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The daily pioneer. [volume] (Bemidji, Beltrami Co., Minn.) 1903-1904, May 06, 1903, Image 3

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Wm. Hines of Blackduck is here.
Roome for rent. J. Peterson, jr.
We mix paints to order. Jones, (ttf
Thos. Peterson -is at Walker on
Archdeacon Appleby of Duluth is in
$he city.
Clyde Bacon Is fixing up his lawn
on the lake fronc.
FOR SALETamarack wood any
length. G. E. Carson. 8-tf.
artin Gilbertson came down from
Blackduck this morning.
D. IX Gideon of Park Rapids was in
.the city this afternood.
Arthur Hagberg of Brainerd is reg
istered at the Markham.
Dick Underwood of Solway was an
-arrival on the noon train.
G. Crone leaves Tuesday for Oregon
*o take up a timber claim.
The M. k, I. have a surfacing crew
w)? sjaj.iiast of city.
Barber Smith of Blackduck came
dow from there this morning.
The new Mill Park hotel is about
completed and will be opened soon.
Theo. Snyder of Bass Lake is call
ing on friends in the city today.
Edgings for sale, 16 inch $1 a load
Cal up G. E. Carson. Phone 71. 8-tf
A force of men are at work clearing
.the streets in the Mill Park Addition.
Houses for rent. Good locations.
.See Wes Wright. Phone.40. 13-18
N. S. Casselman of Bismarck is
sizing up this part of the country to
The M. &. I. have completed nearly
a mile of side-track south of Lake Be
A nine-pound girl was born to Mr.
and Mrs. H. F. Mark of Fosston last
Jack Jinkinson left last night for
Park River, K. D., to finish his farm
ing operations.
Mrs. Cleary of Melrose is at St.
Anthony's nospital under the care of
Dr. Gilmore.
The Brainerd Lumber company
have commenced shipping their win
ter's cut to Brainerd.
James Tourcott and Ole Tollefson,
both ofNebish, were released from the
county pest-house this morning.
Anyone having counters, show cases
or tables for sale, will kindly call at
Peterson's confectionery store.
Jack Henessey is jacking up the
JMalzahn block today. A new founda
tion will be put under the building.
When you get ready to clean house
_-get Doran & Lyon to remove your
stoves. They never make any dirt
.about the house.
Frank W. Tufts, deputy United
States marshal, left for the School
craft river country today, where his
duties called him.
M. E. Harlin, representing the New
York Life Insurance company, is in
the city today writing policies. His
home is in Crookston.
Doran & Lyon have just a large
shipment of galvanized iron and eve
troughs, so do not be without soft
water for it is sure to rain.
For sale or exchange, two good
patents for house and lot or vacant
lots. Call at 717 Dewey avenue, eve
nings. G. E. Corey. 13-18
The card party given by the ladies
of the Enterprise Circle at the Redmen
hall last night was well attended and
a general good time ed joyed by all.
Attorney Scrutchin is raising his
cottage and filling up his prop
erty on Irvine avenue. When com
pleted Charlie will have a fine home.
M. J. Scanlon of the Scanlon-Gib
son Lumber company of Minneapolis,
is looking after the interests of the
.firm in this vicinity today.
G. P. Washburn returned this morn
ing from Ripple and says that is the
country of the future. He will return
there in a short time to make his
Postmaster Lyons of Oakwood was
Transacting business in the city to
dav- Mr. Lyons recently met with, a
serious accident and is just beginning
to be around again.
Chief Bailey has a force of ten-day
men at work cleaning up the streets
this week. The chief says he pur
poses to make all offenders work ou
their fines hereafter.
A. F. Straus and Miss ADnie Dan
were married in Clerk of Court Rho
da's office by Judge Achenbach yes
terday. The young couple are both
residents of Bemidji. Here's to their
future happiners.
All those who have been allowing
their stock to run in the streets had
better look out for trouble. The po
lice force are on the lookout for all
loose stock and will run all they find
in the pound.
The new Nymore avenue r"r.d is
about ipleted and will of
the best leading into the oy. i
bill in the Mill Park addition is being
-cut down and when completed will be
a big improvement to that part of the
E. E. Xeal of Walker is a Beaiidfi
visitor today.
W. G. Schroeder reports a big
trade this week.
Thos.Bailey returned from Black
duck this morning.
Miss BeulahBrannon left this corn
ing for Minneapolis.
Geo. .Talley left on this morning's
train for the twin cities.
Wm. Peckles landed ten cows in the
pound today. Let the good work sro
Doran & Lyon give bike men
prompt attention and good satisfac
Harry Horseman is in the city to
day enroute to Blackduck from the
Mrs. N. Helmer of Wilton is visit
ing her son, Norman Helmer, this
You can get any kind of tin or
sheet metal work done at Doran &
W. S. Brannon made a business
trip to Blackduck last night, return
ing this morning.
Jack Pachy. the genial Blackduck
saloon man. was an arrival from that
place this morning.
Inspector W. R. Hennessy left for
Niawa yesterday on official business
for the postoffice department.
F. W. Jordan left this morning for
a trip down the line of the M. & I. in
the Sauk Centre Milling company.
Chas. Miles leaves for Chicago to
morrow morning, where he is called
by the announcement of the death of
his partner, Mr. Schaul.
I^VI^Q Dr. C. J. Larson, the
^^"""eye specialist and op
tician, makes his next regular visit to
Bemidji, May 16 to 23. If you have
headache, youreyes pain, water, smart,
blur, etc., don't neglect the opportuni
ty of consulting Dr. Larson. Office at
Hotel Markham.
_The Red Lake Tangle.
J. C. McKusick has just re
turned from a trip to the Red
Lake country and while there
witnessed four councils between
the Indians and Major McLaugh
lin in regard to the ratification
of the Red Lake treaty. Mr.
McKusick says the indians were
willing to sell, but wanted to
know justewhat they were to be
paid, also that they would not
give any of their lands to the
state for school purposes and
that the White Earth Indians or
no other bands were to receive
any part of the proceeds of this
During one of these councils
Major McLaughlin mentioned
the fact that the government was
giving the indians free meals to
which an old chief replied that
in 1889 when Major Rice was
holding council at Red Lake, he
furnished free meals but after
wards found that the meal had
cost"them about $1,000.so they
would offer no thanks for same
until they found out the cost of
At the close of the last con
-ferance an old chief arose and
said: "I was sent to Washington
twice to treat with the govern
ment and both times returned
empty handed and I think it will
be the same with you. am not
ashamed of it and don't think
you need to be."
The meetings throughout were
marked by a spirit of friendliness
but were firm in their refusal.
At the close of the council the
Indians shook hands with the
major and told him they were
also shaking hands with con
Mr. McKusick brought back
an excellant collection of firs,
bead work, maple sugar an in
dian curios.
j..- imita in Brazil.
James W. O'Bannon, chief yeoman
of the United States steamship Atlan
ta, recently found an old Syrian coin
in Perambuco, Brazil. It is of silver,
about the size of an English shilling,
with a raised king's head on one side,
and on the other the figure of a wom
an sitting spinning with a distaff in
her right hand. Upon her left and
by the side of her chair is a horn of
The inscription each side of the
woman is in old Greek text, and trans
lated is "Demetrius Soter, King."
"In place of a date," writes Mr.
O'Bannon, "are marks which cannot
be perfectly translated by any Greek
scholar I have consulted, but most aU
agree that these marks indicate the
eighth year of the king's reign. If
this be the ease the coin is somewhat
older than the Christian era, for King
Demetrius ruled Syria before Christ
was b^rr
Frank Cummings BrougM Back
From Omaha by Sheriff
Thos. Bailev.
Accused of Stealing Sixty
Watches Last January
at Blackduck.
Had Ten of the Watches In
His Possession When Caught
by Sheriff.
Sheriff Bailey returned from
Omaha Mondaj*, bringing with
him Prune! Ou minings, who is
charged with stealing sixty wat
ches from Barney Anderson at
the Merchants Hotel in Black
duck last winter. Ten of the
watches wore found upon his
person when lie was apprehend
ed by Chief Donahue of Omaha.
He had also 40 brokers tickets
on his person.
The capture was an accident.
During Pres. Roosevelt's stay in
Omaha the police of that city
were keeping a sharp lookout for
crooks and the chief of police
spotted this man and when tak
en to the police station he at
tempted to drop the brokers
tickets into a cuspid re When
they searched him they found
ten watches. Whjn closely
questioned he broke down and
told his story. Chief Donahue
notified Sheriff Bailey and the
latter went after his man. A. N.
Anderson, the owner of the wat
ches, has ltft for Chicago with
the brokers tickets to redeem
Visitor Invades Sacred Precincts of
House of Representatives.
How the doorkeepers of the House
are able to carry in their memory the
faces of all entitled to admission to
the floor is a question which would be
puzzling if it were pondered on, says
the Washington Star. That they real
ly do not do this, but depend largely
upon the sense of propriety which
possesses the great throngs of visi
tors in the Capitol corridors, wa^
strikingly illustrated recently.
It was one minute to 12 o'clock, a.rj
Speaker Henderson had just made
way to the speaker's chair prepaj
tory to opening the session, when I
attention was attracted to a Strang AT
coming in at the door directly in
front of him. The man had success
fully passed the guards at the door
and was sauntering down the center
aisle gazing about complacently. The
curious look of the speaker attracted
the attention of Doorkeeper Will For
bis, and he hastened after the intrud
er, who looked the part of an ex-mem
ber or a member of the senate. He
wore an iron-gray mustache, a silk
hat and a Prince Albert suit, besides
a prepossessing smile. When Forbis
touched him on the arm and inquired
who he was, he replied, "Oh, just vis
iting, my boy, just visiting.'
"Well, that's all right, you are in the
right church, but the wrong pew," re
plied Forbis. "You will have to go
up in the gallery," and the visitor was
hustled out at a lively gait just as the
gavel fell.
Just Tew Thing* That Wersi Pat Away
In the Receptacle.
From time immemorial it has been
understood that one can find almost
anything in a boy's pocket. Funny
writers and illustrators have had
flings unnumbered at this particular
object, but it is not recalled that any
of them have devoted sufficient atten
tion to that still more wonderful re
ceptacle, a girl's pocketbook, which
generally contains a conglomeration
calculated to put a boy to the blush.
A girl emptied her purse the other
day. "I have to clean it out," she ex
plained, "every once in a while, just
i as I do my bureau drawers." These
are some of the things that were in it:
Two $1 bills, a 50-cent piece, two
quarters, a 5-cent piece (lead) and ten
pennies, a "lucky" Italian coin, a Ja
panese "pocket piece," two receipts,
three bills, a parlor-car check, four
street railway transfers, five mutilat
ed stamps, a pencil stub, matinee cou
pon, three keys, newspaper clippings
and a cleaner's check for gloves.
About the Size of It
After reading the medical journals
for a couple of months we have come
to the conclusion that it is positively
harmful to sleep on an empty stom
ach, to sleep on a full stomach, to
sleep on the back, on the sic" sit
ting up, before m'''.night--r id
night or at midda. to eat f- ro-
tables or meat to fast tc or
to refrain from drinking or
run or work or remain luU, .deep
ith the window or the winr'
tobut v. .Md tne use? All the
,e who knew how tn live suc-
GOTH' S MAN tiffift ColiUM
ACRE lot* in Lan^r'? addition *100
$25 cash, balance" any old time.
Lan & Carter.
ANYONEdesiring' to buy a rotary
sawmill of 20,lHX)"f,ee_t cap.acity write
"No". '300," care this office. _.
WANTED Experienced hardware
clerk. MeGuaig & Ludington.
LANG & GARTER exclusive agents ||j
for Bailey's addition. HSi
LOSTMemorandum book contain-:^
nig three bills, one $10 bill and
two stamps. Ten-Dollars reward--^g
for return of sanw to this office. li?
Peterson & Hoff
Painters and Decorators.
House Painting, I'aiH'rJHangimr.
(-rrainiuir. Perorating. Etc., Etc.
Pioneer Shoe Shop
Rudolph Bohm, Prop.
Repairing Neatly and
Promptly Done
Daley Restaurant,
Reopened under ne management.
Strictly tirst class in every par
ticular. Prices reasonable. We
are ready to meet all comers.
Caters to the best in the city.
Dray and
Transfer Line...
Pianos Furniture
and Commercial
Work Made Spec
Standard OilCompany
-Phone '40.
Office: Over Lumbermens Bank
2 Floor Finishing.
Granite Floor Finish
W. C. JOflES
4 Office Opp. City Boat House, fr
For Snappv, Ep-to-datc Work,
Call on
All of the Old Ideas that are good
as well as the Latent Methods of
Phone No. IT. Bemidji, Minn.
Jay L. Reynolds
7atos to Canada.
We L, impleted arrange
ments with jadian immigration
agent to fu. A reduced railro
tickets to all
nts in Manitoba, A.-
hewar .""nd Alberta.
vVe blve maps and fjlats auU
locate parties on government lands or
's'il laudi upon easy pavme-tn
2-lf LA. VW li AKT:.K.
"No Fo $100."
That is what one of our customers said
after he had used
A Majestic Range
which we sold him ton days ago/. We asked
him how he was suited with the Rango. The
answer was that if he could not get another
Majestic he would not sell it for loo.oo,
Buy a Majestic Range and you take no
McCuaig & Ludington.
Phone Xo. 1. Bemidji. Minn.
First Class Sample Room. Choicest Brands.
Geo. McTaggart, Prop.
Choice Wines, Liquors
and Cigars.
Beltrami Avenue Bemidji. Minn.
Lakeside Bakery*
C. C. Doty. Admr.
East 3rd St. Telephone 118
A line of fresh baked
goQds constantly
Goods Delivered Promptly
Also complete stock
of Fruits, Candies and
Ives' Celebrated Ice Cream
From the burden of Busines Correspondence? The
will give it. A record more enduring than stone. Would you
learn more about it? Write for illustrated catalogue to

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