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VOL. 2. NO. 5.
Guy Itemore was in Park Rapids
this week.
W. C. Barrie was in town to
J. Cyr. of Buena Vista, was in
town Monday.
Ole Oleson pulled out of Be
midji Tuesday.
The water in the lake continues
to rise.
Chas. Bjork, of Will mar, is
in the city.
FredEhmann, of Buena Vista,
was transacting business in town
Part of the corduroy, near
Carr's bridge, floated away last
Tlie governor has set apart Fri
day, April 30, for the observance
of Arbor day.
The board of county commis
sioners will meet in Bemidji about
April 26th.
Geo. Labrie, of Buena Vista,
spent Saturday night in Bemidji,
while on his way to Park Rapids.
Joe Steidl is building a house
on his claim, two miles northeast
of town.
Mrs. C. Bush and son left Wed
nesday for Fargo, N. D., where
she will yisit with her daughter.
W. B. Murray, of Langor, was
in town today and filed on 160
acres of land in township 150,
range 30.
Bert Bardwell, who has been
visiting relatives in Eagle Bend
the past winter, returned home
Miss Margaret Graham was
called to Frazee, Sunday, by a dis
patch announcing the serious ill
ness of her sister.
Ralph Dickenson, of Menahga,
was in town this week. He will
open up a general store at Bemidji
in the near futureVerndale
The Becker county commission
ers at the time when they thought
organization was dead, allowed
County Superintedeut Vandewater
$250 a year salary, or just $150
more than the law would permit.
The residents of Beltrami coun
tv owe a debt of gratitude to W.
F. Street, who has labored so
persistently and successfully for
the passage through the legisla
ture of a bill to organize that
county. Even after die bill was
defeated, he went at it again,
harder than ever, and in a few
days had succeeded in passing the
bill, and it now only awaits the
governor's signature to make it a
Jaw.Crookston Tribune.
Old papers for sale at this
A. F. Johnson, of Willmar, f^\
is visiting his brother-in-law, F. (^OUlltV
njork, of this city.
Taxpayers of Beltrami county
I will remember that the treasurer
of Becker county is no longer the
treasurer for Beltrami county, and)
that taxes should be paid ouly to
the home treasurer when he shall
be appointed.
An exchange has the following:
"Hon. Nick Pottgieser, of the
Minnesota legislature, has drawn
up a bill prohibiting the wind
from blowing more than fifty
miles an hour. This is to protect
Populism from competition."
T. B. Walker ought to come np
to Beltrami county to deliver his
lecturer on "The Bible and the
Christian virtues as a means to
About a half dozen car loads of
emigrant goods have been unload
ed at this station in the past few
weeks, by people who are locating
here and at Bemidji.Park Rapids
Deeds and mortgages for lands in
Beltrami county cannot now be
legally recorded at Detroit.
Parties who desire to record in
struments of that character will
have to wait until the register of
deeds is appointed for this county.
Messrs. Holrody & Rogers, both
well known in Bemidji, will open
a first class meat market in this
city about the middle of next week
in the shop formerly occpied by
Carson Bros. Your custom is
Mr. W. F, Street's good work
for the organization of Beltrami
county has reached even the noble
red man of the Red Lake reserva
tion. He has been retained by
them to look after several measures
they are anxious to get through
congress, and mav go to
ton in their behalf in the near
future, big
self loose on anything he makes a
go of it.
Last Tuesday Representative
Gunn, by request of the gove rnor,
introduced a bill fixing the time
of holding court in the new coun
ties of Cass and Beltrami. They
were attached to the Fifteenth
districtJudge Holland'sand
court is held for Cass first Tuesday
of November and Beltrami first
Tuesday in May of each year,
passed under suspension of tbe
No doubt every reader of this
article has received a catalogue
from some city department store,
offering some "bargiugs." What
do they ask you? "Send cash
with order." Ts it fair of you to
send the department stores cash,
when vou lave been "standing
off" your home merchant the past
ure Street is a hustler with a
"H,' and when he turns, linn-
of^ last
week contained about a column of
an interview with Frank Street,
on the result of the long fight that
he had just taken such a lending
part in carrying on, from wfiich
the followin" extract is taken
"The fight has been a long ami
sometimes a bitter one. Sotiife of
the pine land interests didjjnot
seriously oppose the measure fintil
dragooned into it by Mr. Walker,
but when they did once bigiii
work along with 'T. B.' Ihey
cut a wide swath. Even frith
Walker alone in opposition, it
was up-hill work from the start,
and but for hearty co-operfl|.ion
of Representatives Hartshorn Inml
Jacobson we should never lave
been able to pass the house, afcwc
did, unanimously. After entering
the senate Mr. Walker followed
us like an unchained hunter,
seemingly not wishing to be satis
fied by any reasonable concession
in the way of limitation of taxis,
and it was while in the senate that
he secured the assistance of the
Pillsburys and Weyerhauser, who
finally pnrsuaded him to with
draw his opposition, as our friends
in the house were proposing radi
cal legislation against all pine
interests. Representatives Harts
horn and Ferris were of great?, as
sistance to us.ajb this stage, of,+fce
and with the aid of Senator
Whitney's diplomacy enabled us
I^ Marg
bufoc gigtttnc
passing the bill. And after an
agreement had once been reached,
it only took ten hours to get it
through bctli houses, with the
Walker amendments.
had some very firm friends
in the seuate. Dr. Dunham, of
Anoka, Culkiu of Wright, Mc
Hale of Scott, Hodge of Pine,
and Stevens of Ramsey, all gave
us valuable assistance on the
floor, while Senators' Whitney,
Ringdal and Hennemann were
true as steel from start to finish,
and 'rang up' the other side in
good forcible. English. What
was known as the Anoka contigent
iu the senate was with us, while
the Hastings crowd was against
us, though that wai not true of
the house. The governor's veto
of the Hastings bill was of great
assistance iu helping us to a win
ning combination after we were
This Space belongs to
fairly whipped in the senate. Our
people cannot be too thahkful to
Governor Clough for that veto."
It will do the voters of Beltrami
good to learn that when the first
vote on Beltrami was announced
in the senate, it was found thai
three out of five pops had helped
to kill the bill for the time being.
As a matter of curiosity to the
citizens of Beltrami county, and
for recollection purposes, THE
PIONEEK considers it a good plan
to publish the vote of the senate
on the original bill brought to
that body from the house, so that
we may know who were responsible
for the present severe law. Popu
lists are in capitals:
YeasBarr, Culkin, Dunn,Dun
ham, Hanson, Henemann, Hode,
Howard, litis, Knatvold, Mc
Arthur, Mcllale, Ozmun, RING-
HAL, SEVATSON, Spencer, Stevens,
Theden, Thompson,Thorpe,Wing.
Nays---Messrs. Collester, CKONK-
HITE, Currier, French, Fuller,
Greer, HANNA, Johnson, W. E.
Jones, Keller, Larson, Lloyd.
Masterman. Miller, Morgan. Peter
son, Potter, Pottgieser, REIHHUS,
Shaller, Sheehan, Smith, Sporry,
Stebbins, Sweningson, Wymau,
Yale, Whitney30.
Mr. Whitney voted nay, so as
to be in a position totn:ove recon
Since December 1, 189G, the
following postotficcs have been
established in Beltrami county:
Pinelake, Heckla and Winsor.
While working for the organ
ization of Beltrami county at St.
Paul, Mr. Frank Street managed
to smuggle in a little appro
priation of $350 for the improve
iridlrt'of1 he Red Lake stage road
between Howe's place and the
Clearwater crossing. J." P. Ny
gaard, W. R. Spears and Willis
Brannon are the commissioners
named to make the improvement.
Thirteen Towns.
Those who complain that the
promised prosperity is a long time
getting here, should remember
that it has a long way to come.
Bemidji, Minn
We would like to ask our coun
try exchanges (for it is to them we
must turn for a solution of the
vexed problems that puzzle man
kind) why it is that from the first
inception of our paper, to the
present tune, we have never had
an editor sojourn in our midst?
Other professions have been well
represented, of preachers we have
had enough to furnish subsistence
to an African chief for a year
doctors in sufficient number to de
populate a state, and lawyers
enough to establish a fair sized
colony in hades, but editorsnot
one.Prison Mirror.
United States LaudOdiee. Crookston. Minn.,
Fob. A 18!7.
Complaint havinsc been entered at HUH office
Jtuncs A. Mend UKuiuxt John rWmltz lor
iibandoiiiiiKliirtlioiiipHtouil entry B'iH,
Ma. 23, lift 6. upon I lie ae'i ofse1*Nof.
Land Office, at Crookston, Minn., Feb. I,
Complaint hnvinir been entered at this office
by Johnny W. Torkelson against John H. Oond
non-h and his heirs for abandoning his home
stead entry Nof. 148*8 dated April :2nd, 1W2.ni
upon the tiA
Land Office at Crookston, Minn.. March
S, 1897.
Notice is hereby given that the following nam
ed settler has filed notice of his iulcntioi to
make final proof In support of his claim and
that said proof wil be made before I'Mwatd
Kaiser. U. S. Cjroiilt Court Commissioner, at
hisofficoin Bemidji, Minn., on May 15, 1807,
Theodore Snyder,
II. B. No. 17300, for lot 4. nee. 1, twp. ItO-n,
rg. :W-w
Ho names the following witnesses to prove
his continuous residence upon and cultivation
of.said land, viz:-
O. E. Carson. M.K.Carson. F. Doud and
H. llemore.
ape 8,dated and
lots 1 and oof sec. 9, and ne'.i oHle^ of sec. 17,
township K0 ranifo Si. \n Hell rami county,
Minnesota, with a view to the cancellation of
said outr the said (lartios are hereby sum
moned to appear at this office on the 8th duy of
April. IWJ.ul 10 o'clock a. m., to respond and
furnish testimony concernintf said alleged
fls-mll KeKiscer.
nw'4 and lots 1 and 2
sec. 81 twp- Hi, r. 17. in Belimmi county,
Minmwilha view to the cancellation of said
entry: the said parties are hereby summoned to
appear at this office on the 18i|i day of March
I SOT. at lit o'clock a. in., to respond ami furnish
testimony ei.iicoriiinK eaid alleged abandon
ment. Testimony to taken before Henjamin
V. Drown, notary public at Popple, Minu., on
March 13th. 1SU7 at 10o'clock a.
Josvi'H SMIT H.
fll-ml Register.
United States LandOlhce, Crookston, Minn:
Notice is hereby given that in pursuance of
instructions from the Honorable Commissioner
of the Oeneral Ijiind Office, under authority
vested in him by Hection SW58 United States
llevised Stainti, as amended by the act of Con
gress approved February 31, 1MW. we will pro
reed to offer at public sale on the aith day of
.March next, at this office, the following Irant of
land, to-wit: ThuMV'i of tiejj of see. 19, twp.
And all persons clnimins.' adversely to the
above described lands, are advhed to nle Jheir
claims in tins office on or before the day
(hsignated for the commencement of the sale,
otherwise their rights will be forfeited.
Dated February li, ISU7.
18 lieceiver.
ul-uil8 Heieiver.
Land Oflice at Crookston, Minn,, March 10,
Notice ie hereby fciven Hint the following
named settler has tiled notice of his intention
to make final proof in support of his claim, and
that said proof will be made before Edward
Kaiser, Commissioner V. 8 Circuit cmrt. at
his office in Bemidji, Minn., on Friday. April
30, 1897, viz: r\.
Michael Munhali,
K. No. 18170for the n',j of lie!* and s!i of
nwM of sec. 24, twp. 160- ii.ru 30-w.
He names the following witnesses to provo
his continuous resiilenco upon and cultivation
of. said land, viz:
William H. Bojrno and nsper 1 hnmpson, of
Langor, Minn., E. J. Regan, of Red Lake,
Minn., and Allc Simpson, of rookslon. Minn.
Land Office at Crookston, Minn., March
10 IK1I7.
kotico Is hereby given that the following nam
ed settler has tiled notice of his intention to
make final proof In support of his claim, nnd
that said proof will tie made before Kdward
Kaieer. Commissioner U. S. Circuit Court, at
his office in Bemidji, Minn., on Friday, April
80,18417, viz:
William H. Hogue,
li l- No. 17:i:il, for the e1
of sw'i and lot sec
10,and ne'i of nwU nl sec. twp, ISO-n, rg
llo names the following witnesses to proveliie
continnouH residence upon and cultivation of,
Michael Itunwtll and E. Hegan, of lied
Lake Minn., Casper Thompson, of Langor,
Minn., and Alec Thompson, of Crookston. Minn
Oot I n.
"How's your son. the lawyer, getf.ln|
"Badly, poor follow-ho's Is prison."
"Indeed." K,,.^.
"Yes Ho was retalnfd by a ourf.
iar to defend him, and bo nttda
pood a plen In the im-Klar' behilf tUn|
the judge held him t.ft an accossiry.
Ch-veinnd Cnlvewet-
Minis at all Hours
On The
Fosston Road
Half-waif Between Bagley
Dam and Popple Store.
New House, New Barn. Every
attention given to travelers.
JtnnKOiiublc Charges.
T. Clarke
Contiactor and
Bridge builder
Boom Grand Cent rat Hotel,
Special Attention Given to TJ. &.
Land Cases Contests Be
gun and Defended.
Parties Intending to Make Settle
ment upon the Reservation
Land can Consult me
with Advantage.
U. S. Land Cases a Specialty.
& Olson.
Livery and Feed Stable.
Horses Bought and Sold.
Feeding a Specialty.
Bemidji, Minn,
Practical Shoemaker
All Repatrfuf/ Promptly
Attended to.
Corner Third and Beltrami Ave.
Architect and
Bemidji, Minn.

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