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large Frostburg Audience
Greeted Pastor Sussell
His Sermon ott “Armageddon” Was
a Logical and Masterful Discourse
—Sigas of the Times Seem to
Bear Out His Opiaioas.
In spite of the intensely hot weather,
baseball games and other causes that
keep people from religious meetings,
Pastor Russell, the world-famous
preacher and Bible student, proved a
great attraction at the Frostburg Op
era House, last Sunday afternoon, and
his eloquent and logical discourse has
set many people to thinking. His re
marks were well received, and his
discourse brought forth much favor
able comment. His text was taken
from Matt. 24: 21, 22: “There shall
be a time of trouble such as was not
since there was a nation, no, nor nev
er shall be.” Following is a synopsis
of his remarks:
“The book of Revelation tells of the
horrible battle, war, or conflict of Ar
mageddon to take place in the end of
this age. By it the world is to hum
ble itself, under divine supervision,
until it will be war-sick and ready to
pray—‘Thy kingdom come, thy will be
done on earth as it is done in Heaven.’
“God’s relationship to earth’s wars
is but vaguely understood by the great
majority of mankind. Some are pray
ing divine blessings upon the Austro-
Hungarian and German armies; others
.are beseeching the Almighty for the
British, French, Russians and Ser
vians. Still others are praying that
God will stop the war altogether.
Which set of petitions will God bless?
Has not the Almighty a plan and pur
pose of His own? Will He allow His
policy to be dictated by His ignorant
children, or by the world? Is it not
wiser for us to inquire what is God’s
will rather than to suppose that He
has no will or purpose, or that He
would accept our well-meant advice?
“The Bible’s claim is that it con
tains God’s revelation of His plans
and purposes respecting our world.
Is it not our wiser plan tp search the
Scriptures to know God’s purposes
rather than in prayer ‘rush in where
angels fear to tread’— rather than at
tempt to direct the Omniscient One?
“Bible students all over the world
are forming Bible classes, that by
mutual aid they more and more may
understand the teachings of the Bible,
once to them a sealed book. And God
is blessing their efforts.
“They are learning, too, that the
Bible can be fully understood only by
those begotten of the Holy Spirit..
This is leading them into full conse
cration to God.”
Finding God’s Plan of the Ages.
“The finding of God’s plan of the
ages is like finding the architect’s
plan of a great building. It explains
everything. The riiore it is studied
intelligently; the betfer everything-ist
understood.” The pastor proceeded
to open to his hearers the plans ol
Jehovah, of which Armageddon is 2
part, according to his declaration
“EJarth is the only rebellious province
of Jehovah’s empire.
“For the everlasting instruction oi
all His creatures, God is permitting 2
reign of sin and death. He assures
us it will not be permitted to thus
continue forever. At the proper time
God will exert His great power foi
the overthrow of sin and death.
“For a time God left the world al
most without hope. Hater He gave
promises, but only to one little nation
—lsrael. This favored people He used
as types until the due time came foi
beginning human salvation.
“The first step toward human res
cue was the death of Christ, who died
the just for the unjust to bring us
back to God.
“Next, for nearly nineteen centuries
God has not even begun the world’s
salvation —nor the salvation of Israel,
The entire work has been for individ
ual penitents. These are told that
their tribulations will work out foi
them glory, honor and immortality.
They are assured that all their expe
riences are part of a great Divine pur
pose. If they cannot exercise faith
so as to suffer joyfully for righteous
ness sake, they will not be fit for the
God’s Kingdom in Embryo.
“The Bible tells us that God has
planned to forcibly set up His King
dom of righteousness for man’s deliv
erance from sin and death.
“He says that His Kingdom, backed
by Divine authority, will hold sway
for a thousand years under the head
ship of Messiah, whose saintly follow
ers will reign with Him. Then God’s
kingdom will not end, but merely be
transferred from Messiah to the world
in general, which then, brought to
perfection, will be one grand republic
in which every man will be a sover
eign, and all serve and obey the King
af Kings and Ford of Fords.
“Thus we see that God’s saints of
every nation and denomination are as
St. Peter declares—‘a holy people of
priestly kings.’
“Already they are accepted sons of
God, joint heirs with Jesus Christ, our
Ford. These await the fulfilment of
their predestinated number, undergo
ing chiselings, polishings, trials of
faith, loyalty, love. They are kings
not yet crowned, merely anointed.
They are children not yet matured.
The first resurrectiou change will per
fect and glorify these and qualify
them for their Kingdom honors. In
the meantime these realize the rebel
lious condition of the world, wait and
pray —‘Thy Kingdom come.’
Kingdoms of This World.
“Few still believe the legend of the
dark ages to the effect that the nations
of Europe are God’s or Christ’s king
doms. They merely masquerade as
Christ’s sheep. They are all wolfish.
Get us note their origin.
! “Israel had God’s promise that they
might be God’s kingdom, and be His
channel of power and mercy to all
5 people, if they could keep God’s law
; Fallen like others, they could not keep
God’s perfect law. In due time God
discontinued the kingdom of Israel.
He took no other, for none could keep
, His law.
: “The offer was merely to show all
, that by the deeds of the law no flesh
i could be justified. This was about
l 606 B. C., Zedekiah being the last of
- the Davidic line. There and then God
i to a certain degree recognized the
> Gentiles. He let them assume reins
■ of power. He mapped out their lease
i of power to the end of this age, to
Armageddon, when Messiah will set
up His kingdom on the ruins of these
. empires of earth.”
Here the speaker detailed the pro
phetic dream of Nebuchadnezzar and
. the Prophet Daniel’s explanation of it.
These he traced as follows : “The
golden head of the image of earthly
empire was Nebuchadnezzar’s own
kingdom. The breast and arms of
silver pictured the Medo-Persian em
pire, which overthrew and succeeded
Babylon. The belly and thighs of
brass represented the Grecian empire,
which vanquished the Medes and
Persians. The legs of iron represent
ed the Roman empire, which con
quered Greece. The feet of iron and
clay mixed represented the present
so-called Christian nations of Furope,
the ten toes the present ten divisions.
The iron of the feet, representing
their real strength, is the remnant of
the Roman civil power. The clay is
the Christian make-believe, a bad im
itation of God’s kingdom. The stone
which smote the image represented
Messiah’s kingdom. Its striking the
feet is Armageddon—’a time of trouble
such as never was before.”
Pastor Russell decalred that accord
ing to the Bible the awful war begun
in Europe is the beginning of the end,
the prelude to Armageddon. The. Ar
mageddon conflict in its fianale and
exteme form, according to the Bible,
is to be anarchy.
What Will Likely Constitute
“The present war will merely pre
pare for the anarchy of Amageddon.
Twenty millions of warriors in one
war is a proposition so great as to
staggerhuman conception. And arm
ed with the deadliest weapons ever
known, the results will stagger civil
ication. There will be no cessation
of the war until the last German war
ship has disappeared from the high
“Reverses on land fairly distributed
will pique the pride of each nation,
and lead on in hope of revenge. Not
until these greatest, strongest, richest
nations shall have done their worst to
each other in the name of Christiani- !
ty, Christ’s kingdom- may we expect 1
a truee. TAen, ikle-1 inO', weakened,
d disfnayed, all probably defeated, the
>f disbandment of millions will occur,
a Then we believe will come the Arma
1. geddon sequel, anarchy.
;e “Then, the Ford says, behold what
desolation the Ford hath made in the
>f earth! He breaketh the bow and cut
a eth the spear asunder! Be still, and
:s know that I am God; I will be exalted
is among the people, I will be exalted in
e the earth.’ (Psalm 45).
ir “God has purposed Armageddon and
foretold it. He. is bringing it upon
1- mankind indirectly by sending the
e light, the intelligence of our day.
n Coming into unregenerate hearts, the
d light awakens and vitalizes the selfish
>r instincts dormant in the ignorant.
None but the holy can rightly use
5- great knowledge and its powerful op
d portunities. God withheld the clearer
s light until our day, so that Armaged
don would not come before the ap
is pointed time. Now our consolation is
s found in Jesus words—‘Except those
1. days were shortened, no flesh would
1- survive; but for the elect’s sake (be
lt cause of the kingdom) those days will
ir be shortened. For thirty years by
r. voice and pen I have taught these
;- thigs, and have pointed to October,
> 1914, as the probable close of Gentile
h domination, the time when Armaged
s- don would probably be due. Het us
e patiently await the outcome, rejoicing
that the dark cloud has a silver lining,
- the inauguration of the kingdom of
Him who shall ultimately be known
as the Prince of Peace. True and
righteuos are thy judgments, Ford
God Almighty. Who shall not ap
d proach and homage before Thee when
Thy righeous dealings shall be made
' manifest?”
e De dog, he rule de ’possum tree, de
j snake, he feed on frog;
0 De ’possum, he whips out de coon, de
c coon tear up de dog
Oh, believers,
What you gwine ter say?
How you gwine ter rickoncile
f Dese things on Jedgmint Day?
s De big fish swaller up de small —des eat
f ’em, head an’ tail,
De whale come ’long and g'obble all—
f de man, he kill de whale.
r Oh, believers,
f What you gwine ter say?
How you gwine ter rickoncile
f Dese things on Jedgniint Day?
De preacher preach an’ pass de cup,an’
seek de heathen do;
De heathen eat de preacher up, an’ he
don’t preach no mo’!
Oh, believers,
W T hat you gwine ter say?
j How you gwine ter rickoncile
Dese things on Jedgmint Day?
—Atlanta Constitution.
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Matthew 21:33-46—Aug. 16.
“The Stone that the builderß rejected, tin
same is become the Head of the cormt.”—
Matthew 21:1/2.
TTOT only did the Redeemer teach
Pm! chiefly by parables, but nearly
I all of those parables related
/ to the Kingdom. The reason
for this is plain. The Divine Plan
calls for the setting up of the Kingdom
of Righteousness by Divine Power for
the overcoming of the Prince of Dark
ness, whose reign of six thousand
years has been a Reign of Sin and
Death. Today’s lesson points indirect
ly to the Kingdom.
While the whole world lay in sin
and under Divine sentence of death,
God planted in the world a root of
Promise, a hope. This Promise, made
to Abraham, foretold that his seed
would eventually become very power
ful and would cause God’s blessing to
fill the earth and roll away the curse.
In due time this Promise came to the
nation of Israel, Abraham’s posterity
and heirs of the Promise.
Thus God planted a vineyard in the
world, the Jewish nation, bound to
Him by their Law Covenant. He set
a hedge about them—the Divine prom
ise that as long f s
as they were faith
ful and loyal to
God, they would
be thoroughly pro- xmlW tMZx—
tected against 'xw
their enemies. Je- _/iRNy_
hovah Himself 1 /S'
was their Watch- a
tower. He placed
as watchmen the
Prophets, who l ,
warned the people
in respect to ev- The rine '
ery breaking
down of the wall; for this protection
could be broken down only by disloy
alty, carelessness, sin, on Israel’s part.
The Original Vine-Dressers.
While the entire nation of Israel is
represented by the vineyard, the hus
bandmen were the religious leaders.
These vine-dressers became conceited
and acted as if they were the owners,
and not merely the Owner’s servants.
Even in their speech they became ac
customed to call the people “our peo
ple,” “my people,” etc. Thus they fall
ed to glorify God properly, and feh
themselves to be more than the serv
ants of God, honored In being permit
ted to be vine-dressers in His vine
In due time the Owner, Jehovah,
sent His servants, the Prophets, to
Israel. These servants and their mes
sages became tests of the loyalty of
the vine-dressers and of the character
development of the people. But alas'
the vine-dressers’ pride and desire to
show off before the people prompted
the mistreatment of the Prophets.
Some of the servants they beat, others
they stoned, others they killed.
Finally the Owner sent His Son.
The Bible informs us that God fore
knew that Tsvflpl’s Vlllpra mnnM Pi*uci
fy the Son. But the parable states
the matter as though the Owner had
said, “They will reverence My Son."
Surely the Jewish rulers should have
recognized Him of whom people de
clared, “Never man spake like this
Man.” Surely they should have heark
ened to His Message, should have re
pented of their sins and come back
through Him into harmony with God.
However, the spirit of selfishness
and self-conceit often leads Its pos
sessors to monstrous acts which after
ward appal even themselves. The Jew
ish Doctors, clergy of that time, per
ceived that Jesus, the Son of God,
Representative of the Owner of the
vineyard, exerted a mighty influence
over the people. They reasoned that
to whatever extent His cause should
prevail, their power, their influence,
their titles, their honors of men, would
In their exasperation against Jesus,
the vine-dressers determined that His
death was necessary for the success
* .. of their theories
and plans. They
did not realize that
/\ their course was
/ \ the very one which
\\ / would lead to the
/ \\ destruction of that
yv— typical kingdom of
\\ God, that typical
\ vineyard. The par
's able was fulfilled.
j God’s judgment
The Stone that the came upon the Jew-
Builders Rejected. ish nation. In A.
D. 70 it was overthrown, and has never
since been restored, nor will it be until
Messiah shall establish His Kingdom.
The New Vine-Dressers.
The Lord said that they were wicked
vine-dressers. He appointed new ones
—the twelve Apostles, St. Paul taking
the place of Judas. Moreover, He
started a new vineyard, putting into
it only the true Vine. Of this vineyard
our Lord said, “I am the Vine; ye are
the branches.” Century after century
these true branches of the true Vine
have been planted by baptism into
death with their Master and have been
bringing forth the peaceable fruits of
righteousness. Ere long, we believe,
this fruitage will all be gathered and,
by the resurrection “change,” be trans
planted into Heavenly conditions.
The Scriptures also represent the
Church by a pyramid, which has five .
corner-stones, the chief one of which,
the top-stone, is itself a perfect pyra
mid. Jesus, rejected by the Jews, cru- ,
cified, is the Chief Corner-Stone of this
great Temple of God, the Church. Al
ready He is glorified, and His Church
will soon be united to Him. <
Generous impulse.
“Why do women want to take g
hand in politics?”
“I suspect,” replied Mist Cayenne,
“that some of them are generously
sympathetic with the predicament
their husl-auis have gotten into while
trying to run the country and want .
to come to the rescue.”
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He Spends a Few Daysi the
Town of Tinker’s Da
i But Discovers That Is ImpossilWith
i out a Personal Encounter—rael J.
1 Jones Comes to Grief, and thkpostle
' of Integrity Is Once More Vacated.
[Copyright, 1914, by Aesociated-Jterary
Press. ]
AS I was calmly restlnfur the
night in the town ofinker's
£ Dam 1 was suddenly d rudely
' awakened from sweeilumber
by a small but choice band ojatrlots.
They were patriots who liv in the
town and had its best Infests at
heart, and they were heads by the
mayor. When I had been tilled out
of bed by the hair of the hd and a
rope tied around my neck 3 honor
wanted to know If I had anhing to
say for the benefit of posterit,
“I hev,” says I. “I wish tobserve
that In the midst of life vi ar' in
death and that a hog who wouldn’t
root wouldn’t grow fat.”
“Are you goin’ to confess before you
die what you did with the hoss yon
stole?” he asks.
Then I realize that a mistake has
been made and purseeds to orate as
“Feller Bein’s—lt is with sorrer that
I hev to inform you that no hangin'
won’t take place here tonight The
reason fur it Is that the hoss thief has
got fur, fur away, while 1 am a hum
ble and bow backed pilgrim without
guile in his heart I arrived In this
town this afternoon with a grasshopper
in a bottle, sympathy fur my feller
bein’s in my heart and the possessor
of an old hoss and wagon fur the
taktn’ of tintypes tit 10 cents a take.”
i —I_Lt>
paused in their mad career to invest!
ptLUOtfU. IJU LllCtl UiUU LIUCCI l/V lit V COll
gate, and they soon diskivered that i
was humble and harmless and that
they had narrowly escaped launehin
an lnnerc-ent feller man into eternity
Then the band of patriots slapped me
on the back, called me old man and the
right sort, and the balance of the night
was spent in festivities that cheered,
but did not inebriate. In the follerin'
two days every man, woman and child
In Tinker’s Dam came down to my
wagon to hev a picturi took, and there
was peace and harmony and no trust
When I finally set forth to pursue my
way I was follered by the good wishes
of all, and as 1 jogged along I felt to
“It ain’t that one man Is better than
another in this world, but it is kuowin’
when it is safe to pick up another
man’s hoss.”
I had left Tinker’s Dam a few miles
behind me when a weary pilgrim stops
to look me over.
“Hev ye got a misshun?” says he.
“I hev,” says I. “I’m taktn’ tintypes
at 10 cents a take. Mebbe you’ve got a
misshun too?”
“Durn me if I haln’t,” says he as he
peels off his ragged old coat and lim
bers up his arms. "My misshun Is to
take care of Israel J. Jones, who’ is
down on his luck, and you jest git up
and hump yerself outer this. This out
fit jest suits me.”
Then the old evil minded deceiver
spat on his hands some more and sail
ed Into me with all his fists and feet
flying. He thought to carry me down
with a rush, but I side stepped him
and swung with my right, and he was
as clay in the hands of the potter. It
was my dooty to my feller man to toy
with this old kuss on wheels, and ac
cordingly I toyed—that is, I sat down
on him and hammered him until it
seemed to me that his future life
would be as upright as -his friends
could hope for He made objections,
but he was in the minority. When the
conflict had ceased and the frightened
crows had returned to their roost 1
stood the old man on his feet and lifted
him one with my boot and said:
“To him who hath shall be given
even to more than he kin stow away in
the refrigerator.”
And then 1 booted him seven times
in a vigorous but furgivin’ speerit and
materially aided him in his departure
The hour bein’ noon and my appetite
appealin’, I gave the old hoss his oats
and sat flown to my own snack, and
as I ate I softly hummed to myself
and felt to exclaim:
“Peace is holy, and peace should rest
upon all. but if the other feller won’t
hev peace then go In to lick him and
don't let up till be hollers.”
“I see where a judge refused to al
low an actress to wear tights in court,
for the purpose of proving that her
figure was not imitation.”
“He refused, you say?
“Umph! That judge could deny
himself anything.”
—That’s what The Spirit is each
week to the absent friend or boy or
girl away at school and receiving
the home paper.
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addition of gelatin, which will
reduce their cost.
Rhubarb Jelly.—Take a quart of rhu
barb after It has been cut up, a quarter
of a pint of water, the juice of one
lemon, the grated rind of a lemon, two
tablespoonfuls pf water, a pound of
sugar, a half an ounce of gelatin and
a few drops of cochineal. Wash, skin
and cut into one inch lengths sufficient
rhubarb to fill a quart basin. Put into
a stewpan with the sugar, the juice
and grated rind of lemon and a quar
ter of a pint of water. Simmer very
gently until the rhubarb is thoroughly
cooked. Dissolve the gelatin in two
tablespoonfuls of water, strain and add
it to the rhubarb. Beat the mixture for
a few minutes, color it with a few
drops of cochineal and pour it into a
wet mold. When set turn it out and
pour a little boiled custard round it.
A Nutritious Dish.
Egg Jelly.—Take half a pint of water,
six ounces of loaf sugar, two lemons,
two eggs, a half ounce of gelatin.
Wipe and peel the lemons thinly,
squeeze and strain the juice. Put the
gelatin in a saucepan, add to the
sugar, lemon peel, lemon juice and
water. Beat up the eggs, add them to
the other ingredients and stir over a
moderate fire till the gelatin is melted,
but be careful not to let it boil. Rinse
some small molds with cold water, fill
with the mixture and leave them to
set. When firm turn out the jellies, ar
range them in a glass dish, reserving
one for chopping. Sprinkle a piece of
paper with cold water, drop the jelly
on it and sprinkle the chopped jelly in
the bottom of the dish.
Prune Jelly—Take six ounces of
prunes, a half pint of water, an inch
stick of cinnamon, an ounce and a half
of powdered sugar, an ounce of geia
tin, two tablespoonfuls of water and
two cloves. Wash the prunes and put
them into a saucepan with half a pint
of water, the sugar, cinnamon and
cloves. Simmer gently till the prunes
are quite tender, then remove the cin
namon and cloves and beat the prunes
briskly with a fork. Dissolve the gela
tin in two tablespoonfuls of water
strain and add to the other ingredients.
Color with a few' drops of cochineal
and pour into a wetted mold. When
set serve with whipped cream,
i Made With Gelatin.
1 Orange Jelly —Take half a pint of
orange juice, the juice of two lemons,
1 two ounces of powdered sugar, a half
’ pint of water, the rind of three oranges
and three-quarters of an ounce of gela
tin. Wipe and peel the oranges thin
ly, put the rind in a stewpan with the
- sugar, water and gelatin Stir over
1 the fire till the gelatin is dissolved.
cover the pan, stand on one side and
! leave It for fen minutes. Strain the
! mixture, add the orange and lemon
juice previously strained, mix well and
pour into a wetted mold. When firm
turn out and serve.
y r~HAs'oJ u/ %
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rious day of righteousness and divine
favor is soon to be ushered in by Mes
siah. He, as the SUN OF RIGHT
EOUSNESS. shall arise and shine fully
and clearly into and upon all, bringing
healing and blessing, which will more
than counterbalance the dreadful night
of weeping, sighing, pain, sickness and
death, in which the groaning creation
has been so long. “Weeping may en
dure for a night, but joy cometh in the
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Chemist, 154 Whiting ‘ St., Chicago, 111., for
free booklet on Stomach Ailments and many
grateful letters from people who have been
For sale in Frostburg, Md., by the
G. F- Pearce Drug Co.
Be trained to meet the high cost of living by
a practical course in Agriculture, Science, or
Engineering. We cannot begin to supply em
ployers’ demands for country-bred graduates
to fill well-paidpositio7is. Healthful location on
B. & O. between Washington and Baltimore.
Expenses, $240. Tuition free.
Write for complete catalog to
President H. J. Patterson
Was put out of business
by Printer’s Ink
PRINTER’S INK Will Get Business
For YOU. We Do Up to Date
paper. That will be best for you
and best for the publisher.
NO GOOD CITIZEN will allow a
trifle less than 3 cents a week to
stand in the way of becoming a sub
scriber to his home paper.
142 W. Mechanic St., Frostburg, Md.
Justice of the Peace,
All business entrusted to me is attended to
promptly and satisfactorily.
Best Fire Insurance I
in the world apply to |
: *
Dr, J. C. Pfeiffer,
7E. Union St. Frostburg, Md.
Copyrights &c.
Anyone sending a sketch and description may
quickly ascertain our t.-pinion free whether an
invent ion is probably p;iient.ahle. Communica
tions strictly eonlldent ini. HANDBOOK on Patents
sent free. Oldest agency for securing patents.
Patents taken through JViunn & Co. receive
special notice, wit hout charge, in the
Scientific Americas!.
A handsomely illustrated weekly. Largest cir
culation of any fmieiitiiie journal. Terms, $.5 a
rear; four months, si. Sold by all newsdealers.
iy§i & 0e. 3G .* BraadwE - New York
French Office, r-25 IT Bt.-, Washington, D. C.
“Ocuiion” Cures Sick Chickens
, Newtown Giant
U.^ —*■% Colony Brooders and
A practicalTrapNests.
jkj Poultry Stock
Poods and Remedies.
fjg&d i ' Can fill your wants
pFA’jfcplijteas* in choice Poultry and
jKKT* Pigeons.
Wholesale and Retail.
8 S. Water St. Opp. Postoffice. Phone 289-K.
Allegany Cemetery.
2200 LOTS.
Prices $9.00 to $22.50.
J. B. Wilt tarns,
Office: C. & P. Phone:
60 E. Main Street. No. 52.
Go To —
Sales Agent for —
Eastman Kodaks,
Huylers Candies,
Rexall Remedies.
All Manicure, Toilet &
Shaving- Sets, Package Per
fumery, etc. at COST.
We (3 n Cf/ Green
Give O OC tjZ. Trading Stamps.
Engle leaf Market
Live Stock and
Dressed Meats
Butter and Eggs
Poultry in Season
Cumberland and Westernport
Electric Railway.
First car leaves Frostburg for Cumberland
at 6:00 a. m., Eckhart 6:12, Clarysville 6;19, Red
Hill 6:24, Long’s 6:30, Narrows Park 6:40, arriv
ing at Baltimore street, Cumberland, at 7:00 a.
m. Car leaves Frostburg every hour after
wards for Cumberland (on the hour) last car
leaving Frostburg at 11:00 o’clock p. m.
First , car leaves Baltimore street, Cumber
land, for Frostburg at 7:00 a. m., Narrows Park
7;20, Long’s 7:30, Red Hill 7:36, Clarysville 7:41,
Eckhart 7:48, arriving at Frostburg at 8:00 a. m.
Car leaves Cumberland every hour afterwards
foj* Frostburg (on the hour) last car leaving
Cumberland at 12:00 o’clock midnight.
First car leaves Frostburg for Westernport
at 5:00 a. m., Borden Shaft 5;12, Blake’s 5:23,
Midland 5:30, Lonaconmg 5:47, Moscow 6:00,
Barton 6:08, Reynolds 6:13, Franklin 6:29, West
ernport 6:30. Car leaves Frostburg every hour
(on the hour) last car leaving Frostburg for
Westernport at 11:00 o’clock p. m.
Last car leaves Frostburg for Lonaconing at
12;00 o’clock midnight, arriving at Lonaconing
12:47 a. m., returning leaves Lonaconing 12:50
a. m., arriving at Frostburg 1:30 a. m.
First car leaves Westernport for Frostburg
at 5:30 a. m., Franklin 5:40, Reynolds 5:47, Bar
ton 5:52, Moscow 6:00, Lonaconing 6:12, Midland
6:30, Blake’s 6:37, Borden Shaft 6:48, Frostburg
7:00. Car lerves Westernport every hour after
wards for Frostburg, last car leaving Western
port at 11:30 p m. for Frostburg.
All cars east and west connect at Frostburg.
J. E. TAYLOR, Superintendent.
SAY A GOOD word for your home
paper every day. It always pays.
Also be a subscriber and keep your
subscription paid up.

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