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Much Wild Game Destroyed, as
Well as Mach Second Growth
Incendiarism Supposed to Have
Been the Cause of Some of
the Fires.
Many destructive forest fires raged
in Allegany and Garrett counties dur
ing the last few weeks, and it is
claimed that some of them were of
incendiary origin, having been caus
ed, it is alleged, in some instances by
ignoramuses who are offended at the
present game laws, and in some in
stances by persons anxious to earn
money by fighting fire.
Whether these allegations are true
or not, we cannot say', but the Forest
Wardens should keep a sharp lookout
for incendiarism, for such offenders
are very dangerous characters, and
no penitentiary sentence would be
too severe for them.
The following from the Oakland
Republican on the subject of forest
fires contains a good many things
well worth thinking over :
The extremely long, dry season this
fall has made one of the worst fire
seasons in years. Many of the Forest
Wardens have been working day and
night to control the fires, and no
doubt their efforts have resulted in a
very greatly reduced fire damage. It
has been reported that a number of
people in the county, who derived a
considerable revenue from hunting
and killing game and shipping it out
of the county, are very much incensed
over the game laws, which now pro
hibit the selling and shipping of game.
The worst part of it is that this re
sentment should be the cause of sev
eral of these destructive forest fires;
if reports be true. The Forest War
dens are not Game Wardens, and
have nothing whatever to do with the
game laws, nor does the State For
estry Department; and it is very un
fortunate that this attitude should te
taken toward the forest lands.
Forest fires destroy much of the
game and bring about conditions that
are unfavorable to game propagation.
It is presumed that the present laws
have been enacted on account of the
growing scarcity of game. If this be
true, then the protection of the forests
from fire would increase the game,
and the laws would be modified to
permit more game to be taken and
utilized, and thereby bring about
greater benefits to those who make
any part of their Irving from hunting.
Some Information Concerning the
Pretty and Prosperous Little
Town 14 Miles West of
JF roatburfr. .
Uiamo.— . /
the old National Pike, near several
Pennsylvania to<vns and villages, and
is surrounded by many splendid fertile
farms. Some of the farmers light
their homes with private electric light
plants, have their own water systems
and enjoy hot and cold water in their
Two prosperous banks are located
in our village. The First State bank,
with capital stock of $25,000; surplus,
$7,500 ; resources, $189,028.05 ; depos
its subject to check, $151,340.73. The
First National Bank, capital, $25,000;
surplus, $17,000; resources, $172,349.-
■ 46 ; deposits subject to check, $86,426.-
20. A total deposit subject to check
of $237,776.93.
Boardwalks are disappearing and
their place supplied by cement walks,
which greatly add to the neat, invit
ing appearance of the village.
Grantsville is moving forward, not
making mueh noise, but just moving
right along, and as Sam Jones was
wont to say, “getting there.” With
the State road completed to the
county seat, our happiness will be
Of our churches and our public
schools and the beauties of nature and
of historical points we will write
Grantsville is in local option Garrett
county, and proud of it. We helped
to put it there.
Grantsville has several large de
partment stores, well stocked with
everything required by a 20th century
family. The merchants are enter
prising and courteous and doing a
good business.
Social life in this village is very
pleasant and active. We are home
folks, we know each other, and en
deavor to make life enjoyable. Life
is real, life is earnest here. We are
getting the most out of it.
All around Grantsville are enjoya
ble, pleasant, comfortable farm homes
and well cultivated farms, with mod
ern equipments. Our farmers live on
Prosperity street.
The value of good roads is seen
every day, in the number of automo
biles that come to and pass through
this village, carrying streamers indi
cating that the cars are from all parts
of the land. The tourists stop for
gasoline, for a meal, or for a night,
with supper and breakfast, or for sup
plies at the garage.
The foregoing information is from a
Grantsville correspondent to The Oak
land Republican, reproduced from
that paper.
The pretty little town deserves all
the praise that the correspondent
harps upon, for truly Grantsville is
one of the best little inland towns to
be found anywhere, and is in the
heart of a most excellent agricultural
region, whose tillers of the soil are
farmers of intellig'ence, as well as of a
most honest and hospitable class. The
people of the village, too, are of the
best and most sociable to be found
The editor of this paper spent many
of his happiest days in Grantsville,
his early childhood home, and to
think of the dear old village is to
’ bring back to him many fond recol
lections from the dim past of the long
ago. Would that we could live those
dear old days over —those days when
5 J
we used to play and scrap by turns
with our old friend Charley Wegman
and other lads in the old apple or
-1 chard and in the barns on the Sterner
farm, now the Dorsey property, at the
> lower end of the village.
A Profitable Business.
Any farmer can make a good profit
: out of his milk cows if he will give a
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Not So Clover,
"I feel like a perfect Ignoramus In
your presence, Mr. Crichton,” said the
WODjqn n
are"an iic'conipnshed linguist, you draw
—really you have all the accomplish
ments that I lnck.”
“Oh, Miss Taurus,” he protested,
with becoming modesty, “really, I’m
not that clever.”
Afterward he wondered If he had
said the right thing.—Cleveland Plain
“That man has a wonderfully well
trained memory.”
“Yes. He can make It remember
anything he chooses.” —Philadelphia
Tho-Endless Quest.
“Why don’t you go to the seashore
and be quiet?’’
“You can’t be quiet at the seashore.
Every time you sit down somebody
comes and persuades you to get up and
travel because there’s a lovely breeze
on the other side of the house.”—Wash
ington Star.
An Important Point.
“Seems to me these stockings are
rather flimsy,” said the man who was
shopping for his wife. “Will they
stand much strain?"
“Well, I don’t know,” responded the
clerk dubiously. “Will they— er—be ex
tra well filled?”—Kansas City Star.
Ought to Keep Up.
“By the aid of electricity, It says here.
5,000 photographs can be got out per
“Well, this ought to be fast enough to
satisfy the average stage beauty.”-
Florida Tlmes-TJnion.
In Moderation.
Bacon—l see there were 152 deaths
from aviation last year.
Egbert—And yet some of our best
doctors are still recommending drops.
—Yonkers Statesman.
Costly Uniforms.
The uniforms worn by officers of
somß of the British regiments cost
SI,OOO each.
And Makes Enemies.
An argument usually shows not
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dllS i
1 !J BE!
Many Confused and Perplexed
How “In Everything Give Thanks."
Knowledge Necessary Approaching
Throne of Grace—Variant Praises and
Thanks to God Throughout tha
World —The Solution of Our Perplex
~.Ls—The Bible the Only Guide—The
Spirit of a Sound Mind Rare—Hence
Majority of Thanksgiving Vain For
mality Unnoticed or Resented.
jj— Philadelphia.
V >’iff Russell, at Frank-
If . If ford Theatre, had
for his text the
words, “In every
gk thing give thanks.’
-SS. speaker declared
(PASTOR. RUSSELLj) that it must be a
difficult matter for
the majority of people to determine
correctly the nature of the thanks they
would offer to God. Three hundred
and fifty millions of humanity, our
blood relatives, are at war, seeking to
destroy each other. Ninety million
Americans, deeply Interested In them,
are Invited by our Honorable President
and tbe Governors of our several states
to render thanks to the Almighty.
Truly, we have many causes for
thanksgiving to our Creator; life Itself
Is a blessing, a boon; our nation In
many respects is the most favored on
the face of the earth, enriched by
God’s bounty above all others, not
the least of our blessings being our
civil and religious liberties.
Surely no one of even average heart
and head has cause for other than
great thankfulness to our Creator.
“Our lines have fallen to us In pleas
ant places.” Those who feel no grati
tude are surely soured by discontent,
the fruitage of Ignorance, selfishness
and sin. How appropriate, then, that
each and all bow heart and head be
fore the Giver of every good and perfect
gift! To whatever extent this course
be followed heartily, without hypoc
risy, undoubtedly a blessing will re
sult. individually and nationally. The
custom is a beautiful one.
There Is a difference between thanks
giving and prayer. None have the
right or the privilege of approaching
the Throne of Heavenly Grace except
those who have come Into covenant re
latlonshlp with God. The Jews came
Into covenant relationship with God
through their Law Covenant by Divine
........ h Mosefa 1
arrangement of the Gosper Age. are
privileged thus to come into relation
ship with the Creator through Him
He Is our Advocate, who has opened
up for us a new and living way.
through the sacrifice of His flesh. All
whom the Father has accepted through
Him—all whom the Father has begot
ten by His Holy Spirit—are Scrtptural
ly termed sons of God. children of God,
heirs of God, Joint-heirs with Jesus
Christ their Lord.—l John 3:1; Romans
These are invited to come to their
Father and to address Him thus: “Our
Father who art in Heaven,” and to
ask for the blessings which God has
provided for His children, according
to His Divine purposes nud arrange
ments. But none others are permitted
to come to this Throne of Grace, be
cause not In covenant relationship with
the Savior, because in God’s arrange
ment “There is none other name given
In Heaven or amongst men. whereby
we may be saved" from our sins, or
be brought tnto relationship with God
Thus we see that only a limited num
ber may enjoy the privileges of prayer
or expect answers to their prayers.
But, thank God, others may worship
and bow down! “Come, let us wor
ship and bow down: let us kneel be
fore the Lord our Maker." Many have
this privilege, and the exercise of It is
sure to bring a blessing Whoever has
a thankful heart, which takes delight
in offering worship to the Giver of
every good gift, will surely receive a
reflex blessing. His love of righteous
ness and truth, holiness and goodness,
mercy and justice, will thereby be
strengthened; and so also will be the
probability of his some day reaching
the point where he will see the wis
dom and the desirability of giving his
heart—his little ail—to the Lord in con
seeration —to be a faithful footstep fol
lower of the Redeemer.
Giving Thanks For tho War.
Very evidently the majority of man
kind have an insufficiency of know!
edge of God. of the Bible, and of the
Divine Plan therein set forth, to thank
God for tbe present state of war But
to the Church, whose eyes of under
standing have been opened and who
are able to see the lengths and the
breadths, the heights and the depths
of God’s Love in the Message of the
Bible, St Paul writes: “In everything
give thanks!"
Ripe Christians have learned to give
thanks to God for the adversities of
life in their own experiences, convinc
ed that under God’s supervision the
direst of calamities may he overruled
for good to His people and for glory to
His uame. But only the advanced, the
Annual Catch of Lobsters.
It is estimated that the annual
catch of lobsters In the world 1b 125,-
Cause of the Trouble.
Adam blamed It on. an Apple. But
nowadays It is a Peach that usually
starts all the trouble. —Cincinnati En
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developed, Ch ig Te
thanks under istnnees severe
trials and test Only tM‘ who
huve great f: built up clear
knowledge of t|Vine proves, can
realize all ngs are
working togethr their g/d
Similarly, in |t to thereat Eu
ropeun war uo\jj- o gress,ts casual
ties, desolatioulwouuii only the
well-instructed pople may
understand ib<hi ( . piais and ar
rangements so fchly a: to be able
to give thanks Ipeot to the war
and able to e:e conldenl faith
that the outpoint will mean bless
ings of instruetld preparation foi
future blessingsj
If the Scriptuil not foretell this
time of world-1 "distress of na
tions,” we inlg* know that God
had foreseen i| had made pro
vision for its restore permitting
It But the saaqf that foretells
the war tells if results, saying.
"When tbe of the Lord art
abroad in the the inhabitants
of the world will righteousness.”
(Isaiah 20:0.i jen, the war is
teaching tin wolssons along the
lines of righteoil and justice. It
will be doing pes-nt good More
over, the same Bfells that the wat
Is merely the of human self
ishness. ignnrumjuperstltioli and
false doctrine, ankures us that Hi
though it will lejn to revolution,
anarchy and the jr wreck of the
present order of Igs— the present
civilization--lieveriss, God is pre
pared for the emeoy "Man's ex
tremity will be G( opportunity ”
Great Cause Rejoicing.
The hour having r for .Messiah to
take the reins of g'nment. He will
stand forth In Pot and Majesty at
the proper moment. 1 exclaim to the ’
raging elements of restless human
sea, “Peace: Be 1!' And there
will be a great calm’he lesson learn
ed In the Trouble II be a tasting
one; and the bless opi>ortunities of
Messiah's Kingdoc which will he
built upon the aslnjrf present insti
tutlons, will bring tflastiug life and
everlasting Joy to at he willing and
Those who see t war from tills
viewpoint may indfl in everything
give thanks; rejoie{ that the reign
of Sin and Death vl soon be ended!
rejoicing that God's lngdom will soon
come, and His wille done on earth,
even as In Heaven! joking that soon
the knowledge of th true character of
God will be univet 1! rejoicing that
then. In the light < that knowledge
“every knee shall bow and every
tongue confess, to te glory of God"!
rejoicing still furttr, that any who
under ail those fa irable conditions
will refuse to make full surrender to
the Lord, will he ereifuily cut off
from life in the Secod Death!
Ths Hope of the Resurrection.
Tlie explanation if the sorrows ot
the world Is given in the Bible, which
tells us that sin lies,at the door, and
that the mental, mmal and physical p
blemishes which cause humanity such j
distress are incidentll to the penalty [
pronounced against sip; namely, death ,
“The soul (bat slne-rb. i( U-sla 1 Idle.'
and came under the penalty for sin- j
“Dying, thou shalt die.” Therefore all
his children share by heredity his tm
perfections and are likewise imperfect
—sinners, as St Paul explains. iBo
mans 5:12.i Tims, during sixty ecu
turies, approximately twenty thousand
millions of Adam’s children have been
“born in sin and shapen in Iniquity,"
and have entered the world condemned
and dying, mentally, morally and phys
Divine sympathy exercised toward
this race of sinners provided a Savior,
“who for the joy set before Him” sac
rlflced His life for the world. (John
8:16; Hebrews 12:2.1 “Jesns Christ by
the grace of God tasted death for ev
ery man.” (Hebrews 2:9.) Then. In
stead of setting up the promised King
dom to bless the world. Instead of sav
ing the world, the Savior did some
thing else: and that which He has been
doing from the time of His resurreo
tion until now Is, as the Apostle ex
plains, a Mystery. (Ephesians 3:3-8,
Colossians 1:2(5, 27.1 “The Mystery o
God” the world does not understand:
for He prefers to keep the matter from
them. But “the secret of the Lord is
with them that fear Him. and He will
show them His Covenant.”
This Mystery Is that God has pur
posed that the blessing of the world
should be accomplished by our Savior
in association with a select class gath
ered out of the world and especially
prepared In the School of Christ dur
lng the Gospel Age. During the cen
turies required for the finding of this
saintly class for whom the Lord has
been searching with the magnet of
Truth, various false theories have
sprung up and found acceptance In the
world. One of these Is that God does
not love the world and has never pur
posed Its salvation; but that, on the
contrary. He has predestinated all ex
eept the saints to suffer eternal tor
tore, because He wished to have it so
Another of these false theories is
that whilst God wished to save the
world. He is unable to do so. because
handicapped by human self-will and
by Satan’s aggressiveness. This tho
ory declares that God loves the world
Including the heathen millions; that
He longs to have the Gospel taken to
them, but cannot do so except through
human agency: and that He Is baffled
and disappointed because those who
profess to he His people fail to raise
sufficient funds
To rational minds these theories are
no longer satisfactory; hence many are
turned to infidelity But leaving these
errors of the Dark Ages and going
back to the Scriptures, we find their
teachings consistent: namely, that as
soon as the Mystery of God f
His Favorite.
When a girl asked Mark Twain
his favorite motto, he answered, “Not
In Magazine Circles.
A back number now Is something
that has been out over twenty min
utes. —Kansas City Journal.
dust settles. Are you a man? If
so, have you settled yet for what you
owe on this liaper.
Church, is finished, the Divine blessing j |
will proceed through The Christ—Jesus j j
the Head, and the Church the Body
to the world. As it is written “In
thy Seed shall all the families of the
earth be blessed." The Mystery of
God is that the spiritual Seed of Abra
ham is not the Lord Jesus only, but
also His members—the Church.-Gala
, thins 3:8. 111. 39.
During Messiah's Itetgn of KifiUt
eousness. all nations will be instructed,
, enlightened, blessed The merit o
Christ will then be applied on behalf
. of the billions who have gone down
into the prison house of death—Sheol.
Hades, the grave. The Church v, l
constitute the First Resurrection. All
sharing in it will attain life on the
* spirit plane. Later, during the Mil-
lennium. the world will return from
the tomb, “every man in his own or
der” The process of resurrection will
continue with them. In order that the
willing and obedient may rise gradual
1 T towards perfection on the human
plane and finally attain It. Meantime
the earth will be rejuvenated and he
come the promised Paradise restored
“Give Thanks, For He Is Good.”
looking down into the future, the -
Psalmist exclaims, in view of the
Kingdom blessings promised the world ,
“O give thanks unto the Lord: for lie
is good! for His mercy endureth for
ever!" it is the mercy of Cod toward
us—toward all who need Ills mercy
and who desire it-that constitutes the
ground for thanksgiving it Is true
that praise must come from thankful
hearts; and that, to be properly thank
ful, one must see more than Is now
visible to those who have not the eye
of faith and the Divine revelation of
things to come. But these very op
’ portuuities the Lord s consecrated ones
possess. As it is written. "Blessed are
your eyes, for they see; and your ears,
for they hear "
Not only so. but to the extent tnai
anv sees and hears of the grace of God
he" has responsibility To possess the
knowledge of God and to disdain it is
to receive the grace of God in vain
God’s people not only give thanks toi
future blessings received now by faith,
but additionally they appreciate bless
ings granted them in the present life,
and give thanks for these The first
of these is the knowledge of the good
ness of God in releasing us by faith
from sin and its penalty, so that with
out waiting for actualities we can now
rejoice in the mercy which has justr
fled ns freely through the blood of
Christ. The realization both of the
rolling away of our sins and of our
forgiveness by the Father calls for
gratitude. All other blessings rest
upon this one. and all thunksgmug
should properly Include thanks for our
justification by faith
After our justification we were in
ducted into a still further grace, or
privilege—that of becoming members
of the Body of Christ Through ac
ceptation of this privilege we gain the
opportunity of a change of uature
from human to Divine (2 Peter 1:4.)
Our human nature justified, cleansed,
made acceptable to Cod as a sacrifice
through tlie merit of Christ, will lie re
placed by a spirit nature and glory
honor and Immortality, joint heirship
with our Lord and Head, if we faith
fully make our sacrifice. (Romans
nunc n,.-r s. ri.j- thanks
Him for His benefits toward u a ?
The heart that has come into faith
union and communion with the Lord
learns something more every day re
specting the Heavenly Father’s loving '
care for His children; and each fresh
item of knowledge is a new well
spring of pleasure. "He satisfietb the
longing soul." "Blessed are they that
hunger and thirst after righteousness:
for they shall be filled " "Surely good
ness and mercy follow me all the days
of my life." These are the experiences
of those ripe Christians called upon by
the Apostle to give thanks unto God
in every matter and to know that this
is the will of God in respect to all who
are members of the Body of Christ.
Thanks Through Tears.
Let us not overlook the fact that our
text indicates that we are to give
thanks for our sorrows, our trials, our
disappointments, as well as for our
Joys and our pleasures; for the word
everything includes all things. Nor is
this the only Scripture to this effect
The Apostle elsewhere urges the mem
bers of Christ to rejoice In tribulation
—not because tribulation is a joy-pro
ducer, but because tribulation works
out additional patience, and patience
brings additional experience, which in
turn brings larger hope, until we are
not ashamed of our tribulations, be
cause thereby the love of God is shed
abroad in our hearts.—Rom 5:3; 8:35
The basis of all rejoicing as respects
both the future and the present is
faith: First, that there is a God; sec
ond, that He has a noble character;
third, that His Wisdom. Justice. Love
and Power are perfect and are thor
oughly coordinated; fourth, that all
these attributes are enlisted in the sal
vation of the world; fifth, that this sal
vation began to be worked out by our
Lord at His First Advent; sixth, that
it is still working out in the selection
of His Church; seventh, that shortly
It will begin to take practical shape
In the establishment of Christ’s Mil
lennial Kingdom; eighth, that through
this Kingdom a blessing shall extern’
to every creature of our race.
Then let every man to the extent of
his enlightenment appreciate and con
fess the Almighty God and give thanks
unto His name: for He is good, ana
His mercy endureth forever Let those
who have tasted of His grace go on.
that they may grow In grace, in knowl
edge, in faith and in character-like
ness to our God Let His saints, who
are addressed in our text, more and
more appreciate their wonderful priv
liege, their high calling of God in
Christ Jesus—to tie hrtrs of God and
Joint-heirs with Jesus Christ our Lora
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, 142 W. Mechanic St., Frostburg, Md.
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saiisa iigtiui un
Eastman Kodaks,
Huylers Candies,
Rexall Remedies.
All Manicure, Toilet &
Shaving Sets, Package Per
fumery, etc. at COST.
We <p 0 (%£ Greeti
Give O. CC . Trading Stamps.
Dr. J. C. Pfeiffer,
7E. Union St. - Frostburg, Md.
“Oculum” Cures Sick Chickens
, - Newtown Giant
Colony Brooders and
M practical Trap Nests.
Poultry Stock
Foods and Remedies.
Can fill your wants
in choice Poultry and
_ . _ J Pigeons.
Wholesale and Retail.
BS. Water St. Opp. Postoffice. Phone 289-K.
Allegany Cemetery.
2200 LOTS.
Prices $9.00 to $22.50.
J. B. Williams,
Office: C. & P. Phone:
60 E. Main Street. No. 52.
Cumberland and Westernport
Electric Railway.
I First car leaves Frostburg for Cumberland
i at 6:00 a. m., Eckhart 6:12, Clarysville 6;19, Ked
! Hill 6:24, Long’s 6:30, Narrows Park 6:40, arriv
-1 ing at Baltimore street, Cumberland, at 7:00 a.
! m. Car leaves Frostburg every hour after
! wards for Cumberland (on the hour) last car
[ leaving Frostburg at 11:00 o’clock p. m.
First car leaves Baltimore street, Cumber
" land, for Frostburg at 7:00 a. m , Narrows Park
7:20, Long’s 7:30, Hed Hill 7:36, Clarysville 7:41,
’ Eckhart 7:48, arriving at Frostburg at 8:00 a. m.
t Car leaves Cumberland every hour afterwards
for Frostburg (on the hour) last car leaving
‘ Cumberland at 12:00 o’clock midnight.
First car leaves Frostburg for Westernport
at 5:00 a. m., Borden Shaft 5; 12, Blake’s 5:23,
Midland 5:30, Lonaconme 5:47, Moscow 6:00,
- Barton 6:08, Reynolds 6:13, Franklin 6:29, West
ernport 6:30. Car leaves Frostburg every hour
L (on the hour last oar leaving Frostburg for
, Westernport at 11:00 o’clock p. m.
Last car leaves Frostburg for Lonaconing at
12;00 o’clock midnight, arriving at lamaeoning
12:47 a. m., returning leaves Lonaconing 12:50
, a. in., arriving at Frostburg 1:30 a. m.
’ First car leaves Westernport for Frostburg
: at, 5:30 a. m.. Franklin 5:40, Reynolds 5:47, Bar
r ton 5:52, Moscow 8:00, Lonaconing 6:12, Midland
6:30, Blake’s 6:37, Borden Shaft 6:48, Frostburg
7:00. Car lerves Westernport every hour after
wards for Frostburg, last car leaving Western
s port at 11:30 p m. for Frostburg.
; All cars east and west connect at Frostburg.
i 3. E. TAYLOR, Superintendent,

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