, Pa., and Thomas Hoover,
of Masontown, Pa., were here this
week and purchased horses at the M.
W. Race sales stables.
The editor was in Salisbury, Pa., on
business this week, hence was not
able to get particulars of certain im
portant happenings that otherwise
would be in this week’s Spirit.
While putting up a sheet of steel
ceiling in the remodeled building,
corner West Union and North Water
streets, Saturday afternoon, William
Mattox, carpenter, was painfully hurt
by a fall of the sheet on his left wrist,
cutting it severely.
A Frostburg citizen showed The
Spirit man a letter this morning from
a very intelligent former Frostberger
now located in one of the largest
cities in America, in which The Spirit
is mentioned in the highest terms of
praise and the editor referred to as a
clever newspaper man. Compliments
concerning this paper that are handed
to others instead of to the editor are
doubly appreciated.
Always read the advertisements in
The Spirit, and thereby keep posted
on the best places to buy. Our adver
tisers are all fine people, and they
have good values in their respective
lines at all times. New advertise
ments of special interest in this issue
are those of the Hitchins Bros. Co.,
A. Chas. Stewart, Jacob Hafer, Mrs.
Annie Schneider, Griffith Bros., M. W.
Race and Shearer’s.
Supt. Dang, of the Twentieth Cen
tury Manufacturing Co., of Salisbury,
Pa., was a business caller at The
Spirit office last Saturday. Mr. Dang
stated while here that he had been
booking many orders for the famous
traction engines manufactured by the
firm he represents. A large addition
to the company’s works is nearing
completion, and the concern promises
to develop into a very large industry
in course of time, one that will be
worth a great deal to Salisbury and
Richard Glotfelty, of near Salis
bury, was in Frostburg last Saturday
and did the same thing a good many
other people in the Salisbury-Grants
ville region have done—subscribed
for this paper. Many people in that
locality prefer Frostburg for market
ing and buying to any other town in
the country, and, of course, they
want a Frostburg newspaper, espec
ially when they , can get one edited
and published by Pete Divgngood,
whom they have known and patron
ized for years when he edited papers
in’Somerset county, Pa.
Sherman and Edward Davis, of
Springs, Pa., and Irvin Stanton, Gid
eon Guagey, Wilson Folk and Chas.
H. Bill, of Grantsville and vicinity,
are in this city today. Mr. Bill is re
turning home from a visit with his
brother Frank, in Donaconing, and
some of the other gentlemen named
were here to see Diveryman M. W.
Race in regard to the purchase of
horses. Some of them told the editor
that Mr. Race is the best man they
know of to buy horses from, and he
has been told the same by many other
people at various times.
Editor’s Brother-ia-Law Dies
Suddenly in Oregon.
Oliver H. Heitzman, a prominent
citizen of Palouse, Wash., who mar
ried the editor’s sister, Miss Sadie
Divengood, a little over 25 years ago,
was found dead in a haymow near
Milton, Oregon, on the Bth inst.
A coroner’s inquest was held, and
the verdict was that death was due to
a natural cause, probably of apoplexy.
Mr. Heitzman was an exceptionally
robust man, and a model citizen in
every way. At the time of his death
he was in Oregon on a large orchard
farm which he was about to take
charge of, he and others having traded
a fine milling property at Palouse,
Wash., for the orchard land in Oregon.
He is survived by his wife and three
fine boys, the eldest fully grown and
a young man of herculean strength.
Mrs. Heitzman, whose girlhood days
were spent in Garrett county, Md.,
Somerset county, Pa., and Carroll
county, 111., has many friends in all of
those counties who will be sorry to
learn of her bereavement.
Mr. and Mrs. Heitzman were married
on the 14th of February, 1899, in Car
roll county, 111., the same evening the
editor of this paper was married at
Carleton, Neb.
Weut to Annapolis to Protest
Against Tax Legislation.
A delegation from Frostburg, com
posed of Hon. Walter W. Wittig, Col.
Thos. Dillon, Messrs. Henry Fisher
and E. C. Willison, went to Annapolis
on Monday, and after the session of
the House, about 10:30 p. m., held a
conference with the Allegany delega
tion in the interests of the taxpayers
as represented by the Citizens’ and
Taxpayers’ Protective Association,
recently organized here. They pro
tested against the passage of the bill
recently introduced by Delegate Gun
nett, of Frostburg, empowering the
Mayor and Council to increase the
municipal tax rate from 50 to 75 cents
on each 8100. The delegation repre
sented to the Allegany members that
the taxpayers of Frostburg are posi
tively opposed to any increase in the
tax rate.
After a thorough discussion the
matter was left in the hands of the
delegation, which will give the pro
test due consideration. The bill as it
stands contains the referendum pro
vision, thus giving the voters of Frost
burg the opportunity of rejecting the
proposition at the municipal election,
and since the bill has that feature,
The Spirit can see no good reason
why the bill should not be passed and
let the people decide whether they
want the tax rate increased or not.
With the people given a chance to
vote on the question, the bill is entire
ly fair to all.
Noted Evaagelist to Speak
in the Frostburg Opera House next
Sunday, 7:30 p. m. All are invited.
■Seats free. No collection Advt.
Aa Ex-Postmaster Who Is a Clever
While in Salisbury on business, last
Monday, the editor was shown a very
clever job of converting an old build
ing into a fine modern residence. The
building was originally erected for a
furniture store, later remodeled for a
workshop on first floor and public hall
on the second. After serving that
double purpose for many years, it was
converted into a residence, but during
the last year it was again overhauled
and converted into a modern residence
with all the late conveniences, by Al
bert B. Dowry, Justice of the Peace,
carpenter and ex-Postmaster.
As the building was once the home
of The Somerset County Star, a paper
formerly edited and published by the
editor of this paper, the writer took a
special interest in the interesting
transformation of the old structure in
to the handsome, commodious and
convenient residence it has been con
verted into by Mr. Dowry, who is a
genius as well as a good fellow.
The building has been purchased by
James Harding, a Salisbury coal
operator, who at the present time is
occupying a modern residence nearby
which is owned by the editor’s wife.
Sorry as we are to lose so good a
tenant as Mr. Harding, one of the
best citizens in that town, we are
nevertheless glad to know that he is
now the owner of a fine, modern home
of his own. In the meantime we have
secured a good tenant to take his
place, in the person of H. H. Dang,
Superintendent of the Twentieth Cen
tury Mfg. Co., a concern that manu
factures traction engines and has its
works at Boynton, a suburb of Salis
A Second-Hand 8-Horse
g d Steam Engine d $
With Upright Boiler. In good
?5 condition. C 5
I Bought and Sold |
jjl Western Maryland, B. & O. ©
and Penna. R. R. Mileage.
| Pearce’s |
x Corn Cure g
X Will cure any corn in four days X
Ja if applied according to directions. 5%
| Pearce’s Pine |
| Tar Cough Syrup i
Will give immediate relief ©
X in all cases of coughs and colds.
Try Our Chap-Off |
For chapped hands. X
It is also an excellent preparation to ”
|| use after shaving.
1 G. E. Peirce Drug Co. |
| o—J
ji _
iltffffltil an d cllaracter 4S what we offer,
f* Bookcases of many designs, li
; ; j brary tables and easy chairs
that appeal to the eye and taste
' 'il.Mr: You will be pleasantly surprised
Town Registration.
Notice is hereby given to j
all male persons residing within
the corporate limits of the Town of
Frostburg, Allegany County, Mary
land, that the Officers of Registration
—Joshua Davis and Charles Wilson—
will sit in the
for the purpose of registering all
male residents,mot already registered,
who are legally entitled to registra
tion and who may desire to exercise
the Right of Suffrage at the next en
suing Corporate Election, as follows:
Monday, March 16, 1914,
From 12 o’clock M. to 9 o’clock P. M.
Tuesday, March 17, 1914,
From 12 o’clock M. to 9 o’clock P. M.
Monday, March 23, 1914,
From 12 o’clock M. to 9 o’clock P. M.
Persons entitled to the Suffrage
neglecting to register will thereby
forfeit the right to vote at the next
corporate election.
By order of Mayor and Councilmen,
February 19, 1914. Clerk.
Cumberland and Westernport
Electric Railway.
First car leaves Frost burgr for Cumberland
at 6:00 a. m., Eckhart 6:12, Clarysville 6;19, Red
Hill 6:24, Long’s 6:60, Narrows Park 6:40, arriv
ing at Baltimore street, Cumberland, at 7:00 a.
m. Car leaves Frostburg every hour after
wards for Cumberland (on the hour) last car
leaving Frostburg at 11:00 o’clock p. m.
First car leaves Baltimore street, Cumber
land, for Frostburg at 7:00 a. m , Narrows Park
7;20, Long’s 7:60, Red Hill 7:36, Clarysville 7:41,
Eckhart 7:48, arriving at Frostburg at 8:00 a. m.
Car leaves Cumberland every hour afterwards
for Frostburg (on the hour) last car leaving
Cumberland at 12:00 o’clock midnight.
First car leaves Frostburg for Westernport
at 5:00 a. m., Borden Shaft 5;12, Blake’s 5:23,
Midland 5:30, Lonaconmg 5:47, Moscow 6:00,
Barton 6:08, Reynolds 6:13, Franklin 6:29, West
ernport 6:30. Car leaves Frostburg every hour
(on the hour) last car leaving Frostburg for
Westernport at 11:00 o’clock p. m.
Last car leaves Frostburg for Lonaconing at
12;00 o’clock midnight, arriving at Lonaconing
12:47 a. m., returning leaves Lonaconing 12:50
a. m., arriving at Frostburg 1:30 a. m.
First car leaves Westernport for Frostburg
at 5:30 a. m., Franklin 5:40, Reynolds 5:47, Bar
ton 5:52, Moscow 6:00, Lonaconing 6:12, Midland
6:30, Blake’s 6:37, Borden Shaft 6:48, Frostburg
7:00. Car lerves Westernport every hour after
wards for Frostburg, last car leaving Western
port at 11:30 p m. for Frostburg.
All cars east and west connect at Frostburg.
J. E. TAYLOR, Superintendent.
Allegany Cemetery.
2200 LOTS.
Prices $9.00 to $22.59.
J. B. Williams,
secretary and treasurer.
Office: C. & P. Phone:
60 E. Main Street. No. 52.
Words of Praise
For Mayr’s Wonderful
Stomach Remedy
—“How thankful we are to
I IMihmtii'yiJljtßMmH you for getting a hold of
Ur ' von< * Remedy.
had but a short time to live
| if she had not taken your
Wonderful Remedy when
Bk / s^ie did. Cnc more of those
i „ paroccysm pains she was
having would have lulled
her without a doubt. Now
att 'A s^e * s Tree from all pain,
iffl- / I*’ f i free from heart trouble and
Of' j free from that disturbing
1 l Neuralgia—all the results
of five . treatments—and
the expulsion of five or six hundred Gall
Stones. Now she is able to eat anything she
wants and her appetite is good and before
taking your medicine she had no appetite and
when she ate anything she would suffer death
for so doing and could not sleep at night;
since taking your treatment she sleeps well all
night long. T. A. NEALL, Roanoke, Texas.”
The above letter should convince you more
than anything we could say in behalf of
Mayr’s Wonderful Stomach Remedy. Suf
ferers should try one dose of this Remedy—
one dose should convince them that they can
be restored to health. Nearly all Stomach
Ailments are caused by the clogging of the
intestinal tract with mucoid and catarrhal ac
i cretions allowing poisonous fluids into the
Stomach and otherwise deranging the digestive
system. Mayr’s Wonderful Stomach Remedy
painlessly removes these accretions without a
surgical operation and puts an end to Colic
Attacks, Gases in the Stomach and Intestines
and all of the usual symptoms of Stomach,
Liver and Intestinal Ailments. Ask your
druggist about Mayr’s Wonderful Stomach
Remedy or send to Geo. H. Mayr, Mfg.
Chemist, 154 Whiting St., Chicago, 111., for
free booklet on Stomach Ailments and many
grateful letters from people who have been
For sale in Frostburg, Md., by the
G. E. Pearce Drug Co.
It Is Bad Business for a local bus
iness man not to have his advertise
ment in this paper. tf.
. ■
Is more than a rainy day fund—its an evidence of
good management*
In the case of a Bank, Railroad or any other
Corporation, a large surplus means that the man
agement is wise enough not to distribute all the
profits in the form of dividends, but to reserve a
portion for future use—it may be for emergen
cies, or it may be to Invest in material, real
estate, or something else requiring capital; at any
rate, the possession of a surplus renders it unnec
essary to borrow the money*
should have a surplus in the form of a SAVINGS
It is exactly the "same with the Individual as
with the Corporation—his surplus Indicates that
his personal expenses have been kept so well
within his income that there is something left over.
It also shows that he has not used it all in
. “dividends" of pleasure, but like a wise man has
“salted" some of it down for the future.
have you? If you have never started a Surplus
Fund, begin right now, by opening an account in
the SAVINGS DEPARTMENT of this strong
CAPITAL $ 50,000.00
SURPLUS 81,000.00
ASSETS (nearly) 900,000.00
“The Bank That Helps You to Save.”
President. Cashier.
Administratrix’s Notice.
This is to give notice that the subscriber, Dora
Jenkins, hath obtained from the Orphans’ Court
of Allegany County, in the State of Maryland, let
ters of administration on the personal estate of
Philip Jenkins, late of Frostburg, Md., deceased.
All persons having claims against the deceased are
warned to exhibit the same, with the vouchers
thereof, legally authenticated, to the subscriber,
on or before the 20th day of August next: they
may otherwise by law be excluded from all bene
fit of said estate.
Given under my hand this 20tli day of February,
2-19 —3-5 Administratrix.
Notice of Application for Saloon License
WHEREAS, The following named persons
have, in compliance with Chapter 140 of the
Acts of the General Assembly of Maryland
for the year 1894, as amended by Chapter 415
of the Acts of 1902, being Article 1, and as
amended by the Acts of 1904, and of the Acts of
1908, and of the Acts of 1910, Public Local
Laws of Allegany County, filed with the Clerk
of the Circuit Court for Allegany Counnty,
their Applications for Licenses to sell Spirit
uous and%Fermented Liquors at their places
of business in Allegany County as below
monstrances against the issuance of Licenses
to said Applicants must be filed with the
undersigned WITHIN TWENTY DAYS after
the filing of the Applications.
WILLIAM A. BRUNER — business,
about 20 yards northeast of James Carter’s
store, Main street, Eckhart, Md. Residence,
Eckhart, Md. Owner of premises, Lula Engle.
" 2-12—2-26
EDWARD HARDIN—PIace of business, 134
West Union street, Frostburg, Md. Resideuce,
Frostburg, Md. Owner of premises, Vought
man heirs. 2-19 —3-5
State of Maryland
Notice to Contractors.
SEALED PROPOSALS for building one section
of State Highway. As follows:
ALLEGANY COUNTY: One section along the
National Pike from Green Ridge to Washington
County line, about 7.88 miles in length. (Re
will be received by the State Roads Commission,
at its offices, 601 Garrett Building, Baltimore,
Maryland, until 12 M., on the 3d day of March,
1914, at which time and place they will be publicly
opened and read.
Bids must be made upon the blank form con
tained in the book of specifications. Specifica
tions and plans will be furnished by the Com
mission upon application and cash payment of
Si. oo, as hereafter no charges will be permitted.
No bids will be received unless accompanied by
a certified check for the sum of Five Hundred
(500) dollars, payable to the State Roads Com
The successful bidder will be required to give
bond, and comply with the Acts of the General
Assembly of Maryland, respecting contracts.
The Commission reserves the right to reject
any and all bids.
BY ORDER of the State Roads Commission
this 13th day of February, 1914.
Wm. L. Marcy, O. E. Weller,
Secretary. Chairman.
Be a Booster, not a knocker. Sub
scribe for your home paper. tf.
Isl 08 This Is Our Best Offer SIOB
■ These Four First-Class Magazines and Our 8
" Paper, ALL FIVE ONE YEAR, Only "
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M Ml This is the biggest bargain in the best reading
I#UIS AflOilß matter ever offered to our subscribers. It in
cludes our paper —the best weekly published
in this part of the state —and the Four Magazines of national prominence
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We have never sold our paper alone at less than $1.50 a year.
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publications we are able to give our readers the four magazines with our
paper, all one year for only $1.68 —just 18 cents more than the
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Send us your orders right away, give them to our representative or call
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I Our Paper and These Four Standard Magazines M I
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