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Room? for rent. J. Peterson, jr,
Seven arrests yesterday.
We mix paints to order. Jones. 6tf
R. L. Perry is in the city today from
Clerk wanted in confectionery store
Peterson, jr.
The Eagtes initiated two new members
last night.
S. D. Brown of Guthrie took in the
.show here last night.
Buy shoes tonight until 9 o'clock.
O'Leary & Bowser.
D. W Rollins and John McGuth
from Duluth are in the city to-day.
Edgings for sale, 16 inch $1 a load
'Call up G. E. Carson. Phone 71. 8-tf
Jas. Brennan is a visitor in town
today. He reports all well at Phena.
Dress goodsfine select, goods at
lowest prices at the Berman Empor
Saunders, deputy game warden
from Brainerd, is a visitor in our city
Wm, Garvin and wife left for Seat
tle yesterday where they will reside in
the future.
Don't forget the special shoe sale at
-O'Leary & Bowser's store. Open until
9 o'clock.
Mrs. Higgins left for her home near
Minneapolis for a visit with her
L. D. Works, the Mankato lendman,
was an arrival from the north this
Wm. Lawhead, with Walker & Ake
ley, was circulating among old friends
"here last nicht.
Two cars'of horses were shipped to
Stillwater yesterday by the Clearwater
Lumber company.
Store open tonight until 9 o'clock on
account of shoe sale. O'Leary & Bow
Train Dispatcher"N7~H. Strachan,
oftheM. & I. at Brainerd is in town
-this afternoon.
M. 3 Slocum received a fine ship
ment of bicycles and stringed instru
ments this morning.
Joseph Costello of Turtle River was
doing business with the court house
push this morning.
Dr. Omick has the work on his cot
tages on Irvine avenue and Second
street well under way.
New line of waists and skirts just
received at prices that are right. The
Bereman Emporium.
That new X-Ray filter of Dudley's
is a peach. Drop in and get a good
*drink ofwaterfree.
D. N. Vinton, with the Thief River
Falls Lumber company, is doing busi
jiess in the city this afternoon.
50 pairs men's driving andC cruiser
shoes worth $3 to $4.50 a pair for $2.69
:apair until 9 o'clock tonight.
F. F. Bolton, representing the Mar
shall-Wells Co., of Duluth is calling
-on the hardware trade to-day.
Anyone having counters, show cases
tables for sale, will kindly call at
Peterson's confectionery store.
Andrew Danaher, of Tenstrike, and
P. H. McGarry, of Farley, are trans
acting business in the city today.
H.J. Myer, N. Myer, John Diskel
and K. I. Olson, of Long Prairie, are
in the city enroute to Blackduck and
Deputy John Bailey brought Frank
Eageri down from Blackduck last night.
Eagen was-handling a gun rather
Men's $1.50 to $2 shoes at $1.25 $2.25
to $3 shoes, $1.50 $3.25 to $3.50 shoes,
$2.43. Tonight until 9 o'clock. O'Leary
& Bowser.
The case of Hattie Campbell against
Sheriff Bailey which was called for
yesterday afternoon has been post
poned for a week.
For sale or exchange, two srood
patents for house and lot or vacant
lots. Call at 717 Dewey avenue, eve
nings. G. E. Corey. 13-18
The Halvorson-Richards Logging
company shipped thirty-eight head of
horses to Perham yesterday. They
will be used on the Soo extension from
Glenwood to Red Lake.
When you awake in the morninsr
with your mouth full of fir and your
soul full of remorse, try a drink of
Dudley's pure filtered waterits free.
A. H. C. (AHillside Climber i Knoke
came up from Bemidji Mondav to
prove up on his stone and timber
claim in Campbell township today.
He reports walking as being delight
ful for this season of the year, having
made the trip from Blackduck in two
days. He goes back tomorrow.Big
Fork Compass.
Prof. Stewart of Bemidji has accept
ed the superintendency of the schools
here for the ensuing year. The posi
tion was made vacant by the resigna
tion of Prof. Carroll, who will go to
Wadena.Grand Rapids Herald-Re
Manager Garis, of the telephone ex
change, left this afternoo for Crooks
ton. While there he will place a large
order for telephone supplies and tha
work of improving the system here
will be commenced *t once.
Jinkinson Sells.
Yesterday afternoon Jai'k Jenkinson
sold his stable and livery outfit to A.M.
Bagle\ of Solway for $3800. Mr. Bag
ley to take possession at once.
When asked as to his plans for the
future Mr. Jinkenson saia that he had
no definate plans $s yet but that he
might eventually locate in Koochich
ing where he has property. For the
present he will remain in Bemidji.
Mr. Bagley proposes to run a strict
ly up-to-date first-class livery and
will undoubtedly do a good business
here. Ht has been in the livery busi
ness in this country for some years and
is well known.
Forms Partnership.
James Price, the pioneer contractor
and builder of Bemidji, has taken his
son into partnerseip and the firm here
after will be known as as. Price &
Son.' Mr. Price has been in business
here for the past four years and some
of the finest residences in the city were
built under his direction. He has
built up an excellent business and is
deserving of all the good things that
have come his way. Mr,"Price has al
ways been known as a fine workman
and thoroughly honest iu all his deal
ings. May the new firm prosper.
Good Show.
Th Busy Day Gompahy played to a
good house last night au ihe opera
house and they put up a good clean
show. The parts were well carried out
by the mambers of the company. The
piece was constructed, for laughing
purposes only and is interspersed with
bright, catchy spacialties and th cas
is made up of clever people. Manager
Wheelock is working hard to put in
good up-to-date shows and the people
are showing their appreciation by
turning out in force.
A Good Record.
During the month of April the po
lice of this city made over a hundred
arrests, besides hunching more than
two hundred cheap gamblers and cheap
confidence men out of the city. The
citizens of our town certainly have no
kick coming on the present police
force, for they have kept the tougher
element in check and with the terri
tory they have to cover it goes to
show that they are going some.
Reduced Rates to Canada.
We have just completed arrange
ments with the Canadian immigration
agent to furnish reduced railroad
tickets to all points in Manitoba, As
siniboi, Saskatchewan and Alberta.
We have maps and plats and can
locate parties on government lands or
sell lands upon easy payments.
New Filter.
Fred Dudley has just put in a new
X-Ray filter in his saloon on Minneso
ta avenue. Dud isn't so slow and said
this morn ins: that he was always open
and cordially invited the public to call
and get a good drink of pure filtered
waterall for nothing.
Schneider Bros, announce their
opening for next Monday morning.
The new firm will be known as Schnei
der Bros., Emil Schneider having en
tire charge of the business at this
place. Benj. Schneider will return to
Iron River, Wis., to run the store at
that place.
'TT'lfl^Q Dr. C. J. Larson, the
I-* ^w"""eye specialist and op
tician, makes his next regular visit to
Bemidji, May 16 to 23. If vou have
headache, youreyes pain, water, smart,
blur, etc., don't neglect the opportuni
ty of consulting Dr. Larson. Office at
Hotel Markham.
Will Not Be NeededLabor-Saving
Devices in Homes.
The thread-bare servant problem
will have become a thing of the past
by 2000 A. D. Domestics seem to be
necessary nowadays to supplement
the deficiencies of some housewives,
and owing to the incompleteness in
the construction of many houses. The
tendency of modern apartment houses
Is to minimize work so that no serv
ants will be needed.
The homes of the future will prob
ably be warmed in the walls from
some power-generating station. Air
will enter through proper tubes in the
walls which will warm the house and
will capture the dust, and it will be
spun out again by simple devices.
Scientific builders are now planning
to do away with the walls meeting
the floors at right angles, as by
rounding off the angles between wall
and floor, sweeping and cleaning will
be lightened.
If a window is cleaned hurriedly
and left wet, it dries in spots, and
dirt Is left in solution. By the touch
ing of a button and turning on of
water that contains a solvent, water
would be forced down the window
panes from pin holes in a pipe above,
into a groove below, and this would
be followed by pure rain water, and
window cleaning would be done "sans
And within a few years, perhaps,
the French scientists will have fur
ther perfected the taking of nourish
ment and enjoying whole meals from
a few drops, or a few pellets, from
two to tnrw vials, thus doing away
with chefs, and the elaborate part of
Final Hearing of Cass Lake
Tbwnsite to be Heard
Special Ae:ent Nessler of the
Indian service, will soon be sent
to Minnesota to conduct a final
hearing in the famous Cass Lake
townsite case.
This case has been before the
department for several years,
and was decided last December
in favor of Mrs Nellie Lydick
and her two minor children,.who
tookallotments as members of the
\Vhite Oa Point tribe.
The land as selected was on
the site now occupied by a con
siderable porti on of the popula
tion of Cass Lake.
Senator Nelson petitioned dur-
ing the last session of congress
for a reopening, which was grant
edand-further evidence will be
take n. The settlers who have
been opposed to Mrs. Lydick's
Babbit to look after their inter
ests. I is alleged that while
Mr s. Lydick was once a member
of the White Oa Point tribe, she
severed her tribal relations with
that band of Indians some time
ago, and consequently, forfeited
her right to take an allottment
on the lands set aside for that
Secretary Hitchcock says that
th is is the last time he will take
up the case. thinks that the
claims have employed Charles H.
opposition to the Lydick's, if it
do es not submit any new testi-
mony at this hearing, will have
to give up. But few of the squat
ters really object, and many of
them already have provision al
contracts with the Lydicks to
purchase the lots upon which
their stores, shops and houses
Houses for rent. Good locations.
See Wes Wright. Phone 40. 13-1H
Belated Suggestions for Newport
Luckily the Newport season is near
ing an end. If it wasn't, if there waa
yet time, we might expect that in
their strenuous efforts to outdo one
another the society dames would re
sort to extreme measures. For in
One of them might construct a gar
den on towers and call it the New
Hanging Gardens of the Hesperides,
and then give a garden party with cap
tive balloons for elevators.
Some other dame could dig a canal
through her domain, with real dykes
and wooden shoes and canal boats,
and windmills operated by perfumed
hot air, and give a reception a la Hol
Another idea would be to lay out a
section of the Garden of Eden, with all
the animals from some big menagerie
running wild behind a heavy wire
partition, and then call it "An Even
ing at Papa Adam's." with all the
guests in Watteau costumes.
A real cute scheme would be to
have a duplicate of the ark and give
a "Father Noah at Home," with the
guests assuming the disguises of the
animals. If the ark could be made to
roll a little so the guests would feel
qualmish, it would add greatly to the
amusement. Then at a certain hour
there could be a Noachian german on
deck with railroad stocks and gov
ernment bonds for favors.
Ultra Piou6 Lawyer Drew Upon Him
self Wrath of Justice Gray.
Justice Gray of the United States
supreme court, who has just retired,,
had a long experience on the bench
before going to Washington. Many
years ago. when he was a member of
the supreme court of Massachusetts,
he had an amusing experience with a
certain Boston lawyer, an exceedingly
pious man with a taste for evangeliza
tion, who had his letterheads printed
with a verse from scripture in large
type following th name and address.
On one occasion, having to make an
ex-parte preliminary argument be
fore Justice Gray in chambers, in
which it would be necessary to dis
close certain parts of his client's case
which he desired not to make gener
ally known until the trial, he wrote
the judge a note asking that he be
allowed an opportunity to speak to
him in private. He was somewhat
chagrined when MB note came back
to him with a ecrawl across the bot
tom: "Request denied, with a sug
gestion from the court that counsel
base future petitions on a more ap
propriate citation."
For a moment he could not make
out the meaning of this, as he was
not aware that he had qjfioted any law,
but glancing up the page he discover
ed that he had written his page on a
letterhead bearing this text:
"Ye are bought with a nrice."
When a man follows the races b
finds himself far in the rear sooner or
laterusually sooner.
i i
i i i i
i i
i i 4
ttlant Column
ACRE lets in Lang's audition $100
$25 cash} balance any old time.
Lang *.v Carter.
ANYONE -desiring to buy a rotary
sawmill of 20,000 feet capacity write
"No. M\" rare thi? office.
WANTED Experienced hardware
clerk. MeCuaijr & Ludirisfcon.
LANG & CARTER exclusive agents 1*1
for Bailey's addition.
Peterson & Hoff
Painters and Decorators.
House Painting, PaperJffangiPg,
(frainihg Decorating. Etc., Etc
Pioneer Shoe Shop*
Rudolph tiohm. Prop.
Repairing Neatly and
Promptly Pone
Good Work and Reasonable Prices
EstimaAfftTFuEnished'. Plans Drawn.
Office on Beltrami ave., between 10thj
and 11 th streets.
Daley Restaurant,
c. M. MCCARTHY, Prop.
Reopened under ne management
Strictly first class in every par
ticular. Prices reasonable. We
are ready to meet all comers.
Caters to the best in the city.
We have lately purchased a cele
T^We do all kind of Carpet and Rug
weaving: alsofancy weaving on shawls,
mufliers, etc. Call and examine work.
We will guarantee first-class work at
a low price. 9-14
FOR SALKTamarack wood any
length. G. E. Carson. 8-tf.
Decorating Floor Finishing.
Granite Floor Finish
4 ~7~T
4 4
4 Office city Boat Housei
For Snappv. Up-to-date Work.
(all on
All of theOi Ideas that are ^r""ii
a-5 well as the Latest Methods of
Phone No. IT. Bemidji, Minn.
In the Gooa Old Days.
The most memorable ride In Eng
lish history was that of Sir Arthur
Owen, which placed the Hanoverian
dynasty on the throne of Great Brit
ain. The act of settlement, by which,
in 1701, parliament elected the house
of Hanover to the British throne, was
passed by only one vote, and this
casting vote was given by Sir Arthur
Owen, the member of parliament for
Pembrokeshire. He arrived at West
minster, dusty and travel-worn, only
just in time to record his vote, hav
ing ridden with furious haste from
Wales for th purpose on relays of
horses kept at all the posting houses
along tfce route. To that ride Britain
owes ft5 Georgian era hence its
i Quee* Vict^pa and Edward VIL
"No Fo $100."
That is what one of our customers said
after he had used
A Majestic Range
which we sold him ten days ago W asked
him how lie was suited with the Range. The
answer was th at if he could not ge| another
Majestic he would not sell it for |f00.00.
Buy a Majestic Range am i you take no
McCuaig & Ludington.
Phone Xo. I. Bemidji. Minn.
A line of fresh baked
goods constantly [on
First Class Sample Room.
BHtrami Avenue.
Lakeside Bakery.
C. C. Doty. Admr.
East 3rd St. Telephone 118
Goods Delivered Promptly
Also a complete stock
of Fruits, Candies and
We Handle
Celebrated Ice Cream
_.__ -agff iBj im
(ico. McTagtfart, Prop.
Choice Wines, Liquors
and Cigars.
m. JBKL IAL mm. JAL JAL mm mm mm. jot mm mm. mm. mm. i
The Smith Premier Typewriter Company,
I ffig tsat SKJI
Choicest Brands.
Bemidji, Minn.

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