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The Bemidji pioneer. (Bemidji, Beltrami County, Minn.) 1896-1917, May 14, 1896, Image 3

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Mis i
Highest HonorsWorld's Fair,
A pure Grape Cream of Tartar Powder. Free
from Ammonia, Alum or any other adulterant,
Tttulies Difference.
Tommy (surprised)Wby, papa, I
thought that oxre spoonful of sugar
was always enough for my coffee?
Tommy's PapaThis is a restaurant,
my son *take all the sugar yon want."
4.O00 Farm* for Sale.
Only 10 per cent Cash balance one half Crop each
Year or Instalment plan. J, A. Walters.
10a4th8t. So. Minneapolis, Minn.
His Opinion.
Mr. Gotrox (banker and philanthro
pist)Now, what would you think if
you saw me staggering home drunk?
McGeacheyThat yez was too doom
ed mean t'hoire a cab.Puck.
F. J. Cheney & Co., Toledo, Ohio, Proprie
tors of Hall's Catarrh, Cure, offer $100 re
ward for any case of catarrh that cannot ha
cured by taking Hall's Catarrh Cure. Send
for testimonials, free. Sold by druggists, 75c
Attached to Him.
"I -seem to be very well liked," said
the mangy little dog.
"Yes," remarked the wicked little
bov, "even the tin cans are attached to
you."St. Louis Post-Dispatch.
Verdicts of Supreme and
Vital Importance Arrived
at in These Famoui
Haoy Lessons Taught to the White Mai.
Hon. Louis Nelson, Judge of Probate,
Gains Knowledge From the Ixdias
That ia Invaluable.
LL sufferers, no
matter the cause of
their illness, arc the
people who appre-
ciate the value of
health, and realize
that good health is
.--jvhic morjeyt
Mu.oi. buy. Tha\
full value of perfect
Health is never real
teed until it has departed. How to regain
it and how to keep it is a matter that should
be of the greatest moment to every living
man and woman. The Indian before he
decided any matter of vital or grave import
ance called a council and the subject was
discussed from all sides. Just i with
matters pertaining to their health, the most
extreme care was exercised as to their treat
ment, and the result is seen in the Indian's
long life and perfect health. Many of his
pale faced brothers have turned to him for
his medicines.'and have praised the day that
they allowed themselves to be advised by the
Indian. The Kickapoo Indian Remedies,
which are identically the same as they have
been for centuries when made by the Indians
from roots, barks and herbs, are the most
wonderful and efficient remedies now known
to the civilized world. We take pleasure in
giving to the public a letter from Judgf
Nelson, who writes us as follows:
Brunswick, Minnesota.
New Haven, Conn.
Gentlemen: For two years I have been a
great sufferer from rheumatism, but I took
six bottles of Kickapoo Indian Sagwa and it
entirely cured me, and I can heartily endorse
it to all afflicted with rheumatism. 1 would
also say that I have tried and tested all of the
Kickapoo Indian Remedies, aud I find them
ail reliable and shall never be without these
medicines as long as I live- Yours truly,
Judge of Probate, Kanabec Co.
For all derangements arising from a dis
ordered state of the stomach, liver, kidneys
and blood, nothing on earth is half to efficient
as Kickapoo Indian Sagwa. Its power of
curing is beyond compare. Other Kickapoo
Indian Remedies are equally efficient for
such as they are intended for. We want
sufferers everywhere to give these famous
medicines a trial and be convinced that good
health and long life is within the reach of all.
Anyone desiring special advice will by
writing ns bo accomodated, as one of our
corps of physicians will treat all corre
pondenee in confidence and give snch advice
is best for them. Kickapoo Indian Medi
cine Co., New Haven,
Conn. All druggists
sell the Kickapoo
Doctor Albright.
believes In Recommending Any Medicine
That He Knows Will Cure His Patients
Tlilukii Dr. Williams' Pink Pills
a Great Discoverylie Cites
Some Marvelous Cares.
From the Examiner. Lancaster, Pa.
AKBON, PA., April 24th,'95.
GentlemenWhile it is entirely contrary
to the custom of the medical profession to
endorse or recommend any of the so-called
iroprietary preparations, I shall, never
give you an account of some of my
Wonderful experiences with your prepara
tion. Dr. Williams' Fink Fills for Fala
People. The fact is well known that med
ical practitioners do not as a rule, recog
nize, much less use, preparations of this
kind, consequently the body of them have
10 definite knowledge of their virtue or
of it, but soundly condemn them all
without a trial. Such a course is manifestly
absurd and unjust, and I, for one, propose
to give my patients the best treatment
known to me, for the particular disease
with which they are suffering, no matter
what it is, where or how obtained. I was
Orst brought to prescribe Dr. Williams'
Pink Pills about two years ago, after hav
ing seen some remarkable results from
their use. Reuben Hoover, now of Read
ing, Pa., was a prominent contractor and
budder. While superintending the work
of erecting a large building during cold
weather, he contracted what was thought
to be sciatica. He first noticed it one
tnorning in not being able to arise from
bis bed. After the usual treatment for
this disease he failed to improve, but on
the contrary grew rapidly worse, the case
developing into Hemiphlegia, or partial
paralysis of the entire right side of the
body. Eleotricity, tonics and massage, etc.,
were all given atrial, but nothing gave any
benefit, and the paralysis continued. In
despair he was compelled to hear his phy-,
sician announce that his case was hopeless.
About that time his wife noticed one of
your advertisements and concluded to try
four Pink Pills.
He had given up hope and It required a
great deal of begging on the part of his
wifetopersuade him to take them regu
larly. He, however, did as she desired, and
if appearances indicate health in this man,
one would think he was better than before
'Why,' says he, 'I began to improve in
two days, and in four or five weeks I was
ntirely well and at work.'
Having seen these results I concluded
that such a remedy Is surely worth a trial
t the hands of any physician, and conse
quently when a short time later I WM
called upon to treat a lady suffering with
palpitation of the heart and great nervous
prostration, after the usual remedies failed
lo relieve, I ordered Dr. Williams' Pink
Pills. The result was simply astonishing.
Her attacks became less frequent and also
less in severity, until by their use for a
eriod of oalr two months she was the pic
of health, rosy-cheeked and bright
eyed, as w)L as ever, and she has continued
to until today, more than one year sines
be took any medicine. I have found thess
pills a specific for chorea, or as more com
monly known, St. Vitus' dance, as benefit
ciol results have in all cases marked their
use. As a spring tonic any one who, from
overwork or nervous strain during a long
winter has become pale and languid, th
Jink Fills will do wonders in brightening
the countenance and in buoying the spirits,
bringing roses to tht pnllid lips and renew
Ing the fountain of youth.
Yours Respectfully,
O. A. R. Encampment.
The early predictions of a large at
tendance at the 30th National En
campment, G- A. R., in St Paul, dur
lng the first week in September, are
being verified every day, although the
encampment is four months in the
The state departments are represent
ed in St. Paul almost daily, obtaining
department headquarters and locating
the rank aDd tile who will come to the
Northwest in great numbers.
New England will send an immense
turn out of veterans and tourists, Mas
sachusetts expects to send 1,500.
Their representative, H. J. Lacey, of
Fitchburg, has been here and secured
headquarters for this department, and
returned home prepared to let loose
a broadside of approval of Northwest
ern people and methods.
Special efforts are being made to
secure the attendance of Grand Army
posts from states adjoining Minnesota,
and also of the Minnesota posts. This
Important work is in the hands of Gen.
R. A- Becker, of St. Paul, who has ad
dressed a preliminary letter to every
post in Wisconsin, Iowa, Minnesota
and the Dakotas, inviting and urging
a large turn out of uniformed men
from every Grand Army post in the
Adjt Gen. Tond, of Lansing, and
Quartermaster Gen- Foote, of Kala
mazoo, are here to-day representing
Michigan, and have engaged head
quarters for that department- They
predict that Michigan will rally at St
Paul a thousand strong.
RaCTcte Presidential Pazzlo.
Men and women, boys and girls:
readers of this paper if you neg
lected to send in your answer
to the advertisement of the Pres
idential Puzzle in last week's is
me of this paper, do not neglect to
do so now. Do not put it off. Get
Four copy of last week's paper,
cnt Tne Advertisement Ont
it gives all the particulars which en
ables you to get the best $100 Racycle
which, with the discount allowed by
working the puzzle, makes it the
cheapest as well as the best. We want
at once a few Racycles in your locality
as advertisementsnow is your oppor
tunity. Send us your solution of puz
sle, your name and address, mode]
wanted and height of frame.
Miami Cycle and Mfg. Co.,
Mlddletown. Ohio.
What Tronbled Him.
The habit potentates have of travel
ing incog, frequently causes suffering
where it is least expected. It is said
of the emperor of Austria that once,
traveling in this manner, lie put up at
an inn. After sating a few slices of
ham and biscuit, he went to bed.
In the morning he ^aid his bill and
A few hours after several of his suite
arrived, and, hearing the rank of his
juest, the landlord appeared much
"Pshaw, man!-'
said one, "Franz
Joseph is accustomed to such adven
tures, and will think nothing of it."
"But I shall," said mine host "and
never forgive myself for having an em
eror in my house and letting him off
"I shall apply for a divorce. He is
treating me like a dog, and he makes
me work like a horse."
"Well, then, you should make your
complaint to the Society for the Protec
tion of Animals, and not to the courts."
L'llluslre de Poche.
He Got the Job.
The youth was an applicant for a
place in a Montague street railroad
magnate's office, where his principal
duty would be to ward off by evasive
answers the hordes who daily haunt
the place.
"Where have you been employed?"
queried the magnate.
"Here and there," responded the ap
plicant dryly.
"Humph! Doing what?"
"Oh, this and that," was the guarded
"You'll do." said the magnate, ad
miringly, and the youth now occupies
a desk near the door of the outer office,
and dispenses his peculiarly definite
answers with great liberality to all
comers.New York Sun.
A Correct Diagnosis.
GeorgeEh? You got engaged last
night? Gus,.my old, dear friend, tell
me how you did it.
GusReally, I hardly know myself.
Couldn't help it. Just like falling down
stairs. I was on the edge of a propo
sal, she gave me a push and there 1
was engaged.
GeorgeWell, I haven't had any
such experience. Every time I try to
start my knees knock together and my
teeth chatter and my tongue cleaves to
the roof of my mouth. I've tried a
dozen times to pop the question to Miss
de Pink and slumped every time.
GusAnd did she let you slump?
GusYou are courting the wrong
A Matter of Time-.
Q* f
"How Is vour brother getting along?"
"He is having a hard time of it."
His Discovery.
"Yes," he said in a tone that had a
shadow of disappointment in It, "1
went to Washington. I had some bus
iness in the East, and I thought it
would be a good time to get a little in
sight in the way the affairs of the
government are conducted."
"I guess a man can pick up a good
deal that is interesting and instruc
tive there. What place in the capital
impressed you most?"
"The Senate restaurant"
"You don't say so?"
"Yes. It was there I discovered that
a man can eat huckleberry pie with a
knife and still be a leader of his fel
low citizens."Detroit lree Press.
An Exousnble Skepticism.
"This weather," said the oldest in
habitant, "reminds me of my boyhood
"But they say it is the hottest April
ever known,"
"Who says so?"
"The weather officials."
"Well, mebbo 'tis mebbe 'tis," he
grumbled. "But they don't show that
they know any more about the weath
er we used to have than they do about
the weather we're gqlng to have. I'm
blest if I wculdn't rather depend on
my own recollection."Washington
"STrnllovred His Holler."
After the last snow storm the little
fellow was out playing in the slush as
only a five-ysar-old knows how, and
came home wet to the skin. He was
tucked away la bed, but in the morn-
lng was so hoarse he could hardly
"You're trying to fool us, Peter,"
said the doctor who had been called
in "vou'i'i' not at all sick."
"Yes. I is, doctor," the little patient
managed to whisper, 'cause Pa swal
lerod my holler."St. Louis Post-Dis
It Resemble* Work,
"Of course this is only amusement,"
she said as she checked up her engage
ment book and found that there was a
meeting of the cinch club that aftor
noon, the progressive euchre dub that
evening, two whist clubs the following
day, and another euchre and a hearts
club the day after that "of course, it
is only amusement, but sometimes it
seems to have a wonderful resem
blance to work."Chicago Paper.
The Souaon In On.
GuestGive me griddle cakes with
syrup, some fried chicken, baked po
tatoes with their coats on, and a plate
qf ice cream.
Waiter (calling down tubelBatter
at de plateslide! A hot fowl tip off
stuffed gloves, and one umpire in the
ice box.New York Press.
Let CM Trnat Rot,
JackDidn't Links dine at your
house last night?
TomYes I met him on the way
home, and he came up and took pot
luck with me.
JackWas it anything like the jack
pot luck I had the night before?New
York Sun.
The Supremacy Threntened.
"AhNoo Y'awk is the theatrical cen
ter of this doosld country, I presume?"
said the visiting foreigner.
"It used to be." said the citizen who
was explaining things, "but I under
stand that they have a new law that
does away with free lunch."lndian
apoli8 Journal.
A I'roiioalllon.
'Look here, Bill," said the Jaytown
barl addressing the village carpen
"I'm a-lookin'."
"Tell you what I'll do I'll shingle
your hair, and your two boys', and
your brother John's, an' your Uncle
Ezra's, if you'll shingle my kitchen
roof."St. Louis Post-Dispatch.
1 Catherine'* Explanation.
"Catherine, you area brunette, I be
"Yes, Madam."
"Are you engaged to the coachman,
next door?"
'Why, no, madamI never saw
"But there was red hair in your soup
last evening."
"Ah, madam, you forgot that mon
sieur, your husband, has auburn hair."
Le Monde Comique.
He Didn't Know.
Mrs. HenpeckI called on young Mr.
and Mrs. Nowed to-day. Now, I think
it nice to see a couple happily married
and settled down.
Henpeck (glaring)Yes. I should
think it would bePhiladelphia North
BlossomSay, Bloomer, that a rank
cigar you just gave me.
BloomerI was kind of leary of it
myself but it's the same cigar you
gave me yesterday.
BlossomSay, Bloomer, that's a rank
it's the same cigar, it's the one you
gave me the day before.San Fran*
ciseo Wave.
Just LSI..- a Fakir.
Imot my friend, the fakir, yester
day, and asked him if he did uuythiug
for a living Sunday.
"}os." he replied. "I do the same as
a great many people."
"What do the people do?"
"Pedal (peddle) bicycles."Boston
A Question of the Times.
"I bought a pair of handsome tin
broidered suspenders to-day, John,"
she said as she smoothed out her
"For mo or for you?" he asked.
Chicago Post.
"Oh. the deuce! I stuck the lighted
end of the cigar in my mouth!"
"It's fortunate for you that you no
ticed it in time."FUegende Blaetter.
Very Singular.
"What building is that, John" shs
asked, as she pointed to a handsome
club house bearing traces of the archi
tect's art.
"That," said John, "is the Bachelors'
"How singular." she replied.St
Louis Post-Dispatch.
She (as he finishes an instrumental
piece)Don't you sing, Mr. String
HeNo, I never sing.
SheI would much rather hear you
sing than play.San Francisco Wavs
Patents Issued,
List of patents issued last week to
Northwestern Inventors: Arthur L.
Adams, Astoria, Ore., automatic gate
governor Herbert M. Carpenter, Min
neapolis, Minn., safety coal hole cover
Henry M. Grover, Anoka, Minn-, car
seal Samuel E- Hoopes, Minneapolis,
Minn., Stage race track James J. Mc
Dermott, St- Paul, Minn-, power trans
mitter for windmills Edwin H. Mont
gomery, of St- Paul, Minn., combined
switch and fuse block Hans E. 01-
stad, Sioux Falls, S. tire upsetting
machine Henry Steuz. Faribault,
Minn-, electrical light shad- Frank
M. Warren. Portland, Ore-, (trade
mark) canned fish, including salmon.
T. Merwin, patent lawyer, 810, Oil
and 012 Pioneer Press Building, St
Paul, Minn-
Hegeman's Camphor lee wltb Glycerine.
Thv urltflnal and only genuine. Cure* Chapped Hand*
aud Knee, Cold Sores, Ac. C. O. Clark Co., N. Uaveu, IX
Tatrlck Henry was known all over the
American colonies us un onttor long before
he was thirty.
If the Baby Is Catting Teeth.
Be imre nd une that old and well-tried remedy, MB*.
WIKBLOWK HIXITUINO sun i' (or children Teething.
A Pollta Excliunjr*
First LadyI was siirpvlscd to seo
you at the sacred concert last evening.
1 knew it wasn't your Sunday out.
Second LadyYes well, you see
Mary Ann wanted next Sunday for a
Pico's ("nrc for Consumption Is the only
cough medicine used in my house.D. CJ.
Albright, Mlilllnburg. 1'a., Dec. 11, 1K)3.
Mnybc He Was 04.
Proprietor (to editor)Well, the first
number of our n#w paper kok well,
but here is one thing I don't like.
"What?" "Whv, this communication signed
An Old Subscriber.' "Tit-Bits.
There are Dictionaries and Dictionaries,
but the noblest Ibwiian of them all seems
to be Webster. It Is still easily lu the lend
In the great race for popularity.
The Season Begun.
"Have you begun making garden yet,
Mr Outskirts"
"Yes we've flung all our old tin cans
over Into the next neighbor's lot."
Chicago Uecord.
A Trinity of Evils.
Biliousness, sick headache and Irregularity
of the bowels accompany each other. To
the removal of this trinity of evils Hostet
ter's Stomach HltterR Is specially adpnted.
It also cures dyspepsia, rheumatism, mala
rial complaints, biliousness, nervousness and
roustlpatlon. The most satisfactory results
follow a fair trial. Use. It dally.
A Receipt In Full.
MaudThe dressmaker's boy is here
again with his bill.
Prominent ActressDear me! This
Is a dreadful nuisance, but bring me
my writing materials 1 suppose I
must give him another testimonial.
FITSAll F!trtopprdfreiT.Tlr.Kllne' Ores*
erve Krntorcr. fco KU fieri lie lirsuiuv'i. ut-e.
cures. Treat IM am I S'- irlnl 11011W II 11
i'ltclUlb. fcclllllulll'. KlWK-.ll.il AlillU .1 t.ll.i., 1 'a.
Solid Food.
The St. Louis HostessI am afraid
you wi'l find our dear Missouri water
rather unpleasant to your taste.
GuestNot at all, madame. It's the
best I ever ate.Life.
You get over 2 ounces more of
"Battle Ax" for JO cents than any
other tobacco of the same grade.
These two ounces really cost you
nothing, and the 5 cent piece is nearly
as large as you get of other high grades
for JO cents.
Picking up
Is easy enough if you look
for it in the right place.
This is the right place
learn just what to do for
that debilitating condition,
which Spring always bring*.
Do you want to be cured of
that languid feeling, get
back your appetite, sleep
soundly, and feel like anew
Ayer's Sarsapa^illa
will do it. It JKa done it
for thousand&^It has been
doing it for 50 years. Try it*
Bend for the "Curebook." IOO pages ire*.
J. C. Ayer Co. Lowell, Mass,
MistressMary, I don't approve o!
your entertaining your young man is
the kitchen.
"Well, mum. he's too shy to corns
In the parlor."Life.
DR. J. G. GRANT. Specialist.
Eye, Far, Nose and Throat.
Syndicate Block, Minneapolis*
(Spectacles fitted.)
The process of stereotyping Is neurly 13V
year* old.
One of the health-giving de-
ments of HIRES Rootbeer 2*
sarsaparilla. It contains more
sarsaparilla than many of the
preparations called by that name.
HIRESthe best by any test.
on ITfar*Thf Chtrlei fe. l!tr Co., Piillfcdeljihlft.
A ttfc pnekftgr make* gallnm. s,.i.| everywhere.
Is a prize fighter and champion in every contest with
It knocks out in every Sound, and on its belt is written
Plj Wilte for what yon BjM
.Iff to Till MKClll'.M 1
,|l Jackien St., Chlaaaa, Ml,
i i

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