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The Bemidji pioneer. [volume] (Bemidji, Beltrami County, Minn.) 1896-1917, April 30, 1896, Image 1

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VOL- 1. NO 7
Rain! Mrs. O'raich can accommodate
a few more day borders.
WANTED-Tvvo Hundred bushels
of potatoes at CARSON PRO S.
Bemidji is to have a jeweler in
the person of Geo. II. Smith of
There will be Sunday school at
the Bemidji school house on Sun
day afternoon at 2 o'clock.
Ed Trask is smiling six ways for
Christmas over the arrival of a
young American at his house.
Joe McTaggart got back from
a picnic trip to Fosston on Tuesday.
He brought back a load of
W White has been enjoying
the luxury of one of Job's comfort
ers. is still able to wait on
customers, however.
Mr. Grcil and his son Earl return
ed from Fosston on Monday with
two loads of dry lumber and oats.
They reported hard roads.
Freeman Doud, G. E Carson,
and Ernest E Derrick will prove
up on their claims adjoining Bem
idji, at the Crookston office on
June 6th
At Carson Bros, you can find
all kinds of Garden Seeds, also
Timothy, Millet and lied Top
A surprise party of very pleasant
proportions caught Good
hamer and wife on Friday night
last, about fifty friends honoring
them with their company.
Jens Hanson, the Fosston saloon
keeper, intends erecting a large
frame building on one of the
lots between the store of Carson
Bros, and the restaurant of Smith
& Bates.
Gny Rem ore has about 40.000
feet of dry logs in the Schoolcraft,
which he intends to deliver at
our saw-mills in time to get some
more good boat timber.
Mr. G. E Carson took a drive to
Moose last Sunday and returned
the next morning feeling well paid
for the trip. The Mooseites are
very friendly to Bemidji.
fFrank Longcoy seldom goes fish
ing but he brings in a sucker or
two just for fun. speared his
biggest one last Sunday afternoon,
and brought himself home with
the spear in his foot.
Commissioner Allen was in
Bemidji on Monday, posting up the
notices for village incorporation.
He said the board is anxious to do
anything it can to accommodate
the people of Bemidji, and we be
lieve him
J. W White has taken the
agency for the Northwestern
Benevolent Society, and is prepar
ed to write accident and sickness
policies for all men engaged in
dangerous or or!her lines of busi
carry a full line of hatsstill
hats, soft hats and straw hats.
Lou Williams got home from
Crookston on Tuesday^ bringing
a load of goods from Fosston. ll
onlv took two and a half days to
make the wagon trip, with Jens
Hansen's load nudging him from
Timber cruisers, iron land pros-,
pectors, and even gold hunters are
becoming numerous on the borders
of Red Lake reserve, and some of
the homesteaders are getting ner
vous lest a new Cripple Creek
region shall be discovered.
Postmaster and Justice of the
Peace Brown of Popple town was
visiting friends i.i the metropolis
Saturday last. Bemidji is always
glad to see Mr. Brown, who has
been an efficient aid in forwarding
Beltrami county organization.
The Indians brought some maple
sugar into Bemidji the first of the
week, but the larger: makers of
the sweet stuff have not yet put in
an appearance. Carson Bros, got
a 100-pound birch-bark box of it,
and a few cakes, all of which has
gone at a pretty rapid pace.
Rain for three straight days
and nights has made the roads
between Bemidji and Park Rapids
and Bemidji and Fosston well-nigh
impassable, but they are nothing
in comparison with what eye-wit
nesses report of the streets in
Crookston and Grand Forks.
Mail/Carrier Bartloson found a
hard row to hoe coming from Park
Rapids on Tuesday. He did not
get into Bemidji until .11.10 o'clock
at ni'*t, and then only after h'av
ing peilo'rmcd the Herculean feat,
so he 'said, of cutting his way
through 200 trees that had been
blown across the roadway.
E.II.Noel did not sell his Moose
mill to 0(arvor, but is removing it
to the pond near J.P.Nygaard's
place, in Popple town, where he
expects to saw the legs now lying
there, amounting to about 300.000
feet. I the fall he expects to re
turn to Moose with the mill, and
finish the Bagley loirs.
Messrs. Bennett and Street, the
Fosston attorneys, have issued a
neat four-page pamphlet contain
ing a brief summary of the home
stead law as applied to the Red
Lake reservation. Th pamphlet
can be had on application to the
firm named and contains in a
brief form much valuable knowl
John Steidl is building himself
a pair of twins, with poops and
sterns and wind-gathering appar
atus galore. With them he propos-
We came FIRS'I and will stay till the LAST.
es to sweep Lake liemidji of all
private craft, and get more fun
out of the matter than all the lund
inbbers town do out of bottled
bei r. Like the girl and her lover,
it is to be two boats with but a
single sail, two oarsmen that row
as one, and so constructed that
they can have a grand divorce
whenever he sees fit.
Bill Berry is a gentleman and a
scholar, but he don't know how to
handle a broncho for a little while,
lie lost his sorrels three weeks ago
and was dependent on a woman's
knowledge for their discovery near
Moose. He brought them to
Bemidji to see the new buildings,
and tied them to Commissioner
Allen's spring wagon in the yard
ofthe Grand Central hotel. While
William was quietly nibbling
crackers and cheese with a leading
citizen, the bronchos made a bad
break, and tossed Commissioner
Allen's new spring seat galley
west. One of them was tame
chough to be recaptured, but the
seat scared the other into king
dom come, and Berry went home
astride oft he stringer of the other.
The lost animal was subsequently
retaken near town, and is now
the hando of her friends.
Seeding will soon be in order if this
weather continues. The plowed
land is setting in good shape for
W D. Wheeler, our assessor,
left for Detroit last week. \V.-
don't envy him his trip 'over the
present road.
L. A Wheeler took in Fosston
last week. He thinks it is the
afest and surest way to go on
foot on the present roads.
Mrs, Hiram Austin is very much
pleased with her new organ. We
think it a very acceptable present.
But Hiram don't think it a match
for the violin presented to him
The two make lovely music.
Mr. A Jones was on the sick
list last week.
Our mail carrier is having hard
roads now. He has always been
ahead of time until last week.
Winn. Wheeler visited at G. C.
Allen's Sunday.
Chris. Hestad is making a trip to
Vining in Otter Tail county, on
business, and will also visit rela
tives and friends.
Hank Maloney has gone to
Grand Rapids to take in the drive.
Hank is an old hand at the busi
ness. It is a long trip, but wages
are better there than Bagley pays
on the Clearwater. Most of the
boys would rather work near home
'than walk so far. Th young
ladies of Moose are sighing for
Hank's return.
Our stock of General Merchandise is the Largest ami Best in Beltrami County.
A run., 25. 1896.
The board of County Commis-
isomers ot Beltrami County met at
g#trd in Popple town, pursuant to!^^
i'r 'sent Commissioners Ny
id, Dudley, and Allen.
4 petition was received,asking for
BHhange in the line ofthe Fosston
c|iint road where it crosses see
imis 21 and 2, town .147, range
The postofiiee department has
done the handsome thing by Be
midji people, and has granted the
petition for a try-weekly mail to
Park Rapids. Hereafter, there
Carson Brothers,
i i
W earn- eVeYHhing that the .trade demands. Our sioek of (JltOC'EIMES is New and Fresh, and our DRY GOODS and CLOTHING
bate not a Slxdf-nmrk oil them. W aim to fefeat Everybody alike. AV also carry a large line of
taken in Exchange.
Defective Page
wttlj ih
fore the mail will leave Beinulji fW\ $ A 1
faUowihe r*MtaUo of the
i rt v.. U.'nuMty Oomwtowww ,-,f tin-county of *_-"
iilv house 0t ommiSSHH.ei j,,,,
i anil mlu^t-ofl n? a motm wtid ,fs
on SnturdJl J", i 1
3m Petition accepted, and notices tu.ree.6f.saidp.titwaaw.th.kt.-ihmWU MMJ-
ordered osted. 1808, one and uincty-sev.-n iwple, now
)n motion,hi 11 of B.K.Brown for
coffin ford. A. Oberg, $5, was al
lowed, and order drawn on poor
-fin motion, bill of Dr. McEach
rejf for medical services rendered
toBIrs. Petersodi, ^50 was al
lowed at $30 and ordered drawn on
poor fund.
0u motion, bill of A. Whoel
er$ji ilbbo, for bridge plank, was al
lowed, and ordi'rd drawn on road
tin| bridge fund.
On motion, the application of
Aire Solberg. for liquor license,
was rejected.
0:i motion, petition of Messrs.
Tblmpson and Louchuu, asking
foi|:m extension of two weeks on
tiieir contract time on the road to
Bhvyk Deck, was grauiod.
(fei motion, fin following reso
lution was adoot.fd.
'iiiUKAs l-ndcr the laws of the
stat! of Minnesota it is the duty of
tliti County Commissioners each
-oum to cause the proceedings' of
tUa'lward to be published iii some
oe^jsp.mor published 'in the county
for viiich they are commissioners
W -ri:: AS. it appears that the 15em
idji ':"-:\:i is a weekly news] aperhaVbeen
niiii':s!.)c ins-iid county, and that it
is fe|e 1) si paper to have bet so
[aU]|slled now thui'el'ore.
Halved, Tint thtffJemidji PioNKKlt
P-iafe'd and pul lish'ed at JJeinidji by
.j'lWiid Kaiser, is hereby designated
is the oilicial paper of lieltrami coun-
v, a. I \Us eoimty auditor is hereby
iiuirfed to have'tin proceedings of
thiibbard reclarly published therein.
^"i\i':" 'u!,i Lbwaru Kai'sei, puh
lishcr of flic said Ih-midji PiONlCKU.
is hereby requested to present to this
boanl, prior to the first day of June.'
ii-'.i',, his'iid for the publication of the
delinquent tax list for the cornty of
Beltrami for the. year 1895, with an
accompanying bond, statin" the. time
of the eoiumeneenient of the publica
tion ofthe said paper, the day of its
regular issue, and the number of copies
issued eaeh week.
llesolved. that the clerk of this
board fe directed to communicate
these resolutions to said Kdward
Kaiser by serving upon him a true
copy ofthe same.
On motion meeting adjourned to
May 29th, at Bemidji.
,|,.||j i:, ,.-,|il territory on tin- SI i% Ony ot A..1..I1
Oa*olvel.Tlin U\o Ptoro of Cawnn Un*.. \n
tin' Bitlrt Town-alUi of Bamidji Ih said oittnty of
lfitr.tm't, i hereby fixed Uio place whore,
and tho 2std d.iy of Niy, lSW. |Mt*0n the honirf
if B. in. and 5 p. m. ot salu uay UH the tnau
wha i theeleittora of a.-tid territory flmll me' lo
ot upun the proposition i LuiBOirporatoaiiia
tcirit.itjustliw villeiio of r..midji, in aopord-
imCB withaaid i-tiun and nmd elooto-a altall
ftt wiid tim and place vote for or auamat each
Hn.'ilvfd, T!tt (hiy Uemore, ft, 3S. (arson
and Joint Hteidl are Iwrttby nppot'ite'l ns
a'peebira and indue* of election, ana oiey are
hereby author' ed and umpovvredto aet an ancli
innfletra and jud-emit Huch elet'tion.,
Hewl That Oommiwrioner Allen lnhereoy
,ii a twtteuand due t toca laetobe P,oKwltiie
n.vl!ci'ofHai(lf'..'ttioii.ati(l the nmii
ProKKBn iM the paper in which th. mud
Kitice of eJe,ot,i)U audi be pubiiahets in a
eorunnco with law,
Outed April ^,l^.
which lie in town 1 n'-. iane 88.
on Mondays, Wednesdays and .3. ^.^MftftM. Hi
Fridays, and will arrive on Tues
days, Thursdays and Saturdays. LODtlclCtOr HIKl
The change and additions will
be a very considerable convenience
to our people, and will be duly
Mo o_ Notice of
Notice hmwby uivcui !!mt in accordance I TT L_3 A I
J. P. N VliAAHD,
QaRDR.VV, AliliKN".
Coinmt"MionerH of Beltrami I'otuity.
Tothellote.inble. the Board of ("miCy Oom
rftlsaionera of tlio county of Ueltrann:
Tbeunrteraiffned, boins reaidenl olootora npuin
the follo\vm deserlbed roa] eutate attoatwl in
mid. counts which Ktidn.nl eatate lias..been
platted into low and hloeka. or is aojaoeptjeo
lauds which have beau fupkttod. nv4 the plat
Ui.treof duly rocoidetl the olinie of the
reaieter of deeds for Mind canaxy. under tie
name ami deewitttipu f tl"\ lown-site of
natnidjl. hereby petition your honoiable boUy
to appoint a'ttiuc and place, when nml where
the electors actually rwudms: on said lainU may
vote for or -itmiual the incorporation of wiht
iande as it iihwe underthe lnwa of the tate of
The aaid Innrta ar dcacribeil af followa:
All the latata in aaid enmity,
otl' 0UB
acre'* mure orient*.
Vml vm petitioners further, rwpeotfuWf
r.Mjrt'Hent. thai under their direction a oensuj
taken of the resident populat.on of
H.-ud territory an it was on thefllatday of March,
is-ii, and that acoordingt toi aid census there
was resident opon said lauds ou mm! day llh
people. The name propound for such viihtKo
your pi.Utio.iefj W auidiu'*
,L W: "White
Arfte Spiber
(instav ('arl.son
Peter barson
T, Hilstnd
Frank Lani.vcy
C. \V. Spoelman
Chirf'tes ells
J. M. Kitnson
Etlw. Kaiser
K. J. Aclieiibacli
Geo. McTftggWt
J. E. Mason
Joltn AVaslilnirn
K. S. McAtee
,7. P. Oinich
E. E. Denick
J, M. Foster
,l is. McT.ij art
Flplion/.o Newman
John Million
J. F. He more
Fred. Sargent
i F. Waldeu
K. Carson
Tlieo. Snyder
15. B, Bardwell
(b IT. Kenioie.
Fred. U.tt'nliey
Thai. Clavko
Kd. Boyd
.1. G. Johnson
\V. s. lirannon
(i. Brennna
Terranee Smith
.John Steidl
J. S. Wagner
X. liosby
(J. II. Miller
J. C. Hoshy
Alex McFlhlll
County of neltrami.
On this :Unt day of March, 18,,fi, citme before
rae peiaonully M. U- 'nrnon, Tracy nirdwell
and J. Keliiure. who beiu by nte lirst duly
worn, say that they are Oiree id' the persons
who signed the hereto nl tsc.hed pel itum for the
incorporation or the villitR" of nemidji in snld
county, and ouch for himwlf HtiyH that he known
Unit Hitch ot'iiHtiH WIIB accurately taken
on the 81st day of M.trch. lM'C, by them and
under their direction.
.1. F. KlKOKB.
Biibscribed and awora before me thia Slat
day of March, lMKi.
Notary Public,
Whieh wf Ll) at fcne Lowest Market Price. All kinds of FARM PRODUCE
Bridge builder.
Boom (i, iit'iind Ventral JIoM.
of I I N 'J
ls'.tti,oan own.] i
II bo hW nt th* lira* find paux therein I "K T"~\ A
irixurt therein mentioned JQ^ j\J j~K A\
Wmao-'.A*.' Tlioro Ii-* bwn pwaanted to
lioin 1 i-titi--rt r.ic.l hy mn than tliiit.v
ll.e "liict'ors UpJiiS ftf0 lJis
to boineorjflitod pruyinK ll.u: llw lands us
eluding within u:.(! nij toeiu to tin- plat
(il T,i\v:t-sttr Bemidji, to-wit nil tli
lajidmti town l'C, id range 83, in the county oi
-it nimi. may ba Inniirporatud a- villago un.
dorUieltttwof tl" 8t*ie of Minnesota, to
known in the villiitj-'o of Bemtdfi, smd
WlIKHEAB. It lias bfln iii!t(lt appear by Ox
Hal,t, rural,
Hutes, $1.00 per day.
ix cbx-
Beraidji Meat Market
Highest Cash Price Paid for
Hides and Furs.
(Third Street, Bemidji, Mina
.The Bemidji House.
G. M. CARSON, Prop.
$1,00 Per Oajr
jjDbiJi.ai. ~-Trfcr~n%-' mi
prayini entrusted to me will he enre
fully and promptly attended to.
Proprietor of
Bemidji Drug Store
Pioneer Block,
HEMil.tl, MIN1T.
G. M. Carson i
Notary Public.
Real Estate.
Insuranc e,
Terms ItettHonnbl*.
Hi Lmmmd
73 a en

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