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We mix paints toorder. JonesBt
John Wilson is up from Sol
T. J. Welsh of Farley is in town
C. Jones is down from Black
Tom Harvey at the bat at Reed
& Knudson's. 61-tf
Plenty of fresh strawberries at
Peterson's. 63-tf
C. Congdon is an town from
Win. McLaughlin is in town
irom Mizpah.
S. A. Potter of Mizpah is visit
ing in Bemidji.
For sale, tamarack wood, any
length. C. E. Carson. 8-tf
Mr s. E. S. Bridghan is here
from Turtle River.
Fireworks, any kind and quan
tity, at Peterson's. 61-tf
W. C. McDonald came*up from
.Cass Lake last night.
O. Helsette of Orr, N. D.. ar
rived in town yesterday.
Mr s. Charles Knopke returned
last night from Minneapolis.
Furnished rooms for rent over
the Boyer building. Inquire
unstairs. 54-tf
Ralph Button of Grant Falls is
transacting business in the city.
The Johnnie Pringle Comedy
Ideals are up to date in every
respect. 62tf
If you want a good, hearty
laugh see Johnnie Pringle's Com
edy Ideals. Q2ti
Clara L. She ire and Letha G.
'Carlton came down from Black
duck today.
Get your" fireworks today and
avoid disappointment tomorrow,
at Peterson's. 63-2t
The parents of George Tanner
arrived in town last night from
Li ttle Falls for a visit.
To obtain the best and quickest
results, use the Daily Pioneer
want column. tf
1 Judge R. J. Montague of
Crookston is a guest at the home
of Attorney P. J. Russell.
Nice 25-foot lots for sale in a
good neighborhood$30 and 40.
See T. Beaudette, the tailor. 60tf
Miss Lela Solberg left last
night ior Phillips, Wis., for a
visit with relatives and friends.
If you wish to avoid disappoint
ment order fruits, vegetables
.and berries from Peterson. 61-tf
John Amt of Wadena is visit
ing at the home of M. Williams.
Leave orders for hand made
silk laces with Mrs, Lillibridge, 919
Bemidji avenue. Collars from
.$1.50 to $25. 63-6t
George Laidely of Blackduck
is a guest of A. M. Bagley.
NoticeTwo fine residence lots
and small house for sale on lake
shore south of the hospital. See
T. Beaudette, the tailor. 60-tf
Leave your orders for paper
hanging, decorating, painting and
sign writing with Steece, at Beau
dette's tailor shop. 47tf
Our soda water apparatus is
new, neat and clean and produces
the most palatable beverage
known. Peterson. 61-tf
Special in ice cream today
Pistachio, nut and New York
with brandied cherries at Peter
son's parlors. 61-tf
One hundred and sixty acres of
good pastu re and water two and
one-half- miles from town for
horses and cattle. Inquire at
Big Feed barn. 58-tf
The people have been fooled so
many times on fake shows that
they hesitate to patronize a show
unless they are satisfied that the
company is good 62tf
Comments of a manager, Lake
City, Iowa: Johnnie Pringle
played to a crowded house. Gave
good satisfaction and want him
for a return date. 62tf
O. K. Laknaas of the town of
Hola is in town.
Mr. and Mrs. E. L. Nay lor and
children are visiting at Wadena.
H. J. Kolden of Blackduck will
celebrate the Fourth in Bemidji.
Byron Clark of Pinetop is the
guest of his brother, M. A.
Clark, judge of probate.
The transfer by the Bemidji
Townsite & Iniprovent Co. to F.
P. Hannifin of lot 1, in block 1,
Lake Park addition, was reoorded
at the register of deeds' office
this morning. The price paid
for the lot was $500.
Steven R. Hu nt of Port Huron,
Mich., brother to John R. Hunt,
the old soldier who recently died
in Bemidji, is in town, and yes
terday filed a petition for the ad
ministration of the estate of the
deceased with Judge of Probate
Farm for sale on the west
shore of Lake Bemidji, only one
and one-quarter miles from the
city limits, one-half mile
lake front, and a beautiful spot
for summer resorts good im
provements. See T. Beaudette,
the tailor. 60-tf
Supplementary proceedings
were started before Judge Spoon
er yesterday in the case of Fred
Houlihan vs. Frank Freeman.
The case was continued to July
14. Testimony of the defendant
on property owned by him was
taken. Attorney Crawford ap
peared for the plaintiff and Henry
Funkley for the defendant.
An Iowa Company Uncovers a
Large Deposit of Lead Ore
By a Blast.
As some of our citizens have
recently become interested in
the zinc and lead mines of South
western Wisconsin, the following
clipping will be of interest, as it
adds another- rich discovery to
the hundreds that have been
made recently:
Dubuque, la., July 2.(Times
Special)One of the richest dis
coveries of lead ore ever made in
this vicinity was uncovered yes
terday at the Pitzpatrick Mining
Company's lead at North Buena
Vista, Wis. The vein is fifteen
feet thick and three and one-half
feet wide. Its length is not
known. I is a solid body of
mineral and was uncovered by a
Plead Guilty.
The case of the state against
Ed Clark and Henry Sanders,
charged with stealing the coin
from and breaking the cash reg
ister of John Wenholz, was tried
in Judge Achenbach's court and
on examination Sande rs plead
guilty as charged and was bound
over for appearance in the dis
trict court. The case of Clark
was continued to July 13 for
further examination. The alleged
robbery occurred on June 8.
Pull the Vagrants.
Twelve suspicious characters,
five yesterday and seven today,
were arrested by the police and
confined in the county jail. They
are vagrants traveling a little in
advance of the circus to appear
here tomorrow, expecting to
work their graft on circus day.
The police intend to preserve
order tomorrow, and will arrest
all suspicious characters.
No person will be allowed to
use the city water for lawn
sprinkling except from 6 to 9
o'clock a. m. and 6 to 9 o'clock
p. m., as allowed by the city
ordinance and any one using the
water for yard and lawn sprin
kling or allowing the water to
un at any other time will be
permanently shut off and not
allowed the use of city water.
Hereafter this ordinance will
be strictly enforced on account
of the scarcity of water.
58-4t Supt. of Waterworks.
John Nolin of Minneapolis
Was Arrested in Bemidji
Was Implicated in Robbery and
Escaped from the State
Reform School.
John Nolin, a young man who
escaped from the state reforma
tory, and who is badly wanted by
the Minneapolis police, was
arrested in Bemidji late yestar
day afternoon by Chief of Police
Bailey and Officer Helmer. There
is a reward of $-25
offered for the
fugitive capture. A telegram
was received from Minneapolis
last night stating that an officer
would arrive in Bemidji today
with the reward and take the
prisoner back to Minneapolis.
John Nolin, alias John Johnson,
was one of three men engaged in
a hold-up in Minneapolis more
than a year ago. They were
captured and his two confeder
ates were each sentenced to ten
years in the penitentiary. Nolin
was under age, and by playing
sick received a reform school
sentence. He escaped from the
school when he had only one,
month more to serve, and a de
tective agency in Minneapolis
has been, looking for him ever
since. Early in April a letter to
Chief Bailey, enclosing a photo
graph of the fugitive, stated that
it was thought the man was in
Bemidji, and since that time the
local officers have kept a careful
for him.
Yesterday about o'clock
Officer Helmer saw the object of
their search in an alley in the
central part of town in company
with a certain Mrs. Olson, a
rather aged lady well known to
the police. Chief Bailey was sum
moned. The man. and woman
had a team, and the officers se
cured a horse and buggy.
Nolin and his companion drove
down past the Great Northern
depot, and just as the 3:20 Vain
was pulling in the officers drove
down Minnesots avenue. Near
the depot they met the other
team driving madly north. As
it passed the officers Nolin sang
out that they could not catch
him. An exciting race followed,
which ended at Thomas New by's
livery stable. Nolin left the team
here and he and Mrs. Olson
started across country on foot,
but were caught before they had
proceeded far.
It is said that Mrs. Olson has
frequently hidden Nolin from the
officers when he came to Be
midji. The letter apprising
Chief Bailey of the escape of the
prisoner stated that Nolin's oc
cupation was steering "suckers"
into gambling and "sporting
Services will be held Sunday
morning and evening at the Pres
byterian church. Morning sub
ject, "The Poorest Man on
Earth" evening subject, "The
Thirsty Invited." Everybody in
vited to attend these services. J.
F. McLeod, pastor.
"Word has been received in Be
midji that Miss Annie Breyette
and William Sherwood, both -of
Bemidji, were married at Crooks
ton last Monday. The ceremony
occurred at the M. E. parsonage,
Rev. Brabner Smith officiating.
F. O. E.
Fraternal Order of Eagles, Beminjl Aerie No. 351.
Meets every Sunday at 8 p. m.
Gilmore's Hall.
Josep/i rfarnngton, W. President
H. LeBIeu, W. Secretary
Visiting: Eagles cordially invited.
The Pioneer Proposes to Find
Sentiment of the People
on the Subject.
Question Is, Should There Be a
Delay Till Xext Spring
The Daily Pioneer proposes to
find the sentiment of the people
of Bemidji in regard to incorpor
ating thovi Hago as a city. With
this object in view-interviews-with
citizens of all classes will bo pub
lished from day to day express
ing their views on "the Subject.
It is generally conceded that
every person in town, with
scarcely an exception, is of the
opinion that the village should
be so incorporated, but some
claim that the populor senti
ment favors delaying the move
until next spring. City Attorney
Russell states that the matter
will require an extra election
anyway, so that it seems there
would be no especial advantage,
as far as this point is concerned,
in the delay. On the other hand,
there appears to be more than
one advantage to the earliest
possible decision of tin* matter.
There are many in town who
do not fully understand the in
corporation proposition, and who
therefore cannot clearly and
wisely express their opinions on
it. This can hardly bo called
surprising, for there has as yet
been no full and lucid explana
tion of the project gi von t.blthe
people at large. For the benefit
of this, class there will appear in
the Daily Pioneer of Monday
next an article setting forth the
proposed move of incorporting
into a city in all its lights. Both
the advantages and disadvant
ages(should there be any such)
will be explained.
Prom now on, as space will
allow, interviews on the subject
will be published in the Daily
Pioneer until the sentiment of
the people! is proved to be either
for or against incorporating this
summer. The Daily Pioneer has
no particular interest either way,
no more than any loyal citizen of
Bemidji. The Daily Pioneer be
lieves, however, that the people
of the village are desirous of
knowing just how the matter
stands, and what the opinion of
"the other fellow" is. This is
our only reason in bringing the
matter up.
Space will not admit-of more
than a few interviews appearing
P. J. Russell: I belive a ma
jority of the people of Bemidji
favor incorporating as a city but
this can only be determined by
circulating the petition" already
drafted for incorporation. The
many benefits which will accrue
to us as a city will offset more
than a hundred fold the extra
expense of a city government
Which is more imaginary than
real. Again, something should
be done in that direction before
Nymore perfects its organization
as a village.
F. N. Lang: I am most as
suredly in favor of a city in place
of the village organization. The
advantages are numerous and
disadvantages but few. It would
s-c to me that there can be no
valid objections raised against
the project and I hope that those
who have the matter in charge
will push it along. Bemidji is
pushing ahead and it is better
for us to be a small city than an
overgrown village. I know of no
reason why we cannot become a
city at the present time as well
as to wait another year.
Subscribe for The Pioneer.
L. H. Bailey Returned From
the Nation's Capital
Last Night.
Emphatic in Condemning Mean
Methods Adopted by
.Cass Lake.
L. 11. Bailey returned from
Washington last niu'ht highly
elated over our prospects for se-
curing the land ofliee. lie is very
emphatic in stating that the
newspaper talk to the effect that
nothing but the worst kind of
trash, meant, to bolster up Cass
Lake's winning prospects.
Speaking on the subject today,
Mr. Bailev said: "President
Roosevelt does not jockey with
anybody. He is old business it
self, and if the people of this new
land district make it known to
him and the commissioner that
they will be better accommodated
if the land office is located here
there is no doubt but that it will
be permanently located at this
"It's a fair and square tight
now between Bemidji and Cass
bake, and 1 fee) perfectly confi
dent that Bemidji will win. When
the authorities hear that about
three-fourths of the people
of this district prefer Be
midji to Cass Lake they will
order the officer, removed to Bo
mid i
President Roosevelt had issued
orders for a rehearing to satisfy ^inuesota avenue and Fifth
Congressman Steem-rson was stm
Evory person interested
1 he local ion sin nild make his
wants known .in the premises.
"t'ass Lake has run a bluff
game from the start. She will
have to use facts and offer some
thing besides paper railroads for
the accommodation of settlers in
northern Cass county.
"The people of Beltrami county
and the new district, generally
are under great obligations to
Congressman Stoonerson for the
able light he is putting up in this
matter. Anyone who affirms that
Tains Bixby was turned down at
the department, or by the presi
dent, is talking through his hat."
Mr. Bailey appeared well
pleased with the cordial recep
tion tendered Congressman
Steenorson and himself by Presi
dent Roosevelt. They were per
sonally received by the head man
of the land, who extended every
consideration to them. Mr.
Bailey says that the president
appeared glad to reopen the land
office question when he was made
acquainted with the true facts of
the case. The Bemidji attorney
states that Bemidji is sure to get
a fair decision this time, and this
is all the people ask'.
The Daily Pioneer want col
umns are good result getters.
Try them.
Wedding Occurred at Resi
dence of Td Smith's
Last Night.
Immediate Relatives and a Few
Present at
the Oremony.
Miss Cynthia Uishop, daughter
of Mr. and Mrs. B. P. Bishop of
Minnesota avenue, and John B.
'Wilm of the Daily Pioneer office
were united in marriage last
evening at tho residence of Mr.
and Mrs. Tod Smith, corner of
tlu Firs
Mrs. Ted Smith
Spiritualistic church
Jeinidji, officiating.
The cerembrijr occurred at 8:30
o'clock. Only immediate relatives
and a few friends of the contract
ing parties were present Miss
Leary Brant acted as brides
maid, and Prank Manley was
best man. The bride was charm
ingly gowned in a beautiful blush
rose creation, and the brides
maid was prettily dressed in
white, carrying a cluster of car
After the cei'-oniony the party
repaired to tli handsome home
of the brido's parents whore an
exquisitely appointed wedding
supper was served.
Mr. and Mrs. VViltn will take
up their ponnitnent residence in
Bemidji. Botii bride and groom
are well known and popular
voung people oi Bemidji, pronn-
Blacksmith and
Wago Makers
EED y KNUTSON have opened a blacksmith and wajron shop one
door south of The Pioneer, and are prepared to handle any and
all work in their line and guarantee satisfaction to all comers. Mr.
Heed makes a specialty of horseshoeing- and general blacksmith work,
and his work is too well known to need any introduction to the people
of this vicinity.
Mr. Knutson has been in the employ of the St/Hilaire Lumber
company for four years, and comes well recommended by that company.
Give the new firm a chance to show you what
they can do, and you will not be disappointed
Second door south of postoffice, BEMIDJI, MINN.
.jetv riivles.
Single Men Win Last Bowling
Match, Hut Are Still
The. fourth and last of the
bowling niatelies being played
between the married men and
bachelors of tlte city, was pulled
off at the Third street bowling
alleys last night. The single
men won by a margin of 69
points. George Keihm's 188
points was high score. The totals
were, bachelors, 1,858 married
men, 1,7*0.
Each of the teams have won
two games each, but the married
men are 312points ahead, making
the victors. The total number of
points for the four games is as
Single men, S..88& married
men 7,2H)
The champions challenge any
team which rnuy be organized in
the city to a match. Tho game
last night was fast and furious
and was the best of the series.
0. 6. D. Call on '-Dud" for a
cold Stein. (54-lt

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