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THURSDAY, Dec. 11.—Senate—Senator
Allison, from the committee on Indian,
affairs, reported with two amendments,
a joint resolution that the secretary of the
interior be authorized through a com
mission of five persons, to be appointed
by the president, to negotiate with the
TJte Indians for their removal from Col
orado. This resolution provoked a long
debate, but was finally adopted with an
amendment that in no case should those
Indians be sent: to.-the Indian Territory.
Several private appropriation bills were
passed. The bill appropriating $200,000
for the erection of military posts on the
Rio Grande frontier, was .passed. After
a short executive session the senate
adjourned until Monday.
THURSDAY, Dec. 11—Home.—Mr.
Acklin, introduced a bill authorizing
the appoiutment by the presideut of a
commission of engineers to examine the
surveys of the contemplated canal across
the Isthmus of Panama. Mr. Shelby
offered a preamble and resolution, recit
ing that a large number of citizens of
certain states htCve been induced through
false representations of certain persons,
to leave their homes for the purpose of
immigrating to other states, and that
they have failed for want of funds to
reach their destination, and are without
tood and proper clothing, and providing
for a select committee to investigate the
causes of such immigration, to sit, dur
ing recess, and report such measures as
the exigency maj require. Mr. Converse,
from the committee on public lands, re
ported a bill amending the act to grant
additional rights to homestead settlers
on toe public lands within
railroad limits, approved March
3d, 1879. Converse stated that under
that act homesteaders who occupied 80
acres, were authorized to select 80 addi
tional acres without payment of registry
fees. The present bill" simply provided
that the registry fees shotild be paid for
The bill was passed. The invalid pen
sion appropriation bill was reported,
ordered prin'ed and recommitted. It
appropriates $32,000,000 about $3,000,
000 more than last year.
FRIDAY, Dec. 12—Senate.—The senate
was not in session.
FRIDAY Dec. 12.—House.—Among the
bills introduced were the following: For
the appointment of an Inter Oceanic
commission to determine the st plan
and route for the establishment of com
munication for trade ana commerce be
tween the Atlantic and Pacific, across the
Isthmus of Darien to prevent the re|ire.
mentof greenbacks and in favor of sub
stituting them for national bank notes,
and for the free coinage of sil
ver The fortification bill, which
was the same as that of last year, with
only slight modification, was passed.
Among the amendments was one appro
priating $350 000 for batteries for the de
fense of Galveston. The pension bill
was also finally considered in committee
of the whole, and passed. It appropri
ates $32,424,000, as against $29 266,000
last year. The house then took up pri.
vate bills, and after a long discussion,
passed a bill appropriating $20,000 as an
indemnity and compensation to the wid
ow and heirs of Henry Leef, in conse
quence of the illegal seizure of the bark
Mary Theers, by the United States con
sul at Bahua, Brazil. The claim had been
before congress for thirty years, and bad
five times been reported favorably to the
house by the committee on commerce
The house adjourned until Monday.
MONDAY, Dec. 15.—Senate—Mr. Yoor
hees presented the petition of 7,000 ex
soldiers and sailors, praying to be paid
in greenbacks the difference in the value
of the greenbacks in which they were
paid lor their services 10 the government
and the value of gold at the time of pay
ment. Mr. Butler, of South Carolina,
introduced an amendment to the senate
joint resolution introduced by Mr. Bay
ard, withdrawing the legal quality of
greenbacks. The resolution as proposed
to be amended, will read: "That from
and after January 1st, 1885, the treasury
notes of the United States shall be re
ceivable for all dues to the United States,
except duties on imports, and shall not
otherwise be a legal tender and any of
said notes that shall hereafter be issued
shall bear this superscription." The
vice president presented a communica
tien from the postmaster-general recom
mending a deficiency appropria ion of
$206,212 for extra star mail routes.
Yoorhees also introduced a resolution
providing forthe appointment of a com
mittee of five senators to investigate the
causts leading to negro immigration.
MONDAY, Dec. 15—House.—Among the
bills introduced were the following To
encourage American ship building, and
for the appointment of a committee to
report a basis for a reciprocity treaty
with the British provinces requiring the
.secretary of the treasury to pay out all
gold ana silver coin, legal tender notes
and national bank notes in the treasury
not required for current expenses, in the
purchase of government bonds animl*
ling and revoking the court-martial find
ings and sentence in the case of General
Fitz John Porter, restoring him to ser
vice as colonel in the army, and provid
ing for the payment of all arrearages as
major general up to the 1st of Septem
ber, '66, and as colonel thereafter
providing that in case of
the non surrender of the Ute Indians en
gaged in the White river massacre,within
thirty days, the tribe shall be declared
public enemies to the United States, and
its rights to its reservation shall be de
clared forfeited for the organization of
the territory of Okohoma,. out of the
present Indian territory providing for
the payment of afrears of pensions to
the widows and minor children of per
sons who died of injuries received in the
war of the rebellion for the establish
ment of a branch mint at Indianapolis
to encourage the, education of the col
ored race granting bounty lands to the
soldiers of the United States, who served
in the war of 1861.
TUKBDAT. Dec. 16—Senate.—Cockrell's
bill authorizing the secretary of war to
donate twelve condemned cannon to the
Francis P. Blair monument association
passed. Among the bills introduced
were the following: By Bruce, to pro
vide for the investment of certain un
claimed pay ad bountv moneys now in
the treasury, and to facilitate and en
courage the education of the col-
ored race by Booth, appropri
ating $30,000 for tbe erection
of a statue, of Prof. James Henry at the
SmitbsWnian Institute. Bills were passed
as follows: Authorizing allowance for
loss by leakage or casualty, of spirits
withdrawn irom distillery warehouses
for exportation to. amend sections 2324
and £325 of the revised statutes, so as to
allow applications and affidavits required
for the obtainment of patents miner
al lands to be made by the agent of non
residents to amend article 103 of the
rules and articles of war, so as to provide
limitation to prosecution for desertion,
after an amendment by Mr. Edmunds, so
as to prevent its construction as apply
ing to defaulters &c. After a short ex
ecutive session, the senate adjourned.
TUESDAY, Dec. 16—House—Mr. King
offered a resolit ion for the appoi tment
of a select committee of eleven, whose
ity it shall be to examine into he sub
ject of the selection of a suitable route for
ihe inter-oceanic ship canal, to which
a 1 petitions, memorials and reports re
lative to such canal shall be referred,
and which shall lave authority report
at any time. Bills were passed: for the
establishment of a land office in Montana
Teriitory also a bill for the establish
ment of a land office in Dakota Territ ry
restoring to the public domain par of
of the military reserva'ion of Fort Ripley,
Minnesota a so confirming grants of
swamp lands made by the state of Min
nesota, in aid of the construction of rail
roads and other internal npr jvem^nts
a bill abolishing the military reserva
tions of forts Abercrombie, Seward ana
Ransom, Dakota Territory.
WEDNESDAY, Dec. 17—SemteMr.
Morgan offered tbe following resolution:
That the continuance of the existing
volume of U. S. notes, with their legal
tender preserved, and the maintainance
of their equivalent in value with coin, is
demanded by tbe present necessity of
trade, commerce and industry, and that a
full restoration of silver coinage to an
equality with gold is necessary to the
people of tbe United States as a sufficient
and permanent supply of money to main
tain our national prosperity. Mr. Mor
gan discussed his resolution at some
length. Mr. Thurman presented a me
morial of citizens, of Ohio, largely in
terested in stock raising, asking tbe ap
pointment of a commission to investi
gate domestic diseases of animals, and to
adopt and enforce, under sanction of the
secretary of the treasury,rules for the pre
vention and treatment of such diseases.
Mr. Pendleton, from tbe committee 02
census, reported a bill amending the ai
prov:dicg for taking the tenth census.
It provides for the free transmission,
through mails, of correspondence be
tween census officers and the departmen
of the interior. It also amends the said
act by striking out of the 11th section
so much as provides for schedule four,
containing the inquiry relating to the
ownership of the public debt of the
United States. It also amends section 17,
so as to allow the report obtained from
railroad corporations, express, telegraph
and insurance companies to be made for
the fiscal year, ending June 1,1880. It
amends section 19, so as to require the
enumerators to commence June 1,1880,
and to require an enumeration in cities
having over 100,000 inhabitants to be
taken within two weeks from that date.
Ordered prin ed and laid on the table.
The senate then held a short session, and
when the doors re-opened, passed among
others, a bill to authorize the free entry
of competitive prizes won by American
citizens in foreign countries.
WEDNESDAY, Dec. 17—House—Bills
were introduced: Restricting the legal
tender currency to const- tutional require
ments, the bill reading as follows (That
section 3,589 of the revised statutes,
making United States notes a legal ten
der in payment of all debts, public or
private, except for duties on imports and
interest on the public debt, is hereby re
pealed, and that hereafter gold and silver
coin only shall be received in pay
ment of debts also a bill repealing
the stamp tax on bank checks. The bill
exempting stal employes from serving
on juries passed. A concurrent resolu
tion for the appoiniment of a joint com
mittee of three senators and five repre
sentatives, to investigate the present
system of salaries, fees and emolument
allowed officers of the several United
States courts, to ascertain whether any
abuses exist therein, and granting such
committee power to report any time, was
agreed to. The military academy bill
was discussed at length and passed with
out amendment.
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gist palui off on you any new, cheap
rempdy for colds when you inquire for
Dr. Ball's jugh Syrup or you will be
disappointed. Price.
^5 cents a bottle.
Prof. Arnold reports that in Oxford
county, Canada, many of the dairymen
are feeding the new milk to the pigs,
thinking it more profitable in po k, at
four cents on the farm than in cbeese
at four and one-balfwith a deduction of
two cents for hauling and making and
he thinks they are right in the estimate.
Jerser Batter.
Jersey Batter is all the fashion, and it ban be
come so mainly because the makers have kept up
a uniform color through the year, using artificial
color when nccessai-y. Dairymen who wish to be
in the fashion must use the Perfected Butter Col
or made by Wells, Richardson & Co., Burlington,
Vt. Hon. E. D. Mason, Pres. Dairy Asso., says:
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butter of any substance I have ever used. I know
it to be, as you say, as harmless a^ salt, and It
adds several cents per po'ind to the value of but
A THIEVES' supper is one of the novel
ties of London. In a mission hall near
Drury Lane the habitual criminal has
found friends, who, on his discharge, in
vite him to a festival. This is the prin
ciple, and last year, five hundred and
thirty-seven have thus had a welcoming
hand out to them on emerging fiom
prison. Money has been given to some.
All were entertained ana lectured on
tue principle that honesty is the best
A Great Discovery by tireat Man.
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alikind* of pain others improved it, ana the
Una) result is the safe Nervine now manufactured
only by JL H. Warner Co.
IT is reported that the maize crop of
Roumania is almost an entire failure,
and that the supply for the people
must be imported from this country.
The food beading and fuel for the poor
er classes are obtained almost entirely
from this crop.
A llrop of Joy in every Word."
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PENNSYLVANIA is rpported to have suf
fered to the extent $500,000 from pleuro
pheumonia since its entrance into the
State. It is confined principally to the
counties of Philadelphia, Bucks, Chester
and Delaware.
THIRTY years ago the common pnepp
of Germany are said to have only 5 000
wool fibres to the square inch of sur
face through improvement in breeds,
the common grades of sheep now have
27,000 to the square inch, and the purf
bred merinoes have from 40,000 to 48,
0000 wool filament to the equare inch.
A Democrat ured.
A leading democrat of Burlington, Mr. E. M.
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cases of piles.
Take Warning,
Directly around each bronchial tube
where it enters the lungs, are about 20,
000 minute air celU—in the entire
iungs 600,000,000. A slight cold pro
ducing bronchia! inflammation, a gath
ering of phlegm and a slight difficulty
in br athing, quickly involves the 20,
000 air cells, and finally, if not reme
died, the whole six hundred millions
becomes clogged with pus which must
be healed or life will soon terminate.
The world's great lung remedy, Du
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Females that are liable to suppression by tak
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Weakness. HUNT'S RKALfeDY lias never
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Mf'OiiKSTOWN, Burlington Co., N. J, Sept 181187#
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Internal Kennedies to last one
month, warrauted to enra any eaae,
from tne mildest ta the worst,with a
Book of Instractlons for se-f-treat-
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and how to prevent any return of thadlseaaa afte.
yourself He ha* been well knows for 30 years as a
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•rji fetter by tboee using bis 8pse tea. tmt by
asll en receipt of price. Address
1»R. T. W11,MAM8,
Bast Water !*t. Milwaukee, wis.
yen don't like te risk money by Ball, any
WB "will order for yen, hat insist an DR. WIL
®P®C1KICH and dont be put off with a
•heap substitute. (Met te druggists.)

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