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VOL. VII, NO. 5.
What It Means When Applied to
the Opening of Public Lands
to Settlement.
There are many Beltrami peo
ple who hope to secure a home
stead on the Red Lake reserva
tion when the land's are opened
to the public and the PIONEER
answers some of the questions of
their minds by publishing this
clipping from the Crookston
There is little doubt that the
person who secures a 160 acre
tract will in addition to comply
ing with the homestead laws
have to pay the amount per acre
that the government pays the In
dians, viz $3.90.
The plan popularly known as
the "Oklahoma lottery system"
will probably be adopted in the
disposal of the newly ceded lands
and the following brief synopsis
of the method usecl at that sale
will be of interest:
At the time appointed and nu
merous booths erected for the
purpose each person desiring a
claim appeared personally and
upon the deposit of a fee of $1.00
his name, personal description
and P. O. address was placed up
on a card which card was in
closed in a plain envelope. The
registration occupied fifteen days
Dry Goods, Gents1
Hats, Caps and Notions
Is still on, and now is the time to buy, while
good assortment. We have lowered the price
reacli of all, and here is the result:
\M~~9~ C:4-r Worth $12.50
Mel! S SllltS Sale Price...
Worth $6.50
Sale Price
Worth $5.50
^ilf* Price
ti ii
Men's Trousers, ^iii00.-
0~., G**Z4r, Worth $6.00
BOYS bllltS Sale Price
it Worth $4.00
Sale Price
Worth $2.25
Sale Price
and the last man had the same
chance as the first so there was
no disorder or fighting for pre
Some days later, when all ar
rangements had been made, the
envelopes containing the cards
were publicly mixed and shuffled
and all placed in a revolving box
where they were further mixed
beyond any possibility of recog
nition. Young men under age
then drew from the box a num
ber of envelopes equal to the
number of available claims and
each envelope was numbered pro
gressively beginning with No. 1
and then publicly opened, the
name and number being recorded
by the clerks and the newspaper
men present. These lists were
at once published and the parties
notified by mail.
On the day of entry each per
son holding a number entitling
him to a claim presented himself
at the land office and beginning
with No. 1 each selected the
claim he desired providing it did
not conflict with previous selec
tions. As each claim was chos
en it was marked off on the plat
and no further entries were al
lowed on that piece of land. The
claims selected were protected
by the government and no con
tests were allowed except for
fraudulent entry or subsequent
ly, -for abandonment. Several
squatters contests were begun
but all were turned down.-
Worth $3.00
Sale Price..
Ladies' Jackets
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less of cost.
We also have a full line of Aurora Corsets in tho Plex
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On next Sunday Anniversary Services will be held. In the
I morning Sacrement of tne Lord's Supper will be abserved. Sub-
ject for the evening: "Thankfulnes and Courage."
i 4
Furnishings. Shoes, 4
there is
within the
$9.98 $4.98
$4.00 $4.80 $3.20
1.8 0
i 4 i
4 i i
4 4
4 4 4
4 4
-9 2
The Work of the Grand Jury in
Indicting Several of the
Worst of the Crooks.
County Attorney Street is vig
orously following up the work
laid out by the grand jury, and is
after Martin Nelson, Theodore
Wilson and J. E. Johnson, as well
as others. Joe Look got 'one
year in tho penitentiary for
breaking open the warehouse of
the Markhafn Hotel in tho night
time and stealing seven turkeys.
William Oliver pleaded guilty to
taking another man's suit of
clothes, and, being under age,
will probably get a sentence in
the state reformatory. The jury
in the case against Bert Angell
for stealing $120 from Anton Kel
lenhoefer in the night-time had a
disagreement, and although the
county attorney desired to go to
trial in the case at once with a
new jury the court thought that
there was too much criminal
business on hand for ono terra of
court, and so continued the case
until tne next term and put the
defendant under bonds for ap
pearance then. In the rape case
against Arthur Brannick, which
Mr. Crowford tried with so much
ability, the prisoner was convict
ed and sentenced to eight years
in the penitentiary, a light sen
tence, which the court thought
was warranted by Brannick's
age, he being but nineteen years
of age. In the case against Sam
Austin (Big Sam) accused of
stealing $10 from the pocket of
J. P. Erickson, the chief witness
for the state proved stubborn,
frightened and unwilling on the
stand, and was so indefinite in
his memory of what he had seen
that the jury brought in a ver
dict of not guilty.
In the case against Martin
Nelson,Thomas Smith and Theo.
Wilson for huneoing M. O. Linda
out of a $200 bank certificate by
means of the Big Mitt Game of
cards, the evidence as to the ex
act "hand" held and played by
Linda was not clear enough in
the Judge's opinion to warrant
the case in going to the jury. In
the ease against B. H. Major for
burglarizing a Great Northern
railroad car at the station of
Selkce, the jury brought in a
verdict of not guilty, Mr, Chas.
Scrutchin acting as attorney for
the defendent.
In the case against J. C. Smith
for committing adultery with the
wife of Henry George (not the
immortal Henry) the case went
to the jury Tuesday afternoon
with a lot of filthy testimony for
them to digest, and they re
mained out all Tuesday night.
In the matter of the indict
ments against J. E. Johnson,
Martin Nelson and Theodore
Wilson, for swindling John Pogue
and robbing O. P. Carver, Attor
neys Loud and Bailey demurred
to the indictments, and upon
brief argument the demurrers
were promptly disallowed. At
torney Loud made it his business
in all the cases represented by
him to go after the county attor
ney's inditements, but he failed
to make more than one of his ob
jections stick, and the most im
portant of the cases are now on
If the county attorney succeeds
in convicting two or three of
those high-handed robbers and
bunco men, he will again entitle
himself to the gratitude of the
community, for their ways are
devious and hard to apprehend.
State high school inspector Mr.
Rankin, and graded school inepfcor
Geo. Aiton, were around inspecting
the school Thursday afternoon.
/1\ ({/p
if\ if\
Ladies' Felt Shoes
Ladies' Street Shoes
Ladies' Dress Shoes
Children's Shoes
Infants* Shoes
Telephone No. I.
Adopted by Many Homesteaders
in Holding Claims.
A special government agent
who desires his name kept
sacre'K has been inspecting
homesteads in this and Itasca
county. He sounds a note of
warning to those who havo taken
claians expecting to comply with
the daws as loosely as in older
times. The government is look
ing closely into this matter and
sucfticient evidence has been se
cured to make troublo for scores
of claim-holders when they apply
for title. Claim-holders, study
the law.
The law governing tho taking
up of homestead claims is very
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Queen Quality Shoes for Women
The Best Shoe on Earth.
McCuaig & Ludington
clear. It requires that applica
tion must bo made in good faith
that, after the Inceptive right is
vested in the settler by his pre
liminary tilings, he must, within
six months after such entry, es
tablish actual residence in a.
house on the land and must also
cultivate the land eontinously for
a period of five years.
If a man has a family he is ex
pected to move them to his claim.
If he votes in any other place it
invalidates his title.
He is.not permitted to cut the
valuable timber, if such there be
on his claim, except such as is
absolutely necessary for his own
use or for the purpose of clear
ing the land and ho must not
sell, waste or dotroy it in any
The government holds 1hat
OfTorH a groat opportunity for
men who want to ho drbfsed diH
tinetivp, yet inexpensive. Hero
you havo a wide range of dxolut*
ive fahricH, the brightest ideas
of the bent millH. Trimmings and
tailoring of the highest char
acter. Styles are: Three frock,
three button Hinglo hreasted
sack, and the new two button
douhJe breasted sack. When you
HOC the perfect fitting qualities
of our garments, you will bo aH
enthusiastic abouttbem as wo are.
YOB, these features aro embod
ied in all our unit* from 66.50 1 1 p.
^rV'^S^ **MW*A**WV
$1.25 PER YEAR.
Gents' Felt Shoes
Gents' Work Shoes
Gents' Dress Shoes
Boys' School Shoes
Boys' Heavy Shoes
non-compliance with the con
ditions and requirements invali
dates title to the land and leaves
the claim subject to cancellation.
Any person making sworn
statement thai he'has fulfilled
the requirements when he has
not may not only lose his claim
but is liable to prosecution for
perjury and for trespass.
The special agents of the gen
eral land offices'have received
specific instructions to examine
with extreme care into the mat
tor of homestead entries on
public lands in this* state and
they aro at work.
Residence For Sale.
For sale, a llnely furniHhod 5-roonl
hoimo on tho lakotrfioro. Kino frontage
and attractive HUiToundingH. Good
neighborhood. Also, ono Cliiokorini?
piano. Bargains. Call on orwrftfl C.
1\ .hu'kHon, ftemldji. 6 9
One-Pric Clothier

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