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The Bemidji pioneer. (Bemidji, Beltrami County, Minn.) 1896-1917, April 10, 1902, Image 2

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The Bemidji Pioneer.
KAISER & GREELEY, Publishers
Entered la tho postoflicn at Bemidji as
eocond-cta-iB matter.
Official County and City Paper.
BRIGHT magazine writer has
designated the northern for
ests as "the mother of indolence
and the tomb of greatness." That
writer may be bright,butitisthe
brightness that dazzles and draws
no nutriment from the oil of
thought. The forests are not the
tomb, but the womb of greatness.
No great characters have been
developed without thought-aquiet
restful thought that feeds the
brain and expands the soul. So
ciety with its feverish stir and
artificial airs never gave birth to
world-power men. Rugged char
acters thrive not in public draw
ing rooms. Isolation forms
character, not the glare and clat
ter of society. Genius is a night
shade, a plant that grows best
out of the glare of the sun and
thrives best when undisturbed
by the hoe of culture. Budding
genius and ambitious minds look
uncomfortable in high collars and
spike-tailed coats. Seldom does
genius succeed as a leader of the
"swell set."
Individuality can not grow in
a crowded space, with the echoes
of others' ideas ringing in his
ears, with the patterns of other
lives constantly before him and
the grooves of custom ever guid
ing his feet. Men in the cities
become as monkeys in a cage, as
parrots with a chain. They lack
the chance to think, the isolation
to develope individual character.
Throughout history we find
great souls spending much time
in solitude. "And Jesus was
lead by the spirit into the wilder
ness."Luke IV, I. Prom the
foundoy of Christianity to. the
scientist of to-day, a little study
will convince us that they all. felt
the value of solitude.
The fact that so many great
men come from lonely country
life, proves that isolation develop
es thinking and builds np charac
ter. Imagine if you can a Lin
coln bred in a city apartment
house, a Grant spending his
youth on the Bowery, a Longfel
low tuning his lute to nature
from a 16-story window!
Yes, solitude is the cradle of
talent society the grave. Thous
ands of great minds have been
stilled by deserting their native
heaths to seek the applause of
the city. Many a genius has
seen his wings clipped after his
first flightwhen he enters the
drawing room of fashion. Soli
tude stores the mind with origi
nal ideas society robs itand offers
trash in return. Robert Burrs
was not the (inly genius who did
his best work while penniless
and friendless, and who after
wards had his vanity fodjaful his
soul starved by an entree into
Hardy plants do not often
come from the hot house. The
same climate and soil that de
velopes forest and fields to the
utmost, likewise developes a
sturdy people. Here in the
northern forest the uncrowded
settlers may grow in strength
and grandeur as the pine. Here
humanity has scope and breath
ing place, the mind thinking
room, tho soul expansion
space and the character a
work-shop high as heaven and
wide as eternity. Our sons and
daughters, unhampered by
fashions' chains, will become the
hardy oak and not the clinging
vine. Originality will be their
fashion plate and nature's free
dom their heritage. And men
will catch the color of the wilder
ness and build character lasting,
broad and beautiful. Machine
made heroes and peacock-plumed
heroines will find no lodgment
News and Sentinel, have
tried to make charges of
corruption against the PIONEER
out of the fact that the county
auditor has refused to draw an
order for our full claim against
the county. As both papers are
unable to find out just what the
trouble is about, we will endeavor
to lighten their usual ignorance
on public questions. Of course
they do not want.the truthfor
when the truth is known the
PIONEEII is never under a cloud
but we will state the facts now
so that they will not go on mak
ing blundering guesses and
bigger fools of themselves.
Last month we received the
following notice from the audi
tor's office-
Bemidji, Minn., March 15, 1902.
Please take notice that I can
find no authority in law for issu
ing an order for your claim
wherein you charge for "heads
and tails'" in publishing the delin
quent tax list for 1901. Part of
the claim being illegalthe item
above referred to, and being al
lowed in full by the BoawNl, I
must abide the decision of the
Court as to what part, if any
should be paid.
Yours truly,
County Auditor.
Last year for tho first time in
this county and nearly every
other county in the state the
same point was raisedthat the
paper was not entitled to receive
pay for any part of the delinquent
tax list except for the discription
of the parcels of delinquent land
that the introduction to this
list, affidavits, signatures, etc.,
is to be published without pay.
Acting under instructions of the
county attorney, the commis
sioners disallowed our claim for
"heads and tails" last year. The
News at that time raised a cry of
fraud also.
We referred the matter to the
state printer and he gave us his
opinion that tho bill was just,
legal and should be paid in full.
This opinion was published in
the PIONEER last year. Acting
under his instructions, we
charged for "heads and tails"
again this year, and so confident
are we that our claim is just that
when notified by the auditor
that our order was held up, we
immediately took the matter into
It is up to the court to say
whether or not \vu are grafters,
and until that decision is made
we advise our enemies to nurse
their stomach aches in private.
The public has no sympathy
with the moans of the eaters of
sour grapes.
The newspapers supporting
Halvor Steenerson for the Repub
lican nominali for congress all
belong to the Populist party, aud
unfortunately for Mr. Steener
son, have but little influence with
Republican votes.Thief River
Falls News.
Oil for the
Give them oilcod-liver oil.
It's curious to see the result.
Give it to the peevish, fret
ful child, and he laughs. Give
to the pale, anaemic child,
and his face becomes rosy and
full of health. Take aflat
chested child, or a child that
lias stopped growing, give mm
the oil, and he will grow big
and strong like the rest.
This is not a new scheme.
It has been done for years.
Of course you must use the
right oil. Scott's Emulsion
is the one.
Scott's Emulsion neither
looks nor tastes like oft oecause
we are so careful in making it
pleasant to take.
Send for free sample.
SCOTT & BOWNE, Chemists, 49 Pearl St.. N. V.
50c and $t.oo al druggists.
GOOD DEAL has been
said about the pos
tal deficit but we never
hear anything about the army
and navy deficit, the Cuban defi
cit, the Philippine deficit or the
deficit in any other business con
ducted by the government. The
fact is the press as a rule is try
ing to hide the real cause for
such postal deficit. The railroads
run the government to a great
extent, at any rate to the extent
that they can make their own
price for carrying the mail, and
there lies the cause for the deficit
in the postoffice department.
The railroads charge the ex
press companies sixty cents per
hundred pounds for carrying ex
press matter and charge the
government six dollars per hun
dred for carrying the mail mat
ter. Besides these excessive
rates the government pays an an
nual rental of over .$6,000 for each
mail car which cost the railroads
but $3,500 to build.
For hauling 200 pounds of ex
press matter the railroad gets
$1.20 for hauling 200 pounds (an
average passenger with baggage)
325 miles at 3 cents per mile, the
railroad gets $9.75 for hauling
500 pounds of mail matter the
railroad gets $12.00 besides rent
of cars. No wonder there is a
deficit when railroads are paid
such exorbitant rates. And
they are trying to make us be
lieve the deficit is owing to so
muph second class matter.Bal
sam Lake (Wis.) Ledger.
I Backwoods
I Sketches...
A.M. $
A Skidway Justice.
Justice Winner of Skidway is learn
ed in law but lacking in judicial dig
nity. He is stern to dishonest offend
ders, but lenient to the occasional
sinner. He showered charity upon
the victims of drink, until the lumber
jacks who paid their annual visit to
Skidway and their annual spring fines,
often remarked: "It's a pleasure to
get pulled, just for the honor of plead
ing drunk and disorderly to Judge
Winner the next morning."
The lectures the worthy jijflgft srlves
to offenders are fatherly in feel
ing and original in expression. Hap
py Blake, has-plead guilty this morn
ing and the judge is reprimanding him
as follows:
"You say you were full of squirrel
whiskey. If there is anyone who
knows the diabolical power of said
juice, it is this Court. I have ana
lyzed it by eye and tongue, and know
it is bottled assault and battery with
intent to kill. It stingeth like an ad
der and snorts like a war horse. It is
liquid dynamite and moist total de
"The Bible is vague on the subject,
but I think it was squirrel whiskey
which caused Beelzebub to fall from
tho domes of heaven to the basement
of hell. It has the perfume of the rose
but the sting of the thistle. It has the
kiss of a sweetheart but the kick of
her daddy. It thrills the brain with
ecstasy and flils the stomach with
pain. Drink it and you long either to
hug your mother-in-law or to strangle
your family. It is made of monkey
blood, boxing p-loves, virgins' tears
and widows' curses.
"Squirrel whiskey gets a Nelson
twist and a strangler's hold on your
brain and you see strange visions and
imagine vain things. Two drinks will
make the beggar a millionaire and
change a box car into a palace. It
would turn a preacher into a prize
fighter, and he would do more tricks
in a minute than he could live down
in a life-time. Two swigs would turn
a philosopher into a clown and cause
a miser to shell out money like a can
didate for office.
I think yon had more man two
swigs last night. In fact I don't think
you could have downed any more
booze with a funnel. But your dis
torted imagination was a caution. I
heard you trving to prove that you
were a close descendent of Prince Hen
ry of Prussia, a nephew of DeWitt
Talmage, the brother of Pat Crowe,
second cousin to James Hill, :irst hus
band to Carrie Nation and the only
and original Charley Ross.
"Afterwards you disrobed in the
street, hung your clothes on a saw
horse back of Red's saloon and crept
into an ice house to sleep, fondly im
agining that a cake of ice was a pil
low and the sawdust a blanket. I
know that King Booze was the culprit
and you the weak agent. Tie booze
deserves punishment and I gaess you
'punished' it plenty. I will not fine
you this time, but beware of the fu
ture! Hang onto yourself and your
money hereafter, and chop out the
booze business, or I'll put you where
angels fear to tread. As you lost
your hat in the shuffle, I give you
mine. My credit is better for a new
one than yours, perhaps. Get out of
here, and disgrace this room no
longer with your presence.'"
"Judge," says the humbled culprit,
"I've only two bits left, but if you
will step across the street with me, 1
would like to show that I appreciate
your kindness."
And judge and defendant entered.
Red Dick's saloon arm-in-arm.
No Worth
The government has at last dis
covered that postmasters are human
beings with flesh, blood and a tenden
cy to err. The postal authorities at
Washington, recognizing the liability
of postmasters to make mistakes in
getting letters in wrong boxes, have
fixed a penalty of $200 on persons
taking mail out of the office other
than their own and not returning it.
Wants Help Others.
"I had stomach trouble all my life,
says E. Mechler, proprietor of the
Union Bottling Works, Erie, Pa.,
"and tried all kinds of remedies,
went to several doctors and spentcon
siderable money trying to get a mo
ment's peace. Finally I read of Ko
dol Dyspepsia Cure and have been
taking it to my great satisfaction. I
never found its equal for stomach
trouble and gladely recommend it in
hope that I may heip other sufferers."
Kodol Dyspepsia Cure cures all' sto
mach troubles. You don't have to di
et. Kodol Dyspepsia Cure digests
what you eat. Mayo's Drug Store.
Subscribe forthePiONEER. theofficial
city and county paper.*
ry mm ma yy^rt||
A lean reality is better than a fat
The Rocky Mountain Tea is well
named if the tea is as "rocky" as the
poetry it uses in advertising.
The last syllables in the names of
Comstock and Grindeland ought to
appeal to the farmer voters. To them
there is even something musical in
the ring of a fork "tine," eh, Valen
Uncle Joe in the Crookston Journal
says the moral atmosphere of Bemidji
would make good sewer gas. Wipe
your own nose, brother, and your
handkerchief would be unfit for your
neighbors to use..
A stolen ham was found near the
residence of the Long Prairie Argus
editor, and he comes out gracefully
and declares it a trick of the Leader
editor to cast suspicion OK the afore
said. Printers love a "phat take,"
but we hope these editors will remove
the grease spot of suspicion.
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mnpp HHPI

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