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VOL 2. NO. 4.
F. Doud its in Fos-ston.
C. Bush left for Park Rapids
this morning.
J. Hines, of Langor, was in
town tltis week.
G. Peterson, of Beuna Vista,
was in Bemidji Tuesday.
The Bemidji saw mill shut down
today after a short run.
Geo. McNiglit, of Beuna Vista,
spent Tuesday in town.
The Little Mississippi river is
reported to be higher now than it
was a year ago.
W. f. Grieve, of Sheldon, N.
D., is in the city, the guest of A.
Rogers and family.
Jack Washburn left this morn
ing for Wadena, where he will
visit with friends i for several
"Lou" Holroyd, of Sheldon, N
D., is with us again. Mr. Hol
royd and family will reside with
us in the future.
It has been decided in New
York by a court of justice that
tobacco is an article of necessity
rather than a luxury.
The contract for carrying the
Beuna Vista and Langor mail has
been awarded to Freeman Doud,
of this city. Consideration, $2
per trip.
A. Rogers and family of Shel
don, N. N., came up last Friday
evening and have gone to Bemidji,
where one of the sons located last
summer. Mr. Rogers is an old
soldier and used to fighting, but
thinks the Russian thistle too
formidable an enemy for one of
his age, so has taken to the
woods where he has a chance for
life Park Rapids Enterprise.
"One clay," says an exchange
-4-you wiii he-leasedwithttfriend
and the next day disappointed in
him. It will be so to the end,
and you must make up your mind
to it and not quarrel, unless for
grave causes. Your friend, you
have out, is not perfect. Nor are
you, and yon cannot expect to get
much more than you give. You
must look for weakness and fool
ishness and vanity in human
nature it is unfortunate for you
if you are too sharp in seeing
Land Office at Crooketon, Minn., March.
Notice is hereby siven that tlje following n.im-
wliBottler has filed notice of his into ,*"m
mike final proof In support of his claim ant
that said Proof will be mode before Edward
ickiser Commissioner U. 8. Cirenit (Vmrt. at
his office in Bemidji. Minn., on Friday, April
30.1897, yiz:
William H. Bonnie.
B. K. No. 17851. for the e',4
O fi.
nd J"*
1SI. nd neh of nwU of sec. 80,' twp, 150-n, rg.
He' names the following witnesses(to Prove his
continuous residence upon and cultivation of,
"Michael MuUll and B. Re*.*, of Bed
Lake Minn-., Casper Thompson of LwjBor,
m25-a29 Receiver.
Old papers
for sale at this
1 1~
ive Page
Street Wins His Fight after
and Hard Battle.
The. senate passed last Friday
under suspension" of the rules, the
house bill to provide for the organ
ization of Cass a'id Beltrami coun
ties. The bill as it passed the
senate is as follows:
Section 1. That every unorgan
ized county in the state of Minne
sota is hereby declared organized
for all J-urposes under the limita
tions and restrictions embraced in
this act.
Every county so organized,
which has eight hundred or more
registered voters, shall have a
board of county comissioners con
sisting of five members, and all
counties so organized a board of
three members.
Section 2. In every county
organized by this act the governor
shall appoint the number of com
missioners to which said county is
entitled under this act, and the
siad commissioners shall, within
thirty days after notice of their
appointment, meet and qualify
and enter upon the duties of their
office and they shall hold their
offices for a period of four year?,
and until their successors are
elected and qualified.
The commissioners so appointed
shall, within thirty days after
qualifying as such, appoint all
the other county officers for such
county which the county com-
rini#a*w^&. 0 ors
are now auth nmeoW'law' to ap
point, 'and the other county
officers shall be appointed as now
required by law. All of said court
ty officers shall hold their office
until the next general election and
until their successors are elected
and qualified.
Section 3. The commissioners
so appointed shall, as soon as
practicable, by resolution con
curred in by a majority of their
number, locate the county seat of
Said commissioners shall, at 1
their July meeting next proceed
ing the general election held in the
year 1900, divide the county into
such number of commissioners
districts as they are entitled to,
and the commissioner's elected
thereafter shall be elected one
from each commissioner district
as now provided by law, but until
such election all such commission
ers shall be commissioners at large .district, but no more,
for the whole county and may [further, that any such county may
I...1.--.IMMI i m niiiiiii.rfiwi wimiiniiwi iimilii11 Milium.IMMMI
divide their work as they shall
determine among themselves.
Section 4. Every county organ
ized by this act is upon such
organization declared to be
DETATCJIED from the county to
which it is now attached for
judicial and registry purposes and
organized for judiciary and
registry purposes and in every
such county there shall be held at
the coun*v seat thereof one gen
eral term of the district court in
each year, the time for the com
mencement of which shall be fixed
by the judge or judges of the
judicial district in which said
county is located until otherwise
provided by law.
Such time shall be fixed and the
county commissioners of said
county notified thereof within
sixty days after the organization
of said county, and all suits,
actions and proceedings pending
at the time of the organization of
said county in the district court of
any other county, which, by law,
would have been triable in said
county if the same had been
organized for judicial purposes,
shall be transferred to said county
as aforesaid and all records per
taining to or which properly be
long to said county where no other
provision is made by law, shall be
transferred to said county and
may be transcribed into and be
come records thereof and all of
the affairs of such counties shall
hereafter be governed by the gen
eral laws of the state, excepting as
herein modified.
Section 5. Counties organized
under the -provisions of this act
shall have the usual and ordinary
powers of other organized coun
ties, provided and excepting that
no more than $5,000 shall be raised
or expended within five years
from the time of organization of
any comity organized hereunder
for county buildings, nor shall
x $iG?Q0O^be raised or
expended for such buildings with
in ten years from such organiza
tion nor shall any indebtedness
be incurred bv such county within
ten years from the time of its
organization for any purpose
other than county buildings, ex
cept as herein provided, and the
total tax that may be levied in
any such county for any one year
for ten years after the organiza
tion such county shall not exceed
the sum of $12,000 for all purposes
whatsoever, excepting the 1 mill
ocal school tax and the 1 mill
general school tax and village
taxes provided should it be found
that a sufficient fund is not secur
ed for the purpose of holding five
months' school in each year in
any district in such counties from
the tax provided for in this act
for this purpose, then an ad
ditional tax not to exceed 2 mills
may be levied and collected in such
This Space belongs to
Bemidji, Minn
issue cVunty warrants for nece.'-
iry current expenses, but at no
time (airing the said period of ten
i years subsequent to the organiza
tion of, such county shall the out
standing warrants so issued ex
jceed t8 sum of $6,000, and any
warrant issued in excess of such
sum shall be yoid.
Thai anew section be added to
the bill to be mi inhered six.
Section G. No school district
shall be organized in any of said
counties with more than twelve
sections, which district shall not
extend more than four miles in
its greatest length or diameter, or
haying loss than twenty children
of school age, nor tdiall any town
ship fte organized in any of said
counties until it shall be proven
to hate fifty legal voters.
^trecjit After the IMne Owners.
P.oneo^ProMApril 1.
Through the efforts of Senator
Whithey and Mr. Frank Street,
the county organization bill now
stands in to pass the 'senate this
morning practically without op
position. Tuesday morning either
side to the constroversy was too
much in doubt as to the probable
outcome of a vote on the bill to
encourage them to press it to
passage. And while both the
friends and opponents of the
measure were putting in their
best licks to secure votes, Mr.
Street opened up negotiations
with some of the pine land owners
to get them to use their influence
with Mr. Walker to withdraw his
opposition. Tuesday afternoon,
while the house was fighting over
the Hastings veto, Senator Whit
ney accepted an invitation to a
meeting with leading Minneapolis
lumbermen, and the result is now
said to have been that the pine
land owners have asked and been
granted further amendments to
thef bill, and that a committee of
Uig|senute, coneisting of Senators
W-IntBcy and Potter, have redraft
ed the measure according to agree
nient. Quite a wave of happiness
passed oyer the senate when the
agreement was found out.
Council Proeeedings.
The new Village board met
Monday evening the PIONEER
office. Members presentPresi
dent C. H. Remore, Trustees W.
S. Brannon.G. E. Carson, John
Steidl, and Recorder Edgar Boyd.
On motion of YV. S. Brannon,
the president was instructed to
appoint a board of health. He
appointed Dr. J. P. Omich, C. W.
Speetman and Edward Kaiser.
On motion the recorder was in
structed to draw up an ordinance
relating to nuisance.
Another ordinance relating to
cruelty to animals was ordered
drawn up.
Two road petitions were receiv
ed. One to locate a public road
starting at the end of Bemidji
avenue, following the lakeshore
to the line between sections 10
and 15, thence east on section line
to the corner of sections 10, 11, 14
and 15. On motion the road com
mittee was instructed to lay out
the road.
The second was the location of
a highway, startth-J west end of
Third street, west on or as near
as practicable the section line be
tween sections 8 and 17, terminat
ing at the northwest corner of
section 18. On motion the peti
tion was laid oyer till next meet
On motion the PIONEER was
designated as the official paper
of the village.
The following bills were al
Tracy Bardwell, judge of elec
tion, March 9, $2.
E. N. Henderson, judge of elec
tion, March 9, $2.
Joe Steidl, iudge of election,
March 9, $2.
Jack Washburn, clerk of elec
tion, $2.
Albert Best, clerk, of election,
March 9, $2.
United Htatos Laud O.Iice. Crookston. Minn.,
Feb. 16 1897.
Complaint having boon entered at tiusollice
by James A. Mead UKuiiiHt John Hchultz for
abandoninghiHlionieittoud entry No. tott. tinted
Ma, 23, liffiG. upon ihn seAi of of see. H, and
IntHl and 5ofHOC.lt. and lie1
or lio BOB 17
township 150, range 37, in Beltrami county,
Minnesota, with view tqthe cancellation OI
said entr\ the said partial are hereby sum
moned to appeal at thin office on the 8th day of
April, 1897. at 10 o'clock u. in., to respond and
furniBh testimony coucerniiiK naid aliened
in aiidiinim nt.
fig.mil Beirfater.
Land Office, at Crookstpn, Minn., Feb. I,
1897. _..
Complaint bavins been ontoiwiat this omoe
by Johnnv W. Torkelaon iik-winm John 11. flood
nough and his hoi for Hbtutdonina his porno
stead entry No. 11882 dated April 22nd, 1892,
noon the eV of nwU. nnd hits
HOO 81 twp- 117, IK. 37. in Hell rami eount.y.
Minn: with a view to the cancellation or said
entry*, the said parties are hereby summoned to
appear at this oil ice on the 18tli day of Mulch
l97, at 10 o'clock a. in., to respond undfuriiHli
testimony cuicerninK said aliened abandon
ment. Testimony to be taken before- Iiniijamin
Y. Brown, notary public at Pnpplo, Minn., on
March 18th, 1897at 10o'clock a. in.
ttl-nwt Uogister.
United States Land Office, CrookBton, Minn:
Notice is hereby Riven that in pursuance of
instructions from the Honorable Commissioner
of the General Land Ollice, under authority
vested in him by section 2455 United ates
Itovised Statute", as amended by the act of Con
gress approved February 28, 189S. wo wil pro_
coed to offer at public sale on the 20th day or
March next, at this office, the tract
land, to-wit: The nw. of no1'*followin.g
of sec 19 twp
151-n. r ao-w.
And all persons oliumiiiR adversely to the
above described lands, are advised to nln their
claims in this office on or before tho day
designated for the commencement of the sale,
otherwise their rights will be forfeited.
Dated February tl, 1897,
fig llooeiver.
Proprietor of
emiilj Drug Store
Pioneer Block,
ftih at all HOOTS
On The
Fosston Road
Ilalf-iray Between. Jlagley
Dam and Popple Store,
New House, New Barn. Every
attention given to travellers.
Kea.sonublo Clmi'fjes.
Contiactor and
Bridge builder
lloom O, Grand Cant ml Hotel.
Special Attention Given to U. S,
Land Oases OonlesU Be
gun ami Defended.
Parties Intending to Make Settle
ment upon the Reservation
Land can Consult me
with Advantage.
U. S. Land Cases a Specialty.
& Olson.
livery and Feed Stable.
Horses Bought and Sold.
Feeding a Specialty.
Bemidji, Minn,.
Practical Shoemaker
All Repairing Prontptly
Attended to.
Corner Third and Beltrami Ave.
Architect and
Bemidji, Minn.

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