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The daily pioneer. [volume] (Bemidji, Beltrami Co., Minn.) 1903-1904, May 06, 1903, Image 2

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.Entered l& the postoflioe at Bemidji an
second-class matter.
Official County and City Paper.
Council Proceedings.
Council met at 8 p. m.
Present: J. A. Ludington, presi
dent W. N. Bowser and A. B. Hazen,
trustees H. W. Bailey, Recorder.
Minutes of last meeting read tnd
On motion of Hazen, seconded
Bowser, that the following i id ,ed
bills be allowed:
Warfield Electric Light Co.,
month of April $26
McCuaig & ijudington, mer
H.J. Smith, scavenger 13 0
Frank McMannus, special po
lice March
2 9-i
Standard Oil company 10 14
W. R. Morrison, sick prisoner, 5 )0
H. Glel, labor account street
commissioner 28-00--
"E. Seneor, -labor, account
street cQtnmissioner.... 23 001
Tom McCartcheon, labor, ac
count street commissioner.... 20 00
O. E. Glidden, labor, account
street commissioner 26 00
John Mecian, labor, account
street commissioner 4 00
Ostrander, labor, account
street commissioner i 4 00
G. Fost, labor, account street
commissioner 4 00
B. Oakes, labor, account street
commissioner 9 .00
T. Senear, labor, account street
commissioner 12 00
J. Brophy, labor, account street
commissioner 12 00
Mike Geiser, labor, account
street commissioner 13 00
Senear, labor, account street
commissioner 10 00
L. Robideau, labor, acc't street
commissioner 5 00
Tom Wilson, labor, account
street commissioner 5 00
Frank Godbout, labor, account
street commissioner 3 50
W. A. Ferris, labr acco int
street commissioner 00
D. O'Donald, labor, account
street commissioner
Motion by Hazen, seconded by Bai
ley, that the reports of Justices Achen
bach and Reynolds and A. T. Wheel
ock, agent city hall, he accepted and
placed on file. Carried.
Motion of Bowser, seconded by Ha
zen, that the chief of police be ap
pointed poundmaster. Carried.
Council adjourned to meet Monday
evening, May Llth, 1903.
J. A. Lup'lNGTON,
H..W. BAILEY, President.
Strange Resting Places in Vogue In
Foreign Countries.
Considering that a third of our
whole lives is spent in bed, it is not
surprising that much care, trouble,
and money should be spent on out!
sleeping places
In England the unhealthy feather
oed has been almost entirely succeed
ed by the more nygienic mattress,
which also is the rule in America.
French beds are so short that the
average foreigner often complains
that it demands a special education:
to fold oneself up to the right size
for them. Many Norwegian beds are
made to pull out from recesses. In
South and Central America the ham
mock reigns, and the Indians of
Guiana plait the most beautiful ham
mocks of grass, which they dye
charming colors.
In Japan the bed consists of the
matting-covered floor with a curious
wooden neckrest a form of holster
that to a European would be a simple
instrument of torture. The Chinese
use low bedsteads, often elaborately
carved, with mattresses and cover
ings of matting. In winter they
sleep in heavy garments wadded with,
cotton. No one is more easily suited
with sleeping accomodation than the
negro he, like a cat, can curl up and
take his rest anywhere.Modes and
Might Have Been Arbitrated.
Tne oihciai reports make out the
Boer war to have been a much greater
undertaking than has been judged by
Americans and English. A parliamen
tary document just made public puts
the. grand total of British troops sent
to South Africa since 1899 at 386,081,
besides 52,414 men raised in South Af
rica. The final casualty figures are:
Killed, 5,774 wounded, 23,029 died of
wounds or disease, 16,168. And, like
the coat strike, it could have been
settled bv w^'- ti*n.Pittsburg Post
These der on
10 0 up.
Cki- LkJ
A Dramati: Situation.
An unfortunate mishap recently be
fell a theatrical company touring in
They could only muster one frock
coat, which had to be used by the
doctor and the villain of the piece in
One night the manager borrowed a
pair of handcuffs from the local police
station. At the right dramatic moment
they were clicked ou the villain's
wrists amid loud applause.
Imagine the dismay when It was
found that the key of the handcuffs
had been forgotten, and the one and
only frock coat was securely locked
on the villain.
The doctor, who was in waiting In
his shirt sleeves in the wings, had
alternative, but to go on as he
was. He was equal to the situation,
however, and at once explained that
he had driven in his haste through
pelting rain and left his frock coat
outside to be dried.
A David Harum Trade.
There is a citizen in New York who
decided to treat himself to a horse
and runabout. In every case he in
sisted upon knowing the attitude of
the prospective purchase in "relation
to automobiles. "I don't want my
neck broken daily," he would say.
There was a horse that suited him.
"I can warrant him on the automobile
question," said the Jersey farmer who
owned him. "I will guarantee that
he will pass a dozen an hour all day
long and never look at one of them."
"Will you give me a written state
ment to that effect?"
"I will."
"The sale was made. For once a
Jersey man had told the truth In a
horse trade. The horse was blind.
Ought to Take W.ning.
Fond motherNow look here,
George! I want you to break off with
that girl. She is very pretty and all
that, but I know her too well to want
you to risk your life and happiness by
marrying her. Why, she knows no I
more about housekeeping than I do
about Greeknot a bit."
GeorgePerhaps not, but she can
MotherAfter marriage is rather
late for that, George.
GeorgeBut you said yourself that
you did not know a thing about house
keeping until after you were* married.
MotherVery true, Georgeand
your poor father died of dyspepsia
twenty years ago.Stray Stories.
Edward Plans y.ncr visits.
London, May 6. The Copenhagen
correspondent of the Daily Mail Bays
that he hears that King Edward will
visit St. Petersburg in July, stopping
three days in Berlin on his return. He
will also visit Copenhagen.
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