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Rsal Baptism Is Burial of the Hu
man Will Into the Will of God.
Water Baptism Merely a Symbol of
Consecration —Not Sprinkling, Nor
Pouring, but Immersing—The Old
Creature Buried In Baptism—The
New Creature Arises to Walk In
Newness of Life—Baptized With
Christ's Baptism—lmportance of the
Symbol—Greater Importance of the
Real Baptism—Dead to Everything
Exceot the Will of God.
was, ‘‘Therefore
We are buried with Him by baptism
into death; that like as Christ was
raised up from the dead by the glory
of the Father, even so we also should
walk in newness of life.” —Romans 6:4.
On opening his discourse, the Pastor
called attention to the fact that his
text did not read, buried by baptism
into water, or sprinkled with water,
but ‘‘buried by baptism into death." In
the context, the Apostle says not one
word about water baptism. Water
baptism, the Pastor declared, is mere
ly a symbol, or picture, of the real bap
tism; and the Apostle Paul explains
from various points of view the real
baptism, without which the symboj is
a mere form. Whoever receives the
real baptism thereby becomes a mem
ber of the Body of Christ, a member of
the New Creation. But whoever has
not the real baptism is not a New
Creature, not a member of the Body
of Christ, though he were baptized in
water a thousand times.
The Pastor next showed that the real
baptism is a baptism into Christ’s
death. This baptism takes place at
the moment when one consecrates him
self fully to the Lord —making a com
plete surrender of his will to God,
thenceforth to follow His leadings and
to render obedience even unto death.
As the Scriptures sometimes represent
it, we give our hearts to the Lord.
This burial of our wills into the will of
God is reckoned to be our death as hu
man beings. Therefore, the Apostle
Bays, ‘‘Ye are dead, and your life is hid
with Christ in God.” From the mo
ment of consecration we are no longer
counted as human beings, of the earth
earthy, with earthly hopes, alms and
objects, but as New Creatures in
Christ. This burial of our wills into
the Divine will is instantly followed
by our begetting to newness of life —to
a new nature.
Water Baptism as a Symbol.
The Pastor next discussed the sub
ject of water baptism. Christian peo
ple, he declared, are a unit in under
standing that the New Testament
teaches baptism, but there is great con
fusion of thought respecting its mode
and significance. By the second cen
tury of our Era, he asserted, the great
falling away from the faith, predicted
by the apostles, had gained such head
way that very superstitious views were
held by the church nominal. Water
baptism was supposed not only to can
cel sins that were past, but also to
bring its recipient certain favors from
God which could not otherwise be se
cured. Not only did believers seek
baptism for themselves, but they
brought their children for baptism; and
since these were too young to enter
Into covenant relationship with God
for themselves, an arrangement was
made whereby others than the parents
might become sponsors for such chil
Continuing his theme, the Pastor re
viewed briefly the various theories on
the subject of baptism held by the dif
ferent denominations. He then ex
plained wherein these are not in har
mony wdth the Scriptures. Neither
sprinkling nor pouring could in any
sense of the word be considered a
picture of death and burial. He call
ed attention to the fact that the Greek
word signifying baptism— baptizo— has
the significance of immersing, cover
ing, plunging; and that wholly differ
ent words are used in the Greek when
sprinkling, pouring or raining is meant.
So fully did he cover every phase of
this subject that he left no doubt that
Immersion Is the Scriptural form of
The Pastor then discussed the doc
trine of baptism as set forth in the
Baptist and Disciple denominations.
He showed that our Disciple friends
are preaching the baptism of John the
Baptist, not baptism into Christ; and
that our Baptist friends, while they
have the right form, as have also the
Disciples, have emphasized the sym
bol rather than the reality—consecra
tion unto death. This portion of the
discourse was especially interesting and
profitable. Apparently the Pastor sus
tained his point fully; for he har
monized all the Scriptures bearing
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upon the subject. It is only after we
see clearly the confusion involved in
the various theories of Christendom
that we are prepared to appreciate the
simplicity of the Scriptural teaching.
The Real Baptism Into Christ.
Having established the facts that
water baptism is a figure, a symbolical
picture, of consecration, and that im
mersion is the Scriptural form of bap
tism, the Pastor then dw#lt upon the
subject as presented in Romans 6.
There the Apostle sets forth the deep
significance of burial wdth Jesus
From the time that the Christian gives
his heart to the Lord he is reckoned
dead. Thenceforth as a New Creature
in Christ he should walk in newness
of life—that is to say, his daily course
should be altogether different from
that of the world. The Christian is
under laws much higher than any hu
man law. His is the highest standard
there is—the Law of God.
The Pastor then explained in what
way the Christian who is buried in
baptism with Christ rises to walk in
newness of life. To the consecrated
Christian, “Old things have passed
away”—old ambitions, old motives, the
thought of making a great name, of
owning the earth or of accomplishing
something noteworthy of a worldly
kind, etc. All these have given place
to higher ambitions, new motives —the
hope of having favor wdth God, being
now His dear children, anxious to
know His wdll and to do it. To these
the first general Law is given—the
Golden Rule—w’hieh is the least of all
the Divine laws. “Do unto others as
ye would have them do unto you,” is
the primary Law of God for all Chris
tians. To be a representative of the
Lord every Christian must love his
neighbor as himself, must deal wdth
him as kindly and as generously as he
would have that neighbor deal with
But the Christian must do much more
than observe the Golden Rule, contin
ued the Pastor. Had Jesus done no more
than keep the Golden Rule, mankind
would not have been redeemed by the
precious blood of God’s dear Son. He
could have done just as much for oth
ers as He would ask any one to do for
Him, and not have died for the fallen
race of Adam. His sacrifice included
much more than merely keeping the
Golden Rule. The Golden Rule, the
speaker declared, is the Jewish Law,
which Israel could not keep because of
their fallen condition.
It was then explained how it is that
the Christian can keep the Law which
the Jew failed to observe. St. Paul de
clares that while the Church of Christ
is no more perfect in the flesh than is
the Jew, yet God is dealing differently
with the Church. He is scrutinizing
their hearts and judging them accord
ing to their intentions. If He sees that
In the heart the Christian is striving to
love his neighbor as himself and to do
unto others as he would be done by,
He is pleased; and He has made ar
rangements whereby those who are
thus striving may remain in His fami
ly despite their failures and shortcom
ings. These they may confess, and
they may ask forgiveness for Jesus’
sake and be forgiven.
How the Christian Fulfils the Law.
The Pastor then showed that God
has made a provision for the Church
which He did not make for the Jews.
Israel was under a typical Law, wdth
a typical mediator, who could not offer
real atonement for their weaknesses
and have them judged according to
the mind. But, through Jesus Christ,
the Father has made this very ar
rangement for the Church; and they
are judged according to their inten
tions, according to their will. There
fore, when they are living up to the
Golden Rule to the best of their abili
ty, the righteousness of the Law is
reckoned as fulfilled in them. As the
Apostle says, “The righteousness of
the Law is fulfilled in us, who walk
not after the flesh, but after the Spir
it.” Even though we can never fully
catch up wdth the spirit of that Law
after which we are walking, yet “the
blood of Jesus Christ His Son cleans
eth us from all sin.”
The Christian, however, has in his
vow of consecration agreed to do more
than merely keep the Golden Rule.
He has covenanted to giye up all of
his earthly interests, to do the wdll of
God and to drink the cup which He
pours for those who follow in the foot
steps of Jesus. Whatever the conse
crated Christian sees to be the wdll of
God respecting him he is to do—he is
to drink that “cup,” doing so with as
much pleasure as possible, delighting
to do the Father’s will, even though
the cup be bitter.
The Pastor emphasized this point by
reference to the experiences of the
Master. Shortly before His death,
James and John had requested that
they might be privileged to sit, the one
on His right hand and the other on His
left, in His Messianic Kingdom. It
was not selfishness that prompted the
request, but deep love and apprecia
tion of their Lord. James and John
were so earnest, so zealous, that the
Lord especially loved them. In reply
to their request, Jesus asked, “Are ye
able to drink of the cup that I shall
drink of, and to be baptized with the
baptism that I am baptized with?”
This is the condition of discipleship.
You cannot be in the Throne unless
you drink the cup.
Baptized With Christ’s Baptism.
The Pastor then demonstrated con
clusively that the baptism to which our
Lord referred in His reply to the re
quest made by James and John was
not water baptism. He quoted anoth
er saying of Jesus on the same subject
—“I have a baptism to be baptized
with; and how am I straitened until
it be accomplished!” That baptism
was accomplished when on the cross
He cried, “It is finished!” This, the
speaker declared, is the baptism which
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: Above Ancestry.
It is fortunate to be of noble ances
; try; it is more so to be such that peo
ple do not care to be informed wheth
er you are noble or ignoble.— La
every true follower of the Master must
undergo—immersion of one’s own wdll
into that of the Heavenly Father. The
water baptism is a symbol of that bap
tism, but the real baptism of Christ was
His immersion into death—fully, com
pletely, giving up His life to do the Fa
ther’s will.
Whoever would be wdth the Master
in His Throne must be so fully con
secrated to do the Divine will, so ready
to drink our Lord’s cup, that he wdll
accept whatever the Father may per
mit to come to him. He is not to pour
his own cup, and say that he wdll do
thus and so; nor is he to bury himself.
This is beautifully pictured in the wa
ter baptism. There the candidate gives
himself into the hands of the adminis
trator, and submits his will to that of
the other. Symbolically he says, “Lord,
into Thy hands I commit myself. Take
me, bury me —in whatever way Thou
dost think best.”
Figuratively, the Lord lays hold on
one thus consecrated and lets him
down into death; and it is of His pow
er that this one will be raised up to
the perfect life beyond the veil —to
glory, honor and immortality, sharing
His resurrection, the First Resurrec
tion. But only those w r ho are buried in
the likeness of His death wdll be raised
in His likeness. Thus this picture of
baptism corresponds exactly to the
Scripture wdiich reads, “I beseech you,
brethren, by the mercies of God, that
ye present your bodies a living sacri
fice, holy, acceptable unto God—your
reasonable service.”
The Pastor went on to explain that
this is something more than merely
the Golden Rule, which calls only for
Justice, not sacrifice. Those who drink
of the cup of Christ must ignore self
and its preferences. They must sub
mit to injustice for the sake of Christ;
they must sacrifice also. If they suf
fer with Him they shall also reign with
Him; and the sufferings of the present
time are not worthy to be compared
with the glory which shall be revealed
in the Lord's saints.
The Importance of the Symbol.
Pastor Russell considers the sym
bolic baptism of great importance. He
acknowledged that great confusion- ex
ists among Christian people on this
subject, but holds that the real bap
tism of the human wdll into the Divine
will is the all-important matter. But
whoever knows about the true symbol
and then refuses to be immersed, there
by proves that he is not fully dead to
his own will. Those who have never
perceived that immersion in water is
the only true symbol are not under ob
ligation, however. Thus it has been
with many true Christian people who
have had the real immersion into
Christ But w'hen these come to see
the matter as the Scriptures present it,
they are responsible according to their
Contrarj- to his custom, the Pastor
here digressed and related his personal
experience in regard to baptism. Born
of Christian parents, he had been sprin
kled in infancy. But when, years after
ward, he came to see the subject in the
light of the Scriptures, he had a se
vere fight with himself before he be
came obedient to the Word. Excuse
after excuse presented itself to his
mind—people would think him a turn
coat, et.'. Finally the matter so trou
bled him that he settled it once for all
in favor of what he saw w r as right—
the plain teaching of the Scriptures. •
The point the speaker made was that
if he had refused to be obedient in this
respect, it would have meant the stop
page of his progress in the way of the
Lord. He needed to take that very
step to prove that his heart was right.
If he had not done so, his refusal
would have proven that his will as a
human being was not wholly dead.
When he saw this point clearly, he
gave all over to the Headship of the
The Pastor believes that many of
the Lord’s people are stumbling in
just the same way. He did not wish
to be understood as meaning that wa
ter baptism is the all-important thipg;
for he pointed out that saintly people
who have not been immersed will be
in the Kingdom, because they did the
best they knew and rendered prompt
obedience to all that God showed thejn.
But as soon as any consecrated child
of God is shown something more than
he has hitherto seen, the responsibility
of that greater knowledge rests upon
him; and there is no escape from it.
A failure then to obey as to the sym
bol would mean a withdrawal of the
sacrifice from the altar.
Dead With Christ.
The Pastor declared that all who
make full consecration of themselves
to the Lord to be dead with Him, to
be joint-sacrificers with Him in the
service of the Truth, are to reckon
themselves as separate and distinct
from the world around them. They
covenant to die to earthly things, and
may thereafter use these only as serv
ants of the New Creation. As New
Creatures in Christ they become alive
through the Redeemer to Heavenly
hopes and prospects, aims and ambi
tions. In harmony with this thought,
their lives should be new—separate
and distinct from those around them.
Baptism into death, he maintained,
is the real baptism for the Church,
even as it was for our Lord and Head.
Water baptism, he repeated, is only
the symbol, or picture. Those called
and accepted of God. who are willing
to drink of the Redeemer’s cup and to
be baptized with His baptism, will in
deed be granted the privilege, and will
be assisted in carrying out their
heart's desire in this matter. Those
who shall be immersed Into death
shall also have a share in the First
Resurrection and in the glories of the
coming Kingdom, for which we pray.
“Thy Kingdom come; Thy will be
done on earth, even as it is done in
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