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Mrs. Jos. Steidl returned today from
The boat MayflowerVill be launched
John Wilm of THE PIONEER force is
on the sick list.
Geo. Scott returned from the twin
cities yesterday.
Lots in Bailey's additionffor sale
by Lau & Carter. (5-10
Dr. Gilmour made a professional
trip to Nary yesterday.
FOR SALETamarack wood any
length. G. E. Carson. 8-tf.
L. Kolman of Cass Lake is in the
city today fixing1
telephone wires.
At a meeting of the Eagles last night
three candidates were initiated.
Edgings for sale, 16 inch $1 a load"
Call up G. E. Carson. Phone 71. 8-tf
Barney Burton arrived this morning
from Little Falls to remain over to
J. J. Trask launched his boat Ber
tha yesterday and is putting in the
engine today.
Gus Larson of Cass Lake, arrived in
"the city this morning and will work at
the new mill.
We do not handle ready mixed
paints. Our paints are mixed to or
der with the best lead and oil. Jones.
Anton Erickson arrived Monday
morning after securing a claim in the
Pacific coast country.
Wm. Wineberg, sole owner of thethey
Wineberg Shoe company of Milwau
kee, was calling on the trade today.
ers by week or month. Mrs. W
Burington, Tenth and Dewey avenue.
J. Murphy, who was arrested for
shooting inside the city limits, was
"fined $2 and cost by Judge Achenbach
this morning.
Mr. and Mrs.W. L. Brooks returned
this morning from Minneapolis where
they attended the banquet of the Bank
'Clerks' association.
Major T. K. Danforth goes to Min
neapolis on business today and ex
pects to go to Boston, Mass., before
-returning here.
Adolph Orick of this city has pur
chased .property here and will move
his family here from Crookston.
will be employed in the saw mill.
Any paint won't go on all surfaces,
"but each surface wants a special treat
ment. It is our business to mix paints
to stay on any surface. 6tf
"Wm. Prebble, superintendent of the
Hed River Lumber company, was
town last night and left an order for
thirty men with Employment Agent
John Graham, who was operated on
for appendicitis at St. Anthony's hos
pital last Saturday, is getting along
nicely. Dr. Gilmour, assist ed by Dr
Smith, performed the operation
A farmer asked one of our hotel
proprietors if he used "oleo" on his
table, and the landlord paid $2 and
cost to Judge Ackenbach this morn
ing for marring the farmer's features.
The police are having considerable
trouble with boys running the streets
nights and are going to arrest all boys
found out after the curfew rings. Par
ents should aid the police in the mat
Employment Agent Wheelock has
just purchased a 5-acre garden tract
from Lang & Carter and will erect a
residence on same. He will clear the
land at once and put it into snjall
Geo. Anderson has arrived from
Minneapolis and taken charsre of the
Crookston Lumber company's yards
at the new mill. Mr. Anderson will
move his family here as soon as the
spring term of school closes in Minne
apolis. Mr. Anderson brought fifteen
men with him from the cities, but will
hire the remainder here.
Rev. Clark of our city, assisted by
Rev. Conard. Sunday school mission
ary from Park Ranids, has been can
vassing actively today for subscrip
tions for a congregational chapel to
be erected in Mill Park addition. The
expectation is that ground will be
broken for this excellent enterprise
:about May 15.
F. N. Lang is makinsr shipments of
his garden weeders to all parts of the
country. One shipment goes to Port
land, Oregon, and others to Massa
chusetts, New York and Louisiana.
This little garden weeder is used
throughout the country generally and
it has been hard for Mr. Lang to
meet the demand.
Why wouldn't it be a good idea for
the citv Co put on a wagon to collect
the debris from the streets? A good
many of the business mea are willing
fr* ~ake the debris into piles themselveguaranteed
ii the city would haul it away. This
plan has been adopted in a great many
of the smaller towns anc found to be
very satisfactory.
F. J. Kline left for the .north last
I. Black left for Park Rapids this
Jess Freastone is down from Black
duck today.
Theo. Snyder of Bas lake is doing
business in tfie cityffiflftt.Y-
C. W Latimer of New York City is
spending the week in the city.
H. D. Schiefer and wife of Biack
dack were among the arrivals today.
Judge Sorenson of Buena Vista
transacted business at the court house
Deputy Sheriff Bailey made a trip to
Farley last night, returning this
Mr. and Mrs. W. T. Blakeley and
Mrs. McAllister were visitors from
Farley today.
Dr. Toumy was called to Ann Ar
bor* Mich.,' on account of the serious
illness of his mother.
M. Moore, representing O. H. Beck
Co. of Minneapolis, called on Photog
rapher Reed today.
Walker & Ackeley have a crew of
men picking up logs between this
point and Ackeley this week.
Mrs. J. Drysdale and daughter of
Brainerd called at Reed's studio on
their way to Cass Lake last night.
L. H. Pomeroy, who has been visit
ing M. S. Maltby for the past few
days, returned to his home at Minne
apolis this morning.
S. Gray will commence summer log
ging the latter part of the week. He
will keep a small crew at work finish
ing up his contract.
Those invited to attend the meeting
of the purification club last Sun
day must have had other business, as
failed to attend and the deal fell
Eighty-Fourth Anniversary.
The eighty-fourth anniversary of
Od Fellowship was held in the
Methodist Episcopal church last Sun
day at 2:30 p. m. The service began
with a song by twenty girls of the
Junior league of the M. E. church
The music far the occasion was all
furnished by the Junior Epworth
league, and they did splendidly. The
scripture lesson was read by Rev.
Bloomfield of the Baptist church, and
prayer was offered by Rev. Higgins
of the Presbyterian church. The ad
dress was delivered by Rev. U. A
Foster, pastor of the M. E. church
and chaplain of the Odd Fellow lodge
of this city. His subject was the
motto of Odd Fellowship"Friend
ship, Love and Truth.'.' To say that
all who failed to attend this service
missed a treat is a mild statement.
The address was scholarly, thought
ful and eloquent in fact it was a
masterful effort on the part of Brother
Foster, who was at his best, and the
impression made and the lesson
taught by the address should have
heard by the entire population
of the city, and will ever be remem
bered by those who had the' pleasure
of listening to them. Brother Foster
has had some faithful experiences in
the principles of Odd Fellowship and
knows how best to express them.
Yesterday's Fire.
_The -worst con flag-ration -that -ever
visited East Grand Forks broke out
yesterday morning at about 2:30 in the
saw mill of the Grand Forks Lumber
company, which was totally destroyed
together with 300 cords of wood and
500,000 feet of sawed lumber, a portion
of which was in the drying shed, and
the balance to the north of the mill,
where many of the heavier timbers
were run from the mill and there load
ed upon the cars to save the necessity
About 3:30 or 4 o'clock R. H. El
wood, who runs the Monarch elevator,
situated on the N. P. tracks, over half
mile from the fire, discovered a small
blaze about 50 feet up in the building.
The N. fire hose was laid but was
too short to give assistance. Chief
Munsey of the Grand Forks fire de
partment supplied additional hose but
before the connections were made it
was too late to save the dwelling of
Jerry Enright, which was situated
about 200 feet from the elevator, with
the wind blowing the sparks directly
over it. It was only by hard work that
this fine residence was saved, it hav
ing caught several times. The ele
vator was a total loss, and and with it
burned about 500 bushels of wheat and
as much flax, together with the coal
bins. This loss will not exceed $8,000
and it is thought to have been fully
insured by the company. Manager El
wood of the Monarch elevator savs
that the house will probably be rebuilt
in time to handle the next crop.G
F. Herald.
Suits to suit everybody, and
will also suit in style, price and
make. We carry H. S. _&.
suits, and everybody knows they'
are guaranteed, not alone as to
workmanship and cloth, they are
to give you satisfac
tion in every way.
I. Meyer & Co..
Reception to New Mill Manage
ment Is Indefinitely
^]1B13S5|B32SI3K^S^S bav
been held tomorrow afternoon has
been indefinitely postponed. Mr
Shevlin was in Sown this morning and
stated that it would be utterly impossi
ble to start the mill tomorrow, and it
was thought best to postpone the" re
ception until all arrangements are
completed at the mill.
Thos. Shevlin and Lieut. Gov.
Jones were in the city today and look
ed over the plant and report every
thing moving along line. The mill
will be running before the first of
May with a full complement of men.
The mill was started this morning
for the purpose of testing the machin
ery, but no attempt was made to work
to the full capacity.
CanVTouch Him.
Previous to a recent prize light held
at Virgina City Gov. Van Satit tele
phoned the mayor not to permit it to
be pulled off. The governor said he
would also instruct the sheriff of thetires
county to the same effect, but was as
sured by the mayor that it was not
necessary, and that he would see to it
that it was prevented. The governor
followed the mayor's advice, aud his
hands now seem to be tied. The at
torney general on investigating the
powers of the governor in removing
officials finds that although the gov
ernor can remove any county official
for neglect of duty,, against the mayor
of a city the governor is powerless.
Virginia is incorporated under the
general law, and it is questionable if
there is any manner in which he can
be impeached.
The governor could remove the
sheriff of the county, but the sheriff
can very well plead ignorance of the*
fight that he had no information of
it or instructions from the governor,
and that it was the^duty of the police
of Virginia and not himself to inter
Reduced Rates to Canada.
We have just completed arrange
ments with the Canadian immigration
agent to furnish reduced railroad
tickets to all points in Manitoba, As
siniboi, Saskatchewan and Alberta.
We have maps and plats and can
locate parties on government lands or
sell lands upon easy payments.
2-tf LA NG & CARTER.
Notice is hereby given that bids will
be received by the village council for
running the street sprinkler next Mon
day night. Bidder must furnish wag
on, village will furnish tank.
By order Village Council.
The Chambers.
Judge Spooner's chambers in
the court house have been refur
nished and fitted, upTn elegant
style. The last installment of
furniture arrived yesterday and
is being placed this afternoon,
The judge has one of the finest
offices in the state of Minnesota.
T5he Fair
Variety Cash Store.
Leaders in prices on Flower
Pots and Jardinares, Collars,
Cuffs and all kinds of Notions,
Etc. We call your attention to
our line of Home Made Candy
richest flavor and purest quality.
C. S. VINCENT, Proprietor.
For Boys' and Young Men's
Clothing, we are headquarters.
We carry the best and most
up-to-date line and can save you
I. Meyer & Co
The best line of men's Fancy
Half Hose is shown at the new
clothing store. A good assort
ment in entirely new patterns.
I Meyer & Co
Bemidji's new clothing: store
sells Men's" shoes low, and not
alone that you will rind the best
i makes and latest styles in both
Patent Leathers and Plain Leath
ers at prices that will suit.
I. Meyer & Co.
Notice of Dissolution.
The partnership heretofore existing be
tween Anderson ami 1 A lUicklov
under the firm name of Anderson &
Buckley, ha- this day been dissolved
by mutual consent. Mr. Buckley re
from said firm and business
thereof. Anderson will continue
to carry on the business, collect all
debts, and pa,y all- bills.
Dated Bemidji, Minn.. Apr 2!, 1503.
E Anderson
,i A Buck lev-
Bear in mind that we are we
stocked in Summer Underwear.
It is getting warmer and you
will want some soon.
I. Meyer & Co
Floor Finishing.
Granite Floor Finish
Opp. City Boat House, fr
Peterson & Hoff,
Painters and Decorators.
House Painting, PapeTJjHanging,
(training, Decorating, Etc., Etc.
Daley Restaurant,
c. MCCARTHY, Prop.
Reopened under.he management.
Strictly first class in every par
ticular. Prices reasonable. We
are ready to meet all comers.
Caters to the best in the city.
Pioneer Shoe Shop
Rudolph Bohm, Prop.
Repairing Neatly and
Promptly Done
Good Work and Reasonable Prices
iflant Colamn
ACRE lots in Lang's addition $100
$25 caBh, balance any old time.
Lang & Carter.
FIVE ACRE gardening tract in the
city limits on $250. Lang & Carter,
LANG & CARTER exclusive agents
for Bailey's addition.
WANTEDStron g, competent girl for
Nymore house: wages $7 per week
for rigrht person. Apyly before
May 1st. No. 615 Irvine avenue. 8-10
"NotFor 1100
Th at is what one bf car customers said
after he had use
A Majestic Range
wiiicii we sold him ten days air". We asked
him how \w was suited with the Range. The
answer was that if he could not get another
Majestic he would not M1 it lorsinu.no.
Buy a Majestic Range awl you ta-ke no
ftlcCuaig[& Ludington.
Piione No. I. Bemidji. Minn.
No Is The Time
A iio Stock to Tick from. Trices Ranging Front
150.00 To $80.00
5rve us a Call liefore Huvimr. KASY TKRMS.
Reynolds & Son
III lie It rami Ave. Phone 150
Comfort Swing Chair
Made entirely or metal and fancy colored canvas. The material is light
and firmly braced, finished In black enamel. Polda compactly, occupy
ing apace of only 4Vi 31 inches. la set up or folded by removing only
four stove bolts. Perfectly simple.
fine nsli kikcd
j-.e.ii-, miistaritlv on
Solid Comfort
In the Comfort Chair. There's no argu
ment necessaryits simply a fact. Sit
ting or reclining. Swinging or not.
Just good old Comfort. Put the chair
anywhere. You don't need a great big
lawn with trees or a great big anything.
Any little shady corner will do. You
can put the chair where the shade is and
move it if the shade moves. The inde
which are apart of the chair do it all.
Suppose you call a.r\d see it.
You do not need to buy
But you probably willother people do*
Because the price is only $
Lakeside Bakery.
C. C. Dcty. /dmr.
Telephone 118
S Goods Delivered Promptly
Also a complete stock
of Fruits, Candies and
We Handle
Ives* Celebrated Ice Cream

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