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The Frostburg Spirit;
P. L. Livengood, Editor and Owner J
One Year $1.50 Six Months ; 75c 1
Ten Months $1.25 Four Months 50c „
Eight Months SI.OO Two Months 25c
Single Copies, 5c (
FROSTBURG, MD., JUNF 25, 1914. <
j - ■ - ■ ; 11 •" • • ]
Transient advertising, other than political, .
legal or local, 15 cents per inch each insertion.
Political advertising rates made known on (
application. ,
Legal advertising at legal rates,
k Display advertisements to run four inser
tiong or more, 10 cents per inch each insertion, !
except for advertisements not exceeding 3
inches on which the rate is 12J£ cents per inch. •
Business Locals, “Wanted,” “For Sale,” ;
“Lost,” “Found,” and miscellaneous notices,
6 cents per line.
Resolutions of Respect, 5 cents per line.
Cards of Thanks, 10 cents per line. Free to
patrons of The Spirit.
Advertising copy must be received no later
than 3 p. m., Tuesday, to insure publication
same week.
No advertisement accepted for less than 25
cents, and nothing of a money-making charac- |
ter will be advertised in The Spirit’s columns
free of charge.
• •
Some of the young- fellows at Graf
ton, W. Va., recently treated a young
preacher of that town to a shower of
hen fruit for monopolizing the affec
tions of nearly all the young ladies in
the town. Most preachers get their
full share of chicken, blit when a
preacher gets more than his full share
of several kinds of “chicken” as is
often the case, and then gets treated
to a shower of chicken fruit on the
side, it can he truly said that he has
been both well and “fowlly” treated.
IT is estimated that 908,516 persons
die weekly. A total of 129,788 persons
die daily. A total of 5,308 persons die
hourly. Nearly ninety persons die
every minute. About three persons
die every two seconds'. Sixty persons
died while you were reading this item.
You were lucky that you didn’t go,
and if you are in the habit of borrow
ing your home paper instead of en
couraging it with your subscription,
as is your duty as a public-spirited
citizen, the chances are that the people
you are “sponging” from are sorry
that j'ou didn’t turn up your toes long
ago and make room for a more up-to
date citizen.
I. B. S. A. Subscribers Always Pay
In Advance and Are Appreciative
There is a great difference in the
different kinds of readers that make
up the subscription list. of the aver
age newspaper. For instance, all ed
itors are familiar with the fellow who
is always praising the paper, but sel
dom found paying for it. In fact the
fellow who is always telling the edit
or how good his paper is, is in some
cases not a subscriber at all, but fre
quently tells the editor in pure mead
ow-spread English that he is soon go
ing to become a subscriber.
Then there is the subscriber who
never gives a word of appreciation or
encouragement to the editor for the
ten thousand and one things he sees
in the paper that please him, but im
mediately sets up a whine or a howl
when he sees in the paper only one
thing that does not please him.
There is another class, usually made
up of a large number of well-meaning
people, who realize that the editor is
only human, and that every man has
a right to fearlessly express his honest
opinions, no matter how widely they
may differ from the opinions of the
Many of the subscribers of this class
personally commend the editor when
they read something in the paper that
pleases them, and say nothing when
the reverse is the case. Some of them
are prompt pay, too, and some of them
are distressingly slow pay. But as a
rule, the slowest paying subscribers
are those who are the biggest knock
ers, mossbacks and narrow-minded
bigots and ingrates.
We can truly say that of all the
knocking we have ever heard again st
our predeceesor, J. B. Oder, the vet
eran editor who for 41 years edited
The Mining Journal, the meanest and
most of it has been heard from the
mouths of parasites who recieved The
Journal gratis.
All editors who know anything at
all, and most of them are men of far
more than average intelligence, know
that they cannot please everybody at
any time, and scarcely anybody all
the time. They realize that they
must cater to many men of many
minds and publish a large variety of
matter. What appeals to one reader
will not in the least appeal to some
other readers, but the man who is a
person of fairness and the possessor
of a broad mind and generous soul,
reads and commends the things that
please him, while that which is not in
accordance with his line of thought is
either given the go-by altogether, or
else read in a spirit of toleration.
Furthermore, most newspaper edit
ors are glad to publish matter of any
legitimate or respectable cliaracter
which they have reason to believe will
be enjoyed by a considerable number
of their readers. That is why The
Spirit publishes Pastor Russell’s ser
mons and considerable other matter
for the press that is prepared by the
International Bible Students’Associa
We havea large number of subscrib
ers in the I. B. S. A., scattered all
over Allegany county and elsewhere,
and they are constantly writing letters
to The Spirit, telling us what pleasure
they get out of the Russell sermons
and other I. B. S. A. matter appear
ing in our columns. Then, too, the I.
B. S. A. subscribers all pay in advance,
and the advance-paying subscriber is
always one of the editor’s most val
uable assets and worth more to the
advertisers, also, than any other class
of newspaper patrons.
True it is that the I. B. S. A. people
do not believe that hell is anything
more than the grave, but we do wish
that the fellows who profess to believe
and fear that they’ll suffer for ever and
ever in a lake of fire and brimstone if
they do not live as they should while
in this life, would have the habit as
general among them of promptly pay
their debts as have the members of
the I. B. S. A.
1 . ... ~= -
For Young Men and Young Women in Seferate Departments
LOCATION unexcelled, 'I,OOO feet above the sea, in the highlands of
Maryland. Pure air, pure water, charming scenery. Only an hour’s
run form Baltimore.
EQUIPMENT complete. Twenty acre Campus; Modern Buildings; com
fortable living accommodations; Laboratories, Library, Gymnasium,
Power and Heating Plant.
CURRICULUM up to date. Classical, Scientific, Historical and Pedago
gical Courses, leading to A. B. degree. Music, Elocution and Oratory.
Strong Faculty.
PREPARATORY SCHOOL for those not ready for College.
Send for Catalogue and Book of Views.
A Rock-Ribbed Democratic Paper Has For Once
Printed A Political Truth.
A prominent Democrat, and a very honest one, said some years ago that
the Democratic party could always be relied upon to make an ass of itself at
the proper time. It was a true saying, and the author of it could also have
truthfully added that the party whose emblem is the jackass has been doing
little else than making an ass of itself ever since it elected “Ten-Cent
Jimmy” Buchanan President of the United States. Before that time the
Democratic party was a strictly American institution, but ever since it has
been dominated by a lot of unamerican, incompetent demagogues and wind
During Buchanan’s administration it kow-towed and toadied to the slavery
sentiment, and when Abraham Lincoln and the Republican party took hold
of the reins of the government, they found the government stable locked
after the horse was stolen, as “Honest Abe” stated the case. In otherwords,
the secession sentiment was encouraged by a weak, vascillating national
administration, and the South was permitted to gain many advantages in
equipping the then forming confederacy for the impending struggle which
cost millions of money and hundreds of thousands of human lives.
The Buchanan administration made such a sorry mess of national affairs
that the Democratic party has been under suspicion ever since. Only three
times since the administration of “Ten-Cent Jimmy” have the Democrats
elected a President, and each time it was only through factional quarrels in
the Republican party, and not because a majority of the people were in
sympathy with the Democratic party.
Roscoe Conklin’s treachery and fool speech by a fool preacher named
Burchard caused the defeat of that peerless statesman, James G. Blaine, and
thrusted upon the country Grover Cleveland, an honest but incompetent and
rather unpatriotic president.
Thanks to a Republican Congress and Senate, however, phlegmatic old
Grover was rather harmless during his first term. He was easily 4 defeated
in his second run, but in his third effort he again succeeded, owing to fac
tional quarrels in the Republican party. Owing to the same reason, the
Democrats at that time also gained a large majority in both the National
House and Senate.
The worst panic that the country ever experienced speedily followed, and
then people who had allowed political dissensions and other foolish notions
to get away with their better judgement, speedily returned to their senses
and again placed the reliable and ever-patriotic old Republican party in power.
As a result, prosperity was again speedily restored, and the country was
prosperous as long as the grand old party remained in power.
But the people were not content to let well enough alone after Theodore
Roosevelt repudiated his own word and again sought to be elected President.
Instead of repudiating the great egotist as they shouldhave done, thousands of
well-meaning, but misguidedßepublicans, flocked to his standard, and as a re
sult of the foolish Republican family row, an incompetent old “sissy” school
teacher was elected President, and he in turn placed at the head of his cab
inet the biggest faking wind-jamber in this couniry, “Bill” Bryan, who as a
Chautauqua attraction and arrogant political boss is a howling success, but
a miserable failure as a statesman and Secretary of State.
We are on the brink of another panic, for no other reason that because
there is an incompetent, unamerican administration in power at Washington.
These are facts, and are so plain to all who have been noting the weak, vas
cillating policies of Wilson and Bryan that none can successfully deny them,
and it is therefore little wonder that
The Democratic New York Atnericati Fires the Following Hot Shot at
the Wilson Administration:
The Democrats in Washington, aided by a small clique of railroad Repub
licans, have surrendered the rights of American citizens in the Panama
They have not merely abandoned a measure for the benefit of American
shipping, but they have surrendered the independent action of this country,
and in all probability, the fundamental rights of this country in the greatest
and most important achievement of modern times.
If this country had been defeated in a disastrous war, it could not have
been expected to make a more humiliating surrender of independent action
and valuable rights than the Democratic Administration in Washington has
made at the mere suggestion of England and Japan.
The surrender of the canal is a national disaster, and the party which made
that surrender is a continual menace to the honor and dignity of the United
States and the welfare of our citizens.
This Democratic party, for the country’s good, for the common good of the
citizens, must be deposed from power and deprived of its opportunities for
further injuring and disgracing the nation.
A . . . .
Our citizens who consider patriotism above partisanship, who think more
of the welfare of their country than they do of the advantage of any party,
should unite to depose the Democratic party from power and to whip its
traitorous representatives out of the House of Representatives and out of the
Senate of the United States at the next election.
It is not merely President Wilson who has refused to follow the declara
tions of the Democratic platform and to supply the country with the adequate
navy which that document demanded. The Democratic party has followed
humbly aud craveuly at the heels of the President.
H ;
BE A BOOSTER, not a knocker. 1
It is not merely President Wilson who has repudiated the Democratic doc- Jj
trine of reciprocity, a doctrine which would have compensated for the inva- *
sion of our markets at home by the opening of reciprocal markets to our pro- *
ducts abroad. The Democratic party has selfishly and slavishly followed in §
the Wilson wake for such plums of patronage as he has thrown its members. J
It is not merely President Wilson who is resposible for the autocratic re- *
jection of an act of Congress providing for preferential duties in favor of J
products imported into this country in American ships. The Democratic *
party has timidly and subserviently permitted Wilson to be an autocrat and *
to dictate its policies for payment of patronage. I
It is not merely President Wilson who neglected his duties and the declar-
ations of the Democratic platform in regard to the protection af the lives and *
the honor of our citizens in Meixco. The Democratic party endorsed every ?
dishonor and approved every disgrace.
It is the Democratic party which should be punished and repudiated. J
It is the unfaithful Democratic member of the House of Representatives ij
and the traitorous Senators who should be expelled from office. '
There is no national recall in this country, and it is not possible to remove •
President Wilson until the end of his four years’ term. But it will ij
be possible to remove the Democrats in Congress and to deprive the Demo- ■'
cratic praty of control of the Government in the election which occurs in ,
November of this year.
The election of this year will not be a party matter. It will be a patriotic
matter. 1
It will be the duty of loyal American citizens to consider only the welfare i
of our people and our country, and remove a party which is a manace to -
national prosperity and progress.
There should be no divisiqn among the people on minor matters, to endan- 'j
ger the outcome of the Fall election. (
There should be unity among all patriotic citizens, a determination to pre- ;
vent any further injury and humiliation to the nation, and a hope that there 1
is still time to prevent the abandonment of the Philippines or any other dis- •
astrous act of Democratic disloyalty and stupidity. ;
There is no limit to the injury that the Democratic party might inflict upon \
this country if it were returned to power with any sort of endorsement of its ■
dangerous and disloyal acts. The country must be rescued from such pos- I
sible injury and the injury, already inflicted must be repaired as far as it is '
possible to do so. j
Prosperity must be restored to our people. Our prestige must be renewed ■
and our national rights and privileges regained. '
The men named to oppose the disloyal Democrats this Fall must be worthy ;
of so great and so patriotic a task.
They, must be elected overwhelmingly, not only as a rebuke to a traitorous '
Domocracy, but as a benefit to our beloved country. ;
Interesting Meeting of Womens
Home Missionary Society
Thirty-five members of the Women’s
Home Missionary Society of the First
M. E. Church, attended the meeting
last Saturday afternoon at the resi
dence of Miss Aminta E. Hitchins,
West Union street.
The president, Mrs. D. Armtrong,
conducted the “devotional,” and read
a paper entitled, “A Call to Evangel
ism, ’ ’ written by Mrs. W. P. Thirlkeld,
national president of the W. H. M. S.,
and chairman of the committee on
The following numbers were given
by members of the Auxiliary: Song—
“ Help One Another,” W. H. M. S.
choir. Reading, “The New Ameri
ca,” Mrs. A. Barton. Song —“Bell of
Hope,” choir. Solo—“ Down At The
Savior’s Cross,” Mrs. S. Porter.
The report of the recording secre
tary gave a summary of the work ac
complished during the past year by
the Auxiliary, which was acknowleged
as very encouraging.
The election of officers for the com
ing year was held, and the incumbent
board was nominated and re-elected
by acclamation.
After delicious refreshments were
served by the generous hostess, the
society adjourned to meet on Satur
day, July 18th.
Frostbwrg City Band Gave Fine
The Frostburg City Band, which is
growing stronger in the affections of
the people of this town each day, and
deservedly so, gave a fine open-air
concert, Tuesday evening, which was
greatly enjoyed by all who heard it.
This band has got to be a regular top
notcher, and Director James has
brought it to such a stage of perfec
tion that high-class musicis handled by
his fine-appearing musicians in away
that makes the best of musicians “sit
up and takenotice.” Yes, indeed, the
Frostburg City Band can play good
enough to play anywhere, and the
people of Frostburg have a right to
esteem it second to none. No other
musical organization in Frostburg
ever made a more creditable showing
in so short a time.
Former Frostburg Lady Dies at
Wilkitisburg, Pa.
Mrs. Edward Rigsby, 32 years old,
died Tuesday morning at the home of
her mother, Mrs. Robert Tennant, at
Wilkinsburg, Pa., of a complication
of diseases. Mrs. Rigsby before mar
riage, was Miss Bessie Tennant, of
this city. She is survived by her
husband, mother, sister and one broth
er, Robert Tennant, living on La Vale
farm, near Vale Summit. Her body
is due to arrive here to day (Thursday)
on the Western Maryland train, at
1:05 p. m., and proceed immediately to
Allegany Cemetery for burial. Rev.
Dr. Bickford will have charge of the
services, and the obseques will doubt
less have been performed before this
issue of The Spirit is mailed.
O’Rourke’s Reductions.
Now is the time to buy your milli
nery. Big reductions on all hats.
Attractive prices on all our goods.
To buy of us is to save money.—Advt.
Notice to Stockholders.
The annual meeting of the Frost
burg Brewing Company will be held
at the office of the company, on Mon
day, July 13, 1914, between the hours
of 7 and 9 o’clock p. m., for the pur
pose of electing officers.
John P. Miller,
6-25—7-9 Secretary.
paper in America, and it should be
a weekly visitor in every Frostburg j
home. Are you oh our list?
Notice of Application for Saloon License
WHEREAS, The following named persons
have, in compliance with Chapter 140 of the
Acts of the General Assembly of Maryland
for the year 1894, as amended by Chapter 415
of the Acts of 1902, being Article 1, and as
amended by the Acts of 1904, and of the Acts of
1908, and of the Acts of 1910, Public Local
Laws of Allegany County, filed with the Clerk
of the Circuit Court for Allegany Counnty,
their Applications for Licenses to sell Spirit
uous and Fermented Liquors at their places
of business in Allegany County as below
monstrances against the issuance of Licenses
to said Applicants must be filed with the
undersigned WITHIN TWENTY DAYS after
the filing of the Applications.
IPPOLITO VELTRI —Place of busi
ness, about 75 yards east from Wm.
M. Farrell’s store, Railroad street,
Mt. Savage, Md. Residence, Moran
town, Md. Owner of premises,
Wm. M. Farrell.
business, Engle House, about 300
yards from Mrs. Henkle’s house,
Morantown. Residence, Frostburg.
Owner of premises, Engle Estate.
Louisa Bone et al
John R. Preston, et al.
No. 7228 Equity.
In the Circuit Court for Allegany County.
Ordered, this 19th day of June, in the year
nineteen hundred and fourteen, by the Circuit
Court for Allegany County, sitting in equity, that
the sale of the property mentioned in these
proceedings, made and reported by Charles G.
Watson, Trustee appointed by decree of this
Court to make said sale, be ratified and con
firmed, unless cause to the contrary thereof be
shown on or before the 24th day of July next;
provided, a copy of this order be published in
some .newspaper published in Allegany County,
once a week for three successive weeks before
the 17th day of July. 1914.
The report states the amount of sale to be
True Copy—Test:
6-25 6-9
A True Fish Story.
Messrs. John Krause, Olin Gunnett.
David Williams, George Gunnett, Dan
iel Powell and five visitors from Mc-
Kee’s Rocks, Pa., left Tuesday for
“Blues” on the South Branch of the
Potomac, West Virginia, and expect
to stay until all the bass are caught.
To make sure of fish camp diet, how
ever, they carried a large crate of
dried herrings and a small hogshead
of wet sardines.
The authority for the above is J.
Benson Oder, who was never known
to tell a fish story that was not true.
In fact Mr. Oder claims to be a veri
table George Washington, for not over
a year'ago he handed The Spirit man
a card bearing the portraits of Messrs
Oder and G. Washington, and be
neath the portraits appeared the fol
lowing inscription: “We never told
a lie. Did you?”
The Spirit man felt like saying that
he never told a bigger one than that,
but remembering that Mr. Oder fol
lowed editorial work for 40 years, and
knowing that only about one editor
out of a hundred was ever known to
tell a lie, he decided to give the vet
eran editor the benefit of all doubts,
and the same to the father of his
In view of what has been stated,
therefore, when we reproduce any of
Mr. Oder’s fish or snake stories, we
guarantee them to be true.
As to what kind of bgjt the fisher
men aforenamed took with them, Mr.
Oder did not state, so The Spirit can
not say whether it was Overholt,
“Underholt” or an assortment of all
the popular kinds. More than likely
it was the latter.
YOU CAN’T make a better invest
ment with $1.50 than to use it in
paying a year’s subscription to your
| home paper.
I All Indications 1
gP, point to the greatest fruit crop known for years g(f.
in this vicinity.
Don’t let the expenditure of a few cents and *L
M a little labor prevent you from getting your M
ijX share of the great harvest.
I Use I
I Spraying Solutions I
on everything—Rose Bushes, Shrubs and Small g#
j||j Fruits, as well as on the Fruit Trees. We
have spraying solutions put up in 25-cent pack- M
w ages, with full instructions for use.
I Buy Your I
I Garden Seeds From Us §
8 in bulk. We sell TESTED GARDEN SEEDS |f
in bulk for about half the usual cost of seeds
sold in papers. Pearce’s Garden Seeds grow. m
I G. E. Pearce Drug Co., |
r-- - •
r°i Toi
s well as hygienic comfort, your business
suits, dress suits, white and fancy vests,
top coats, over coats and gloves, will serve H
best when frequently cleansed and “form J
pressed” by our superior methods. 1
T. S. COOPER, Agent,
No. 5 Broadway, Frostburg, Md.
77/e Best Coffee
jjoFfl*s Machine on Earth
' ' ' the coffee be good. But anybody can
fG /v <yss// N \JB make fragrant, delicious, invigorating
* * fiy| <ml\J [i W coffee from the coffee we sell. Try a
C T->. pound and be convinced. Try our
( iIV llsm l double-strengh tea, too. It goes twice
afeTFSii as ar an< t * s twice as good. Our pure
cocoa is our pride and that of many
Opposite Postoffice.
P°= luor- ii-im-ii — i -
Reason 22 ““■SSSf""'
(A list of 33 reasons was published in The Spirit
in December. Now we propose to comment on them
one by one.)
Frightens Thieves
Where lights are burning, or can be turned
on from an undefined interior point—burglary
is a hazardous undertaking.
n °
IEJOI.I 11—ton l ipm - fi-ri—

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